The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 22, 1924 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1924
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

*AGE SIXTEEN. THE HUTCH TNSON NEWS. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1924 LAWSON MAY TELLS OF A VOYAGE ON THE CHINA SEA On a German Ship from Manila to Hong Kong— A "Look Sec" at a Chinese Port—Then on to Shanghai. I.awHon Mny, former llulrli- itwon nowKpiipt'r limn, inure recently on the I'llltnrinl K tu rr "T a daily )ni|ier nl .Munlln, Philippine*, lilwl .'it present' at .Shanghai, rhina, In newspaper work, writes his mother, Mrs. Ollin May, i\n fnlliiwn rosard- inR l>l» I rip from Manila to Shanghai: At Rua, 0<;l. 12. Frle .ni! Fnitilolim: Finally old jinx May Rot away from Manila—after eleven rtayn of waitinR for tho ship to Ball. 1 havo certainly had lmil luck In tlio matter of getting away on ships that RO down to sea, Three years aini I "was held up a month. Thh time it was eleven days. Hut we're away now. sailing the snappy China sea or which popmn and romance* have been written--many of tliem. Doesn 't look any different to in;- - yes than any sea. H'e not even living up to lis fame ot helnj.' roiiKh so far. I'm a pacifist, when It cnnies to dealitiK Willi seas. This is a fiermnn boat—motor- snip of fj,O0i> tons, more or less— Just long enniinh I" KiiUier unto Itself nl 1 the wild waves* and Homo that aren 't uiiin .110 ton wild hut they are all wavy-If you net what 1 mean, ooooopa. Being a Germnn ship there are two Kinds of water aboard, that which Is salt water and is used for nhower hath purposes and that which Is used for washltiK of hair and face, and for eookinM. The latter kind also Is used for making of loo which in turn Is used In coolltiB tho many frasches of beer with which tlio larder Is stocked and which Is consumed at each meal. Definition—ein fraschu bier means one bottle of beer. One nearly has to make a written statement to the purHer and steward and captain that one was born In Kansas and therefore Is accustomed to water at meals beTore one Is accommodated with tjiis valuable washing material. furthermore, It being a .(ierman vn'sel, ticrmni! Is spoken. My proficiency lias developed to the point i 'f being able to remark (tuton mor­ een when everyone shows up for brwikfnst. But 1 did not use the pliraso this morning for many .if the passengers decided to remain In bed. Maybe the'day being Run- oay had something to do with it but I am Inclined to believe that tli.i presence of a few of those wild, wnvy waves was the real cause. There are eight passengers—one Chinese returniug to Canton aftjr II years In the United States; a Filipino boy going to Hongkong tn work; five German women, going to Join hubbies in and around Hhanghal and one German man, returning to bis business In Hanhow - if be has any with the civil war In progress. And. of course, 1—tlio famous globe trotter. That means slightly more than IS hours. The shipping board boats make It in lb! hours. The vessel Is driven by large motors—just like a Packard with motors on each side. Twin six or a twin 00 Is this bont.. T"he blowing out of two cylinder heads Just us lb-.! vessel was edging into Manila bay twelve days ago caused the 1 Ions delay. For eleven days I was ready to go. I was living at the "Y" but moved to the boat the last three days ot Its stay in port. We 7mlled away from the pier Thursday morning and anchored out in (he stream to await tlio casting of now cylinder heads. The first one came nboard Friday morning, the second Friday night. We sailed at •fi:20 o'clock Saturday night. I was units to go ashore at the last moment mid gather tin all the mail which had arrived on two boats that day. Also swiped some newspapers for reading purposes and those with a book Taylor gave me. and some magazines the society editor presented m« with I have enough reading matter to keep going until we hit Shanghai, The weather la groat ami 1 havo been sleeping more than I have been reading. Chow— inucho of it. Thick gravy- like soups, two and threo kinds of meat, many potatoes—such is the chow on this German ship. I'm regaining a Utile of that, rotundity 1 formerly possessed but lost several months ago. This noon we bad many wurM. kinds of chow. The inclosed menu will show you. l/ibcrwurst and frankfurters That's about all 1 was able to read on the menu with the exception of baffee. But r told the boy to bring everything, with tjie result that 1 got five kinds of wurst. This vessel makes about twelve knots, which means that It's slightly Blower than the shipping board bouts- but it will get us there just the same—hope so. I understand wo are due In Hongkong lata Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Certainly