The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 14, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1918
Page 8
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PAUE MCIHT. TBE HUTCHINSON KEWBi 8A<J?UliDA¥ t BJOPTFiMJBJfiii 14, im. m IB. r>i. ,; 5,179 MEN REGISTERED Reno County Exceeded Official Estimate by Six Hundred. TIME NEEDED TO CLASSIFY The Men, and It Will he Some Time llefdre Questionnaires Are Mailed (Jul. Ilrno enmity ini-n between the ngci of IS and 1f> svlii) linii m>t previously rr'clHlirrfl total Ihc count of 5,Mil. Those included ri .dill'i while mi'ii, 11'J negros uiiil •! Orientals, "f ihis number I.'.MII lire citizen.-" of tIn- United Stales subject to linnii'iliiiU' rail, 22ii were ol iillnn birth with -I" having taken mil their [Irsi n.-iluralheuliuu pa- pom. Those* rigurcs greatly exi-red ilin estimate given ,nul from Provost Mar- tihttl Crvwtlrr'a itfii'r which was thought would r"acli 4,.-i07 In Kcno county. II will take 5 <imi' tiin i • (o classlly these men, give them I heir numbers lillil llir local board raid Unlay that It probably would bi' two weeks before tliii questionnaires wmiM tie mailed out. ll Is n Milliter of it great deal of pleasure lo Uii' Hi'iui I'l'iiiily draft board that tin- work at registering these r,.l^[l nun was dene without a single cent of tost to thi' government. A Limited Service Call. ' A call for men of the limited service class, traini'd lo do stenographic work was reclved thl* luornlii'-, and iho two registrants wlm qii.ilit.i d. Gray Johnston and William loan I'.'irl will bo nciit at once lo Jeff, rsjn Barracks. Mo. All Class 1 Men Called. An order came from the adjutant that all of the men ri'malniiii! In Class 1 in Reno rutiuly must be rcady to entrain during ilic five day period beginning October Till, throe entire companies which irere Klven snch furloughs, Another group will be allowed to come next Sunday. TO START CAFETERIA. Morton Sn't Plant Working for Comfort of Employes. The restaurant building recently erected nt. the Morton Salt plant by I he company has been completed and n cafeteria will be started at once and meals served here lo the em­ ploye!) of Hie plant, at COBI .' The. plant In located so far from the city and the need of hot meals being fell by Hie company as a tieciYi- sary thing for their working forces, It was felt thai Ibis improvement would bo a great feature In the betterment of thu work carried on by ttie salt company. MANY FLAGS A lit FLYING; CITY IS WELL DECOIMTED Gueals lo the City Will be Greeted Willi Hie Sitflit of Many Flags Flying - . Today is the day when all of the flags and limning should l'i- flying and the city all dressed up for the visitors who will come to the Fair tomorrow. Most of the down town business houses and offices remembered that they hail promised lo do tlielr purl and flags were displayed from many windows anil flagstaff*, The folks out in the residential districts are- urged to remember thai Ihey low have been asked lo decorate for the oeeii.sion anil many have done so already. Already souiu of llio dlsllugul-iu*d guests have arrived and tin- sigh! of BO many flags no doubt bear out the sentiments ihai Hutchinson is standing firmly behind thouse .vomit; men now at the front. There isn't a prettier siglfl fo he seeu •anywhere than the American flan Hying lit top mast in the hrec/.c. IJI Hie flags fly. OXFORD CAFE MOVES TO NEW LOCATION, 18 N. MAIN New Fixtures Huve Keen Added and All Have Heen liefiit- ished LiJie Ne>y, The Oxford Cafe when has been moving from their locution on the west side of .Main street across to the new locution al. IS North .Main street formerly occupied by I lie Kern store, ^ will be open anil ri ady lor business tomorrow, Sunday morning. The new- Oxford is one of Hie largest and best eoulppeil cafes In Kansas. A largo furcrj ol workmen have been liusy for several week's In order that the cafe could open in llun to lake tare of Hie Slnto Fair cru«d.-j an they have done in past year.