The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 8, 1970 · Page 17
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May 8, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 17

Des Moines, Iowa
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Friday, May 8, 1970
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

CHICAGO HQG MARKET FIRM CyiCA-66 _ CHICAGOTTLL: rAi?) - The" hog market was steady to 50 cents higher here Thursday. U.S. No. 1 to 3 200 to 240 pound butchers sold at $25.75 to TREND OF STAPLE PRICES ' Previous —, ,, Month Ago 190.71 35 commodities i High -'.....19J (1°926 I," Year Ago ..,.. dvanced lo 190.63 .40 185*80 1«"2 ]..... 166.29 159.62 160.30 $26.50 and up to $27 for Is and 2s. ' under 500 pounds went . for $20 to $21 with prices steady. There were not enough steers offered to test prices. Lambs were fully' steady with a few choice spring offerings going for $29. FOREIGN EXCHANGE ' NEW YORK (API-Thursday's Foreign Exchange In dollars and decimals ot a dollar. Thu. Wed. .9325 .9325 2.4055 2.4065 2.4053 2. r" 2.4045 2;lm 1.1230 .0389 .020150 .1334 Canada in NY (free) Britain (pound) 30 Day Futures • 60 Day Futures 90 Day Futures Australia, (dollar) Austria (schilling) Belgium (franc) Denmark (krone) France (franc) I Holland (guilder) Italy (lira) Norway (krone) Portugal (e&cudo) Sweden (krona) . Switzerland (franc) (free) West Germany (deutschcmark) Latin America: Argenllfir^flStso) Brazil (cruzeiro) Mexico (peso) Venezuela (bolivar) Far East: Hong Kong (dollar) Japan (yen) ...... Near East: Israel (pound) . .1812 031595 1401 0353 .......1924 2328 (free) (free) .2875 .2250 ..0801 ....2230 ....1655 ....002795 -. 2.4047 2.4017 1.1230 . .0389 .020150 .1334 .1813 -.2'55 .001595 .1400 .0353 .1925 .2328 .2754 .2875 .2250 .0801 ,2230 .1655 .002793 2900 .2900 Wool NEW YORK THURSDAY <AP/-_Wool futures were Irregular Thursday; wool tops futures were gulet; wool futures closed .3 of a cent lower to .1 of a cent hlntier; July z99.7c; Ooct z!02.0c; Dec z!03.1c; certified wool spot 499.0c; wool tops futures closed quiet; no sales; certified spot wool tops s145.5c. z-bld; s-nominal. Des Moinos Register Fri, May «, 1970 Produce Market t*fddflc« ^.Following li Thursdays r«oorf on Iowa tiro md P6oitry_markets as reported by Fea-Stat* MarkefNews: _EOOS — . Incentive A larg* and A me- 2e lower; ethers unchanged lum . Instances ic lower; .buyer sentiment dozen ady; prjee .per «Sv . paid producers at , 'arms, cases exchanged 24 hours ended MI ».fn. todayi e«.qs priced underbuyer fy and volume incentive; Incenti &?« Mfciriostlv. 12-"cf A medium. 11. buyer qual- ntive A itff,lM«e B tars* WJeT mostly .1 C dirties and checks t; smalls and peewees mostly iJ.He; offier A large or better '- —ily 20-22e;-A medium. I0-I8e, 8c, mostly-12- •I4e, mostly 10- I4c,. mostly 10. i'lVl POUttRY **• -Prices- si^adv; trade light; price paid producers at farms 24 hours ended 11 a.m. today; 'c per Ib. — "o. 1 quality light-Woe hens — or more 7-9c; mostly 8Vj-9e; • — We, mostly 4-6c. less thari'truck lot' Chicago Produce CHICAGO, THUR Mercant... whoiesaie URSC i«nse- —Chicago SCOT^AA 6Wer« K^C^Ai?. EGOS—stesdy; wholesale buying price: unchanged; 80 per cent or better grade ' whites 31c; mediums 25c; standan POTATOES '—Arrivals 25 cars) track I08i total U.S. shipments supplies for russets moderate, slow; market barely steady; round reds Sep Insufficient to quote; Idaho russetrw.oo; Nov new-supplies light; demand for round reds J moderate, market-steady;—deman^ for ' '- '— --'ket dull; long j whites sl round reds In slow, 50 Ib marl—. sacks $3.50. Texas Produce Futures CHICAGO, THURSDAY (AP) — Futures trading on the Chicago Mercantile ~ change Thursday: June Aug. Oct. Dec. Feb. Apr. 30.12 29.92 29.82 . June June Dec. "'4 ("Feb. Low Close 30.45 30.70 30.10 29.92 29.82 29.75 WHEAT RALLY PACES GRAINS -Thursday Prices CHICAGO (AP) — Thursday 1 - WHEAT*" Pjrev. Hfift Low Clot* Close 1.48'/4 1.48'' I-JT*.!:^ m i.43'/4''1.44Vi 1.4K* 1.45V'! 1.46% 1.46'.