The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 15, 1948 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1948
Page 7
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Xews. Frederick. Md., Thursday. IS- )3*5 Like ratiirr Likr S')n i * i / -r/J ' * * TM * AVD .'IRS- AM. BE U;«TK you U fo HAVE SEEM )-( HOME LP*4G ASO t?A ( tr H^DMT BESH rca) -'OS 6K32K i-' I ASTKUa FCi.-^*- .'.irTT ANI JEFF An\«ay, Che-.tinj The Raj Would Give You Luat Cn The Tans-Is, So What's The Dif? SoapBoxDerby Films Shown AH»»»«T so Pr*-»r«u» 1'u-ric Songstress 26 Prescribed regimen 28 Health ,-?sort 29 Also "Accent on Youth." was the theme for the Wednesday luncheon session of the Frederick Rotary Club at the Frar.c.s Scott Key Hotel. Past-president John R F;', pat- rick presided i t"e absence of President Richard Rarnsburg Program Chairman Wsilssn E Hard\. sayinjr 'It is a privilege for aiy · tov.-r: to ha\e a Soap Boi Derby £raneh-sff" introduce ' Rotanans Warner L Britain Will.arr. B Bennett. Jr. and Jack Fornej to present the cz\ 's ente 'tamment Films cf the Washington derbv ' and colored excerpts of local contests sn various parts of the nation · and the national laces at Akron - O , wore projected by Forney nf- ter Co-sponsor-: Xcv. -.-Post's W T Dclaplaine Chevrolet's John R Cheathim and Jajcee's Derb D.r- ectcr Brittam had been presented to the Rctarians Bntta:-. pc.nted cut tnat 102 adults cf thir community are committed to promote, regulate, supervise and consummate '"this first, Frederick derby for youths of three coun'ies and the greatest undertaking for outh. ever attempted here." He pc.nted out that the notary club here, has :2 members and the son of a member, on the 60-man committee pr:r..aniy promoting the event to be held Ju!y"21 Dr Ignatius Bjorlee opened the business session of 'he .leel.r.g. inducting in'o membership. Dr ! Andre-v G newly mstal- led president of Kocd College f- t Yisitirg Rotarisns meeting w i t h V_Orn/VOTl the local club were. G Shirlej. Myers, Leesourg. Va G K CuJv" Gecsxa. X Y. and J H Sherri!! Pensacola. F;a . Guests cf l^cal ncr^bDr inc.ud- «d. Gsorgs Harrr-sn and : Xe-.vcll HORIZONTAL 3 Occurrence: 1,7 Pict-rcd 4 Ccr.ducted rac:o singer 5 v C3r ( a - c j 6 Approach 13 Venerate *!| 0orn 7 Vegetable 16 Seed covering \ g.^/J ?, 21Flower 3 ' C "Slave 22 Fish eggs I;; Woody plant 3 , ,,,,.. 23 Cease 1 ' }- nn crsal -w V v c r.. -jfip^^.b^ language -t^.-c.... End play is Strategy To Make Bid Here 27 8-ry 18 Exists T3 Body 24 Musical r-3:a:e.s drama 37 Xorse gcd 25 event 38 Cran'.y rce ·:i Frcieh article 42 Halt 40 Gave fcod to ·*3 Courts (ab.) 50 Musical r.o't (ab.) 33 Snaky fish 35 Carrj-inc receptacle 36 Sketch 38 Limb 39 Ring ' 43 At this tin:; 45 Loiter *** *.