The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 28, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1948
Page 2
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FACE TWO The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine itreet, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of-Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. '*£ Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harnsburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1873. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, 85.00 per year in advance; 51.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining countjes, $..00 per year; $2.00 for three months; o cents per month. _ The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole { judge as to acceptance or rejection | of say statement for use either as, a news item or, a paid advertisement. ; V, 1 JANUARY 28, 1948 iMumi"'"-- Barrel! Unopposed In GOP Primary THE PAILY ROISTER, HAP.RISBURG, ILL '\\M-HMI W i i K l i t , and Maurico simp-l A New Hampshire county d 0c .» (·iiic-i'-o lor wl . 10 "asjJludlt-d abroad opum-d MM). iim.ic.1. ,,.,,. m i/'iii»n " scries of .lectures on the Dan ·! 1, e DjMiiocralic o gan /at on mwth c 15Q ^ uar. slate, headed by I au Pou,., a^. No(| ^ Smlt|i act||a IM. for M-naUii. and AUI.U Dart|ll0ulll Medical Scl"ol SI'UINGKIEU). 111.. Jan. Cen George !· 28- liar 'Stevenson. Chicago lor go' I-, unopposed except for the of me of attorney general .'l' K '. I'"!. 1 ?" now t |, 0 School in the Uiiii«i mid understand that. Chan." re-,relt and William G. tad V l l i n i l \\I10 \ \ U U I U mnv ·..". J ~ ~ ··Not even in Missouri? blurted out "Alabama's Lister Hill. - .' i \-I\TV At a closed committee DREW I'KAKSOX Sas: Eisenhower Deliberately Aimed His "Won't Kun" Statement at MacArthur: Kow Inside KKK Over Herman Talmade: Republicans Will Accuse Truman of brass- Hill Hats Domination. ^ ^ GOVERNMENT RECONVERTS to OIL On Jan. 13, Drew Pearson, reporting on the oil shortage disclosed that Stewart Field. N Y-, and Fort Meyer, Va., had converted 'their heating sys- tems'from coal to oil. Later that same day, immediately following publication of Pearson's column, Stewart Field went into reverse and reconverted back to coal. Fort Mejer also went back to coal a few. days later. ,,,«,,«... ^ ~~ j--- a dvilian WASHINGTON. -- When G e n . j j 0 b They also knew, incidentally, i Douglas MacArthur failed of ,re-1 t n a t Truman had kicked put one* appointment to a second term as CiU i ian . James Landis. as chairman Chief of Staff and sailed to organ- of CA B. despite the fact that Land' ize the Philippine constabulary, he j s na( i done a thoroughly compe- * - i i _ i_:^» *«. A T * * « J l n rt»^o n? t H f * ! i Army--Lieut. 1 hower. l i t .HV M M *'"*·»·"-·· -- -- f I i crats. on the final roll call simply voted -piesent"--\\hich meant that Uhev didn't want Jo \ote against I Truman 4 but also didn't want to V/iilCi. WA W*.*v** *»·· -- - - * . ize the Philippine constabulary, he took with him to Manila one of the brisht. up-and-coming men of the ^ -r · -.-i /"»«! T*\i«il rfVtf T«*1COT1_ Col. Dwight Eisen- SENATOR GOES INTO REVERSE · the withdrawn deadline ·The GOP ·'governor's race is four-wav aifair- now between BEFORE YOU CRACK UP! *^-~ 7"""^ i sit after some time in the Phfl- hufior. even about himself. He TO BE CONSECRATED BISHOP. A vast throng, is expected go. well and lc!hng the story of how by mis v ziantfi. -M- uji i««»v.. 0 -~ ---j.----- Peter's Cathedral at Belleville Thursday, BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY i *^ A *^ . ~ _ -IT-_..* .*ei?«r fnr o f W ^ O CathSltes in tte 27 southernmost Ralph Flanders has a sense humor, even about himself. He , . . _ Keep control of your steering...keep out Vermont's sandy-haired Sen. of r /o u ble... keep "STUP-ING \voDBLits ° our! -'Ivy steering these- motoring racaiccs, unbalance and pan warns of of wheel wear--of possible ^O Well uiiu jg ic'im" lilt S l U i » "i uv» "_· iino uwDiianLC aiiu p.ui» .»... ~- r ~-- \facTrthu7ffred Ike. Eisenhower . take he" opposed his own bill on , $Kttins control loss, blowouts, ACCI' SJ^S^^^i" 1 ^ .he bn. can,o HP Jo, do-1^t^^S American Army. ! bate on the Senate floor, Flanders j equipment sow fact that rJacArthur fired j leaped to his feet ft - Vrf~«^ BlBli READING FOR TODAY Jan. 28. To Seek and Save.