* ii SEF CATTLE 30.25 30.45 30.00 29.75 29.75 June July Aug. Ocl. Dec. Sales: Dec. 5. May June.,"July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec, 29.72 29.85 June 1,861; Aul. 875i Ocl. 167; ~ '-. 31; April 0; June '71, 0. LIVE HOGS 27.60 27.40 27.40 27.25 27.05 27.15 25.82 ' 25.67 23.00 22.90 22.70 22.60 June 60; July 69; Aug. 6; Oct. 2; SHELL EGGS 32.25 31.50 32.00 31.50 .14.00 32.50 35.10 33.85 34.65 33.75 35.20 35.10 32.10 31.95 32.50 33.60 35.05 33.85 35.40 35.10 35.r 24.75 6.05 Sales: May 776; June 225; Aug. 0; See'. 429; Pet. 3; Nov. 0; Dec. 5; Jan. 0. FROZEN WHOLE EGGS Oct. . 24.75 Sales: Oct. 0. IDAHO POTATOES May 6.08 5.76 S.76 SalC5: F M R%E'N X3 pORK BELLIES May 44.85 44.45 44.45 44.45 July 44.75 44.35 44.45 44.32 Aug. 42.20 41.85 41.85 41.90 Feb. 36.05 35.90 35.92 35.95 Mar. 35.92 35.85 35.92 35.90 Sales: May 2,856; July 3,081; Aug. 980; F o'oen"lftle 8 re C s h t: ll -May 3.411; July 8,987; Aug. 4,746; Feb. 637; Ma ' *" May .. Jul ....... 10.60 Aug 10.45 10.18 7.90 9.62 9,41 9.33 9.36 72.30 72.70 73.70 73.50 73.45 73.05 72.00 871.85 69.85 a70.05 69.85 68.80/69.25 68.90 68.90 869.30 68.90 69.75 70.00 869.85 30.50/31.25 30.7J 30.40 %&££.;;:!. . .87 27.00 27.85 28.30 57.80 28.02 28.37 28.47 . 28.70 28.85 28.70 26.95 27.00 26.85 --- 825.5525.40 . ,00 34.00 arch 151. Potato Futures NEW YORK THURSDAY (API - Potato futures: Ma he closed 1 to 13c higher. Sales 2.796 S2.52; Mar. contracts; Mav M.10; 12.85j Aor. $3.06. Butter Market Nov. b-btd. a-asked, n-nomlnal. WQ38ocd May 7 ILL. (AP) Wheat futures reversed a five- day price slide on the board of trade Thursday and advanced as much as 2'/4 cents a bushel. Other grains closed mostly higher, but soybeans were ir- egular. A surge of buying in the nearby May wheat option developed short-covering and prices quickly moved ahead after early weakness. As strength developed in wheat, buying picked up in THE BUSINESS TIDE; Beaver Creek Merger Into New Firm Revealed 1 Leased Wire to Tne Register •> Beaver Creek Industries, Inc., formerly of~Fort Dodge, la., and now of Atlanta, Ga., and Trans-Industries,.Inc., Bloomfield Hills, JJidLjJiavtLlgr^dJnjpj^ corporation-called Action Age, Inc., according to an official of Fuflua Industries, Inc., which controls Beaver Creek through membership on the board of jdirectrfrs The consolidation will be ef- Following Is Thursday's report on Iowa- Minnesota-Wisconsin dairy bulk butter as ' the Federal-State Market News ? lven by i ' ervlce: Prices unchanged; demand piles fully ample. Grade AA (93 score) light; sup- 681i-70c, mostly American Stocks GRAIN TRADED CHICAGO. THURSDAY (API-Grain utures purchases Thursday: Prev, session Year ago Vheat 14,235,000 21,915,000 orn 19,390,000 48,345,000 lats 680,000 1,965,000 ^VC 255,000 410,000 oybeans 19.165,000 21,510,000 Total 53.725,000 94,145,000 Open interest in wheat futures the revlous session totaled 74,250,000 bushels; orn 150,605,000; oats 12,890,000; rye ,525,000; soybeans 180,580,000; total 419,850,000. NEW YORK'(AP) - Following Is an abbreviated list of slocks traded Thursday on the American Stock Exchange with sales, closing prices and net changes. AMEX SALES ,„ Total stock sales 2,790,| Sales year ago 7,425, Total bond sales } 2,520, Soles year ago $ 4, A " 16U- '/• •lectronlc •lectrosp El Tronfcs imerv Ind 21 59 js4+ V4 94 2U Aeronca Inc Aerovox Cp Airlift Intl A ax Magna Aan Wood Alaska A r , rl Alien Alrl . AllegAIrl wt Allen El Ed Allied Art ------ -<enl Mscher Por •leetwd Ent la Capital : rankf Mnt 'ranklln Rl : ranks Nur lll rentier Air Gayld .Nat Gn Battery >en Cinema ien Plywd tenlsco Tec "F Indus! lant Yell , Alloys Unltd Altamil Co .. oneer P oneer Svs Amco Indus. Am Blllrt / Am Flnan A AmMed Ent Am Petrol Am Sat Eq AMK wl Amreo Corp Vl 20','4 .... 