-.. diet Lyman, proprietor, of tile Oxtord, ,'nys It will he second to none In <|iial!lv ol meals served "and iu the service rociliii-il and t'liel JIIIK been III the business long enough lo know what ho la taikiue; about. * 4> * «• 4> <i> •£> <• ;• !' * J. "* i* POLICE NEWS. < 4> 4> 4) <f •P •» <t- •$> •& *• * * '•• ••• Oall Nicholson, C. K. Day anil W. \V. Holloy wero plckcil lasl ovunliig on a CamUlug clmigu and will have their trial Ihla uvontne- K I* Pollock and J. p. Slack, both farmers from Afdon, wvro picked up 'drunk yeVciaay. Pollock will have bia trluj tlibi ufleinoon at i o'clock. Black wiw flodd |S uud couu aud ru- leased. John R. FoKuj'Uon cliarped with VHR- rancy and resisting mi offioor is now «t fiio clly Jail. Kour bluycletf worn roportod stolon tmil ono found iu I ho alloy near thu JJurBlur cull from I bo residence, at lilSS Sixth avcmio etuit biouglil out no developments ua tho culler bad PYldcutly miulo lila got away. SOUDIEBt) GIVB*N FUR-UO'UQHSi Cp Come from Camp Funston to Attend Ffilr. ,, Many. Hutchinson young moo wbo jiuvo liMfl dtatloiiecl at Camp jennstpu were elvon rorly-olifhl hour Jurlouifh* ,1a order thai they j4(«Ut tt|toj»d tb« yilr tonight »nd temorrovy, Quo yams mtWvr «»W tl»«t fee Jwsw pf ITEMS OF INTEREST uJO RED CROSS WORKERjj/ The Home Service Seel Inn of the lied Cross will have an Information bureau at the lied. Cross booth Iu Hie Liberal and Arts Imlldlng, ilurlnn the Fair. A member of the committee will he there each day lo explain the work and to answer any questions, which will help the public, to Ret a la Iter underntandlnK of I lie work, and what the Home Service really is. Families of soldiers and sailors can obtain Information of many points, which concern lliem. The local lied I'ross chapter here has been asked to make 1,0(10 bedside hacs. which are to he sent by the firs' of November. The heailfpiarteis do not know jusl what these baas will be like until the rules for making arrive. , LOOK AFTER THE STAMPS Twenty-Five Centers Wit/ be Null and Void January I. CONVERT INTO THE W. S. S. ('ledges Also Made Last June Must be Looked Up and I'ur- cbased iu Time. Mrs. .1. n. White will lake Mrs. ,T. 1\ Shank's place on the Home Service Committee. Tlnhcrt Fertile will act as assistant to .r. 0. lliRKcr In the war risk insurance department. GREETINGS WERE SENT TO GENERAL JOHN J. PERSHING Methodists Remember Army's Leader and Wish Him and Soldiers Success. The meetings which have been held for two days al the -Methodist church closed last nis"ht. and wore very enthusiastic up until the ladl nieetiiiR ended. Yesterday was licu- eral Pershing's birthday and the assemblage through lliahup Shepaiil sent him 'a cablegram of ^reelings. The messagi' read: "general Pershing, France: Kansas Meibodlsts send birthday greetings. Clod bless you and our boys— Success, liishop yhepard." More than four hundred delegates were In attendance at the training conference. Plans were discussed for the celebrating of the hundredth birthday of the -Methodist missionary s:oclclles next year. The entire conference was very successful in every respect, and many of the delegates returned to their home inspired to do better and greater work iu their church circles. GIVE WHOLE TIME TO WAR "CIRCUIT' If you happen to have on hand any Thrift Stamps, the iweniyflve centers, llien yuu had heller see lo It Hint the card is filled out anil then converted Inlo Uaby Uunils or War Hav­ ings Stamps as quickly us possible, tlily Chairman M. .1. Firry Is callins the attention u[ all holders of any unfilled cards-to the fact that, they will be null and void January 1, 11)19. After this date no purchases can be made cither of the War Savings 81'inips or Thrirt-Ktamps. "I would urge ail of the holders of those Thrift Stamps to gel busy and fill out the card," Mr. Pirey saltl, because ihey bear no interest, at all and cannot be cashed In. However, they can be converted into 13aby llouds. The latter bear Interest at the rate of 3Vi percent or if they are allowed to mature they will bring In a neat sum al the rate of i'/j. percent." Therefore || behooves :»11 of the purchasers of these little quarter savers to see that they follow this advice and make their purchases accordingly. Our soldiers rrom our very midst are certainly doing their full share today. If every person in Hutchinson could see the actual cundilions which are lacing our soldiers today (hey would not nerd any urging or soliciting, for money with which to whip the Hun is absolutely necessary. It is only thu people who do not know or core, who hesitate In this mailer. Make Pledges Good. The committee Is finding that there arc some holders of pledge cards who are not making their pledges good