The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 14, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1918
Page 4
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PAHK FOUR. THE BttJTOHtNSON 'HEWS. THE HUTCHINSON NiiVYS^ OFFICIAL PAPEtt OF RENO COUNTY W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. fentw-nd in th« I'o.itiifUce in nutchth- sctv Krtn., for ituiusimuflau tbrouKh the tiiailfi nil «';cuntl-'iu-H» matter, TELEPHONES.. tiusttuBH Office No. 2 Aclv-[ uejiijj ijcput tinunl , NIL '1 fcilltt'dlil IKJulild N«, 4 (1] tioLttty j^<l(i(/r ,,,,Ny, Liu.i TtHMfl OF SUDSCniPTIOM. D:iiiy ttMiii/i DCJJ . LIIHI by m tier to ntiy i u! lluii-h;n»oti, 10 cents i n«;ck. Ill ,-rtu.l, vuv i i-k.i .,J3.W 1 J>' Hutu, &ix IllimlltS ,', . i.l'O U>" :IKC(, ititft* ni<-'i<L'U' * l>0 i'y Mutti, uiiu tuoiiui ,. ,4b Week.* utiu your M) TO CMANUE AODUfcSS. I» cidtriiK iiio it>iUjtt«i( ur i"-'iit jj.iper HL»MJ ana titSli. YOl/lt l<\jKMI'Jt J't.'i'j t,J-i'iC'iJ AUL-lU'jfcstf a* well tli« ADVERTISEMENTS. Tlio .Ncv.'t* nwivwi Hi(j ritjlil to ruj.'ct nnv .niwiiising IUULUT '.uai u lu.iy i ewn Uti^'i.inU ui t-H/u-.itf iu vtiiiiiiict. 'J I"; Nt'wj I*, nut r^pJiihiUu ioi mlvur- Cull.-, tor n..n-i2iy mcetliiRs, cards u< cttily UHJ chu.rh nuii.ul*, l*-ciuru tintlccs, cull* t-ir vttui ;h nwiuitS* lisAtx-pl j>ui(Uuy rcrimli) tixu f-.i.iisiiiurutl tu aUvurlisliiK 'I'lie ljii.s'.ti it ultima •>{ ibis paper art; ft.t It - la fc.uat ^bili dtceut. New York City, and Ki-uiu.1 ltAtruj Trw-l UuiUhiiK, Chlnijeu, »U W.i'Uht'Ua Bids.. Kai-waa City. Mu„ kl. Iv'iU AdMiiUBlug Agenuy in charge, AitvurLifttng .'AIIM in.ide kHuvvw un application. TuliH'li<jn« N p 3 - Tolophmio news Ui.niA to Ed.l'.rliii Honiriu, Nu. .u3 of 2403. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tho AbsucUlfd 1'rvas la exc.Urfivtjfy en • tilled tu ihy u*u for ropublleution uf all lipwn crrdltrd lo U ur not otlit'rw.Jiu cred- tltti !n t!il.« p.ipi'i und axs-j U)c.M u«v»3 AH rl$Vita uf rcputiilt-ntloii of opeclal fli'Hpatches hvrviii are AJ«O n^urved. The Sidiinoer Drug Co ?RES'-RIPTION SPECIALISTS reTcpT^one ST. Un. 17 Nortn Main street, Hutchinson HELPING THE HUN. 1 Vim hi-lfi (lie Mini )!' you nri> ' proni' to iloilB"! fiioU rp45iiliil!iins, ' " if yon [>»l HI' a dismal ^roan wlii'iH''t >r yon ^t*•\^• Iho rations. 1 Tin' loyal fullow iloos nut ' ^wcrvn from riili 1 :* laiil down liy ; lliiovi-i", In lilillU'ly follows I'V'.Ty * • <IIIM' a/ul liylaw ami uianiMivt 'r. ' Von lu-lji tilt 1 Hun whi -n you rt>- ' ' iiniit ilin- slorios of diiiaHti-r; yon ' I 'ii'li un rimiors of ilori-ai, ami ' lual.o llii'iu Iravcl fimtcr. It Is ' lli*> kais<?r":j Htanilard trirlt. tu ' licr-p diirli rumors liri'wln', to ' innki' our hearts and sjilrits sitli 1 tlirough tales of death aim ruin. ' You would not wilfully assist this ' ' would lie Alexander. 1ml thought-. ' ' lepsly you heli», I wisl, Lo Bpread 1 his proiia^andor. You help the ' ' Hun wliuii you complain of what the war is costing; tlie. patriot ' who's safe and §une will find no ' 1 load exhausllnn. What if de- ' mauds on you aro/hlK? V/liat If 1 you're always liustoil? While you've a penny still lo dlK, you ' : shouIdti'l he (IlsKUsted. You're buying freedom with tho cu-sh you ' shell for bonds and taxes, and ' Kullur's clown you help 16 smaah, 1 as though with battle axes. It's ' nosy work lo help the Hun, 'by ' 1 snarling and repining, by being ' stingy with your mon, by beoflnfi" ' and by whining. And legions do ' 1 it every day whose anger would ' be royal, IC wc should point with ' scorn and say they are not truly ' loyal.