am getting plenty of wear out of my white clothes, j Wear them two days, give them to a crew man nboard, bnve them washed and do it. all over again. Hut there Is no use dressing up for this boat. We do wear coats at chow but the rest of the time, the men passengers stalk around In shirt sleeves. And sleep—gollles. Was In bed last night at 10 o'clock, shortly after we passld Corregldor which is the heavily armed United States garrison Island at the mouth of Manila bay. It's very pretty at night with lights on all threo lev. ela and several ffashlng signals on the top. The minute we passed Corregldor I went to bed mid got up this morning at seven bells. After breakfast, read ti few pages of a story and then hit off to bed again, this tinio doing an hour. Then had to get up and eat. Read a few more lines after lunch, walked around the deck several times and acquired some more sunburn. Then retired and slept until 4 p. m., after which I come to the top deck and do this little bit of writing. 1 am using my Corona, dug up after three years ot submersion In the trunk with the mothballs and wool clothes. Put a new ribbon on It. greased a part or two and started siguelng on It. Hongkong Is wonderful. We pulled In there at daybreak Tuesday and get away at daybreak Wednesday. Today Is Thursday. We're duo in Shanghai, they say, about noon Saturday. Which certainly will suit, me, although I don't know how I am going to find time ashore to get in quite as much sleep as 1 am on this frigate. EleVeu hours last night after twelve hours the night before with an afternoon siesta. But you want to know of Hongkoug: The approach to the city is through a wide river mouth with 100 to ISO foot high rocks on each side. Hundreds of sampans and junks mingle with fnst launches anil smaller vessels with the addition of an ocean-going steamer occasionally making an active picture. For tear your fa- east education has been neglected a sampan is an abbreviated flat bottomed boat, looking as if It had been once a regular sized boat but that, the owners had quarreled and divided the denied thing In two. Sampans are being modernized with gasoline motors propelling them along. The means of propulsion has been sails and still Is to a great extent. A junk Is a larger sampan with sails doing the pushing work with the aid of the wind and an oar In the hands, usually ot the woman ot the boat. Whole families live and die on these Junks. And from the looks of the water front and evory Junk the stork Is a right versatile bird in being able to locate every junk about once every year and sometimes sooner. The far east has a codo all its own. There should always be, it seems the code is, ono child being led, another being carried in the arms and another on the way. Pardon tlio naughtiness, but that's facts. The rlc.klshawB cost 40 cents tin hour which translated Into American money menns 20 cents an hour. 1 toured the city, through manv highways nnd byways, for 10 cents. The coolie yelled for more money but 1 am truly oriental and remarked something about gotlheliellniit- ofhere- and lie djd. 1 'consldc/od myself real suocessful during the, day In Hongkong In the matter of paying for rides. The coolies ami- ed for more money every time. And 1 refused them every time. In Manila one can't do that because the eoohoros—drivers of the horses —will Immediately drive to the police station where ho has at least half n chance. The coolies don't have a bit and know It. The coolie is certainly used as the beast of burden—as you've seen In llurton Holmes' pictures. Ho pulls carts, he is the sprinkling wagon, he cnrrles sacRs, he pulls persons. These guys ought to win mnrnthon races in the Olympics. They can run for hours without a stop. Hut none of them has ever entered. I understand there is a move on foot to train several coolie rlcklshaw men for the next marathons. My trip to the peak via the tram, comlilneil with looking up several former Manllians. consumed my morning. 1 had lunch on the ship, took my ride nround Hongkong In the early hours of tlio afternoon and then rode out to Hepulse Pay, via auto, from 'i to 6 o'clock. Repulse Pay is half way around the island. It Is a large hotel, nestled in among hills with a wonderful bathing beach and sunset making things more comfortuble. I went In bathing. Had a bit of tea nnd cakes on the verandah of the hotel. Then went the rest of the way around the island and it cost me only $5 gold. Motoring roads are great. Scenery that nearly equals Bagnio of the Philippines. Pines and eucalyptus trees side by side. Colorful flowers. The blue water of the bay on one side, the RTeen- ness of the country on the other. Chinese coolies carrying packs on the road. Illch Chinese swishing by in high powered motorcars. A Chinese cemetery perched on this hill. Tombs and crypts In the sides of the hill. Cemetery laid out In tiers. Squalid shocks of Philippine variety. Next door a modern Chinese home with tinted windows, lanterns outside. