The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 14, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE ttttroflrMflOK,. y.#W8. r a..fa• jiiiti [-' Tim--"-V • ilrri rrr" -jtnr • V. v**' """"' RI T"""" 1 " 1 •• •• - SAl'UMMY. HK.l i '.t , l3MT»KI? 14, .1918. nimrf-n- -miurn i "urn H-WWIIIM 11 rfi Hi * " I 'I I Thn'bova are nlf trying.-t» <fd their hoot and n.o Mr a -i I know are nit well. This Utile It -rn 1 nvn senrtmg vim I 1 took from between the .bricks lit the house. UuUl. by Matthew Jonesf, I in thn vrar 17-27. Hi - brick belrir • l ht-oufiit frnm RnRlanrt. Here On. l^o liv<-tl. The house Is In fine shape nlut : Is iiuiil tin thn old Ktigllsh stylo, two I In; K" Hl'r |ilncT>«, one In each end ot ' lh,-> house, Rub i -Mmncy Is douM«, nftri Muhds about ttvo feet troni Iho bulletin/? nftcr they rise from the ground about ft reel, Till-! house Is on I hp east bank .of the 'lames river, a nice, looking lioily ot water about 8 mlleti across and In about BO miles tip :lhp river from Newport Nows.-Onr ramr* Is ott the old bade field. Hoping yon may find son:r llltlo pnrt ill thin Ipftor Ihnl. may IIM of somp inter- mi tn iho rftnders nr the N 'pws, 1 wn, yours. . II. 1). HTOCKWKt.L. I Have B^ben In Trenches Again. Following is 1 n. letter from Ilershal It. West, who i» In thr Machine Dun Co,, isTtb Infantry. ' HP says they nr-j In tho trenches again, but are nit feeling lino iiHil hopi" to lie home soon. IIIK letter follows: Konichwcre In France. August «, 191V. neiirt'Ht Mother and All: ' Am writing a Tew lines lo lei. you know that I nm well and hope you tiro. Die same. 1 received o Idler from ynu today and wns sure glad to Ret It. You don't rcnlizn how much good a letter from homo does. We were In Oie trenches for about '. lilt days, just came oul a tew days jago. We were on a quiet front, so | don't know much about real warfare j yet. Hut expect to know- more nbont 1 it soon. Don't worry,about me mother dear, foryoti know I'm looking out lor myself always. And I don't ihlnk it will be long until I'm Ixielt In old 11, S. A. Willi you. And believe me. you will find It hard to get me out of the yard when I get there. We are. up In the mountains here and it rains most of the lime, but when it. isn't raining Ihe wenlher is Hue.' I'm getting lo he a regular mountain gout climbing these hills overy day, Well mother, this is all tho paper I have so will have to.close. Will write often as possible. We are on the move most of the lime, so can't write often. But I'm always thinking ot the loved ones at home anil always ions to be with them, lie Rood, mother dear, and don't worry about me, but keep in good health while I'm gone. With the greatest of love to all, Hon. ' HLItSllAL Pvt. 11. R. Weat, .M. (',. Co., 137th Itrf, A. IS. F. r VP » v "\ v fA FURS FOR FALL & m% WINTER Next week we will have here on special display $20,000.00 worth of rare and choice FURS SL'IVJIIO.UII, carefully invested, lias ambled us to secure hundred-; aul hundreds of the richest—finest— anil rarest JMH'.S procurable. It has enabled us to exhibit a wide selection .of styles and kinds of fur—so that you have every opportunity of ehoosiujr the furs best expressing your own individuality and most completely fulfilling your needs. There are fur coals and fur coatees—there are opera capes and stoles—thrive are muffs, large and small, plain ov in combinations of fur—and there are wonderful neck piece:;. As lo the fuvs—we cau only ^mention a few of the many represented. Those proving . to be the most popular arc Lynx, Fox, Wolf, Seal, Otter, Beaver, Muskrat and Fitch. Prices on these furs are decidedly within reason. Note of Warning Owing lo the jji-ent scarcity of labor and Increasingly difficult market conditions, the prices on Furs are advancing every month. Prove your economy and foresight by purchasing early. Second Floor. C6. j Tells of Trip Overseas. .lolm ft. Dana, who Is in Ba.te No, X, ",7th Service Company, S. C, writes his trip overseas. He also writes frinn IJonlriuur, lYanre, where ho Is located. Ills letter follows: llordeaux, Prance. Aug. to, WIS. j Hear Mother nnd IJad: Well, here 1 am again. 