2 + Vt 10 — Vt 2W- Vt S>/4 Ana Laut A Ansul Co Assd f d Astrodala t Bas Pet L Chem Grow Chem jruen Ind Guff Sta Ld &B Am iesortlntl A oblntech :olllns Intl lofm Ind jolly Corp- Home 0 A avlnB Men avov Ind axon avre touse Fabr House Vis curry Ra ealectro eeman Br eouoyah In ervo Corp hatt Denn bnev Cp orp Bra scan Ltd p Buehler CP Buttes Gas Calcomp Campb Chib Cc'n Ex GO Cdn Homstd Cdn Javelin nfllaht Pic nt Controls "n't S C treU Wt nterphotO Oredo ~ Oreda pf aniev.Ayl anrock Ur ar, Supmkt terl FreeI item Meta Sternco A truth Well itvl una tauperscop usquehan usqyeha pf lynalloy Syntex- i . amar Elec pertn nvDfvers A 'Divers plsnd Canoga Ind Career Ac arnation astle AM astletn ind entury El Knott Hote .aBarqe In .afay Radio Lake 5V.+ Vi 3Va— Vt 12Vi— Vi •6%+ Vi Coburn offee Mat ohu Eleclr elepromo renna Corp renneco wt Enterpr .erner Sir .ernerSt wt .evln Town .Ibertvqpab Liberty 1-ea Jill Ann Cp .Ing TV wt .oewsTh wt .oglstlc Ind omodore Compu Dyn omput omput Eg. omput Inst . rr .TV Aeroso .TVAero wt Con 01 Gas ont Mater ook Elect osmdyne Creole Pet Cubic Corp. CutterLab A ,K* LSTO * CuterLab B Daltch C D amon CP amon Cre aryl Ind Data Cont Data Prod Day Mines Daylln Inc Davlln wt Dearborn 'tRti&eyCo, IT ' McCrory wt ell McLan Restates P jixllyn Co lorne Pet Jrlver Harr )rua Fair )ural est o transportation cost. "'ur* bran —J3.02- 'bean meal — $2.48-2.49. STORE SALES (Leased Wire to The Register) Latest Period Year —*»o INTERSTATE ended May 3: DEPARTMENT »TORES NEW YORK (AP)-^merican Slock Ex. lanna fadCX' Low (lose Net Che 21.59 21.75 +.11 American Leaders < THURSDAY (AP) •-and net change ot the ten stocks traded on Jhe Ameri 179,700 13'j -2 AMERICAN MARKET DIAfty Thurs - wed Advances 522 64 ~—"—- 265 24: 229 It 1.016 1,0* SSJT 69 corn and prices closed at. highs or the day. Late session commission muse buying and short-cov- iring in soybean end-products fected through:: air;_exchange~ of common stock worth more than $9 million. FuqUa holds an option until May, 1972 to buy up to 27Vfc per cent of Beaver Creek common stock at $1.82 a share. The official said Fuqua anticipates Obtaining "between 5 per cent and 10 per cent" of Action Age at a price proportional to its optibn price of Beaver Creek. Beaver Creek has an agreement with Fuqua Industries under which that firm assists it in diversification and acquisition. Beaver Creek, which, sold $3 million of Its stock to lo- wans in 1965 at $2 a share to provide funds for establishing a distillery in _Jowa, now makes minibikes, snowmobiles, distributes mobile homes and is engaged in carpet finishing. Trans-Industries makes an all-terrain recreation vehicle, a motor home, destination and advertising signs for rapid transit equipment and -does printing and binding. Beaver Creek's stock, traded in the over-the-counter market, sold as. high as $9.50 last year ,nd was bid recently at $1.75. Armour Board Harris J. Ashton, president and "chief executive officer of General Host Corp., was elected chairman and chief executive officer of Armour & Co., despiteipbjecUpns from Armour and Greyhound Corp. represen- ation on the board. Ashton, who has been a member of the board, with other General Host representatives, since the firm acquired a 53 jer cent interest in Armour last year, said the action was taken to protect General Host's position until the acquisition of the Armour stock is completed by Greyhound. General Host agreed last October to sell its interest in Ar- strengthened beans. At the close, wheat was J A to 2'/4 cents a bushel higher; corn was % to % cent.higher; oats were % to 1% cents higher; rye was 3 /4 cent lower to Vt cent ligher and soybeans were VB cent lower to % cent higher. Des Moines Grain Des Moines prices has less than carlot 'hursday: Receipts — Corn, 19 cars; soybeans, 39. Wheat - Farmer No. 1, $1.22. Feed pr ces are sublect to wide lions In different sectlonstof the stat erent atlon, handling .70. varl- . _ state due and storage Inseed meal — lldds - $2.85-3.71 Tankage — $6.30. Central Iowa Market County elevator bids on corn, oats, soy- leans In area near Des Moines show the ollowlng Pats — 50C-60C. Corn — No. 2 vellow 11.13-1.14. Soybeans — .No. 2 modified, .13 moisture. Chicago Cash CHICAGO (THURSDAY) (AP) - Wheat was nominally higher ' ' ower; receipts none. Corn lower; basis Oats nominally changed; receipts 1 car. Soyb Thursday; basis lower; receipts 37 higher; basis _ . ... _ BHcj »nd un- iean'£eceTpTs'wer'e 16 cars Including jj-^nard yellow V.SOU n; No. 2 , '-"'." $1.31; No. 3 yellow lo. 4 yellow S1.2i',l. T extra heavy white 70'Ac n. • ' illow S2.67VJ n. .ice white grease was Jeachable fancy tallow white special tallow 8'4c. Minneapolis MINN6APqLIS (THURSDAY). (AP) Wheat receipts today Wears, year ago .?»' *?'