The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 4
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THE DAILY ITBW8. FBEDEBICK. MD.. THURSDAY. MAY 26,1932L THIS i)AJLU WEWS. ' WILL ROGERSISIN FAVOR . HUMORING CONGRESSMEN LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Emmitsburg Today in History «ft*nssoo Oecrt Stnd , jtajruTiCTORDto oo. or ASSOCUWC t»»iHT«rl Pim 1* CO *^** tTT^ f«y pCS3Cft£!Q3 Of id to it or not cttwnttM, (·per «ad ·!» tb» IwmJ. KO OOMUCKKATKW of «Jsy «eet or *·- «S*a»r arv» «r opnniee at opes laj tofie «B be tb» g» b* r*3jws fcj th« t«a Tb» aun* wUt aot to* jwb- a. Set tt for th er th» KnC partaking «c ·ad Mlled er «ot to tte oSe*. TJsej will aot b* uka by u£epbaa*. AIR raBOKEOCS nOaetiaa^ «J«J tt» SSSTto"^r1^oSa^wLA ««; «P- fl»n», 25 t^t fff^fr*^* c" T=* ffew vuj o* g!»Cy corrected epos '.'·* seJat CM itt«Mr»n at Us* filial. To Uae Be»c or TJ Beverly HUI*. OC, M»y 36 -- Cocgreae *qd the Senate »re wondering if they will b* throoca in tiase for their various convention* Now the qaeraoa arise* .B our tune, the i«ne a* is So*kespe*re'* (or *ooe other c-ld t:=ser. "to be in zessi-on «· no: so be if. seaMoe. th»t i» the question: whether it » Setter to suffer with or without Congress and the Senate " Most folks say, ·]* them suffer liie they anie us suffer " by: to ie«p a po-i-.iciar away from hs» c is 'J*: liie tai^w i*- «raT Irocc a fcc It s .-jibSe to iEikr '*»B »ft n5»d tJvere a no Voices Ha AppealTM of Mr. HeUen- Emmlwburg. May 26.-M«morUl Day i steia'i Book. --Tvices to oe held on May 28 will not I be marked by the elaborateness of for- To the Editor of The News, Sir. ! With jour indulgence for «?««· I !r - er "* ars i i»i»h to voice asy appreciation of Mr tte * n Ernest Helfensym s History of Al . -"« °"- v fea; '-' e o! -"·* da "' ** far ^ S*_nts Par.'h. FTedencK-ToAr M d ' a copy of v..ii tny posterior to the ctjmmit- nor do the i receet.y c?ae isv , bers of All Sair.t,- Par_sh, but t? :ne gen-oral public. Toe general arrange- ' 3ns 18 3?pe.~nK.y m.orrEi.i'.e^-- I'- it evidences y»ar« of preparation in Today-. Anniversaries. I62J--Sir Wlliafr Petty, an physi-aan «nd political eeoaxnst who advocated industrial schools 250 years ago. bom. Died December 16. 1687. Edward*. American son of toe famous theo- at Northampton, Mlis t Seheaectady, X. Y . 1. 1801. CAN YOU BEAT IT Bv Ketten nut of th* Gettysburg and American Legion Posts, the , !·-»! Boy Scout* and Rangers, school t ···Jiidren and floats of merchants. In ! t::e »av of a-nu-vrmen- there will be the 11754--Edward Livmgstoc, Xe* York all cay picnic, the oaseoaU game be- '· ?-'·* J' jr »'- a 0 * 1 mayor, United States Senator from Louisiana. Secretary of State and Ambassador, author o! a code of criminal law and procedure. it i '.ween the county league team of Emmitfburg and the Baltimore Fire- The Gettysburg For records mjf gor,* n.