—Walt Mason. ' * * * * ****** HONOR FOR AMERICANS. All honor and praise for the American flKhling man. The First. American Army In Ha fight gave, proof of the strategy of Us commanders and j"*- the courage and liravery of ils inei^-Jl had a task lo perform and 11 was done. It was magnificently done, too. There was no shirking, fur there Is no such a thing In the new American army, trained to the lii.-t minute In all of the things learned in warfare' 1 In the jiast lour years. There mighl have? been some fear anil trembling among ih» officers and men when tiny waited for the start, fur nil returned sohleirs say this run." tbruiijili an army at first, but when (he eoinniaiid came to no over ' the top, fear was left behind mill the best of American manhood Went to Its task with a riinli. The long held crooked mark on Ihe war map of Europe was urused, and erased Just as the plans of tleneral PershliiK, under the able direction of Alui'slm] Foch had intended. There wan scarcely any chance lor mistake, for It was all scientifically worked out and rehearsed lo a hair's breadth, after probably mouths of preparation. And the only hitch In the program was that the udvance went much more rapidly than Intended, The First American Army htui proven Itself. ^Jt lias Bhowii Its inoltle. It has glvcu proof of Its liritvery mid Its ability. It has given the United Btutes still another part In Ihe war, a purl that means going on and on until aeriimny is beaten to her knonu and her military strength destroyed. The First American Army Is an actual thing. It has in Its ranks about u million and a quarter men, as thoroughly equipped as It is possible (or any army to he, and (hero will be Ho •mopping tholr advance, when they inako up their minds to go somewhere, -» The British anil French armies are par excellent. Thoy are unbeatable. Ilul they will h»,ve t very valuable ally iu the First American Army and la oilier armies to bo formed at a later Ante (o help to hammer home Uj tb9 Ifun (hat force will finally win, hut not the force that declared, thnt might Is more powerful than right. THE ECONOMIC 34EQE. As proof that economic pressure on (lerniniiy and her allies Is Ihe grrntrst of things, a slatesman of the Old World has recently stated the followlng: "The (lenlral Powers are being lior.clged h>- prartiially the i -ntlre world and they have no tne:ins at their (llspiifnl fur lirirtglng the siege to an end." The military siege may he broken, as they often are. Anyway a military Mer;'\ II 11 eansei) a military surrender l« Miiuewhal li .-Iilein ,1 l;y the usual peace that follows. Hut the economic harrier the world is erertlng slowly liuI surely around (lermany is an entirely different ma'- ler. Peace treaties mi^ht try lo raise such a siege and put things hack where they were, 1ml all the peaco treaties on r.trih can't make (lie Allied world and a puod share of the neutral world buy an article that Is marked "Made in <'»* rir.any." No matter how the end may come to the fighting the fate of (lermany for a good many years, eeonoinictilly, Is sealed. The (lennan statesmen