!"? wheat cash trad ng,, basis un- wheat cash tradlni irlces unchanged to '/ac lower; changed; prices un... _____ .. ... ______ . Jo. f dark northern Tl-17 protein $1.64Vf 2.0134; lest weight . weg pound 58 to a Ibs; 1C discount each - -—'-•-- -------- - — premluros: Ic each mder 58 i - ffii ll per cent .72A4; 14, $1.74%-1.7S%» 15, $1.83^-1.86%; 16, SI.89%-1.93%/ 17, $1.9714-2.01%; No. 1 hard Montana winter Sl.4Btt-l.82U; Minn- S.D. No 1 hard winter $1.4744-1.B2W; No. hare tjbei Corn r 2-3c; durum 5-7c. n —No. 2 vellw $1.22-1.24. . llscounts, ha'rd amber durum, $1.63-1.67; ' 7 $ C 1'.2 . heavy white — cer 97C-S1.16; Dlckson 97c- Oats- No; ,1 Barley, Larki $1.14; feed.88-9« ,....r fll B8-96C. . vy white 66c. ye - No. 1 andi J $1.15-1.18. iflax — No. 1 sa.9» nominal. Soybeans. - No. J_yellow $2.61. Sept. 1.65 1.6SV4 1.65 1.65 Standard bran 50c lower, $41.50 a ton; standard middlings SOc lower. $42.50-* ton, Kansas City KANSAS CITY ' ' (THU i-IAic ^3%^ ye " OW Oats — none; <5%-76c n; No. 3, 63* Mllo maize 11.96 cwt. - >ne; Unchanged; ! No. 3, 63V4-75C n. IRSDAY) (AP) lower; No. 2 hard • "• No. 3.-SI.45; 3 n; No. 3, "mixed $'l.30Vj, : led; No. 2 white ii tower. Close 1.30U 1.33Vi 1.36V! 1.38' 1.39 l.M'/J LAND BANK BONDS NEW YORK JAP) - Closing Federa and BanK Bonds: _ mo ,1970 : S 99.24 99.24 98.24 99.16 99.28 100 100 99.2 99.28 100.1: mour to "Greyhound—Corp, which had acquired a 33 per cent interest in Armour — with the Greyhound purchase of General Host's holdings dependent upon approval by the Inter state Commerce Commission. Ashton said Thursday General Host intends to complete the sale of its Armour stock as soon as ICC approval is received. The contract between the two firms provides that all Armour directors nominated by General Host-will resign upon completion of the transac- ion. Gerald H. Trautmanr president of Greyhound, said his firm views the election of Ashton, and an increase in the size of the board from 17 to 21 members,* ...which was approved Thursday, as a violation of the agreement between tho two irms. To fill the newly-created four seats on Armour's board four nominees of General Host were elected. They are Jay A. Pritzker, chairman of Marmon Group, Inc.; Charles B. Johnson, president of Franklin Distributors, Inc., and James J. Murray and Brian E. Lorenz New York lawyers. This brings General Hosts's representation to 12 members. Cowles Loss Cowles Communications, Inc., publisher of Look magazine and other publications, had a first quarter operating loss of $1,154,000 compared with a loss of $352,000 in the same period a year ago. —itevenues for the three months ended Mar. 31, 1970, were down 10.5 per cent at $35,515,000 vs. $39,677,000 a year earlier. Ad Drop . 3fts Sept 8.355 Sept Oct ........ .......... 1971 ".'.'.'.'. liilwi .......... 1971 .......... 1971 .......... 1971 1971 ........... 1972 .......... 1972 1972 1972 1972 _____ 98.28 — 99.12 ----- A year ago there was a special gain of $384,000 or 10 cents a share also, and year-ago figures were restated on a pooling basis for operations of Ocala (Fla.) Star Banner Co., acquired in July, 1969. Marvin C. Whatmore, president, singled out a 39-page decrease in advertising pages in Look magazine as a major factor in the decline. However, he said that in the last 13 weeks orders for future advertising insertions have been running substantially ahead of a year ago. Whatmore said also that the company continued to be affect ed by losses resulting from the reorganization that began in late 1969 of its subsidiaries sell lv.7 ing magazine subscriptions on a change, has a 1970_.range of $5.50 to $10.87 and closed Thursday