1 thought that I would let you know that I heard from you today for the first lime i left Ft. I.ravonworth. Your letter was dated July II. So yoit see it has been over a month on the way. However, I lmve been doing quite a bit of Jumping since. I landed In thio Country and I guess it wns hard to keep trai-k of me. I received a letter from ttlade and one from Mike today also. Uelleie me It Is sure groat to get a line from home. 1 have been like to tnke n trip to Ited ftdek In It. Do yon ever see nnything of Alma Hell any inoro or has she gone for good? I expect, you folks would like to have the little bus hack anil sometimes I wish t had turned It over' to you to do as you wnntetl with It. Well, 1 CRb't Ihlnk of anything more, to write so t guess 1 wllf quit Tot" this time. When you get this I will ho "somewhorii In; Franco" I expeci. Well don't worry and be sure and "keep the home fires burning" and also remember thai '-there's a silver lining," Ijov'lngly your sou, JOHN. Tolls 1 How They Feel. Following is Hitler frota Bill Nelson, who iB.ln-the Machine, (lull Co., 137th Infantry. He tolls very nccur- writing about once a week since 1 lately how'. tbi\v' feel -iVhen they go left the States and 1 am wondering whether .ion have received any of over the lop. Ilia letter follows , .With the A. B»p. Forces. , ,„ T lty S"* l ' laC0 M . 0W Sow-where In France, Monday, Aug. and hope 1 will bo allowed to stnyj 2 otU 1918. My Dear Mother and Bad: 1 re- here :ovhi)p. This Is sure some elty| In fact it is ihe second largest in | at nil as I am far from the danger zone as I can get without going over into ripa!v '. r.~ hr-vlng the finest of health.and am having a good time also. You Iv.-t I woutilTike to be hom» though, even for n few days. 1 expect yon folks ,,,,,, , , .celved 17 more letters from yon yes- I-rance. I live in a hole! and work ln[t.erday also ihe runny papers and nn office as a Me clerk. 'newspaper cllpplnga. and was very U sure Is hot here on this date. l !gI(uI ,„ recctv e thorn all us you know bellow it gels as hot here as In •bun-,, .„„ Hlwa j. N g)ad , 0 hP ,„. from vt)U , ny Kanrns I guess it ge a about as| ll(lat . „,„,„„,.. \v,. u . wo are back In cold here al:-o. I got weighed yester-f thu , renchca Hllve h e en for day mid tipped the scales at 16a (! ? (1(iys „ ul , , mve be , ;n very pounds so yon see the beans and hnrd[ lnisv ftUrt hnv( , 110t hal , un opl , or t un . tack agree pretty Well with rue. Mowj llv to wrU(; l0 _ voll UBlJ) now , , lun you folks don't need to worry about me I Wl ,|, aw HrP | lu , n , s , ,, r Ul( , bunch. Hut WB are getting u little bit tired of Jhe way this little old war is dragging along. Yen, 1 it in ti Utile homesick and I nm not ashamed to admit il either. I cannot see where there Is any harm in saying so or any dis- ki»w i more nboin what lsjpi-„ce, either, for 1 have a good home "' ' ''" ' '"" ' and kind loving parents. , I (eel nil the tinle, dear mother, that your love is with me. I know and feel the effect of your piayers for me. Bui don't worry, mother dear. 1 will come out all right and if r don't I will he giving all for a good and noble cause. I get a little lonesome for the little old Ford jitney delivery car. Especially when 1 hear other Fords go spinning by. Sometimes 1 wish 1 was attached to some branch of service where I could drive a car. Hut then again 1 don't. 1 guess I am a Utile hit weary this morning but perhaps It is hunger that makes me feel so. However it Is almost "chow" time so 1 will view tho war and all things pertaining to It In a different llglit after 1 have a good feed. They say the way to a man's heart is through his happening over here than I do. Well, it the \v-.\r comes to an end please write and 1. t me know. Ha, Ha. Tell f .'lade that. I was sure glad to hear from the Fisher lamily and tell i very- body hello fi-u me. I stm save the locket button and look at It every day. Well I must close for this time. lxi\: ingly yours, <SO .N .101IX. Dear Folks At Home: Well, it's been some time since 1 wrote ymi a letter and I expect that there has h-.:en some worrying done. No? Well, yon see it is Just this way. We. were not allowed to .tend any mail home after we 'reached the coast. Neither were we allowed to give any information as to our whereabouts. However, I guess it is sufficient to tell you all that I am well and having a fine time. We have bad some pret-istomach. I know it Is to a soldier, ty rough weather