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Back to Hongkong, just in time for more tea. All Hongkong stops work at 4 o'clock and Indulges in tea nnd games from then til dark. Dinner is at 7:30 or S. The Englishman must have his tea and lie must have his play. And it isn't a bad Idea at that. What's the use of working so darned hard and fast when life Is much easier and one makes just aB much money at an easier pace? But the "United States hasn't learned that and 1 | suppose I'll have to assume a faster pace when I hit the O. S. shores. Our boat, was at a pier across the harbor from Hongkong city which in reality Is called Victoria. The ships tie up ot Kowioon. A ten minute terry, costing ten cents, is the transportation. Hongkong Is built on the side ot a Bteep mountain. Houses are perched on foundations, either built, or dug Into the side of the precipice. About three blocks along the water front or bund is level with most of the big business houses being there. Then the stoep hill starts and the top Is 1S00 feet above sea level. One goes up the topside via cable tramway, The ascent, is steeper than the angle at which on airplane rises. Within the period of five minutes, the tram goes from 100 feet above sea level to 1S50 feet above. My ears went to ringing, so fast was the j going up. This tram provides the i only possible means of transporta- | 1 ion tor tilo hundreds ,of persons | living on the side of the slope. The I other ijOd feet to the highest point j Is too steep even for the tram. 1 j started to climb It but found It ! too doggoned much work. So I hired a rickshaw and took tliB interesting little ride around the entire top. One looks down 11)00 feet or more onto the harbor, ulivit with its ships. One can see across the bay to Kowioon, the real port of Hongkong. One can look many miles out on the China Sea, finding these junks nnd sampans, all on fishing bent. I had dinner with some Manila friends at Kowioon hotel. And the moon was shining bright and so— we went to the Kmpress ot Asia, a Paclflo liner, bound for Manila, with many Manllians, riding secpnd class, including several -uvy wives, and we found two girls .vho craved a launch ride as much as we and so we toured the moonlit bay for three hours. The party: Hal Stone and his wife. Captain Book- waiter, vice president ot the shipping board, Lawaon May and two navy wives. Launches cost $1.20 an hour. Gollles, it was a great trip. Dodging In and out between liners and sampans, watching the moon ripple on the, water, listening in on shrill flute music from some of the sampans, nnd getting an eye full of Hongkong lights, 1300 feet of them. The lights of Hongkong are more Interesting than those of San Francisco. San Francisco hills are pretty enough but the Hong­ kong hillside beats them. I returned to the ship at midnight. Found there, had been gaiety here too. The captain entertained all the Germans ot Hong­ kong-. Champagne party. Things looked as if they hnd been rather gay. And since we left I have been sleeping. ^ 9AV >AP <a V40OPLE. DlC VOlJ V'JOVJ -Trl' -To PA-rAGCeOlA? -**LEFT HERE LA'STT' VAl(3 \4T VjrfU K VACKtD 6AJG LOOK i(J tfte, UVE<5.'^ tfVOO <5 >'PO<3E iAe'=, REM.W Sole TOR KEEPS?- vllvA UK£ THE MOvJfvte -WAT UAV/E FivJE PAV DAV<=, \ viiU-r irffLE WE WAS, HE PACt^c. Ikl "MAY VAU5E.-' J CAJT V\E AlA*|AV<S 1 rOR(3E'fS kiis APPErri-re.' -TViA-fS VOWA-f BRIiJGC. r "TW M/WOW V5 UKE • -THOSE uoia<=> -rwev US.E IU -w MOVIES, -~>- w\<s -te&-ru! HE'S -TW' I OPlGlkJAL. CWECK', MARKED, 'U<7T&OPPlOE>J-rFU'0-DS-' ALV/OAVS. COM have Aunt Anna help me with my shopping. I do want to buy sister a Canton Chlnesa shawl but they are a little expensive. However, mny arrive home with one. And duty is 50 percent on them. Oy, oy. Understand that the weather In Shanghai Is a little chilly. 