The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 25, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Wednesday, July 25, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA N«t 5:1$ o'docfc. Call TU Nm Office B«for» < o'Ctock For Prompt Dofiv- •ry. Pfcoa* 154 or 165. HOME -« I EDITION Full AMoefeted Pra» Lewd Wire Service Complete Regional and Local New* Coverage EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED 1M» AUSTRIA'S DOLLFUSS SHOT BY NAZIS *_ = * * * * * * XX XX XX XX* . . BH^BH^BH^BHV • '' .^aBBM • " <^^B^ ^ • — .^^^^ • _,^^^^^^^__ . - ar^ai A^BBk Coast Is Hit By Many Towns 'McAdoo's 30 Minute Divorce 1$ {Candidates Isolated By 1 Investigated By Bar Association EdgeWords Wind's Speaker Heaw Property Damage < %vil ° censured tbe attorney for the Uiaied States senator's wife, i ! 4nd Some Loss of Life 1 u* . J . ud £- ? raGk Collier found the action of Henry Grivi in! Aspirants Sharpshoot All • Thought Probable ' [»%£ ^^^^l^g^^l ^hOO^a Defend j t and tedious one for the poor and speedy ac- i Own Platform* | STORM CENTER HAS 2VOT YET HIT LAND of our regular procedure is I Safety's Sake VICTORIA, Tex. (Z?) —Practical 2y every frame building- in J*ort Lavaca was damaged and windows i lend - awnings were ripped irom i ,-jaoresubstantial structures as the j iralf hurricane vented its fury on j tfcat flsfeingr and pleasure resort | Witt Lashes Allred; Hintt{ The divorce is perfectly valid. Judge Collier pointed out,! er *** ts ^ ^ Altitude"' [and Judge Allan B. Campbell, visiting jurist from Bakersfieldi .- jwho heard the c:*se last -veek. was not to blame. Judge Collier! said the records v/ould be turned over to the state bar associa-! On Business non. Crop Damage|Texas Prison Increases As System Gets Heat Waxes! Clean Slate J. 51.'Osborn managed to drive I Jiis automobile here from Fort La- ] vac a and reported that all boats; not asebored on the west side of \ the bay were blown asliore. I Another refugee from the stric- i ken area ^-as SJ- D- Scrus^s of Sea- ! drift, field manager for the Conti- f _____ ; nenus.1 Oil company. He told" of a. =•>,, - ' . --..-. , 4 -*in tTs.eoo yacht belonging to A. c. i postering Winds Accom-! Absolved cf Houston being battered ; panvin|C Heat Affect ajru'nst .tine..Seajlrift--'-sea. " to Tex. (JP>— ,At | ^"ednesuJay the ba.rometer • Isers read 23.70 a.nd was steady, t Tbis was a rise of -04 since S a. m. { The "wiad was in the soatlj, \v. j. i Schnurbash expresssed the oplriion • tiiat the -valley wvaid feel no ef- i fects of the sui* storm menacing- • the coast farther ro the north. i Cx>ttOH ting- winds accompanying | ternper^.tares of the year this tveelc <!0e in Paris Tuesday) it" reported to be causiug expensive ^:e to crops throughout this ' Bv Board From All Blame'ln Spectacu- . ^larHnntSVme Break ^:.: BY R. W. BAJtRX. f Associated Press Staff Writer | j Only rhree days remained "VTed- j ; zsesday for candidates for nbmina- ! j lion on the Democratic ticfcet .to | I present their pleas for suffrage to \ j the voters. The electorate Sattir- \ ! day will reduce the number of | I candidates from several hundred i i tc a comparative handful which j | wIJl enter a run off primary end- f I fng Aug. 25. .