The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 17, 1955 · Page 8
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 8

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1955
Page 8
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• HBattm-ftTAi NEWS •Ml««tft!r, n., tat,, !»««. If. COURT HOUSE 3-Tiin* Oii«nd*r . Of Drunk Driving Fined, Jailed WonMA*k*$50,0C After Beinf Hit By Umbrelh At Retort Suit had tod*)' beert filed in •ommon pleas court for judg -jion, 214 W. Adams-sl; Kdwaicl went of $50,000 against the G. A. IGcslin, 920 \V., and Boecitllng Co.. as operators or:'^^'-*- ""S'' Latimer, Monrocvillc. Emma PROVIlJF.Nti; H () .s r I I A I, Ka.s dlschargocl Mrs Charles U ..C- , ,|i,To-time offender of fhf ber, Algoiiquin I rail. Bay View; , , , Paul Luther Kunn. CXslalia; Mr.s.^''-"""^-^""'^'"'' was given a John McClo.skcy. 1106 W. AIOM- I'fvivy .sentence today in municipal roc-st; Julius Mrasz. Lakeside eoiirl by Judge Jame,« A. Voung and Mrs. Charles Williams. 430 when he pleaded guilty to the third Jaekson-sl. i /ffensc. O r V i I 1 e (..'Inirch, 22. Berlin OOOII' S.\,MARITAN ||(),S-Hoighls, was sentenced to 60 days pltal has dl.scharged Piugenc 8ui Fim (rpidairi 2:20 p. m.—to 223 V. Market-.<it, emergency. (Rescue .iquad). Deaths & Funerals Woman Fleeced Out Of $40, Bank Book In Old Gypsy Trick Commendation Given Student Classes By Mr< F*kJ ^wanklrlrTu'"''' ^'T '"' ^""''"'''^ •!sheriff'* department and JfirS* Eiinei OWaniieCK she was preceded in death by aih-t„« inv«.«»Jfl«tort an Sanduskians To Finish Training At Marine Base T h Cedar Point resort, by Michaels, Cleveland, for personal Injuries. Cleveland attorneys and JMeat.s, Inc.. was received *;Closc and Close, through Albert by Lieut. WiUiam ilcrb. A IHKCK FOR ,S300 VIWM Sam Stein, president ol (.TIIII lodH> presi- jpiose. represent her. f Plaintiff slates on July ^ear and while on the ,5>oint bathing beach as a •he was violently struck jdent of Sandusky Kiic I'MylUers 27. this Local ,?27 a.s a eon ribuliDn lo llu' CedarI'Tire Fighters March On .Miiscu- patron, lar Dystrophy. ' on the ! — -— e American government in jail, fined .S.'JOO and costs and his classes of Sandusky Senior High Mri\cr re\oked for were given high commenda- vear, I (ion tor youth interest in govern- Clanch was arrested Friday ment by Erle-co Representative niKlii on l{oiile 6 east of Sandusky M^g. Kthel G. Swanbeck, Huron, on I by the Ba.\ Bridge State patroljthe latter's recent visit to the whith has made all Ihree of his school. arrests In the past two years, two Mr-s. Swanbeck, stating she had (It uhich wore this year, the pa-,always admired student interest trol saifl. head and upper body by an open ,ST. MARV'.S ALTAR ,S()beach umbrella which was blown ciety will reecivr Holy ((nii- ,*bout the beach by a windstorm, munion in a body lonimiow She claims resulting injuries of morning a( the R:l,i Mass. .\ 'skull fracture and brain concu.s-; large attendance is urged sJon were caused by negligence of defending company, GLE\N FRANKLIN OF THi; whom she cites six counts. Her ^ Franklin Flats boat li\cry, rural petition lists 33 interrogatories Huron, reported to the sheriff's which she asks the company to,!department that a H-tool, flat- answer. in government and its l«w.s, said, "f feel confident that the government of tomorrow is safe in the capable hands of todays youth." Discussing state legislation and state government, she added. "You - are the government. N'our parents l.aFayedc \ar)ec. 24, 1704 S.'are the government. The govern- McDonough-st, was found guilty ment is only as good and as g"'e»t,pjfj'pjgj'j^g in nnniicipal court today on ajas the individual back home sup Sandusky Driver Is Fined $100, Costs .MRS. PALIJNE MrDERMOTT Atr.K. Pauline McDcrmontt, fifi. widow of Kdward. died Saturday 'Oypsy trick.' whercb> morning at the Shaipe nursing g,;,c»r.old"county woman, living ''O'"*'- alone, lost S40 In currency and Surviving are three sons. Ray-^ savings account bank book Frimond. Toledo; Paul. Monterey ,£te,.