Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1968 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1968
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1968 ALTON EVENING PAGfc B-3 MOOSti By Bob Weber -M APARTMENT 3-G By Ate* Koteky PROFESSOR PAfAGORAS (5 BOUNP TO . IEARN ABOUT EDEK LOWRY'S RETURN TO THIS COUNTRY IN THE NEWSPAPERS.' SHOULDN'T WE TELL HIM? BUT IT'S IMPORTANT HOWlTWHV fcON'T WE HE'S TOLD, tOMANE/ W6 ^ (NVItE HM SH0ULD BE year CASUAU/OYERR*.OHNM ABOUT IT/ THAT MISHf BE A SOOP IDEA/ THEN YOU CAN MENTION IT, MARSO—AS THOUGH YOU'RE TELllNS LU ANN ANP Me. ABOUT It FOg THE ^IgST ""'" TOO ' ''"'THAT WOULlTBE THE WAV Td DO IT/ fr THE WIZARD OF ID Vy Parker and Hart UTTUE? .-- PUT IT* OH THE MM KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andrlota FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry ^ THE FIRST GREAT EARTH J CIVILIZATION DESTROYED ITSELF -« ^ANY TIME-CYCLES ASOj THE SURVIVORS OF ATlAfJTIS STILL DWELL BENEATH THE SEAS, RERJSIN& CONTACT WITH THE SURFACE/ ——-:\=;3i£_i -ssfesig /NOW THE EARTHLINSS AGAIN DEVELOP THEIR.TECHNOLOGY.' ON OCCASION, ONE OF US HAS SOME AMONGST THEM, TO SPEEP THEIR'PROGRESS/ [iF WE COULP TOLERATE THEIR ATMOSPHERE FOR MORE THAN A FEW HOURS AT A TIME. IT WOULD ALL HAVE GONE MORE SWIFTLY/ BUT, WHAT /MATTER? WHEN OUR. EMPIRE HAS TAKEN 100 MILLION EARTH YEARS TO BUILD? TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB ByA. LEOKUM Why Do We Have an Outer Ear? Win The New Book of Knowledge (2ft * Volumes)/Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. You must include your Zipj Code. In case of duplicate ques- j tions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Carol Schinella, .East Northport, N.Y. Why are we able to hear things? We can hear because our ears pick up sound waves. These sound 'waves are vibrations, and when they reach the brain they are turned into sound. '•../: : I Vibrations set the air in motion, and the air travels in sound waves. If you strike a key ort the piano and then feel its i string, you will feel the vibra- i tions. Your ears catch this as a | tone. i A tone is a sound with a def- jinite pitch, or given rate of vibration. The human ear can hear vibrations ranging from 15 or 16 a second (very low pitch) to 20,000 a second (very shrill). Sound waves travel outward from a source in ever widening circles. We are able to hear when these waves reach our ears. So it is very important to have those waves reach our ears. And that is why we have ears on the outside of the head. They have very little to do with he actual "hearing." They act as cups that catch the sound waves. The parts of the ear that hear lie inside the head. The outer ear bounces sound nto the canal that leads into the head. About an inch inside, he sound waves meet a thin, ight, sheet of tjssue called the eardrum The ; sound waves make tho eardrum vibrate. •The vibration is passed on to. three tiny bones that fit together in a rhain about a quarter of an inch 'ong. The eardrum and hese littJe bones make up the middle ear. Then the vibrations pass on to the inner ear. This is called the cochlea The inner ear is filled with flu'd and the vibrations set this fluid in motion. The inner ear also contains thousands of tiny hair cells. The moving fluid masses the sound message on ihrough the tiny hairs to the nerves. The nerves carry it to toe brain — and the brain turns it into sounds. The brain tells you-what you are hearing. FUN TIME 1. How many sides does a barrel have? 2. What begins with T ends in T and is full of T? 3, When do chickens have 8 feet?