*h - v m_s - . be ·,, ~?g in Band furnish asuslc bora at CTermont. N". Y. DXi Rhinebeck, N. Y . May 23. 1836 ! - S- Jovph's charch May procession ' '-'^--AJtancer Pushkin, celebrated · Yours. --WILL HOGE3*6 Ar. .r.v.-'*-.--.?'j-.-?n Thurmont a - in'i Thurmont \f»y 26 --The ftna! ir.i-et- tss of th« Thurmont Parent-Teach«r . .-..Idrer.. Aascc-ation ·»** held las', weet 211 the schooe The program WM iii the na-ure of s farewa party for r. c: sres- are w i t n 'J« .r. i.-.e rreet. ?r»a- srar.-- Parr,s -.he *-=s r:»ld or. Sunday at 4 o'clock. The ! f us ^?_ P"* 1 - txre :art;»-:par v .-« in the procession asseoib- j __;^- * · d a- T.« parirh i«iool and marched] " ··'o"Ar. Uf.-ysburg street around the', ·juar* and batk up to tne church where ' ::.·: Sli'ised Virgin was crowned q-ieen ; '. t.-.e M»v oy tne school chiklren Hjir.-is ner-su.-ig and a seraion deliver- 1337--Wafengon A vl by the pastor, the Rev. p. J Conroy. "OPseer. who with Trie services in the church were closed IXec January i . 'he «rr.lor cla« a-xi mended th» song »r.o *a«i :* supe."Jitender.t. Th^ car; . Procession »as continaed back to the' record of a s-s*.- And Lo* ' .nvooatinn. Rev J o» : ,r-fK»ryfi : |S Weybr«ht; welcome to the .-venwrs M.OOO: T.i»re ar 11 'ovd Msrky- rnsponM*. bv Paul S-jOt- ma and female -.·fRver- pjir.o ci-ir'. · Pizricata. from their into :rjt life -: old Xece«SiiT be^ig the c^th^r of inven- s-li-n ' Fu-h W.llnide and J!en · Preder!ci-Toi-n. Th-js the author has P. Alexander, not* ConfederaJat chief of art^lery. ens.- i ne*r. general mar-ager and president of railways, bom in Washington. Ga Died April 23. 1910. isg, aoted j father built ; .1 of America's greatest bridge* \ bom at S^xonbarg, Pa. Died at Trenton, X. J . July 21. 1926. i '"^. · -art.n* point. !«! by the altar boys 1347--Edgar Fawcet. noted American r.aT-« is or o.' MJW Eluaoet--. * ! '-" J 3*-t*d:--t:on. follorSng fthlth the' WAB CHESTS. JC" -xlitx»l partis are IVm -ap *a.ife. EXIv! Bea'd. -iia- ,.V.^wd t h j one volume -h* na.T.*s " r' rbon* »rxJ bar.'o c,x;. "Lear.*' o? (·'. ?r:*«-. ani la:!y of A" Saints Paro. CaOt ..« ; . and - H W Marv Ellen -«h ar:1 «f :.-.-»o -A ho ten. the -»o " j _,.,_ ·Iready Inver.Tir.g «-ays arx. .-e»- . getting; thrcugr. the r.ev: P r '* iv - pr -- sa ' · Cr»rs«''r ar.o. Clara J^an Creacer -rosr.- All S2:::u- casrpaign with Jad y s.imr.een war ·· V j r . f . w li. · Th'- S-T.e chaeM 'The I/*- Chr.rd " Ch«rl-s C T Stuil: There was parity in :,» «*·'.':£££ i^T-f"" S'^ the Republican nations! and state com- .^ a _ d ^.^ B/ . Art j. , sp d - ir . res suttees reported t^ campa-gn ex- -\ C«5' ?.n-t ' S"f- tXinc*- ' Au many naai«-.s oot.-. -o"cwed by the scr.oo! children, mem- ha-.^ ir.v-r'.-v.en °* rs "' **"· Sodality, young men of the par-sn ar.d the clergymen. --James V Rider and daughter. Mary M . Washington, D. C.. nere recent v.»i ti-vr.d visitors with nis sisters, the M-i.M-^ L u y and Mamie Rider. -- !':.