The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 24, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1934
Page 8
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THE PARIS NEWS* , JULY z*. Minneapolis Climax Near Drivers* Strike Sfaovrdown. . Mav Develop From in* dispute moved, tc-orard asree- sneat. Olson lias insisted several times that police should stop convoying trucks -while- federal mediators. employers and strikers saet in a | joint conference. It was during I such a convoy that 6S persons i \vere- inlured, one fatally, in last I Friday's violence. ! Citv officials have refused to Meeting of Official* j %££ to Ihe cbief «^ iv « s d *-j ) As 2. result of Monday's sight's; MESTNEAPOLIS. tVp> — Cover- j n!e ^ t i n g w i t h the mayor—Adja»or Floyd B. Olson and Mayor A. | tan General E. A. Walsh also at-G. 3Sainbridge planned to meet tended—the governor said '-the _. .., 1 Question of police convoys and-or Taesda.v for a possible showaovm ! niilitarv inierrention depends on «n Uie hasdlms of the STUCK j lfce ars , vers of the respective par- \ers &tna.e. j t - eg ^ o tfae proposals submitted to They agreed to confer at the ! Inei j by Father Kaas." mayor's office on means of main- [ -r-he Rev. Francis Haas, trfao tainiag order the governor implying j wi . h £ H Dunnigan is attempt- Better Off Dead Than In Law's ToiU* Savs. Dad in a formal statement that the national guard wonld take control of ing tc conciliate the operators and striking union members. asked the situation unless both si-Jcs in both «, des to affree to aa election in which employes Trotild determine whether they -wished the union to represent them Jn negotiations with the truck owners. Both sides are reported to have rejected the proposition. The strikers demand higher vrages and Relief Sore End to Chill* and fever! Here's real relief for Malaria— Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic! -Quickly it stops the chills and ±ever and restores your body to comfort. Many remedies wiii merely aJleviate the symptoms of Malaria temporarilv. but Grove's Tasteless Chili Tonic goes all the "way"and. completely rids y-,>ur sys- ten* of the infection. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is a real corrective of Malaria b=- •case it contains t^o things. First. tasteless quinine, which kills the 2£aiariai infection :rs the loob. Second, tonic iron which h-elps over- corse the ravages of th.s chills and fever and fortifies a-gainst furttier attack- Play safe! Take Grove"? TasTeJess Ch::3 Tonic. It TJOIV comes in fvo sizes—50c anc 51 Tne $1 size contains 2^ times as TTtuch as; the 30-. size End gives you £5 per cent more for your zno^ey. Cot boit'* 1 today at arsy store.—Adv. ; tvider recognition o* their unioii. i I FAULKNER FARMERS | i CUTTING HAY. CORN I 'r-R- — Farmers are busy putting tip hay and some are cutting ana shocking corn for win- ' c^^penin;*: tne pools On his place. ; ilrs. j. T%*- Arnold *«vith her small . son has returned to B.-eaumonz and ; Miss ±>ahlia STvindl^ accompanied i :heni for a visit. j Rev. Joe Sra.r*ch of Lake Creek 'the Methodist pastor at Novice, be| gan a revival meeting here Sunday. ; FLJGHT POSTPONE!) ! V»'A^?AGA BHACH. Ont. S'A*? — j I_€K>nard Reia and J. K. Ayling. I i"s. winds- Tuesday postt>or:ed un- i til Wednesday the take-off on a ; ca-d, Irac.. in Qiiest of the long distance flying record. CHICAGO, (JP). —Patiently, "John Dillinger, Sr., waited througn Monday night for the body of his son. Bowed -with sorrow and nearly 70 years of toil, the Koosier farca- er was dazedly acting out the Cinat chapter of a sordid tale of crime. The body of his son, the outlaw who brought notoriety to the stooped farmer and peaceful Mooresville, Ind., resident, lay bullet-torn on a county morgue slab. Permission of federal authorities -was awaited to start Bil- Unger on bis last ride. In his slotv drawl, father Dil- lisger did