The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 22, 1924 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1924
Page 15
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FIFTEEN. BALtSMEN OR SALESWOMEN (Cbnt.) 28 THE Novelty Advertising Co .'s bltf line (five departments) offers tin- Usual petitions for ambitious salesmen In Kansas. Ono nnrne, one tuislncsa, •Inco 1898. manufacturing s'ood selling advertising 8iK »s, calendars, leather, cloth and wood specialties. There's big business nhoad In 11)25. Securo territory now. Start D?c. 20th. Full time work. Profitable commissions. State tales experience, references. Address 1„ C. OIOVOP, V. Pres.. ad Halts Alan- ener, CoHhocton, Ohio. _ WANTED—All kinds or used furniture; one piece or an entire houseful.^ Crook. Furniture Exchange Co., phono !J8. ^ 29 Mrn. Inn Kilos, phono 2728. 317 East Fourth; WANTED Jatiary 1—Men with ex- porlonce, ambition and Initiative to •Ml advertising Minns and novelties. Give affc,- height, weight, three business references, (exclusive territory. • Expenso allowance and commissions first four weekB. Stanford-OrowelJ, Ithaca. N- Y, • |tKM150 Weekly, soiling straw spreaders direct to far morn. Increase his wheat yield, 5 to 10 bushels aero. No collecting—we give customer year to pay, but pay your commissions now. Loads furnished. One order dally Ihakes you $90 week. Straight com- tnlsalons. Simplex Mfg. Co., Kansas City. Mo. §26.00 DAILY taking orders J2.82 ratn- coat. Automobile, Raincoat, Lamp t nd Outfit Free. Eastern Raincoat Co., 13 Roosevelt, Chicago. USED CLOTHINO and fancy work exchange. GIFT & THRIFT Shop, 215 West 5th. Phone 1752-W. 3D MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS <*0 A SPECIAL* price on a beautiful Can- solo Victrola, Period style, mahog- IJ *. .Tonkins Music Co.. Yll N. Main. PIANOS, MUSICAL. INSTRUMENTS. Star Piano SUM; Whiting ll»0; Vose !!)»; Brunswick $05; Victor SOU; Columbia $60: Violin $10; Banjo til. iasy terms. Rorabaugh-Wiley Music )epaniinentr 23 AGEN.TS WANTED 23 AGENTS—$11.80 dally In advance. (Sworn proof). Introducing new Insured hosiery. 47 styles, 33 colors. Guaranteed 7 months. Special line ot •chool and Xmaa hose now reauy. No capital or *xperlenco required. You •Imply take orders. We deliver ami collect, (or you can deliver—suit yourself). Credit given. Pay you daily. Monthly bonus besides. We furnish samples. Spare Utile will do. Mac-O-Chea Hosiery Co., Bldg. 4046, Cincinnati, Ohio. _____ AMAZING profits through new methods. Biff line stylish guaranteed •htrta three for 14.96. Sell on eight. Complete outfit absolutely free. Earnings in advance. Wo deliver and collect, inexperienced make big money. Experienced double earnings either as main or side line. Write quick. Fashion Woar Shirts, Dept. A-ll, cmcm- Cat). AGENTS—-$60 weekly taking oruars for guaranteed hosiery. 28 different •tyles, newest fall shades. Free outfit Offer. Thomas Mfg. Co., Mill MM Payton," Ohio, AGENTS—Sell two shirts for price ot one. Get In on big holiday business. $20 dallv easy. We deliver. Write for 7 *Your "Opportunity," free. Wallo Duplex Co., Brooks Bldg., Chicago. AGENTS—To sell Stock and Poultry Remedies, no capital needed. Established 17 years. Must have own car or tig. Atkinson Laboratories. Desk A, St. Paul. Kan. CHRISTMAS MONEY. $B0 weekly—advertising and sales •work. Full or spare time, Cleveland Hosiery Co., 6713 Euclid Ave., Cleve land, Ohio. liAJlGB manufacturer wants agents to sell ahlrts direct to wearer. Exclusive patterns easily sold. No capital required. Whole or Spare Time. Experience Unnecessary. Kalendar Spurts-' year Co» 543 Broadway, New York. llAl-CE money hi your spare limu Easy to make $1 to $2 an hour by following our instructions. No money or experience necessary. Writs today lor particulars. Costs nothing to investigate. American Product* Co., KStft American Bldg.. Cincinnati, O, foTnULU TIMES SELLING FOOD— People must eat. Federal distributors make big money; $3,000 yearly and up. No capital or experience needed; guaranteed sales; unsold goods may be returned.. Handsome $15.00 sample case sent on truat. FREE SAMPLES to customers—Repeat or dt'ia sure: Exclusive territory. Ask now! FEDERAL PURE FOOD CO. £*:&. r i Archer, Chicago., Uiu uuriicrs lor furnaces, heating ami took stoves, Burns distillate o h\nuen<?. Agents wanted. Rellanc Eu:ner Co., L'lith and Park, Kansas v u-; Mo. ltwHT. H. Inguraoll of $1 wnich l"iut.