·-· Misses Genev.cve Eider and r.ot I.-.- t .TV to -r~i.; ^ T.-/i:i- A'-^-Uiai- Shrivtr have returned from c^-.erced trip through Florida. author of his day. born in New York Died in London. May 2. 1904 1854--Ciara Louise Burshaan. popuJar novelist, bom at N A Mass. Died June 20. 1327. Rose.^teel. Lawrence Mon- ta.r. of quartz '.o ft', a cr to scan the earth f«r d.anionds '. v it here t.-.e at-t.i'r S.»i;5 ^s ovor ·.-.«· · d-j-'-f ar.d Herbert Rogers spent Sunday tne fle'd. and .n'.roc-.c« :o _is :r.f r«pr' 1 - ' --"- B.i:t.rr.'r". °- '· men a::'! vk.rr.'-n ^-. ·-;·.·:.- var- ' --Hi". C:ur'- Stouter. Providence Today In History. 1854--Montana Territory orear.ized ' oy Act of Congress '· 1368--Impeachment. Court declares . President Andrew Johnson not euilsy-- : examp'e in American history . ' impeachment of a Pr*"s5icent. I 1876--Gainsborough's famous pajit- i IN NEW YORK I SDDE GLANCES By George Clark forever remain an unknowr. Quantity. but 5t is quite ger^rally understood thai electxa laws ebta.r. but hslf a ocr.fes- j^r.tor class ·.-ac:.« r as ;»tt and reference In Fred Sandaes?!- r."ir Thurnsor.t. , .r.starx«s. ske'xhes of pronnnTt st -' :drn t -n :he Thunryr.t. Hign priests. -ard«ns and :».:;.- and the "ad^:. Is ?-:fr-.- u --.R .'mm a dwp -.\our.d :» of All Ssir.-j? Par^h -a-.-h ?.-.d a'.: si" 11 - _:i hj! t."..ah bor." v.hs TMn!;;l.ns a , a.ded i:; ·-.".·? ccn-.mon s triple to l: - .e There i* depreseiaa in 1S32 and the ^ ;»oe of Tood which h«- '.var.tfx! t- us* \ nr.d d-?vrp -aagels" are brose. or say they are i f»r bulldu-.K * chick---, coop Th«' ;-.r:ire ', It *::: o* -ivful to parents beca-^e -.: »r ,,_,,.=- .-»-. '« a !rv«t. c^a' o' Moreover, there ^ a great dea. o. Verna Kno.x, is critically ill. 1924 President Ceolidse signed the Restnc'^cn Bill. New Windsor v Wir.c.- jr. May 25 --Tr.e Today's Birthdays. Dean Shailer ?.!aUr-ev.'s of "he h--n ; w » 5 T.^ir children, to tr.e h^r" -oai ano '..^ a Fi*d«*r. 7.-. st .. ch ^ :/l c ; 116e . , va _, a ;,, ref . a r i ; beaw done at party headquarters ^^ '^ Koce can accurately eii^r-ate the u!ti- · ;j,. »ound. ;pot It calls a'.tcnt.on to the !a : t:ut mate size of the campaign funds cut ( --Kr.r.e-.h "Fntf*. of the United ' there . r.o royal r;^d '.o sra':.^v .^:-.t{ the most opfcmisttc Icvafc for a !-in [ Coa « Guard, spent a few days last. that trie r.ob.lity comes fr^m unre- . '-jreeic at the home of ha parents Mr.' m::t.ns vul: ir. snort it v.-.l be tL.-*f- year for the cssh-^d-carry workers- _ aHd Mnl c w Addjor . ; . , c:d and )0 . :: , g . ^ !fcvc It is certain that campaign heodquar- - _M»S Came Siick has returned t o j ' - i » - r ' H-x-r.e S *«··. H^rji-c' ters will be ieae luxurious: that there her home In Thurmont for th* summer i will be fewer "workers" sitting arour.d ·'WHMhs . .. __ --Mrs. Carl Mumford and daugh^r Knofans the party s cigars ar.d «USK j Marv Rulh _ Attanuc