The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 5
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THE DAILY RXWS, fUDBBIOK. MD. TUWDAY DECEMBER 29, 1931. FIVl DEATHS Mrs. Harry ¥. Bowline. Mis. Margaret Susan Bowling, life of Harry F. Bowling, oisd at her home on West Maia. street, in Emmitsburg. Ttussday snomteg a: 11 o'clock from a complication of (Lsesses. agefi 71 years, 10 sseuihs acd 15 days. Slje is survived by her husband, two caaghtep. ThC BOOK SURVEY SHIP DESIGNER WHO GOT \ HEALTH BACK TO LEAYE: Mrs. Jobs. Eck, Wayrsesboro, Pa.; Grace, fit borne: three sons. L«o, Way- nesi»ro. Pa.; Charles, Chambersburg,! ^ and WiHiarc, at iiome. Tbe funeral was fceJd SaTAtrday BY BRUCE CATTON ! A Carrful Study of XI1A Serrice Writer. ' ^ ££^£*£ ntaL -. ^turbi^g You get 3 straage aad rerealirsg pic- study of the crganizatiou and activity ' ^. tare of ei-Kaiser WiUiara II of Ger- John Cairns To Leave Lewistown For Chicago. RockviUe RockviUe. December 28--Juduc Robert *B I'eter Ins Mgned a dtcrc\- tu the Circuit Couri here graiitlug Vo Jolm J. Rjau o! TOr.or. this, county. «-i J V J- »olutv U^-occe from Mrs- Mary A. RASI:. ras jtiwii s" SOOO ^l.xl. Forest Grove BAltlL volume of tar ^^ ^ on ' - ore !rom the moment of its organization ;n. The plaint Atiorioy Harold C Smith of R. - Axxis the int-res'.i:!« and »b'.c Chris'.maa ev^iiis in tile i* s Forest Oro\e. Dei 1 . -9-Mr. Tbos. Briatiy. of Rtwslyn. Va . i- ?VH-«dine the hi-lida\s with his soii-.n-law aud daughter Mr and Mr? Sc»U Hr\ - Mn-. Helm Shr\- »:jd family spent C!tr*.v.mas day »:th Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Loy Lucketls. Va. - Mr ar.d V-» Joiiii IVarscn. tJ I Lt-esturK, %V, are spending the holidays j v-iii; Mr^. PrarsaKJi is»:eis's. Mr and ! POTTS GRIFFIN. WE CAN GIVE YOU INFORMATION ON ANY TYPE OF PROPERTY. SALES--EXCHANGES--RENTALS APPRAISALS--MANAGEMENT THE Mr Wm. Moxley. -Mr *.id Mr* A L IVrry. ol Buck- CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK Yen Bt r-penal chancellor from momiug at 9 o'clock, vttb requiem s in St. Joseph's Cathode church. Rev. P. J. Conroy. in the ad;asing: cemetery. served as pallbearers. FUNERALS the Jate "SOs to 1909. gi-.c-s a insght the government Do", German eaipire Hi Jfc Ust days. ; I WilUasi H is shown ui hi» strength and his weakness, high-minded, vtrtu- i ous, well-intentioned and peace-loving, · · but so fl ghty and irresponsible that he · j seems, a.* unie^, almost to ha\e been a ! pathological cast. Again and again, m -------- j -*"* book, we ser? the last of the kaisejs f-jneral of Mrs. Mary Lorraine ! incpulsi\eiy spiHuxs the beans all ot er widow of Charles J. Dot!, tooS ' central Ear-je, with Voa B'-Cc»' eara- Manday afternoon at 3 o'cloci ! estly scurr:*--g about to p:ci them up from the late resiiience. 13 West Third j again. rch services costfuewd by R«. , Bv .^^ .j,^.^ ^ ^ -Memxrs" Dr. AJMS John Traver, pastor ot the j are-ra , i e , :0 roiddiiig: but there is a Evangelical Lutheran church. PaE- , ^ of m^. ,., -x eni vo". Bulcw site bearers: Roger A. Doll, Clarence C. Carty, Gene Moore. Fteton Cramer and" Luther Starrer, Washington; Prank Gallion, Marr-xisville. Bunal Mt. Olives cemetery. Harry E. Cart;, funeral director. The funeral of Mrs. Clara Elizabeth Myers, ^nose death occurred in Wash. December IS, took place in this . on Wednesday last, DeeenSjer 23, with interment in Ml. Olivet cem- tery. Rev. E. A. G. Hermann was the orSctsting minister st the cemetery chapel and at the grave. The pail- bearers were her sis nepheis. ·.111 marine ens Hirer and crafts- lans ta re'.iirti t^ Chi-r^jo early -i, January after flve year in Frtxi- rnok county. Mr. Ciinis temporarily :t «-.elas political power, explains ^..u^c f.,^ ac . :x . ;ue la Chicago to to this county Jar hi£ health, and that he ^ fvilly resvred in bocj refreshed in spirit by his ' taste country." ii b^'.li reluctant and to t!v pre^nt day, and tells just *=at 11 coei, and hew :t (Joes i:. 