The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 3
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TH* DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD., THURSDAY. MAY 26, 1932. THRBS I Borah Beset With Inquiries As To President's Attitude. REYAMPCONYE.HTION LINEUP May 23-- ?ro2_btt:?n organization worrjei are c?n;iji^x sur up ytKioies, «-n_;h =^y settle upon the SepuoLcan nat.-ral con JiOB. Peri^tent state:ne:r.s ol '-T it berag car^esved oy 'he Pre^.aen tae shapirjg o! tie ?roo.o:"-on p for ihe par.y has brought a -*a-. Aquinas "and protest* to tse Capit Ii became knoTn today tnat p fiU-on leaders na-.e been presses Borah, their ehamp-on, Jor inJorr= sai« his reported c^scussiori -atth Hoover. Severa. a^-e con:m; to CapilaZ for conlerens». The orgasised dry K^i:e^ 3S - aiso w^ aiob.lire ^- Wash-r ron ·Reek K) consider campaign i-raf follow oetween no'* asc: Te ro.t:- Sen ilr all r.r\t r to .-n:.l FIGHT TO FINISH German Socialists And Communists In Bitter Hand-To-tUnd St ' up ana nude a mass attack upon the by Pedro AUmUrano. one o! the lieu- I 3 tenants of Gen 'V-K--'-'.v SJ:.d.r.o 17 REBELS KILLED Berlin. May 15 --Smoldering pcCltl- !"· ra" passions in the new Prussian D.e: creke out in iiantl-to-nand Ssh'.iry: been national soe-al-^is arc! psr__a3?r.t3" ri^:or o* Gvr- ,.. 5. Manor Airplanes Shoot Oo«n Saadino Followers. Ma ~S -- Xa- er* reported :o- Mar:n« I Tiy Lytfa £ P -» h »r i 's\*«!al « Con'.\;und i-ti--(j--n 1 T.w -e^jsJat^e ha" a* .*·**: r.alf a dooen :i:-r neutrals, were i»re%£ci anc ;U:_-.A: n3crt -^'.ic- -.'4- n- UJ n actic 1 " M\n- r* :r:r.? :s de- ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FIRE THEFT PROPEKTX DAMAGE LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER Do- so- \V... e tl-.e ; a:c. a g-i'c e.: Grav a'- 1 the grojr.c Gra -i^ VA.J*S o , » rr* 0 * 1 Too "Worn-Out" to go ; otlCl! S O l l V C T oa her !rc: :h. c.o.vj sso Ire '.ro^b'-e stared a'vr KA - . a ri'.^nai s* nad :vtn t-'c"v"N- , ,-re.aen: of '.he D-e:. and E-.W. \\V:a social d«ncsrra:. hsc xxr: . \dTcrtUrmrnt) Keeps False Teeth la i .» «-2X2!uri^t detvry rose to a pom - ;,_· ' of ordrr tna at :he ··? of h-s -.o.ce ^ rhDJted tiiat t-- te »ere murderers on ^ :h« Xaz: twncla* The Nars ;-jc;ped t : OP--S ..»=*«: J D'-t BEAD THE STORY. T1-I.\ CO1.OK l i l b PK I I Saj'. Thats Meanwhile tne Pr«.dret his troubles ta r the natxinal contention m prospect that Centres* niay sion. Ha failure to ccniult the party leaders on Cap.-ol caassg same grascoling in SeJecnon of a ne 1 *- for the pany is another tro Tint flr-ger was ?O-ist^j; -jn- Patnci J. H'urle, Secretary the chairman to manage t carapa^n. h j^rce of H.11 -^ al^o Conzrrf* l r.iatr=an uoled po^tt -·--.e S-r_3-a-c.i3S bad suns '.zt- One S.-r.o-a-sJ.a sa-= =.5- ; an= Sco'-'o ; 2.d. Wei I uas grass! ; A=d so :r.e iyi%Tr_;es^;-^r--^ - -·» out jo_'w cione '.ery Tie".".. · ^To ^ c '" v "-" "--·- * Yv.--.e"-.*..= us or the -aork 701 ' 'C-spyr^rn:. 1932 XEA Ser.-.ce. Ir.c ) ~ ? ^! ^.::5-son^. and -oii that you re t ·--· ·^ro^ih. I ·asnier -5 triere anyth.n; (Tlw T:r:ies -ia - .e a merry c. - ^Ee ir ··IVr" y-s! · cne Scr^o-s-duo re?'_ed · A-d '".^r. -^- s»??e^ and sadly sighed · O-ir O'AT; h»j^e m^s; be spies anc ;oar. Tne c.ear.-r:;'i 'up 10 '^s. · VoJ see trie p-a?e in -anich ^e 1:'.* 2. goi .m-cis.on ought to giie W do no: 1-a.e "-^ nori at n-?rr.e. but^ 2 - To Undergo Opention- 1S- Da-.-i C \Vuiebrenner. HI. Sec^-a-- of Stcte ^id^-rAent an, ooera- t.on tccav :o- -. r-n'.o-. ?.l vf r._s tciis^: · We wash :he isrin TO HOLD FAIR ·r.--:; Sr.e We" scrua the Scor ard cj_' :re ·yal-s Oh. .: 'S'on: take so Kockville Exhibition Planned Dfspite I:^?. Pending Sale Of Grounds. Me.. May 2 5 -- Nxi.'h- staading that sale of :he Hoci'-. ille -i^ grpiwtte property to ^he co'^n:" "o^arC oJ education for public school pjrp-3i=s is pendsg and ^ expected to be con- saoiinated a; an early date, the Montgomery County Agricultara: Sotre-y has ceSniiely deciced t-o stage :^s usual fa-r there this year, the preside?.:. Clarence L Gilpin. annoimcec toda: August 11. 