are lH 'ginnine: lo see this; the tierinan mil. itarlsts may actually know it hut they care little about MH It a tiling as trade. The tlenaan manufacturers have seen the lKindv .riliu;: on the wall for mure than two years ami they see it more today than ever ill the past. When the fighting is o^'er with and peaceful days come, with armament or wilhoul armament, Clenuany must go forth to business and to search for commerce over the surface of lilt world. Where will she gel that trade7 Certainly nol soon in Allied countries surely not in many of the few neutral nations of the world, for world shipping will be so handled that Germany's chance upon the sea will he worse than she ever hoped for her worst enemy. The economic pressure to be exerted against the Hun iu future years will be far worse than the present war. The war can bo brought, to an end by Germany, but she has no means of bringing the present eco nomic siege to an end. The German peace propaganda is in rull blast, even the kaiser, whom the Allies can't (rust, trying to fin J a way to get out of the war and save his hide. In frying to do this and in failing the world will nav3 J spectacle of about the busiest man it has seer, in a long number of years. The kaiser, it must he known, isn't to have little of anything to say about how the war shall end. Ho lob', his chance for a peace table parley Just before he forced the United States lu get into the war. The Austrian statement of yesterday informed the world that Austro- Hungarian troops enabled the Germans to .withdraw from St. Mllilel. In their "enabling" they left several hundred of their number prisoners of the Yankees. Once before the Germans Jiad to call In their reserves to enable them to back up and out of danger. Tills time they Bent a call to Vienna for the same kind of assistance. Something seems to he vitally wrong with Ihe German system of warfare. The vice chancellor declares that Germany was the "Innocent ami attacked party." He is Just n little bit, off his bane. Germany was not the "inno­ cent'' party and, four years ago, was not the "attacked" party, but she "is" the attacked party right at this time when these peace feelers are flying irouud so rapidly. She is attacked by an army that will tnakeher know better when the Utile bout is finished. A Kenluckian told of catching a five-pound pickerel which threw him down, tore his clothing and jumped hack Into Ulue Grass creels, it was to fit In Willi the family for not coming home with auuesa of fish. It will he noticed that Kentucky, though having voted lo be as dry as a bone,' has not yet allowed the new rule to go into effect. London and Paris put in somo good limo being Jubilant and so forth when news from St. Jiihlcl came pouring in. Uul that's all right. The news from the Ilrlllsh and French armies has sounded mighty good to American ears a lot ot times In the past year and a hall or su. 'The German nation, tC (hero Is anything left of it to think, will sometime hark back with shame to the, year 191S, the year tholr military prestige received the solar ple*iis Wow that almost killed tho fatherland. it- ^•<4><8>^>^<s>«j-<8 ><^<j><jitj >^><5> «• A COURSE IN COOKING. 