The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 10, 1975 · Page 20
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 20

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1975
Page 20
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Page 20-THE HERALD, Provo, t'lah. Thursday. April lit, l Peace or War? Summer Months Crucial Period in Mideast Situation By United Press International Israeli Defease Minister Shimon Peres says he expects the summer months to determine whether the natioas of the Middle East will fight a new war. "The coming summer months will be decisive," Peres said Wednesday in Tel Aviv. He said Egypt "is bound to retain both her options —the options of development without Rockefeller Warns on Isolation NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - Vice President Nelson Rockefeller says the United States should decide between the burdens of world leadership or abdicating global responsibility to the Soviet Union. Rockefeller, appearing at the closing session of the 89th American Newspaper Publishers Association Wednesday, told 1,500 publishers, editors and executives the nation's foreign policy "must be clear and consistent and one on which other nations can count." "Maybe this country has got to decide whether, as the nation which has the capacity to stand as the bastion of human freedom, human dignity and respect for equal opportunity throughout the rest of the world, whether we are to continue to accept the responsibility and have burdens, if you want to put it that way, that go with it," Rockefeller said, with it," Rockefeller said. "Or, whether we want to withdraw and say, 'Well, we're going to step aside now and we've carried this lead for a couple of decades and let's let the Soviets accept the responsibilities of world leadership.'" At an airport news conference before his speech, Rockefeller said he knew of no secret agreements between the governments of the United States and South Vietnam as Sen. Henry Jackson, D-Wash., had claimed and suggested Jackson's statement was irresponsible. Rockefeller called on him to release copies of the agreements. But almost simultaneously in Washington, the White House confirmed former President Richard Nixon had made confidential promises to South Vietnam that the United States would respond "vigorously 1 if the communists violated the Paris peace accords of 1973. American Volunteers For Viets? WASHINGTON (UPI) - Several thousand American men —most of them Vietnam war veterans —have contacted the South Vietnamese and Cambodian embassies in the past few months volunteering to fight in Southeast Asia, embassy spokesmen said today. None of these volunteers have been accepted, however, although the South Vietnamese embassy has given some of them applications for changing their citizenship. Col. Nguyen Hein Diem, military attache at the South Vietmanese embassy, said most of the volunteers have been U.S. military veterans. But he said some applications have come from American college students who have never served in the military. Diem estimated he received 10 to 20 such telephone calls every day and thousands of letters. Some of the volunteers, like Bart S. Bonner, a 34-year-old ex- Marine who came to the South Vietnamese embassy Wednesday, claim they have friends who also are willing to help. Bonner offered to raise a volunteer force of as many as 75,000 American men to fight in Vietnam. At the Cambodian embassy, press attache Gaffar Peang- Meth said he has received about 400 or 500 such letters in the past few months —in addition to numerous telephone calls and telegrams. "There are also some who claim that they speak for their fellow soldiers —two, three, four or five of them, all the way to 1,000 men," Peang-Meth said. belligerency and that of belligerency itself." Peres said Egypt's decision to reopen the Suez Canal in June creates an "open-minded situation" in the region and enables "the continued exploration" of ways to reach a peace settlement. President Anwar Sadat has said he will reopen the canal to international shipping on June 5 -exactly eight years after it was closed in the 1967 Middle East War. In Ismailia, Egypt, a Suez Canal Authority spokesman termed the canal "100 per cent safe for navigation" and said the last trapped vessels would leave the waterway next month. In January, 1974, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger arrranged an Israeli troop withdrawal from the banks of the Suez Canal. But Kissinger's search for a second disengagement agreement broke down last month. The secretary of state failed to reconcile Israeli demands for a pledge of non-belligerency and Egyptian insistence on the return of mountain passes and oil fields in the Sinai Desert. Israel captured the