1:1 each of its rsj:tr fields cf effort. He shows and uhy Ccn^reso is coming more ni-xrc under its influence and l.oerally tr^ni legion records to buttress his point*. Hi^~ iwok _s disturbing because any act 1.011- 01» v tiurt- y: pol»lic:il :_xr\er 1:1 j democracy by an energetic .inu c^mpdctly organized ininori'.y is oaiter, and I tnuis he has bees ent_n- cii'.ly fair thr^iighout. He does not to Mrs Doa-scy M. Wslliams It »-SLS a'.- ;v:;d«S by aU o! Mr snd Mry. WCl^ias' chiUlrtn. oh-lcr?n-'.n-!a* u.-a. sr^r.a- .r.ilireu and *a* i«»Uir*si uy a il:.* d.tuK'r. T.2JS* ;'"f^r:'.: included, vu jail. '..oa io Mr ar.d Mrs WU2:*r.u a::ci o;hrr n»ni»'rs *-' '.:5C hau^holti. Mrs. Ksthcr.KP Iri:ice:iburg a:: 2 ^011 o: to::. Mr. --.i-cl Mr.- C:.I;.".,MS Bo---. 52 jears ago in bonn^.- Scotland. -.!x man Vnj years afterward vrsi 'M grille nre for i time, ,ter\«i in the Boer War in Atnca. 1899-190. 1 . as a member of an Ens'-iia cavalry regiment. L^ he traveled in otixrr loreiga co;m- ; to gi\e ihe leaioii fall credit tries, including China and Japan and many *.trtues. and his whole at- designed iiar veaiels for Er.slani Franc*-. China and Germany. During utude is that of friendly critic rather i c^xin'.v Mr xnd Mr^ j.;id vhild ol E-.vLisMi. Mr a;-.o o: M-jllinl-t. ana Mr ar-d Mrs Otborao --Warrvn W. Sai.kO- -»8. »ho 18 years a?o marred Mas* Vtrglnla Bready. daughter of the i*:e Sa.-s;-;el K. BreiJ-. ^ :i-i:-.-law and djugh-.or. Mr ai;d Mrs. S J Wood -- Master KieSfr Ornson is speudinn tl:r in. l:da» w i t h his parents Mr and Mr-. Albert Orrison, B-"iti!-*n-i£. - Mr and Mi Horsier S'.unkle. of granidpareut* Mi ai.d Mrs Lu'.hcr ' -A cSr^uii. · Why 1 :se Chiir.ts. Rang. ' «;'.i Iv j-:i-ir:.t--l at Fores'. Grove M. OF FREDERICK, MD. LIST YOCR PROPERTY WITH US FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. POTTS GRIFFIN, REALTORS 'PHONE POO. CAPITAL $100,000.00 LOCAL MENTIONS li under- ; h:s £-j a better . j^ 3 clear I^hr, cu the critical years jus. i ;, before the war, makes \Vi!l. standable 2nd helps cne comprehension of the currents that ; brought on the · If yoa care at all for "inside stuS" i on an important period in world hisiory ' For the Fisherman's than irate opponent, it behe-.e that '-he World War he foajht za PraiK-e as tss ' i n men as well as outsiders will Snd book sincere. weU-balanoed and ' Kius Legion." is publisiied by Cape r Smith. you'll find it ".veil worth it. Splendid Photographs of Scenes in»Sovirt Bu^siJ. ". 'Ej-es on Russia." Easy Chair This Winter. II \oa are a fisherman, and are vencri:.g lio'-v t-j p-t -:i the Icng. fish- the talented - ess "A-ntcr ir.or.tlis. oa;! be glad to a member of :Jie Princess Pit Reji- :rierr: of ihe Canadian Army. After the l .\ar. he came to America and settled in Chicago, where he was engaged in business as a marine engineer and craftsman until his health tailed. Mr. C^ims tnen came to Frederick co'Jn-.y .sitii his iMfe, who has re^-.ives near Margaret Bourke-Wiir.e prcionts a h ^r about -.Memo--Go Fishing." by . ~. camera record ol life in Russia during ' Eo!) Becker. the emergence of the five-year plan. , ,_. . Lavr-| Miss Bourie-\Vh.te spent a good deal A. Myers. W. A. Myers, Frank ' of time traveling about the land of the Mr. Becker, who writes about fishing for the Chicago Tribune, here tells all · about his various fishing trips in all Settling '* Le»isUvro, where he pur- a house and a small vilisge store, former soldier and engineer dc- U-d himself to ih* quiet life of the vilUge and sient. much of his time in his store, familiarizing himself with activities of an agricultural coaimunity. ·*here a man Mho had traveled ex- IV. Myers. Irving Smith, Louis Thomp- j Soviets, photographing danis. steel j son and Harry Lorentz. L. M. Ga-srler | plants, farms, laborers and Company, of Washington, funeral d:- j everything else thzt looied rectors. Mrs. Myens, ncho ifas the ; --and setting down a prose obligato \ """" of Charles N. Hauer. for many j of description and explanation. [ f ° years the proprietor of the ^BaSalo, I Tne text 0 * ker boff£ ^ not ^ t^ s. twenty-nine years ago.. j^piy magnificent. They present the ind £om that tune untQ her J i- - · j parts of the United States and Canada. ..