not condone or blame his errant son's deeds; his end was probably better capture, he said. "John would have -wanted it that way." the father said. **It was probably better be was shot than arrested asrain. But he sot a tough break its a boy when he was sentenced to from 10 to £0 j ears for his first offense." Bewildered by the ordeal. John. Sr.. could only wait for the release of the body. He arrived on a hearse after the. hot L'OG-niHe drive froni .Mocresville with an undertaker and a. son. Hubert, John's half-brother. Throngs greeted him as he arrived at the undertaking parlors. The bartered hearse was almost torn to pieces by memento seekers: it had to be locked away. Entrepre'.ir-urs bid high for any s.-rap of John Dillinger's Dersr>na.I possessions, his blood - soaked clothes, his watch anc gun. his disguise ~1asses—anything that was linked with the criminal. N"S AID ASK1ZI> WASH1XGTOX; (.-??.—A feminine crxisade against crime—de- srisrned to blow depredations of the Diliinser type from the American PROVED in the blistering 130° heat at Death Valley . . . can "TAKE" it! Sc>r>:i>"c tinder conditions for vvbicb. no automobile •was ever intended, two standard Iow-i>riced auto- x mobiles raced around a 3ua-scorched track staked oat on the desert Soor a* Death Valley.. proving the quality of Mobiloil I •One car ran 1.000 miles in low gear at a speed equivalent to 52 miles per hour ia high-.the other raa 1-000 miles la second gear, XTitii the ther- rnometer eiz- zling around 130 deerreee. motor temperatures leaped • tnan ever encounter. Protected bv Mobiloil both cars performed beyond the expectations of the engineers who built them. Checked constantiv, the rcotors showed no loss of po"v-"er—no b«ajizi2 failures —no scored <r}*Iiaders—no motor trouble! * If you vraut all the power, smoothness aud fine performance that was built into vonr aatomobile, use Mobiloil, the World's Largest SeIIiu.2 Motor Oil! NO RADIATOR! NO WATER! After its sensational l_000-raile ran ia «eoond z«ax, on« of the test cars was STRIPPED OF RABL4TOR A?»D COOLING SYSTEM. Under blartBg d«*ert h«it -it ran for 10 consecutiTc hours, without radiator or water. Even this terriSe pazdsiisse=t faSed to break tlie hibrjcitj aa<3 f^fftj of Mobiloil! STATIONS AND DEALERS wiff? Magno//a ancf yoa sfo/ ahead JUBRITE CForawriy M*e»OH* Motor OiO Lufarif* «* second o^.K •fersous Mob-JosS tf> ster «TMJ protee? yoar motor b**f*r *«*n r-,er,y orher tnc^sr o»li «rj£rvg ** « Jilcher p^es. Ir yc« wa-nt * f^ood. ecoscrrice? rricts'- e3 eosring less t*t«rr for Lcbnte. and for Complete Smooth performance -25 Ask For Magnolia Product* At The Following: Vi. A. CAWTHON MAGNOLIA Sooctwnrn SERVICK STATION, <V4 JPIwwe 0J u- r. CJEAVT Street 'MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION. 237 4OO T. W, tf Nortfa S«h Street Ptioue JOJJ •'TVorcen can play a most Important part in the curbing of crime," said William' Stanley, *ct- iiiS attorney genera.1. "They can compare the form of sovernnsent of their locality with the. forms iu localities where not so many crimes are conamitted. XV> plan to set up a central bureau to furnish such information." Exactly a week ago. Stanley addressed the Crime Compact conference called by the General Federation of •"Women's club*, where 15 organizations prepared a concerted drive "to set up competent inter-state agencies." 4 Similarly, last April, Attorney General Homer S. Cumnainss appealed to the r>aughters of the American Revolution for aid in his drive to de-bunk the gangster. smash "the unholy alliance between venal politicians and organized bands of racketeers" and "circumvent justice-delaying la.-wyers- In the interim between those two meetings, the crusade, in some localities, has developed to the point of a -woman's organization similar to Chicago's "Secret Six.