The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 24, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JULY 14, 1134 /TW PARIS NEWS, CLASSIFIED AD Information »• IB ~ tb« attic* at *(••» ao* *"*r thau • p. sort — n~t Ic par worn. Me. of or c= ta in Ux« tin*. Ml in - all • fted axl* iaaartioa. orc»r« lot i Tb* N«*r» will aot o* tor coor* jf . tor the b*»t l»tt>r«"t» ol ~r *od r«*«*r. » c*r» N«»»- -wi tmod •• T p*t will your «.<!* so oot cmra~ •<! T«i*r» »fc*> you I'' wor«Ji».< la* Ptaoite !•* OB !•*. Jnlj 28. 1934 For Representative trom tb» a7 District. -A. M- AllCJJSi, JJt: (Re-eieciion Second Terra.) Representative SStlU>isirlc» c. c. CANON ; <Re-eleeu<3n second term.) if ied Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CAR coin* to San .Antonio Thux*- day; w&nt three paasenc«n to share «cp«aie«. Phone lit. Pro* CHARLES PRICE Phoa* 83 6 S W«*t Special XoOce* BUY YOUR MDtXOWS AT leVKJb: CROOK I5c and 25c Per Dozen We have all kinds of bait and give prize of 100 mjouoxrs eacb month for largest tiOh ocr shiners. H. W. JEARLT Anto Repalrtnt and Paltftia* 14 NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on iuto painting, feeder, body and wreck work. Ask about it. Grand Are % at I»tb Street Morse Bee Line Station Telephone 803 Automobiles for Sale For Obunty M- IX ~JT RAJSK D. WE.SJR BLERBEKT I*. JOXSS Y STUSGHOK, for COoutj J u<l£e ^ CX A. MAltTIN ? J. ;M. BRAS D. AKDERSON. for 'C (R.e»eiection, second t*rm-> Soperiiitendent Lamar Co- Scbool* WAi/TBH TUHMA>" WAi/TBH •MART. JONES <Ke-elec-tion, Second Term.) Qj- G- SRUXSON. CHAEJ-IE R- DUGGER MARS MAN ESS P1ERCB IP, U CHISM. Aubiirn Sedan For Sale As S cylinder, four door six rt-heel Auburn .Sedan, practical- Bargalo For Caslu Otrmot Consider Trade Tom Hinkle At Kinfcle X.tunber Co. XmrehmndU* For aatod «o Bay "WILL, pay each for cood used Writ* Box 121. Paris. "WANT to buy good" a*cond hand piano*. If you hav*. one to sell call me and let me make you a p*icaj>n_lt._ ,_J,_B..Trmnble at Bonham - Street ewelry Store. Phone- 1S4- Real Estate for Rent Famished Boom* - »1 TO GENTLEMEN bedroora closa Phon« 1223. TWO ROOMS—Furnished or un- 'furnished. 375 E_ Houston. »«• tut&bl* *ho h»v« Otr t»«*a th* hjonrm or »;90 o'clock. »wi «:<JO o'clock. F. it, OB tha • „ «. 1534. for th« jmrpo** of <1«* th« followiajr proposition; * or not U»* city of ft b» authorized to isaue Bond* of Izy la £&fe BQm of ^S^XA&tT ^Tboti— <$70.000.00> dollar*, and l«vy a. affides: to j>*y tit* iat*r*n oa boada. a.a<2 creata- a. alnkiac fund said bonds to b«*r lnl*r*6i from data at a. rat.* not «xc**dtBv 4 p*r c«nt Said boo<»s mAtorinc a«ti«Ur *.t tit* r«- »p*ctl7* tisi«« &c<2 to ~t±ia Amossts. *a ma.y b* fixad by tb» City Council; oo bond to b* la*a*d .for * p*r!od uee*diac thirty y«»jra frora lt» c*te and &Z! bonds to b* iaauad for life p>orpo«* ot l»uJi<JJnt S«i»er Dl»pos&i Flakes. coii«truct!oa ot and oalarycza^nt aad .Jssprc _ the pre»ect Sewer Sy»t*m aad to b* known a» S«w«r Coactmctios Bosda. Series -1934.- Tbe pollia^ place* *r«! pr*c!diiitr officer* of said e!