City, were week- lor fat pay checks: that there will be! PIlc i ^isit/rs ·sr.h Mrs Gmc» Brard r less waste in the distribution of ineffect: Younc. ual lit«ratur«: that more henchmen' --M-ws Bertha snd Nellie Bonnets.' ·vrtll vote out of party loyalty or the vague hope of political .'obs than for and Mrs s p Bf nne . ; cash in haad. And as long as the ! --Miss M.izie Willard. Lancaster, taine financial ratio between the panics ' the week-end here -a-ith her par., ,,, . .. I ents Mr ar.d \{rx .Tr«*rih \V-'!«r.~ : is maintained the results wil. be the | ·.;nity Sc.Tool of the Cniversitv of Cfci- · ovc G"Irla Mcy, spent tile ·neek-cr.d w:th Mr. ni.d Mr.=. Kn-fln. Baltimore Or. R. Tait, McKensie eo.uall;.' famous as sculptor and internationally- itr.ow-n authority, on physical ecucaiiou. *f the iTmversity of Pcnnsvlvania. bom *n v^^naca. oj -.csrs QS^O tocisy. Robert W. Chambers, novelist, borr. , Enplar tn^ vo.ume enters upon it« mis- . _jj rs r Fredor.-fc Ma.- ?5 --Mrs. Frar.l: McAfee and cn;:ghier Whoieeonie reforms may resust. Both and aon-ui-la*-. ?\Ir and Mrs. Charles parties may learn how to wage a na- Btsrfcjsg*. a:-.d Wc.sley Barron. campaign wtth comparatively 'caster, spent lajt ^ rd Little, sor.. J r . niinatcr. .-per.t Sunday «ith the former's parent. Mr ar.d Mrs Amos Fntz. --Mr. and Mrs C. E Ensor. daughter. Ethel. M^itec relatives at Black Rock Sur.dsy. --Seven-v members and friends of [ .", today. Josephine C. Preston. State of Washington educator, borr. in Minnesota. 59 ycar.s agro tooay. Charels. E. K. Meos. noted Eastman i Kodak Company phoeocraphic research ' b ° n! ~ Eag:aat 5 ° ye3rs a? ° \Va\ '..cic Inn. near Frederick. Saturday i nig.:t. MI..S.C was fumiihet: by the ! \ v estcrn Maryland college orchestra! «« Mary * Great years ago today. Today's Horoscope. The person born ths day ^111 have. . . _ , _, . . l and Mrs W. C. Harmon and ,«». small -war chests, wnlch would redound ' O n Sunday Mr and Mrs. Burkmss i to the benefit of ihe nation by reason j a dinner at the Eversrr^?n Pom of tee fact that success tn national Frederick. t^ tlv foilowlnc poUtics wouid cease to be a quesuoa of coiiare and cents. Daily Lesson In English : Harmon. Harmon. Miss Belva Harmon. Kermit Anciers. Frank Welsh, all o: Thurmont. srsd Wesley Barror.. Lan- ' caster --Lilyaa Tashmar.. mn\\e actress. * Tf Vf There L^ r.o :.m» to talk: \\P- m-^s: ao; ssr^^srsi s^S^"" 5 ^ 1 "" 2 ! , ; rn-irc. Fr.r.jy. is aoing as wi! as can ' i Words of^n misused: Do not say. "I no; only went t-o Buffalo but also to Rochester." Say · I iser.: r.ot or.iy to BufTak. e:c.' Often mispronounred: Orchid Pro- --The Girls' Mjsj.-narj- Gu.Ici of the I oc'.:--.- r. ,-:h..-.5 jl:iulrl oc cr.r.e Trinity Reformed cn-.rch met r*^.rd ts re-.i^.on of the b' oill a" c;l y at the ivme of Mrs. John this session of C-^r.irc^? . . . "iVeccle Games were played and re- ' -- A l f r e d E Srr.r.