4 N * * By Kuth Cameron. <v <*> <$> A friend of mine has recently taken a course In cooking. No sho Is not a young girl about to ho murriod and preparing horse)t (as all bi'lde6-to-be ahuuld) to properly dis- churgo her part 1 A the partnership, She Is oyer forty, she has boon married about twelve years HUC J has kept iwuao woj, ot Uj« |kj«, J4^r«oyer £ Abe Martin Who remembers when we used lo put a cabbage leaf in our hats in hot weather? Th' question you hear most these days is, "Where kin that girl's nio'lher be?" ft V ARMY CASUALTY UST she is known as an unusually good cook. She simply happened lo be Iu a position where she could lake a brief course In cooking and thought she would like to a<ld tho theoretical and scientltle side of this science to what sho already know of Ihe practical. When 1 heard she was going to take the course I thought of tho excellent meals 1 had eaten at her home and wondered if the school would really be able to teach her anything. In the first letter I received front her she said, "1 have learned how to boil potatoes, Did you know that one should never put potatoes Into coin or even Into hot water,—the water should bo absolutely boiling before the potatoes are put in if you want to preserve the eharncler of the product and make them as mealy as possible. Now I never knew that. Isn't that Interesting?" Tho next day Jn spe.ikinp 0/ this woman and her course '.o another woman (who by the way thinks It is till nonsense for her to take the course) i I mentioned what she bad learned about boiling potatoes. "I don't believe it makes Uie least hit of difference," the other woman said at once. "My potatoes are good enough for tunybody and l never bother about the temperature of the water." And It'was plain, she did not Intend to bother. . And yet the source from which that information- came was one of the highest authorities on cooking in this country, if not in the world. Why nhould she set herself above an authority like that? Whyt'hould she think that someone who hstl made a lifelong scientific study of the principles of cooking could tench her nothing. Why Indeed? Hecause she was of that lype of mind which Is not willing to take advantage _tif what other people have leanied by years of Intensive sludy. To refuse to accept the wisdom that other people have stored up for one rcems lo me as foolish as refusing to accept the benefits ot some great Invention,—let its say for Instance, walking across the continent rather than in riding in a train. Is It not then good to think for oneself,— someone asks. Of course It Is, No one. who is not constantly thinking for himself will ever get anywhere, if one entirely gave up using one's legs because there were trains one's legs would become paralyzed. But that does not mean one should not use the train when It covers In a few days a distance It would take one a year to walk It Is Ignoranf and crude to accept ones ideas about life and philosophy ready-made from other people merely because one Is too lazy to think for oneself. It is equally Ignorant and crude not to be willing to make use of the experience which other people have acquired by years of Intensive study of some subject. OVER OUR STATE. Hays normal is teiirhing a lot of young men a lot or things they need to know to be helpful In the arniy when they go across. There wus a column story about a local affair in the lil Dorado Hepub- lican a few days ago and not a word about oil or gaa lu it. If you think the Pratt