< wants good men to sell his dollar mropping outfit, an ingenious invention for sharpening all makes ol safety razor blade*. Great economic value. Meeting with nation-wide aP- pioval. Easy to sell. Big repoat bual neas. Agents having remarkable sue cess.-Full particulars. Robt. H. lnger. soil, 4"ti Bru/idway, New York City. $lm) A WEEK— Man wanted with am bltlon, industry and small capital. Ydu can make above amount or more, distributing Rawlelgh's Quality products to steady consumer*, hevera' line openings now available. We teach and help you do a big business and make more money than you ever made before. Give ago, occupation references.. W. T.,Rawlelgh Co.. Dept. K A 3113. Free lion. HI $10,000,000 Company wants man to sell Watklns Homo Necessities. More than 150 used dally In this territory. Income $35-$50 weekly. Experience unnecessary. Write Dept. 11-1, The J. R. Watklns Co.. lath & Campbell fits.. Kansas City. Mo. SITUATION WANTED, FEMALE WORK bv noiir. Phnn» 2004 WORK by hour. Phone H46UJ. m MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE* FREE Gladiolus. 1 will send U flow erlng size Gb\dlolus updn receipt ot 80c to cover packing and mailing ex- T>*nnes. R. Vallentgoed, Bdllngham, Wash. Euu SALE—Real estate S% contrac at discount. —asl< McNairhten! VOH SAL!-;—Hedman Check Write 515.00. regular price $10.00. See Clifford Teeter, News Office, FOR SALE—Electric Washing Ma chines. The "Apex," for one-halt the retail dealers price at tire Hutch' inson Bonded Warehouse, 701 Eas Second Btgytjt. FOR SALE—One mahogany llbrar] table and one mahogany chair. Ca at 810 East Sherman before noon. MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 28! POULTRY A SUPPLIES (Cont.) FOR 8ALB—Barred Rock cockerels. standard mating from heavy laying strain W H Ward. Nlckerson. Kan. FOR SALE—Turkeys. A. M. Bowser, Phone 1103 Darlow. FOR SALE—-Fat go e se. P hone a KB. WEARING APPAREL 2y OR SALE—Some fine Burr Orpington and Buff Rock Cockerels; A pen of about CO laying Rock hens. Mrs. "ilnln, Silica, Ivans. 'Oil SA LE— Girl's winter coat, size 12 ypars, rhtup. Phone 3OT7.I. SINGLE COMB Rhode Island tied Cockerels. Phone 0N3; John A. Morgan. IIGI1EST prices for men's clotning and shoes Phone 11G8.J. THOROUGHBRED Barred Rock Cock- erols; weigh 7^£ lbs. each. 407 West Sherman. Plmno 3700, 42 GOOD live business on Main St., making good money; will consider rental, property, as owner wishes to retire. A. S. Pearce, 121 ilth East, phono 2711.1, FOR SALiiJ, trade or leuso, good cafe doing nice business. Heason, oilier business. Zlllmun's Cafe No. 1, Elkhart, Kan. " WE are making a. special prlco on several slightly used rolls. Ask about these. Jenkins Music Co., 122 N. Main REAL bargnln In now piano, beautiful Instrument, fully guaranteed. Phone M7J. . INVESTMENT—Offer $10,000 1% preferred stock in amounts of f 1.U00 or more. Dividends payable aemi-annual- y. Established concern. For further nformatlon, address J-ll, care News- Herald. ^VE havo some bargains in record calnols. These will not last long at the prices we ask. Jenkins Music Co., North Main. IF you have $Ul)0 will start you in new business, tremendous sales, hould net you $100 salary weekly, >xperlencQ unnecessary. Mechanical Machine Works, Baltimore, Md, 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 'APEX" electrlo washing machines at one-half the retail dealer 's price. They are to be s^en and had. at ti!? Hutchinson Bonded Warehouse, 701 East Second Street, PARTNER wanted to join me In St. Louis in the manufacturing of a number of patented articles of merit of which there is a demand. Manufacturing cost very low. To control B0'/o, $30,000. Wire or write Geo. M. Roe, Snyder, Texas, C S. U. 45 BARO\AlN In a bedroom set. Large sine walnut vanity; genuine walnut chUfonler; lalo style metal bed (walnut finish), $100. Phone • 4»6. Shaffers. COMBINATION • gas and coal heater. Call 117 West fith. FOR SALE, cheap—Extra fine reed baby buggy, roverslbte body. Call at 27 West Sth. [EtuiBudlcffli^ aindl Louis Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, or pay off present loan; will loan up to 60% of value, you pay back principal and Interest at $13.33 per month for each $1,000 borrowed; we want to talk with you about It. Coe- Thomson improvement Co., Masonic Bldg., Phone 7fi2. FOR SALE—Nearly new "automatic electric wnshfr. 711 N. Monroe. FOR SALE—An electric heatef; bookcase. *123 East Seventh. HIGHEST cash prices paid ror all kinds of used furniture. Nothing too good; nothing to poor. Crook Furni ttire Exchange Co., phone 96. Phone 2217 IQMEMADE comforts NEW and" used Furniture, heating skives, ranges and gas ranges. Our prices are right. We are fn the market for good furniture and stoves Hay Workman. 