-i D--v -·;--i- - - - n - n - - nounce or-kid. o as in or. ^st sy-lab.e freshment,* -served " ·--»-- --The Woman's Club Ti-as pr.tjer^ain- ! ri May 16. oy Mi Castle A program · on s;eolog- 'aker. fro-m tfie e» iid. Often misspelled: Jeoparduie. serrs the eo ar.d tiie z Ob- -- Mr r.::c Mrs E".erett Stem. West-' n-. 1 : ''cr \x-.t"d the latier's Mrs Bo^.r B'illock. Sunday. --B»:tv .-ir.i Cliarlv= Lindsay, r.e^r ! -v?r:. .'-·.·erit ;:i" iist of th? \\eek with th-- r mnr.p.irrn'.?. Mr and Mrs Pavid Liri.-?.-.-. F. iy. Oregon merchant and go\ernor. n:rc anniversary of Luidberzh's mo.ner. . Aecti ine. Saturday. May 28. 125:h cnn-.versary of the birth of § Jean Louis A. Agassiz. '-·eric-famous Synonyms: Es:an:.r.ati?r.. inspection, of Geolc^-by Enc.-A MHU. w« ~" C: ~"' r -' M Sch-.ab suvl rr.atrr.ate Tr-Kttr^tt^oT! ~r... --r .c-·-'--··ir.^- --,-vcoa*T--~, «_._ ._., . _ _ · · _ » · - tior.. .r.q-^y. s:ruiir.y. researc oy Mrs Winger and Mrs. Dottvrer. Scene Word study. -Use a word taw tim« Mrs w .--... Rave - R;xcrs .^ ard it is yours' Let us increase cur sb:f -. crs - snd Mrs ^tterer ^,e · Tak- ' cat outv^rr. a n s a- ty master.^ or.e wore eacr. r - Thp ^..j, Or H _ = h .. ^^ Bible Though dsy. xodsy-s word Fallacious: d_^p: . Cnar3c:fl ,;-. M-, ' g,..^ p;av . , ^^ :. a rv\'«-"--- /*A ·'£ v^ Flrt -.-.- '^« -y c'^-J . . . . . H · . pointir. rr._=lea .r. ur.Jso.-j ! ' han a - ar'-i o" 1 ." ra'her r OOO.r r C.O? ^ Luf s Stuff Sl-ep. Life rsy be but rn'-u) for those who cio r.r-t fa-, -r «f p-- ·WEO fail to the stuff. in quantities -na: are enouzh ' S3 yrj -i-sr.-, to marry my daughter." --Albert D Kutrier "f -.he Re.-aid the father to the arjtious youth. "-all Dry CKx^ir AsKViati^n. ·Hsvs y?u spcr. her mother?" Sundav. 3lay 29. Centenary of the birth of Joe! Een- Frr I Sa-.e r.o pleisurs in the death ' wn - A^encan journalist; and poet. ." h.m tiia- cl:eth sa.-h -he L-srd God. S'atehood Day in Khode Island---rat. -«, r( .f nre ;;;-,- v.-iursel-.-s. and live ye · ^^ :ne Constitution 1790 _£-··"· -3 3- " ; Statehood Dsy in Wisconsin--admit: T- ~ * ! :?d 1843. nt-.v ar.d ciirerf'ilr.fss are the; Touchdown: I New York. May 26.--It's high time · for Professor Baker to organje a root- ' m section for his famous theatrical : v.orsho-? at Yale. Sli-oocci-bahs should be echoing '. along Manhattan's gay white way for j -.hose t*'o lads who earned a play , the field from New Ha-.jn to Holly: ; They were blocked a: Broadway, but j orke tnroujn to a little theater in Greenwich Village: blocked again by I trie cops, they tackled the law on the j;-ard line, took a sL.shi loss but { finally -AOH for dear old Yale I Hollj-vood ::k the movie rights and . :lie young heroes will r.ot have to work ; t.ieir way through college: or through i life for several years, for that matter, i They are Albert Metz and George | Sklar, and ihru-gh sons of Sli. still j 7,-ere old enough to have observed