The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 6
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DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK. MD., TUESDAY. DEC] HO BASKETBALL Do You Remember BRUSHING UP SPORTS One Year Ago Toda--The American j . ooisall Coaches' Association retired \V A. (Bill) Alexander o! Georgia . · -r^.--! ar ,i :naumr» F d J*a F 'ChiritJ | · Meehan c' Nea Yor* University, as City Is Facing Blank Holiday present of ·..-* v.^jawn the Schedule. WINTER SCHEDULE READY Fire Yean Ajo Today--EMJ o: shift play in footoill *ere believed r^rbed *ith adoption by trie Football ' Coach?*' Association o: a tao-4*cood rile relattve to all shifts. gasie this *ee£ With the high school dosed lor the holidays. Indeper.d- «t tiubs unsbfe to afford the State Armory Hoor. and "Nig" Grove admit- ; · * ·_ ; tirx failure in his efforts to secure a - sv " worthy opponent fcr h-s G. L Bakers. , this cay faces a totally blank week , from a basketball standpoint. . Activity or. the wooden way will be- ; · gin agaJi next tseek ihen the County Ten Ye»r» Ajo Today--S^ai S»Uee. -.etena southpa* y.icher ol -J-.e York Giants, received hL aacondi- -.iarial release as «'.?= clubs passed up i »-aivers on him. Sallee's brilliant ca- . _^^ ^ ^.^ ^..^ ,,.,, CarilEa ^ City League T:* Du^'-cnds haJ a ck-se call Men- pinfall In a City the Diamond all'"*^ bout rolled on The Haters before local fans, qusits will also emer JegartJjy next weei. . «.· BHI^P bv a mant'.n of 3-4 ·nuns. The Eo-use of David *as originally ; he f^rs.J»p^ b .^J^ n m .inl«. scheduled to . » K » ~*«n» u-m: TTinvec ui a ·· The score: Diamonds 11515) Hart . 13 w 2£ vtt « f c i T I.AJ . here Wednesday ' but dropped the -vcor.d SSTtat the game was moved up a «* «* *« fc " a mME " ·week because of a long jump by the oy 33 maples of lour. Myers Spurrier ,^ Ph..U}B the ·visitors The be*hiskered lads boast a e»org teani of which "Pug- Mahoaey and Gene Arent. farmer members of the Cleveland Faionte Knits, arc stars The pune will sene to stirt the BJ off or. their lonp carapaiirr. which include games e'.cry Wednesday fvr next three months vuth some cf best teams in the count--. Following the House of David will be Olson's Terrible Swedes «i January 13 ar-d on January 20. the Kansas Tornadoes. The Cumberland Caseys f/^' 8 '" Triil probably be brought here for Jar.- , Mart: uarv ;7. Grove is dickerms v.ith the · Reiaissance. world's colored cham- | pions who played here last season. At present theT $225 guara-.tee « too ; steep for the local promoter and they i tin" have to reduce their demand. The New York Celtics have writer, tn for dates after February 20. i The Bakers have improved greatly since their opening game with the Hanover Del-Mars. Sunday In Washington they deated the strong Philadelphia Pros by a score of 31-29. Both Grove and Sweeney arc striving to land a big center for the tear:;. At present Wait«r Morns. GeorgetDwr. star, and Les are alternating in the position. High School Games. The northern half of the County 95 128 L. Total* G. Hoffman G. Smith K Smith Total's CITY 9! :ot 500 Bilking Co. 120 100 !00 98 . . . . 