'Wear white clothes port of the day but night finds real coolisbness in the air. Understand that Shanghai men wear their black tuxedos instead of their mess jackets at this time of the year. Meaning that this chicken won't go out tor be no got a .tux. We're going due north now, having Just made the turn from east which is necessary out of Hong­ kong. And the weather is getting chillier. The breeze is not entirely a tropical one. Tho chow Btill stays good. Something new every day. Yesterday it was flrschegutuisytligj-ud. Tomorrow It ought to be ndhutmgldyyton- flybtay. I'm not sure of the 6pell. Ing ot that word. And this finishes this letter un less something is found to add before we reach. Shanghai. make a determined effort to keep us out of the watery grave. Therefore 1 turned over and snntched oft some more sleep. Read tho Classified Advertisements in the Xewe-Herald. Forgot to toll you all ot the launch ride we had at Hongkong. We were bowling merrily along when a giant searchlight beum hit us squarely. The Chinese pilot immediately got out his license and sal up straight. In a few moments ii f:is,i came zooming uti to u and we found It contained haii.iir police, on the lookout for gun runners. Tho cops looked us over and said for us to continue our ride. A shooting and killing on the Canton Bund a week ago Friday was making the police more wary of any launches running around at nights. This China is a wild place. No getting around that. Hut now the weather is letting up a bit nnd I'm going to do some hiking around the 'ieck. Love, LAWSON. These ricklshaws are handy things. Four kinds of transportation are found in Hongkong—rickl­ shaws, pulled by coolies, chairs, either two or four-manned, trams and automobiles. All are cheap. On the Kmpress, the boat I had originally planned to take to Shanghai, I met several folks who had visited with the D. H.'a. They reported that an extra bed awaited the occupancy of one Lawson May, which was welcome news. Hope we get there Saturday. I see that the China war is finished. Just my luct to miss out on this. But a new one will probably mart before 1 reach there. I didn't get down to Canton while )n Hongkong as planned but will make the trip on the return voyage. I didn't want to go extra bad this time anyway for I understand prices are cheaper In Shanghai than in Hongkong or Canton. I'll And something did happen and is still happening. We're right !r the middle of a bad storm. Gosh how the wind la blowing and ho-.'. high the waves are waving. It ha: been at it since 6 o'clock last nigh' And the hour is 10 o'clock Friday morning now. The weather Is cold —all the officers of the boat have appeared in their dark wools but so far I am persisting In my whits trousers and gray coat. The storm will delay our getting Into Shanghai and we probably won't arrive until Sunday morning or perhaps Sunday night. But we shouldn't yell too much. This is the first storm, or even bad weather since we left Manlln and the officers tell me it's the first bad weather they have had since leaving Hamburg.' Which is a fairly good record. It has been almost too smooth. Not a whltecap appearing on the surface of the sea. Now the white caps have turned to white hats. You sabe a storm at sea, don't you? The old boat goes this way— and then this way—and then back this way—and then again this way —and then you feel as If you are this way (or maybe It Is this way). There were only three ot us showed up for breakfast this morning. I didn't eat quite as heartily as I might ashore but I ate much bread which will have the effect of weighing things down BO there won't be a chance of my food beginning rolling In tho old bodgea— meaning tummy. 1 didn't get in as much sleep last night as I might have with the weather better. I hit the hay at 8 o'clock and woke up at 1:30 a. m. froze to death and with a queer feeling of something happening. The old wind was certainly howling about that time. But I figured that the crew didn't want to sink any worse than any ot the rest of us and that therefore they would Butter-Knist t Does Not CrumMeY I Try it ' ' Agents Wanted A Cycle-logical Christmas, give your boy or girl a bicycle of velocipede, and you give the utmost in pleasure and health combined. Our Christmas stock ot cycles Is ready for your inspection. Stallman Cycle Supply Opposite Post Office. Phone 93. 23 East Sherman. Everything for the Bicycle Now Make Appointments for Xmas Photographs McINTURFF STUDIO F. M. 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Main Phone 2659 GAS FOR EXTRACTION Hutchinson THE GUMPS —KIND WORDS JUST COOLWT RESVVT COMIN0 (W "TO SEfc HOVJ ^tDO VWBRE - SOU LOOK CHARMING AS \TS SIMPLE vwoNt >w\)\_ TME WW -HOU GW NfJUNOfcR EM ^RN NOUR. CoMVltXttlN *^MINt >S- MS OF K ROSfc U. a hi. Mi C #» ti«»t. till, bf Tk» c BOSS tv^M TD To K. HOW »N THE NN0RU> t >0 NOV) \ MM4M^ "TO WEE? NOWR. HOMfcfc •? SO SVOTV.fcSS A*\> H0M £-UKE ? / MOST \WOMEN VMOUtX) N^Jcb TfcN \ TO *CCOrA?\ASM WHAT ^Ott T >0 \NVm OV^- \ SUVtoSfc Nou M\^S sou*. \> KUUNG imv,€ BON ^>R^KW\)U,N - » HOPE IS pfev _ R ^J >u V^-^wmt TO THEM- TO* THfc HOUt>MS-NOO *AOST COMt 0\)«*. *Nb Wet? iVMtV-COMe TWEM HOME \ SOVWcXVMfcS THIN* t HADt MlSOOtG€b WW. Jk, VNOrAAN VsJMO CAN lOVe A. LITTLE CHILD UKfc SHE LOVES CHESTS Mm HAVE A 600V HEAP'T TO MASKS UNCLE %»M- WHAT WOr^sN MMiRS * WONbERVUL. MAN Uw! 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