Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 54
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 54

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 54
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Page 54 article text (OCR)

Nigeria plans draft to spur development •• Associated Press &AGOS, Nigeria — The g6v- elnment will start dating college graduates in July to spur development in Nigeria's backward countryside. Some of; the youths don't like the idea. -As members of the New National Youth Service Corps -* a sort of mandatory Peace diorps — they will build rdads, bridges, schools and clinics. They will, work on farms and help in other ways td push rural development. .The first group to start the year of • compulsory service Will nutobei* 2,600, vThe youths will live in.rural 300-acre camps across the cf&unt*^ in groups" of 500. Bach' cdhip Will be partly atttalttlcient', irt food. The cfampers, under professional supervision, are expected to construct all their living quar- and other buildings. Thfey wilt be pafd $180 a montKplus •a daily subsidy «? $1.80 for food; But the program, a pet project of Nigeria's military ruler, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, has run into violent student opposition. At the '\VftivePslty of Lagos, angry students smashed windows, wrecked a number Of cars and stripped Gowon's name from the university's library nameplate. "Why should national sacrifice be made by students alone?" one student leader asked. "Let sacrifice start with our leaders. If you want people to make sacrifices, you don't live in affluence. Let our leaders first declare their assets." He was referring to charges of corruption and high living in government circles. , University education ' i n Nigeria Is not free. A medical student, for example, p«y§ about tyft a year for tuition, room and board plus about \ |150 for books. Other students pay about |540 plus another f 150 for books. The government says it will allow only four exemptions in the call-up of university graduates for national service. They ire: — Graduate who are over 30 years old. *- Individuals with physical disabilities. — Those already "gainfully employed" who obtained their university degree* by taking part-time studies. — Members of the armed forces and the police returning from studyleaveabroad. Also to be considered for deferment are doctors and dentists *fto will have their cill-up postponed one year so they can complete their in- ferfiship. Othere are graduates pursuing professional cotifses such" as town plan* ning, afchitecttire, enginecr- i n g, aCcoimting, > pharmacy and law and those pursuing post graduate studies. Gowon has stressed that the corps' ideals are to instill in Nigerian youthe "qualities of dedication, 1 patriotism and national consciousness without which no country or people can be truly great." The government will assign enlistees work in areas out' side their home state in hopes of reducing the nation's tribal and ethnic divsions and "bring Nigerian youths under a single umbrella.". .Opern Doily 86 P.M. Sunday 19-3 P.M. Thurs. & '.Friday night 'til 9 P.M. GLEN DALE BMC BUILDING MATERIALS CENTER PHOENIX School Road [lawn & Garden Center Slow evaporation with Decorative 3 cu. ft.'bag. Put around trees, shrubs, in garden. Slows weed growth. Keeps everything neat. AT COOLSAVINGS, TOO... ! Save on Plants, Shrubs, Trees give your soil a Mff- Forest PLANTS \ Gallon Size r Reg. 1.49 TREES arid shrubs 459 5-Gal. Reg. 6.99 Magic 59 4 cu. ft. Reg. 2.99 Aerates Soil, holds moisture; Its' natural acidity is good for Arizona soil. Long lasting. Easily applied to S gardens, shrubs and turf areas. AMMONIUM Choosa) from a fine sel«c- Japanese black pine, gold- tion that includes: Tomb- en arbrvitae and pyracan- stone rose, passion vine, . tha are just a few of the genista, thevitia and oth- \manyavailable. ers. 15-GafcSize R e g. Specimen Trees ^9 95 Choice of varieties 28 95 SULPHATE All abov* itd>ms subject to stock oh hand. - .'•«•!. '• '., ' . .' A great Arizona soil conditioaer 21-0-0 80 Ib. bag AMMOMIUAA PHOSPHATE 498 Reg. 5.98 16-20-0 80 Ibs. c- Silver Spade 98 'Advertised prices in effect thru Mon:, July 2nd. bags ' Loosens compacted soil and counteracts alkalinity. Wets easily, revitalizes worn out soil. Mulches. Weed and salt free. Dustless. Vigoro Hi-Iron An all-around good fertilizer for lawn and garden. Fifty pounds will cover 5000 sq. ft. Pellctized for easy application. Use monthly. 50 Ibs. Reg. 4.99 3 99 Tree Trunk White Paint 3 95 flo'. A vinyl point trVof protects citrus bark and other tree trunks from hot Arizona *un. 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Installed Price in metropolitan Phoenix area (Small delivery charge elsewhere) Includes: Wrangler Bar-B-Que, Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover, Installation in your yard Porcelain Smoker Head Optional for 43.99 Other models available: Natural Gas High-low gas setting* fxclusive of gas lines 249 99 #1C - Propone Includes $-gal. filled tank regulator, hose, coupling & hook-up (99 Phoenix, Sat., June 30, 1973 The. Arizona Republic A-35 ,, EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, JUNE 29 f 0 FRIDAY, JULY 6 JuitNarthafThemasftd, WE «f SErW TMf RIGHT TO LlMlt. I!IO t. iro*dw*y, Tempe Between MeClintock A Price M. . CATOLAW Ml* n $1,31 MIIION t*«ti« ll««AI L|(. ItivM ALflf ftlAM IVY t». ,,,, ti. QUEf NS WfliATH ..... II, CAROLINA JASMINt T«ll«w ilitmi .......... fi, $1,31 $1,39 $1*39 $1,29 $1.39 BLACK PLASTIC FILM 4mil-tltt.xlHft. $095 Ul« undtr colortd i!6n«l er §M« n __boric to eanlral wt«d atBwth. ^•/HOII TMCftE II ACCESS TO OUR TEMPE STORE WHILE BROADWAY IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION fH ADI THUS ALE! 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Priced To MOVE 6 ORNAMENTAL TREES ROTTLE BRUSH . evergreen TREK OLEANDERS * 19 ss ta, 95 09. STAR JASMINE VVca • Leathery leaves • Fragrant white star-shaped blooms fiREEN CARPET RED LEAF PLUM JACARANDA Low mound; TEXAS SAGE $« 4 a • Grey foliage e Sun lover • • w ' Lavender bloom* p Gid 'h*jl|t - inlhesun. Approx, lOOfor thick $Q95 8 Golden Goddess BAMBOO Rapid trowing to about 1 ft, Don wtll in the f un, See Our Huge Display of • Fountains • Red Clay Pots • Mexican Pots t Macramt Glazed Pots Call* Lillet » 1. 43 Pol Jl.35 Pgt 6anfl.fl Mirtdt f re He Tip Top Nurseries fqst Srogdwey, ^^^J Garden Togli ......... )lc i»eh |lo||Qin$et .......... 1S«|H«. $WMrThrivt ........ $1.91 III*. 2941 North 43rd Ave., Phoenix OPEN DAILY $:QO AM - 5:30 PM. ff. •e||F»9a < . . ......... fL*.7(9

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