-•-'.. i ; \vho -Hrould like to be elevated to [ ; the chief executiveship. challenged ' : thfc record of James v. Alired, at-f I torney general and one of "WittTs [ its, in a ^ at Austin, t also ch.aHensed Allred T s | "WALTER. C. WOODWAltD Woodward Talks Here Wednesday Hamer Sent OutOnTrail Of Hamilton Lampasas County Officers j Report Escaped Desperado Seen There QUICK REQUEST FOR MEN SENT AUSTINl AH Available Men In Conn• ty-'B SherifTs Force Pnt On Case AUSTTNT. Texas. (JP) — Frank \ Harrier asd M!. T, Ganlt, former i Texas Rangers, slavers of Clyde I Barrow and. Bonnie Parker, left j bere "Wednesday ait the r&quesi of i i*ainpasas county officers •who I said they had been advised Hay- I znoG<J Hamilton and some o? feis | i companions, escaped criminals ' I from the Te^as penitentiary, •rrere | j-in that -vicinity, i I AUSTIN. Texas. {& —The Aus! tin Statesman -vras advised by the | sheriffs office .at Lanspasas "VFed- inesday that a posse had *?ct5on. Corn, feed arsd cotton i escaped crops are being shrivelled and j one convict i>ear?-d. drinking: water 5s becom-1 others, shot and ir.jr scarce as well as water for; In a report released Citis?ns of' numerous j nJ^ht bj- W. A, Paddock | * .:,. . j•««soay tnat a posse ns.a -sxjue in defv'aay'man to tell thf- pe^-fCandidate FoT AttOFncvj search a*ar there of three mezu T«i«.. w-^^l! 163 *^^^ " hom "™ beHeTea :± ° be iexuts, yr?. me; "ji-j has no platform. He is fis;ht-| , -, v T" system stood j !ngr the utilities and the lobbyists» ed Ky Jodge of blame for.; vat he has been attorney general] '- rjson break Sunday ! four v«?ars HTK? h»« H*»*ir; m<-» hT*«r-T.-- Spn?,ror- iV3;*=.i- tr-rtrw^Tc-^T->= «* ; sas countj*. Chief Septrtv Jack Long:, and Deputies R. E. Poole and Lron Kendrick. headed the searching: party, the sheriffs office advised the Statesman, Alfred bore down heavily on his f side of the Plaza about S o'clock. The person who reported he had plans to maintain a high ednca- { Senator Woodward, who -srill be in- fcane * Chancellor Captured In Armed Coup Nazi Element Stages Sudden Raid On Vienna Government Building COMMUNICATION WITH VIENNA IS HALTED But Through Other Sources Conies Story of Little Dictator's Death change ttlesraph a~encv lis- patch from Praia. Wednesday jJHid Ir was officially <"J ni 7:4~. p. ro . That at Austrian le^aiioa that ceHor t»otlfw^ of Austria dead. ~ agency said «.-,<> 4«~sii O n also ua- ti»a£ the control or the *ov*rnB2eu £ had been eafc- en over by I>r, j&urt Scbtts-' er of justice a:»T- captured. - — Austrian Chancellor Nazis • A: *» : trfa:'s Jierr Ions-expected , " - i four years and lias been too busv f • Sena, tor "Walter "Woodward of \ szs county. Chief ZH'patv turee condemned men j pjayins policies to find out onrfCoIema.ii. -from the «.-•--• house/" ind two i£ polities laws protect against high utility lobbyists." out otir | ^Joieman. candidate for attorney the people I genera! of Texas,, will speak to rates and l^aris az=a !Lamar county voters f'^'ediiesday nigrht on the south i an aproar and communications i were cut off with Vienna during I the day. C. C. Smoker | JJoaruss is dead."* i ^ i-hey had jtist left the I into which a gro^tp of Xasis bad t smashed and from which a police i commissioner had emerg-ed to aa- ; Bounce that the clnef of the ^ov- U£AVE CORPUS CHRIisTI. Tex. UPi — Residents of low-tying sections Corpus Oiristi evacuated in the face of Jt guif. «torm <jf unknown possibilities, ttjovlng: to higher jrround. The 'weather' bureau haul warned teem to leave beaxrh • arfras, a» fujl force, of the disturbance threaten- ftd to strike north of here around 2 p. m. Sosne £7Lther»tI in lh£ tonrt- itr.d federal bulMins. • s^en the three men. said h* Over Offices HOUSTON. Texas, i£*i rtrong jrstJe, with win.ts •j tiori report tne sdiuation becoming j denee of negligence on the part ac^te. I of tb.e management or of coIJu- , Reports indicate all feed crops f sion between ^uard or prison o r <l- ! dajnaped by drouth with the !az*|cJa!s and the convicts. a5thougb"it i planned crops virtually destroyed, j criticized mildly the Jasity of; In seme communities, farmers are j sruards in permitting the srrmsr^l- j ctiuinp: feed to supply livestock in | ins: of sruns to the prisoners! ~ j pastures. There is every Indication •.