„oon, was reported lo is ibelng investigated. ' Luella Boos, Boss-rd, rural Huron, the victim, stated a hcavy- about 50 .\ears old, had come to her home ask- . , , , ing tor a glass of water. Having , received it. the Gypsy said she' '''''P ''"'O rivrvrirr would "pray" for the health of Andres, son of .Mr, and Mrs. ELOKNE LF,K eit|c,.|y |io, In so doin«. iEdmund A. Andres. HO.i Cenlral- Hj/H".m*lJo!;r;HiJ'Q..7.l,io^^^ -^"K^ «•«" her hands from the olli lav: Donald iM. Hihbard, son of SurS ^a^^^^^ rt sh'oulders to waist and looker, and Mrs. Marry B, ilibl,ard. li"';nrt'h;je%i .sS, S ^Fdln money and bank book f..„m ,2014 Campbell-st. and No.her. C. ward Crooks, Mrs, Lovic John-lit?r pocket. son and Mrs. Mose Jones, all of It was stated the Gypsv w(nuan Sandusky. then drove off 'in a light-blue Friends ma\'call at the Charlcs'late-modcl car which was oecu- .1. Andres Sons' Funeral Home jpied b\ another woman and a after 3 p, m. Sunday, vberc ser-'man. A local bank, dcpositor,\ ofi vices will be at 10:30 a. m, ithe savings account, has been Fremont Youths Have Tag Day For Unconscious Boy 1 daughter. Friends may call Funeral Home after 7 urdoy. where services will be 2 p. m. Monday. Burial will be Oakland Cemetery. at the (juick p. m. Sa^ ^ypj.^, „.on,gn in Three Sanduskians aie due to complete recruit traim'ng at the Marine Corps recruit depot, Far- S. C, this month, includes Itobeit F, DRAW JL'RY NAMES Erie-co jury commissioners, is being made, Clement L. Alspach and Edward „ Scheid, drew names in common WILLIA.M KOKL.S('M A.ND pleas court from the jury wheel j^n W Veith, Sandnskv siudeni.v for .service as grand and pelit attending flic LM/versfh o( To- jurors for the January. 19o6. ledo, have been pledccd lo Sisma terms of court which opens Mon- ^ipha Rp.siinn social fralernitv. day. Jan. 9, at 10 a, m. KoeLseh is a freshman in the Judge James L. McCrjstal at vei,),. , ,,oshman in the Col- cliaige of lca\'ing the scene of anjporting it." accident. Tfe was fined .$100 and costs, sentenced to two days in jail, and his driver license suspended for one icar. bottomed aluminum boat disap- Vance was involved in « traf- peared from its berth some ti%'c lie accident Dee. 14 when his Friday afternoon. in\estigation car struck a mo\ ing car and Monda.\, the Rev, C. N. Burial will Oakland Cemeter\'. Harris, be in notified of the loss of the bank t?aymond Foreman, book. Monroeville. reccn'Jy parked \ehicles on Camp-si lice reported. two po- Ihat time, and petit jurors, Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 9 a. m. on |2T ,200 IN WARRANTS County Auditor Gerald G. Schweinfurth today reported receipt from the state auditing department of warrants in the aggregate of .$27,200, in allocation to county and townships from the state 's gasoline excise tax fund. j Of_the total, the county re-! lege of .Arts and Sciences. IIOLV COMMUNIO.N M M.L be celebrated at St. Paul Lutheran Church on Sunday, at both the 8 and 10:30 a. m. ser\ice. .SKt NK STOPS SCHOOL SA.\ RAFAEL. C'AL . Dee. 17 'I.N'Si—It wasn't a fire drill when 1()9 pupils fled From a San Ralael elementar.\- school during, a Christmas part\- Frida\. V skunk got beneath the building and fouled up the party. Adytriising Pays COLDWATER, MICH.. Dec. 17 (UP>—The following ad appeared Friday in the Coldwater Adve.-- ti.ser: ".