while on the ocean Then again you know, mother, but 1 did not get seasick as I expected I that any boy who has a drop of red I would. I iim sure wondering liowjblood in his veins or who has over you all are by this time. 1 can shut-played football could never stand back, my eyes nnd picture the old burg and | of the ltnea when his friends and especially the little cottago at 315 Fifth. Well, I am sure coming back some day and. when I get there you bet 1 am going to appreciate the advantages of home and home folks. Now don't gather from this that I am homesick and am feeling blue, because 1 don't have much time for either. It is awfully hard to write a letter under the present conditions on account of the strict censorship of our mail, I don't know hardly what will Bet by and what will not. My trip stalled at Leavenworth as you already know and extended east through Kansas City, St. Louis, Detroit, Windsor, Canada; Buffalo and New York City. We stopped off at lluffalo and got a look at Niagara Palls. It was surely a wonderful sight although we saw it after night. Thoj him that he has to heat down, over boat which 1 am on is a large ane and instead of riding: the waves it ploughs comrades were up there giving those Germans hell. After all this Utile old game of war Is Uke. football, lu a way. For Instance, tn a football game, a fellow may feel nervous and shaky just before the kick-off, but with the first scrimmage the game gets into his blood. And he never thinks any more of the danger thun he docs of eating his breakfast. If there. Is any man alive who can describe the. big fight it Is only the man who has taken part in It and really, mother, I think il Is a very litUe of it lie sees of It himself. Really little or nothing. He looks straight before him. he thrusts, fires and cuts in a blind rage which runs through his overcharged veins like molten fire. There is something before come or kill. A man never thinks of his own life at a time like Hint, all he FRED WEESNER Successor to Briggs Bros. DTRUGGIST No, 3 South Main I'hone 16S * * 1 t- i ••• ' : - 'v 4 •-»•• -t' • <!' ELMER. • <«' ! *• -t •> -V -.V •« School opi ni-d Monday Willi M Isu Adkiiison of llavi-n as t'-a •her. Misses .Mildred l.yman and Dclorotls Swartzell are attending school in Hiitihinsnn at the new Liberty High Milmol building. Several of the farmers are sowing wheat in this locality. A good sized crowd attended the j Caston lJros. sale Tuesday, even j though it was rainy. Clint llaslon I will inako his home with his sister, Mrs. Harry Wainner and Lee. Is going lo Manhattan. ' Andy Swartzell is helping the Mills llios. Mrs. George Bowser Is on the sick list. Mr .ami Mrs. Dure Clark drove to South Haven. They were called ihere by the Illness of Mrs. Chas. Clark. She improved rapidly and they returned Siujday. Rev. chas. Clark "has enlisted as a chaplain in the army and he is he culled for over seas duty. Isaac Kagarico is threshing for Kd Searcy, it la tho last threshing of the season in this neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hendcrshot and Mr. and .Mrs. Chester Hendcrshot and sons motored to Wichita one day this week. Lemon Bowser bought an automobile from Hill Hornby of Hutchiuson. Some or the fanners are having a hard time to get help enough to fill their silos. Bveryone is busy with their wheat sowing. Mrs. J. }'. Klein went to Hush Center Saturday to be with her sister, Mrs. Kate. Bauer, who is nuite ill wtih neuralgia. Lloyd Ball is carrying out Hie sub time on the mall route. Mrs. Martha Bowser returned home from Oklahoma Monday. s HUGE BRITISH CANNON ENCOURAGE GERMANS' RETEAT The photo shows one of Uie giant liritiah guns which have been hurling steel at tho Germans while the British infantry »)«1 tanks have been helping the other ullics drivo the fou back in what military critics say is tho greatest retreat since 1914. ] •silt. HAS MANY NEPHEWS. One Man Lost Ten and Has Nineteen More In War. Carthage, Mo., Sept. 3 4. —Ton nephers of J.. A. Mason, a contractor of this city, have been Hilled In the war against Germany and he still has nineteen otaer nephews actively engaged in the war, and also a brother, who is chaplain with a regiment of Highlanders. Mr. Mason, who la a native of Scotland, received news ot the death of Ihe tenth uephew