the | tangled ramifications of New York's j political intngueries. So they wrote a j ·.vhite-hot play, "Merry-Go-Round" t therein an innocent iad went to trag- . i: death thanks to monumenting in- ! volveaiena. The drama was put on by · Prof. Baker: noboiy on Broadway want- j ed to touch i;. fearful of Snger burns: · sr- independen: production made critics [ cr.eer: an effort at uptown production i brought police interference, on a slight ; ·echnicality. thus givin; some strength ' to tneir ih?jis: the ?lay opened. t Now TJai'.er53l his baus-t '.'* for a ; r.ea; sum. Ar.d if enough rooters gacb- i er at 42cd Street, and Broadway, some j producers might hear ihe shouting and j gain courage. \ ,·4. y .**.. Here's a TTynner! Ed Wyna insist that it isn't the original cost of s, do? i"r£; caunKt it's tit* pup-keep! . . . And Gilbert Miller, who has been producing fee eleven years s.- the Empire Theater, finally moves to the playhstue built by and ?*mfi after his facious actor-father, thi Kenry Miller. . . . A. Newton Piummer, who provided j Congressman La Guardia "with that, j little trunk full of information on Wall i Street press sger.try. finds- the New j York publishers gun-shy on material contained in a book "telling all" about market dealings . . . However, the la.te "Sorry, but I've stopped directing folks on account of my HEALTH · DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN, ^ ^ ^ AsiK . a , l «ociit:oa aad of E-gs'^i. The Health A BOOK A May Develop Inlo Cancer. ; Dr. Jrweph C. Bioodgood of Balri- ! BY BRUCE CATTQN vi=s mar decide :-o use much af the ! more, a !eadni|: ecuca:or in material usir.g: anonymous names ·=f w * Short-Short Story the ! SHARKS FOILED THIS LEOPAED'S LEAP FOB LIFE. b-.clse nf the gentleman--repose cr:erkr- --Emcrso". like fnelr rr.Xhfr? "--Tit;! MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP Sleep ie a boor, "^e all must pr.ze i arid rather s^rer.r:h * ha" cvxr «·« f-.-vr* j But scene there are --h- -ir no: the seed for s.eet c^raift^ntlr -- Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick v-al Items from the Columns Ot i The Ne-.=. ?fs;. :« l?:r i | SH " H SXK1GHT OF ; rii. 'Vi'e all d-mar.d er.:^;r. cf '·.- -- I^fe may be ar."l-._r.z :-:t cheap to those who fail -o :*· r.?--jcr. of this del^htful. -»s-fu. s*ti" --X A X.rFB"v.-RHOV,-. Flapper Fanny Says---· KES1DZNTS OF THE FTR^T BLOCK of Sa^t C."._rrr. ^'r?^t -s-sre i-ror-v- . . , . . ""^-J'TM ~T^~*^T*^r ^j"V^C ^"^^"i*%"" '5f~^^iTMW~^" - »*-^ v ~j*. * winfO^,*. 1 - -_*\_T,. ^r\_ n l i^ r v J -*--. NV- : D -r ..- ' ..i j COMING ANNIVERSARIES. , June. I 1--Statehood Dy m Kenncky--ad- mitted 1792. 1--Statehood Day in Tennessee--admitted 179S ---92nd anniversary of the birth of Thcmas Hardy. Enclish novelist and poet. i 3--I24:h anniversary of th» b'-th o' j Jefferson Davis. I 3--Ksnz G"or?e V of Great Britain j 67 today j 5-- -09th ann.versarr of rh? bin- of Adam Smith. Sn=:»h poli'tica: economist 6--I77:Jt ann:-en=arv of tr.