18. 19 and 20 ha-.e been selected as the dates and. ES :: a expected to mark the end of the tnre- honored institution, the plans, already well under ray. according to President GUpin, will call for probably tne most elaborate o! the zany exhioi-ions c: the kind held on the histro.c zrouncs The preparations. President Gi'pin stated, are going forward niore ·* -tn tne idea ol staging a monster cam.val tnar. an agncultttrai fa-r, as heretofDre. ana It is planned to provide esre:i3.11- attractive programs, to be featured o..elaborate displays of fireworks fcr the lass three nights WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE-WITHOUT CALOMEl · Vo-X Tmyrr-V'S can vraich us r.c~% ani -,erv soon, ^e J. show you ix7 ".o inc^e ".rinsi kK£ relresl^ng. vrh-le T.e -IT'"' U I.'l^r? SOng " Tr.e b'-rket :her-. cr.ed. ' r" set S:".- j ^jjjj You'D Jump Out of Bed ir, :L^"' ^'IcanSetd ^ ^: i ^e Morning Rarin to Go r^jh: oack And then '.- cried. ' Let's if yv, tt feel sour a=d «·--^ a=d tie wo^j ^1^^, looks puak. d n't swallow a IQC of pa'^. ~-~ , cuser=l T*-3tor. 'V. !^sa::-.e cascy or cheTsp"^ Corr.e. mop ;us: cip your .-ead m E.^TM ^.-d *ip«r^ t--'=2 u-^akeot-suddenly xT'-rc're":^ 5r3^"^ tr.-S loc .-re s". For tn»y dn'^dojt. Th^o^core^th? rrus* G3 O'-T part" I the ci^se. The r»*a^o2 f -r 5 wtir lown-aad-o*;t ,, _.._ _ ML , frti^se is our !.-.^r. It shuuid pour out t%ro ^^ '· pounds el U^'Jid b^c into yo-r bonfels daiiy T.-e S~rub-3-du';x v,oried ^rhlle trie". if t -is b !e -s c ,t Coir^c f r«!y. your f ood sar ^ cj a ,- c - e a""v -'-sir iTJd -.O.ces doeso c d j.sU It ]^st dec=:.-s in tbe boweis. = ^T" - £?,,,.!, ,, ^,,v,- --a. Gcs bloats ^p CLr stoeiich- YOJ have a ran? Four ,," e Scrub-a-auo^ a.e _ tfcjck _ fcad -T,.^ ard yo .., br ,^. h a fcia i_ ^·^ O " 3*^-3 "O muie tri_n^3 on^hl. J sian of»n br*"-^ks out is blemishes. Vour head "wv do --e v«- ----- T;* can c-^ Then I acaejasdvo.sf.r.dowa and out. Your who!* «»r i.v .--c - Kvste-s is pc^oncd. e-.eryrh^s IDOUS ."_s: .^;e ne^' A e r c i Iz t^^ .. nose E0od _ ol(j CARTER'S ei^i? :3 Sr;-=h o^r xx--_ housr -" tt LITTI-E LT\ER PlliS to get these cxc * . .. .^x- ·· ponnds of bile r^^Tn-^ freely and make yoa .aiCS ^, a.. n,g... . {ee! _, jp 2 _ d .. T::( , v eo-j^,., ^ondcrfc!. cr. SC3UTM. as he Tra::".: a tre hi-ricss.«:"-« v^c uo'.e extncts. amacsg _,_,.,, ,-.-,, " c ^- T haTe a :.iO3-'' when it eccies to nuucae the oiie flow beely. T" -"' "^ ~"*-_,r. .. --,, . , s~- ~ ^ _ I But don't i?kfjr':T"rp^s-Asfcf"r Carter'* r. n - v . ~» - O ^ce _· - ~ ·-- H-ie late-!' s. 1/xik f 7 - t h e same Carter's d-3= w3ri O" :irou:nou; :rc "i;~t , LI^IC L.--CT P.^ on the red iab^L Resent a VT-"' g'adlT 'end -el^-H- hand." sabst.r^te.25catzl!stj^ts. eiSSIC. iLCo- for the ... 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Luckies created that process. Only Luckies have it! "Fifty million smokers can't be wrong!" "It's toasted" Yocr Tfcroat Protgctton-asainst trritation--aggin^ coggi T a k e . . . GREEN AW ALT'S Dandelion Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! A BOX Larje Box. containing flre the qoanti^ -- Sl.OO FOR S\LE \T \LL DKTG AND M \ N \ t.EXKK%L STOKF": When your children, ] like the buds of flow- ~\ i j ers, blossom forth in j ;{ spring attire, just no- i j uce how much they j; , lave grown in a year. | j ) There should be a new 1 nhotograph to keep, ,| :or all time, this record : ; change. It must be :i made now. Make an ,j' appointment today . . . ' : i PHONE 799 0 Edmonston Studio ii "l\hUc Vou Arc \bout It U, . . . Cet a Good Picture" 11 :i THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALL --INCOME Store Marfe-Eowns c'.ery- cay--B".t I"CDT.e such as ol-^'cd Sxia. cair.e as a nile or.'.j t- i-e '.?. a. generation. Monthly Income Investments Not Stortx. 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