recently. "The number ot nephews of mine who have taken part in the war sounds large," Mr. Masou said, "but it hi not so sirange when it is considered that 1 am one ot u family of fifteen children, eleven of whom are living. One of my ulsters haa seventeen children and another slater, n family of thirteen." All of Mr. Mason'B relatives enlisted from Scotland, with the exception of four nephews who went over from Canada with tho Princess Pat regi-l menu Two of theee were killed and two others are still fighting. Doe nephew is fa -H esopotaoaU, ono • in Palestine uud the other seventeen in France. Notice. Phone 2<l£0 night or day for Knight Tlrea and tire repairs during IPalr week, Tire Hospital; 9 Sherman east. If lu nee<j of a prlrato lnve«lUi loiter seek the advUe of a. m»n of Hide experience in publlo affairs. John T, qiyun who's reputation is Nation wide, will be »t the Chalmers hotel Pair week. Consultation free and confidential. It-'M Hear Rev. Harvey Iteltfir Smith Sun- fey evening at Pint Christian chun*, Subject. "-JV Gr»»t*st Mc*- Mve is tfco W°rld." UU right through Ihem. This is one ofitbinks of it to kill, kill, kill his foe. the reasons why 1 have not been sea- 1 Why, mother dear, war is utterly un- slek. However, I had better not brag like the pictures you loved ones at as there Is yet plenty of time for me I homo pore over in the Sunday papers to get sick. Some of the boys have and war pictorials. It Is nothing at. tried to heave up their socks with nil like (he papers picture It. It Is a more or less success, r sleep in true' struggle between two forces for life sailor style, in a hammock, suspended | who havo no regard whatever for the from thfc ci-iUng. Believe me, I sure ple.turesq.ue. Men fight and some- had some time getting into mine the times yell like demons. Their faces first night. There is very little more j are black with powder dust, sweat which f ran write at present so guess land blood. Their faces are distorted I will adjourn for tonight and maybejby such passion thai 1 believe the later I will get some more. news. devil himself has to sometimes turn Later—Well, hero I am again. 1 1 from in horror. Tbey seem ' to am slill at sea and floating on._top.' be possessed of a thirst for blood. This has not been a very eventful day. -Every man has but one thought to Nothing to do but look at the waves.; kill and win the victory, the victory Occasionally a school of large Ash which Is only right, that will make come to the surface and give us a 1 the good old world safe" for demoe.- little amusement. Sometimes as j racy, so you see mother a man could many, as fifteen or twenty come up, well feel proud (o give bis best for and play around. Some of them are;such a glorious cause five foet long. Last night some of the boys got together, and put on n boxing match'which sure made a hit with the bitueh. i espect you thlnK this is a mighty uninteresting letter bnt I just haven't anything to write about. I atn not uuy 'fleshier than I wnB at Ftinston. but am in fine condition ajid feel belter than 1 ever did before. As usual I am dead broke and have been since I telegraphed from N, Y. for more money anil which you know by now I did pot get. However, ) guess it Is just as well that I don't have any as It would go for cigars and candy and all kinds of k-uielc- knacks which eat up a man's pocket- hook in a hurry. 1 am still smoking the pipe which Sam gave mo and expect to do so until the tobacco runs out. TJiere is a Y. M. C. A. on board the ship, which supplies the boys with writing material and books. Believe me Ijhe Y. M. (.'. A. Is a man's friend all the time. You know I did not think much of tho y. M. at "home, but here it is different. The men who run the Y.'s in Uie army are essentially broadmlnded in their views.' If they were not they would not got very far with tl)e boys. .They hold church, sorv. ices evory Sunday and 1 have only missed two slucu i have been in the army. I expect you folta know more about >'ftal is going on "over there" than J do us we get very little news. \yhen yon answer this, be sure and tell mo all of Uie news. I guesa'lt -will get by the cenors as nearly all of (he news in the papers is old aj far as Burope U concerned by thn tittle il gels lo the V. S. I sure would like lo know when this war