The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 7
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THE DAILY HEWS, FBEDKUGK, MD, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1931. 8EVEV LOVE BY KAY CLEAVER 1 STRAHAN «93«, by jbteday* Doran and nttik BEGI.N UCUIS TOO A* CECILT u« VEX WICK Ure their craBdp^-reBU. oocc I mat* mo Impoierimhrd tkat Cceily'a The «U(rra hair ·fore rhil4lie«it. a(» are Lno«ra rtnprt- Itnely am -ROSALIE- and -GRAM*" they tD»i»l OB keeplBC op prc- teaxca of tbelr former wealth. Anne. I rrfartal JJ5. im .till in »«-hcol. «hc» the I »iory oprnm Aaae has beea ea- c=«ed to PHILIP KCHOVD. (or elsht rears, not marry becasse Aone ksow* her stolen and eraBdpBreats dr- | p«d OB her to maB==* their home- Cecily brin$. BABKY McKEEL I hcme to dinner niib her. She Is t»lliBC la to*e vrllh him. Maryv and her triend. EHMl- | XKUDE. are exelted aboat the arrival ot a stoelc company a-tor kaono u EARL UK ARMOCXT. I They meet him on the street BB* he speaks to them. Marr-Fraaeea Is thrilled, screes to meet hint that Blest after the performance. She tells him sb Is IS years old. fails to see his obvious eheapaess. aiary-r^ranees Is snre De Armooat Is her "c^eat loTe.** AOXV GO O\ WITH THE STORX CHAPTER XV ItiTiTELL. anyways." said Earl. " He kissed ber Quickly. ~1 guest." 2e said, almost at once, that it alt coses from roar betas ot wch * good family and like, that." "What doeeT" questioned Mary- bat 1 am goioz to keep it tUere-- »ait until h« was oa tbo sidewalk. see? I got a use for it. So I'm' and then she'd take off thoae slip- sticking with this gang, and maybo \ pers. aad ahe didn't car* tf ah« I'm lucky at that, until things open , ruined her best stockings and-- But np- Soon as they do. I got aa idea why didn't he go on? Couldn't b« JFraaces. ifor a swell act. That's what I'm , hurry even a little? i With honesty he answered. "I'.saving my dough for . . " ! He had glanced over his shoul- s don't know. SajV be began again. . . . ijer. had stopped. He caa» back to "are you sure yo- aren't kidding| Tlf ARY-FRANCES'S feet w e r e . h e r . "You'd ought to go la. baby, me about being 18 years old? It | -'·*· two burning lumps of torture., be said atoost tenderly. , « Bro ».TM r « ... 'dcn't t-r^lr ^ceai i ^ssible." The backdrop was to be mad* of A small, strained. "Tes. dear. =s. MI ce*iiy. =2. « met- \ "I don't,- sa:a Mar Frances, and wide stripes of gold cloth aad black i was the best she couid do. «ork and Mary-Fr«»e«. here v.-_ an opp. :unity Tor tas! velvet and the partner (feminine) I "Listen, sweetness. ha asked coyness, "think it Is co;«ho was to feed Earl m front ot It j oddly. -»ould you like to meet me very kjad of you to doubt my sord. I wa« to be dressed in stripes ot gold here again tomorrow nishtr It she said yes she'd be rid ot him at once. But Grand's *peecb. delivered during dinner that eve- nine, remained strong tn b«r mind. -I can't tomorrow." she aald. "Bat day after tomorrow, heart's dearest. EarL 1 ·» )nldn't doubt your word 1 and black. Finding the partner for !his act was going to be most diV : cult. Someuses he feared that It hoTesL was S° ia S to ·* Impossible. He Course. ~1 come'oT a "good family , stayed awake at night, often, wor- for anything." "Crt ~=." sasd. "I diC-'t go doubt yptir word. boa. nyse" and all like but bat- about it He knew what he , ting around the world the way 1 do .wanted: he would have nothing else and all. 1 haven't contacted many \ girls like yon--see? Yon'll have to iHe wanted an awn-Jew-nay type- excuse me." ii|--ERTAIXLY." s a i d Mary- very much Mary-France«'a own type: precisely her type, com* to think of it. who wouldn't hog the act if she got a chance. Look at Dolly and Dicky Diamonds. Dicky I can. Goo!by." -All right." be aa!d. and U magnanimity were there Mary-Francaa did not notice It "You're on. Same time, same place, and same little sweetie." ~--* -- . - At the first clip of hta beelft OB Frasces politely. "And some- j j^a « goods--be had erery the cemel! t sidewalk Mary-Frances time. Earl. 1 tract you to tell ise all I thin g. what