at $5.50. Time's Ad Run Time._Inc,'s advertising.' .and revenues "are running behind he comparable 1969 quarter by 5 per cent to 6 per cent, James Shepley, president, told the New York Security Analysts. He declined 1 , however, to make a prediction of advertis- ng revenues for the rest of the year, except to note that in the case of Life magazine "there appears to be an improving trend." As previously reported, the irm's first-quarter earnings amounted to $1.1 million, or 15 cents a share compared with a oss of $300,000 in the same period of 1969. • Shepley said higher earnings in the first quarter came mainly from increased maga- z i n c circulation revenues, sales of books, records and paper products. He said advertising, revenues were lower in the first quarter. Broadcasting revenues should 'continue to make a major contribution to the company's sales and earnings," Shepley said: Time's stock, traded on the New.York Stock Exchange, has ranged this year from $27.75 to 543.50, and closed Thursday at $28.62, where the yield on the 51.90 dividend-rate is 6.6 percent.— — Curtis Publishing Curtis Publishing Co. named Beurt SerVaas president and chief executive of its Saturday Evening Post Co., a subsidiary that had been set up to publish the now defunct magazine of the same name. Holiday and Jack & Jill are )ublished by Curti?, but had }een up for sale. A spokesman said—the—appointment-of—Ser- Vaas ends attempts to sell the remaining magazines and "sig- lals the determination of Curtis to continue publication of both Holiday and Jack & Jill." Urbandale Bank Brenton Banks, Inc., regis- ;ered bank holding company of Des Moines, which is associated with 14 banks in Iowa, has been granted approval to establish a new bank in Urbandale. This was announced by William H. Brenton, C. Robert Brenton and J. C. Brenton, who said the approval of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System will permit Brenton Banks to own 98 per cent of .be outstanding shares of the new bank. - • An affiliated Brenton bank, Northwest Des Moines National Bank, has been serving the Ur- jandale community with a bank office at 7031 Douglas, which will be the address of the new bank's building that will be constructed starting this summer. Maytag Dividend Directors of ; the Maytag Co., Newton, declared a regular quarterly dividend of 25 cents a share on cpmmpp .stock, payable June 15 to stock of record June 1. The firm's stock, traded on the New York Stock Exchange; lias ranged this year from $20.62 to $28.75, and traded recently at $23.75, where the yield, including the indicated 25-cent extra, is 5.2 per cent. Design Show At least five Iowa manufacturers will be among the more than 600 that will reveal results of the last year's research and development program at the four-day Design Engineering Show starting Monday at the International Amphitheatre in Chicago. New products to be displayed range from those used in the kitchen to items essential for space travel. About 25,000 corporate executive and design engineers are expected to attend the $30-million exhibit. Iowa exhibitors include Houdaille Industries, Inc. (Viking Pump), Cedar Falls; Lisle Corp., Clarinda; E. W. Bliss Co., Davenport; Marshalltown Mfg., Inc.^ Marshalltown; and Delavan Mfg. Co., West Des Moines. . Concurrently, the Design Engineering Conference, spon- Iowa Clear and Hot Dolo frem.U.J. WEAWf* fVttM • HSA Figur«» Slww'HTgtrtimpireturli lip»ct«d tat Inland jrjjiyjttilon Nm Indicotxl.