Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 12, 1942 · Page 3
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 3

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1942
Page 3
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MORNING AVALANCHE / ThuricToy, March 12, 1942 -- - — • - — — =•- - •"•-' -— -_«^, „ ,,- • German Super-Dreadnaught Tripitz Driven Extent Of Damage lo 50,000-Ton f hip Not Known, Britain Reports Dial 4343 For The - Offices w -® IVew.s Briefs •; Augustin Turner, A Santiago, Chile Y.M.C.A. Secretary and organizer of thr; first Rotary club in Chile, will speak ai noon today before the Spur Rotary club, on our relations with South American countries, he said here Wed- _riesday. Tonight he speaks at the 'Rule club and Friday at the Abilene club. Turner spoke at the Lubbock club luncheon Wednesday noon. * Seminole, Gaines county capital, has profited by the recent deep oil well and subsequent drilling of off-sets in Andrews county, according to A. L. Duff, sr., of that town, v.'ho was here Wednesday on business. All of the men on the drilling tests live in Seminole and drive to and from their work. Duff said that there were prospects of some additional drilling in the area. W. J. Cheshei, theater owner and Floyd O. Boles, Lamb county superintendent of schools, attended Lubbock Rotary club Wednesday noon to make up attendance. .- C. A. Cryer, who has been »u: perintendent of the McLean school 'system for the past nine years, has been elected superintendent jof the Bprger schools for the year beginning July 1 to succeed W. A. Mclntosh, well known in Lubbock and for several years a member of •the summer school faculty of •Texas Technological college. Mc- 'Intosh, who formerly headed Am; ariUo's system, did not announce •his future plans. He has been at .Borger for seven years. Staff Bert Lon F. Rowlett, who •came to Lubbock early in December to open a U. S. Marine corps district office here, is leaving Fri- .day for Oklahoma City where he '.-will be stationed in the. district , "office, he announced Wednesday. Sgt. Glenn McComas, associated 'r'with him in the office here, will ;succeed him. Sgt. Rowlett has -been in the Marines for over five fyears and has been with the Okla• ihoma City office 18 months. He ibpened a branch in Enid, Okla., Mast year and after three months i-was sent here. The Lubbock of- dice was formerly opened Dec. 17. 'Sgt. McComas, well known in ^Marine circles on the West Coast las a trainer of boxing teams, has ifbeen with the corps six years. -Both men have seen service in :fhe Far East. - Judge E. L. Piitj of 99th district tcourt ruled for the defendants in .• damage action of F. C. Lowrie and vFirst American Fire Insurance Co -.against R. B. George Tractor and Machinery Co., E. S. Hall and 'Mrs. V/. T. McKinley. Suit was an outgrowth of a pickup-truck collision Aug. 21, 1941. Plaintiffs sought judgment for $565. Lions club directors Wednesday noon, in a regular session in Hilton hotel, voted ,to invite H. C. Fender, district 2-T governor, to make his official visit to the club March 1, the fifth Tuesday in the month: They also decided not to hold a ladies night program at this time. .Only routine matters, otherwise, .were discussed, Dr. Marshall Harvey, club secretary, said. WOMEN, GIRLS 2-Way Relief! Modern facts and a 61-year rec- .prd of popularity invite your con- jfidence in CARDUI. By its use, thousands of undernourished •women have been helped in two ( ;. important ways. '; Taken as a tonic by directions, It -usually stimulates appetite and in•.