\n attractive gal who gets paid on Friday and is broke by Tuesday wants to meet a man who gets paid on Tuesda.x' and is broke by Friday." AUTHOR BECOMES CITIZEN RIVERHEAD. \. .. Dec 17 'INSI — Internationally known novelist and short story wTiter P. G. Wodehouse. became '<n American citizen Friday. Wod«>house, English born, is 73 years old. Parking Meter Fund Protects Pay Day MRS. .lAMES MORRISON 1 Word has been recei\ed here of the death of Mrs, James Morrison of Cleveland, the former, Anna McGra a.'^an. daughter of FREMOiNT, Dec. 17 - Uistribu- t'lc late P. J. iMcGranagan and^'O" of Paj' checks to city em- AJr.t. MeGranahan. Iployes from the general fund was Burial will be in Cleveland. made po.ssible Friday by a transfer of SIR.OOO from the parking meter FRKiMONT, Dec 17 This city today is observin,'; .(ohtmie Partee Day. Although .lohnnlc W«,s unaware of it. more than ")0 Of hi schoolmates at St. Joseph'.? High school and others volunteered td sponsor a lag day on downtown streets in his behalf. Is is a community gesture of assistance to the family of thi; 15-year-old \()ulb who has lalii unconscious 97 da.v alter su!- lering a skull fractufc in an auto ccident Set)'. 10. the Sali> ';i\ heiore he \*as to have entered St. .loseph's High school treshman class. He is the son <tf •Mr. and l\Irs. Al I'arlee, Courl-at, iMa.\o .lohn Collins proclaimed Harold ,(. Moth. 1203 Dec I" .lohnnie I'ailee Day when a uroi.p n( students sought pei- mjssmn lo hold a tag ria\' fo)' him. 1' ici.ds, acqciuaintaiice.*- cluh and |)ers(ms knowing of the movmliiiy medical expenses I • cii his faniilv had e.xpressed a desire to h(>lp, Houle 1. KIks Lodee has .olcd a eonlrJ- conipleted bution. The Communit,\ Chest e.vercises |,;,^ given assistance, Fremont with the Third Marine ftegiment ..j,,, ,.elfare department has Flolh, son oJ 'i'bird-st, 'I'he 10 week recruit training is followed h.\ three weeks on the rifle range. Marine Foi'cnian. Private fia.v niond .1. son of Mr. and .Mrs. amphibious landing based in Japan. Salem Choir Has Annual Cantata Sunday Evening INFANT MAINS Pri\-atp ser\ices were held Friday afternoon al the Charles ,1. ,\ndres Sons' Fimeral Home for the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .lames K. Mains. 1532 Co- liimbus-aw who died at Providence Hospital. Burial was in Oakland Cemetery. JET LINER SPEEDS ON VANCOUVER. B. C. <ixsu MRS. FRANCES E. HIGGLNS, 303 E. Washington-st. is a patient in Good Samaritan Hospital. STAR'S APART.MENT ROBBED LONDO.N. Dec. 17 (UP) — Thieves stole jewelry valued at S20.000 from the .Xiuerican croonei and his mo\ic star wife. Pier An'^'eli Friday night, police re-jday on a record-breaking ported today. from Honolulu. Services for Mrs. Sakie iSteen- seni Kotz. widow of John. loSG Lindsle^•-st. il] be held at the •account. Transfoi' was made when council met Thursday night. The payroll totaling more than .«16.00« was due Thursday. F.m-,* paid from funds other than the general were paid then. The 116 .000 does not include salaries of elected officials who received their salaries Friday. They are paid from the fund. A crisis in city affairs appeared | apartment of Britain's new jetliner. Comet ULlf''^^ f^'Oieral Home at 2, P. m. | h ' \vc Damone landed at Vancouver Internation- ^."."f'a-^ the Rev J. A Gntfith,|to '^'al airport at 1:39 .J, m. EST Frl- •• '"" flight Burial : Oakland Cemetery, call at the funeral 7 p. m. Saturda.x. earlier this week when it appeared that there were no funds on hand meet the pa.^roll from the gcn- will be ineral fund. The transfer solved the Friends m^y i situation, home after i The Salcni K. C. H. (hnrch choir will present ii« aiuiuiii Christmas cantata. 'The l.iu'ht I'llernal." by M. \\. Pciric and the impressi\'r Candle Li'.:':! ser\ice (ui .Sunda\ evening. Dec. 18. al 7:30 o'clock. The choir is under the direction of Mrs. Ldna Sharp general springstcad, with Mis. Anne.. Weil- Stuckey as the or^'anist. In this musical presentation underwritten a month of nursing caie. .'