- Canoili latal fnftcait ' Strong, gusty south winds continued to pour warm air into Iowa Thursday, sending mid-afternoon temperatures to the SOs in southeast Iowa and near 90 in the northwest. The only clouds reported were scattered wisps of cirrus in the northwest. Generally fair skies are expected to continue today with above-normal temperatures. A chance of showers or thunderstorms is predicted for tonight and. Saturday with temperatures turning cooler Saturday. _ Forecasts FOR FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1970 OCAL—Partly cloudy today with chance ol showers or thunderstorms bv late afternoon. Highs In mid SOs. Chanee- of scattered showers and thunderstorms tonight. Lo win upper SOs. Con, sidcrable cloudiness and cooler Saturday, with chance of showers during forenoon. Highs In 70s. OWA—Partly cloudy and warmer todav; hlsh in 80s; chance of showers or thunderstorms northwest and extreme west by evening; considerable cloudiness tonight and Saturday, chance of scattered showers or thunderstorms; cooler northwest tonight; low SOs northwest to low 60s southeast; cooler west Saturday; high 70s west to 80s east. OWA EXTENDED FORECAST-For Sunday through Tuesday, chance of rain Sunday and. In east Sunday night. Partly cloudy Monday. Fair Tuesday. High near 60 northwest to 80 southeast, becoming 60s.. Monday and Tuesday. Lows 40s, northwest to upper 60s southeast, cooling lo 40s southeast by Tues- LLINOIS—Mostly sunny and warm today; high 80s; fair tonight; low 60s; partly sunny and continued warm Saturday, chance of showers and thunderstorms; high Saturday SOs. MINNESOTA—Variable cloudiness today through Saturday; chance of showers and fhundershowers, mainly north to- dav, over state tonight; chance of occasional showers Saturday; high today 65 to 75-north, 74 lo 88 south; cooler tonight and Saturday; low 40s north to mid SOs south; high Saturday SOs extreme north to 70s extreme south. NEBRASKA (east and centraO-Partlv cloudy .to cloudy today and tonight; chance of showers Or thunderstorms nor h, widely scattered south; turning cooler today central and northeast; high upper 60s north central to SOs southeast; cooler tonight; low 40s central to upper SOs extreme east; chance of showers extreme east Saturday morning; cooler Saturday; high 50s north central to near 80 southeast. OUTHI DAKOTA-Varlable cloudiness today through Saturday; chance of showers a_nd thundershowers today; chance irs^tpnlght-and-Safurday east; thr * ..-.-- DES MOINI FOR THU W.EATHER,DATA _. _........ .cooling trend today throug Saturday; ay 56 to 66 west, 64 to 8 ~ high Sa east; ay VISCpNSIN-Partlv cloudy today, chance of thunderstorms north, mostly sunny south; windy 'and warm; hlah 75 to 83 north, 82 to 88 south; mostly cloudy tonight, showers and thunderstorms likely north, partly cloudy, chance of showers south; low 46 to 54 north and mostly 50s south; Saturday showers and thunderstorms likely, not so warm north; mostly cloudy, showers or thunder. storms likely, continued warm south; high Saturday from 60s extreme north to 80s south. MISSOURI— Clear to partly cloudy today through Saturday with chance of thundershowers west tonight, spreadlna east *""' B '" *' «*« THE DAY'S -RECORD- Des Monies Births — Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, of Al. a son, Thursday at Iowa Lutheran SMITH toona, a : Hospital. KAMM — Mr. and Mrs. Warren, of Boone- vllle, a daughter; Thursday at Iowa Lutheran Hospital. YOUNG — Mr. and Mrs. Carl W., II, 623 Clinton Ave., -a daughter, Thursday al Iowa Methodist Hospital. COCKRUM — Mr. and Mrs. Roger 0., of Earlham, a son, Thursday at Iowa Methodist Hospital. VIAZZA — Mr. and Mrs. John J., 629 Seventeenth St., West Des Moines, a daughter, Thursday, at Mercy Hospital. BURKS —Mr. and Mrs. David, 4240 S. E. Seventeenth St., a daughter, Thursday at Mercy Hospital, STRAND- — Mr. and Mrs. Stephen, of Adel, a son, Thursday at Northwest Hospital. DCS Moines Deaths died BY U.S. WEATHER BUREAU Des Moines Airport Station HOURLY TEMPERATURES: 1 a.m 55 7 a.m 53 3 a.m 53 •4-a.m 52 5 a.m 52 «a.m 52 7 a.m. 54 8 a.m 59 9 a.m 67 10 a.m. 11 a.m 75 2 P.m 82 3 p.m 82 4 p.m 83 5 p.m 83 6 p.m 80 7 p.m. 8 p.m. ,9 p.m. 10 p.m. Eleven persons achievements have honor to Drake presented A-Cu-mn i—Dii tingiiishd Ser ice Award Thursday at t luncheon meet ing at the Dej Moines Club. Robert D, Baldwin, presi dent of Drake': a t i o n a Alumni -Associ ation, and' M|'s. whose brought University were [ DR. ELMER B. x MOUNTAIN.. Paul Ashby, association cl airman of the records and recognition committee, preserved the awards to: Dr. Elmer B. and Maple Ferguson Mountain and Dr. George E. ^nd Jean Wolf Mountain, all who were honored as the first "Distinguished ily." Also. Fr busin 75 Moines, of DCS Moines, Drake Fam- ank 2SS 11 p.m 66 12 mid 65 12 noon 79 1 a.m 63 Highes/l^f&^H.f?