-Luke 19:1-10- in the State of Illinois. Participating onlv by the rites 1 nffiVHk visitin" Prelates ana pnesis ana uie i.-icis i»v»i 0 """""" Uince cotton te X .;Sf Vt^nticipated that a ^rj^nurnber of ^Regio^ Asters r '"ce. ,,,,,, v., has been denied . MacArthur, but it is true. Since l * _ t U *-V* i i a . J *.*-·*.-. 1 I * · * -There is no need for the bill! he jlIlC"-, m-* t ii t;u^«. been i Bob Taft. the Sen?te shepherd, in! j um ped up and tried to catch varn in the cotton iex-, mmois. a is auuwpaicu .»*·-« .^ e - """~.v ~f ~r~cT r n n i c nntl Sans varn made from and a huge crowd of lay people from Belleville, Ea*t St. Louis and ..:SL-ri«m whirfi the i - n c«,,th«rn Illinois, will witness the impressne senicfc,. ,UV*4««*J ,, · -- - " * - t_ A U cotton from which tne shoft^fibres have been "combed" out. . / -- . **» i j u i i i w v v l ui^J tii»v» * . » . - w » . -- - , other | Flanders' eye. But Sen. Milt Young i of Noith Dakota already was whis- | When Eisenhower finally decid-ipering hoarsely: "Ralph, thats bow out of the presidential your own bill. to him i According to Flanders own BREAKFAST at the DeLux Sandwich Shop HOT BISCUITS HAM, BACON, SAUSAGE FRESH COUNTRY EGGS HOT CAKES GOOD COFFEE On West Elm % Block W- of Saline Hotel The air express rates for pack- a*es of food and clothing sent to England. Ireland, Belgium, Germany. Czechoslovakia and Austria, maximum weight 22 pounds has rushy t h t a m i l r v rnar! should not self headed in the Thank Your Repair Han For TheAcc/c/enf Thaf D/c/n'f Happen" jRO^S 100* Both end^jBjLUonrite.arecom« pletely opTgrHfnd usable. Full width materials are ironed without 'a' crease."* Ironrite is the greatest time and labor- saver for tKe home. OTYOMJ ire Sfiop Pli one 459W i. 11. ^IcCLENDOX, Prop- maximum weight 22 pounds^as · j ^ lines we^e aimed dSectly at bill in effect to been reduced 33 per cent. Railroad Mf and Mrg stanley ^^ and J^f^ ldu " r i end and commander, the age bills unnes Express announced. daughter, Carol, of East St. Louis,- onlv ^nitarx- man who asoires to. ~ are spending a few days visiting Recent surveys show there are more-Ironrites:doing .; .- vl 100% of the ironing in the American home'than all other ironers combined. AVAILABLE NOW be "presi ·y man who aspires to . t *--Douglas MacArthur. I aic ^jjciiuiiij, " *«.,. -- -.-- ---= pg preSIUvm i/uusiaiJ · The Dailv Register. 20c a week., ji r . Droifs parents. Mr. and Mrs. BATTLE ixsiDE KKK I . T- t~» ! i. J ,.*.Wn« k * / v l n f »»»^ic" ; . - . . * « *.!__ ' A. J. Droit. and other relatives. | '^g sp jj t inside Union Chapel Christian Endeav- Klan QVer the Ku Klux campaign to To relieve miseries ^ ·without dosing, rub on IRONING ' ICE-COLD · Listen to "CLAUDIA -T.««Y CF SottWng Company ' or held a birthday supper Sunday elM . t Herman Talraadge as govern P^e^Sy viuma: JL.. L. rxicgci auu S ianv.ov,..,, j y S j nce 1 j nappened vvmic nc »«»^ V ^ O R U S Jerry: Herman Steinsultz. BiL'y : a ' bsent | rom the last two Klan ' Carmen. David and Gratton Karnes. i mee ti n «s Here is the inside story.. The Mt Moriah W. S. C. S. ^ lhe first January meeting Bible study will meet Friday »H of ' Kl avern No. 1, Atlanta, Dr. UJ. i_m- i^.v.^. · V I HCllli"" j.»»»."-- -- ^-- , is welcome to join the group. i Jt was t jj e (j u ty of eveiy Klansman j i Donald GoUiher was burned ; to get behind "Talmadge and make , 1 about the face Saturday v/hen the . certain he is elected. j 1 anti-freeze in his car became ig- j This brought a vigorous, unex-1 _ i nHed and flashed in his face. , i peeled *«rotest - fiom K.lansniar± ; » i - - . ' -- "" j \Vingate. employed oy uie .^ e u j : Soys Gov't Agencies' |u»j»» SSSff^ S£«- j Spend $75,K)0 000 \-r^g M Mtow KI · j Yearly for Publicity '^t the late GOV. Eugene Tal.,, madge. father of Herman had WASHINGTON, Jan. 28--d-P-'-bro k e n up labor unions and set I Rep Forest A. Harkness. R., Ind.. labor concentration camps. He ! climated today that federal agen-| a f so reca ii 8 d that the late govern- · cies are spending more than S/o,) o r had proclaimed that SI a day is 1000,000 annually and utilizing 4D.