The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 29, 1956 · Page 22
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 22

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1956
Page 22
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22 Thursday, March 29, 1956 Foreign News Analysis — France Begins Colonial Reforms By CHAR!,*;* >!.. MCCAXX t'nitod Prws Foreign Analyst France has embarked on a historic campaign of colonial reforms in an attempt 1o save its still-vast overseas possession?, Morocco and Tunisia have been pi von status within the French Union, as the French empire is now called. A '.'.r-rcaching plan to give in- d'-pe-ndont status to Algeria, which politically is a part of France itself, also has been approved. 'Now the French National Assem- bly, the. dominant house of Parliament, has approved a reform program embracing; the remainder of French Africa 'and the island of Madagascar, off the cast coast. It is expected that this program •will be extended to French possessions all over the world in the months to come. The campaign is one of enormous scope. It includes not only those territories in North Africa whore nationalistic:' feelin? has burst into ravolt. It includes territories where nationalistic feeling is smouldering'—and. others 'which the desire for freedom has not- reached. It is sometime forgotten that France, with, all its .troubles, is still a. great world power. Its possessions include islands off the Canadian coast, islands in the West Indies, French Guiana in South America, islands in the Indian Ocean and the South Seas. In Africa, outside .of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, France's possessions include French West Africa. French Equatorial Africa and Sonialiland. Film Faces Boycott Over Mexican Labor HOLLYWOOD —UP— A national boycott of the film, "Daniel Booiie." was asked Thursday by the Hollywood AFL film council because the picture was produced in Mexico without American labor. The council, composed of unions and guilds representing- 24,000 em- ployes of the motion picture industry, charged the producer o£ the picture shot the film below the border to avoid paying union wage rates. Tetanus Germ Looks Like Stick With Ball On End AUSTIN —(Sp>— Lockjaw, ot tetanus, is a very serious disease caused by a tiny germ that looks like a stick with a ball on one end—something like a microscopic lollipop, says Dr. Henry A. Hollo, Commissioner of Health. This ball is called a sport, and it is the seed of the germ. Lockjaw germs arc found in the soil, especially in manured soil of the barnyard or garden; in blank cartridges; etc. —in fact, just about everywhere. germs grow best in deep wounds where there is considerable tissue destruction and in which chips or glass, wood splinters, or grains of dirt have been embedded. They do not grow on raw surfaces in the presence of air. Every accident seen by the physician must be considered from the lockjaw angle; and whenever there is any question, tetanus antitoxin should be given, for it is the antitoxin that has helped to keep the incidence of lockjaw nt Of Interest To Women-Gals Not As Sentimental About Clothes Bv ELIZABETH TOOMKV NEW YORK — UP — Machine made clothes make modern wardrobes' the most extensive in his- iorv, yet historians of the future may have {rouble assembling; relics" of our favorite mid-century costumes. We are rrol as sentimental about assembly line fashions as our female ancestors were about their handmade Sunday best. They used to put away graduation dresses, plus the fans, 'hair ribbons, shoes and petticoats that went with them. We "buy graduation dresses that double "for summer dances. A 73-year-old former department store executive whose hobby is collecting 1 stockings, for instance, says he got many of his most important museum stockings, from wedding' day keepsakes of the last eentiirv. In "those days a girl might splursre on TI pair ".of white silk stockings with a lace, panel inset in front for her wedding day—and never set. foot in the stockings a grain.. "Stocking's just