^ 0 ' 11 ^' 6 ! wearf.?.'.?.?:? 1 .-.:: .•"•'•• ::65 , 2 Mormal '.'..'.'.'.'". si Excess for day ... ill n "jclency since first of month .2 ricfency since first of year 67 C. TI. ^ PRECIPITATION For Thursday none Tola this month to date "... .is Total since Jan. 1 ......624 formal since Jan. 1 to data j'.is Deficiency since Jan. l "i sf MISCELLANEOUS Barometer In Inches 6 p.m. 29.75 falling Wind Direction":.'..•.•.•.'.•.".•.•.•.•.•.s'W S* Wind Velocity v........ 14 21-33 Weather clear clear Sunrise todav 6:03 a.m. Sunset 8:19 Relative Hupiidity 1 p.m. Planets ...... A YEAR AGO Hitih temperature in Des Moines ....68 Low temperature In Des Moines 54 There was 1,18 inches of precipitation. -This Moon .schedule ^moon's. rising end Mercury: W/dusI Venuss.W, djjsk; Mo6h>sets-iii47. 8 - m ' ; fairly bright. rat.her di . dim, reddish. . dusk, rathe>-dlnv reddish. "."","?" S; dysk, aulf»_bTlght. reau ' s "' Saturns W, dusk; rather dim. Temperatures .The following list of cities shows (H) highest temperatures occurring be- Ma""?. 19 a 70?'(L a ) ni |owesl "temperas occurring between 6 a.m. Wednesday and 6 p.m. Thursday, and (P) orecioi- 1™"= 2 , lnc h e s occurring between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday. IOWA Audubon "04 Burlington 80 Cedarpaplds as Council Bluffs 87 Davenport 82 Decorah 84 DesMoines | as Dubuque 84 owacty " The Des Moii'ies Clark, Des manager of Register and Tribune Syndicate; C. Clair Dillavou, Los Angeles, Calif., attorney; Charlbs Duchen, Des Moines, presici ministrative < Bros. Inc." Also, Alice ent and chief ad- ficer of Younker fast Jordan, Des Moines, composer and music enthusiast; EC ward M. Magarian, Tacoma, of Weyerhaeuser Canada .and Weyerhaeuser H. Marshall, 111., retired b Dura-Clean 1 Brig. Gen. commanding Dr. George Charles Duch Drake trustees Wash., president Quebec, Ltd.; Irl Highland Park, iard .chairman of, ternational, and Harry C. Olson, general of the U.S. Marine Corps.Supply Center, Barstow, Calif. en Mountain and currently are (P) riapleton . 61 49 45 52 ............ Ottumwa ....... ....... . «2 Sioux City ...... ....... 91 SPencer W UNITED STATES Albany, N.Y 59 Albuquerque 82 Amarlllo ..: ?1 Ashevllle 77 Atlanta 77 B Mings SB Brmfngham 84 Bismarck ai .. Boise ;;; i\ Boston 57 Brownsville 84 Buffalo 48 Burllng(on,-Vt so Casper 70 Charleston, S.C 71 Chareston, W. Va 70 Charlotte, N.C. f coiumBus,"bhi6;;.";;;;; 21 Chicago Cincinn natl, HURSTON — Lloyd, 90, of Osceola, Thursday at Veterans Hospital. CONKLIN — Mrs. Cora, 90, of 3222 Fourth st., was dead on arrival at Mercy Hospital Thursday. Where's the Fire? A.M. 7:46 — 2225 Carfield Ave., rescue unit. 8:14 — S.E. Thirtieth and C.B.Q. Streets, dumn. • 8:49 — 107 S.ErFlfth AVe.Y truck. 1:11 — 4028 E. Fourteenth SI., flush gaso- 2 - : 16 — E. Fourteenth St. and University —Avenue, flush gasoline. 2:11 — E. Seventh and Shaw Streets, grass. 3:15 — Municipal Airport, rescue unit. 4:06 — 804 Thirty-ninth St., grass. 4:18 — E. Eighteenth Street and Capital Avenue, automobile. 5:37 — 3017 Forty-eighth St., rescue, unit. 8:02 — 3217 Seneca Ave., rescue unit. 9:20 — Municipal Airport, Investigation. 9:56 — Keosaugua Way and Oakridae Drive, false alarm. 0:06 — 2400 block S.W. Ninth Street, Investigation. 11:05 — 1205 Pavton Ave., rescue unit. Volunteer Role Of lowan Cited .The .Frances .BEOphy award for outstanding volunteer serv- vice in the fight against tu- aerculosis and respiratory diseases was presented to Mrs: Ray H. Bracewell u-r--l-i-n g ton Thursday at the annual meeting of the Iowa Tubercu- >sis and Respiratory Disease Association. Hundreds of Christmas Seal workers from all over Iowa also were honored at the recognition luncheon at Hotel Savery. Dr. George N. Bedell of Iowa City was re-elected association president. Dr. W. C. Baumann of Fairfield was named first vice-president; Tom. F. McRae of Marshalltown, second vice- president; Mrs. Jesse Leonard of Holstein, secretary; Ray G. Johnston of Des Moines, treasurer, and Charles C. Ingersoll of Des Moines, assistant treasurer. Dallas e To1f: ...... Duluth ................. 