~«~i;«»» ** i **ut:c» 43 Magistrate 49 Her folk songs have ? touch 51 Substance 53 Suit in c=n 54 Hebrew ascetic VERTICAL 1 Gaelic 2 Changes course A A Q 4 Lc:;cn Hand--"vrither vul. South \\'Kt .North Eist Pais Pass ! 1 A Pass ?. v Pass 4 A Pas 6 A Pass Opening--* J 15 BOOTS A N D HER BUDDIES i DuOULY I «E Ci\vi,?| ·gi^ VI-6 =Xo^ ? f '-'-·^.'V Or r* i-j ."»mcr:ra\ C'-rJ Author..}' Lssecure irack Is Blamed For l^reck Baltimore, Juiy 14 ·?--"nrccure track today was blamed for the ·wreck of the Baltimore and Ohio's Diplomat at Laurel June 10 and , the railroad announced it h=5d fired there responsible. ; A Pullman porter \vns killed ·Rhen the last four cars of the St Louis to Xev.- York limited snapped off the train as it took a curve past Laurel racetrack Some 50 per3c:-s "vers injured, only one or two of "hem seriously i The Interstate Corrmerce Corr- mircion reported m Washington today that the -wreck was caused by the "insecure condition cf 'he track" Under the B O's own rules, the ICC said ''no train should have , besn permitted to move over the The report said the Diplomat was going about 75 miles an hour, its . prior to the accident and were I J '·working at the spot at the time of Lcppa. »3 BY v the wreck. The ICC said they were "raisin" and surfacing tnc track, rcplacinc defective ties and addir-s new ones " ·- '"d.- 5 liancs. no: only JT "VPER \: ",- f*f -*-» eii'lc^^- bjt ' ·!·-'"· G" ; p 'r cr at the s?r.-e l-aie.' Af:^. v -n "" t" ~.-c I.HS 133d Ot ;'--.e «,..T- r i jack :T fitiTiisy with ' "· !c_cr :n "ae fo 1 :- of clubs. an'I s ;'ie c!u" * .T\.-O \\a" wron^ that r.'"o v."·:"'! be n lorcr Of couric ' .'. *h? c . .--·-n::; b.o!.3 thrcc-'hres Ti'." f r '. 'h::iz tre fiid v. as to .V-.- t! -· rc-:n-:. r-r "rump 1 : Bei- c- cr. ' .-- ·'-.= ' - o hith d i a - | rror.-! l"~. eve: she mu^* strip h'r h-»n-; rn-i r u ^ ^ N of hearts. ^r v,-.-^ ;3 h^d ;hi ;--r- ?-\i\ ttja" r ' r ^ - r rr"l ''uf-'cd "rTM n.r.--rpot V ben Vc«* f*-o~~cd !"·"· ru~cn ro p-or»" !^"a-'; n ,;-·.· W;-t hand r\ f '\** *:'!** r~ lc n rt 'i "1""* other two h* j. 'V'-'onds. E^ c t sboWing out T'l" -t of '!-=mf-T;-: \va: !ed from fo..- nr cSi c~ 5 is Knew iha" We^t ·. cvH n" r"vo n sc^di- P l-part cr ? "ia~! to lead b~ck The p ·;!· I'--ft he rc':!d nake V.PS a A" no -T ;"-..- i=; n-i' a difficult j-»-jp-j to c'-- p" do-* n tm PISTV oi c""" 1 ir i s en the club finesse Ke's AUbi-ConscIoaa -\-.; Pranrs! Gcv= cv!, '-!XA.i.L- Bo~i.f-U.Ve ~ ! 3'-i' "iCU SO'.lc : A JCLLV P-J^5 --HET-; ^ J L ' C U O _ _ _ _ _ _ i '.VS \\.£LL,S£=VCU ! 7^ ] ! V-^ H^e Galo Plaza Bfcciverl cua-loriait Vote? ?-Icst ^Tir KILLS M£p JO N'3D T(-'c OLU3 1^5 j !-'SKi"T tO~ A JCJ_V TMI.-CG ft) . F^L-MES i OFFER ' y ,/\ i -.GO/ y x --. ..J.-K -~-^ i I /Al-Msi^ I'fy^ir^ AL!_ THEY'VE GOT S A / Y5W. W-iO"S SMT5RESTED ! fHC\ ROOM. A !£- { ,.N! T-.N1G-S UE THAT? / OUS.K?.