2021£ N. Maple. Phone 3S41—1574.1. TRADE your old furniture for new Phone Shaffers. 4D8, USED FURNITURE Good roll top desk, $20; office tables, $10 up; Buck gas range, like new. $31.50; good Quick. Meal coal range, practically new, $42.60; some good cheap base burners from $12.50 up. good Acorn rango, $29. Crooks Furniture Co. WANTED—Furniture, rugs, stoves highest pr'ces. Johnson Furniture Co., Phone 804. 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 32 ®wnfl<sirs REPAIR.ED—RENTED, • BOUGHT—SOLD Ty[p£wiru11*ir §«irva<c <B Co. 60S N. Main Phone Wt TYPEWRITER HEADQUARTERS." All makes of Slightly used and rebuilt typewriters sold on E-56 payments; exclusive agents for Royal and Corona Typewriters; rentals, repair work and supplies; reasonable. RENO TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE. 405 N. Main. Phone 34 §UEL & FEED 34 FOR SALE—Sudan and cane nay, Farming ton Nurseries, phone UK.6, 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 35 CALL 20F3 for pears, apples, honey nd pumpkins. CHILE, Hot Tomales, Hamut-rgera, The best in Hutchinson. Try tnem. C. and E. Lunch, 20- A East 1st. 1 one 312. FLOI A DA Fancy Assorted Boxes con talnlng 4S Oranges. 8 Grapefruit, 20 Tangerines, 4i Kumqunts, Jar Frur Jelly. Express prepaid. $3.75. FLORIDA ORANGE CO., BRADENTOWN, FLORIDA. GOOD Pumpkin and Mince Pies, cakes and popcorn balls. Phone 1144-J TVoTTi horn* baking. Ph. 1144J. HOME-MADE Bread, cookies, dlvln ity, mince-meat. Phone 25U7-W Mrs- Sherman Ploughe. HOMEMADE pb-s. Phono pumpkin , and mince 37 SHRUBBERY, SEEDS PEON1E roots ready. Now la time to plant, 4Uc each, $4 per doz. Under wood Greenhouse Co. 33 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 FOR SALE—Big type Poland China boars. Some extra good hoars alreci by Premier by Promoter by Criterion, Dam hi Jade by Nortslde Kit oy Pica etts Orphan. Theae boars are out standing breeding prospects all hav« been vaccinated and are priced right For frther Information, address Sen Jones. Mux 81. Hutchinson. Kansas. FOR SALE —One registered Duroc Jersey boar, Pathfinder and Orion breeding, a good Individual, priced cheap. Harold Pennington, phone 33Ff FOR SALE—Heavy, outy wagon; gasolino garage tank; gAvlmzed water tank with faucet and cover. White Lumber Co., 101 W. Sherman. Phone 65, l*Olt SALE—Dandy young cow, fres, with heifer calf; alsa heavy spring er, W. It, Crow, phone 1200J. FOR SALE—One International ti-H.P, gasoline engine, used two months, Phone 27S8. D. K. McLeod. S TOR" SALE—7 mortgages. 45&. real estate first ask McNaghtun! Phone FOIi SALE—Gas power hay bauer; also fat pullets; 20o a lb. Phono 8FII. FOR SALE—Manure for lawna. Car 331 S.I GUNS for sale, one automatic itetn- ington, one Winchester hammer- less; can be bought for half price. 18 Ave. B, east. - : MAGAZINE subscriptions. Kill's. '117 East Fourth. Mrs. lua ONE nearly new butcher's refrlgera- tor, Buffalo silent cutter, cutting table and meat block. John Hoggatt. Dodge City, Kan., 1204 2nd Ave. PORTABLE Singer electric sewing machine. Phone 2374J. HOUND Oak heater, pipe, etc TIRE Bargains-30x3; $5.10. 30x3 to; $<1.20. 3 and 3'/j In. tubes $ Uu- vall Tire Co.. 112 10. Sh-mian. 32x4: 33x1: 34x4; prices range from $1 to $12; good used tubes $1 each- BARNES AUTO SALVAGE CO, 22-24 West Sherman. YoUNG PiH Geese. Phone .iSit>j. 27 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE OR TRADE 27 EXCHANGE— V rt-sT) cows lor CM luge: cutter. N:un« size, ayo a imike Afb1»--*..-s T-11 cuv .\>'W;i THREE lots to trade fur good car; fro 'PRA11...—,s r*v7^TtiVcT"u^"ma'elTtH3 fwr good M rifle. Phoud Ml, FOR SALE—Three Jersey cows, one fresh, two freshen soon. W. R. Cone, phone 210GR. FRESH Jersey milk cow. Green, Nlekerson, Kan. FOR S ALE—Choice Duroc males, Phone 16-K-12. C. ,W. Danrord, GOOD Holstoin cow,\ fresh soon. . miles west of Whltemde.E. A. Nlsly, FRESH Holstein cowa. Inquire \\a tcr C. Pelrce, Darlow. AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cont.) VO R SAL E"— Or tro:dV, To 2 3 Fo rdtou r Ing car. Phone 3412. NOW wrecking K-4h Bulck; 37 Oldsmobile; Fords and others. A. K. Johnson. 16 South Washington. MODERN ground apartment, coay fire place, gas range. Reasonable; "<t3» East .Sherman. CI IA LM E RS Cou pe for sale, cheap for cash, or will trade for lota wen located. Phone 32F2. ONK i and one 3-roorn furnlsnod apnrtnient. B45 East 1st. Modern. FOR SALK—Ford Touring; class A garage; 20 West Sherman. FORD 1-ton truck chassis, over-size cord tires; this chassis can be bought for $8S cash, and balance small monthly payments; the earnings from Call at i this truck will moke the payments. TWO or throe rooms, cheap, modern, furnace heat, gnragft. Phone 3773W. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Dnvls & Child, 2nd and Washington. NEW Dodge coupe, driven 2,000 miles. Phone 2712. uno Ford Touring 1024 Olds Sedan Chandler Sport Touring. 1020 Hup Roadster. (£• A, IB&iauggnMao Motor Ca, rasE© CAMS • 2 Dodge Sedans 2 Ford Roadsters 2 Bulck Tourings 1 Dodge Touring 1 Cadillac Touring 2 Ford Tourings 1 Chevrolet Roadster Let us know your needs—We "Win get It. THE USED CAR MARKET S8ii(too * c s Matter [Esdh&mge 2 East A. Phone Utioa FORD cars, sell from $25 to $100; wo will give terms; now Is the tlmo to buy a used Ford at the right price. Davis & Child. 2nd and Washington. MONEY TO LOAN 45 1924 FORD coupe, used very little; you can mako a real saving on thll car; we will mako terms Tor you, Davis & Child. 2nd and Washington CITY LOANS—Straight loans; Newlin Manning Loan Co., 11 ^ N. Main. IFflQin&B ILti&siinis Wo represent loan companies wttn millions available to place on good Ceptral Kansas farms, 67c with moderate commission, with small commission, or 6% with no commission. Annual Interest. Consult us now. THE COB-THOMSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loans and Insurance. FARM LOANS 11,000,000 to loan at h% and low commission. All central Kansas. New- Un-Manning Loan Co.. Ufr N. Mam. GET 7% on first mortgage real estate security, —ask MoNaghtan! 1st Nat'l Bldg., MONEY" to loan, smalt amounts. Welfar* Loan Co.. 16H North Main. MONEY TO LOAN Improved city property or farms. —ask McNaghten. Cash available now to repay the loan you now have and reduce your monthly payments by placing your loan In the Salt City Building Loan & Savings Association. Prom an investment standpoint, our stock is safe, solid and secure; whip your lazy dollars Into producing a guaranteed t>% dividend. Jjet us call and txpiain Building and Loan to you. E. CAREY, LLOYD BKOWN President. Secretary. 503 N. Main, Phone 072. 5% I'" ARM loans. Anderson invest* ment Co.. Phone S35. 27'^ a. Main 46 AUT03 AND TRUCKS 4b A FORD ROADSTER glQLfl Driven 8 months, and mechanically perfect. Many extras Include lock- wheel, Hassler shock absorbers, spare tire, gas gauge and filler, luggage carrier and others ton numerous to mention. Priced to sell at $250-; only cash offers considered at this price, Phone 2514W for demonstration. FORD touring car. excellent condition. roflnlshed. good top and rubber; you can buy this car for $100 down, balance monthly. Davia & Child, Second and Washington. ©ETTTTEIK OSE© CAES AT 1PMCES 1019 Dodge Sedan 1020 Bulck Touring 1921 Ford Roadster 1919 Ford Coupe 1016 Four cyl. Studeba"ker 1020 Jordan Touring 1010 Studebaker Big 6 Touring 83 Cadillac Touring. 1019 Marmon .Sedan 1023 Studebaker Special Six Qairik Motor C® Phone «• riOUOR Sedan, clionp 110-112 W. Second Phone 214. HUDSON coach, like new, (or sale, Take Ford or light car. Dal. terms, or cBah. Phone 88, 303 North Main. FOHD epeeMster for sale. |R0. Davis ft Child, Second anil Washington. 2 Oldsmobllo Tourlnga Nash Touring car 1 Ford Sedan PAHMHa&l &IBRN Phono !0 120-122 West Klrst 1U-4 Oakland touring car for sale Used only 6 mo. *Only reason for Belling: am leaving town. Call S608J or Inquire of William Black. 47 MOTOR SUPPLIES 4 REPAIRS LAST MOOTIBI we wrecked 24 cars. Windshield glass fitted. Tires and batteries. IBairaes.&iinto Sa!kr 8 )g<& Co. 22. 24. 28. 28 Weal Sherman. 50 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD 60 FURNITURE, Btoves, 116 East 10th, i URN1SHED & rooms, modern, 1st floor. 102 E. 6th. FURNISHED room in modern" home, 641 East First. Phone 2341. LARGE sleeping room; private entrance. Also room with kitchenette. Modern, heat furnished. 125 West 4th. MODERN sleeping rooms. 21t> East Sherman. ODEItN sleeping rooms 204 W. &. MODERN aleeDlnn rooms Ph 2211J NICE LARGE ROOM For Kent private home; well located; |l&.uu per month. Phone 770. SLEEPING rooms, 315 East 1st. Breakfast If desired. Phone 207J. SLEEPING rooms. 227 Kasi Shei man SLEEPING rooms. 2111 West Fifth: SLEEPING rooms. 31S Enat B. TWO sleeping, for rent; furnace heat, Phone 3760. Ladles preferred. TWO NICELY furnished rooms with bath.; 300 W. 1st. Phone 1768-J 51 ROOMS WITH BOARD 61 BOARD and room; furnac^ heat. 126 East Sherman. MODERN rooms Board :tufi *v. ^na. MODERN fumlsned i-room suite clofio In. Board If desired. -4 Easi fith. Phono 37 ROOM and board for two, 20U A, east. Phone 252SW. 