Sinai in the 1967 war. The Israeli government said Wednesday Foreign Minister Yigal Allon will go to Washington next week at Kissinger's request. Officials said it would be the First Middle East diplomatic effort since President Ford's decision to reassess U.S. policy toward the region. America is Israel's biggest arms supplier. Government sources in Tel Aviv said Allon would offer proposals that may serve as the basis for renewed IsraeliEgyptian negotiations. Committee Votes for Job Money WASHINGTON (UPI) - The House Appropriations Committee voted today to provide $5 billion to fund unemployment benefits programs, including a recently enacted emergency measure that extends regular jobless benefits by another 13 weeks. The money was included in an $11.3 billion "supplemental" appropriations bill, providing additional funds for a score of programs in the current 1975 fiscal year that ends June 30. The panel noted that "the current high rate of unemployment necessitates this appropriation." The money will go to states to bolster regular unemployment compensation programs as well the emergency measure enacted in the closing days of the last Congress. The committee included in the money bill language that would prohibit elementary and high school teachers who work during the full nine-month school year from collecting unemploymemt benefits during the summer months. College teachers are already prohibited from getting such help. Other major spending in the bill includes $1.7 billion for earlier ordered pay increases for federal civilian and military personnel, $1.7 billion to bolster welfare payments. RADICAL SPORTS FIGURE Jack Scott, accompanied by his wife, Mlckl, head for a car after holding a news conference at a church in San Francisco. He attacked what he called harassment by the FBI during the press conference. He hinted he has been connected with the Pattl Hearst case but denied any wrongdoing. UPI Telephoto In Hearst Case Sports Figure Scott Comes Out of Hiding SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) Jack Scott, a sports world radical suspected of aiding Patricia Hearst, emerged from hiding Wednesday hinting he was connected to the Hearst case but had done nothing wrong. Scott, 33, accompanied by pro basketball superstar Bill Walton, answered no questions on the advice of counsel. He said he would not talk with the FBI or respond to questioning by a grand jury. Miss Hearst and fellow Symbionese Liberation Army fugitives reportedly stayed in a Pennsylvania farmhouse rented by Scott's wife, Micki. The FBI has telephone records of calls between the farmhouse and Walton's home in Portland, Ore., where the two Scotts were visiting. The Scotts dropped out of sight just before the public learned of the farmhouse last month. FBI agents since have been interrogating Scott's friends and family. Newsmen were summoned abruptly Wednesday to a lawyer's office and then sent speeding to Glide Methodist Church where the Scotts and Walton appeared. FBI agents surrounded the building, but took no action since there is no warrant or subpoena for Scott. The Scotts denounced what they called FBI harassment and expressed fear "of being set up and possibly killed" by agents anxious for a Shootout with the SLA. "First of all," the Scotts said, "we have done nothing wrong. We are not fugitives. We have not been charged or convicted of any crime." The hint of a connection with Hearst came when they said: "Our actions of the past year are completely defeasible. If we somehow acted to avert bloodshed and killing, we certainly find that nothing to apologize for." They said Miss Hearst "apparently concluded during the first few weeks of her kidnaping" that the FBI had no concern for her safety and that her life was endangered by "trigger-happy agents." The Scotts said they would not answer grand jury questions, if asked, because "total noncollaboration with this government is our moral responsibility." Walton said he was "terribly sorry" he had discussed the case with the FBI. No Mass Southern Movement WASHINGTON (UPI) - Pentagon officials say there is no obvious movement of North Vietnamese troops southward for a mass assault on Saigon. In Military Region III — Saigon and nearby —the North Vietnamese are outnumbered. But Hanoi has more troops in the northern provinces it recently captured. (SeestoryP. 