«JcST ANSO A SW!,V.SAi-VS- i IT SAYS HKE' / CSSf^nC^, POOL' A-. X SO/ST A *0jf* V» ^^ O CCfRlW BT C. T «.* ==C U S. P-T American League Testerday's Results Open Date Games Todav "St. LOJIS at New York "Chicago at QLIHO Ecuador .lu'y 14 i ?·--The «jr.rcne electoral tribunal says Gi' P'ira f^-*rrc*- a-^ibd^sador to j :he Unite,-! S*P*C~ received the lirscst nu"~!b"r of \o'.cj in Ecua- ' clo: s rsrcridcrtis'. election June 6 Ga'o Plana. ai. indeoendent. \vas ivc-^cd b\ t:ie Xa'innal Democrat,c civic movemen' He now is undcr- cc ig a nhv^-cal checkup at a Xew Yr-'k ho^oita! The t n b v n a l ainounccd last ; nis -t the fcl!r"- pg rff cw! \ o t TM for , Gaio Plara. !-5.335. Con- j · « ; c r \ a i i \ e M?r.uci Ehcio Flor i Philadelphia. July 14 ^--There Cincinnati. July 14 T--Eighteen Torre.- 1120=52 Gen Alberto Eni will be no more televising of major members of ;r"- Cmci'invi Ked r i f f j e ; candidate- rf the Liberal fights under the direction of Her- basebaii team i\;M receive ribbrr.s PTIV. 53 G" 1 -! man Talor unless the Philadelphia denoting tho \\cr theater in which X--T-el Sotomavor Luna a Con- prorr.olcr is nsurcd against a loss they fougnt in the recent \xor!d ^ e r x v i v e received the largest vote Ta\lor made that emphatic state- ·struggle n ccrernoniej- fcr \ ice pre-idsnt the tribunal saia n-.ent today, reporting he lost close tomorrov. nicht s game v. .th the vie r: -NT UiUStXATELY m KJOVE M53 CA2 I'iTO TKH i^ ^ LAKt.' WHAT GOT .^ INTO '^31 C ^\ ~ s-r\ " '-i^ 0% "Malcolm Meggs. Jr.--an extra-tion--1« o p. tf. 1" | War Ribbons For 18 Cincinnati Flavors TS"» \\ OCIl ^Fight Was Televised * C7 A Desperate Trr --Cieve:sV,d at'Phila'delDb.a { ° SI .°' 000 ln Promoting Ike Wil- Brookljn Dodger- Fa.Iisrhood Detrc-:i at Boston ·Night *-Tw-.-r.:gh: **"Day and night Standin? Of The dabs Cleveland . 4^ Philadelphia . 43 Xfi-re- York 44 Boston 39 Detroit. 39 "Washington ..... 34 St Louts .... 23 Chicago 23 j_ 23 32 32 35 37 .1° 45 j:a .arns successful aefcnse of tne Major \v,nam Low e-^ XM!! res- r, ,. ^ 1'Kntvieignt :tle at Sh:be Park last rc ^ cn , ,,, A . ^ L ; c rf a RadlQ Pf Monday n.gnt j Dre.-Mp= ^-11 represent the Xavv I V U U I U M ' i ve got notnmg against tele- m trakin- the r.\\--a MB: wort viMon. raid Taylor. Don't get me scheduled to get the ribbon, ac- *nc cording to tho baseball club ~,an- CBS M \t. But J refuse to lose m\ rnonej aecment are Bfbb-- Aaar".^ Ev.el! Open Date Pet Sn f ° r the D=ncf:: of television s po -i- BiackwoM Ci -ude Corbet Harr\ ^ sors Those sponsors shoula be Gu-nbcr; Grady K?( o-i To--mv _^_ forced to coooeratf w i t h boxing Hughes Rr-. Limarr.o Hark 2~' promoters so that -he w ill be in- Sauer. .Johni-. Vander Mec-- Da'-.nv ^£ sured against lo's Lilwniier Kent Petcr=o -. H.igh V;; Tailor saia r-.t nad figured he p c :and Johrnv W\ros'e.