\nd still medical bills hav>-! moiuited. Nursing services alone , have totaled .S3.(iOO to date, Johimie's condition made il necessar.v for three shifts of nurses daii.v at 'I'oiedo hospital whcie lie was iTnioved Sept. U lollowini; cmciuencv treatment at .M(-niorlal Hospital. Hospital liills had run lo ,S;i,200 when th'' .voulli vvas lelurnefl last week lo FrenifHit wheic he is a third floor palieni at Memorial Ho,'^- pilal. The liauves are exclusive of surgeons and ph .vsicians lees. f!eali/inu the extraordinary fi- •ancial burden lacing Johnnie's an.\ious familv. trieds. orgaiged a s |)on'. ineous effort of assistance In addition to lag da\- efforts. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL HAS tf^'^^OO^'^ud^e^n^elo^nJ;^ Df^if Hills. 40o- BALANCE SHEET ships, each $800, totaling $7,200. '^^^'•"-s'- ' iNor-, ft^Jnfc^^l^Wfc ^riKEai The distribution is for improvement and maintenance of county and township roads, and is for the annual quarter ending Dec. 31. WIPE SEEKS DECREE walk: Anthen Kgger, '.'i22 Schiller av; Mrs. Earl Pabst. 1110 W Jefferson t: \"iola .Asscnhcinier. 191" Camp-st, and Elmer Stenger, Huron. By UNITED PRESS * y + the week's good and bad news on the international halanee sheet; The Good AN UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT Petition for divorce was filed break into the Teaco Inn. Routes by Albena M. Birdsall, 126 Cow- ^'3 and 61. Thursday night w«r. dery-st, against William Birdsall,Kodaj reported by the sheriffs de- 1. Sixteen nations were ad- Sandusky, on grounds of gross;Pa»'*ment. Entry was said pre- milled lo membership in the neglect of duty and extreme.vented by extra heavily reinforced United Nations. The new mem- cruelty. Parties have two minor!doori and barred windows. It i.s bers include two important Euro- East and Asia. "Stalin is dead but Stalinism is not,' he said. ; .NATO experts reported in a sur- |vey that the Rus.sian miliiary I threat to Western Europe is greater now than at anj previous Rubber Check Artist Bounced In N. Carolina Party For Children Set At Landing of the Christmas slor.v, the choii creates the mood of the cantata in 'he decmei-. soloist, leads the clioii- in "It Speaks to the World." followed by a recitative number by Rob-. .Mtliough he remains unable to erl Springstead harit_one_j.olni,s'i. comnuinicate with his 4im-nly- in "God Hath Given .V Son." 'ToTiTuTrr has show n some indica- With Mrs. Mai-ion Sprau as Hon of hearing and recogni/inR volunteers will be outside St. "Praise The (Jreat Rf- .|ose|)h and -St. .\nn Churches Richard .\laag. tenor Sunda.v for contribution of many who have expressed a desire to parlici|)atc. WHITE'S LANDLNG, Dec. IT — ! Annual Christmas parly for area children will be held Sunday at 2 p. m. in the fire house under the JACKSO.NVILLE. N. C. Dec. direction of the firemen's auxiliary. 17 lUPi—The long arm of the Plans were completed during the law didn't have to reach for to December meeting of the group, time. One of the chief topics a"'«''t Hi'c.^ Long Meadows for A covered dish supper was for discussion at the meeting Passing bad checks. He was served at small tables, with lighted ,wiB a program of action to meet "a^bed in the court room. tapers and tree ornaments as Russia's new cold war aggres-! ^)^^,"i«"'^ breathed a sigh of tavors. A program of readings, gion 1 elief Friday alter Jurdc Henry group singing and carols was fea- i 2. Israeli forcei killed at least P ''0"0 "nced his sentence mred. Mrs. Jack Foreman and children, whose custody and .sup-j believed the same person or per- pean powers, Italy and Spain.