^v^y and spoic * c se ;. en jaAguages was . , ._ . ,, .. - ---------i^s tuna off southern Cah- and :he ror:ner gradually regained hU The , rdent death j f ac:s about present day Russian Ufe as nesday of general debility, took place Saturday at 11 o'clock at Hope church- Services were conducted by Rev. G. C. Be2. Pallbearers -srere Lee Holland, Prank Jackson, Marshall Allen, GHes ackson, Charles \7hhnbs, John Azee. ·Qtemsen* »ras made in Hope Hfll ceme- y- Geo. W. Peters, funeral director. AMONG THE SICK Mr. John W. Falfc contmues seriously j BY RODNEY DUTCHER XEA Service Writer. find that \ ?.$ 3 member of the Le^istoan help through the ; man's Club, and following a. ·talk made ·.ill winter evenings very nlcelv. There J before the club bv Mrs. Michael E. the Chil- ·rick county, appeal for She and L-liminaries the Bobbs-Mernil Co. i or i; '* c adoption of two year old Flori ence Jean Lutz. of near Middietown. j who had been committed to the Aid 1 Society, and legally adopted the little ! girl on December 19. The child's twin ! brother. Chester, has been adopted by ; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Snoots. Brunswick. . Meanwhile ^he Caimses completed j plans to leave Frederick ctfunty and ; sold their property to Mr. and Mrs. . George Arnold, of Hyattsville, who as- i sumcd possession on December 14. Fo!is as fine a place for a political con- ' : °"- vi:l 3 thelr Tis^ to Reisterstown, Mr. %-en:io3 as might be desired by anv '. a - d ^ Irs - Cairr ^ arld '-eir foster daugh- got ' of those who 'be^cve that a conven- · :er are «*Peced to stop overnight in WASHINGTO1V f ,,.;_ , ome O n East Fourth street, i Washington, Dec. 29.--Chici.go ,,-- .. ---~_ ,, ,-- _ . . , . , ^ r^ _ome on Bast Fourth street, j^^ ^ ^ ^ xepuyza. National '. ttoa helps a party carry the state where i Freaenck before going to Chicago. Committee here than 'the nest Republi- ! :t is held. That factor of "political j " can national convention. She seemed ; location" is never held so important I f~ .^ ·» ~ to get something ras-cmbliag a certi- -iat the matter of the money" offer ' COTIFt WeWS S:»re of respectability. doesn't come first, of course. It prob- ; Miss Hilda Scarff, Adamstowu, who -eoently underwent an operation for , is getiins along nicely. ·Mrs. Albert F. Culler. Park Place, srho has been ill for the past three weeks, is siHI conSned to her bed, but s slowly improving. Awarding her the convention prompt^ ' ^ E ' t ver y signi5caiit that the Re- Equity Case. no fears of or machine Mr. Lewis H. Knock resumed today !guns. Represeatath'es of other contend- 11^. 111 IS ' 2 and M-ssouri in 19!£ after ;he Deico-rats. who carried Mary- ! substituted trustee. Reno S. Harp, at- j o his home oil West Second street, j ing cities made some mean comments i holding conventions in Baltimoj« and torn the Frederick City Hospital, [ on this phase of the fame of the met- | St. Louis, have not since carried the he underwent treatment for j ropolis which was once intemationzCly | states where their conventions were known as the hotne of Al Capone. j ^sid. Now ihere seems some possibilit.y thai i Dr. Esther E. Shaw, head o: the ^.jll^it Ccyai tmc-nL. of Ho-Dd College. - inderwent a minor operation at the Frederick Cicy Hospital on Monday and \s dom5 nicely. Chicago may get the Democratic con- i,,. , fe ., e .,,. e:essthe 193: , e:ectioa Property Deeded. Ezra Z. Horice and ·snfe to Albert S. mfe ' C ° Untr ' $3 ° 6 - illiam R. Stewart et al.. to Wil; Ham A. Reaver and wife, county, S610. Tension as well. There is n: rule 10 be so close tfna; no such factor, i James Worth'ntgon. widower, to ·against having both major parties meet i." ir.vo:vir.g the elc-ctoral vote of a very , VandeUa T. Griffith Cadle. county, town and when the Demo- The condition of Mrs. Harvey For, !cr£aaf and WOT their first elect rho has been 1U for the past ten weeks, ' trmains about the same. rr Eince felore ihe "vVar. large state, is "00135 ignored. Follow- j [ins the landslide ^ctory of Senator 3. \ Marriage Hamilton Lewis in 1930 and the more \ Harold Corbet Johnson. 