aren't, considered PS choice "today," Ira J. Ha?kel!. the historian, explained. A man with Haskell's hobby 100 years from BOW- would have to rely on hosiery company official files F.ria first iady inaiigiJraUon outfits.. Haskeii ,"tecunv,i!aieu more than 400 pair.? of stockings in 20 years of e'oHeetinsr. the Isrgept privrMe s'ofirins* collection on record. He presented "the stocking's to the Commercial Museum in Philadelphia 10 years aeo. and has just completed a book. "Hosiery Thru the Tears." to set down a record of his research. A iast-mi'.siiif? run seems a simple 1 thin.? when a nylon-clad woman of today looks at the stockings women used to wear. Haskeil. who Gl Loan Law Under Study WASHINGTON — UP — The Ko'vise Veterans committee 'Wednesday approved z. change in the law that make? a veteran responsible for his government loan after he has sold his home. Under present law. the veteran remains liable if the purchaser who assumes the. GI mortgage later defauiv-. Many have learned of this years later arid only after the mortgage has beer, forcclosc-d. Under the new legislation the Veterans Administration, at its discretion could approve the new buyer, who might or might r.ot be a veteran, and absolve the ex-GI of any further liability. Th? provision is not retroactive. lives in Lynn, Mass.. goes all the way back" to the childhood days of Queen Elizabeth I so relate the gradual emergence of shapely stockings. The girlish' queen wore yellow silk stockings with shapeless legs and a flaring wide hem above the knee, Haskeil reports. Somebody gave her a pair of blsck silk knit stockings after she became queen, and Elizabeth vowed "henceforth I -nHll wear no more cloth stockings!" Men had the more psjr.orous gams up until the time of the industrial" re-volution, Then they started to dress like commi;l«?rs and women took over the silk hose sstin breeches. By the middle of the last century.' fashionable women were urged in Godey's magazine to "bathe feet at least three times a weeJc" and indulge in silk stockings only, if they did not plan to do much walking. Lamb's wool .was best for long walks, the magazine reported. Haskeil admits he personally thinks the fine lace stockings or the middle 19th (Jentttry were the most beautiful in' history. The urge to attract even more attention to legs reappears "constantly, from the striped, spotted and bright red stockings of the gay PO's to fish embroidery designs in. 1913 and the rhinestone and beaded clock designs of today. Haskell hopes of the more fabulous designs on our wispy nylons will be preserved for the future. "Xobody," he sighed in a telephone eon versa ti on. "ever thinks of preserving; the present" IT HAPPENED WARRANTY DEED TRAVIS K. Kickman and wife, Vada M. Hickman. to Louise Mecom. Lots 29, 35 and 36. Block 43 of the Bayside F.e-sun"ey and subdivision. WARRANTY DEED C. C. ABSHIER io Edith Abssier land recorded Vui. 155. p. 55 of Deed Records and Vol. 152. p. 104 Dc-ea Records. CHANGE OF DEPOSITORY CHARLES A. KIEKE. c-t ux and Humble Oil names American National Bank of Beaumont as der.o>i- Soty. OIL, GA5 AND MINERAL LEASE GRACE CHRISTIANSEN io A. D. Kav.-kins PO.S6 acre? located in Vin- ce-t Barrow League. Abst 39. AS5IGXMTINT A. D. HAWKINS 10 ihe Tex?..? Company on PO 36 acres located in the Vincent Barrowr Leagiie. Abst'SS. OIL. GA? AND MINERAL LEASE STEPHEN S. SINKLER to A. D. Hawkins 4 acres out of Vincent Barrow League. Abst. 39. OIL. GAS, M2XERAL LEASE SARAH E. MORGAN'. T. J. Pruett et al, Irvir.p G. Mulitz, et al to The Superior Oil Co.. 41.7 acres in the C. C. ?. Welch League. Abst 4£9, for ?:,0i2.50. OIL, GAS. MINERAL LEASE EDNA REEVES. Dorrar.ce La- Four, C. M. Reeves. A. C. Langford, et at to W. G. Carlile, S3 acres in the Robert Wiseman Survey, Abst 29. Meet the new neighbors — They're coming your\ way with four kids and lots of laughs, •very day. Put out the welcome mat for them on Monday on the comic page of the Sun In Chambers County WARRANTY DEED D. E. KECvEY and wife, Beulah Kinney to Reggie Eicon and wife, Estella Ricon. and James Raymond and wife, Rosie Raymond, undivided Interest in 31.50 acres out of the Washington Lewis Survey. Abst. 374. WARRANTY DEED EDITH ABSHIBR and husband, C. C. Abshier, to Don Zappone and wife, Zeida Zappone. Lots 1, 2, aad 3 of Block 3 of the Robbing subdivision in the E.