did Dolly haver Noth-jp r i e{ i ott the slippers aad said. · about your family, and your mother | j ng Nothing but a shape and a;Ot , c j, ; ouch!" and when her teet sand father and grandparents a=dj swelled Bea d_ fattened and epread on tbe cool brothers a=d sisters and all your; - . . ^ Mary-Frances interrupted grass she moaned aloud with tha relatives. Will yon?" "Well--sure." said Earl, doubtfully. want to tell yoa that girls of j y^^^ Francei ' desperately, "it is perfectly fasclnat- D U t , ing to listen to your professional i conversation and everything, but 'And : about your wocde'Ju. j j; r9 j ust got t o go in. My sister's h-our type are sometimes their own I worst enemies--see? And. more- lover, the majority ot men are lust heep in wolves' clothes." Perhaps he knew that he was en- Itirely right about that: but Mary (Frances, though she said. "I know. If know lols about men.TM bad no (such wisdom. "Oh. yeah?" There was a sraile Itn his voice, and he did something I to her chin, rather like chucking It. I though Mary-Prances decided that lit coald be Interpreted as a lover's ·caress. "Well, anyways." he con- I tinned. **1 want you to cut out this [dating np--see? I--on the square. j I got a feeling like I kind ot want Ito protect you or something--see? II want you to promise me. for your lows good, that yon'll cut it, and |cut It clean Promises! Itecuon and (thins! "I pronnse." (solemnly. "No kidding,' see?" As it sbould be. said Mary-' o u t with her boy friend, and she's !sure to be coming borne now. antt felicity of her relief before she yawned, picked up tbe slippers. utd went paddling toward the boose, composing "He saids" and "1 saids" for the unplumbed depths ot Ermln- trrde's ears. "Well, that's kind ot lousy right I it Bne s b ou ld find me out here. I-now." he confessed. "I was In rau- we n. i just can't bear to think of j ^^^^ hajf opene i ber eres deviHft--dnin^ nrettv enod. too. na- n.^^*- micrTif hnnnnn " I - .^ Pro- promises and every- said ilary-Fraaces he admonished. I "It's just absolutely for your own Isood. tittle girL See?" "Our first promise." said Mary- I Frances, "I s'pose ve should seal lit with I mean,' a L:ss, shouldn't we? deville--doing pretty good, too, until the bottom dropped out. I and another guy had a swell little hoofing act--see? Well--well, anyways, the bottom dropped out. Then this other guy. he got a bug about being a salesman till things picked up-fellow talkeu i into it--see? S«- »- ing," Earl brought the words out w Timlence. "e" catSonal desks!" Mary-Frances asked. "Weren't they good desks?" and tried standing on the sides of ber feet. "I guess they was all right, far as those kinds of things go: but nobody wants them--see? Much chance of selling those desks as we'd have selling peanuts at a prayer meeting. Well, anyways, we in Denver when we started, and this other guy--name was Clarence Butttnger--he--well, he got sick--see? He had to go to the hospital--see? He figured he'd be there about 60 days. So ne says for me to light out with the car (Butt, he'd made a kind of deal for it with another guy) and come on out to the Pacific coast like we'd been kind oi figuring on doing--see? Well, the damn--pardon me--desks wouldn't go any better out here than they did In Denver. No more culture nor anything--bum eteer. I hung around for a while, and then I got a chance to hook up with these lousy hams, aad I took It. i since this had not sounded; didn't have to--see? I wasn't ladylike, "people most gener- j stoaey. I ally do. do-'t they?" of change faults ain't yet I got a piece put away in the bank. lo said. "Cm-um-um -- "Smaller!" Ann. who was stealing across what might happen.' "Say. hon." he demanded, "your 'oiks are all right to you ain't they? They ain't mean to you or anything --are they?" "Oh. well--" said Mary Frances resignedly, bravely. It had lust come to her. with a shock, that she lad forgotten all during the evening to use any term ot endear meat while addressing EarL It was a regrettable oversight, but not an! irremediable one. "They mean all ^ ere was something, "wasn't theret the bedroom toward the bureau. "Nothing." Ann answered, and picked up Cecily's alarm clock and pushed tbe Indicator to the "Silent" side. "Go back to sleep, dear. I'm up. anyway. I'll get breakfast thia morning and call you In plenty of time." "Um-um-um, angel." Cecily Blur- severely tempted. Still-right. 