110 534 110 97 533 ( 1 5 1 2 1 97 90 125 94 93 500 BOWLING LEAGUE Yesterday's ResulU. Diamonds defeated G. L. Baking Co. Games Tonight. Hustlers \s. Garber's Bakery. Game Wednesday. Eagles vs. Friendships. Game Thurdaj. Crytta: L-iur.dry \j. Spo.US. lid one week from today when Thur- Diamonds j Hustlers . ^ ^ G. L. Baking Co. moat mretTEtami'tsburg'' In" the latter ] Crj'ital Laundry . town. The southern section of »t c ;»porta loop wi!! open the following day when , Garter is Bukcry . Frederick travels to Brunswick. Both ^ boys and gir!s will play. . s ' cs ' -----·····- Mount St. Marj''s will return to the basketball uars on Friday of next week against LaSalJc College of Pmla- phia in the Mountaineer gymnasium Standing of the Clubs. W. L. 32 10 32 50 25 'JO 2! IS .21 21 TM 1 -- 1 CF 2.79 Rtt. l2 830, SMS MADE A 6RAX.D WEATHER HALTS PLANS OF TULAflE Has Rained In California Since Tulane Team Arrived. FOR NEW YEAR'S DAY FRAY Pa£34esa. CaUJ.. Dec. 23.--Calif or- ! · ma's ireather. dnppicg ·wet since Tu- f- Jane's football teas amved for its Rose | Toumaioent game -a-jtii the University : | oC Southern Califoma here Friday, to- ' clay served u iengihen th* face of the . |_ Greenies' men', or. Bemie Biensian. ; \ t Rain !as: nignt further dampened * s Toumaaierit Pari. ani the forecast caJZ- ;; e! for rnsre ra^i vxlay, putting a. ; | cnmp in B:«r2iar.'s plans far a long, ; hard workout. " ' The Green Wave board of strategy j ' had a heavy training schedule mapped · out up to Thurscay. A we: gridiron is not conducive to concentrated practice efforts. Not that the Greenies are unused to sodden sod. for 10 of their ll victories tins Fall were or. wet gridirons, but Coach Bieraan feels Sis team needs much urork the re.-na.nder of this isreefc to get back into its ·r»nning stride for the clash with Troy. Should the rainy spel! continue through Friday it probably T.\u!d work further inconvenience on the Greenies. The Green Wave appears to have rolled much better via the air than the Trojans during the last season \rith Don Zimmerman's' accurate passes so effective and a wet greens-sard prob- j ably TVOUM spxl me timing of the i aerial piays as ·s'ell as the accuracy of the tosses. The Trojans are unused to muddy going, but with their superior weight and a preference for power drives a slo^ j Sleki would probably norfc to their [advantage. Only in the California congest, which they -.von, 6 :o 0 was the . gridiron soggy. j That 1932 may ring in greater happiness to all, is the sincere wish of THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOB OVER 100 YEARS 1828 1932 hi Jit I .762 .5515 .533 ' 500 ' -500 ! 