22. 3 , · recent election of Cermak in Chicago, i Thelma Rosetta Rcnner, 18, both ! '.h2 Reaubiicans are in the position of i Hagerstowa. of Ths condition of Mrs. Rose Krise, |, iiis city, who has been critically ill j ^ it; the Frederick City hospital, is about ·he same. men are held in higher wider es- i _..., ! trying desperately to hold Illinois for · Richard \V. Hawker. 25, Lander, and | Hoover, whereas She Democrats are \ B. Pauline Tribby. 18, Brunswick. by po~:ieia and business ient that they can capture this i Tnomas Belt Lee. 21. Brentwood. and isiness men j -cj^-^^j Republican stale. That's one - t Viola Marie Crawford, 19. Rainier. tr» mr.izpns , _-y ,, o OJ , e ..-r-j ^ ^gatiy sur- j Arthur P. Rsiney. Jr. 33. divorced, succumb ! and Florence B. Fortrnan. 38, widow. : both of Balt'morc. Some of the Democratic leaders want | Herman M. Clem. 31. and Inna P. ·. 32. divorced, both of Shenan. Va. ichard 3. Geiser. 21. Smithsburg. Page Kline, 21. Waynesboro. Pa. Tom L. Banis, 30. and Margaret J. ·Waddy. 28, both of Shepr.erdstown. 7. Va. H. Leitan. air. J. Marion Grove, a Junior stud snt at Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, left Moncav for Buffalo, N. Y.,! Saadolph said, in response to wise- jump" on the G. O. F., start first into rhere. he. as a delegate, win attend the ' cracks from supporters of Atlantic City, : a--on and make the Republican con'."' conference, trtich begins De- ; that CoicacD no longer iiad a bad r«pu- r=n:ion seem anti-climactic. The Remember 30. and continues until Jan- · tation and tiia: a visitor there was as . pualicans will convene June i 4th. how- larj 3. 185 Mr. 23. H. Niisbaum az:d sister eater- i d at cimier Sunday thsir brother Mr. Sphraim Nusbaum, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Hawley; Misses Bessie and Cath- j arine Xusbaum, of Frederick; llrs. Carrle Smith, of M;. Airy; Miss ETen ! Fieetwoad and brother Lew^s ?rfecwood, | Jackson. North Carolina. ': Va.. and Koresce M. Smith. 20, East South street. Ralph A. Punnan. 28. and Dorothy H. Free, 22, both of Frederick. Route 3. Clayton R. Strickier, 24. and Sylvic I. Hann, 19. both of Lebanon, Pa. ,. . Carl C. Bitaer, 2i, Selmsgrove. Pa.. Besices its superior facilities and ob- tee Democrats the time they wouid and Me , r ^ m K Wockley. 19, Pitts- · safe as he wcula r 2 anywnere 1= tne · ever, and it is doubtful whether Coni country. press wiU adjourn soon enough to give rious geographical adTantage, Chicago . r.csd. ; burgh. Pa. { Charles L. Frammei:. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO colored. · " 22. .the ii^-k at Sir. Dvgo. Calif. ! he sri Mrs. ir.kev »re s:_vr.^:iij: J ;*;o \Viiiier. accordlsiK t^ sn5oninit.n re:e.^ed by relai-'.^i ui this oounty. He v-h.ldren. Mr*. Sar.key is ^ sister of Mrs. Pcrria E. Waters of ' Mrs. Robert L Saunders or Miss Benil.v Brc«dy «.'f WA.-0.!r.s-..:i a:id David J. of Suitl-iid. Mr " I:it-jrjiv?e C.-. o! Kaiissj, City, a."-J 1 his home was in lo»a. ! --With their children, chtldrer.-ir.-'.aiv : and araadchildrifii to the number uf ap- . proxlmately 35 present. Mr. ii-.d Mrs j Charles Lee Watkins eir.cnalr.ed at a . family reunion a:id ui tneir i hanic at. Damascus on Christaias. ; Clayton K. Wati:r_=. clerk o! the Circuit Court for the county, a sen o'. the ;i.