Tilt end as I suppose ysu do also. Hut It is a hard Question to answer. You folks dau'u want to be worried U yoa don't from me as otten aa yos did ju the P. S. A. as it takes quit* a long time far letters to travel new- ddaye. i uni writing this especially to yotl tofts hut yo« «w do »s yo* UW ftbgut reading it to my frt«nds. i wonder bpTT th* ffsner folks We tbsjr "Hewjf" dim}. { w>uJ4 »wre 1 Then again there are trying parrs of war. Var Instance, we get orders early in the evening that a friendly patrol will be out and that wo are not to shoot under any circumstances, then to be on guard on a lonesome observation post. Everything dark as a pocket with an old communication trench leading up to perhaps 25 feet of ypu and to hear sumc noiso and not to know whether it is a cat, a rat or a German- Say Diamond Dick's novels with (heir nerve racking periods .have nothing on outpost duly on n dark night. And you can well believe, mother dear^ it requires all a man's nerve to keep from throwing a band grenade Into that trench. Ruf a fellow has to get used to these same Uilugs lu tlme"of war. Well, I guess tho censor will bo giving me a good blessing after this lengthy letter so I will close now. With love and klHses to you and best regards to all. Please write often and I will do the same. 1 am still your overgrown boy. \ PRIVATE RILL NELSON. Machine Ou.n Co., JS7lh Inf, American Jt?xpd. Forces. 'Tells of Trip to Camp, following is a letter from D. D. Stock*eU, who Is located at Camp BustW, Va. ifo tells of some of the things they have there. His letter follows: - Camp Kustus, Va., Sept. g, 1918. The Hutchinson News; 1 though 1 would write to you and try and glvo a little idea of our trip from Hutchinson to this camp. We left HuUhin»ou A-uguat Ulh »nd Cat ta Csmn Bustis .Sunday morning. On the way iavu we hail quit* a, time. We had Jpur men killefl twt the trip was one of scenery oTter we left &gn- tm <31ttf. yt* west ©ve* tba U- F. to «t loute, iim 9- & 0- t» Ctactan*U, %h« C. 4 O. cawing : .i*jrPV$LOw nw«*- twins. TU» sceanry wgs very fin* nut tho mountains are swaii sotnns ^v 1 * Notice. Phone 11020 night or di»y for Knight Tires and tire repairs during Fair week- Tire Hospital S Sherman east. . rM1-HM7-l8 As I am moving out ot Ihe city 1 am leaving my lung salve on sale at tho 12. E. Bloom Drag Store, ,105 N. Main. Mrs. Mary Crimes. , Sat. 7-K>21 If You Suffer With PILES The Absorbent Melhod Will Cure You without pain, without cutting, tying, burning or the injection of carbolic or other irritating acid, without an hour's detention from business and pleasure. This seems almost too good to believe, and we don't ask you to believe it, just Investigate this wonderful new method of curing Piles and see for yourself. Other pile doctors who claim to cure Piles without the knife always uso the scissors or an Injection of carbolic or o:her burning acid. The ABSORBENT METHOD Is a new discovery, absolutely different and far superior to any other method known. It Is known to only seven rectal specinllcts in the United States, and can be obtained in the West only in Hutchinson at this office, A number of Kansas people have taken the Absorbent treatment for' Piles since it was introduced here recently. You may ask them about It. Every cure guaranteed for life. W. M. Dodson says: "I worked every day while I was under the Absorbent treatment for Piles, and was^ cured completely without -pain or Inconvenience of any kind." We cannot cure and do not accept cases of Cancer of the Rectum. If you delay treatment until cancer de- velopes, yon are beyond hope, The ABSORBENT cure l« so easy to take and. so quick nnd positive In its power to relieve and cure that patient* are astonished. It is almost like wizardry. In fact Dr. Hover is known as the "Pile Wizard." Charges moderate—far less than the old -fashioned Pile operation would cost. Positive guarantee Irr every case. Flstuia, fissure, rectal ulcer, and ail. other rectal diseases cured by our litest Improved methods -vvlihoilt the knife, ConsulWtion FK««. Dr. Hover, '"Hife PUs Wl *w »V With .... . THE UNJTEP DOCTORS Wit WMt First street, Hutchlnssn, Kans#» The only place west of the Missouri rlvor whers the ABSORBENT METHOD foe |Uir# A < |Ml *f «»« it*

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