-..--- - '< the feed crop of the county will cat shorter than *£ between tO and JtOur ;n sorne are;is, •tretcb of Texas *;• i and Cvrj»ur «.u!es an ;xl & lon^ e. search continued . Jt the southwest for the] several three desperate criminals who es- ! ii3 ; years, leaped—Raymond Hamilton, erst-? ^Vhile cotton on the heavier land j while pal of the late Clv.^e Bar-I reported to b* holding: up well. | row: Joe Palmer and Blackie bolls on innch of the j Thompson. Woman Companion Tells Of John Dillinger's Last Show standing- la the road. Charlie Landers, the Statesman's Informer. 1 said he was keeping office while j ~ ~ the sheriff and avsliable men were ? Quarterly Meeting. Sans asked from Austin, but Adjutant i cr T -f ^ •, General Senry Hutching said he I »peecties 7 JLxpected tO ajtf not know whether rangers had been sent- Attract Bi« Crowd 5 See PRISON Pa=re S Col. t -an Ut<r}ephone Jijies I I'io'a;!! down. -:y vine oft! towns. fears '*r._;jse thi^t ' tlicve njijcht have been . ble property <!ant»;;e an Town* w.hich could not be reached froisi Housto-n by tele* phone included Port Lavaca, Mat- Sgonja. I'vti O'Connwr. TuJactos i a.nd l-'r«reiH>rt. Of theiie it \va.s u«- lfeve<i that Fort O'Connor and were th* harde*t hit_ ,; With R 125>-rrti3e stretch of coast i Lust Killing jPostoffice Is Unsolved | Shows Gain Snspect Oeared By Cali- j Receipt Increase Taken As fornia Jury After Only \ Indication of Better One Ballot } General Business CHICAGO. C^?}—Front In red" police learned more abont how John lie "girl that be posed as an employe of the Cfcicag-o board of trade. From the "sirl in red" after 3on.g = walked in\o the trap that ended j questioning- by the police came the j death his career of crime. - The " women story o fthe last woman Dill- In red," one of the two [ itsger associated with, narsed by { with, the Indiana ou:5aw j 3&rs_ -Sage as Mr?. Roy Keele, 25- j Open Office For Absentee just bofor^ he was killed by fed- } yeas—old divorced wife of a Gary. I f er&I ballets, was Mrs. Anna Sagre. ) Inc., policeman. 4- bro-ws-haired and brown-eyed. | But it was not learned whether Police arrested her Tuesday jr^rhtfMrs. Sagre or Sirs. Keele furnished j at her home just srotmd the corner from the Biognrapls theatre, out of which IMllin^er walked uususpect- insrly Sunday aignt to his death. Mrs, Ss.g-e said she knew John .Mninsrer as "Jim Lawrence." and the information with wnich Dill- was trapoed. | Captain Timothy O'Xeill of the 1 Hammack Ballots Up to Midnight Wednesdav. With several absentee East Chicasro police, who with Ser- • expected to be polled I Ccranty See 1VOMAN Fas:e S Col. 4 said vTednescsy morning tha eminent had been shot and ously wounded in a struggle-. There- was no way G f setting- into ths chancellory to confirm or disprove the report. Other srovensment officer^ a?