«it and hoc-less, was anioi:? tile gur*t^. ; --The annual Chrlstnvaa entertaBj- ment of the Rork\!ile Prreb;. terun Church a as featured by the paseant. · "Prisoners of Hope." and was attended j by a iargv gatherSns The pas._nt WA; presented under dir«r.ion of M~s. Henry I K. Pasma. the leading parts were taken · by Mrs. McDonald. Mrs. Randolph Talt bott, Mrs Walter Nicewarner and M'^s j Anne GrtJEth. and :hc music ·no^ fur| ished by the Junior Choir and -*.ii di: rected by Mrs. Helen Bickmorc. Rev. · Henry K- Pasma. pastor of the church, i gave a short talk. The church was : attractively decorated and lighted. --Members of Pentalpha Chapter. Or; der of the Eastern Star, of Gaithersbursr. ' were guests of honor at a Chratmas | party given in Masonic Hall here by i Montgomery Chapter. No. 93. .-r Ro?k| ville. Mrs. W. Reuben Pumphrey was ! chairman of the entertainment com- j mittee and Mrs. John Stone hf-aded j the committee in charge of the refreah- i ments. The hall was beautifully deco- j rated, two lighted Christmas trees being I prominent. Preceding the party the ' Ftockrilia Chapter held a short business ' session. 1 --Because of the Christmas season i the county held no session during the j week. It will, however, be m session ; next Saturday to dispose of a large ; amoun: of both criminal and civil bus- i iness and will thereafter meet regularly on Mondays. Tuesdays, Thursdays and | Saturdays, j --Fire broke out Saturday morning in the dwelling on the farm near Bames| ville of Fields brothers of RockviUe 1 and the RockviUe Volunteer Fire De| partmen-i was sent for. Before the I firemen arrived, however, tae Cames had been extinguished. The roof was considerably damaged, but the loss was not large and is covered by insurance. What caused the blaze is not known. The building was occupied by the farm manager and family. --The woman's skeleton recently found by huntsmen in the big pines j near Travilah. this county, has. Chief ; of Police Alvie A. Mosle. stated today, j been pretty well established as th-. rc- i mains of Sarah Lee, or Mason a very ' old colared woman, who disappeared -.vhile visiting in the Tnr."::ih neighbor- i ho-ad in July of last year. According I to Chief Moxley. a number of trinkets 1 the old woman is known to have pos- 1 sessed. are described in a letter received ; from a relative or friend in nearby Vir; guua, and the several articles found , near the bones are said by Chief Moxley to tally with the description tistead of having been 83 years old. as first announced, the Lee or Mason wo- j man was. chief Moxley said he had i been informed, a hundred or more -.-ears · of age. ! --Lawrence Turner, colored, of the ! Posiesville district -Kas to jail ; here on complaint or his r,ife. who | cnargcd him with cutt^-.g her w-.oh a pen knife. According to t-.e police, the i woman's dress had been =laj,ned and ; her back cut. but very serlotisty. rhe Annual 1 irrmrnV Bait. N..-.-- Y« ar s Esi- J-ini ·: Hall. AUJJ'.CCS Junior Ftro Conip.tny GUltert's \VednHday Special. Jjr entire ^^o^-k o! roix-s ar.d 1 1:1:3- i ! i Notice, ! Unless :l;e promiscuous r.hootiii? tf j ! electric light bulbs ,i".d g!obi-s 15 stepped j ' at once, the police will be instructed to j | enforc? tlx- city ordinance mak.n; it j : un'.avrful t- discharge an air rif:«' or ' ;cat^Rfle ul'.hir. the city limits. Thi* | i violatioji of !h» law must cease at oner j I and the pjlice will br Instructed ac- : j cordingiy j ELMER F. MVNSHOWEK j Major | The Annual Firemen's New Year's E\p. Junior Hall, Daiiolns; 9 to 1 Ti.'kets. I,idies -5c. Gents 50c. Auspices Junior Fire Company. SURPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH O. BAKEM, Chairman of Board. BOLMCS D. BAK0, President. JOHN H. BAKES. Viet-Prendent. JOSEPH McDivrr. Vtet-Prtndent. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cafkier. SAMUEL G. DUVAU*. Alfittant Cashier. J. TRAVERS THOMAS. Aiftttant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER, THOMAS H. HAULER. CHARLES H. CONLEY. M. D.. JOHN S- NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBJULL. JL. · HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKER. JR.. JOHN H. BAKER. ELIAS B. RAMSBCRGII, ARCHIBALD E. FIBE THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE GO. RECEIPT IN FUL i~l. v' · ^r creditors tiirill «.'