people aro not ready for the Fourth Liberty lxian you have another guess coining, tor llioy are, good and ready. Dodgo City claims that a man came all of the way from Connecticut to play a gome of golf with a Hodge City num. Must be some course there. Someone slipped into Halstcad a few days ago aud took a btiuch of moving pictures and they aro to bo shown here and tjtoro over the country. Newton Is to havo lady barbers In the future and the railroad hoys aro going to throw away their safety razors as fust as they come in off pf the ruu. Work is moving along on the oil well lu~tbe Cheyenne Bottoms iu Barton county, whero It is really expected to find some oil or something just as good. A Lyons man has .an automobile which he can moke Into a touring car, a hay rack, a .manure spreader or a Pullman car, and all tho neighbors want to borrow H. Counties all over Kansas, aro gel- ting ready to build a lot of bard roadB after the war la over, whep. material can be secured and when there will be a lot ot men,, needing work. One Kansas pamper has remarked that when a league of nations Is formed Qoruiauy won't be in it. She'll only be eligible to the bush league and be glad to get in that. But evou thnt will come under Ue gyld.»ueo and tho orders of the loteroatlmjai CpmffllaslOflf, - The foilowlnc cosunltlo* nte reported by the Commanding UcncMl or the American Expeditionary Forces: Killed In nctlon, 10; missing In action, 37; w-iilindril severe-!*, 117; illed of wolimis, 4; ill'it from Accident and other cause*, 2; died of dlpease, 2; wounded, degree undetermined. 6. Total, 128. KILLED IN ACTION: Private.: Mervln V. Hammond, Oregon City, Ore, Frank F. Ilotlit, .lanesiiille, Wis. Jones W. Ililntnr. Charlotte, N. C. iljiy H, Laades, Urcenacren, Wnnh. Mlcliiivl J. MclnnJss, Tiny, N. Y. Thomaa K Mnhoti. Ilnrtronl, t.'onn. Arthur M. MJller, W<>l»itwvMc. Vt. John V. ttnni'n, FlngRj. N. 11. Freil Nclirfltor, San t-'rajielseo. I'ftllf. Cornelius Vandurn.' llliiltv, S. D. DIED FROM WOUNDS: Privates: Walter J. Hntstekt, St. I*ulii. Mo. Thomas A. Jones, Dexter, Mo. ,7e*se lj, Murray, hearing Springs, X'n, Klmor Arena Oakley, Iturr, Mo. DIED OF DISEASE: Privates: George Hooper, Thornton, Ark. Karl Molcom Itobertyon, li.nxl Itlve.r, Ore. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Privates: lleorpe Clhtmi-di, U-*igUc City, Tex. John aheehun, Louylirie, lrelnntl. WOUNDED SEVERELY! Major: Mnnlon O. Mitchell, Providence, It. I. Lieutenants: llnrry IT. Hnper. Snilthboro. Ill, Bldney .a. MacMJII«.n, Wilmington, N. Sergeant: James F. Mlee, Si-yaour, Ind, < Corporals: George DltlbMner, Mvnlmac, Win. I-Mward C. Hudson. Itoeklngham. X. C. Joeeph Hunter, Italcstmrg, 111, 'Teorge Kosek, Taylor, Ark. .lohn U MeGrnw. MiirlliiKtnn. W. Va, James B, Ituane, rnlioes, N. Y. Mechanic: William C. Fowler. WVirlihigton, D, C. Privates; Norman H. H. t-'hign. t..-irlnion'. N*. D. John A. Friuikowii/.. I'litcapo. 111. Von! C, Gelpeke, Iliooklyn, N. Y. lii-orue Gt>ss, Itntoili. Minn. CYril I* CJuy. iVystnl SerlnKr., Miss. l,'*i;i-ajHl ltenrie, l*i Sail.,, Ftah. Hurry It. Ilem-v, Tj-i nton, N. ,1. William A. Ilen-ni'g. I'liihwlelplila, Pa. Herbert F. Hlmni.'l. Moscow Mills. .Mo. Hobart L. Hoyt, 320 w. "Lincoln St., Lyons, Kan. Kdwanl Johnson, Mullan, Idaho. Peter Kamiir, I'hioiipo, lit. iKieit* M. Kainjia. Inilepentlriii-e, Wis. N'iiU Ku«trlchls. K :L-[,iiiilen. Urcere. Arthur J. Kelley. Mlshaw.ilol. Ind. » Jerrv W. Klima. -New York, N. Y. Joseph Kobulnskl, Detroit. Midi. Henry F. I.lnilstluni. 