The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD , THURSDAY. MAY 26. 1932. TTTK DEATHS Mrs. J- Francis KreJtx. Mrs V«ma M Kreitz. wile o! J. Francis Srettz, died Tuesday afternoon ! at her home IE Eaa_nisburg. ag*d 44 ; years. «ven rcoctiis and 16 days. She · had been a declining health for the , li?_ two years. She -*as a daughter ol j Gesrg* £- and Martha Knos- and a ! s:irvived by her husband and two s-s- · ters. Mrs. Tnorcas S£tt?rfieid. and Mrs. j -». BaIti2Kre. also by J Behind The Scenes In Newspaper Office , \ U^Ti " \ I t · S- H^T I n Uevoration Day Srivwrs. j On Day j.en Iocs n ill be hell! I si the Fairmont c*3i*tc:y. Libertytow n I on Sunrliy. at 2 o'clcxk at ·ahlch time j LOCAL MENTIONS "Vn_»r* The Matter With SallyT" A:i operetta presented by trw Junior CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK · \ «NO KIU-HOOVCK-- HEAP ON BORAH WITH « Kl«« «N «T, / IF ITH-Wir WWLKEft'S TOO U»*6 RJR s her stepmother Mrs Xa=sie Knox. Em- njitsburg Funeral Fn-iav a: 9 a sa meeting a; j :he house Ts-nh requiem mass ac St. i Joseph's Catholic church. Ennsiis ' Rev. Fr. Conroy officiating. Buna! 1 St Joseph's cemetery. Taneytown. The palloearers »ill oe Blaine Weddle. Willia_i Boling Frani Sioher, C G. PraUey, Clares; S'.em^ur and Charles I Clarie LOCAL MENTIONS Don't Mfcss Vin Carry. -THE MASTER MAGICIAN." Ms ;T S ? rn . A-. Tr^.:t\ M E ChJLrvh South r »nw^i irvr* «_*· w*» * i«*~i ^ r « . i r^X. TAKE BoaerJSwies oar ANOSMCWE [ \ GCIME S«RftZEN IN THE HOLE, iG»\E f*E fV*oTK£.R Car ON , '/-JSv THAT CORPSE ANJ FOR KKGET ".: ?!' 3*--- --Oourtesv of Sdltor and Publisher Rf\ J Flank F.! c: \Vood*bcix». and · cho "_t ,,. cilery Church in th* Parish j Rev Mr Mi'.lvr of I -".S«:ore Mi-tilxLsl j^,, Thursday." Ma ^6. 193J at 7 4: j ? lOc Wood For Sale. Oak PHONE 9S: $4 W per cord : W WEIDL£. The Amrncan Legion ;'.; hold a oiio and car.dv ^ale r. ' Sa:urda Ma -^ a.: 5 North Msri.*: S: Dor.a'.-vr.- *..' i'-id'y iv receded NIKS K L HAMMOND D.r.r-^r Pr:ca. Mav n Fine Watch Repalrinc. w r»aso.-xab Wors s"-a-a"-eed SAMUEL, L Til^ES 121 North Msrie: Street Special Sate. Irs ?rd*r to red'jc* siy stock. 1 aru oCerlr.g a U^ '. Sr.e M.Il.r.rrj at \er;.- !o» pr-.c« A YOST. 4 East Church S: Mrs. Da\id S. UoBnjan. Mrs. Jarres K. Di^ is. Basi Church j street, has rece:\ei sore of the. death of her s^u?r-^-^i-. Mrs. Dsvid S. Hoen^n. Wednes^y a; her bocae FarnsersvUIe. Ohio Mrs Hoffman had been «!I f o«- s-s -ieeks. She was a!»ut' 75 years ol age. | F I N A L EXERCISES Mrs. HcSJttan \-j::*c tea years ago, j .._ u n in Frederick, where she has several j HELD AT MU. nieces and nephew. She rs also JUT- j (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) vlved by six sons. Court News Equity Case*. CharJe* W. Held, assignee ol mor.- gage » the PWK«I I^and 3ani ol TELLS OF CONFERENCE BEFORE BANK CLOSED FROM PAGE 1) i Veal Stew Corn Bwi Hssr. ! Horn* Baked B*an* Roast of Pork CARROLL AND PATRICK STS. Post Office i If It's Your Cmr Pho= to bl»2e for an accident how nil you ' far* the music"? Well, if I · Aet:ia-ize-.' oa r.«in't worry bf- j cause an Ae:ni A^:o Policy is *coe-t- ' R?_ ! The tll;:v zr. e\trv slate Fh lUrdy PUnla. -.ion Day FMaera: xork a er*c:*::jr HELEN C STALEY. 1502-?