Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 80
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 80

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 80
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ALL EDITIONS 4« The Arizona Republic Pfeefdt, Sat, Atg. IS, 1976 FOR PttlPftIN* IN4UM ' ftWANPANlMAtfJ Friday Foster Wizard of Id 1 Fred Basset WHV DONT VOU TlfAe WITM VOJR. KJDS OIHBR FATHERS? Odf... WHAT* DID ROR tfXJR INFOR/VSAT)CN/1 SHARED A WHOLE EVENlNe WITH TH&ArV VVB COMB COPS. YOU RE SO WEAK-MINDED YOUR WIFE AMD I MAD MUTT, USTEM - VOUR MOTHER-IN-LAW / 6TOP WHISPERING MY NOSE/ TO TELL you ON WH"ICH! SIDE TO PART MVWAIR SIDEWAYS , CANT WE CHANGE CUP ACCOUNT TO THE BANK ACROSS THE STREET > S IS THE INTEREST CALE HIGHER TWEPE. PAM? BUT THE SCALES THE LOBBY ARE MORE PUTTERING.' I'M GOINO TO START A HOPE CHEST HOW NICE SLUGGO AND I ARE GOIHG TO GET MARRIED SOMEDAY Unscramble these four Jumble., ANYTHINO? anything one letter to each square, to *~ ' ' form four ordinary word*. I VO ABE JL Q NAPTIC LIT CIKNVH D SHE ANV7HIN9 HAve IM Astrological forecast •y SYDNIY OMARR Now anranft thifirrM Ittt»if to form the surpriM amwrnr, at •ugg««ted by the above cartoon* (Atwwcrt M«ad«y> CAKfD fORRY FORCfO MENACI titiuant of thlt tottut uunin «tar> tm "roo/ 1 *-* home, nwmter' Mint, if you«n m» prlc«. Strlvt morning CA ANC8R jtJun* 21-July K): Friction with mate, partner erupts unless fhero s financial unierstamjlng. Mat- Mr WhlCIl «»* K*iA«^i»tTi «Vi-i. J":?^: ears. It i ter wWdi has been^put asidei reap pears. It concerns "•'" ' ' and what to do wit .. ,„„„pears. It concerns who owns what — with It. IEO (July 2J-AU9. W> Study Cancer rn*ss*se. You set v»ry Tittlj if Tnil*. tent, domineering. Light touch is ttHjrts e pt (o othleve res-ulti Conc.en- e ld OxTr r_i i! vl y»w¥iii. pv I^OVIIQU&. jou could be victim of wishful think- o?i tiS' d °" P 0 Imwrtant decisJons. fiO« 2*0 carries rumor» Is Irresponsl- ttt. Respond accordingly. 'M? D *J (U ^ ( YJfOR JjJRTHjjAY you frWritriirnt^ ovffplfly yO : Jf i :U ;'i H '.I /. o * '.ow 19 bviia' (o n.suiisl vi.« t!i o loss, IP wa SELUTH1S M=NAQP D6AL weix MAKE A MIUUION/ Blondie VOUB URTPOU8LE is you 11 f 8038-1X1 ONUV HUMAN r -^ ^iC WkRDONMBMR NOT I'M LEAW«.*roRTKC BIB 5TATION-ANO I DIDNT WANT TOO) THfiBBVOUSO seaATt A®AIM/ . 1UE WARDROBE *(THI« ROOM MUST NAVE THOU6HT AUNT CONNIE'S 6UE5T* WOULD ALL BE. BA5WTBAU.5TAR5! Dick WAT ARE VOU DOING WITH VOUR MONEV.TINKY? flL COME DOWN JUST A MINUTE—TO 5HAXE HANDS-ANO WBHYOUAGOODSfcAMN AAAV I RBMCVE VOUR CLASSES? ONE OP THE ARMS NEEDS STRAIGHTENING BEAUTIFUL EYES AND NO REASON BELIEVE CASE I ITS NOW BEUEVEP THAT THE RIOT WAS STARTEP IN AN EFFORT TO AIP THE ESCAPE OF TWO INAnATES! WEIL INTERRUPT WITH SPECIAL BULLETINS, AS WE RECEIVE THEM.' WE'LL RETURN r TO OUR HOUR OF MUSIC.' I EXPECT WE'P BETTER T I'M TURN BACK, SAM! WE WONT) SURE BE ABLE TO SEE JASON /YOU'RE . AL6XANPER TOPAY.' ^ RIGHT.' Judge Parker WE INTERRUPT OUR PROGRAM ONC6 MORE TO BRING YOU THIS LATEST NEWS; ALL POINTS BULLETINS ARE OUT ON THE TWO E5CAPEP CONVICTS! THEIR NAMES ARE WILLIE SMITH ANP 7ASON ALEXANPi THE PESCRIPTION5 ARE AS FOLLOWS; WILLIE SMITH,A6i THIRTY-FIVE. THESE VflLLER PILLS OUGHT TO CURE UP SNUFFV'S SNIFFLES, LOWEEZV