even though It wa« made to their very government which is doing all in Its power to protect, them and theirs.The agreement was mailu fairly and this Is HO limn to slacken the pace. "There is more to patriotism than simply flying flags," declared Mr. Pirey. "Our share right now is to gel right up to the-window where Daby Uomls are sold at banks or poslofficcs and take care of those pledges. We must do this before we can truly join in the celebration of our army's vlc ; lories." "Hutchinson can't go over the top by iusl pledging all amount. We must get. the money and every cent of it. The year Is rapidly drawing to a close and everyone should remember Unit this Is thn time when they should bo giving a little thought a'nd attention to the matter." PROGRAM FOR WEEK. iw.->r.n - Elsie Janls. .Inula doesn't Intend lo play on any stage except those In the theater of war until the Hermans bavn been beaten to a frazzle. Having canceled all engagements Iho American actress Is couiinuing to "do In-r bit" by entertaining -American' Iroops behind (lie fighting lines. Ifcr versatility, personality and wit have earned for her the honor of being one of America's foremost actresses. Tho soldiers Idoli.'.o Iter. PARTY AT S, C. B. C. Gel together Meeting at S. C, B, C. Last Night—Had Line Party. The gel-to gothcr meeting which was glvn last niKhl by the colleen for Its student* wax attended by ubout two hundred. The parly was given in tho n-<'"iubly room where Miss Kllzii- hoth lless sang, "(lood-hyo Summer." Thn party then sung tho "Star Spangled JJuinier," and a line party was formed to the Dcl.uxo theater. At the Food Conservation Booth Will be Interesting. Tho urosram for tile Pood Conservation booth will not begin until Tuesday, hut there will be someone a.t the booth on Monday to answer questions and literature on canning and conservative cooking will be given out. The program for the weok i3 as follows : Tuesday, September 17th. Morning—invalid Cookery and Trays for the Sick, Food for the Children, Miss Ward. Afternoon — Wartime Salads, Miss Faubion. Wednesday, September 18. Morning—Drying. M'«s .MoLeod. Afternoon—Canning: Fruit, Vegetables, Meat Miss Ward. Thursday, September 19 . 'Morning — Meat ISxtonders, Miss Pa union. Afternoon—Sugarless Recipes, Miss iicljcod. Jelly 'Making, Miss Ward. Friday, September 20. Morning—Possibilities of Sweel Fa- talors and Irish Potatoes, Miss W r urd, Afternoon—Whal Can 'Be Done from a "Single Cut or Meat", Miss Ward. Saturday, September Tl. Morning—What to Do with "Corn- ineal", Miss Ward. MagWlocs—NOWB—Lamborn's. J^aOiDPro Cigar Co. store, 3 N. M Main. It The ordinary recipe provide* lor si* peofle, • «. PICKED UP 'ROUND TOWN. « • • «>«4>4 'a >e >«><j »»»«4*»** NewlII Tripp of PltLsburg was in luwn today uu business and visiting friends. ('. A. Berry was called lo Kansas City today by the uerlouu Illness of bis sister. MISA Gladys Parker Is helping out at the Western Union office during the. rush of Pair week. Mrs. Gilbert F.vans and Mis. Ralph Wagner of Cimarron were out of town visitors here yeaierday. A marriage llconso has been Issued lo Arthur 11. Schmidt, IM, Newton and j Amelia llnruh, 'i'i, lnmnn. W. ,1. Duval, of Kansas City, Kansas, deputy li. S. inspector for Kansas, was here yesterday on business. Mrs. N. Z. Moss and daughter, Miss Fannie Moss, left today for Kansas Ciiy, Mo., whero ihey will make their home. i Mrs It. C. 1,-iyman and daughter, j Cwendolin h.ivo returned from ft summer spent in Colorado Springs, Colo. Miss Znra Layman will return a Utile Inter. MIB. Swlscher, Miss Marian Hnffucr, Mrs. Robert Fuibre, all of Lyons and Mrs. Ueed of Chasn wore out of town callers in tho city yeBterday. A "replevin suit wag filed by the Anderson company against litta Graco Welch for the recovery of furniture which the later had purchased but not paid for. Suit has been filed la the district court by the llutcuinBou Implement Co., against Jessie Hackworth, on a note given for a tractor bought from tho Implement company. Mies Mary Horan at Pittsburg and Miss .Margaret .Tones enrolled at the Salt City Business College today. Thn Salt City Business College will havo a booth nt th« Fnlr grounds nil week, whero Information about the college cRtt be obtained and where enrollment In the college may be made. The. Adams atrect paving" will be completed to Ninth by the