- birth ^f Nathan Ka .virl.-r ?rr; -a ---t 8--inCr.-; anni-.erv?--- .f ;rf - --~ --' Robert Scr.-;--=r.r; G"r7r.~r. r.^--- !--14Ist -.f th- Krtn -.f | Jo'ir. K'-'^ard ?ATr.-- s-:..-i- of i "Hjrry. S^-ee" Kcrr"" i 10--S3rcl ?nn.-.crsarv n: ·-.-. c _-- v, , v - j er of ;he srr-a' Ir/«mat-.-'nal~I-.- | st.":t-- of Acr.c--l-.urc ^ R--n-f 1 * """ f-- -- »- ' * A -- o . i sr*Ti»* cr^H~v o * TMf -- - -- ~ « _.' i W.r.rXd s.--" A--. -.:«- s:- ] of cancer, remarks that; no beautiful j wcnian sufTers from cancer of the skin j I because sh-e pays immediate attention j _ When bi-ceutenriial planners were ar- j a any skin blemish j ^^ank Buck is as it again. The gea- rangiag their New York program, they There a evidence to indicate that;! ial Kil ° animal collector who told such somehow forgot the best of the George i cancers of the skin may- arise from pig- [ entertaining tales in Washing-en impersonators. Kenneth j merited moles. Murchison. boulevardier and society Sg- j of skin b-emishes. -ore. played the role. But. some 30 i reported of caacer years as;. Joseph KHjour appeared as the na.tions father m a production of warts, "and other tvpes j ·*»"--" faas produced another book (in fces. Cases hav° been' co^abo-a-'.oa tnt'n Edward Anthony) of the skin over the i caHed " W:Id C^o-" and if you like rose cue to irrigation of the skin there 3i stories and gsr.«ra!. all-around by glasses that pressed too tight;-.- i exc: ' e; nsnt;. I commend it to you feeart- "Captain Barrir.r-on " His protrayal i Evidence indicates that cancer does | " 7 ' made cor.'.eniporary sta;e rustory. and - 3O ^ begin in a normal healthy skin, i Once a ? ain - Mr - Buck teiis how^Jie the leser.d lir.gers on. ! Before the cancer begins to develop i ca - ches ^-Q animals and brings them Thereafter. Kiliour rose to the heighis j ar.d grow rapidly there apoears a scalv i acr; ws the ocean for zees circuses cf a leadir.? character act^r. His later * roachness. a cischarca. or a Keedfeic I : - : " e Ur -- : ^c States Evidently it's roles were those of bankers, brokers and J area on the skin. T-u can be seer- j °" e °' ine - OO3 ' s "-"-- r "='- s""en i: you don't of freat wealth. He was quite, easily and felt, and should have; T^ 5 IP -' Jch n"-or.ey. y;u hs-.e Jits of ^-^ -o 3lay tr.ern sir.ce he had been proms t and proper attention if th« ao- . : """ f-ate. fcr instance, a black ie--p- m i'o cage or. th" deck c:-a;ta! , ir. Intio-Chuia. or.e of the rn-r.eyei r^ir.eti in the pearsnce of cancer is to be prevented. craf'r. of 1S?2. j.r.en he wer-t or. the · D-vrt-r stage Hai ar. effort rr- r.e rr.^.r - r.o .?.d 31vti£o3 su areas be washed irriecliately . that such · ?r ° SC *?- wi-^h , ,3.^~ 3 find .inn. ..vrrn --a:?r. jvsp and a clean cloth.', *a ?. C3zer. n:r» ;;-.en --r^sed fr.-'r'. alcohol ar.d ovr^G i -:-·:· .:.t\r'.'