Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 3, 1961 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1961
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

HOPI STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS Monday, July 3, | Happy Holiday CARNIVAL By Dick Turner FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry ACROSS t Jefferson was • of the first draft of tlin Declaration of Independence 7 Is your homo • town having a todayj S3 Mad 14 Unclosed 15 Having a clock face tt Coddle 17 Steamer (ab.) 18 the Constitution SO Always (poet.) 21 Ineffectual 24 Prayer ending VI Marvels 11 Hazard 33 Stow ship's hold 34 Puffs lip 36 Penclrale 37 Was displeased 40 Hireling 41 Tradesmen 43 Girl's name 46 Appellation, 47 Observe 50 Abjured . 53 Residential section ' te Landed property 56 Bred 57 Humbler 58 Seniors DOWN 1 Assists 2Bislinct part 8 Russian ruler 4 Nickname 5 Heavy blows 6 Ransom 7 Deliberates 8 Primate • Legal point TIZZY 30 Pol faltener .11 VI Herman river 1!) Arabian name 21 This is (he birthday nt 11n- Stales 22 Cl.iy 2.1 Visins 24 Viimicker clianl Answer to Previous Punto HI, KRUNCHIE SPACE f. HERE'S CAPTAIN POCKET WITH HIS SUPER SKKET REPORT rCKPAY. YOU REMEMBER, TX BLEW UP THE IIZAKPMEN'S UN ' HE SURE MUST HAVE BEEN TIN(J HIS KRUNCHIES TO DO THAT 47 Painful 4R 1'itcher. 49 Concludes 51 John (Gaelic) 52 Slimmer (Fr.) 54 Small child Dccnrniis •I'.! Drive oft •13 The same il,atini •! I Lena I term ALLEY OOP By V. T. Homlin ...S NO TELLINx 1 - -'•x ...THEYRE fiONNA. BE TOO BUSY WHAT KINPA ( BALONEY/) LOOKIN 1 AFTER THEIR OWN THEY CANT HAVE GONE FAR IN WELL, I PON'T LIKE TH' IDEA LETTIW '•'f A FINE THING! WE \THIS JUNGLE!/ AW, WHY SKINS TO BE MUCH OF A MENACE TO OURS) GUVS LIKE THEM MISCHIEF THEY MIGHT COOK ( WIN A WAR AN 1 WIND WE CAN SO I BOTHER! ' v V UP WITH ONLY ONE AFTER 'EM! Ijl 1M< br Ht«. ht. T.M. P.g. U.S. p»l. ut,. CAPTAIN EASY AFTER M OUT CHAKSE&, I'LL WEVEE AGAIN By Leslie Turner Take care of Mommy and sister and don't worry about Dad—Mom will keep an eye on him!" i AFTER MO'.'THS W PRI50W WITH IF THEY FAIL TO FREE MB/ I'LL GET NO MEKcV CASTRO'S QOVERWMEM T ,,,AKIC WILL ONLY EMBARRASS WINE. 5WCE I'M IN CUBA lUESAUY! TfMSIPE ATKUCKJH& u REBELS ATTRACT NO ATTENTION ENTERIMS THEVILLA6EOFTAVAMO. NfU'SI'.Al'ER K.NTKKI'RISE ASS.V. TAKu FREEOOW FOR SWEETIE PIE By Nadinc Seltzer 1961 liy NE». Ini-.'T.M. It'll. U.S. P«l. OK. By Chic Young (^ BUT, MOMMV, AFTER THE V'DANCE WE'RE ALL. GOING ^—--^TO THE PIZZA PALACE COOKIE--VOU'PE USING TOO MUCH PEP.FUM6.' •- I'LL BE COMPETING WITH THEANICHOVIES AND CHEESE AND SAUSA USF. THE FAINTEST ) SUGGESTION , ^ PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer I GUESS I'M AT THAT AWKWARD AGE POP. PARADES., ...AND TOO BIG- TO PEEK BETWEEN ,TMEIR KNEES TOO LITTLE TO LOOK OVER PEOPLES SHOULDERS... DID VOU ENJOY TI-IE PARADE "You're right, Pop! It really does look like a horse blanket!" )S<) b> NEl. 1^. T.w. ?,- us. p.,.. t "May I interrupt to bring you a special news report? SIDE GLANCES Dinner | S served!" By Galbrciith FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser WE'VE , , SWEETfeSr BUT OURS IS LAWN SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal DIFFERENT. we pAM our OF GAS/) ., . s -- OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople WELL, SIR-- WE PUT ALL TH' WOMEN AWP CHILPREM IUTO TH' AMMUWITJOM WAGOM AMD LEFT A MAW WITH STRICT OKPERS TO BLOW IT UP IF TH' IMPIAMS BROKE THROUGH.' MOW, HERES WHERE THREE OF US TROOPERS AMP A SCOUT WOW TH' MERAL OF HOWOR THAT TERRIBLE PAY BEP TIME.' COME WOW--ITS HALF PAST EIGHT/ DO VOU HEAR ME ? IT'S fOO LATE MOW.8UT M.Y ANY BUSINESS OVER THIS PET STOKE, WITH THe EXCEPTION OF-THAT PARROT t 50LTJ fO OFFICER CLAMCV FOR'*12 OUTSID& OF "WAT, T. UAN/ENTY EVEM SOLD ATlM OF FISH I'M 6?e<siiMiNG To WOMDEP IF THIS IS A GOOD BUSINESS FOEi ME ® 1M4 ky NEA, Inc. T.M. «.(. UJ. Pat Off TIME-WHEN) I HAD A •STORE AM 1 WAS LEFT v^rrri 500 SOAP PIPES/ < ^\-.^,.-^a 4 TJI find you a place to sit down, dear, before you spill I something on your necktiel" j MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Covalli I WIU- NOT STAND FOR ANYBODY IN1ERFBSING IN MY GREAl'CRUSADE/ THE R\V HE eHOW5 UP WEARING AN ARMBAND Jl I'AA GOING STRAIGHT TO J. EO&AR HOOVER/ HATij NO I" TRUE/ MD1H6 F£T5 EAT UP TM& PROFIT- BUGS BUNNY SoY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs /1 C-CAN'T ISLEEP UNLESS I REAP A LITTLE FIRST! VEAH.8UT I CAN'T SLEEP WITH THAT LIGHT SHININ' IN MV EYES: " HMM... HOW A30UT TURNIN' OUT TH'LIGHT, PORKY? V/E GOT A LON/6 DRIVE AHE-AP OP US TOMORROW!

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