end of the week and will be ready for travel from Tenth to Twenty-third street, tho entrance lo Iho State Fair grounds. It will have a lot of traffic on It the next week. Tho report of Judge It. A. Campbell, police judge, to the city commission showed that during the month of August fines to the amount of $312 were assessed and" fines collected to tho amount of $372.61. These Included some old fines, Tho annual Conference session of the United Hrethren church of the Kan- BUS conference will convene this next Wednesday in Wlchitn. The two local pnstora. Rev. IL C. Russell, and Rev. A. I,. IXiever, expect to go to Wichita the first of I he week. Ilev. and Mrs. A. I,. Ih-ever are back from a trip to Whiting Kansas, on account of the death of Mrs. Ueever'a mother, Mrs. I. J. Hanks. Mr. Uanks died two years ago. Mr. I.ieever will conduct tho closing services of the conference year Sunday morning and evening. The smoke arising from a pan of burning food on the stove nl the residence at I" Soiilh Washington caused outsiders to send in a fire alarm. No. 3 station was the only one which made the run as a false alarm came iu before No. 1 station hud started. Y. M. C. A. ACTIVITIES WILL BEGIN WEEK AFTER FAIR Classes in the Gymnasium and in Reading Will Open September 23. The schedule for the fall and winter gymnasium classes at Iho Y. M. C. A. has been almost completed, and an extensive program has been planned. Tho business men's class No. 1 in physical training will be hyld on Monday and Thursday at 4:30 o'clock in the afternoon. Tho No. 2 class will be held on the same days nt G.30 o'clock in the afternoon. Tho Junior B phvslcal training class will be held -on Tuesday at 4:31) .o'clock in the afternoon and the Older Boys will meet, at 7:30 o'clock an Tuesday and Friday nights. The Junior A class will meet at 4:30 o'clock Wednc«day afternoon. Wednesday night has been left open for Ilible classes -which will be organized later, nnd lor the Hoys' High School club, for which arrangements will be mado soon. At !);30 o'cloeke on Saturday the Junior li class and the Junior A Bible class will meet. At 10:30 Saturday morning, the Junior A gymna£lU%class will be held,. The TbysIcajSjfireftors havo In mind a basket hall ?tournament, between the varioua departments, aid A plan to make the physical training classes larger than ever. MAY RETURN TO WORK. Striking Machinist* Are Planning to "Try It Again, . Bridgeport, Conn., Sept. 14.—President Wilson's letter to tho striking machinists and tool makers of Bridgeport munition factories ordering them to return to work, was received thla forenoon. Immediately thereafter the executive committee of the machinists was called into session. Strikers discussed the outloolt, at their headquarters. Pending a resolution of the committee in charge of the strike the sentiment seemed to bo entirely In favor of obeying tho president's order. Then came word that the manufacturers were willing to reinstate the strikers at the previous rule of compensation under tho war labor board's decision and in addition pay extra back wage increases aa required by that award. The offer of tho manufacturers, also appeared to have a favorable effect upon the men. A mn.s meeting of the strikers is set for Monday afternoon and formal action on the president's letter is expected to bo taken then. Many hundreds of strikers have ox- pressed their intention to return to work Monday morning. ' OTHERS RECEIVE BLANKS. All Industries Classed in First Class Havo Deferred Privilege. All Industries who were classed aa necessary to Iho war work program and especially those ill cluss 1 will receive the deferred classification blanks as did tho Solvay plant. The industries in Hutchinson which will have the prJrlfego of asking thai men necessary for the molnUliiance at their plants include the salt plants, the flour mills and all food producing and munition product plants.. Thu Morton Sail Co. received their blanks tho first of the week. They havo had to ask for few deferred classifications but Ibis nexl draft will hit them harder. ARRIVES HOME. Lt. John Barthold of Machine Company I* Here. Last evening was s very Joyous occasion to tho members of the Hurlhold family when Lieut. John Barthold arrived at his home tu Partridge after a short trip to Prance. Lieut. Burthold was u member of the Hutchinson Machine Gun