! independent*'* Of course not h. '.c i:. ?ir~;s 'A* can help ·. c i gei :rCf.pts in full for all the V, -·, ,. . ,-, i . ^ « i "·*»*·-» ' . · *" t*~ "* ^..^S \ ·, o««tr «*_;*. ..z.fJ .*^ -- .*^-" ·' ixicic ;:·, easy :r.5:alin'--.;t T.i« :.3 - .e to p4 your bil-s is now. The place -.0 s*: t.-vs money is-THE PSOP: srs FINAKCS oo. :j Cj-i; s:. LOST AND FOUND. -- W H : » I N l . KISO. IS KARAT WHIT1S ; LOST -- BBOVVS MIAriiER POCKETBOOK. i «-3i::»::. nt ···.·" '·' -:.""e-\. driver's Iicat3»- rc:jr:ied to 'I I.S-23-d!'. CHICKS FOR SALE. BARRED WjrtTB ASD BDFP BOX: AM- cpn«. a C II- L Rnb. SiiTrr-Laced Wb. VVTeasJoites. $13 prr 100. Jersey Biick Gianu. L!*ht Brahmu. BaS Orplngtoni. «!3 ptr 100 Asiorwu Mixed. MO per 10O. ! ioo«4 !!»· fielltf.'JT sru»rmn:r«l. 1 so S- vnk-oid ch!c!t». Free caUIoz- Beck's 1 Hmlcherj. Dept. P. Mt. Alrj. Md. FOR SALE. FOR SALE.--TURKEYS, GEESE. DOCKS. ch!cfc«-ai. 'Phone 365-K. \V. N. Garret:. Judgment Of $11.000 (Or must be paid within 30 days under the i | Responsibility Act. or you will lose your [ j right to drhe. 6'. interest on this j I amount costs S5.60 a year--Automobile i Insurance costs o:iiy about 1-5 to 2-5 of 1% on private passenger cars and j certain tracts. Actna-izc. j POTTS ·'- GRIFFIN. Election Notice. The election of the Board of Direc- j tors of the Farmer's Supply Co. of · Walkersville. M d , will be held in the I office of The Farmer's Supply Co. on I Saturday. January 2nd. 1932. from 9 P. LUXHEB BICE. m. until 12 o'clock. HARVEY R. CRAMER, LATEST OPPORTUNITIES. Sim street, modem borne. Ideal location. Seven room. nsotJero hons*. We»Hlnftan street. 53.500. Properties on Park avenue. *nd East 4U» itreet. to be cold *i a ucrldcc. SAVING (2.000 A recent drop ot S3.000 on this modern 9-rooai house. Including tract of land on j Ulgbiray. near Frederick, inifcei an atttrae- I live bargain *3 wet] as a toarist and Bllln« stnaon opportunity. Too must appreciate I ! i I Military School Representative ! at j FRANCIS SCOTT KEY HOTEL j Captain Robert H. Shank, represent. .ns tils Carson Lou; Military School, i located in New Bloomfield. Pennsyl' --anla. will be registered at the Francis | Scott Key Hotel Wednesday December I 30. 1931 from 3 to 10 p. rn. i Any persons interested in placuig J ! their son or sons in a Military School of ! j distinction for the recr.ainder of this i jear. or next, are irr.i'.ed to call to ! see Captain Shank or to caii him on : tne telephone. this . NO BETTER DIVESTMENT. Modern three story apartment with far- FOR SALE.--SIX-ROOM MODERN BONGA- iow. near coigc. Fruit tr««. ch'.ctca coop. 54.500. Rfply 10 Xe»'s-Poit. Bos 2S03 for appointment. FOR SALE.--BABY CARRIAGE. REASON- able price, good as new. 10 JrSerson St. 12-28-dJt- FOR SALE OR BENT.--THREE STORY br!cb bouse, containing eighteen (18) rooms. Includ'.nc a larse store room, situated In the business section ot Middlelown. Marylmd. For partlrulars. apply to O. S. Abait. 935 Prospect street, Yor6, Pa. U-lB-dtt FOR RENT. FOR RENT.-- 3 ROOM APARTSEQJT. FlltoT tioor. 115 E. Srcond St. 12-29-iat FOR RENT---MODERN SEC ROOM HO0SZ. 323 Washington str-st Apply W. L. Burger, 201 South Market strcxt. . · Modern inree story aparunEui w.ui »»i- Secre.ary. | 8ges th m - pjy3 is ycr cent, on your invest- ; ! meat. j Two corner lots on W. I3tb itrcet. «2iO j each. Consult Rice about other »?!ae»- L!st jour real estate with Bice, P. LUTHEai RICE, REAL. ESTATE ·PHONE 1434. 29 E THIRD ST. FOR REST.--S-ROOM BUNGALOW WITH two baths. Also apartmcnl. Iniasediate possession. Applj N'cws-Post. Box 2805. i NOAH E. CRAMER SON. AN o?poRTc.»imr FOR REST.-- FT3RNISHED ROO^f WITH OR tithou: Soard. App'.y 230 E. Second St. FOR RENT.-- FURNISHED APARTMENT. -- · Three yoocs »ni! ba;h. :3l East Second . S; 'Phoce 41-J. 1 [ FOR REOT.-- THREE ROOil APAKTMSJTr. i Zurriuiied. Apply 303 Eas: S«o:id St. i ]· To purchase a 14* acre fann three cillo j FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT.-Irom Walkersvllle for SZ.800. Thl» larrn if C«-:itral :nca::«r. A" conv.-n-.fnc?^. App.y improved with a s:x room frame dweliins "0 West Pstrlck sl.-«i. or phorc _8S9-M. house. baaS barn, machine shed, chlcien i , l«-_3-o6. ^^^^^ .-.ousts and hoe pen. spr'.ss water piped into , . __-- , oon\t AP\ -.he Kitchen Dj natural flow There t» a rOR RtN i --..lODEP^N. j ROOM AFA meadow of aooat 10 acres icsetber w!-.h ! TM"'» =3» "- Sreond s.rcct. ^ ^ I about 10 acres of fine tlcsber *acc!. baiancr · *-"--* c Rent-A-Car. All clcs;-:- madc^ Gas and oil fre Rales as low rs lOc per mile. Fr,r Inrsrmatlon 'phor.e 1378 FRANCIS SCOTi KEY GARAGE. 114 West Patrick St. NOAH E CRAMER SON. S!4 COURT STREET. FREDERIC-t. MD -PBOSE SOS. JOHN N. CLAKY. 1 Best fountain Service in Flit City. : PEOPLE'S SERVICE DHDG STORES it RENT -- KOUSS ON V7\T2R ST. SIX -:c-ns 7. ,:n rlrrlr c ' ch's. pap-r and ^ri**r s:tc.T»3. Pci'c^-^.or. a: .'."ai*. J ~l- K-U-dtJ j PO!! KENT SIX ROOM HOUSE :N N| Ma'S,-'; Pt A;E.V te C E Sri'-.^ST.f.i :Miss Anna Ellsworth Weybright. : Eridge-s-ater. Va.. is spencing ;iie ! Christmas hilicays at her home in. I |k Mr and Mr*. Vemer Bedaoad, Pe- j ii«r»-ule. Stmiay en jertained Re~. Dr. I acd Mis. C. H. Shu^. Mr. ana Mrs. i Wi71:3m C. Roderick, Prederici: and ; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Axline, Bruns- irici:. Rsv. and Mrs. Shall. Daniel Sayler vTcybrisht and son. Mr. acd Mr5. Wiliaaj Botmer. "Waynssboro, i ?^.. -- ere i-e r^es"-s of jJer. Joha S. | Market Prices Grain. j 'Wicat. 'r«wi bu.._ .51 ' Lire Stock and Produce- j Turr.jsisi sj rrece--ci Cc-unty ! I*rci"£is. inc. "Hc.fcrs ,. 3c to 4c ! ;^ers ^ 4c to 6c : _.. _I-^c to 2c '· : . TM..1C Cat«"*. c~tra pr^ne l.up to Tc J C.-t!-.-.-. clioiee. ZSQ-200 los -sp to 6c , Cal---?. ciiclce. :3C-15i Ibs. up to 5c ! Cal". -v. 100-125 1^ .Up to 4c j B"--= 2c to 3c ! r :?.-*. TC-SO las ,,.. 6c | c'ao.ce. 60-70 las. . _ 6c | '. 00 Ibs up 3C j _ _...3c ! o^es. good to ch o~3. fa.r to ; |H:.75. ·£'·-230 ]'·»- ..SVC 5c vie CV2£A~^R£S THAN TKt Ov; Cr We " I j Ezra W. Biank, 20. Frederick. Route - ! 5. and Evelyn S. Cole. 13. 234 East i Fifth street. .*oah F. Grabiii. 42. widower, and ', , Mary M. Callier. 43. vrioo«er. bo'h of AT CAMP BAKER Rit-hard E. Sanipsor.. c:lcred. 27. '· Woterford. Va. ar.d Bet-y M. Csates. ccloroo. 23. Herador.. Va. WEDDINGS i Encaicment Announced. M- a-.d Mr?. G^srgf Oi's Hen- rr.T.: of their daughxr. Jar-s Pauline, , to Mr. VTi^on H-^irJcli? of Xcmstowr, Fer.r^ylvar.ia Mr. Huskies is H-ie son or Mr. and Mrs. Manor. V. of Mount Airy. The ca:e of tr.e ~. ?rlci.i3 ^vii! be ar.n:-unccd later. Hawker -- Tribby. M-is Pau'.:r.c Tn'oby. of 3 sr.d Richard VC. HS^-I-TT. o Tfr-'j ni2rr:d De-str-.-vr C5 st Gcorce S. Seller. Entertain at Dinner. ar.d Mri ·W.'.li^^. ::. Ks .3h. Dir.t--rraar., \Vi.r."- i-..:.r. Three Troops Of Scouts On Expedition j To End Thursday. Favored bv tl-io l?.cl-i if un- ^·"-rsr-'-^tti. three B--y Scout irootxs of 5"r-?Or:ck began this morning a trsr^c- rlav h kir.g ar.d cam7;n5 :np. in ~h;ch ; . : ~ f y plan !x expl-»ri a large =.^rt:iri of '· Catc-ct-ii rnour.ta^i. Members of three ;rc:.p5. Si. Johns Cavtolic. Calvary Mcthod*st Episccpal ar.d tr." Evan- C"lical Rrrormec. v lil bo ctiartcred at Cnr.r. Eakt-. Bradciocl-; Hc.zlitf. : .r.t.I Sc;-;- Zv-f"t.Tc Kc:ir" R. C- .tw s ref-rr. :o Frscer.c.-: Thurr-cay, .»f."r 5pc-r.c^r.s \~-j r..?htf ?-.. One if t-c " -- oc to reach the cit;." "a 3,:c*.' t _-.ed Jr. "^-c abs'rjce of bad Teau".er 'h- £;vplcra'x^ tr.p is £Tpi-c*^ to iy- ' T~: ~"-irrf.s.-f ;1 fr:r!i 2. scc'it-r.c v:cv-^-..r_*. T;ie Thar.-L«r:vir: cxp^c:' or. '. a sad w-athpr. b-- three scouts mace i. nis.-.t at *h- V. M C A plar. ar.d f-.-cc M5.rr.rr;pr.-.=; 'rr a : f-ch;o t"-. ~h:c.i ^.11 be h«-jc .r. ? v \Vby Take a Chance.. j.-t Delp..ey get jour 1932 motor ve- hccnc'e t^-ss. cJauffetirs' cards. Diily ser-. ;;c Information anc rTiisn^xi anc II,.CG 'T'.e jf f c Bike nine Ridcc Transportation Co.; t.