-O'. Freder.cic. THE CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK OF FREDERICK, MD. i CAPITAL $100,000.00 I J SURPLUS ; $800,000.00 POTTS GRIFFIN. TONIGHT You rear look back Into the darkens and dec.are -a» "v-ir: Is not shlains' But OB j -ne o'Tr *.ie o: -ne world--it is all light, a ' b.-.: :£;··' Tie sun i'..:'. th nei lo the business world. aud the g:e.i'*r the number of people »ilo I ir -\e -b tie tr ghter .'. w:U sals* K»*l £«·,*·· i » far Setter OJT to-de.T i TJ-I »an V3i' Tnrs aj9 warn eTerjoa« I a** *:-a:r,b. · ? i!t*- ." T?-i3v -s -w :» i»v -7 b-r for re-a! pr»2t_ O-- ?' crVrs ^^!t;e "I *he most attractive ;'.:.is5'5 .-. -~e c » a-i state. POTTS 4: OPIFTtN REALTORS PHONE «00 Xotlc*. j B»ard of Marajers of Mount SUte Scores Victory. . . . and Car.ida. : Olivet CerEe*ry hereby oCer a re*ara .o: 525 for Information leadaig to the! POTTS GRIFFIN a-* 3 ', ar.d conilctSon of anybody sveal- i The Tuners: -Rill be held from her, _-- ' b:t:on of milnary tactics ·judges, sitting Ji» the case, o^errjled a Flowers For Decoration Day. Cut Pinejs For Sale. Apply EAST SE\ r FNTH ST ind repairing Prices reasonable · GEORGE W. HUN1CHEN. 'Phor. 28-M IPS East Fourth St jthe annual meeting of the board of ^ Anderson. 26. both of Rising Sun. comment. An exception . j viswrs at 10.30 o'clock, this -Doming: j j^. Paul A. KurJcex 26. and Kath- · the 6?fe Stop. Look and Read. GrofT. the Flc-riv. is selling flne cu: :?:!£ at 25c por doz All :h-S Get ours In Bloom--ZOO Varieties Iris. Many Other Perennials B A H BEUST. Rjtiie 3. Beyond R-xky Springs Modern Apartment For Rent Apply Wei! Bros 410 North Market St. Rent-A-Car. Ne» Lo* Ratei Gas and Of. Included FRANCIS SCOTT KEY GARAGE was planned by Mrs. publicity c a a m a n through the different buSdir^. where j -- ^^^ f ^ ^^ the students were busy, eacn with their j ^ J^ ir , - ^^ nWTBSK of t^ ! 3 Market. May 26--Mrs. John Dti'a and Frank G. teachers . eourseSi - re'-ativ Mr,, publicity." There was one visitor present. The previous date decided on study state deaf .or,.; _*,,. r*^, * Washing. te ; gorily a£r^ ^J^S^l j lion for more than four hours. It is j understood the court made an exhaus- ' :ive review of authorities. building at a cost of S9.7345S the Jefferson Woman's Club tcr join the BaBenger Woman's Ciub in taking this trip. The next meeting will be held on June 6 at the home of Mrs. Preston Zlzamennan. and the removal of the brick wall m | --Mr. and M rooms of which have been prepared for j displaying a collector! of relics: con- j siderabte pruning and cavity work to j H Jackson, tiie campus trees and usual minor repairs. j Improvements to be made are the [erection of a third stairs-ay under the i direction of James S. Nussear. Jr., o'.loi'lns tae overruling of the mo- --Mrs. Katie Drenenburg spent last sues- o r "»- pies, o tion. examination of witnesses was re- i sumed. the firs: to be called curing the } a . afternoon beinc; William T Milne, clerk ' 01 the Washington Trust Corr.par.v. who _,, received the depaslt in question. The · "" "«- Mr= \ · state tried to show that Milne was :n j ' ~" ; Frederick on September 2. the cay be- I , ! fore the Centra! Trust Company and _ " -rovia vis- MRS MARY C. LINTOX Glenn Tro'ji Auc:. H L. Keilv. Clerd " ! _J ,, ; Dancinc Public! j Notice To Owners of Dogs. Grand Opening Ball Decoration Dav i We a-e -ov. issues D-cc Licenses for THE N~S\V HOLLYWOOD BALLROOM u e vea- bejuittins July Is". 