10 33 ISO i TO MAKE DEBUT TONIGHT Y. M, C. A. League | The Bvunks performed a miniature miracle Mundav 3f:erni?n when they defeated the Rjrds in .1 Y. M C. A Basketball League garce playec Ji the Y gymnasium by a s;ore ol 12-10. The Buicks were trailing 9-0 at. inU^rniis- Thurmont Independents Quint To Meet 1 Hi;h School. : The 1931-32 edition of the llnirm-r.: Independents basketball team \\.U · make its debut tonight at 8 o'clock in the- Thurrr.snl tov,-n hail where it will meet Thurmon: high schoo'. The Independents ::a\e been practic-nit for A Few MoraLs. Tommy L~ughran. after being knock- · cd around by KUIK Levinsky. announces that IIP is not ready to quit the ring uist et. Mor^i. The man who longs to be beaten will be beaten. ; * * * ! ILirvard'-s Profit. · Figures made pub'.ts ?.t Harvard for thf n'hlctic year thnt ended last June 1! that f,~otb.i!! played before ! S'"-!3.211 1". and that after all sports .. -A ere paid for. there remained $50.- i 552.35. Mora!. Who said let's have no · more football * There Test Of Golfers. :!I br n great deal oJ com- the past two ".eel-is and fee! capable ol , motion about the r-.i:e of the U. S. G. A. school lads. acmartdinc that golfers prove by quail- nieasurlnc thi In the secsnci r.alf they hit their ,, ^ R;dge s ,- m:rlt qii , n:- ._-. L . 5 . ·f/* 'j*H ^v TT^r^"^ f ^ 3 ^ * *» 5»T^r. . .. . . . . stride and led by Kerr.p. Castle ar.d Myers tallx-l 12 poin'.s -srhile the Tcrds ·w^ere gamcnrig bu: ono. a foul jrc-a! by O'Eara The last-half rally of the Buic'is · one" of :he ir.cet surprising erer sesn in the lea?"--'. The Oldsoiobile quir.: ^as re.--ga:ed to ihlrd place in '._·; l;ag~-e ^tir.dir.s ·^hen it bo^ed 'oc-fore tr.e s.-.arp-shrot- ing Stadebaiers, C3-16 Tr-r fir^t half ~-as cl-aso. :he Stuciet belli; '3'- rrc-J b; a score of 3-7 ^r.d E-~'.cr «erc tie high scorers for their ttarr-- Castl;. f Myers, c Sager. ::. i took a tall out of i r e strong ; fying twts that they arc fit to com- i pete in championship affairs, when the I U. S. G A meets in January. Moral, i It's 3 long f u i t that has no turning. = The game is the first of a schedule \_{ acout 25 bom; arranged oy Man- r.tcr Grant Hongs'. Members of the duo James ar.d Ear! Creagcr. Sob ar.d Melv.r. Ambrose. Kermit B.i:es. Elnu r Eichvlti Edgar Fleagle. Jr« Ej-lor ar.d Norman Shaffer. Tlic fcc.-t ter.m t,-. ever represent Thuriuont -"n the v*ooCe:i v ,iy ^ c\;Ttlt v a 'o tc :r.~-:..ed fr .-ni t;i-- v .:lv\e m-iii-rial Piliis src .-t.11 be r.s: formuLited for ; ·? proposed Cjur.ty League embracing iranis jn Brs:iswick. Thurmor.t. Em- :r.i:sbiirg. Middlrto\\n a:-,ri the V M. · College Editors. Most editors ol cy.Itsiate pubiicatlons such as the Spectator, take o-rr the col'.rge pcrlodica; in which they wr.te a. 1 - a buv.iu.-K-. \cnturc. and split piofitf cr. san.r at the end of the year An occasional fv«-tball attack is a creat thir.s; T;r -t'Mming up circula- Los Angeles. Dec. 28.--Southern California's Trojan gridsters will remain ha seclusion from no-.v until their Rose Tournament foot-ball game svith Tulane at Pasadena New Year cay. Coach Howard Jones will bring the men of Troy to Bovarc Field each day for practice and then drop out of the picture again. The squad Is being kept at an unannounced hotel. The idea is to keep the players away ( from well wishers and aid in prevent- j Ing a possibility of overconSdence lor I Jones' Five Threes In A Row At Winged Foot Rare Feat For Championship j;he impending straggle with the Green Tournament. Wave. Hard workouts are scheduled to- -. i dav and tomorrow, but