The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 13
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 13

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Jan. 7, 1962 Sec. 2, Page 4 ^ Congress Is Mirror to Nation-- wifh a Few Crocks'm the Glass By Arthur Edson ate and the House meet at wr. rr TTVT ^-rrNM / A n^ r- u I But whether they mee: VX ASHING rON—(AP)—Congress comes back to ^1^^^. or an hour or twc work Wednesday, and anyone who hangs around it'earlier, they stay in session much will soon he bored, amused, excited, irritated,'until they knock off for the d, perplexed, depressed, impressed, bored. -'''^ "'fiht. This means our heroes and lored, perpiexcc It's easy to be angered at, or enamored with, a presilu • ' . , r .y, , ^ At heromes must sneak away fot \Xe always venerate a Supreme Court when itilunch, or. if the session dragj it:-)n, for a late snack. A puz- dcd constituent who finds his ongressman absent from his oost should remember: He nay be a desscrter instead of I deserter. Committees—the investipa ory committees grab all th( headlines, but they play a mmor role in congressional ,ife. Committees are what bills dent supports our beliefs and damn it unsparingly when n doesn't. Biu who can truly love, or really hare, C.'ongress? T hat'.s. a joke, man. And it's a joke that Congress i; otfcn treated. Repeating Himself "Suppose you were an idiot," Mark Twain used t( sa\- ui his lecture fours, "and suppose you were a mem- "'^^"^^f^ native habitat tier of Congress —but pr.u mvscU." re- could guess the true meaning in this fine feathered prose. Is the field of h bcr of Cont!ress-—but I _ _ _ _ _^ .. Here legisla I-or after soaring gracefully.itive proposals, which may hiunor^and enjoying every moment vitally affect us, are nurtured, rroudc'l.' a \-!)ung writer of it, Dirksen brings his fect'beefed up, killed or, most askf-d Will Rogers. ujp and makes a-perfect land-l|ii<ely, left to die unmourned. •Onlv when Congress is in ing: He may like wildlife, hut Little Tampering sfssi'in." Rogers said, he doesn't like this wildlife . , ^ „ It ,s f.-.r more than that, ofbill at all. question about it. Cotii- co;,r^. > It was Dirksen, too, who "^'t^^e work is the key to Inr (nniTcss is the most best described fatigue from ^'""^''ef' Bu the suspicion tv,,i. .1 Mf „ur Ameruan insli- over-polil icking, ^--^^^^ ^f?''^ ^^^^"^^ tun.ns we see rriir.: Tongue, Brain Differ ^'^"^^^^h'e Ho s'e atill report- r .,M.d ..meMines larger than .j^^, ^ intoi,,'",^'iy'T'comm ttee s hfe.o .i h.p .;s,nurprnuchces,,f,i, once said, o^lenconsLred so sacrosanct "the longer the tip of my ,hat ijttlc or no tampering is tongue gels away from my ;))|„wed on the floor. It will brain." I^P voted up or down about Although Dirksenian prose as it is. ialways has the same exhiliar-^ In the Senate, committees gating effect on me that a fresh and subcommittees have 'Ml' si 'lf ishn''ss, f)ur (nir [ict t mess. our tl'jiiiiis and—alas, too infre- (Hicnily Ihe greatness of \s 111' h wf ;irc capable. Can Be Slow Mere we also see that de- mni except " 1 he .Scnati Miidin;; conceded J. . catnip mouse has on a kitten, grown like brambles. Sen. for tirries ot gjj^, ^^^^ greatest delight Dirksen counted up one day cns,.s, (an be slow and c^m- .^^.^ unexpected good- and found he was on 19, h.rsMine, Letting eve y man,,, addition," I have a few has Ins s ,-,y .sounds fine ini ^^^^^^ ^.^^ ^ leadership chores now and uorv: m practice It can P^>n, h^,,^^^ in naturalization then," the Republican leader th-e;,r until It dulls the m,nd,l,3^, said ".So we will raise the In s,.!| defense, unhstening^ Sen. .John O. Pasture, totai to 20. I';;;';;;;;'; "''"'^ ^'^'^ '''^ D-R,J ., was saying he didn't "The question is, how does W'rren r ^^^^^ ^''^ every feature of one dispose of oneself?" _f •';;the bill when Sen. James 0 Dirksen did not demand an ,1 ' r,^.J\\^'^^'^^^^''^^' D-Miss., interrupted, answer, but maybe he should l"<"^nr,t listen very at- Eastland: "Has the senator hav^. Committees are im' In 'Vh' n 'ou^ the confusion '^'^y feature portant, but they should sup- , ,, I of every bill? port, nnl overwhelm, Conis so )>r'';it and the time lim- ' ' ,1 ,1 Hons sr. drastic a Demos-^ m Bill Form" gicss. ^ t ficnes ( ou Id pass unnoticed Pastore: "There have been Fraudulent Claim and unliciid. times, I have agreed with the Senate Debate — Senators ^•(•1, v,ilh all its faults, no 1" Commandments. But I drool on about how they have one (.in observe fongress for know the senator is jesting." the world's greatest delibera- litu' .111 (1 not develop at least I'^astland: "Hii! the lOCrun- live body. Hut even their a gtiidi'ini' atfiM tmn for it. m.indnienls have nr'ver l)een most avid fans, of whom Walk in the Woods before the Senate in bill am one, find it misleading, K''i']iinu. Willi Congress fo .'in." jmd possibly fraudulent, ad- is like taking a walk in the And here's