** Estate (Continued From Page One> GROUP TO A. AND.ftf» scene—drew commendation Tut*- DELTA RURAL CLUB day from the Department of Ju»-1 tice. Tn* crusade ha* been tremendous impetus recently by powerful women's organizations. COOPER.—Twenty-one women and girls of Delta county demonstration, and 4-H clubs will 50 by bus with Mi»s Doris Regester. home demonstration .agent, to Texas A and M college for the annual .Farciers Short Course next week, and W. H. Jones, county agent. and a number of club boys will make tb<= trip overland with Henry Kurl*y, cotton seed, breeder. Roads (Continued From Page One) Cleanup (Continued From Page One) th« mayor be wished to withdraw the application and the council agreed to let this be done. COUPLE OBSERVES . 6OTH ANNIVERSARY Minister Who Officiated « Wed- 1* Freeent Sunday talk. Other* wh:» apok*. w*r» l*se Cooper of Clarkavllle^ th* Itfev. 3£r> MePhail* Chenry; 3tr«» John Moore of Deport: Mr*. Ural* Bell. Pat B. Clark and E_ K- Russell of Annona, The children of tlie couple all —Mr and Mrs. { T«re present, including Mr*. C. T. M- S, Grant, prominent pioneer had several cotaplaints | residents of -Red JRI'ver county, ob- of dogs running at large recently.! served their sixtieth wedding anniversary Sunday at Cherry, north scaled the prison walls. Their { companions were stopped by picket guard bullets. Whitey Walker, was killed as he climbed a ladder to the top of the wall. Charlie Fra.- zier was probably fatally wounded and Roy Johnson was slightly Masonic auditorium on the north. The -will also requested payments of $1.000 each to be made to George Pollard. Joan Beeler. r>oroth?" Beeler and Jerome Beeler if there was sufficient money after other bequests had been made. Tbe will requested that Will Freese continue the management of tne Paris Cola-Cola Bottling Works as in the past, with her part to go to the Reynolds Presbyterian Homo. When Mr. -Freese sells or ouits managing: the plant and it Is disposed of. she requests payment ] •>f 55.000 to Jerome Beel^r. S5.000 | 10 Pea.body collece at Nashville. | 525,000 to Reynolds Presbyterian! Korrse, and ?1.000 to E>r, Courtney] Townsersc. j The trust department of the j First Xauor.a! bank of Paris, TTI1! j Freese and James M. Cavines® were named as executors. Irs the 52.000 additional to Georsrs Pollard, -^l.C-Oi" 1 each to Alys Xewson Eveii as the official in.ves.iiga- tiou started ii was strongly ruai- <jred thai former Ranger Captain Frank Hairier. who tracked down and participated In the killing of Clydt Barrov.- and Bonnie Parker, I ad entered the hunt for the des- j.erado trio. Meanwhile. Tyler officers held Mary O'Dare, Hamilton's woman companion in previous escapades, for Questioning, She was apprehended there late Monday as she drove up to -her apartment in a sedan. She was accompanied by another womcui. Officers were reticent to talk of her apprehension. Only a few days agx>, Mary, in an interview at Wichita Falls. the mayor presented the matter to the council and he was instructed to employ a stock and dog officer, for three months at $60 a month. He nominated J. B. Owens for the position and the nomination was confirmed, he to begm work August I, It is understood that a!! dogs found at large after that date will be impounded, as required by the- ordinance. The- boat houses at the lake are about complete and removal of the individual shacks near the picnic grounds will soon be necessary- The council has under advisement the matter of rental charges for space ia the new houses and instructed the solicitor of here. More than 100 people, including a ..number of out of town guests were present at the celebration held in the churcjh tabernacle. The couple was married Jn the old Shamrock church, near "this- place by . J. W. Moore, who was Walker and Mrs. J5L. W. Bowers.. Clarksville;; Mrs. Pat West and Waiter Grant of Cherry; Isito. Grant of Clarksville and Charlie erant, Texarkana. present Sunday to make a brief charge. FOURTH M'AJR1> STORY HOUR The weekly story