^ 41 "soldiers and civilians in ai°" abandonment and non-i-yjrs. MabemTiite received awards, port the mother seeks. Her at-sons who burglarized the Berlin; sevenly-six countries are now! night attack on Syrian armvj ^"PP''^'^ conviction. The judge. The committee consisted of Mrs. torneys are Catri and Catri. iHeights school and the Super Shell • members of the world drganiza-'„n«t, nv«.rinnVm., tho biblical' "'"'•^^"^^ ^'"^ Caro-; William Mead, Mrs. Mabel White, soprano soloist and a c(uarle; composed of Mrs. Glenn Dctro, Mrs. Marion Sprau. .Mrs. Clarence ,\'agel. Jr.. and .Miss L.vdia Koehler. "while Sheiihcrds Watched" will be ))resented. Mrs. Clarence .\a,t>cl. as contralto soloist, presents "The Dawning." .'Jorn in A .Manger, a soprano solo, is given by Miss Barbara Wollc. Mrs. Glenn Detro has the soprano solo. vtnces, lath jr. especially that of hi "5 '•.^nsel \'oices." 'ihc pre.sen' tion of the Christ- nuis slor.v in the form of a cantata is an accepted tradition of Salem church choir. The free will offering of the evening will go to the treasury of the choir. WANT ADS BRING UESULTS jService station at Birmingham that: tion. FILES FOR SEPARATION 'night tried to make the entry al Decree of .separation, alimony,Ithe inn. custody and support of two minor' children are sought in an action j A PAIR OF BIFOCAL SIIELL- fUed by Mary BrighL 516i2 Tay- dm glasses found on W. Wash- lor-st. against Frank C. Bright, ington-st, cast of Decatur-st. were Israeli forces killed at least soldiers and civilians in a now I night attack on Syrian organiza- posts overlooking the biblical; The UN action ended a Sea of Galilee, Israel said its' five-year deadlock on admissions action was taken in retaliation which resulted from sian obstruction. President Jose Maza called the lina for five yoai-s. iMrs. Carl Fox, Sr. and Mrs. Marion Meadows readily agreed to the Patterson, suspended sentence terms and ' 7^ 609 W. Washington-st, on grounds ^^.J.^ ,^;''Z^: I ^ 'Zi:^^' If IT. of gross neglect of duty. She is Lr may claim them by calling ati-^-^.-"' '''' """P^"' °' represented by Kenneth E. Tone, t^e police department. ANNUAL C of Moose Lodge members will start at 2:30 p. m. !Sunday in the lodge hall. iVFW Christmas Party DENIES ALLEGATIONS Wayne C.Cheshier, 1426 Camp.fov children bell-st, who IS being sued for divorce, custody and support two minor children and injunction by Frances A. Chcshier,' Route 2, Sandusky, has filed answer denying her allegations of, iiio i gross neglect and cruelty and, I. Scheduled SundaV seeking divorce from her by,** »JVireuMi\;« IJMMWWJ cross-petition. His attorneys arc' Catri and Catri. He asks the; ^'ictor P. Kuxma, coniniander (^urt to grant him custody and of Fremont post and fieparlmenl (jontrol of the children. • inspector for the ninth district, ' .attended this week's nieetins of Lowell C. Hein Post, No. 2'y>d. Petition to sell personal prop- veterans of Foreign ^rty in estate of Alice Biechele; j-ie inspected the local post and <?aspe''- commended the officers for tlu ; J. Chandler Thompson ap- «r„ i«f n..c , ^ . . ..L , suspenaea .sentence terms and A ImMv /".cks on it5 fisher-, ,„ ^e Assemblymen. Syria asked for UN ac- collared bv stern-faced Sheritf tion against Israel. Premier Thomas Marshall, admis.sions a hi.stonc advance Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt an-l Tj,e former theologv .student toward the representation m the nounced he would inform the blurted, "But I've got to get outj UN that any further Israeli ag- <; North Caroli la." Grady said, ^^orld. ! greasion would be met by an at- "Th suspended sentence had J»hn. former chief tack on two fronts by Egypt and nothing to do with bad checks. unicTM^c ^'^^ ^^'^^^ German intelligence svria. I He's yours, Mr. Sheriff." \ HRSSTMAS PAR- l-lejl back from Ger-; j. UN admiaaion of new mem -l | many. John had gone behind bers was clouded bv the Soviet .MAN'S BEST FRIEND the iron Curtain on July 20, Russia veto of Japan's applica-i HALF MOON BAY, CAL, Dec.; 1954. Me had been kept underj tion for membership. Russia'17 lUPi—Thad L. Graves com-! close watch by the Communist apparently was trying to force'; plained to police Friday thai a secret service, but he managed concessions from Japan in thej burglar look .iO pounds of ham- to escape b.