-, d cnoug h pay for any man m 000 employes in "publicity and, » veralls _ prooaganda activities. ' " You voursclf told us, Klans- Harness is chairman of the bouse. man win g atc reminded the exalted Executive Expenditures subcom- , nhat Herr nan will clo ev- mittee on publicity and propagan-,^ £ · his old man did . rm not da. He told the house in a s p e e c n , K - £ VQle . ror him .» that these activities are being car( o w ? nTate 5 state ment brought con- ried on "in defiance of law to ^ support from rank-and- perpetuate in power federal a S en - lfilc K lansmen. However, the split cies and federal officials. i t ver unt n the next meeting. He pledged that his subcommit-1 «en. » ^^^ Rar ,som tried to _ _ _ * J _ n ^. ^«v^ f 1 rk t f \ **OVOfl^P LllO t **V- _ T T -- _««mJyv ** ] Thursday 2. to 5 p. m. Friday to 11 a. m, 1 nr truck of vour ov/n selection and fnsu/d under *. BEST PROTEaiONl See us tet-we will save yo'J money. All claims have our personal attention. SA ELECTRIC CO. Phone 37 HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS ice ««uld continue « "expose things out. He.made a Stoker Coal FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY DORRIS HEIGHTS Phone SS4R or 299R the all - madge. This, however, .failed to heal the breach. -What do you think Brotner ^'in^ate was thinking about but his wife and children when he opposed Talmadge?" shouted one j Klansman from the floor : Judsing from the murmurs of approval, the anti-Talmadge Klans-1 men were just as strong as the, Talmadge supporters Grand Dragon Green has now returned to Atlanta and held a meet- in" early last week to try to hca, · Feb. 2nd, 5:30 p. m. Business of Great Importance to Come Before This Meeting. Prcs. Guy Price Sec. Fern Moore SPAPFR v . .. AT GENERALS! 1 With the political exit of Gcn- ; cral Eisenhower. G. O. P. strategists have decided to use Harry .Truman's yen for the military as one of their most effective cam- 1 pai^n weapons To this end lhcy"\c prepared an · impressive list of general* r,nd ad- imir?ls no.v servir.s in civilian jobs, land this will be thrown at , wh^n the campaicnins ucl^. n^l ' This -tratc5y v,as partly behind Ropubiican decision to b'.«x: appointment of Ma). Gen. 1-a^r- ence Kutcr a= h"ad of the Civil , \Tonat»lic5 board Ordmanly, 4 South Dakota's Sen. Chan Curacy. · n ;1ron« iric^d. of the military land c'^airman'ol lhe Senate Armed Sen-ices committee, would ha-.e; dashed in lo''boost'thb appoint-' rccnl Eul in 'll«s priva'.c session , ,hcld between the Presideo»' and i the Senate Armed Servi r .^ co;n- 'rniUee. it was Guni»v v.ho. taV- in^ his cue from ihr G O. P. I leadership, refused to h;uke. "I agree." corKrurred Truman And l"\\anl you to fcno-.. that i t , ,« not my intention Jo ripwini military rrcn to civil:.-n jobs if 1 can set civilians to fill th.^m. 1 (!o"".'t ihink. on the ither hand, thai wo should lo«e the onl-t«~.linUJ of a .nnn just brcau«c bo is r, the Army." i the di«crirr.}r i r.tio'n in snl ; ar\V 5.r'-,cestcd Orcsor.V \Vajnc- rcfcrrin; to !hr fort t h a i , would gc't S15.0M naain*;! a , I civilian salar- of $10.000," "is dis-i couragins to civilians " ] Varyland's ««ave Son. Millard j Tydings sxigsestcd a compromise, I ( ( ( r Contest It's easy to enter--easy to win one of the 170 big prizesf Just visit your nearby Kaiser-Frazer dealer and get your free contest entry blank. \\ 7 ith it you'll get a free tip sheet containing the official rules of the contest, a list of the prizes and some helpful facts about Kaiser and Frazer cars. There's no obligation -- no purchase necessary. On the entry blank in your own words complete this sentence in 25 words or less: "New Kaiser t ** and Frazer cars appeal to me because ..." Then mail it in. Remember, it's simplicity and sincerity that count. Be sure to get an entry blank from your Kaiser-Frazer dealer today! LISTEN TO NEVJSCOPE NEXT TUESDAY OVER MUTUAL fOR WINNERS Of THE 4f/j CONTEST ~ Noble. lunes »eeUy ( K A I S E R - F R A Z E R C O R P O R A T I O N WILLOW R U N , M I C H I G A N ) SPAPFRf

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