-creases .the flow of gatrric juice ihat. s probably the reason for the •• .improved strength and energy and .the_rehef of periodic functional distress of so many users. Another way such functional .distress is.relieved for many is by .taking CARDUI-as directed! starting three days before "the time," Why not try CARDUI? Adv. WEST TEXAS HOSPITAL STAFF OFFICE: Ken Te»»i Cllnl. CBLES V WH. L. BACGH. M. D. fsnrjerj and DUrnml, fKED W. STASDEFER, M. D. T T. CjS.VON. M. D. • EIT, N'oie, Thrflat W. E. CRAVENS. >L l>. Central Mtdicin, OKv-ZTI. D. CROSS, K. D.. r. A. & g T ory .°- Jlw - Ejft >"sn. *L D . r. A. & *. Sorttrr. 3»ezjt> of Ttomtc EWELL U HUNT, X D, F. A. C. 6. Sattetj. Obsldlrici P.. C. MANSELt, M- O. » • DcrcatloloiT and Gtnerii Medium- A. J. JEXSON. M. D. OMlc(ricr. and PcdiitHca *L p. R-ATKI.VS. H. D. •^Ejt; Ear. Nose. Threat : OFFICE: Slewan ft Bcr,t»n airle 13M Main Street J.I-LE.V T. STEWART. H. D. Okilttrics, Gjntcolojr. Svritrj K- H- BEXAOS. M. O. • tnTunts and Children K. C. DOCGUIS. SI. D. • Oenenl Medicine OFFICE: t,Bbb«v;k .Vrtlonn Bid*. CLYDE F. .ELKIXS. JB-, H. D. Sorjery, General Me-Jidm O. J. HOLLTXGSWORl'H bAZtl. R. F.DOERTON, R. N 1 THrtcUr of Nnrsinr « Sfrvinc'O. S. Nirj 50 LONDON, March 11 (/p>— The 0,000-ton super-dreadnaught Tri- pitz, ghost ship of the German navy, has been spotted at sea, attacked by Bntish torpedo planes, and chased to refuge in N'orway, the admiralty announced tonight. The bare facts of this iirst known battle with Germany's newest and finest battleship were contained in a communique which suggested that strong mval forces of both sides were operating off Norway in the opening phases of what is expected to become a prolonged battle for control of th»« supply lane to Russia. The Nazis in this case risked the Tirpitr and probably others of their best warships in a futile attempt upon a British convoy. Qualified sources said the convoy was a la^rge one carrying war materials to Russia. Nazi Falsification Whether the Tirpitz was damaged was not made clear, but if not, her ignominous retirement indicated either the presence of superior forces or a notable respect for the naval torpedo planes which played the major role in bringing to bay and sinking her sister ship, the Bismarck, last May 26. Undoubtedly the British planes came from an aircraft carrier smoe the distance from Britain would be difficult for land-based craft. Informed British sources said the fight probably was the same action mentioned in a German communique yesterday, which reported Nazi naval forces sank a Soviet merchantman and shot down three British pianes off Bear island, between Spitzbergen and nor'.hern Norway. The, Germans might well have falsified the location, since Bear island is more than 800 miies north of Trondheim and out of the way of normal sea Janes from Britain to northern Russia. A Pope's ring, presented to him at his coronation, bears his name and a picture of St. Peter in n boat. When a Pope dies, the ring i« broken and a new one is made lor his successor. ••' Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 *' WHITE " PETROLEUM jet-LY WOmo'5 Lubbock General Hospital Clinic Formerly Lubbock Sanitarium Clinic GENERAL SURGERY J. T. Krueger. M. D., P. A. C S J. H. Stiles, M.D., F.A.C.S (Ortho) H. E. Mast, M. D. (Oroiogr) EYE, EAR, NOSE & THROAT J. T. Hutchinson, M D. Ben B. HutchinsDn, M. D • E. M. Blake, M. D. (AHtrgj) INFANTS AND CHILDREN M. C. Overton, M. D. Arthur Jenkins, M. D INTERNAL MEDICINE W. H. Gordon, M. D. » R. H. McCarty, M. D. t • la U. 8. Army Service. Clifford E. Hunt, Superintendent GENEHAi. MEDICINE J. P. Lattimore, M. D. H. C. Maxwell, M. D. G. S. Smith, M. D. W. A. Reser, M. D. J. D. Donaldson, M. D W. F. Birdsong, M. D. OBSTETRICS O. R. Hand. M. D. X-RAY AND LABORATORY James D. Wilson, M. D. RESIDENT PHYSICIAN Wayne Reeser, M. D. v «>A V A X-RAY AND RADIUM, J. H. Felton, Buslnesj LABORATORY SCHOOL OF NURSlNGi DELUXE FEATURED! EQUAtATOR BURNERS! 