tne Trojans i probably will taper oS Wednesday and i Thursday. j i San Francisco. Dec. 23 -- The Western , i football squad, in training for toe an- ' 'nual Shrine East-West charity game j IKRR^^^/He^^J^WM^^SiHB^Br^-f^^r . x f'"_-^-- ^here New Year day planned to get its j ; first scrimmage today against the (Xym- jpic Club team of San Francisco. ' The scrimmage. Coaches Percy Locey iand Dana Bible saic. rouic bs held if 1 weather permits. The Weather Bureau ! forecast was "unsettled." j The Westerners, braving mud. work- j e* out in Berkeley Stadium yesterday j morning, but curing the af t-emoon conj centrated in plays and formation in i j | the gvjnaasium. During the morning J i session. Bud Toscani, St. Mary's half- i j back, won a speed run of 65 yards I [ from seven other backfield men. Merle ' i Hufford, University of Washington, and ' ; Nick Bican. Olympic Club center, were . j chosen captains of the West team. , · At Stanford, the Eastern squad- un- i de- Coaches Andy Kerr and Dick Han- ; , lev. confined itself to the gymnasium | j The coaches said they were particular- , . ly impressed with the showing of Clark ; Hinkle of Baekr.ell. who has been mak- i ing long drives through the line in ', scrimmage. j \ We capy only standarii coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St. at Pm. R. K. Phone 9M. STIEFF'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LJNE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK JAMES E. DOLL JF.WELEB FOR OVEB 50 'nOL? XT G£D FOOT i\,'hcS?£ A and Cre*jp's Rir. .r. A nie-.-:::ii; .-; thcf he ;-r~."Ct ^ rtperted ? it'r.:r. tr.e r.t.\: fe^ aa\ ^ frci!) ;h.s ir.tcre.t'Xi :n to lx* r^!;i*d in .1:-. «· ;~rt Btiy Dalryniple. Oera.a D.'.lryir.p'..*. All-Amenca end ,»t Tulane. nlv i' to work in a res- ta.irar.' K-ll c.vd.-. in a depanment Mcrt'. pedd'.e o.Ticc 5iip;'lief. help a firm STARTED HIS STC?!.^ CF FlUE THREES. In the first round at W^iged Foot in the 1929 Open championsh.p. Bobby Jones accomplished a. feat rarely seen in national cornpctiticn v hen he scored five threes in a row. Jones started the round badly, shooting 6-4-5 on the first three h.-l^-, tcur over par. But or. the 5H-y?--d icurtn hole, the ball started to roll. A long drive and a spoon brought the bail up W feet from the cup. He drcppod the putt for an eagle three. Shooting par for the rest of the r. ! nc netted Bobby 3S. two over par. Then Jorws wen: 10 work. It »as .1 p.nch. and he caic the best 50.f that rjnsecutr.e ie had. He scored a par three en tr.e WINS FIRST ROUND i Gene Tanner In Court Battle Over A i GUIDER CLEANERS DYERS Special Prices December 26th to January 2nd All Plain Dresses, Coats and Overcoats, Cleaned and Pressed 90c All Men's Suits, 2 or 3 Piece, Cleaned and Pressed... 75c AU Men's Suits, Pressed ?. 