Company and has seen actual service In Prance, lie has been sent back to this country as an Instructor, Magailne*— New* —Lamborn's, Lamborn Cigar Co; store, S N. Main. lt Acting In due authority from Emer- Bon Carey, state fuel administrator, the llghtlcss nights will not bo observed Monday nnd Tuesday, Sept. 16 and 17 on account of Stale Fair- Will S. Thompson., county fuel aU.mlnlB.tru- lo* e Ji-H FORD CAR NEAR STOLEN Thieves Attempted to Take 0. P. Coc's Car from Mis Home. MIXED UP THE WIRINU And Tficri Couldn't Get the Car Started—Scared Off by the Police. At least one Ford automobile robbery was foiled and today, 1). P. Coc of the Uoe-Thoinstui Investment Co. is recovering the scare of his life, as he nearly lost his moat treasured possession. Some limn after midnight, auto thieves picked Cue's car an the one for the,evening's spoils. They entered his garage on South Maple street, pushed the enr down the alley between A and It avenues and halted In under the shadow uf the Busslnger Phils. Here they begun to tinker with the patent surety lock and finally got 11 off, but in so doing they mixed up the wiring and their attempts to start the car with the deTect caused the people living in the flats lo awaken and mi alarm was turned In to the police. Owing tu the location of the thieves being given In wrong at the station, the sound of the motorcycle hunting the car and thieves gave the later warning that trouble was ahead and they ran ort' lo the south. A freight leaving at that lime on the Hock Island might have given them a chance to make their get away as the south part of the city was searched. During the evening the police had four bicycles reported as having been stolen. .J. P.. Houston had his stolen from 111 front of the Model Steam 1-o.undry while Nathan Paler, C. P. Wood and L. Forney had tliclr's stolen from near the Iris theatre which Ihey were attending. Ford Thieving on West First. A second Ford was taken from the garage of C. 11. Dustou al U07 First avenue, west, pushed down the alley for" a block where a man living at" 702 First avenue west hoard them trying to start the car and hollared :u them. Then he called Hie police. If in such a case, the police were called first and the thieves watched, they could be apprehended and this wholesale stealing of Fords done away with. The police are asking that every one especially watch their cars the coming week. OFFICIAL WORD RECEIVED. Mrs. Llllle B. Rishel Got Telegram From Government. Mrs. Llllle U. flishel received a telegram concerning the death of her son, J. Lysle Hishel, killed in action in Prance. Tho telegram 1B as follows: "We deeply regret to inrorm you the cablegram from abroad states that Private Joseph L. Rlshcl, iMarino Corps was killed -in action, June 25. Remains will be Interred abroad until end of war. Accept my sincere sympathy in your great loss. Your son nobly gave his life in ihe service of his country. Signed, GEO RGB BAIRN ETT, Major General Commandant. J. Lyslc Hishel was the son of Mrs. Llllle 13. Rishel and the lato J. B. Rlsbel, and was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, April 11, 1SU5. Ho has lived here the past twelve years, and at the time of his enlistment ho was employed at the Hock Island freight office as a rating clerk. He enlisted in the II. S. Marines on January S, WIS, and was sc?nt to Paris Island, S..C., where he was in training for three months. He arrived In Prance on May 7th. lie was a Mason belonging lo the Reno Lodge No. 40 and to Camp alifi of Iho .Modern Woodman of America. American Dead In Italy. Naples, Friday, Sept. 13.- Frederic Crowninshield of Boston, formerly Expert Kodak Developing and printing. 12 Hour Service E.E. BLOOM & CO., Druggists- Agents Eastltiaii Kodak Co. ' 305 North Mnlu St. < Kodaks, Films nnd Supplies director of the American Academy of. Rome died today at Capri, 99 YEARS IN PRISON. •Missouri Boy Sentenced For Killing His Father. Springfield, Mo., Sept. 14.— Virgil Wilkes, 19 years aid, charged with the milrdcr last November of his father, George M. Wilks, near Verona, was convicted todny. In tho circuit court of Uiwrcnco county at Mount Vernon and sentenced to servo 99 years In the slate prison.' It was the second trial of the case, Lhe first having resulted In a "hung Jury.