hour at the Fourth Ward school will be held Wednesday morning at 5 o'clock With Mrs,- Rodger Coleman in f> draw an ordinance covering matter for presentation at the the next meeting. Petition for a street light at Washington and Thirty-third was presented and referred to the light The bonds of the Liberty National Bank in Paris as city depository and of Ed, H. McCaistion j as city treasurer, were presented, i read and approved, as was a list j of securities held in the sinkisig funds, recipt for which had been given the treasurer by the depository. The mayor reported tha* he had been informed from Fort "Worth headQuarters in Texas for the Fed- f eral agency that proposed to | grant a part of the fund for !m-} said nothing but death would j provement work on rhe sanitary j keep her from marrying Hamilton.; se \vers. that the Washington of- { She is free under $.5.000 bond in I fice had decided $74,000 in bonds connection with charges alleging j would be necessary and that the she participated in the West, Tex-j rraturity would be not exceeding as. bank rohbery with Hamilton, j-ri years Instead of 30 years, as All Summer Goods at Sensational Savings in Our Big PURCHASE No word of the fugitive trio has sen heard since they roared i~ay from the Huntsville prison. tvas understood -vrtiers the applica- tioi. was made. He stated he had j (Continued From Page One) tninjc now is n the Washington office, the suggestion of the Fort Worth office, for details, and that nothing more could he done until he had a reply from the headquarters \ Preceding the called session j there was held an adjourned ses- . | .slon from the previous Monday aid /^ n-~* had s without aid f n -=- . i by the representative of tne S:n- Oil company, who had l .n- ror such delay \vas than tiiat afforded by the i a.«;ked so the Presbyterian church. [ for the building permit ! arul \VInnifr-?d Xowson and notes J etr>ii held bv the bank to Thomas Gra- i relief rolls. harn which were advanced for his j "TV-;- can't just keep or. issuing. En the matter of the t;se of the j for about half the food needed for { ^r-pHcant^ home given to th- 1 Sanitarium of a family: \ve are going to have to; - or a "^ r - n ^ Paris. Mrs. Griffith? asked that d.-s something- about it." sh* said. ! ir |f'" J ". v ° te ^ ry r , ;L, p. McCinstion. T>r. Tovcn- ! When a survey of S.009 families I pi'catioa and -=-<- a-^d "Morris Flerain- decide | on the rolls in Harris county was \ between <.-^e ~ • 'company. This contract requires station. c n! Jia for> withdravi,- the ap- cancel the contract church and the oil yil cEinsr. road". 4.500 of these said they had Police permit for 013 South saw r>illins:er visit the theatre. Xext cay, v.->ie.n the program charxired asrcsJu. h-e came back onc-e a* one i5m» lived ors the farm — provided, with workshops and | company was pre^nt community centers for »^«-*^« i night there was noting for the I Bn-lie/vinc that th-e time ^Tas com iriiT to sprinsr ihe trap, Zarkovic i-n'Hed tr ; e to join him last Saturda suring a return from th- crops. I evening was transacted. and some ind*sstrtitl activity wouM | be inaugurated in addition to tiae 5 $11.95 Quality Dresses s 579 Choose 3. crisp, new, summer frock from this big; collection of printed crepes, plain crepes, printed batistes and a few eyelets. * AH the popular summer colors and color combinations are shown in dresses that display the finest of tailoring- and design. C kE^-^J •V.' • -t • * » *v * PerleiiTs 2424—The J>epartrv*<*«t Stone of Paris, Texas "Prom a f-'ariced car. we saw DilUnsrer come to the theatre. Ke ivaiked as h* had cone on each otiier occasion, but when he left. he went in a ta.xica.b- We trailed him. but we agricultural pursuits* -• ! llrs. Thompson •WAS Introduced i by A. G. Mayse, who was present- j e<3 by Bob Blanton, secretary of j the Chamber of Conr*si*rce. Joel j K .Shirley, president of the chain- » nd that he changed \ ber. presided. i to another cab about a mile away, 1 Mrs. Thompson during the j 3* he had done on each previous i morning had inspected some^ of | t^e "i" was observed. ! the places surested for establish- , ••I"cid=-"-ta!!v. Dillir.ger was a!