1932 ar.d Opposit* CSty Tourist Camp Grounds , _ . . , -Tap Ballroom DeLaxe " ' Featuring Recording and Broadcasting , Bands : The Hollywood Amusement Co presents ' Dick DUlingcr's Famous College Sand Hat-Sweet Music: Song and Rythm. ' "A Musical Treat" . A t 11 o'clock--"Dance of The Crystal ] Shower" ! Dazzling! Spectacular: Assuring! ' ' Indiscr-bable Beauty " The New Hollywood Is One Of Most up-to-date Ballrooms in Maryland Attention Legionnaires. I 2,500 Square Feet Crystal Like Floor rr.e--t at Home 1.15 p. i 1.000 Can Dance--1.000 Cars Can Park Monday for Merr.cna! Day Parade i "The Home . Polite Dancing." Jul- 1 1933. THOMAS A CHAPIJKE. County Treasurer. Dance This Friday Nile. PARK. HYATTSTOWX .c. E-.ervb-Ddy invited. Don't Forget The Dance FISHERS FRI XITE. MAY 27. They'll Welcome YOJ There r=- Strir.s M.ISIC Perfect Order «ract:ons frcoi officials of the parent! . . ba nk relative to envelopes addressed to Cr ' each d ep O5 :tor of the Elico-.t City i vou CHAIR MAX DancL.s Every Wednesda- Saturday Opens S p m Admission 50c. Chicken Supper , branch, excepting Christmas savings i , nd S:ra ^ berrr festival in Mt Pleasant . PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORES Thompson--Anderson. : turection 01 oaius o. «u««-^ V i "^"^"5..- Sd^W *ugus* Scheel . Honxd C. Tfemnson and Cosinie L*e i Baltimore archUect, ana by Cnarte j --^-~- ^ d v-, B C S_-_ess had ' -^-^ ?Kl:ors. indicating the parent · ^ Thursia .:. Jjae 2 p,^. 5 to 10 ' ^der^.bothofHis^Sun.we^mar-S^^^c^ck^n^c^^ a ^ j ^ ^ ·£--- ^ * ^^ . ban^resdy ,» making preparations^^ ^n^ Reformed Cliurch Pncc , Iberian icause u» Liie iastv., i -- _ _ i j,.,,,-,,-.,, m f -n^-ri-^.-.-o o-iri -\.i- ar.c ' On crors-examination ,ne Qe.ense ce- . Bev. Dr. Charles E. Wehler. They are -nimn: Best Fountain Serrlce in The City. OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKES. Ckatrman of Board. H-v. M S S D. BvKEB, President. JOHS H. BAKER, Vtee-Pres'.dent. JOSEPH McDivrr, V ice-President. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Cashier. SAMUEL G. DCVAJLL, Atssstant Cashier. J. TBAVERS THOMAS, Assistant Cathter. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER, THOMAS H. HAUXR, CHARLES H. COSLEV, M. D JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBBIUL, JR., HOLMES D. BAKER. DANIEL BAKER. JR., JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B. RAMSBURGH, ARCHIBALD E. FISHER. NOAH £. CRAMER SON. Six rooro tr»s;« d^fll^it £O.M locate, oa ·r^ Briid^ri S-»'» ao»S »bo-it lo-r cults *A f $t oj F-fr-f r n, co"t»l*t.m t»t2ty-^lg^t · -·e? c? .»r;d. idea: iocation tor tourts. cis? o»1-.-r drs.:,4j ot _:-«!=» early Tvf^ty-SfTfn meres ct lsr.3 ori State So«S ' «^s* Sew Market tssprovfrl v:tli six roost »t-=« (J«e':r:t hms*. d»:rT S»rri. Oirser nc» *-·??.n; :s-l* to B*lt.2iore. ii: aec- e«5irrT .-,-b^llilr;ji. 5=« »?r^is °! wttrr i-.! *.«-r;c.-r U=3eci:»te ps*s«3toa. price j::CC. For ri.-ther p»n:ir-:»r »pp:y « KOAH £. CRA1SKS SON. lit COtTRT STREET. r=UKERICK. MD. «». I JOHN N. CLARY. ^icc.-Jj::-.. r.r »rc:2*r:: cr tictriess nsty *»?p ". a? » :.n;« -prrien srosi needed. Ar. Accident »nd Hc«;-.h policy »::! tu»r- »n-re ;s :nc3s-.e d^r.rsc ·-b:» ?er!o!. »: s .