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FOR RENT—Two nicely furnished rooms for light housekeeping, with hath: 300 W. 1st. Phone 17JH.1. FOR RENT—Modern light housekeep- Ing rooms, close In. Phone 1747J Hi tllSEKKEPING rniMHH HOI; S K K EE PI N G rooms. APARTMENTS FURNISHED (Cont.) SOMETHING now In a 3 room furn- 1 s h 0 d apartment at 211 First Kast. STUU'TLV minlern nrivme THREE ROOM, modern, down stan furnished apartnifnt; 223 E, 2nd T\SD RuOM Apitrttnent fuiiiisiu ; prlvnte; $5.00 per week. Phone 7^ 68 HOUSES UNFURNISHED bb A six room strictly modern hmne on llth East, garage, $3", per month. See K1NKEL AGENCY Realtor 210 St.. Ex. Bldg. Phone 2055. FOR RENT—10 rooms strictly "modern except furnace; excellent condition. Phone 22"i5 or U>'i;t, FOR SALE I On* of the finest five room homes ; In the city, built of the very best • material, oak floors and standing oak two rooms, fireplace, French door*, I base bath tub, built-in kLtchen. break- faft room, large basement, laundrv, pipe furnace, garftgo and front drive; ] this la a real good home and well ' worth $5,2" PO. ; KINKEL AGENCY j Realtors . l'iione 20t IPiriiceSll^C •\|R RENT—House at 724 N. Starr. Phone 37G4W, 'OR RENT—Cottage, 4^3 &" EasT Call at 313 East First. : OR RENT —Five ruum house, modern except furnace, $20 montn. Can 7RSJ. _ FOR RENT—4 room house, 8th, eaHt. Cheap rent. Call 17S0 at 800 Fourtn, east. * FOR SALE by owner, 2 aix room homes, 708 and 710 East Third. Inquire 7J0 East Third. OR KENT—423 East 10th: 3-room. lights, gas. $12. Call 424 East 10th, or phone 21!»8W. FOR RENT—Good modern 6 room cottage garage close in. Phone 32;m. FUR RENT—6 room house, $16. inquire 1107 N. Monroe. FOR "RENT—4 room cottage, 413 F, east. Phono 1629W, after 6 p.m. FOR RENT—Six-room house, seml- modcrn, HQ S. Poplar. Ph. 22F21. FOR RENT, cheap—Good four-room house. Panne 795. FOR RENT—5-room new, modern bungalow to adults. Phone 2217 FOR RENT—14 East loth, atnctiy modem- Phone 303, A, B. Dull. FIVE ROOM cottage and garage; zit> Sth west. HOUSEKEEPING rooms with private entrance, ground floor, B28 East C. NEW five room modern cottage with garage; adults only. 3. S. Spanglsr, Phone 3330, NEW five-room cottage, modern. S. RpanglT, phone 3330. PROPERTY FOR RENT 20 East 16th, 5 rooms, strictly -modern $35. 6 Rooms modern except furnace, garage, $25. 6 Room bungalow, strictly modsrn, garage, East fith, $35. One acre tract, 5 room house, basemen t. $20. Phone 400. PAY off the. loan on your home on ea.'sy monthly payments. — ask Mc Naghten! First Nat'l. Bidg. RENTALS. 1 So. Chemical, 4 rooms. 3 So. Chemical, 4 rooms. Ut *. Palace, 4 rooms,,. 621 Went 6th, 4 room... 1518 East Third. 5 rooms... .$ 8.00 . 8.00 . 12.0U J.2 .UU 13-00 Owner says taka $5,yU0 If you can sell it In ten days, needs ihe cash bndly. j lili^ltii foot nose in business ]nca- 1 tlon corner. Vuu aro la >kmg ror bar- ! gaili.l. Thld off ding will sell itself l«> i you if you have or can get the nects- i*ary amount of cash. CAREY REAL ESTATE & INV. CO. iiifiuror— Lioyfl Biown—Realtor Salesmen; 'Sanders, Schoonover, Buriia nan. THANKSGIVING SHOES Infanta' Shoes, Girls' Shoes, If air (Quautsik Ss&e A cla?sy little hmne, five rooms, fiuia, oak finish, poured concrete base, hot air furnace, various built-in features. Phnno 2Ht'9W. FIVE room, modern except furnace, for only $2,750, reasonably CIOSH, close to school and car line; good condition, garage, etc; this la priced to sell. Ask J. C. Heberllg, 211 West pth,_ohuno 1*997. FuR SALE—Small equity in live room bungalow, will trade for car; West 12th. 621 FuR a A LE at bargain—217 F East and 301 D Eaat. Write Box 22, Ocilea00, Kan, HOME BARGAINS 5 Rooms, Sth JO., newly papered, rented $16; price $l,6&u. J66U caan. " u Ruoms, 4th E., modern except fur- naco, fine shade and lawu, garage; price $3,000, terms. Have strictly modern 6 rooms and garage close to Main Street on uth E. for rent, $35. A. A. Miller, 10 Sherman E„ Ph. 369U. $3,350 Eight rooms all modern, double garage In fair condition. A small amount spent on this property will make you a good profit. B. O. BRIANT 413 North Main. Phone »78. No. 1—Beat buy In Hutchinson. Five rooms, large basement. Garland furnace, large coal bin. Hot and cold water and sink in basement, one-half block of car linB and schuol. Northwest part of town; $C&0 down. No. 2—Four rooms ttemt-modern, northwest part of city, one-half block of car line and school. Owner will take In car or lot and some cash as first payment. Priced for quick sale at $1,500. This Is a fine little home for someone. KINO BROTHERS REALTORS Phone 559, evenings 1927W. 307 First Nat'l Bank Bidg. 2J to 8, $1.48 to $1.98. Ladies' Oxfords and Slippers, $2.98 to $6.50, Men's Oxfords, $4.98 to $6.50. 