>- parently headed by Prisce Srnst von Starhember^. vice cnancellor, and with the apparent approval of President Wilbelm Mmias, issued ar. ultimatum to the . putsch- leaders warning them either to release Dollfuss and abandon the chancellor:,- by 5:4S p. m. <10:4S a. m. CSj. > or the loyal heirnwehr would attack. ^Telephone coromunicatioa be- -tveeT'. Vienna and the outside rorld was broken off shortly after he Tittirnafani Deadline.) At least six rne-n <reperts re- eived !n London said 1<» were •eported killed in the street figrhtng: which imisiediately flared" up [ announcement from Jfm Ca.viness,, • Austria.. *"" *"*"' *" "" ^ I chairman of the affair, John j At Klag-enfurt. earb* reports saW I Barnes and I^ee G-asscock are on j Th . at Fress ' den / 1 Miklas had been j the conrmiitee w^rh MT- Cavf^e^s 1 Zake " j nC ° CT ^ ! *' d V by federal sol- I . _ ~ • aiers. otit suoseqiicnt | :n ai^^nsing- tor the session, which } made- it appear likely that ballots S " wriil ^ stag. } i0 Idiers There w:U be n< J. ne third quarterly rneetins of the Paris and I^amar Coi:nt>- !, Chamber of Corn; :i- oe held :n the forra of a smoker XVednes- j day night at 7:30 o'clock in the j directors room of the chamber o r \ the t> ifl*> *n. The postofflce receipts re-5^rd- bureau said the Hf-k.-aan ncer. wa;< !<S*cat!on thst b;:*ine:ys has improved Tfc* arse that it wa * he j * Paris during :h«- last year. Ke- | J^^ Rj tes f Or Desperate the O?r<2«n. Utah. } ce:|>ts at the Paris postorfice in- I f* . - •, . -> V>at c t>ark i«t May j crtfAWd ni<>re rhan I0 p ^ r CMt dur . | Criminal Are Set For MHlard most «*v«r* j 45 . ywir old mar!ni? ,,„, ;c disturbance had not j frw j of th<> char?:e :n ' and ' ! wh*> Mransclcd bureau predicted thai the j j-jrl In Golden Cat «torm likely wowid .nove Inland at] A 8 u P<?r | or court jury rcquired -u«- force bciweet, port O'Connor } only one hour and 45 minutes de- Rockporr b*T. w «c. noon and j Iteration and but a single baHo: m - I Tuesday nishi to find HIckman in- of coj«t residents, re- j nocent of thr "hjst mvirder." the hurricanes of th*} Th« state had demanded th« J*yt two ycar»r ba<t rsove<S out ol|de«."h penaltv I 8 * compared with $*^.54S.5S> tb« d&Djnr«r zone. Many *nraH «»h- I Hick-man's conzi»o«ure. which he | Ihe rreviou* six months, an in ins wcr« reported b!own j had insir.tained shrouphoBt thw i C: " aso of 53.05S.S?. a»hor« ayid wr«ck«<3. | lone trial. w»« »m*s.hed by the- Tbe increase ir, receipts a: A- B. Johnaon of thi coa»t j »add*»nn««sy of th« verdict. ObvJ. I Tostofflc? here amo«rsT» to ap- j Crowds Pass |Dockmen ByDillinger To Arbitrate iJceiy had been acting as a speeches? on j cuard. Cleark R. V. Hammack | this progrrair;. President Joel K. | In the four hour* from the tins* |, e ; Shirley and the ccn-.mittee have ; the "putsch" was launched, v*?win come to his office at any time j agreed. The affair will be in the | enna. had experienced one half to midrri.srbt TV e dnesday to allow ! ?or:rn °- a seeker and set-iogrei^.- | hoar of rnachine-srun fisrhtinsr and absentee votinsr. ^ednesdav marks | er ' Al1 in a11 il is ^ X P«^-«^ so be j several pistol affrays, th* close of th* pe-rzcd for cast-} jjf f : f^ est T^'^S^rf ri " ? ° f Ins a.bsenre« x-otins: and Mr. Ham-I "^J^.^ffJ ^t. ! h : e cot ^*"'•"** f n< ^ mack desires to allow all persons! C*^ 1 "' 15 " J 3 -^ 1 "" " aT " ' !V " orseG v *-"-' i ^| nard toward ih:s ?oa.j. ; -wishinj: :o vote the pri' ! casting absentee ballots until ths in*s, the six months pndins; Taes'day \ XhuFStlay :-i?rhf. nccordir.s; to a report given ! Th-a News. 1 MATXVOOD. Ind,. iff, • For the period endtrsc Tuesday j en Gun" John Diliinsrer hard tows Several of the business ifrrr.s of the- city have agreed ro furnish sort-$ prises, to be Driven a-way irs :he course of the rneeiins: ir: man- to be revealed after the sea- -'•\Vood- lay i~ Pacific coast lonsrshoremert or. whether te submit their differences to arbitration was awaited We<S^^ ^^ ._ m- ^^ v ^ .. ,,. v » ,,i. v ,. , .