\ a ruse. His return negotiations for a Japanese-Rus-| burger from his deep freeze and; was a severe blow lo the Reds, gjan peace treaty. The veto led il to his kennel of wolf-; It was reported also that two threatened to cause a cabinet hounds to keep them quiel while HIKE CITY PAT TAX NORWOOD. O.. Dec. 16 —Cit.\' Council today had placed the local one-half (UP' re- pcr- cent income tax, due to expire Dec, 31 with a new lax of one percent effective through Dec. 31, 1960. YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU Whor. you leave the office leave It with our trained Telephone Secre tary and we will have your message on your return. CALL 5350 SANDUSKY SECRETAWIAL TELEPHONE SERVICE Await Action - - - (Continued from Page 1.) German officials crisis in Tokyo. Socialist mcm- ^ROBATE COURT handled. Ku/m.i on vcter- Vetei-ans of Foreign Wars. Alice Biechele^ He inspected the local post commended the officers for t . , . ,. . , .nu ~" manner in which the business riointed guardian of John l^homp-: j^p tschedule of claims in e-statc of^^"^*^ '''"^ 'Iheodore E. Dauch. ^f^"'!''^' ^ , . , ., , . Final account in estate of John .'•« " ^"^'";'', '•'^'""f^'l; Q YQSI Christmas par'.y chairman, mvit- "inheritance tax determinations «" members v.f the posi, the in estate of Julia Riekert, Elea-'""^ '^^'^^'^ nor M. Dockweller, Lillian Ebner ''a'f> -^tartuiK at 2 iniportanl East had escaped to pai'tment chief in the Trade Ministry and an alternate member of the lower house of Parliament. ,S. Ilujili Gait.skell, a staunchly |)ro-.\mcrican right-winger, was elected leader of the British La-' bur Part.v. Gaitskell received 157 voles of the Labor members of the House of Commons 70 for left-winger Aneurin Bev- ^ an. who is violently critical of RaiStFS SxptCttO ^'^.^ ^^l^^^T'^*?^' berV of Parlisment' planned a motion of no confidence against Foreign Minister Mamoru Shige- mil.-'u. Nationalist China also feared that it* veto again .st Communist puppet Outer Mongolia might cause a move to deprive It of its seat in the General Assembly. Over 2,000 Be^f he stole 7,") Graves' aviary. parakeets from STEEL PRODUCTION AT HIGH WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 (UP) — .\ll production from the nation's steel furnaces from now until the end of the year will add to a new annual production record. .\merican polic.v. The Bad and Alice Hay. King's Daughters To Give Away Toys FREMONT. Dec 17 - The to.v store, annual comnnuuly service of Mar.v Fitch C'irele of the King's Daughters, will be conducted a;^ain this .vear al the King's Daughters headquarters on Croglian-st. The store will open at 6:30 p. ni. Thursday for parents unable to purchase io> s for their children for f'hristmas. Onl.v adults will be admitted. Toys will he given out tree. ; o'clock Will be cand.v, dren. Simda.v afternoon. .Sant.i there to fli^tr-ibute gilts frinl, etc to the < hil- PAGFANT nrrtf)\. eant riiven of Christ I start at fi IS ,StM)AV Dec 17 .NIIIIU.TI p,!'.;- bv ilie church ^choul •".piscopal Church will p in. Sundav ui llir WASHINGTON (|NS^— More than 2,000 beef producers from 35 states are expected to attend the Ameril. Secretary of State Jehn ^an National Cattlemen's Associa- Fosier Dulles warned fellow dele- tion convention in New Orleans gate- lo a meeting of the North from Jan. 0 to 11. \llantic Ircat .v alliance in Paris National farm policy as \t effects a dan- lieef production promotion front" l:eediiig problem' will receive ih;il Hus.via ','t'roii al nil' as opciipfl new cold w ai al iKMietrating the and ma- .