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Back IntoPort By RAF Planes - - ---- Cover the largest rooms wall-to-wall xft> «S*>*'~ 1 v&® "SfJ&tei^ I* i\ pi !«•:?*! *& *?% w\ *•& {*?*>. ^/« I TV.' I I •/ >• \ 1 c* ^iT**- •kJ ^ ^$.;:S?~^ fa* 8 . N« «&* a* -iong i*?§ CO ^ mz. m && •-.&&*,-t*~' r^v XT -*, •" . y* _»| ^ **O A-. : «»*^ »ir.. >*£. J~ .....^ - — ;*£ ,£ r * _/sr -4i ^**^ ?~ \fr~v' ,'.v:-» •-7^ •;.<.< ~ i c*J- .-<•> r *f,: "N*r >vT Vj ^-^V fc^4 •^ fii*L ^.•ri -W^ : "-'->.*v. i * Vr?.^- n-s $> ^m *';-.' & >.: '?Sf> V-- ; ^ '1*-!-V. •tss^ >v-v ^r -/^=f ; :/ -fr. '">!«, i'^ ^ %^?.sn A- e " >0 ' O/ ; ^« J ^o 4 5°4S7 Orf 0 '?"e; S T % °>- "10, "Wo, eo. CfiS ONLY ENAMELED COVERING "S 12 ft. i !it2^ fstwssif^r^p ,.. r^l^l^v 1 :;<*>_-..£: *.;'; S-^/ r i^^yi; ^•^/j^ ^ .-w«w .v. 5ir>_ fe !i^ "» ** ;^>- "mffi V^ fOR dxoos* e na m ' -<'#•>. .x; \.oW G thU 5 \ed VJEA* fine* 1 floor m od« be 1 cov : 0 lW •rlnS •<«vj ST(VSO B^ JfvA //* ^ _ t ^UG p£S\' ,G^ RS / — Tfi I irfe^-^ . ''v- • r -=v < 4~~ •* ' •r.*'- W ;,. v-.*-!' 'it , 0 bt«v t«ini ,9f° u ,od \ho X 1 •'*• •<?-, ^^ f- <«h o' *st V o'.ots >Y' 01 <= slp \ o b^" a iO!" • v-' •'; '. X l» *?fl t^s?) \* m m s3; » W i«s W'W *ii &m m m There's no need to put up with a floor that's a PATCHWORK OF : pAMS and loose pieces. For ail this week Montgomery Ward is" featunng this world-famous floor covering which permits you to' cover floors of any length and up to 12 feet wide without a seam!; And only Armstrong makes these extra-wide 12 foot widths 1 In Wards' broad assortment you'll find the sniartesf designs, THE' NEWEST IDEAS in decoration ... for Armstrong employs the : foremost designers. Se.e our patterns in marbles, florals, and tiles.' They're water-proof, stain-proof. Armstrong Quaker is the finest heaviest enameled floor covering made. So, for lasting economy, see 1 this "FEATURE VALUE NOW AT WARDS l' All The Newest Smartest Designs! Armstrong Quaker Rugs <§l *•«£ Thousands of women are dressing up their homes with these smart, washable yet inexpensive smooth-surface rugs. Choose from a fascinating-array of softly-textured florals, smart 18th century effects and bright tile patterns. Wards have a wide range of sizes including extra large 12x12 and 12x15 sizes. 9x12 Rugs only Challenging sets at $8 more I 5 PC. Chrome Dinette Sale priced ... and this'suite is built to last! Table has stainless porcelain enameled top ... 2. refectory leaves I Steel tubing chairs have Dupont Fabrikoid . upholstery! 10% down ti all you Choice of colorsl Buy howl neeo',paybalancelaferl Price ewf / Save up io $71 Extra Size Ilmetfe 70% Awn pofe 3l h your horn* . , Amazing at Wards low price! Table has walnut veneer top I on hardwood ... opens to full 62 inches with one leaf f Four chairs are sturdily built! Let Wards ouHlf your kitchen and dmeHe from floor to ceiling- Convenient monthly terms. s*,.,, , ir ,.^ tS^^^^^SSO^i^^ioia!^ MONTGOMERY WARD TRY THE AVALANCHE-JOURNAL'S WANT ADS-IT WILL PAY YOU!

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