8i to 2, $1.98 to $3.98. Boys' Shoes, 84 to 5 V, $2.48 to $3.59. Men*s Shoes, $2.98 to $6 .75. Part Payment Down, Balance 50c a WeeL Corner Commerce Co. wl, fl l h | HOUSES FOR SALE' (Cont) LOW rate ioans nn business propurty. MrNnghtrn! 1st NlU'l Bi If:. WE want residence loans, straight or monthly pn\ments ank McNunhten; * J 'Hi CASH Balnnce monthly, buys 5 room house Kin age and 1^, acre near car line, llrt-hm Realty Co., No. 9 East Sherman, phone AC. lL®®h Whmt ^©anr Mena-ay FIRST FLOOR Ijirge living room and dining room, sun parlor that can be used HJJ downstairs bed room, plenty of built-in work In kitchen and pantry, front and rear stalnvny, oak floors and trim, beautlfilly finished. SECOND FLOOR S bed rooms, bathroom and hall, all large, wonderful closets with each room. THIRD FLOOR Maid's room and large attic. Basement, large, light and airy, 1st class hot water heating plant with automatic regulation. Garage and chicken house of cement blocks. Lots of fine trees. On ono of the best streets, north end (tectum. This beautiful home* la in *xcolIsnt condition and could not -possibly be duplicated today for anything tlku the price of $9,500. Reasonable terms. —msk McKm£Mml Realtors 201 First National Bldg. Phone tf55—Evenings 3999W or 42<3W 1 »-V,nr city loans. —Mc.\»gnten' NEW five-room strictly modern cottage, north part of city, $l,()'JU down balance like rent. Will take good car as part of flrat payment. For sale by owner. Call lS2fi\V. 65 LOT FOR SALE 60 1000 East 6th, 6 rooms 16.0U 600 East "F," 7 rooms 12 OU 422 N. Chemical. 6 rooms 16 Of 512 East Campbell, 4 rooms 15. on 524 East 4lh, 5 rooms $30.tW (117 West 7th, 5 rooms furn 37.60 724 Eas tSherman, 8 rooms mod, 3U.V0 2t>4 East "A." 6 rooms mod 4o.m> 14 West 4th. Storeroom 40.1)U 100 West Sherman, storeroom., luo 00 fill Weat 7th. 6 rooms 2u uo 624 Weat "B", 4 rooms 10.00 Steam heated office rooms. —ask McNAGHTENI Realtors. Phons «5&. 1st Nat'l Bldg- Call 1S35-J evenings. Five rooms, strictly modern, south front, will take well located lots as part payment, Prlco $4,300. New five room cottage, oak floors throughout, built-in features In kitchen, pipe furnace, larg>; lot with extra building site, garage, $3,300. SEVEN rooms, modern except fur- naco, basement and garage. - Can 2374W. Harry Wright. 102 West 7tn. SEVEN-room house, moilern except heat. 821 N. Washington. Ph. 374UW. 410 West 10th; modern except furnace; $20.00. Call 1107 North Monroe. 57 HOUSES FURNISHED FOR RENT—My home sirlotly modern, garage, man East, Phone 2432W, furnished, StfO Sher- FOR RENT—5-roum furiiisru-d bouse, modern except furnace; garage; $^3 mo. Call 507 N. Jackson, phone '£ii w. HOUSEKEEPING room, luti V BJRger. No objections to children. LARGE light housekeeping rooms; lights and gas, ground floor, private ontrance. 526 East C. LIGHT HOUSE Keeping rooms; also sleeping rooms from $2 and up. 2UK EHat B. MODERN furnlsh'pd light houseke Ine rooms. r,04 East C TWO, three or four-room apartment. Inquire 221 West First. TWO furnished housekeeping rooms. $3 per week. 313 East B. 53 WANTED TO RENT WANTED—To rent, well Improved place, close In. Address U-ll, care News. APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED APARTMENT close In. furnished unfurnished; Call 20fitiW or 1451. 1 Ford sedan, good mechanical con dttlon, extra tiros, for $150. 1 Ford roadster, 2 new tires. $40. 1620 Ford touring, starter, demount able rims, now top, $110. 1921 Ford touring, first class condition, starter, demountable rims, $125. 1021 Chevrolet louring, 5 good tires, good condition, $125. Brand new Ford sedan, balloon tires. New sjord touring, a real bargain. 1 new Ford coupe, extra Jircs. Essox coach, looks like now, com- plsto with 5 tires. Moon ChuTnniy roadster, this car Is a bargain at the price we are asking for It. SoiipxsirSQir M®toir Co. 106-108-110 West 1st. Phona SSS2. FOR It ENT— Five room unfurnished apartment, 4 blocks from R. W. Bldg. Phone 2317. TWO room apartment down stairs, 623 First, east. 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 58 FURNISHED modern apartment. Hot water heat; three rooms; bulli-m featUres. Phono 369. FURNISHED—Four room cottage; lights and gas only. Phone gin. FOR KENT—Kumlshtd ed 6 room cottage. 