\liddle lor consifleratioii church. The piililic Is iii\ il(>il llegular Cliristmas p.iil> lor church sclioid nu'iiihcis will be held in the yuild hall IIIIIIKMII- atel.v after the |);ig('ant ' WEATHERBURKAt J * TODAY'S LOCALS GRANGE NEWS Sandusk.v and creasing cloudincs- I 'older tonight with 20 ncai' tiie Like 4 In- \ icmii.v I a the low aliiiui ^hiu'c ami \'i i.-il{ilOS &. Men's iilLLI'OLDS iNaiiu.' Ill Cidki F'lVf BURNS & GOVE Jeuck'i-.s Columbus A\'e. Golden canaries Parakeet babiei, reasoii- P£RKINS GUANGi: Perkins (iraiige H37 met Tluirs- liny night and made final plan^ lor the annual Christmas iniriv wliicli will be held at tlu Grange hall • I 6:30 p m .Mondav It will start v\iih a potluck dm aer with evcr.vcme to bung a envoi- ed aish and a do/en cookies per farnil.\. Dinner is tn |)e tollowcd by entertainment and group pariir ipation in songs, etc Santa Clans is to make his appearance and distribute cJkchange gifts to all Men are to bring a male giUs and women will bring a woman s gift. For the Juveniles there will be i) small gift exchange. AW othci- children brought should be provided with a preseni listing their names inland. Sunda.v will be loUl :!n(l suinew hat raw w lib simw I lin - ries (lurin'.i the da.v ;iiii| bcavicr snow at niulii IsJaiuls, reel-. .•mil Ha,\ Soiilliwc-i iii|)ii lhr(iu;^li thr­ ill III w iiiii^ :jn 1(1 -J c^ciuii;-' ilMiin u A'n"E.\T10N EI,K.S llt'MMv al H ins Mcnibt'i'ii Giilv I"'or New \'ear s E\ c DiiiKc .Ail Ticlu'ts Be ()lilainiii l''riiiii Sirvvani A\ 'I'nv Gluh llv Wini . Dev. :!l.-t. I DCHUllful ' Adorable Home rai.sed &: x'^riv ablv priced, MOM'S BIRD HOUSE \-l-2^ \y. Madison Tovs - CJiti.s - Tree Liijht.s & Staiid.s. Wholf Havch\'are Hancock Madi.son Sl,s, W'aynt'i Ethictl — 0«p«nclabJ« Dilgart TV Service Phone 8143 9»y k Night Svrrict Isli my ;in (l bcciiin 11 i;j w csl i lalf iiiiugiil jiiiil ^uulucasU rh I'.' to 1 Ji nil ,'-lun (l ,M .Slum I hin ir and f I CIV i ii;.' I rii i| M'I al ii i c^ in IIIL;I!I ;UKI Siimliiv Sunset tod.'iv ."i ii:; Smu IM .Suiuiav 7 ,VJ, >uii>iM .) (i;; li.ii etcr al 11 -id <i iii.. 'SU '.i'^ -lt ;i(|\ 'leiupei'alurc 2\t. n-m- lliiiti Fi-)fia.v 34, low this iniirnmj Hi One vcai ihc iiiah \\a- 4t low 31 Ui'coiii lugh tui till- date ryl ' 1877 iccm (I low 4 be low /CIO III lii.'il .'\vcragc iciii pel ill II re duriiiu the first ball nt I IITCIUIH'I V\ :C- 28 and is tbc l(.i>ii'.| llic pc- liod siiHc |!J4'_' I'licrr li ;i \c bn'ii but t \\ o nil M 11 lei I I iiT/ Hi leniperalui cs h,,', c noi ln-^-w 11 cordefl, and im .iw i.-iiji li been '-'•'> oi j A i:~ i)rii]\\ nm mal SKI •;UT XMAS TIIKKS .\1.1, .SIZES ^Ti;iUKI'',\i)K.\ .xunsKRV (hH^n ,\'ii;lii,s Till 10 P.M. Srliwiiwi, U l.sun ricv lit.' 15 ikes. l \L 'uuc(>i"i F'nce.^. U .sc(i r .ike.s - SlO.tHl up. SA .\n^sK^• t.^vuLK co. Uab has Liniou.iiiu' service fiiuii cab ollice lu emplov nieiu oitice on Pe\- kiiLs .Ave., everv '-..iir. .New \'oik Genual Depot to employment office .slarling .Mon. from 8 to .=.. SPECIAL RATES. Jordanian cabinet under Premier Hazzaa al Majali. The rioters charged the new government Mas trying to force Jordan into the Baghdad Pad. a defense agreement linked to the West through Britain. The UN Security Council scheduled action earl.\' ne.\t week on .Syria's charges againsi Israel. Syrian officials said 100 Israelis and 50 Syrians were killed and ;i0 Syrians captured in the raid Sunday against Syrian positions in the Sea of Galilee area. LIVESTOCK Wjildotk Pai 'kint I 'a., D«'c. 17 CATTL* Ji CAUVrS— Top pricM paid for cttti* and .!tlvM •rart day Phona >50 \1 Tou ha*a fat eam» read.v (or niaikat and want our nu.»