-rs rr.ij.-.t ha-.e beer, dis- r ..^_ a ^. is .^^ OJ i :nle ; «, o ~ er o , '--"-e ?«r:y TVilliams Home ; srot^cr. :l-.?rr.. ' for a-.-xx*----· tf the tr.fater's char.~ . T~, c -^.tr; e ; ~^- --^-^ ^ covered' -r.-'.tt.tin«' . Tn:h a srr.2ll bi: of co^on or a piece of ; -- -^ -- gau~-» fixed ir. place -vi:h adhesive A current Billbcarc :-:-r.-iir^ ir. .ts straps. -~er-=.rtnt-:n- cm-:rr..r.s rr.aca.c.ans an vnien thes= blemishes of the skin are took a ^ in handling s'lo.-. defect?, h e , .- ar. a-ito of whom -hat -s'as PLANE LANDS SAFELY Trie -2- -hem ^AS_I~. me methods include the - r.e. 3^- -^o -,j i;e x-rav. the "ise of carbon c.- c\;d? sr.iTr T h i r h freezes tl~e les.on .-- = '·"· ?~!i ca-.=--.- :.-.e vart cr mole to crop removal *s -- erl-- ior.-» l-?-.v£5= only a liny scar. S-rire - ~nten have taken up srr.ok- -r.r 'l-.^r? _= r-?i«r. lo believe that th£y ashcre--c-nly to g°t eater, by fsr sharks. Mr. BUCK also teUs how he pennex up a. tiger in the Malay peninsula so » movie raan coulc get scrr.e good pictures of it. and how he had to wacie into the bush to rou; the tiger out so that it " blir.d^a "n.rr:; aoout it a to up s. writer's about, the cobra his ey.- and r.earl bear th: oore. aocu* :"·:· "1T-1- ?.-rt-'--3 ^f^;T:3 C.-;--3 ?n ra'jpulted From Decks Of ' .,- _I S _ Ti-rs B\I.TI:.:OKF AVD OHIO EX- CVK^lOX :r -.- ^--.-.-.-i r v .;.-.' ...THE...OF.. AND...TO... A...IN... THAT.. \ ^^..o^cr^or //. ../S '· ft AMERICAS FiRST BAPTIST CKUftCH, -v.':D ^}£^ KEC'EO N I75«v PHOMOENCE, *(.. Liner Euro?*. * A Mr*. Jesse P. Kin;: Hurt. crate,! ar.: b- ."o . ' . · . . - - . v c-." O-Y; ,m -·- -. · -V'.; v.-c M-v 'K'^ ; A ' v r _ " . ; . - -.-.c-d .-. -3- Had icr ^.^T^.~f'i'~~.~' a,ix u 'u" tne py:l-.or. -hat .-- = i:-r- ? ci a bov and about the elsrhar.: tl-.a: f"ll nui %«· us cr's c'eck. Carre" is siable c3i- -eatlier. Wiid puil^ied CT S -- -n rv"or 31-*rur"o- 73»r.ts c^u* -_ha: -he ; modem is tftscl-un? mar. how :o sntoks --- .-? ?r.d T--..-1-. -- Tas reported to F -.r. a -^r» by -- -perly! seeks Sticklers _ . ij:? .-;-.-.?· .T.-... · .-...(f.. leE-irv.^j- ar r.d v-:-lc tli--- r 1 ..?- o:s:ss to food for 5V rXXJaiiSS KOOPF AN70 EHX- -v.- - r - ; r . t :n A f.r.t n.j v .-. -. -.- --r" '-'.=; .~ .rs'jca. c!.p7 '.··:' hc-ldsr* -'Pin a?-v.--°-""'"- % T* '-- -- »' r-T'ln^ ··-r.-. -. ·,,-.« Ma-.lane a.c-.: »: . . : · . - --.r. .-.- - . - « . - ' -- ·,--'-. -,'.---.- cui 'J:e wo:d H.-ae-- a » so-:.- :n ;h? rroirh mav be tlic ~jr of ?.r.y r-r.f jf a r.'jrr." r of r..« or ;rri'_it'.re c»ri*rs and a'^ivs hav? careful a:ien;ion , d C'i-.l : j=7 r:ot protects his ; -s whir.' to do whsci :r.?re -_- I r _ . a - s O S . i--.r.t?;ly as isr plans ni^li. - Gr;)-ou cagrim, c yourperc wnerevoy G-O« e%ary Ira jr. tlie aro-.'e 4ce oniy, w-.i^; rerxivbg from the paper? Start arjy- +-. i^ se. : u -r.; os. .as: page.

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