1 think. Don't worry about It dearest." "Gripes!" he said. Something different and exciting? neet--an awful sweet little girlie, there The instant he left she'd pull her slippers oC and not take one step tn them. "Good night, heart's beloved." she suggested. "Won't you give me a teeny-bitty kiss for good night?" he asked. She sbould. she supposed. People always did. She lifted her lips to his and winced as she went up on her suffering toes. "Goodby. hen." he said. "And j Something wonderful? Barry! He "You're a n-as alive and here in this city, and another engagement, blissfully definite, for this very evening. Brightly. ea 0 ...'. -..akc she scrambled out of the deep hollow in the center of her bed and percned on its edge and reached for her slippers. "He thinks yon are beautiful. Ann. And he's fussy about beauty. He doesn't tink Marta Is even good-looking. And he thinks it IB so fins that you aren't vain. He don't forget the iittle promise about sar» most really beautifuJ, dates, wi" yoa?" "I won't, dearest" agonized Mary-Frances. That last tiptoeing bad turned the final Intolerable screw. "But please go now. dearest! Dearest please go!" He turned and walked quickly away. Mary-Frances stook stock still. One does not wittingly step out on red-hot knives. She wou J ruin their beauty by tbe way they wear it--like fiowers pinned upside- down, you know. He says--" "Wno does?" said Ann. Cecily gasped before she langbed. "Lindbergh." she answered. "Who'd yon suppose?*" and reached for the old dingy blue bathrobe on the foot of her bel. (To Be Continued) THIS CURIOUS WORLD BY TTJI. E. 3 cretary American Bridge League criSce bidding plays a mast m- t pan an boih auction and con. Tbe followtng haad ·sras played auction c'n.? Tipiossiup events at -J-10-5-2 VK-10-2 46-4 390 The Changin The [win, tie dealer, opened T£J--CS--SQ Wlii tTvTO C.*iOS. bid t.'vra spscss and East, iio'd- ^v ^S""* ^"'tiS s""O^3TS ^ -- 2 2i*^5l"* So-ta 5:d tiree spades, West j i passed a^a East shewed iis ; ,a suit ciy o.dc-^g fear diazonas. j and West passed. Norta b:d foar j les. Sasi a=d Soutii passed and i t doubled Tour spades--a poor dou- ] ,ss it located for ;^.e declarer tise j ing ionor in .spsd-ss 2ast refused i ·ah» tie sacnSce and b.d five La- , is -s-iica '·ras d-cubled "07 So-th. The Flay- UXOBK. T 5blHAT"Ke HSAJ OF A a I V I I · S? I I I I s We Again Extend At This Merry Christmas Season A Sincere Holiday Greeting DON'T LIKE IDEA Oppowd To Ceding To Pay Wmr Debts. Dee. 28.-- The suggestion by Cong. Louis T. McPWden, Pennsylvania, tfa»t England pay pan o.' h»r debt to the t*m;«d States by p:\ .:« -jp co:o=lal po£s«ssioas close to ;!·_.. x co-i-- :ry met »ith * iool rerepuju hero There »as no oTficial o-jnmg^i bat e responsible person saxi 'tht t-2:o !ong fas', when Soya! British t-t- ects caa be cedesi to a foreign power for a nion?:ary consideraUor " What ought be coiii.Sdcrt.-d *,M:e.t: o! tlve British op:u'ou w^s .» Mjiiijsn-:.t b\ Sir Harry Br.ta.ii. who uu.U n\o..t' was a member ol the Kouso c: COB:- mons Just as Mr McFsddrs is .» member oT Con-- 'ess · I should tluiik." he Siid ' :h»: ',.:· fa*', eoi^-UeratiJii i«?Ud be lor \:*. people in tbe British «?l«i.e*-- si;- JaiEAlcacs. for instance. .. can't barter bunua be-ng. I kn. . that British subjects in the We*.: !: - dl« here a strong feeling o* tn :. step lor tbe Vn!:ed States o .: I do:. · thinfc they would c\csii.«.r .ii4:^Si.», tfceir Prof. R. W. Pond World's Greatest Psychic U c«ll ·»»« SUM »» J«« M» »M«cl -, i.- .!,«· »m I ·« --» P«o« U UU s iit « « l u sr* t .lopondmt. we asr thii Eii*» pMk«-1% *4.»«- till* i I i ^ a.r - . r c i c b «· Prof. R. W. Pond Let Us Help You make your dollars go furthei and give more satisfaction. 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