-T. Branch Survey, Abst. 40 in the Smith's Point Area, A.S.SJGXMEXT A. D. HAWKINS to the Texas Company on four acres out of the Vincent Barrow League, Abst. 39. OIL, GAS. MIXER AL LEASE OLA McBF.IDE to Bob Brinkfr- noff. three Tracts: Track 3: 77.2 acres out of the Swan Bergstronj Surv.. ADS:. 4?, of the Ear! A. Wheeler Re-survey and subdivision; Tract ": 35 acres of Lot 3? of the Earl A. Whyeler Re-survey and .subdivision and Tract 3: 120.3 acres out of 'the Frederick Martin Survey, Abst. and the Swan Bergstrom Sun". Abst. 43- ASSIGXMEXT- A. D. HAWKINS to the Texas Company on two tracts: Tract 1: 303.3 acres out of the Leveret* Sherman Surv., Abst. 235 on the east side of Turtle Bay and Tract 3: 5.2 acres out of the southwest comer of the Edward D. Sherman Surv., Abst 232. WARRANTY DEED RUBY HODGES and husband, E. L. Hodges, to E. L. Smith, one- third interest in Lot 4 of the J. H. and Martha Smith estate in the J. L. Hill Surv., Abst 106. the Chambers County School Surv. t, Abst 321 and the John Steele Surv., Abst 227. WARRANTY DEED KIRBY OIL & GAS Co. to C. T. Staples: 210.23 acres out of the Chambers Co. School Land Survey, No. 3, Abst 321 for $21,109. ASSICXMEXT J. A. McDAXIEL to H. G. Nclma, Wheeler Nazro, H. S. Cole, Jr., Harre-il Drilling- Co. leases in the William Bloodgood lurvey, Afast 4. OIL, GAS. MINERAL LEASE T. S. FITZGERALD and wife, Elca to J. A. MeDaniel 52 acres in the William Bwodgood Survey, Abst. 4. RIGHT OF WAY GRANT THOMAS GODFREY and Floyd Godfrc-y to the State of Texas out of the E. H. K. Wailia Survev, Abst. 305. CHANNEL EASEMENT CHAMPION PAPER ar.d Fibre Company to the State of Texas out of the MO.V.-G A. Carrol Survey, Abst. K. WARRANTY DEED- RAYMOND VICTORIA ar.d wife, Margaret Victoria, to Abe Sty- mour of Orange County out of Block 9 of Gill's Addition to Stowell situated on Sect. 54 of th» T. k N. O. RR. Co. Survey con- ta-lning l.fA acres. ROVALTV ASSIGNMENT — MCCARTHY OIL & Gas Corp. to T. J. Kudgins 483.02 acres of thr. Frankland Jand in the Henry Barker Survey, Abst. X. ROYALTY ASSIGNMENT — MCCARTHY OIL & Gas O.;:p.' !o T. J. Hudgins; 3% rtcr-s out of! the Franklan<l land in I'nc Ji'ury Barker Survey, A'o'-i. "A OIL, GAS'. MI.NKKAI, MCASK — Miis. CAHOLVX Mims-/^^-. H. i Mriii^oliiJi-, Marjoric '.'. Sh(.-ph<.-r<i, ! i-:. D. .--iifiplicni .'Jr. to R.-xl,oh IJ. | Harp: thrr-c tracts totaling 110.97 acres out of the Henry Griffith League. OrL. GAS. MJNERATx LEASE — FLEDA :,1. SC-'HILLIMG t/j Ralph B. Harp in thrcto tracts totftiinjf i 10.57 acr".<i out of the Henry Griffith \J-A'^<-. OH/, GAS. MINKRAF- LEASK ! C>\\'EN T-:. \\JUOIIT, Vanc<: Me-; \/:-i",ri, C=aij'i<-;l Siv.i'h, Annie Si^'th '• U'ixsin*. '•' ''•'<• *° Ralph H, Harp j Ti<>.9? in I'orcf frscts of the ! SENATORS GOVERNORS SENATORS & "'GOVERNORS ON TUESDAY, NOV. 6, every eligible voter in the United States will vote for President, vice president ar.d representatives to the lower House of Congress. But the similarity states ends there. As the map illustrates, 22 states will elect U; S. senators, 30 states (and Puerto Rico) will elect- governors, and five states will have no general elections. AU but six states — Alabama, Kentuckv, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia— r will vote for state legislatures. And prohibition, ts not a dead issue. Dry forces in California are circulating a petition requesting a state-wide referendum on the question of establishing local option. Eallotings on the prohibition Issue Include *i£ht in Texas, three in Georgia, three ic Alabama, four in Florida and one in North Carolina. •its low level. Your physician will advise you as to its use. Its disadvantages are that it gives only temporary protection; it docs not get rid of the lockjaw germs in the wound; and it docs sometimes cause hivt'S and other disagreeable symptoms