*ctloa stall oa XWO or . threes room furnished apartment, 206 :Lamar Ave. House* for _ : Cfentral Fir* Station JX Gotfbold. prealdinir officer; WAftI> *r ii»*ontc Bid*., Grand *. W. H. WrlgJit. prealdlnt o«lc«r; , j VTAHJX 3: Coart Hou**. A. W. *T pr««l<iJnK officer: WAJRO 4: Paris Hieh School. I< Jackson presiding ofncer. Tile for=J of ballot to be used said ejection for those votiaat la f of tie lesTTftac* o" bcn£a «iia.ll be 5 Km. Furn. Hm. and Dup.—8S6J. room famished house, close in. Phone 704 Notice NOTICE; to k. ResolusJoa »ass«d by City Couac!! o* tfc* City of Paris ta« 6ih day of July 1334 I isereby coisee that an electioc &•»• th<- <tua.lit!e<i voters t>t thv City cj '^arla Coa- "Tor- tb« tssoaa«« of Sewer st-actioa 3on<i«. Series -1S34." Tbo for=s of ballot to be oaed != said *iectiozi for taos* votlaj; a.g*.}Bsz issuance of beads shall b* as foHo-ws; .'"Ataiuat tSia issuance of Seicer Coa- trnciioa Bonds. Series *1S3f* Tfc« Section to be held la accordance •"•1th the Ge&eraJ ElectJoa • Lave of 'the S:aie. la «o far as the *a.r=e are a.p- pUcable and not la conflict •wjtij the provisiorsa of the City Charter. Every owner of taxable -property !n the C5ty of Paris, •n.-ho 'ha* dmv rend_ «red sa«d yroperry for taxation. ».nd • who is Qualified to vote for as«=ob«rs of the legJsiature of the state and Commerce Engineer's Funeral Held Sundav COifMEBCE.—Funeral services for Vf. T. Smith, reteraa Cotton Beit engineer who. died ic Texar- kaaa Saturday morning, were held at the Firs: Baptist church Sunday afternoon, the Rev. J. M. P- Morrow of Fort Worth, having .charge. Mr. Smith had been a member of the Baptist church 40 years, -belonged to the L O. O. F. lodge, and was an official in the local division of the Brotherhood of Ix>eomoti\*e Engineers- TO WORK MCDONALD CEMETERY AUGUST 2 A ^graveyard -working .-will be held at the Mcrtonald cemetery between Broadway and Howland on Thursday, August 2. All interested persons are requested to bring well •filled baskets, and tools to work off the graves. Free barbecue will be provided for all those participating. METHODIST REVIVAL MEETING AT ROXTON ROXTON. — The Methodist revival conducted by th* pastor, the Rev* J. H. \Yesibrook !• beiixr continued Through this weefc. Attendance at the senrie** has been large. Mr. and Mrs. Barkley Poteet had I as quests Sunday Mr. and Mr*. Roy Self and daughter ol Bonham MIT*. Dwight McLaughlin of Minneapolis itinn.. Mrs. Pearl A. Laivrence and John Poteet of r>allas and C. C. Poteet of Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morro-w and son of Houston. J. S. Morrow and daughters Lulu Belle and Gladys of Chlcoia were week end sweats of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Casey- Mr, and Mrs. Carietoa Denton and children have returned to Ba^-well after visiting Mrs. Sonora i I l£rs. Minor Sims of Pannandlc j iS c; -urs, J. W. Watson and I iliss Mary 'Watson. I 3Ir". and Mrs. George Cra-wford I are visiting relatives in Dallas. COBBITOflTY ITEMS FROM SHADY GROVE SHABT GROTJE— Nearly every- HAUL WATER. WOOD AT PLEASANT HHX PLEASANT KILL,—Sereral far. na«l frater for stoclt. " " | of them are also hauJins wai«r. Floyd Gardner entertained the] The corn Cr<>p has *>««tt c«t people with a party Wed- J sbor t by dry weather and the cot- nesday evenin*. j ton is needing rain as blooms ar* Th« Rev.