Rep. H. R. vertising, \\(io (ls It can be pleasant at Cross. R Iowa, proud to lead V/ith a few exceptions, any ..ny l)i))c. but it 's more . S^IIJS Ihe penny-pinching bloc, dis-senator can take the floor and IviiiK .liter you have identilicd ' iissing a United N.itions pro- talk on any subject as long' Ihe s|)C( les and studied their ['"sal: as he wishes. Frequently as; li ;i !i)ts. their pe( uliarilics. "Only last Friday I Saw Mr, the Senate is settling down to' llicir sdii;.;. Stevenson in the United Na- meaningful debate a states- We CoiH^ress watchers, for lions new missions building man gets the floor and begins example, alw.iys look forward just coni[)let ('d, 1 Ic was ankle to speak on a completely ir- lo our first j^'linipse of Sen. deep in wall -to -wall carpeting, relevant subject—and off they 1 veiclt .Ml Kmlcy Dirksen, with figurative tears running go, braying after a new scent, I: 111 . :iii(l In hearing his dcjwn his (becks. The U.N. Too often this problem is soot bin;;, i.'ilysvUahic song, is broke, he said, and must presented as South vs. North, so easy to i< Icntily, so iinjios have millions of dollars. vvith the South worried lest sible lo inui.iU' "I never saw a man stand any rules modification lead Only a Diikscn, in explain deeper in w.into-w.iii ciirpet- to" more civil rights legisla- ing ''••by he du'n 'l w.uit ini- uig, ple.uiin.i; poverty, than don. Yet the issue is much ported (.i.iUs irn hided in an did Adlai Stevenson," broader, Fvery section has a ^ra ullure IJIII , would say: Seeks Ve(o used the Senate rules to its "Mr. President, unless m -Would it not be a good advantage. Ills lilelinic one has indulged ^ay to settle (he problem lo Unlimited Talk in Ihe clcli);lit of sinking ,( p,,,,nii (he („ ^-o („ ||„. These questions remain: into a siKciilent 'ig White 1 louse and let the [)resi —Can the Senate, now grown iicwion, nun h of life has got- (|,.,)| really h,,s to 100 members, continue to not vetoed a worthwhile bill .dlow talk unlimited as the| '""''•r ii,,,^ ye .ir—or even a very n.ition's business becomes in-| one." creasingly complex? Congress is niosl typic.illy —And wouldn 't there be or mavbe typicai- more deliberation, not less, if Icfi bv liiin, If he has had no dpp'"'""'t'.' to sink ii into ,1 su( ( iilent ( (lokie tilled with d .ilcs, he 1 MS not (oiiu lo uMjis uiih hie and reality, Ameruan- ,iM (l be no pl.n e on le A- I: i .nt lei. I iowever . . Describes (be Mallard ''^^^ ly human—in its stuljborn re senators W(Me kept at least tiisal to break its had habits somewhere near the subject and lead a better life. under discussion? Oi (in ,1 uildhfe bill: As the legislators come House Debate^—Here the ".Nolliin;: hrii'lilens a d .iy back to town, let's look a( a problem is precisely the op- ni'ii h ,is lo see ,, niallnrd few reforms they should, but posite. House rules have so nil lis v. in ;.'.s ouistii-ii hed, a undoubtedly won't, make: shackled talk that any discus\>'"\.- loiiiaimn^' .i iieifeci Lunch—most deep think-sion of a bill becomes a series "p.i .ml i< siMKiiiie sailing ers agree that a lunch hour of five-minute speeches. These " :i .I 'ld ii!o\ in;.; down. We is necessary antl desirable.'are desu^ned, not to influence e h':;i ;'(•! tlir liiilc fealliersMost people eat thrice d .iily. their colleagues, but to show, .0 i! . edye of his ' prop, and, judging from their waist- the voters back home that' pi ^e eit lie teitu 's bis lines, congressmen support their (ongressnien are fight -j I'el n|> .!!,(! in, ikes ,1 l.iiulmg this custom enthusiastically ing nobly. | v.'iiiid pni .nn .iirplane ,ind almost unanimously. Whether Uie House depends, and ,.n:' piiol ".N .iluie b abilil Onl.v o sn .ieie pi')\ idcil Hi, ill IK Meet at Noon bis \'el no one would (bis from their work too miK h on its coiumittees,! guess or whether it too severely^ sched- limits its time can be argued Normally both the Sen- endlessly. know its in it Neither microphone nor loud speal<er can be found there. Each senator—as did Henry Clay and Daniel 'Webster more than ] 00 years ago—depends on his lung power. For years Sen. Alexander Wiley, R-'Wis., has argued that if a senator is entitled to talk he is also entitled to be heard. But his crusade But anyone who visits the though delivered in audible, amiable bellow, has got him nowhere. ... As Warren G. Harding said, late IS so uniformly poor senators never listen atten- House soon reaches this conclusion: The quality of its de- iomething should be done to mprove it. Use Lung Power Senate Acoustics — One marvel of this electronic age is that the Senate doesn't tively to anybody. Improvements come slowly if at all. We can but hope. So welcome back, representatives, senators. And speak up so we can hear you. MAKE YOUR Dim DO THE WORK OF DOLLARS! ^ndusd FURNITURE Reconditioned APPLIANCES Buy With No Money Down! 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