Snuffy Smith ir HOWSOMEVER- GIT 4N TETCH WIF WE RIGHT flWftV IF THEY MflKE HIM OVERLY DROWSY / HOW OW flIRTH ( VJILLI EUER V, KNOW THfVT? Ask Andy Can lightning strike through a window? -from Donald Rogers, Portage, Ind. A sudden thunderstorm may gather in the blue summer sky and catch you unaware. The roaring thunder and the flashing lightning are wonderful to behold. But if the weathery warfare happens to be right overhead, that razzle-dazzle lightning can be a killer, a bolt of electricity slashing down to strike the earth. A direct hit on a person is very rare, but when-it happens the victim is struck dead. A near-miss shocks a person unconscious, but this NEW! THE WAR AGAINST POLLUTION 0065 ON. THE BRITISH HAVE BUILT A COMPUTER- BED FURNACE THAT CONVERTS SEWAGE OOmETELY TO INERT ASM ANP AUTOMATICALLY DISCHARGES THE STERILE MATERIAL FOR FILL, AGGREGATE OR METAL RECOVERY... «X)O victim will probably recover completely. Though lightning is fast as a flash, actually it is rather lazy. It takes the shortest, most direct path. This is why danger lurks when the storm is right over head. It also likes tall objects and water, moisture and metals. If you are caught out in a field, do not seek shelter under a lone tree. The lazy lightning is more likely to strike a treetop, rather than go all the way down to flat ground. It also likes tall towers and high spikes. This is no time to be near the TV antenna on the roof. Lightning also likes to strike boats out on water, especially ones with masts. If you get caught on a picnic, crowd into the car and roll up the windows. The metal keeps the lightning outside and it dislikes coming through glass. If you must run through the storm, you are safer if you keep dry inside a slicker and wear rubber soled shoes. Lightning dislikes rubber. Also turn off the TV and cancel your telephone calls. Their wires may attract the lightning and it can burn out their circuits. One of the safest places is inside a building-if the building has a lightning conductor. Watery home ST. JOHN, Virgin Islands (UPI) - Three scientists and a photographer dropped to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea in a special living chamber Thursday to begin a 20- day project for the Ttklite 2 l/Jj/ilTj'Vr'blU' 1 t- i I: i; / r H -iV This clever safety device is a metal rod, higher that the roof, with metal wires leading down to metal plates buried in the ground nearby. The metal rod attracts the lightning. The wires conduct it safely down to the metal in the moist ground. It takes an expert to fit a building with the kind of lightning conductor system it should have. Overhead power lines often have conductors made from the same sort of glass in the win- dows we close during a thunderstorm. We can thank Benjamin Franklin for the lightning conductor. In 1754 he figured out that lightning is a fiery flash of electricity and invented the lightning conductor to keep it from striking buildings. Send questions on postal card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85002. The author of the published question won a 20-volnme set of World Book Encyclopedia. UTTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE IT

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