- ': iner.t of a rehabilitation center in | wars'" acr-o'mcanied bv at least one '-. this county. She returned after | woman, and" sornetiines by t^-o. j the meeting to Austin. "3v using two tail cabs he shook ; "~~ ' UH off Saturday night, bt:t when j CLUB MEETING IS ^e drove back past the theatre w^ j HELD AT BOGATA we sruessed [ BOGATA. — The corn- ghoWii fcusday. U : *\h^fo-*"sot i^"touch*w;th'th€ i munlty club which met Thursday! MeJvin Purvis' : r-fterso-on with IS members present, named these committees: Financial, Mrs- Rom Bishop. Mrs- \Crisht Sale, 3Tiss Mae King; serving: Mines. O- B. King, Oras Cooper ace R- .A- Grayzon; coutn- f-il dei*-sr^tes. Mrs, Chas. Cooper. Slisss Majene Bay. county demonstration a^ent, dernon-strated rfee azents of staff ar.d the trap was laic. i •*As expected Di;2ir;srer strolled up to the theatre with a woman, i A second woman entered about • th<; same tirne, bet •»•« could not : ^is* sur*^ ^*>" "?*, e ~*^r **r or r*ot s-h^ ^*~as %v^*^~ ^?^'" ~~ "ifr^r. • "Wfcen he left the theatre, two i •sTomen w^re again near h;m. On? ! of the -arorner, seeissr the of'iC'jrs. ; sexze-d I>i;l*rtger by the shirt and ' cried: j "Oh. John—tho^e iri*?»." ! "Cs-ueht off r.:s gnard this last s :.irr.*. Dillinger leaped ba.c-c. reach- i :nsr for his g-*jr.. At that ; •.he woman, -or *»'c-men, disappear- ; : "And at ar^y time in trie past 35 | day; we cou'd have taken John j Hamilton &n«i George 'Baby r"aci/ •' Xelson. But we reaiiz-ed that *f w« ; making: and aervingr o* three salads. The cl«b meets Augnst 2 at the school auditorium. Death <Corst.:rtU«r<I From Page with 12J». Jr. Chicago aJvne. "where J-Ionday Jh* a;rj>ort thernsoineter rcse to IO& dtgrees, 25 have <Jie<l from the "T? s *" The heat toll for the present , 25S: Ui-r ;r,OM-. 1£S; N«bra*k.a,. ^4; Ohio. ; ~,j-. Iowa. 40; Mlsnewota, 25;. Jn-i rf < "^T S A IS" 'f* 0* ** S3 K V * VSt** •'A "^2"* M;ch!g2n 13: Texas II; Ken-t t'jc"ky, 12: Oklahoma. 7: T*nr.^5-| *«•*. €; V/iScOTj-Bj'n, < a.n<J ti*rorg';a • i. ; WOODWARD SPEAKS OVER RADIO HOOKUP XVa,l t** r Woo d wa r<S . ca r <S i <! a t«t fo r attorney j8r*is*ral, wpokfe to a crowd at GreenviJJe Monday j fron* tfee Gr^-nvlHe radio *ta.tjon, ; | Mr, Woodward w4H »p«»k in Pa.rS« | ,' W«dne»daX evvrnln^ at S o'clock, I o-o th* west «Sfl« of lJi BACHELOR'S LAUNDRY SERVICE Our Bachelor Service !» talked about far arjfJ wide, especial!/" .-»- those men, yocas art<S old. who loave not rnarrletf. TV'e taJce care of their laundry as carefully as a *-rtfe •nrou'.cJ. SHDITS Shirts are finished by hand, with collars and cuffs smooth and unwrinkled. Buttons and rips ' repaired UNDERWEAR Washed Clean, Ironed nice and smooth 1 A' 4 for AV HOSE Finished at this ff £ small charge ** Handkerchiefs Clean and sanitary .-. just the way you like them in the silent cold of the GAS Refrigerator! A refrigerator's capacity for safe food prot-»ctioB encounters the crucial test during this weather. And in thoosandr of Texas .homes, gas refrigeration Is silently at work providing this protection for about 25c a week! * With this new and different kind of refrigerator, food for such important people as those pie* tared is safe! The exclusive Elec* trohix two-temperature chilling onit automatically delivers additional refrigeration during hours of excessive heat to maintain a constant, steady cold! Only gas refrigeration gives this protection without machinery. That's w£y we believe youll never be satisfied with anything but Electrolnx. liny safe food protection plus LOWEST RUNNING COST PERMANENT SILENCE FREEDOM FROM REPAIRS Texas CitiesHiGas Company

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