^John f 'ayn« of Paris. < failing off. 5, here l*st Friday night. Mi««e« Pami* acd Doris Cook| Calvin spent last week ttith Dick Loa ^ at Piainview. lx>l« Scott of Garrett'» Bluff! Several people from this corn- were entertained by the families of J muriity attended the candidate* I Earl Floyd. Henry Essary AnAl^^^ a . ^.^ ° ^ Jesse Shftrt during the annual j v^' " .=0 has raided ty for six f6) ti« limits of the osths and in th, :hirty (30> daj-s, aext preceding th« >iftcrJoa is enrftlfed to -s-ote. GSjes amSftr «y with tbe Seal •:x''5* Clt / °* ^^^^ affiied this tie ith day of J;i7j-. A. !>.. 152* J- M. CSOO-C ^ a yor- C:t? of Paris Att»st: Mrs. Odous Park- City secretary. C :tv of Paris. i MISSING BISHOP FOUm> DROW> T ED GLACIER PARK, Mont. (JP) — i Bishop William F. Faber, presid- j ingr head of the Episcopal church | of Montana, missing since Friday 1 nigh; from Two-Medicine Gbaiets, ivas found drowned Monday in Paradise creek. Charlie Carpenter accompanied i I^nther Suddtith. by Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Carpenter j -- — l*ft Thursday for Tennessee to j visit relatives. j Mr. and Mrs. "Vemon Hamilton > went to Faught to- spend few days I with Mr. and Mrs. John Ayres. " j Earl Floyd and children, left last S Thursday for XashviHe, Ft, Smith I and Hot Springs. Ark. { Miss Dorothy Shannon of Ume- f j kiln spent a few days last week | j with Mrs. Drew Craig. j Mrs. E. E. Butler, with her son i Olen Bugler and family of Big :Spring who visited here last week j is in Hope. Ark. } Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE Plato's average disianc* from ; j the snn i* 40 times that of the I j earth, or about 3.800.000,000 miles. |- For Quality Dry- Cleaning Phone 198 We are still paying XRA wages and hours and coins: a quality type of dry cleaning- for Southern Cleaning & Dye Works Norman Cok er, Owner- netv- - ord De Luxe coach, [ with Bosch radio, will be sold a.t a bargain. See Harry Val- ller. Paris Grocer Co, Mattress and Reg; Renovating 2S for C&onty Clerk: ' •• ' ; R.^V, •. CBOB:? HA MM ACK. •'" ; -••CR-ft-electius, Second term) I"or JDistrR-l Cie*k: s«co3d term,) YOT: CAN HAVE MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tbe Es4?r Payment Plan! O»c Day Service Paris Mattress &: Awning; Co. SO XV. Sherman Pboae 37O 29 FOi and Coliector of ! ^"^rth Mater St. "EEECTRIC FAK and motor re- Salvage Co. 2S HUMPHREY Km ployment Oocantla*loaer Prct'inct Ho. 1. RUPiiKT U BALI.ARD (For Re-eiectioa. Second Tertn.) For CotnaiiNSioot-r, t*rccirrCt 1: GEORGE TERRY Commissioner Precinct 2; M-StSv HOT DUNAGAN. J. FRANK JONES. Help Male STEADY WORK—GOOD PAT Reiiab-ie ma.— Canted to call on ] fara:ers in. I^amar county. No ex- I perience or capital needed. Write | today. 