-, Br-^-i ,.~ would make around S5" 000 but the Z.etnara Fr.-srsk Bniimniil- Kci "" : ?"nt drew a c'l^apr'-.nting cro-Ad Rpff c - s bergcr T-^-- S - 3""c^:^. 3~d 01 12?52 fans. · no contr.bjtc'i ts Xor-^ar -Babe" Yo-ng " " " · a cate of SS3.T27 " Television he c!ai~eci rcTuced For inrn sc 930 fee Exemng orn norsE G«L-- cs To5cv ·Brookl;,-; at, Ctr.c-nnstt *r-h. :ce:oh.a at SI L3u: = Bcr.:n z. Ch:caso ^' 'r 3 *"^ f\r -r«« --^1 1_ s..--.GJI^ Oi ' ce vTiubs Bcrtcr St'lT-^.7' Brrs't'V- ' Ph lads'-r.2 7*2 W-;:-ar-« rcco-v^c 5 a gupra-'-cc Brilil-.wick ^ cf S300-TO wh.Ie Ji'-k w a = given ? c'^-cck for S13 671 45 C3uiva"e"t So J. P Ka-r. J-.c f n Wed -e~-i;n --·- " i ^ c r * C ' D - ^ v o * ^ i 2 i * ^ c * 3 T^cm^ , - TOT* ox*r*cr\ ^or T ^ \eteraTi rent r-o-r.^ c- sa-.d °f Asse.--.-rrc",:-- .\ L-5"-ar B r r ' c k :rg the telavjsion r.ghts I went wa'chouse at Br-:-.;o .c-c Tre *o a Philadelphia -t?'!.~r 'n-i t"-ey cos' :- est.-v.p.ted at S2.r^0 I OUT OUR WAT ?C' 5^7 SI'S '"Ti re sa d -ara^ers nf J?- i ere =i27 523 433 opposed ji C3 ·'"I 'he c-ntr?c* Ta--"or -a'd AT liia-.-^ , . . , ^ -'-- ra ?T-ca i.s ro' oonoicd 4 " it ir ci 3~-~bj"l L-3TJ' = n _ n c ~ nl^hl rs--cs ra.r.c-i cut last are r^.c".-sr ! !'VJ to V~.v --,,» evening at IvicCurdv F.sld "His first «-cTc-t cC 'ht: rio^o'o bill, be- twscn '?· c'te T r'iv r, ?nd Wa!ker«- vilie. j? r'3'od st 7 p r.i; u r h the Eighlcan f e a t u r i n Lova'.tsv.!!-- vcrnt" "O^ T *b~ c'u'* 'o cor^mcncc about 9 o'clock unicr th3 arc:. T - D r'-'cc' n' t-'cx c;i = = re- t-.e c-u 'v ?-e c". r.e- I-? J B- dalc ou'-cs^cv S "'Icn-rc ""Tci-. L".o..d K "0 Mr r d Mr- c ,;,- e - ' s j-.. O a^-i M:: scat' v ere i" c-!,^ ~ a \ l - r hut th" icc'i /--re^ v c."" bc^^^" 1 " cnlv ^o'd i cC" 1 nen-r?' ;v.-o OH! o* c'-c-v 'h-ee A*r.cri- can "c!'"-"r- v.-hi r^ac'icd Frar.'S 4n ^* T orid V'-r I participo'.ed in csn cut i'^ cSctsncy cs much ** ' t ? spAPFRfiRCIilVE®« -i r-r'~c V r -V. Thu-rr~- Q . X J " - C , S-r" C W Kr"', Ba'tirrTC r ke fbe'i S^'i" 1 " /o-i E Crc-^er V."p!'-:s-«v,' ,--- d.t 'n to G \ - j : r n " ^500 "v'r^ C-'cs 13cltc-?- "oiin»*. .'.'e d a . r \ . C-IP_ KD.-"-: E X.-'c", V."a'ker \.'"e. d" r" --. «1" C' 1 ': r (""'jo of B~r rl *\. rk "·» ' ·^7 CO? 'c' i H K a n e * Buc -«· *to.-n F,k". d-.-.-e'Lii" So "O." 1 "r - - - ' :,'r- Er-:o ^ EI^ \ -rth -c-i- Bust ci £n_e:2c'.ne h;ht bul'i ^"J-cvi 1 '" c -S'.'T.- n'? "T 1 P P J~ P' a' ITS:- ~,T' 'r,'.;"' 1 20 psr cent. , scJdiiicn to dwells;, $3.000 ^-- f ; n ih" arena " .-.S^SS A C A Q ^C^OSG ASiOT-0£=T\vO . = - £ -iS.^iSSS v. ^C'5 TC^SD AS V.O T C 3 "°~" _ -^ ^fcl^rf' 'S. A==£CT!.v;3 HOSE saos SID5: ROADS =· WHO _ S · 17i- ^fe^^S^ , , *·-:,.,I. . -T t L--~^'r^5 ^- iNv=. -i %'s^££ m-**-! rSPAPERJ

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