·-*. '.hi; 1^ srr.a".! compared Tri'.h its JOHN N CLARY. All Ll^es OI Injurant* O Silt-SVRS FREE. Solicitor. ·Phone 738. 9 N. Court St. MISCELLANEOUS. PI\XO RADIO REPAIRISQ -.s-.-.r. A:ber-. C Mlrner. We»t I3:a »-.reet. S AUTOMOBILES FOB SALE. FOR SALE-DODGE '. TOS TRUCK. p»-.rl b-ilT. Apply to P»t Marpaey's rJl- :-.z 6-.if.cjri. East P»tr:ct St. r PUBLIC SALES. ^m^--iM--i^-^----**---^-^---^--^--k^-^-""«-* PU3LIC SALS --OF-- VALCABLE HOUSEHOLD FCWJISHISGS. ! O! '-he :»te Mrs. W. K- Carlisle. *!!ow i o! W K. Ciri.s. ·son oJ John G Carlisle, hirided down, will Se included !a this sa« »t So. 132 west 3rd s:re«t. Frederick. Ma, ' FRIDAY MORNING. MAY 37TH. 1933. com-nenc.ns promptly »- 9 o'clock. p. LUTHER RICE. HELP DESTROT DEPRESSION laraps. paintings. pictures »nii m»_y irt'clei too numerous to roestlon. Te-rns of S»'.e --C-sft. ana 10 property removed un-1! settled lor. ilRS. ALBERT S. MeCARDEtJU Adrox. ?"TMd e ."c« drive . f o u r , but rtv drive a j Raymond KC..T. C.erk. lour 1£ TOU may purchase i sli tor c!» » · 5-24-d3t M r . t i f . : ? s « » - » UVw« LSI ^V.^14J5 ^^L^i. MC^.C^UA^- j _ i K _..:_ ried Tuesday evening at, 5 o'clock at of S3.8T8: and aiso tae erectKKt of an j ^_ ,«- - - - - - ·- · '-cinerator to connect with the large, "-·*£* r ; Ha -. ; ^TM ,,., M - a -,c · un cro^-ex^nu^..^ -^ ^--- -: dmney v tfe po^er plant and at a M^n^r- ^4 a -^^^^da ,/4: · cured it would sh«- that the envelopes ; st estimated fit S650. ! ^f- w ~- "--^ a ~ a --^ "*·*- " = i re f e rrecl to were to be sent out to the j now on a motor mp to Alabama. cost Under the subject of health, an un- I ters usually fine report was given, there be- di ,_! Hotn« for the Aged visited Mrs. B. C. i City branch depositors, an- g an increase in the interest 1 r A T\/rnXTP TTIT? QTP"K" -^ =0- a smsrie case of contagious dis- j =«« -«- ^ ^~ '-- --- - - : -^ : - ronl 3 ,. 2 :o 4 ^- cer -t. the same j AiViUlN U i XlJii Olbi\ i ease aaicng^the pupils during the en- j B'^rg^ ^^S-ffinw '-ad a fall on ! « prevail. tire year. iilea in all of the Central Tnist Frederick High School 1933 C'3-^ Rings For S5 25 Fc-r Sale By McCLSSSYS I FOR SALE -ONE UPRIGHT PIANO CHEAP , to quick buyer. App-.r :05 West Second 5-25-dlt |R SALE.--ELECTRIC MOTORS. A L L nates and sizes. CfX and rebuilt: Compare this six roora modern orlct j dwelling on Par* Are. offered ror on.y ! S3 500 with any other property of » mucti j hliher price T»o tb'.-ds let'. !c propertv ; ;j desired. A real opportunity for the early o!rd. A JOB AWAITING YOU FOR BENT. FOR RENT.--APARTMEST AND OFFICES. \pply B'.ue and Grey Beauty Shop. 108 ' 5-26-d3t A *i\~ra **" n* **-··«-* * v -- - - - - _ 'pHine H(W3 S room modern brlek duelling for tourist W. Fa-r.ct S P..O..C 8B9. business, with eeraent olock modern ruling | station Ir.cludlng one acre for caraplag pur- \ poses, located on H'.shway May trade on · 3-ROOM APARTMEST w Third St. 5-26-dtf city nroper'.y 27 »cre* on High«y ne« Frederlcfc Market street, who 'nas been Hi past week remains the same. J=T-=Tv- i-ro^E 1 I n~ engines and tractors. eompuMne coan- ' 27 acres on Highway near Freaericr awc^ J-v.-u... s-urtc.. i .-"-c fc _ housji B3d roof . to!leui ., !og »,,., c iectr!c:tT. bsth and gravita.'