- Answers 1. Two. The inside and the outside. 2. A teapot. 3. When there are four of them. WORD PUZZLE Peter Hoffman ...CHEER UP, KAY.' THAT CHEMISTRY STUDENT GUARANTEES A BIG BANG FOR TOMORROW NIGHT! -^ c L A N P K £ y PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates TO PO-EXERCISE PEATH?! j TO MY NEW 6UPEIS 3PRAY! A PI© WASPS' 6AY6 HERB TCBN'AORR.3 Aoyiee NEVER TQ ~ TRUST ANVONS OVER » ,/ tTRUSTANVONB Can vu change the first word "Clan" to the last word <<j> rey » in f our mov es? Change one letter in the word with each move. Soe tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win The New Book of Knowl- dge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; 'ell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. 'oday's winner is: Dawne Nielsen, 11, Edmonton, Alberta ., t fWS IS IASH/.. 1 tHmKiVE SPOTTED OOR BOY/ .. FlNP OUt AIL YOU CAW A8O/T A DETECTIVE SFRSEAHT KERRY DRAKE/.. PRIVATE FINANCES.. HOW GOOD A COP H£tS..Wtf WOUKB! THEREU Bfc M6R6, I'M SOW© INTO BUSINESS IN YOUR CITY/ WE APPRECIATE VOUft IN OUR BANK, MR. TAVARES/,. OPENIN6 youR ACCOUNT WITH SUCH AN IWPR6SS15/E PEPOSit/ DON'T Give ME THAT HIGH CL4SS By George Sixta -AND DON'T COME BACK WITH DAD'S CREDIT , CARDS' BOUGHT A DRINK, MOM./- adL WHO DOES SHE) /^.rr-r- TV* T-Alycr — J NO. HE DOESNT TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN/ OHHE TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILDREN.' HOW NICE/ WELL/1 DONT THINK THAT IS FAIR/MITZI SHOULD SET SOME TIME AWAY GET TO TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN ?r- MIN FORGET True Life Adventures ©1968 Walt Diuiey Productloni .World Ri«hU Reisrved TUNES TERROR CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheff Sl-EPHANT THE BAMBOO •FvOKEST. HORIZONTAL 1. Expectant desire 5. Source of heat. 8. Zone 12. Rate 14. Scope 15. Feign illness 16. Row 17. Government agency 18. Balloters 20. Lower 23. Clock face 24. Leave out 25. Make believe 28. Wire 47. Being 48. French satirist 49. Never (poetic) 50. Summer in Cannes 51. Serpent lizard VERTICAL 1. Garment edge 2. Eggs 3. Chum 4. Educe 5. Icelandic tale 6. Shoshonean Indian 7. Boldest S. A conflict 9. Great Lake port 10. Ogle 11. Sailors 13. Distinct part 19. Cereal grains 20. Cathedral church 21. Discharge 22. Venus d« measure 29. Coarse 30. Lubricate 32. Agony 34. French river 35. Comfort 36. Clara 37. Moans 40. A fuel Of THE VKY HOi-J-OW STEMS Telegraph Want Ads 23. Low hum 25. Force 28. Part of speech. 27. Muck 29. Federal agent 31. Meadow 33. Primer 34. Artist's stands 36. Rescue 37. Secluded valley 38. Level to the ground 39. French river 40. Fleer 43. Burmese demon 44. Scottish arctic explorer LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE 42. The •** taste cosmos Average time of solution : 23 mlnutei. 48. A worm 1 IZ 15 ssti 2.0 •iA at Y //< y //< 57 4' 47 49 '£. SSS 21 6Z ^ 68 * ^ W % 49 4 17 ^ 66 •61T % 11 b vt y/ % ty/ 5 /// as- 4fc 4b SO b % '£.*> Vs 4* 7 It* % 4o % ^ ^ » ^ *b ^ CRYFTOqUIFS OFKBR ISSYOFDEFK LOG YLR. Yesterday'* Oryptoqulpj DENTED TICKS ON. a 14 Ib $ w 51 9 ^ at 50 SSJ 44 10 /// 8T ^^/ 45 II 'SA % 51 $ 4b OFDEFV Lib! OLD CLOCK STILJ '33V '01 'AV«I '9 aSnOH iilHM T •8 'ssvioanoH 'S '113i AiNiBIl 'C 'NY3 '5 'SMOllia 'II '3dld 39Vid '6 'NVIONI 7—**wv A

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