- .-T..;O f.-.rr. 3^s Trrrr.- l.Tsr-i---. £: "-·; ar.d ,n:crmcdiate Ix^vs O-l^" F-l-.-.' H rr.- 83; 1030 F~r .r.;_rrr.c'.. -r. P.-.-^r." 2^3 | \VE HAVE REMOVED OUR OFFICE FROM 23 WEST PATRICK ST, TO 9 NORTH COURT STREET We write a;* IJIBS of insurance tB- cliidirisr automcbiie liability'and property flfffiage JOHN N CLARY. TOS RENT --FOUR OF! FIVE ROOM r-n ^"'arlrrier*. '.i-n.-h^^ cr uriiurr:;^hed. Irci Too-. \pp'' 6 W Tn:rS «r«;. ii-rr-d;: ' F U R FEVT -- M013ERN SiX-KOV. HOLS2. iOl £:n! Sf.T;"^ f 'i:"fi. rc*^p'='i:cp «X:'.C- ·"·- J«i. \yf'.j Z4 D.ii »rsr.-je P -.o=e ; i"3. ;2-iat; ' KOI RZN~ -- :-KOOM MODERN ·" · ' ^^'.'. V.'"." B:o^ . 4«- No ' .: ' .-rci. : PCBLIC SALES. NTORTGXGSES SALE icrin?;. K«fint5hinj. C.-ia.r Cz-r.-z--rta'tar. Wori A H r.r.^PLZ 9 C-.r.tcr St. 'P.-.or.e SC:-J NOTICES.^ ELECTION NOTICE -: Jjr-a-.. 1331 t~- r.s tr.' t-co-!j T-'iday 1 -. j».i TO--J-. *'--rt~r i 1 -.? h3--^ of 1000 r IT. «n5 :2 r.. N-?=. a:- 'ci.on «-.'.! be ·-- -!-r C;-r.rrTr.i: Bi=t of Mi--la^d. Jot : ^ ir. D 1 -" n; da*c J^r- rcor^rd :n Li«r So. 3S5. ir.s L^r.d Hccsrcs lor ·.-·' · u "c^r=.rTci "ru^t^c -r-^f -.-.;· --.. at pu3l.c ·« W;-i«birc SaT^gs !.ra-T-and- cr: ^^c T. .-. DAY C? IEC7"-"BEH, 1SJ!. 5'. the ;-.o-:r -'. 2 c .-.:c» p. r- . ::?-7:-.-i. ac.'arer; -.o 'i? -.-.".:a;; o? Crra- S."..- rr»: e^ Trappcrs Take Nolice. f ' r ravt f^rs al ~rv -"/ace of b'^s'^iess i.-.c? o£'.T-t= T'r..rd ' ar.I Fot:r,h Sts C.l = -i. A1.C- :.-c C..-C-.-. ci-:-\ f c r Frricrtct County. S-r^jfr T-.-m. :S31. :-. I 1 -.; :.:ar?r ;f the ?.'?;*: of. :-- --a -ia-r cT I?«n!if-. 1-931. Oric-*;;. T.»; cr. -^c 30th fiaj or Dtce=- i»- 153;. '.S~ Co-.-t *... proc«i to net -PC" '!:.? Report of Sa'-f of Ecsi '·-- '3rt*i :o rs'.'l Covrt bv Sani^ci A Le^s. Tr; Ir. t^' a^cvc ca-:s», and f.;eJ teere- -5r.f»-. : !: C a-sEce E N*^ : a-:i «b.i, r^csriii ia ^';er yi. 355. c-='.-. drsir-.ol.i^ ;f rs.d na: estate !-Tr:r.7 £^d3 ccnrcTir:;: s*:- rea. 33. 5 r!-.- i- O S. .-:-; -c C Nrsb-t zrd Jc- co; 2 .·r.d Mr?. Ar.£l--xrrfr. N . Lan:? BL'"r. ; Haugh. X elite ArT. A SiiO. U'AS SSGcNliY O!5COV£!?£X IN A A CANVAS 6ARK, CONCeA ':.(.:. Mr. ar.d Mrs W . l l i . H. Ha-igrs. Wa'Jc«r£*.i::e: Mr. ar.c M.-.= John Haugh, Pearl: Mr. and Mr5 Ec~3rc r??.-v H.-. - j~h Dorothea r^-r. Elizabeth Ha.-Ki:tor.. Edr-a Erj ,r. "x.v.-.r.:» PoxJ- erick. lillian Ke'.cr. V.'slJteTsvllle; ?.les.srs: Clifford XVard Dint- crTTiir. Monroe Ar.«leo«-"tr. Melv.n Kaurh. Maurice Hsu;h, C'^rcacc rc tcllirr :.= . r,~ biir. ' 5,..'". · -".-''. ' Ir. -no ;lub they stcric? "Th° rish v ?.; ? ' tha, '.Jv " -.uln r: · iiAtil it the bonl. f;r f 5 -j.r ·· S7;smp its " "The sair.e thir.g t cricc. ' said a qii.ct little man .r. t.-.e ; "on the Mauretania. I Show. : f t '-'··m : --jr--h to 8 - i»- 1?3;. tS5 CO-.-T *... proC«i 10 *CI - -vc-' ·--,-* r'a----^ 1 - ^-^ 3?3 -- - ~ - - -- - r.-.-.- i - ^?CC - ..Cm V^.3 "..^r JUXS COMPANY, r*"arfi Ga't"^TM PrcT5 - r- - ._ . - , - ' ' f -rl'lj c. '"-p ,, -JM . - "i »r5-»!a:i ;o r/r.a :;· rat.ij »sd c^o- ^ ;, ' ^~ ri r- '-.{. il^r N'"sk\ P.-V.s 5ft^ . .........C ^ » KJV F..J..C o83 ^ r _ ._. .-_,. -^--^-s, citLSC to the contrary j ,,_, ,. ;: ., Lz-i S;:-ris fsr rrcder-.c^ Scratch- Pads and Tablets. a COPT of :h.; --rdcr --e Inserted la «oar.e 8-~ :o 1C: a. -^-"^ ' ?:: "-" ' s " rt "· ^KS«:ck co-^ty THS N-EWS-PCST. Co"tt Street. pr:cr Ic ss-.-i ^ Stse . ^s-~k tans MISCELLANEOUS. -· J52S7-X1 P_-,ri -A. : ath Jar .'. IVcen-.ter. :531 ELI O. H1CSH. C'.cr ct t'.ie Circuit Court Jor Frcicr.c* ro.i ^t ·."; :,--~r: ct .n »-.-!-T re T«: 2 ce T -- -. T Ss .. PIANO TOrrNG RADIO RSPAIRISO · c.^'.iy A.b*ri c. Palncr. Fftoat ' 3 VTcct 13ii) street lO-^-S- '-.-.^c'. A Lf^.s. Sol.c.'cr Tr_c Cop;-- Test. ZLI G. HAVGH. Ork d QCC. 3-15-22-^ KO^C -ic'f* o! c. '.1?:.".'. l.v cJ?d icto r^;ed en a hird i-srcrrV--a asi £s .t '- t r". A 4*5-^. *" a prrrVe- upon rst ^cAt.3« FRAXK ^. STOSER, E. l_ S:.:e.y, A«c:i3r.ssr. r S250 n day

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