66 l Paso Fargo 90 78 Houston ................ 79 Indianapolis ......... ... 75 Jackson, Miss ........... 87 Jacksonville ........... 90 Kansas City ............ 85 Las Vegas ..... . ....... 78 Little Rock ...... „..;, 85 Los Anaeles ;;..-......;. -67 Louisville .............. 75 Memphis ............... 85 .Miami Beach , ......... 80 Mdland, Tex. ; ......... 91 . Milwaukee .............. 80 Minneapolis ............ 85 MRS - RAY H BRACEWELL 100.12 W.8 95.8 99.24 100.8 97 92.16 96 91.1 100.24 95.54 1U1-24 98.28 88.24 . 100.28 99.28 96.8 100.8 100.24 98 94.16 97 92.8 101.24 96.24 89.24 101.16 85.16 77.24 II 16 paid-during-service basis. sored by the American Society „ I of Mechanical Engineers, which Mange j h 60W re gj s t ran ts, w ju be These subsidiaries reported a he]d at ^ £ almer House] in New Orleans 87 New York North Platte Oklahoma City Omaha Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, Me Portland, Ore. Raleigh ; Rapid City Reno • Richmond 69 St. Louis 84 Tampa 86 Salt Lake City 56 San Antonio 83 71 San Diego San Franci Sault Salnte Seattle Shreveport Spokane, . Tucson ..... arie 85 62 Washington .... *..".".i".". 65 Wichita 79 CANADA Calgary 60 Edmonton 63 41 Montreal Ottawa . Regina .'...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Toronto Vancouver Winnipeg PAN AMERICA Acapulco 86 Bermuda 76 Havana 81 Kingston. 90 Mexico City 81 Nassau ... San Juan Veracruz . WORLD (7 p.m.) 63 drid [lo'm ) .' '.'", ,54 oscow (9 'p.m.)'"I.'.*".".'".'.'"".'77 Paris (7 p.m.) 64 Ro/ne (7_p.m.).._..... 59 I •••*•*•*•••••*<0o Hurt in Collision Of Cycle, Auto A Des Moines man was injured when the motorcycle he was riding collided with an automobile about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, police said. Kenneth Kilkenny, 20, of 1235 Fifth ave., was listed in satisfactory condition at Mercy Hospital with a broken left arm and cuts and bruises on his right knee and chin. Kilkenny's motorcycle was struck at Thirty-first street and Kingman boulevard by a car Jaycees Elect Richard Wernick The Des Moines Jaycees elected Richard C. Wernick of 6215 Sherrick ave,, president i Thursday nigh Wernick is member of Lj- brand, Kos Brothers Montgomery, certified pubUjc ^ accountan s firm. decrease in revenue and poorer operating results for the first quarter. Cowles also has broadcasting interests, including KRNT-TV and KRNT Badio, Des Motaes. The company's stock, traded on the New York Stock Ex- Chicago. COUNCIL BLAZERS- PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA (AP) *• The City Council of this South African capital has Named to the board of directors were F. W. Capper of Des ] Moines, Dr. Montague S. Lawrence of Iowa City, Mrs. Arthur \ under control, police said. Schutter of Buffalo Center. Mrs. Saul Suvalsky of Council driven by a woman identified by officers only as Dorothy M. Davidson. Kikenny was charged failure'to have his vehicle RICHARD WERMICK R. Patrick McGoldrick was elected program vice- president Also elected Jaycee vice-president!; were Dwayne Smith, Mert Pratt, Dr.~ Larry Book and Cecil GoetoeUsch. (Leased Wir (For pericx EARNINGS SINK 3 TANKERS TAIPEI, FORMOSA (REU- Bluffs, Mrs: Harold Symonds of !T E R S ) — Anti-Communist Crestop, Dr. M. M. Wicklund of j guerrillas sank three oU ^anti- Waterloo, Dr. William B. Gal- jSrs at Sanshui, 40 miles west of braith of Cedar Rapids, and Dr. j Canton, on. April 21, the KstionL- voted itself a set of Uniform [Milton E. Roseubaum of lowaialist Chinese Central News blazers. City. j Agency reported Thursday. unless othi rwise indicated) Latest CNA FINANCIAL CORP. quar?Cr: Net income H « RTeHA£ lo The Register) ended March 31 Year Aso •».»» 14/UM*

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