--... . ,» _ r • steady stream of the curious'- ocsday as station at Port Aransajt. sit-i«"j«ly tiared. h* rose ur.5teadilv to i priximately ten ar.d one-third per i passed Tueyd:iy night by the cas-? were circ tutted f*r down the COAST at th«}fti* feet, r^elx-ed the conjrrataia- I ce "' tip o; Must»n>< Islan'., ««*!»} th*:; 140 "* «<" hi* brother ami th«-n »tn«- i f * r:i: wind there was blowing SO mil*« "«'"«NJ from th* <*ourt room to sro JL» hoar a t8 a. m. The t^rotovier S««s STORM l*«Mpe » Cot a th * cl *- v hfs personal t OVf " r f IAS: J"* 3 have showed a steady «^re,,-»on<J:n,~ Will Rogers ABOARD S. S. MALOIX> — Radio operator woke me fn th« mid- dl* of the nlRlu. tcHit>E me th«y itot DHUnger. I-ik* to be home, :*» like Armistice <5ay, Weil. the moral !». h«« just wouldn't take The better «!em«nt him lo *t*y »w»y from tho** thwy would b« A bud in- <m him. C*bl* m« at one*, (yoar expriiKe) whnt wa* rot him. Hop« It Within a few mloutf* he had re- DECISION his usual calm, and a*, he i TOKYO. vf*i POSTPO>"Kt> Although power- Vote Will Indicate Villiue- ; Absentee voting: in the coun^- nes* to Settle Biffer- ~ j ^ Ji^M^^L^^r^ 0 ^ i« ence? Say$ Paper j Wednesday. There have already | ma'Jed^^to "he nature of what ! be * zs s - 2 absent** ballots cast and j may be expected other than a bul- SAN" FRANCISCO, ^—Official 1 mailed to absentees. The previous j letln which ..-arried a. list of the announcement of the vote of strfk- ! hi F-« >;!: - nutnb«r of absentee votes { foodstuffs to be available. Ke- 1 for the «mn:y was ISO. 1 freshmen*? will be furbished by Mr. Haminack said any person ! Johrt Barnes and T-*e Glasscock. who wants to casr an absentee bal- i «ay nisht Tnay call him | A R>H' FLAXES WILL coma to i zpect to | day. ! Its ballet marks obliterated by | i^s majority in favor of jmbmis- ! Primary election day. zr.ay vote * pSastie sursr«srj% awaited burial, ? slon. ., . for :he "^^ -R " ljo reared . > obscure country | One of the most widely accept; e<2 stories of how the Nazis cap- I ture<i Dcl'fuss was as follows: I Ke, with Em:! Fey. minister of | p'ibMc !»eciir:ty. ars^ Jlintsrer Kar[ •^•in?ky were captured by Nazf» [ disg-r-rised as heimwehr and artrty i officers who forced their way into I the chancellor's office. Prevfously j 300 sinrjilariy-dissrsjjsed Nazis had i forced their way irtto tfc« bei'Tn- ••x-phr barracks in the Seventh <Jis- :r:cT. seizins: rr.achine-gtms. rifles and a :ars:e quantity of ss an boy before he | "raad« bad" as the nation's ir.cst- v | «unt*a criminal. •uncor-.firmed reports See DOIXFU?S Pajre S Co! 1 iae and he Reports of receipts for sev- ; feet in which the outlaw's body, tabula circulated that ballots already th ® office. Fersoss who expec ted indicated an overwhelm"- [ b<s> out of the «°-nty Satur __ BE HERE THURSDAY WEATHER outjroinK | fxsi influences are at work to COTO- year» asrov had filed past his body | na-med by Fresid^t Koo«eveit a». | wiTh a. \ mil th» government to a policy of I j n a Mooresville the register of hfr remarked smile, "This !» a pJeasur*. I I denuncistion of the Washington j ta.bll*hns*nt, yo«.