.o- --* i p.p. vi' fltun'gs. ssaltlng. pu::eys. belt- ^ater .ystem A rea. opportuaity for tour.jt Ulatter With Sally?" , :~~" . anits c t c Barga:n prices prevail | and ainnj station business. Mrs. Cacharine Gouker. 54 East rick sireet. Tvho na-~ been in for t! past fe^r -reeks, is mucrt improved ;t -ras reported tte Ma--iar-i Sc Mrs. William H. Knock. South Mar- _j, e * "bv io?pin? oS some " ·chooifor. _ iCss H av G'anviile. who has been in- Cumberland for use a_--ng ..he --a--. Speak's Beauty Shoppe. of the · aisrwsed has -elumed to her sch»l C 0 ": 1 aajoumed at o.30 o c.-DCi. ^ i Ma _ K ^_^.. x _ niaaa;er. Special this ! . kss street, who suSered a bad hearf- j »xrjenditures for which aoproonawoas j . _ =,----1,TM *"-* «- a '« announced tnat it wou.c , j-^-jj j^-t-ei or p-^ger Wave aad ! _ _ . *_ ^ ^ _ _ ^ _ J A ^ 3 1*_ ' ^ - _ ' 7 I *** -*^ --^t-A^^.-.-- _ T -_,,.._ *« n ^.n/....r.A - - ^ _. ,, . . altacfc the first. 01 April, and who has been very El smce vcith complications. is slightly improved. Mr. George W. Knock, of Syracuse, state N. Y.. son of llr and Mrs vTiIiJm H.; ( Knock, South Marse; street, who has Fa^er would'discontinue teaching f:r , ' ·Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Wise and Mrs been cridcally JI for the iast_ seven . a year . sr^e former vacancy will be Bes .: e st^iman. ail of Putmar.. X J. The indications are that :he trial * -11 ' proved. weeks with rheumatic fever and heart; fi ;;g~ bv Miss Alice Benson, formerly i vls -j_ii trouble, is slowly improving. j o! Frederick but recently of the Ten- I riessee School for the Deaf, and the Mrs. James Hobervs. who has been ' i^-,,;. vacancv. bv Miss Cora Pa-Xson. cr-tically ill at her home. 505 Magnolia j 3 ?re£ ent member of the sta3. avenue, for the last two weeks, was j Mention was made of the committee reported Wednesday to be much an- ] appointed bv Governor Hit-chie to study ; j labor questions among the deaf and j ! also conditions among the aged and in- i X I the committee bemj John H. Baker. ; ' School. Demonstrations given by ihe Mary- it ran a. week or more. Amons :he spectators from Frederick : ' at the trial f.ere County Commissioners Musi: By The Nightingales. Round Danre. You'll enjoy Milk 5 Cents A Quart- Creara 25 cents a quart : G-o-ge S D-r.r.;5. Jr . Ass'snee at the Union i Trust Corr.pany of Maryland, ic . lfor { gag*» oJ Gilrr.ore Foxbte and Elva V S ! Foible. h.s w :e. Or. Pe..t.on I In tri- rr-.atter of the Aud.tor's Report ! :'"d the 13Th (iav o! May. 1332 Those who spent Sur.cay Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dougherty, near | : ari j schroi pupils at -.sno_s places. K-eymar. were Mr. and Mrs. Philip j ^3 athletic events -sere reported. Tn- ' Slacker arxl sar. PhJip. Jr : Mr?. Ad- j bate was paid to the late Miss Florence , dls McKagr.ey o: Tar^e; ^own. M-L; ; Doub. for rsarjy years instructor in art ' Evelyn F-ogle. Calvin Fogle ar.d H^ger I a t the school. ] Torn; of near Wo?c^rj3r3 Charles Ren- ' Commencement prizes totaling S175 ; ar.5 Ce-:l W3--5warc of 3r Rocky ^ -^ STe acknDwledgec. zs well as the fol- Ri-ge ' lowing additional gifts to the school: Those present this morning were' Mr Mrs. Charles M Kauffrn_n ana son. , zzz-x Mr Poits. Cc-1. Markey. S. Elmer : C. Preston Sauffniar.. :l e spending ; Brown. Dr Charles H. Conlsy. Rob't. . some time wi;h her parents. Mr. and | £_ Delaplarae. Samuel G Duvall. this Mrs. John C TV. er.iv. Inc-an Sprees. ' C J ;T; T^. Milton D Norris, Eldersburr. i :-.irs Ka-ffrran is recovering; ir--m a Following the rrveetir:?. luncii-ec-n was ' severe af2ck of influenza I «-r^3 ' « Winfield S4.IOO For Crea«^rstown Farm, Gecrge T. Keecr.. Baltimore and Creaj;- ?r.