for'a few days, particularly if the subject has had previous injections. Should lockjaw •develop, it requires much antitoxin unit entails {treat 'expense; and oven then, not all cases can uc saved. It is not possible to free the environment of lockjaw germs, but now there-is a method of immunisation. The subject becomes his own manufacturing Farmer In Quota Suit TULSA —UP— A S94.92 civil suit was filed Wednesday in federal district court here ducking that a farmer living near ViniUi raised what in excess of his 1.935 acreage nllotmcnt. The' petition, filed by the U. S. district attorney here, charged that Claude Gentry raised 24 acres of wheat, seven more than, was a!-' lotted by the Caig county agricultural stabilization and conservation committee. The complaint said there would be a penalty of S1..13 a bushel clue on Si bushels, a total of 594.92. This Thief Either In Business Or Very Sick MARSHALLTOWN*. Iowa — UP —Police asked local doctors to be on the lookout Wednesday for suspicious cases of stomach ache. Officers figured this was the best way to find the thief who stole H-i pies from a bakery. establishment for antitoxin to combat lockjaw poison. One nice feature about the treatment Is that it can be combined with 'diphtheria and whooping cough prophylaxis. The concurrent immunization is. preferably, car-: ricd o'.it in infancy. Should a child already have had his diphtheria toxoid and whooping cough VIICT cine injections, he can take the lockjaw toxoid injection alone; and these run be fjivcn nt any time with vorj* little discomfort. Pineau Plans Visit To U.S. PARIS —UP— French Foreign Minister Christian Pineau, who hns expressed "profound disagree-, incnt" with some facets of Western policy, will visit the United States next June, it was announced Thursday. Sources said he would meet President Elsenhower but probably will spend most of his "visit discussing with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles the wide and often conflicting; range of Franco- American interests. A foreign ministry spokesman snid Pineau probably will inakc his trip between June 10 and 15. 1954 NASH Ambassador 4-door Air CniuIilioiiMl, Fully Equipped—You Can Steal This One From WILLIS COB8 NASH CO. J ON 3-LB. CAN OF n Q wdfi WITH COUPON BELOW You're invited to try premium quality Snowdrift, the Wesson Oil shortening. The Wesson Oil People make this moneysaving offer as a "thank you" to the millions of good cooks who use Snowdrift for all their baking and frying. These women know that only premium shortening gives you all these advantages: Vegetable oils only. The Wesson Oil People select for Snowdrift only the delicate oil from sun-grown plants. You get the true flavors of foods prepared with Snowdrift. Cake lightener. Only with this special, moisture-retaining ingredient can your cakes be so light, high and moist. Pre-whipped. In the immaculate Wesson kitchens, Snowdrift is whipped and whipped till it is as smooth and white as freshly fallen snow. So quick, so easy to blend. Before you buy any shortening, read the label. If it isn't all-vegetable, it isn't premium shortening, The label tells you that Snowdrift is premium shortening. It's the Wesson Oil shortening. ""• InBnnri'mnit' •N; .dSj? """" "OH ..rr^'TT^TciT^" <".' , Snowdrift WKSON 0^ CUT OR TEAR THIS OUT RIGHT NOW! '0 y Save 2(X r -i id ro- -i* Snowdrift TO GROCER: You arc nulhoriw-d to net as our agent for the redemption of this coupon. We will rcimbuw you 20fi plus -V. for handling if it has boon used in accordnnco with our customer offer. Invoice proving purohnsfl of Rufflcifint stock to cover coupons presented for redemption must be shown on request. Coupon is void if !,ixed, prohibited, or otherwise restricted by l«w. Customer pays nviy solos tnx. Cash value 1/20(!. Present to our salesman or mail to nearest address: Wesson Oil * Snowdrift Sales Co., 210 Boronn* Si., N«w Orleoni, Io. 1)2 MorV»l St., Son FraneUco, Col. 2207 f iril Av«., So., Ssaltle, Wash. Chicago, III. • Savannah, Go. • Houston, Tex.

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