** - 5 naval treaty. Japan's decision on In its efforts to *«nd Hicfcman !th* question will be postponed unto th« KKltow*. the state had built i til results of preliminary conv«r- ap a clrrumstantlal raHc, , Cation that after * n*y party he attaicked \ t»ctol»er. arc made clear. A few hours earlier, citizens of the XfooriKsv*ii« r:c:«Jky. n>any of %vhonn knew •'Johnny" as a boy j tefor® h<? was. seni to prison ten Ketcrns from only two nrajor Ports, Seattle ar.d Tacotna. remained to be counted vc\-due*day as» tfce Xational I,orsrshoreHi*n"» board office and presenting their poll tax receipt or exemption certificate. the J<-ppts»on «lrl in hl« apartment, drov* her to Ooldcn Gat* parh and undertaktnj es- i sewbJed to complete | tion, John DiIIl»eer. Sr.. elderly and . brought his back home on Tuesday fron? Chicairo, whera. t»* outlaw'* career was «nded by bullets of fed*ral as«nts Sunday ^^^ab^- j MILITIA MAY GO , ; retary o fthe board, I Ssoch. sec- | »id that DO I of f*ar *b* her becaun« mJirht mccnatr him, Hickmnn contend^ h? was in hl« apartTt>«nt wttb another wo- ( msn. Mi»» Blanche TffcKay. at ih« ptctwre Himrtjy,},^ tlme f ,f tb< , mo . rdrr , MlMJ!l TR<X>PS AKK S1CPARATE1> BERLIN. (^P«— Chancellor Hit- !*r'» black-shirttfd Schuti Staff*! ! After *. family conference on j orgranlxatlon. a set of craek troops I Tu«*d*y ntcht> the father sent toj cr««ted primarily to act a» ht« I n<i<wr »P*P*r» an announcement the | bodyguard*. w*as separated offJ- j f»n-«f»l- wo«J<t b« *t 10 a. m. on j Thursday : had turned upon • reliable authority that the Lons- I shoremen had voted by an "overwhelming majority" to accept arbitration. Floyd B. Olson would place the city uader th» control of th* 4.000 national guardsmen stationed in and abou; Minneapolis depended on * TIKD l : r { or the drivers and their .i,.n^- \v »«* >»», * **.,. » »Tht*i^Mt«»v *» »*.^ K rt «,^ *,^.^. ^.f ? HAVANA. (JP\—A new strike hy \ | to peaces proposals, the chief ex- 1 Frank Cawthon who will be on the -=.-^l».«^ ?•*."•««"« «n .^un-Ul^^l^r^^ -iT 1 ^^^^ ^"^ iflSShU ""° " PSr " «—^i~"—" " < - riNr mad* an iB<U«*n4*m, orfanixatlofi. »«r. iJirou«houi tb* tolaod W*da<»d*y A squadron of 10 planes with 13 j w ith the mercury soaring to 19S. aay time until midsis-ht Wednes- | officers ar.d one er.disted man will ) degrees Tuesday, arsother high heat day by callinsr at rh« county clerk's} 3 " 1 "^*' a * the Paris airport Thurs- j'«cord for this year wa» set In day rnorn.inar arour.d *:30 o'clock ! Paris. The record-breaking heat on th? first !ar> cf a cro^s courstrv * ^"** ajrsrra.vat«i by hot w:n<js -whsch practice flight from Hensley field ! i 4 '-Arched faces of thos«e exposed to near Dallas. The flight wil! be un- ' **- Cooiinar winds from the south der the command of Capt. Harry ! brought considerable relief Wed- "WexJdinston. commarsdir^ officer I otssday, with a few c'oads on the field, and will b« com- j horizon jrivins promise of po*sib!« men from the summer ! 'ra* n » soort. Tempera Jure* recorded trainJnsr camp for air corps res«rv« l in ^^ris Tesd&y ranged frnm 7.9 to officers in rne Ei?rht Corps area which TS composed of Texas. Okla| homa. Arkansas Arizona and Colo| ra<2o. An exhibition of flyingr will be staged for about SO minutes before continuing on ro Sherman. replies {' Gaines^-ille and back to Dallas, Major Bill L.on?r and Major TO MEVISEAPOLJS i^P>. — The intervention in ** >* degrees. EAST TEXAS: Mostly night and Thursday except fair in northwest and e^cretiie north portion*. Strong shifting wiodA wmA on the coa»t» *ub*idtn£ try OK f ** HO.H.%: Partly u*Uon »t tbi. contralto*. For the Um« belnr, will * * tbnmler- in.

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