«r to look at them HOGS— Stead.^ . 160-180. .1iin,2i- ll .:;3: 180-230, ,111 50: 230-2,^0, .V10T ,'5 2,">0-300, ^9.2:,.iO: :!00-400, ,1i8.2.'5- 9,2,')n Roufihs S«,.SI)-B.50 Liva «tock walfneo and paid roi upon arrival Pravailtnj pncat oaid on da.* of dclivarT No hogi racaifcd on fridar and Satiirda.* No Tard- af* or commiition charia* OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY Here's your cliance to own yuuv own profitable bu.S!nc.«s as a W'h'.STEKN AUTO A.SSOCIATL STORE DEALER! YoirU relail nationally accepleii, popular lines of aulo supplies, home appliances, bicycle.s, radius. T\', .sporlin;:^ L^ood.s. tool.s, etc, Mer- chandiiic dcli\-ered bv our uvvn company opctaled deliverv serx'icc fiom our newly localccl. Butler, Penn.s\'lvania, Wholesale House. No retail experience nece,s.sai\' .... uc tiain \ou. Minimum cash caoiial ol' SO„'JOO needed. See, wiile, or phone: D. W. BROWN WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Butler. Pennsylvania Phone: 72721 OR O. E. MUSTAIN 26877 Bagley Rd. Olmstead Falli, Ohi* Phone: Adami 5-2655 Rural City Markttt W«A1 rAR.MIBS "AID Lot AI IGGS Grade A targe while <Rc Grade A large Inrov^n Grade A medium 41c Small 36c EUTttort WHAT rAlltllKa PAID Central Iria aitpij A •lavator Wfieat S1.9B New ear torn SI Slielled corn No 2 $112 Oats <i2i' N'evv sov tjeans *- 13 •• iK»«#».«»L»«>w.f>';«9 t^iniiva VA » ^jff-tm.'f)!»^»'t>'i» »)> »ai )»ia» Wi I sew sov tjeans »- iJ a CUvaland Eggi. Poultry | I Price* to letaiJerB including U S •-rra(tp.<i delivered A larpe wliiie fi2ii4c: hriiv\u fil-IKic; rued wliiti' .i:i-,')(n-: linuvM ,11-,' I,"K'; »III«11 ,A wliiic ond hrnw II 38-4nr: targe B white .i:i-.!tK- hro\\ n ,I3-,'I,'K* Price* paid aeiiveied exiiae n m lid percent A quaUtv targe wtvite 4n -.')Jf, brow II 4,')-.>iic iiied v^hite 4")-48f, brown 4.V4t)c Price"- paid tti taiin m iiie norih L'rn Oliui arc-as f<)r .No 1 qualit.\ irvei* 2'.-4 llik 17-2(ii-: hoiis. tieavv 18-l.'3f. hens, light t.vpe 10 -15c: turkeva heav> t.vpe. ^oung hens 33-34f; voung lonis 27-28c: tryers, roasters 10 lbs and under 29 -aOc. Compact Ciiarni Bracelcl Ident. Bracclei Walch Birthslane Riii^.s Pen & Pencil Set Billluld .\'ecklace & Ean'in^s Diaiiioiifi Rin.y ^ Cultured I e;iiTs Of Hint • lewel Box Walch Cuff Links & Tie Bar Watch Band Kleclrie Sha\'er Lod^i^e Rinf4 Billfold & Key Pen & Pencil Sel Pocket Secictr.'y i';htei Roll, SI in EOi; lEXCi-: EPv(),M ^ UN'I'II, (• (;(K)i) I v'li P !"r PARK!,\( \- () I' R sroR (•l!!l!ST.M.\S EUnMTl'n F CHRISTMAS TREES Big selection —All kinds. CO.W'EN-,Frank Stroud. Perkins O P E .\',Columbus .^ve.; ALso 27ir, 'O 9 P,.M ColumlMKs e. A CO on Dpoii Ev ei'v E\ening Till 9. lelfer.Min Uiinera & Hobb) 211 W. Market Si. i l.NlFOIOll.Y —Ihis IS the new iiiiiloiiii llie n;itioii'.s letter cafiier.s uill be vu'aiing tiexl .voar. SuUiit; vva^ de- .sigiied for grealei ettii'ieiu-.v .Shifl.s will he hhw iti.vU'iid 01 uiiiv. iiiici lies will he ipaMMin in>li',iil nl lilcick. ri-!iii will No 111- iii:ii ooii ."sluui kiei iiiMUMc is fli\si I'lioii from llir iitMri;i! Posl ul I ice Depflrtment in.signi'. T0I.J:I10 tJR .VIN TOLEDO lUPi— Cash graui track Toledo rate basis nonnnal WHE.'^T—No. i soft red $2.18-2 19: son white $2 23-2 24. CORK—No. 2 .vellow SI 29-1,30. OATS—No, i white, 13-74 SOYBEANS—No. 1 yellow »2 24$2 23 lUllllO t.K\JN r01,^DCl 'I 'Pi - I a .sli grain trai-ti Toledo rale hn*\s iinounal VVH 1^; A 1' NO 'i siu' red ^2 J 11.. I. .^oti w Ivte *2 1 ir . -1' II' CORN \n 2 ielto\c .tI2n-l'-.M O^f Tlie Hem Rai'oiiielers Desk & Wall Clock.s S u n b e a n 1 AI) p 11 a n c e .s 1 )e^k I'en 1.^' SiKerw aie Lighters enr; il Sel

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