=.;^^n. real estate and ins-jrance broker, has s;lc f;r the Wcxjdsbor-o Sav- :ncs Bar.K a fanr. at CrearerstoTm. fctoTn 35 ire Q-.-^-berry Jans, to | ,,, W;n f ie j3. -;i: hold their annual w- f.»lc Mav 25 -- Washington Camp . ,5" ?at -- K i- order Sons of America .1 a '-?r . Co- ar.d -s-.;? gev ater. Ann-s A-jRcel cy_r/y. The farm con- Memorial exercise*. May 30 The pa^^ mcludir-g members 3f the P. O s c * s±_ 3rl .; "^ e P. O. of A- Homernak- bam ZT. oilier bu.lcing; Mr. and ?«r.~ ers . c:uo a _ d -~^ winSeid Consolidated an room house. Coe ?*~ irnrredtate py^cssior. r.s cor.- Market Prices Grain. w.i-«3t bj - Com. obi Lire Stock and Prodnce. fleers Ks*f;rs COTs . H-lls Ca' · · S3 ' rnen _ SI 65 · ,- STAR FURNITURE CO. BARGAINS IK 50 slightly used refrigerators, a!! t'.zes. jl.OO to J1200 100 relt base russ ;r:e-| S2J5 ap LlTln? roorc. d'nlDK roaTM. bed rom mad SJtchen furnlfjre ind household eSecu or every icind and description. r.e-r and s::ght:y used, at naSeard o£ prices Come In and be cor.V.ECJd 1611 703 can ave more than halt We will tr»de rour old^re In. TO-JT credit a »ood here STAS FITRSTrUHE CO . 323-325 North Market Street. Frederick. iSarj:a=d. FOR RENT--6-KOOM HOUSE. IS WEST F«f-l- s-:eet Apply 13 West Fifth St. r 5-26-d3f FOR RENT --FURlflSHED APARTMENT. " 231 East Second St- 'Pbose «-J- 5-25-aos 1 FOR REJ.T--MODER.N 3-ROOM ****?' meat reascnable Apply 31* W. South St. 5~24-d4t 1 FOR RENT--6-ROOM BRICK HOCSE. 223 ! East Fourth St Partly raodern. Appi? j 230 West F'.fth St S-24-d5t* ' FOR PENT.--SIX-ROOM HOUSE WITH i e:-ctr!c '.'Eht:. yard and garden on Water : St. Possfss'.sn June 1st. Apply J- M- CaJer. FOR RENT--SEC-ROOM BRICK HOUSE. ar.S North Market street, all modern con-P--e n c»« Bungalow, sis-rooms, al! saoderri, , -' WeWlSth street. Apply J. P Quina, I GarS'r s Bakery. 5-24-d6f I MODERN 6-HOOM HOTJSE. 243 S CHtTSCH ! St \?P".V 36 E Third St.. or call 5S8-R. i d6l-5-I7.18.19^4^5^6' FOR RENT.-3 HOUSES AND 3 GARAGES i 00 East Fairies street. App'.j_«. , Patrick street- 5-21-36V ' FOR RS3TT--3-ROOM APARTMEST IS s-jburbs. Bath, garage. Apply S Wess 5-21-cet 13th street. ocist Episcopal church will give a pla.». reasonable ·Wh3t's The Matter With Sally?", to- ' Dy e .~g $· a ;; zmds of ladies' slippers , night st the parish hall of the church. · a -j- color. Also rcen s shc-es. O:ir work j , The play deals with a. very interesting, -^;; please yo^. Asi those wr.o nave : . story." In the list of characters are Dor- | tried our service. ! · sthy Ford. Elizabeth Macklev, Carol i STAR HA1 CLEANING AND SHOE ! Wall. S;hel Fogle Frances Bjckir.g- SHINE PARLOR j ham. Mary Tingling. Dorothy B«3..1 :: Court Street ; ! and Kath-enne Humrr. Events between . . i 1 trie acts tr.ciude two solos by M.narr. ; Drink More Milk. i ; Ford ar.d Mary Evelyn Thomas ar.d a ' Maintair. yoor youthfu. corn-levior. by 1 ! p:ar.o due: by Mary Yinjlir.g ar.d cr-n^ir.g three gias-is 5f milk evtry day . [ Frances Buckingham. , Your cheapest ar.