3IcNsss Co.. I>ept. S, Fre*- Opportunities 54 Precinct ROT C (For Re-elect *or.. 5-econd Term.) ] ' [ | ANOTHER business forces me to |.sell. ray. pig stand. Priced, rigbt I ior cash or will trade for light de- truck, Cra-w-fortTs Pig MARJC Jj. H. JOHNSON. For Commissioner Precinct 4: T. W, tBIL-L? RUSSELL (S«-e!ectton S^coca Term). T. H. SOOTH. Insurance and BOT«JJ» t* Wtl-X, THOMAS ^Re-election Second Term,) For C0UQ3 %V Place 2: GALBRfcATH. DEWEESE AND PROCK General Insuranc* Telephone 2ST Livestock Plants and S R. T. (HOB> NASH. C, J. (JAfK) For -Justice of the Peace No. I, 5»1nre Ne. 1: A. W. S For Public <R*yxtOn.) J. M. fM r, Precinct 2. in'i COOPER, For «Tos?tloe of the Peac-e, Precinct 1, P1a.ce 2. T^imar Conniy. X- A, {Arthur) JOHNSON. For rc-^Icrtsor-,. s^^o^nd term. .CHAR1.ES PARROTT Queen of Dixie Poultry Feed* Sure Naff Stock Feed Field S^od — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Bulk Bird Sc^d, Bir<S Remedies ar,<5 Sup- piles, Boy and PtJppy Food Keep the Chfj^Kcra Off HARRY BOOK 37 Grand AT«. - TeL 0O4 For ConstaMc. PrcctBCt I: SAM GARLAND, fHe-EJ*c*Jors. Peeoud Tcrrrs). J.' C. <JOHN> PRIDE. -Merchandise For Sale SPECIAL SALE E c. It KHAt,tI> U W «:>pr>isn OF THE r: A STERN «?5 :n**l* «<! t!-Hr ThlT^ 'ft, VieJiOfj,. w W* M. ,Mr». _-* r;» TODAY Texas Power & Light Co. Uante<* 10 Boy »» \VTLL PAT CASH for a eoo-,1 ,-caed car. Nothing oM«r than *33 mod^l consider^. «.rt<l pn»f»r llcrht car. b« n b»ric»«n. R*y' Mor»e. ,\to?>«'/.,8*e Un« SfaUotu corner Av* By E. C. SEGAR Pf^f f\ Btr ATTENTION TO Of,_M^ SEE ME > tto^T SHEEP, POPEYO, IT'S S MVsnEE THtV U??^T PRCrVi ! GWE Tt*=M PROHIBITION- ii^xi ~r*i_?r:x* ^- T:-?- ——« • f *.. ^. By HARRY J. TUTHILi: YES._,LOVED BY ALL.. I'LL ADMH; BCYS, THAT THOSE TEETH REMIND MT OF GREAT 515 ST^lLHl, BUT HOW! KNOW THAT HE !S. ? WHENEVER » ^ GU<5KT ^ ^^ A "*" C_H& CARRY C.N THIS PHAT YOU FOUt^D THE SUIWS C? 7 THt L-OtXSL HAI i FALSE TEETr! THAT HE HAS WE PHONED HIS HOUSE. HIS WIFE ADMITTED DJDNT KNOW WHERE HE IS THE UDNGER I LOOK A! 3OLSHEV3KJ ELEMENT GF THE LODGE. WHO WORDS WITH HiS WIFE HE STAVED AT THE LjDOcE H LJOOK1N6 AT THESE E O? HIS M1LUON! DOLLAR SMILE TKE SAD FAT O~ BROTHER DSNKY. WHO USTEN, BROTHER 5UN.SLE, HOW -MAKiN-6 A.- RECOUNT AT E LAST ELECTION OF OFTJCERS. DIANA DANE /\VH N1U5T DO SOM= - Glad Tidings 1 »K^*fi?feC*' ?Wr ?- CSLV t=O^Ty -COLLAR^ • ^fig? T^g gAV fH <fti^4 AS« ic^-^\ I XT 4 A' kV— ^-s\ mm*^ •*: • * ' i t ' "•*«_ ? *- * ^J^^^V" .>m!^ i? ^ itF) [h IL^ ' HOMER HOOPEE He Can't Stand Much More of This . MR\F WE DO. IN A DXY OR l\-v'O, CNt IS (S01MG MOTS -AND \T BE VOd »! \UL B¥ 3 !M ALL AVTERNOQM r 1 AHD v 1 -^ SCORCHY SMITH >l^ £ET \uD\GEST\OWj . __ TH\S 5liT \r QFRCt nr HH'LX «• 5WC\AH. M * 'cS, MR. KLVMK XVA5 I I <S AV E TttR, AHD BE- SAID TO GO OlTT [OF TDWM THVS ' I ArTE ROS^-B^ RVEr ^-^ vri V^v< /~A^ i "S \ ll BS SOKS^E VCLV*MV< CALLS TH\S LHTTH^ LL UINX H C^W SE Hidden Truth* YOU U39T -TH6 T*A!C ? \ /^5«OP£ T <tv' - ^\ JW?CtS>58U£ - V SUT J5ST TH' S^M£,

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