1022.1. ir unfurnish- Catl dlua or NICELY furnished 221 West First. &-\oom cottage, Just think! 8 rooms strictly modern on northeast part, 50-foot frontage, fireplace, full basement, garage, extra toilet and bedroom dowtslolra. Shown by appointment only; $2,000 cash to handle. Brehin Realty Co., phone 42, ft East Sh'ivmnn. FOR SALE—Vacant lot* in business disti , Havlland, Kan. Phone slbw Dr W F. Sehnar. Hutchinson. Kan TRACTS FOR SALE (Cont.) 3 ACRE tract, e!.,s.' falfa. mom ho'.i: iarm> ham. C-< n b» t rent. 6:4 S. Plum. .11. 2 iu'.re» in a:, !ii?hrjt R:I<I gaa, •ught Ilk** tmyinaf 68 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES FOR SALE Ult TRADE, Small llh_.'-k, Nnrthw-st part of City, Four Bu-ine!*< Lots. ft. una 6u ft. Six Iti^siienee lots. Four Hoom houS'\ slid summer Kit. h*jn t Harn, and chleiion h-.ufli-, Will S'dl or trade all or «:iy. i>nrt. Winn liavi you,' THtjdinnt.* ^it'is FOR SALE ni r ™rivlr-—li) room atiict- ly modern hunii.- in eice!l..-nt condition, g.ioi • >n. reasonable terms. ITtoc "ifirsidla Ws hvati a fin-? two-story Horn* with oak finish and hot wat*r h-*at. that wo will consider part trade em good hungalnw. See—KINKEL AGENCY Phon*! Si'Tifi. FOR 11 ENT—Ron in Sue housed |Ve Buntf Coal Co. Phon*. its. FOR cash sale—Two 25-fool lots, 300 block Ea.-u 10th. Phone 36S6W. Mrs. F. W. Kaths. FARMS FOR SALE A good farm 160 acres within tan miles of city; good soil. Also wood 5-room furnished house for rent. Phone (192. sella Hi S. Main. 5 Rooms, alt modern but furnace, fine location near far line and school, flue shade and fruit trees, garage, only $2,750, $S0O down, balance easy terms. MB Wead 75 Feet, large 8 room house all modern but furnace, barn with almost enough lumber for another house, garage, front drive, close In and a good buy at $4,500. Terms, Partly furnished 8 room house for rent. $10. LA M BO RN - M A YFIELD CO., Realtors Phone 17£">. 3 North Main. 203 Wssd mOn 8 Room strictly modern; 1 bedroom and bath downstairs; elegant elm shade, lawn and shrubs. Consider small home on north sfde. Brehm Realty Co., It East Shernvm, phone 42. FUR SALE—320 acres of fertile praf- rlea In grain belt, $2li acre. School opposite, good spring. 12>) acres breaking; frame house. smM,- a:d granary; ca-^y term*. A. Rnv.wi. olds, Allv.-rta, FARM for sale- S«mUi,' W*HI five twenty-two six, $ls,i<"0, $10,000 cash, $8,000 fiv 9 years 6%. J. 3. Hoko. 54'J, S. Arilmore, Los AliKOlos. Calif. 1.2S0 Acns of good farm land; some Improvements, In ! Tamil ton Co., on frop iiayment. Ask Stewart, ll'A N. Main. 160 ACRES good land in Haskell Co.. will sell at bargain or trade on Hutchinson residence. Sr 1 Hugh Conner, 210 East 1.1th or phono 137. Om TOa ©4© Acira Do yon want to trade your 30 or Ke» n. fiirm Hiynn 'l IIutehhiHon on a larger farm, and handle all the balance on easv pitymtiPts? We have the change walling for ym. This N ItO firr« improved farm tn good \Vflst*»rn KanfH* County. Great phu-<i for (trnln anil .Hi:ek—a i-fimhlimUuu farm, About 3."»0 wcrrs cultlvateil, raises sw\ wh<-at, balance In pasture. L!t'« l«vel an a dining table, all good soli. Com para- l Iveiy new hou^e ba' 11. granary. *tc. Owner does h(it u-ed money, wil take good &f> to l»'-0 a. farm In trade ns i>art payment and awry hack the dlfr-rence in easy payments. Or. will trnde for good rental mrrcantlle bldg. in (jomi Kansas town. This !<i a real oppor'unlty for fanner with boys to get onto a larger farm. Write, phone or see us. Realtors—Loan a~- L; sure,n c e 8 Room all modern with breahfaat room, gavaso and front drlv*. Will trade for 5 room new ail modern with huge living room and pay cash difference. 160 acre atock farm, sandy sol', close to A!d«n. Will trade for tract to school town. 7S Acres adjoining Nit kei son. good school town, -A minutes' diivr from Hutchinson Will trad* fur nV 'VO Inn't at about iami> priee Will go w««t S Room house all mod-in. f!->';.:;ic**, front drive, ett*. Want 6 10. .in all m **rn In north end. Will i ny >-n^n -l.i- ffirence. 304 1st Nsu'.nnal V". Trad!® Tctrar-'Cffljr bulldfr tth. Owner wi 1 fr.nlr. Phone N ft 1 i < 67 TRACTS P^P ML _J 5N| ' ;,,,! WILL Ti<.u~V My Oldamohlle Sedan (01 • v\ ••dtuTi homo In :iorth.:arf' " •• « Uy. Call 1 "i -7.1. F®ir SIR'S Ten-u-. ;e tract, f.n prlco $2,000. soil; Phone 632- 1H 8. Main. 59 BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT 69 Far IKeoBll ROOMS IN McCUROY BUILDINO I J hone :'40. NICE private office mom, heat; furnished; central location; cheap. Roe Realty Co. b3 BUSINESS PROPERTY FOR RENT—Room 25x125 ft., 41! Main. Inquire at 417 S. Main. 64 HOUSES FOR SALE 04 A NEW fi room bungalow, all modern and up-to-date. In restricted district, close to school; oak floors and built-In conveniences; full bu-^meni; front drive, etc-; price $4,250. Kor details, ask J. H. Jjyck. 