-~ best food. 20; gallon Co-n:j. at least seven days to sa:i '. Dated IS*;; day of ilar. 1532 ' ~* I G CT AtJG^ Cl-rk of tne Circuit Court f=r Freier.ts Tr-e Copy--Te::. ZLl G HAUGH. · (. may I3-JS LOST AND FOUND. LOST --TEliOW GOI-D RISG WTTH^ «»:t:r.i of si-.:,I and cross ts-es z..-.ira^- . 1-rs B C H 1331 Finder pase phone 67 Reiarc! 5-24-i2f . ' FOR °*-NT--MOD3HN S-ROOM HOUSE. ' Dar-.d" Grorr. 'Pacse 915 *--nJ« REVT -- FTTRKISHEr) 05 Eas; S-cond street APARTMSST, 5-30-dSt' _5XT--SIX ROOM HOTJSS WTTH arare. 713 :-J=-.W Ave APP'-?_J_ /-^ Ma-n. Bracdoci Ee'.E ·Phone I3-?-2. 5-20-dSS WANTED. ORDER sisr ON N'O. :?««8 EQU '- Se "" 7 ] Had Many Posters Entered. j Posters en:erei in the c^nt-esl re- j osntly »=_acted by the Garden club ] | are being p^D'.icly displayed in l::3l i j store -y.r.noTrs A n-maer have beer: | | placed in rfj--lar places of business and ; ' -:i^£e f-^r "?"h:ch t^ere ^-s nct cii"h ST52-K are T. cisrjlay -r. the inr.cl7~ c-f t'-.e rlc Srr.T?^e l.icat^r Li5to Cf r;n2^s to 3? a~aro*c by the Garden club IT. i?r.r. ft *txn ^-ti i%" a"r-"al S-y-r^r ?ho~ 37e be.rjc d-=--bJ-«= fr^rr. the Y M C 1 A . it. was today The S.I-»T ^ i mil be h«!;: Jjr.e 3 in th" Parish Ka:l · ' ?f Calvsry M E rr.-j~h. frorr. 3 Vo 3 i p - CHARLES WERTKSr^.lZR For Sale. Values In Used Ors 3--Do:;e Serlans. 3--Dodge Coupes 2--Sssc"? Coac.ies i 7 f a v Terrs. 1332 i George R. Eer:n.s. J' , Ass rrice of tr:e Union : Trust Corrpar.r of Vary 3Ti. te: . Mort- »»;·· cf ritc^rti Rcsj r7r »r;i l-fs" T 1 Eyr. On Pet ~.:~ i la the rr.afr of the A-i.-cr's Rerxjrt 1 O-i-r-i. Ti-it o-i ·."-· :r.3 i i T of J-j='. ; :^32. t-.- c: -: ·*-.·: 3-3---ei ·-, set ipan t*-« H-po-t =f the A-^i.-^r. S.-d as afor«- an-J c?n*-n t^.e ^srne. --.."ss ca^5e to the c--t-a-v ·h'-rc-f r/» ^-J^T. i-fore si:d d«T YOUKG WHITE GIHI. DESIRES POSITION Exrrrr.*r:ced In hojs?~sr'c aid res'a^rsnt p n 5-. 1S27-F-H 5-:6-43l* FOR RSVT --SECOND FLOOR APARTMEST. n-s ^. F Sa'.I.r.. Ill West Seio-d St. 1 " 5-lS-dl2: FOR ?R*crnc«, NURSE -- )--PLAIN bk A -XG. 219 EAST *TH ^T --MODERN APARTMENT. 3 , .,, ar.d bath. re=ta: ta OTTS COXGSSIAL proper teaa=t Irr.t=ed:3te possessioa- US 'h:r.s 33i-J 3 ilartet =tre-t a-t8-giz. S-3 '^ 3 - pQjj RENT --THIRO FLOOR APASTMSST. 2:? N MarSe; S" S rooms ar.d bath. Ap- HELP WANTED. R.SNT-- "ODEKN 5-ROOli a-- %rr/~ 431 Sorti itarset St. ' 5-15-itl 3o£^r r 1-- ?lvrr.iut.i Sec^r. I'-: Ton For; Tru--c Sssv "err-.s STA1.5Y MOTOR Frecer.::v. Me. -HOOM HSTJSS, 513 SOHTH O . Children Visit tanndry. »",.jw; ^f 104 pupils, will form at the , hall at I 30 ?- m.. ace headed by » ' band will march to Ebecezer cerne- , tery where the graves of departed soi- ; diers and deceased members will be ! strewn with flowers and decorated with ; Tags. Ther? will also be a Wash-sg- tcn b;c« program at night corn- at T 30 p. m. The speakers Senator Joseph Irwin France, i Prof. William Heaps. Rev. M. A Baker "~" 7 '· and William T. Chiids. Past State Pres.- Cadet Captain 4o to 5c dprtt of ^e Patriotic Order Sons of Hardy 'belowi, of Philacelphia. w^l rnace by Ma.-'-: Welsh irroe^ir .r. 3c to 4: ' Arr.erica. The Carroll County Rarr.b- have even more than a rr.i: A arr career cl-.a-.-g?. 