The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 29, 1951 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1951
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

TWENTX The Sew* Frederick, JMd., Thursday, November 29, l»St MR. AND MKf. A Pair Of Skfptics THI GUMPS ifMIN IS RIGHT, OP COURSE... I BUT WEIGUED IN THE. BALAJ--, VVMAT ARE MY PUNY AFFAIRS COMPARED TO TUE FREEDOM OF MANKIND^ DON'T TUE POWER OF A !..I'M CERTAIN WLL'UANDLE 141S JOB WELL BUT ITS UNCLE B!M...I'W WORWED...\ TRUE, ANDY'S RECENT TROUBLES \ MiN, MY6REATLOVE FOR ANDY DOESN'T BLIND ME TO UIS LIMITATIONS..-YOU CAN'T E SERIOUS... SEEM TO HAVE UNBALANCED HIM...HE THINKS UE 60IN6 TO TAKE OVER YOUR AFFAIRS WHILE YOU'RE AWAY.. I POUGHT TM« QQCK9OOK AMON« SOME1 WHEN OTW6* OLP J Vs/e*e T U *H V J »·· C« YOU OUGHT TO TRY 'EM AGAIN Get A WG KICK OUT OF IT you wxve TWCP T. USED TO LOVC COOKINGr, NOW/ I HATE IT MUTT AND J»EF CHRIS WELKIN. PLANETEER Which Way Did It Go? THERE-'WErVE X HAVENT H6AKP THE ROCKET* COULDN'T HEAR DID THE NLWBEKOF THE JET/MOBILE HIT/WE?" you OUT UNDER -* ACCELERATION, DR. BUD.TAKE IT EA-S-y AND YOU'LL. FEEL. So Tomorrow They'll Be T^red From Cutting Wood In Their Sleep Today! Carnival SENATE GYMNASIUM T M REO U B PAT OfF COCK 1051 BY NCA SCnviCr CNC "f don't care to he mcntiotiotl as a presidential constituents ntiRht think I'm too cood for the job I sot'" my JACOBY ON BRIDGE Teamwork Wins % Even // BiJ /s Bad NORTH ) X» 4 6 3 2 V A K * K 10 8 2 4k A 9 7 2 WEST EAST A A Q 1 0 9 4 4 8 V Q 9 8 6 3 ¥ 7 * 3 4 Q J 9 8 7 5 4 * K 5 North 1 · Pass 2 + 3 N T SOUTH A K J 7 5 V J 10542 · A *Q104 East-West vul East South Pass- 1V Pass I N T Pass 2 N. T Pass Pass West Pass Pass Pass Opening lead--A 10 By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service In the hand shown toda South bidding -waf somewhat doubtful He should have doubled one spade instead of bidding one no- trump West would have gone for a 500-pomt ride at the ivery least South redeemed himself, however, by making his game contract This was luck for South since his partner happened to have a very clear voice and a wide choice of suitable words. West opened the ten of spades, and South \\on with the jack. He got to work on the hearts by clearing dummy s ace and king, discovering that West had five hearts as well as a biddable and leadable spade suit This made it fairly eas\ for South to visualize the entire" West hand West surely had started with five spade-; as well as the five hearts. He could have only three cards in the minor suits, and one of those cards was probably the king of clues. South got back to his hand with the ace of diamonds and led the jack of hearts to knock out West s queen. West returned the nine of hearts to?,Soath's ten. Now defciarer led a club to dummy's ace and cashed the king of diamonds. West discarded a spade, and it was clear that West's remaining minor-suit card was the king of clubs Declarer therefore returned a club from dummy and finessed the ten to let West take ·the king. West could take his third defensive trick with the eight of hearts, but then he would have to lead spaces That would allow South to win a second spade trick and the queen of clubs With three hearts and two tricks in each of 'the other suits, South managed to eke out tht nine tricks he needed Radio Program ^BC "VBAIL. 