1). Although numbers from Vietnam must always be taken cautiously, the Pentagon estimates North Vietnam now has about 75,000 combat troops in Region III, the Saigon area, and Region IV, the Mekong Delta area, facing about 100,000 regular South Vietnamese troops and another 100,000 less well equipped regional forces. The Pentagon expected Hanoi to send troops and supplies south to beef up forces for attacking the capital. But so far, officals said today, there is no obvious movement. Energy Bill Amended By Senate WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Senate amended its energy bill Wednesday to allow somewhat higher prices for the oil a producer finds through extra effort. Aside from that, Sen. Henry Jackson, D-Wash., succeeded in protecting his Standby Energy Authorities Act from most proposed changes, mainly the attempts to substitute profit controls for price controls. The bill would give the President: —Power to ration fuels and materials in an emergency. —Power to restrict exports and to order some oil wells pumped faster. —Directions to set up nationwide standards for use of energy at home and in businesses. The Senate had its first protracted struggle on the bill over an amendment by Sen. J. Bennett Johnson, D-La. He wanted oil producers rewarded with uncontrolled prices on the oil they get out of a declining well through extra efforts such as flooding a well with water to push out more oil. The process is expensive, Johnston said, and no operator will do it for the $5.25 a barrel he could get for the oil under price controls. But an oilman would make the effort if he knew that "extra barrel" would be sold at an uncontrolled price, Johnston said. "For the sake of this country, let's get some new sources of energy. Let's get that barrel out of the ground." At first, the Senate turned down Johnston, 47-42. But it reconsidered and then approved a compromise by Jackson that would allow a $7.50-a-barrel price for the secondary recovery oil. Price-controlled oil is at $5.25 a barrel and oil freed from controls is selling at about $11 a barrel. The $7.50 price "is going to go a long way toward producing these incremental supplies of secondary and tertiary oil we need in this country," Johnston said. "This is the only provision in this bill that does anything to get a barrel of additional oil." The Senate defeated all other attempts Wednesday to ease price controls or erase them altogether. U.S.-Russia 12& per person -Children Under 12 Free! PAYONEPRICEDAY Visit a 7-11 Store and save*l.oo $3.50 WITH COUPON FROM 7-11 new this year SAT. NIGHT DATE KITE Boy Pays • Girl Rides Free Get your date card from the office. It's 2 for 1 and fun for 2. From 7 P.M. One of9 Arwica's Gmst Amvs&nent P&rff |»«|UliWKtagflom year Simon Hopes to End Deadlock in Trade MOSCOW (UPI) - U.S. Treasury Secretary William E. Simon told his Soviet hosts today he hoped to present specific proposals to Congress this summer that may help end the Soviet-American trade deadlock. In a speech prepared for the opening of the fifth session of the joint U.S.-USSR Commercial mission, Simon said he hoped the meeting would enable him to draw up such proposals. "I hope that the clear cooperative spirit which I am sure will be demonstrated in our talks today and tomorrow will permit us to present specific new proposals to the Congress by mid-year," Simon said, according to the prepared text. It was the first time the intergovernmental commission has met since the Soviet Union in January rejected its 1972 trade agreement with the United States. Simon said a new legislative proposal by the U.S. administration to Congress would "have in mind both the importance of removing arbitrary ceilings on export-import bank credits for U.S. exports and the importance of eliminating the unacceptable aspects of the Jackson amendment to the recent trade bill." , , ,, The Soviet Union rejected the 1972 agreement because the recent trade act linked commerce to the emigration of ECGERTSEN HOUSE In the quiet Victorian manner, may we surest. . . . . . The Boneless Breast of Chicken, country-bnked with our special dumpl- ingsand sauce. Your meal, served in the most intimate surroundings, includes three different hot breads, hearty homemade soup, and a variety of delicious greens in your salad. Boneless Breast of Chicken $4.95 The Eggertscn House 390 South 500 West • Provo By reservation, please: 375-6474 SHOW 8:15 EXCLUSIVE HELD OVER Academy Award Nominations "I WOULD HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT YESTERDAY BUT I WAS LAUGHING TOO MUCK Robert Rcdf ord George Segal The HM Rock FROSTY'S D 555 COLUMBIA LANE PROVO I V E • I N N HAMBURGERS $|00 5 for IN LOTS OF 5 OR MORE THURS..FRI.-SAT..$UN, minorities from this country, particularly Jews, and because it limited export - import bank credits. Simon said upon arriving that "a very delicate balance must be accomplished" in order to reconcile the Soviet and American views. HELD OVER! SHOWS AT 7:30 & 9:30 MAT. SAT. 2tOO P.M. f GTHE FOURJD CMUSKETEERS's four for fun f and fun for all! (imp PRIVE-IN THEATRE Orem 225-1740 NOW PLAYING! 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