539 A East, phone 3275J. apartment.' 15 EaHtefith. HEATED Apartment; 122 East i-iisi. MOni:itN Hin8 itnd rooms MOBERN apartment and rooms. 10O East Fourth^. MuLERN furnished apartment. Bil'J A East. MODERN Furnished Apartment, 212- 7th. west. ISmy Ttens iSaiir^ai ?iiQ 66xlG5 feet known as 2il Avenue A West on the southeast corner of the streets at Avenue A and Washington. Owner reserves buildings to move off the location. The price Is extrom iy interesting if sold within ten days. & IDDV. C®, Insuror—Lloyd Brown—Realtor Salesmen: Sanders, Schoonover Buchanan 1 F©IP IHI<DI3IQIB Or Enav£staicniiil 1—C Itoym strictly modern bungalow. Fine corner location, paved streets, fin-place, good basement, furnace, double garage, extra building site, all In tine condition $4,600, good terms. 2—0 Rooms strictly modern, East loth. Oak floors and finish. Owner leaving town, anxious to sell. A real bargain at $5,500. 3—6 Rooms strictly modern, West" 17th; good condition; price $4,000. 4--3 Acres of ground on North Main. Fln« soil, part in alfalfa. East front. Within the city limits, fronts on paving. Taxes less than i J rlce for quick sale $2, HJO . This Is a sfiiup. IfflBuflcMffisena Htw. Co. First and Main. Phono 4'.'<J. ROOMING house of 22 rooms, doing a good business, close In, cheap rent, bargain for quick sale. Addreaa X.-1I c-o News. • ''.I'LL improved SO aep's. ^specially" udapt«d" for dairy and aumm*r re- iort; a ni|lcs from PIrvna; will ex- chauga for good Hutchii)«nn rt:-s;a>ini> WOil lor.'ite.l A ! i i? -ss H. Vust, SylVi-t Knr- ?0 W .N'l LD TO BU'i WANTED—To buy five or six room modern or S'.mi-modern house. Aa- dret-H W-tl, cure News. W A NT E D--A few hundred fTrTcT? pasts See at Rock Island Hnno Shop, S17 South Main. . and balance monthly buys a pretty newly roflnlshed 6 room modern except furnace cottage within 4 blocks of Christian church. Brehm Realty Co., 9 Fast Sherman, phone 42. strlftly mc ern. suitable for roomers. To bo suld 329 East "A," 0 rooms strlftly mod' . smilablo fo settle estate. 108 15th East, 5 rooms strictly mod ern. an ideal home, en ay terms. 22 West JSth, & rooms strictly modern, double garage, elegant location; $1,000 will handle. 100 acres In famous Cow creek val • Woirfila lib® M«©s? 5 rooms, mortem, north side, pnvinl street, close to school atM church, good neighborhood, house Will built, oak floors, houso la pr.ic- tlcully new, shade. Easy terms, and selling urlci, only {l.yOO. Let UB nhow you. For Rent—l-rooin, modern furnlahed homo. E4 M, M®0EE o -E®aiEli®ir and Insuror, 12 Kant Sherman Slrfot:. Over Srt years in Hutchlnscn. FRANK I' Mirr. Real Estate. Phone 310S—After 6 p. m. F®ir BmM ®ir MY HOME, 1911 NORTi-I MAIN. Two story, heavy tile construction, stucco. Two fire places. Standing oak downstairs; upstairs white- enamel. Oak floors throughout, bleeping porch, breakfast room. Various built-in features. '•'•:.:Mii*ui iruertnTM^ Full basement and fruit room. -r .. garage. Should be seen to be appreciated. Phone 63—Evenings 3364. J. K IEaiaB®y & Sons 4 East Sherman St. l J hone °£'i'&\ 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS AUCTIONEER—Rett) Poweison, phon Midland hotel 94, Hutchinson. 1 cai you. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS-So He Can Tell What It Is. By Blosser PEI STOCK BEAUTIFUL Canary, all co!orn; buy ono for Xmaa. Kift. l J hn »E 7lliW. Wt. u. li. MullUAN VKTEU1NAUIAN Spcclallzinir in dotra and cats. 121 Kaal- l-'lftocnih. I'huno 734. 1-OH HALt-;—l-'ox TorrkT pups. Alao man's inaclduaw, and ml&Jtis' coat with fur i-uilar. ^Oii \W-HI Cth, TO TUALiK—Lois in north part of town for furniture, viauo, cow or poultry. Phono 3174R. o'HAT art.- you looking fof? Fox Tur- rltr popples? + havo white ones with Olac-k head marks, J3 and $5. White tiilm>s. Havlland, Knna. 41 POULTRY & SUPPLItS 41 ALL KINDS Llva and Ures^ed l^ultry UKNNI.N'GS'EN I 'UODUaB CO I'honi. "7P. .\Vi> deliver. |.'Cili SAt.i:—Urou*.: Turluvc a'lle; I'hune IIOIJ--Itarlow. reason- t-'Olt KALK--Turkwya. I'hoiio ilaroM Itoiibe. toil i.'arSr.v. Fon SALE—Whlis "Wyandottd 'and Whltt Leghorn Coclcwtl*. I78W. JUST tEAME rrTbVouRPATMER-^ rU. DRAVJ A HoGSE THAT is A AOBSE=» 1 TbOK FIGST PRIZE FOR DCAVJWG X. WAS IN SCHOOL — TWEFiE.' r-'

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