'vs'-'sen ir.e ·ft* Uni-fd Sti'.; 1 ; .ic -o 3c! lers will furnish the music for the to look 'arward io vhen fc» i« sr^c.'-- Dor.^rtrr^n' of Acr.cult-jre 0- to 3c ' r.iah; exercises at^d frvm ih° U S M.litarv Acacerr.". · 2c to 5c j '"--Miss Helen Pukett was a -aeek-end .Re's to wed Mi=s Mir .an Urs.ila Pal- There li :." r.a*.\? soe-.e.= cf 5- i gjf=l 01 M;ss Madel.r.6 Beck. Berrett · i a f c o \ c i C\n-."^:1 Pa -sccier- :--. Xorth "..-.-r.'-a. r.jrih o' R.-" ·O B P.ckert Philadelphia, spent · g.rl. jr. tr.e Cade' Cnspel at West Grancr a.t.-.i-aei mar...- s^ mhab.t sch;". accorjipan.e^ oy tr.eir '^"^-er M^£ Keller, recently --_;ite; the p'ar.:. t-~.e aJIerent processes y. .-ar..r.g b^.r.g expiated 13 therr.. Hoi Cholera Reported. A rep-^r* cf the existence of hor chclera on the pivm_ = es of W.r..srr. Dcnald Lin^ood Co-.ner r.e^r Brorswick has ber-r. Lawn Slowers Sharpened. JA:.:SS. ::T vT 5tli St. For Sale. All ilnds o: s«ccr.c r;ir,i P.?e from i to S Inches. I-3-:i.T^. ar.i Ang.e tor. for B--.i.r.g c-.:rpo? r .s FREDSRICS JUNK CO%^ 5 ANY, Frar.-: Gast.ey. P-oo 'Phor.e 233 Oi5:e .n3 Warehous;--Chate. A.ley Beiw^sr; Third ar.i Fo-irth S'^ 15 E Th.i5 St. EI.1 G HAT7GH. (Ten -: ·:-- C.r~:t Cs-rt llr Tr~:;r.:t C;-;-.-r «--J- R D»r-.« J-. 55' - -o- True C:rr--T-3- TZ.J G KACGH. C.-ri AD:.nN13TH\TRlC£S NOTICE F-^eier'.ck CO-__:T. .= J.:irT:ir;i. .etters cf ixxrrs JOHNSTON. ·ate o: Ftei"-i 7- --y :,,--,.»=!: Ie, c^'-^ed ^.' ryr^ori ^a"-s; ""^ -- * aja'-st t w e rf**ce^ c ed a-e ="arr.*d t exr..i;.t ti-c *»rr.e. the ^o-c-er* thereof, .egai'y a-ther.-.cs'^j. tc *r*e s-b^cr.oer. en or e- he-*f* Dj *i d r^*t'» Thc^*» 'nd*D*»d *o the -.·c^3^ rt -! are desired to --afce Ur.m»d;ate ir'-^ritv Ke.-ai.e "-.'f-- -a- s'f «r-.-; 535 -s-.-;-- a-ii :rrr".«e ra- i"- W- t» ·=- 315 3SP-N APAHT- ?atr.;t St Pcssess:3- ira- ·_ j .. ^....-p-- s-s-st- SSNT -- 1AF.GS SIX HOOM APAST- . A ; =a ier_ M_vs=:s_ce»- Apply Ches'-er. ?» IS* J^5a RENT.-- MODEBN 2NTJ ^:»-ti .-m_-h~; or onl » West Third St. 3 i?AST- CHICKS FOR SALE. FOS S'.L,E --BP.On.rX 3 OH eh c*rr.s. 2 1-2 :h= 2'-e fj ^ ?O3 asNT.-- DATT,:GHT EOJS, THOS- :-;r;'y i-odem Siear ir'.ve Ta7 Posses- «ca is =:ce App'j L'-sjd C. C-..:r. 5-1-dti S RENT -- ?.! 3M =art sv»a- eorge B Ke_=e EHN 5-HOO1I HOrSS. Pcssestaa *?r.' S. 5-1-dtt . OP. S A L E -- BABY CHICKS. SPEC! A?- ce :sr .--r.r Br.r; -c_r -c;= o- S»t- ?os SENT.-- MOOEHS S ROOM A?ART- -i.i.~ ·: ei-.-. --- f - r -:-j-. ."»-;'-. -s me=t, *.th yiri, 10S So=tb Mariet street. " ' 3c to 3'-c ' :he wees-esd at his home here. i Point, N. Y, oc June U. 1 Mexico aivi Central America. LOWTT Prices On Scratch Pads. Per.c.1 Tao.ati ir.cTiiirjr.: paoer) XO.T f Csr.ts z .b Bond anc B^r; Pi^er Tablets. Now 9 a .b. THE NEWS-POST. G". '" -.-S-- o-r -.?r.J :S ·; 3 A-:.:. 1332 M » ? V CiTHEH.INE JOHNSTON. JE ANNETTE JOKVSTON Parsor.5 NeTrsir. Af-rr.'v " J a?r :a-rsa/ 5-12-13-38 i»7 "I B^BY CHICKS--B^RRFrJ POCKS. ^.:-..; Rock--. Wvar:a--« R'cN -d o 5-or"; SS 00. Jer^»-. B.^--: O ·-. . '~ "'"- ··· ly? Mo-clav a"d Fr.dav Mir-"*-! C1 f* K^T-.- FOR RSNT- erj.Iac, J16 Ear. Pi-r.^ S-rce: P.-a-.e «9 ' \ri.-VctSt 5-H-iJ-. I 714 RSNT --ATTSACTTVE APASTM23.T. Aoplv Sir* Hoaci, Jr^ 100 Sift Se.-cnd reel" 5-1-dlf ROOM KOtTSS ON NORTH J'v to C. ?. Scl::'.d^r.ech- M street. S-i-iU

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