35c Ladies' Fnr Trimmed Coats._,,... Sl.OO to $155 DYEING .All Plain Dresses, Coats, Overcoats and Suits S2.50 ALL OTHER PRICES IN PROPORTION This is one of the largest and oldest plants in the state. We guarantee onr work to be far superior to anything yon have ever bad in this line- ALL SMALL REPAIRS FREE. We can for and deliver. C. J. SIMMONS, Agent Phone 709-B 114 West Fifth St. Frederick, Md. Let Us Mate Tour Clothes Look New! or lawyers .n 1:11 estimation work, write le -,(^ -y-nis was followed ENTER THIRD ROUND Ford .10- Prwe. f OMsrocbile (16-. Z. Nogle. '. Bin frrdrrick Flayers Lo^c Out In P-il- timorc Tourney. Biltisurc. Dec IS -- The "'-f seeded p.ajcrs re-- air.ins in th- fight for the X.v.icr-al Jcr.ior Ir.r.^^r S-ngles Tenr.^ t-r.di:-.; ;-n.?r c.iam- orts articles for newspapers, mow ".37,-r.s fire a fc-. furnaces and pursue .-.!* studies, .-.fter which he can play fovtba" r.-w ar.ti t h r u Moral: Foot- b,\r. p".,T}ors are r.iakir.2 an awful mistake b\ not K .lie college editors. ·V ^ -.The Man Of Mvstery. \ ccrta.p. t.r«.'or in Chicago yclept ! Mr Sul.ii an lirs oi-:-. tipping off t h e ' rarir.; cl cntcl* tli.s winter with no end . o: .-...,-s5 · ."·. -he result that the b- srr.,iKcr^ are for help. .'is- 5C-tran-..r.s three on tr-e eleventh. On the ior.g 498-yard twelfth his drive and X- 3 .ron sent the ball up 20 feet from the flac. A putt brought lum r^: ei-'-c Three. On the thirteenth his ball a trap, but he blasted cut for hi? fcurth :ree. Ii was on the four- i -_n;h that he played his bes5 shot Of tne L^-.irr.ament. a beautiful recovery irxn csep rough with a spade, the baH . .^~p.r.; yaris from the cup. Fr:rr. there to the eighteenth he had .-sy fjil^is. making four straight fours [ * -.-r a 31. or under par. The total! ^ r3 ^ - .is 69. his best score in An American 1 ne - Ooen up to tnst time. Sport Tips Extern Ir;t£rcc"es~-ate Miry'.ar.d 3r.d St. John's Association. acced Tacht. I White Plains. X. T, December 26.-- | Geae Tunney tciay won the first round ' of a battle over a yacht. i Su-sresce Ocurt. Justice Joseph Mor- oha'iser granted an application of'tiie or., of :arsdale, to arbitrate ntich rental Tun- 3. boat he did not Tunney signed a contract agreeing notice a £is?^:e over r.;- nev should pay fcr · to rent ' r ou.-'.or. .-.rr::5 ·: ' · ^ ~ .1- .n or a come- of a tcmnr ·-.!·· rcadj to sav r a charnp.cnship .v rr.on know how Syler. g. ._ ---- ~ Crsrr.. Tu'.aro Vr..-.rr.- '-. «-:.-- nst- ·° cc Saiurcay by an -r'sno-.r: c.-rtcr.dcr. i. -\ ^:.ier.r; r.ow I.; r r ...- bank account · l a .--. -.: h--» had kt-pt on oo ,.f :--:-r-.-sc it slip It was al- N r A- " -rs as Dcmpsoy's .- r ;,.-.o «. : -.- ; .-. c Sr""' ' Ahead On DC- - -- M r Carer..-; SI: ·"-.!-- - .n crsar. i--5 ias- c-f ; -.· 3' . Y. M. C. A, BASKETBALL LEAGUE .cs Cr.vcicrs of is trie or.'.y Yesterday's Resolts- Studebaker. S3: Olisso.^* u:ck. ::; ?orc, :: Iid Tion Knoit That-- c-'her day iinsr tr.p of aid Pir.3cr.pv r ri ,. ·r.e r;3Dert ;· ar.S 44 f.-r l-cr.7 f ru'oSr 1TC. C-lbert^on. ". 61?: ^'-r ; -;. Standins Of The Clubs W. L. Chevrole; ......... - ...... -- . 3 d^a~ee=:er.t arose Bacon t3 srb.trats. Tur-ney went to coco ·p**"-' "te ^i : d he ga%e noti sliir.cton College wanted j £ -^^- ~K ~ :t . Bacon insist, .. _ v e ^r..:s',-c '- try the glr.e game out George SSa- i -TM ?aT ;v s j u ;; SSC-O. Tunney pointed . Ir " lss "~ hiniea r.tchcr. si~.eci a ··--.L'.r.-.ct M.