1090 ko CBS WFMD ·){« kc MBS WOR 710 kc ABC WMAL «30 kc Evening 600--NttB* fot l r » A l l n --nhc-rbi isVfnork Silent Hi --nbc mht caM Kiddies Hi (rut )--abcmbs-wost 6-15--Discussion Scries--cbi 6 45--Ncw-i(-nMt B\ Tbieo--iibo Nc\\a Bi oaiiciiKt --cbs 7 00--f\iw* Commentarv--nbo Beulili'a Skit--cb-i JStMV* A- Comiiitiilary--nbo Ntnvs Commtnlarv--mbs 7:15---Tick Smith Show--rb» Daily Commmmiv--abo Dinner Date--mbs 7.30--\c«s Broadcast--nbo Bob Crosby C! ;b--cb-i Silver Ijagle Dr,im.i~,ibo Notts Comment--mbi 7:45--One Man's F.imilj'--nbo .Newt Bimtlcast--cbi J u-iiine Ncttffiecl--inbn 8 00--1 ither K n o w s Boit--nbc I" B F in Peace V, ar--cbs JDcfenfie Attorney--abc Cilifornla CaraMin--mba a 30--Mr Keen--nbc The Pla\ house--cbs Holbnood Ihcatc"--abc Tied and Gun Club--mb« g 00--Dr-vsnct Drama--nbc Hoarthitone · AUitcrj--cb» Amfttour Show--abc True or 1 alsc--nibs 9 30--Counter Sm--nbo Opetation Underprounfl--cbi Reporters Rounduo--mbs 9 45--^ens Bioadcatt--abo «0 00--Hit Parade--nbo The Lineup--cbs ^e«s and Chili--abp Comment Mj sterv--mba 10-30--Al Mu«Ic--nbo 'T'ho W avworks--cb^ J 1 e ituro ProRram--abo Orchestra Show--rnbs 11:00--News A. Variety--all neU Television Summary 7.30--Lone Rancor Film--abo 8 00--Groucho Mart Film--nbo Feature Show--co^ Stop the Muc-ic--abc Georgetown Forum--DuMont 8.30--Treasury Men--nbo Amos 'n Andy--cbs Headline Clues--DuMont 9.00--James A'eltufi Shcnv--nbo Alan You OR--cbs Heib Shrlner Show--abo Ellery Queen--DuMont 9:30--Bip Town--cbs Film Theater--abc * 10:00--Martin Kane--nbo Racket Souad--cb 1 ; Paul Dixon Show 2--abo Film Theater--DuMont 10 30--Crime Photocrapher--cbs Musteline Mammal Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 5 Subtlety 6 Reverberate 7 Forest creature 8 Withered 9 Knight of the Elephant (ab ) 10 Footed vase 1,8 Depicted animal 13 Colonnade 14 Weird 15 Assam silkworm 16 Vivacity 18 Compass point 11 Baseball team 19 Jumbled type 12 Sharp 20 Raged 17 Type measure 22 Type mcas jre 20 Emphasized 23Court ( a b ) 21 Abandoned 24 And (Latin) 23 Lurch 28 Mast 25 Philippic 28 Cosmic order 26 P'erce with a F y. o L F l. 1 T E A ta ~£ i 1 **" te E£ f= h. ue « c t» '% 5 O I ff E te N tc w l_ o ^ T A k £ I ? M (=. U T A -\ \ A _ i 1 E * N b t ^ = A U e BLUE GILL !_ 6: l r * u f i" E A M 1 r E A F R fc, U L. r ·LX r A M t- E U M r i i_ u F O ^: V A l_ 1., E Y ^ L v ~ A S? D T =· 3 = - 5 A ? E= r i T HAVE YOU A (300 D HOLD ON THE BRUSH.! ONTO IT A MINUTE/ I'M GONNA BORROW THE LA,DOER' BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIB8 Good Evening 30 Bewildered 46 Preposition 39 Misplaced 47 Foot part 40 Passage in the 48 Bulk 31 Weary 32 Ages 33 Mimics 34 Halt 35 Insects 36 Notion 37 Symbol foi neon 38Ceuum (symbol) 39 DeuRidin 41 M d i k against 47 Symbol lor samaiium 49 The car (comb form) 51 Black bird 52 Extinct bud 53 Caravansary 55 Gives as an jn.iliciiablc possession 57 Retinue 58 Dough Mnps VER1ICAL 1 P.ICP 2 PCIsinn f a u y 3 Bmmditi v (tomb form) 4 Tianspos,e (ab ) knife 27 Tube 29 It is not a animal brain 42 "Emerald Isle" 43 Parent 44 Level 45 City in Nevada 50 British money of account 52 Unit of wire measurement 54 Three-ioed sloth 56 Paid notice 15 n It 10 12 BUGS BUNNY In The 30 29 Ratkole WHEN