- Mrs. Katherine Wllks, mother of the convicted youth, is charged with complicity and will be tried nl the next term of court. A dying statement of Wllks In which he accused lhe son and berated his wile for not trying to prevent the shooting is said to have strongly Influenced Ihc Jury although contradicting statements made to others Just before his death were introduced by the defense. Card of Thanks. We wish to thank tho many kind neighbors and friends for their sympathy and kindness dnrlng the Illness and dentil uf our loved ono and for the floral offerings, MR. and MRS. RAY V. PIURSON Mil and MRS. II. D. PIURSON, - HOWARD SHIELDS, MARIE SHIELDS. ! TO HEAD WOMEN'S NEW LABOR BUREAU Tire Service Call 3020. King Auto Supply. 824 South Main. 14-21 CORAL VELVET FOR MELANCHOLY DAYS} What duld be more cheery for tho fall days than a brilliant hat orf milady? Here Is a smart little turban of coral velvet. The crown Is almost covered by five giant roses of the same velvet, but thu centers and the facing of the tiny brim |s black velvet. No matter how gray the day this hat will cheer the wearer as well as the beholder. Opened for Defense. A lawyer who for many years had Fhockcd a large number of his friends by his rather liberal views on religion recently died. A friend of the decedent, who cut short a trip to hurry back to, town for the purpose of attending the last l'lteB of his colleague, entered the late lawyer's home some minutes after the beginning of tho service. "•What part of Iho service IK tills?" he inquired In a whisper of another legal friend standing in tue crowded hallway. "I've just come myself," said tho other, "bin 1 helievo they have opened for tho defense." Miss Alary Anderson. Whether lhe American women vole vote or not the government. Is compelled to take notice of them sincu they have become the "working man of Amerlcn." With women doing the work of men they will naturally cling closer together and also will meet with many problems which man in his progrrrs has not encountered. Rccognizirg the fact that women are really a vital part of the industries of the present day the United States government has recently created a new bureau in connection with ihc department of lalior. It Is the woman's bureau and Miss Mary Andei'BOn will bo Its head. Miss Anderson has for some time past been n prominent worker for tho furthering of women's unions. She Is n member of the executive board of tho International Boot and Sroe Work- ere' Union, and for Bcven years she has been organizer of lhe National Women'B Trade Union league. For some time past Miss Anderson has'been supervisor in tho woman's branch of lhe industrial service section of the ordnance department. Sho will lake her place as chief of the new woman's bureau as soon'as she can be released from her other duties. Women Drive Taxis for U. S. Several cities are conspicuous for cities are unusually fortunate for they have many little things which are loo small for official recognition yet which help to "carry on" aB much as the big things. These BO- called llttlo things vary from serving food to passing tfjvjps free of charge to worklngon the draft boards eight hours a day. Tho most efficient and most directly appreciated work is being done by the women motor drivers. So efficient, Indeed, have these women motor drivers become that the Women's Motor Corps of America has been officially recognlml by the Army Medical Department anil is under the Jurisdiction of the Surgeon-General. The American Red Cross motor corps has also been called upon by tho War Department Emergency Division. Several cities where the women •who do not huve to earn their dally bread do motor driving for Undo Sam such signs as these are seen: "It you aro hero on government business anil wish taxi service call tho women's motor corps." These volunteer motor units transfer officers aboul on official business, carry sick and wounded soldiers to and from hospitals In fact they do everything except draw pay. "MAKE YOURSELVES AT HOME," FRENCHMAN TELLS U. S. BOYS" It doesn 't take the French folk f nd American soldiers billeted In '/jtflch village*. tyPf t9 ««» »e- Amerlcan troops In French vlllagt. quaiutcd. This French ofljdal photo shows an old French resident a.u.d « grouo of y, g, soldiers to whom he has offered his house, They are talking away half pj French and half in Jinfl.iah,

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