-n- -' ^ 5 sfraid he hasn't sufficient boys. : o a c ;au=e in the contract providing iav with the St Lcti-s Cari.r.a_= He 1 ~"---i is ?lsr.r.inj s. start- Through ;o - .--^ apoo.r.'.--jr.: of tr.ree arbitra- ' K*- '. .rr.-.a ?.rd Xrtrth Carolina oollegiate ] '.^.. \V" ~A! " "~\," ~ c.rriTM^ ci^ C^DT^S "^viwl t^* i ^.^*.~^ Jer.:' ? -' "rr. C^r.ferer.ce's annual tourney i ll-- n '.!'.. r '-" ' '- Cr;;*.-_r5itT of Vtririnia. j Xo" tie arbitralc-rs "s^ll be sppotnt- T,/.i 'vd. ons OT Sscon. one oy t^e .orrce. .-:,= Fcr rr.iny years, ibe American l - .-^a-p;3 -" a=d the third bj the two : -..;.? «-. tr.e csce by grabb^is o? tie ' ^-^""ciosen. Trwv Trill cec.^e ho-- sT.-.r.r.; the way. VTnen the! Balinnorc Team Wants Games. b---;r.r.s the National ! -n,^ ·?,:--.- Gclr: cas'setball team cf ~--c-.-'.r. I.';rue 4:1.1 Babe Huth. .- -- B-it t.".-; Bab: is looking back . - .._= or^t rears Th« Cards -s-ill conic ^-.O the "niost 3s ..._, o 5 .^ ar .j;-.^is to p'.ay unlur..-.ed Of course, ihe S . ,._, s ^ ro _ ; pro^-ck ^nd ths cotinty -r~ mav be oba'r.od ty addrsssir-g '^" EU-W:". --3 W- ?ratt street. ~ ..... Since ;r.c admission of Mexico 55 countries aiT --.rrr.bcrs of tile League of c M«tinc Januarj" Pres.der.t J^ci K^r: t f ·".*· Bowling L«a£"if. Vsi ca iccl i rr.f---'.-:-iC c.r team cair.^-r-i : r the V M C A jar.^ar- F =: ~ SO Plar- 1 ; -cr ci-i' r* f mor.r-' at t'. i C3(i ol uie seiion ^ili be discussed. rro he :h.nks 7 fimewheir in 193^ perhaps but ·--? s-f 1.3J1 Tr.ry arc Pepper Martin i-.d H;:k W.lsor.. They will be wstch- . ; .-»--.v ar.d the siib.yjct of many ;;-.- s..- .-,- --. " H' --^'tnvtiv The :ans will want to t.-..- A".a/, a o...o -i:-.--- if ZYptyr can step at ihe pate Jse -^r.tract .^- t". ·- -···;--. in t.'e -Rorld senss and if ".93- carr.-^.i.-r. Ble'l-rn -^ i . ^ T-rk- H..CS car. corr.s back after his disas- ;r. a Sotsl -hre" rr..-t:to that D'-ZT? Dean Trill allo-sr hJs --.-r.-.=.:·- t-o cop ths spotlight. Bur- For -\\rs N.*-.:.- -.-5 '·..-..! v .-^.r; '·- t.i Gr.Ties was alvays colorful and t-arr^ ar.d .-.»·..-. c 13. ir:- "-s,, - . 1 t.- more so next season with the ::-.c winter r.-.; .r.ttrc,-' .-. --c;*tc. :·· C^.v alter the pas: world series. Up t.icVi ^r. :.-at ,-.c.r.-..t. -..: r. ·» _' A" Br.s'.c-r. is Art Shirss. who said he ov ir.-. :.\t.;n Xaw .v««r." r.x'tr. -ac-l- be back in the teajors after .V-r a., ^lio \ i r - ·· .x--' "- ."- . - T-.'r .-vs r .r. the American AssociatSoa. A 'Aostcrii Mar, s.-.:. · ^ ..· ? .\ r.; .\r..l .' · ha talks and then prcxiuces can .ociay Dioi ilar.o^ is pres--ea: *'. t-ic tilk ajam and get isswaers. PYROIL Liquified GraFhite saves your motor, saves gas and oO at the cost of Jc tUe gallon. SALESMEN WANTED THE MARYLAND PYR-OIL CO. DISTRIBITOSS PoolesrHlr, Md. Phone 16-J P. O. Box *T. I F it's Sales you're after, well power your printing with SALES IDEAS. · If it's Distinction you're seeking, our taste and typography will reflect refinement. · Kit's SERVICE you demand, we'll deliver on the dot. CARDS MENUS FOLDERS LETTERHEADS SOCIAL FORMS SALES BILLS BUSINESS FORMS THE NEWS-POST JOB DEPARTMENT Phone 380 1!

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