VA, GONMA UP TH' OOlNT, GLUTZIE^ IT'« TOO COUP BUM, LOAFER - C5OOI7/ YOU '5HOULC' BH r PUTTING POTATOES IN TH THAT''?' FRECKLES AMD BO8 FKIKKDB Must You Got WELL,NOW FOR TMe wexj--- HEY, CAtL OFF THAT FLEA MOTEt,/ ONE SIDS FIRE CHIEF-THE MUTT WANTS Court News Jquity William L Tritapoe vs Charlotte . Tritapoe, bill of complaint to .eclare the marriage null and void. ilarriape Licenses Douglas M Brown, 20, colored, Lincoln apartments and Chailotte Coleman, 21, colored, Chambers- wig, Pa Oscar F Derr, over 21, 227 Dill Vvenue and Viola E Mam, over 21, 229 Dill Avenue, both of this city. Virgil L Kefauver, 26, Middletown, and Virginia F, Carmack, 21, 200 East Fifth street, this city. Property Deeded Ralph H Cavell and wife, to Hagen B Neal and wife, $10, county Edgar Harbaugh, executor to Samuel L Royer, Sr, $71,000, county BUSHED MOW 1 KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN BY WIMDOW PAINS / VIC FLINT Exit Ham Scribt Har\o\ C Butlei, ,lr, and \\ife $10 citv Canmgton H Ea«h and \\ife to E Ed\\ard Silence and w i f e , $10. cou.itj Ro\ R Dcam and u i f e to the Stale Roads Commission, $1, coun- John H Stull and wife to Chailes \ Rill and \vife, $10 coutitv Petei L Hitter to W Ernest Riter $50. countv Fiancis Leroy Sharrei to the State Roads Commission, $1, coun- y. The tabs will be bolted to the present plate and \vill bear the figure 52 ' Thev \\ ill cover the in the present plates Ameucan families now have 46,000000 dwelling units Ltrfs Stuff Samuel L Rover, Sr, and wife, to Helen Stewart, $10, county. Helen Stewart to Samuel T. Rover, Sr, et a l , $10, county. '-v to YOU TELL ITS Who can define the cause of war in just a phrase of two" Or reasons, list a score or two and still have more to do' The causes grow from deeper roots than you ana I can find and maybe ages of disputes and happenings combined Would you be caring to explain exactly \\h\ men fight, and scan the whole historic chain' Who, me' Thanks, not tonight' N A LUFBURROW USING STEEL TABS RICHMOND Va Nov 23 Tiny steel tabs, to be attached* to present license plates, will be issued for motor vehicle licenses in Virginia in 3952 because of the steel shortage, Crawley F Joyner, Jr, Commissioner oJE Motor ITS- A GOOD SUICIDE NOTE. NOW WRITE "MIDMISHT" AMD 5ISM YOUR NAME PRETTY ARENT VOL), :PORT? ONUV ELEVEN). THAT, GIBBERteH WILL MAKE 'EM ^UREK THAN EVER ·'OU WERE NERVOUS ABOUT 6OIN THROUH WITH IT O o T M SEC. UfS, P»T Off. FRISCILLA'S POP Figures WERE THINGS PEALLY BETTER THEN THAN THEV ARE NOW. GRANDPA? LET'S HAVE THE TRUTH! JUST WHAT WAS SO GOOD A60UT THE GOOD OLD DAVS ; T M REG. U S PAT OFF COPR 1951 BY NEA SERVICE INC OUR BOARDING HOUSE 21 SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS LITTLE LIZ i People will often give three cheers for s o m e t h i n g they. wouldn't qive onythinq else for. HELLO, MACK / IT AIM'T COMEDIAN!/ , Vou MUST HAVE SEEM POIKI ALL. IT (?£ PIKE ? X ALWAYS * DID SET \bu UP WITH AGED WOOD HAD IT HEAD A LON1G our omt n %T 5E.T OUT/ rVE 6OT THREE \ MOW.' EVERYBOpyS SOT SO \ AMYTHINIG THEY V/AN)T, WISH, ' MEEP OR HOPE FOR, THEY HANIP -OU ANI ARTICLE OM rr By EXPEK.TS ' VJHV A SOY WEEPS A-- WHY A WOMAN) WEEPS A-- HERE'S A ARTICLE YOU SHOULD READ WHEN! ·)OU GOT A MlMUTE --

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