1'olermo. N' .D, AnisiiM V. Malceki, Merlin, Win. Louis Markowitz, Hiooklvn. K. Y. Louis W-iJieonlJ, .N'evv y,»rk. N. Y, Torn- Kellx Miiltin^tv, IieUiw, Ark. William H. Meets. Fissboro, Va. N'.ll.'n Miller, Kle-rMan, 111. X 'util S. Mlimk-k, I'.i.voe, o. Mike Moleson, Seranlon. Va. Henry C. Mailer, Allien. Minn. • • Sidney It. Nail. 1'lnJn.iivHle. Tex. l>.l\vtn M. \|t-l,;oii, lUieltaniNin. M. L>. Vi-eo Furl Netlleton, Ithoiles. MU-li. John Xykowslil, Chicago, 111. Austin 1.. Hose, -Thui-o. Mu.«*. < Joseph 11. nose, CliieaK", III. Wailyk Kmolhiskt, t'nlon rily, Conn. Saitl Solomon. D .-ivtoii. o. Mitchell St tjwurlzenberger, Hevtls Lake. N. V. Floyd C. Teeter. Albermnrle, N. C. Geitrge S. Vinson, rol'inllt. ' t;U Tlohert St. Wesleivard, Camlo, N. 15. B.TJ.1 Wleber, lli-nKliison, X. IJ. Kro.-st \V. W-ilglit, rtii«'iloi:. N. II. Frank I.. O'Hilllv, Grand Folk!, N. D. Bruce A. Hi-lcc, Uuffalo. S C. M. P. Ktnelmlt, Kimllslit, W. Va. ISinll O. Uoss, Miinlello, VVI.I. ' • John Kyan, K,m Franeiscn, l.'i-llf. William Sandei son, ltradtei - . Wis. - lleorge K. Seloimor, Kyatiston, I'l . Karl Shnrow. \v,.wt Urajieli Alleh. "Sam BUverm.-oi, \ew York,' N. Y. Jamos riirtstoi-hrr Sjuulll, Comanclie, ukla. i« •.' > , - •: ' It. Tili'l.'lWoodbine, Ky. -^^ Cll.-irteh W. Thomas, CuniUi-rland, V:l. ttharies !*-\VhiU\ Jr.. llooter. LHah. S. Wlilons, Huryea, ftt,- V/OUNDED: (Degree Undetermined! Prfvates: Dennis I', liiiysetl, Worcester, Mass. John J. Wiley, Cllli-aKO. III. William -Mi'Manos, New York, X. Y. Orlnn A. Miller, Oarml, 111. ' Dout M. Morriselle, Iniwiston, Me, Urady 1). Vinlen, IJald Knob, Ark. MISSING IN ACTION: Corporal: l.linor A. Watstiid. Gv.iusville, illiin. Privates: Frank H. Ahring, Lincoln Center, Kan. Milrphv rtratid, Lagrange. Go. Mnrko liitbalo, I'hlllpsburg Mont. , F.dioir J. Dalifle, Piaterson. Lit. James II. Daly, Holyoke; Mass. Friid II. Deem, Pai-iiersburg, \V .Va. Vtotor C. Fene. lluntlnglon. Ark. I/alls I''. 1'ttsi-r. Clear I^ike, Wis. ICdwIn A. I'Vench, Methuen, Mass. Paul l-'rlfiean. : St. Paul, Minn. Nalvu HariziKtk, Peiasuo, V.ussla. 1m F. HnffiiMii, Shcllryvllle, Tex. Henry It. Holmojf, Klrwix>d, Ha. . I/ori i-Sirl HovtMicaiup, Jloiaeheads, N. Y, Miisitlio;* /.akarls Xaklu, Asmare, Crete, Grtiei.V .lolwAK.illtka. Coaldale, iPa. 'Hioahji I^iy, Hrldgoporr, l.'orm. IVllliaio II. I,uoa», Stiles, Wis. Allen J. Mel'iilpiusl.. Hammond, Wis. Paul Muirue.s, Anllljo, Wis. Henry .M.'iMiu.'mU, Neenah. I\'lfl. Samuel M*,|a',v'Hliy, Clilrafio, 111. Frank W. Mueller, Albany. Mine. Fnil O'laieii. Waupaca, W'la. James \\'. O'NoiU, Jr.,' Morgan Prak, 11). Charles W. 1'ayne, Cherrxdale, Va. Joseph P'lpoakl, Ilaintraiaeli. Mleh. liol.irt L. Held, Hooad Mill, Va. Waller J. U.-lTer, Milwaukee, Wis. John Itoimtleih,,uiKli. Pit. Antonio Htisso, I^inslni,-, Mlrti. (leorge II. Ki -hloiiscr, .Sunuyslile, AYash. A TEXAS WONDER Tho Texas Wonder for kidney and bladder troubles, cjtaval, diabetes, weak anil lame back rheumatism and irregularities of tho kidneys arid bladder. In both men and women. If not sold by* your drugxlsl, will bo sent by mail on rcc<n't of ti.jr,. Unu amah two months' treatment, and often elites. Hend for sworn uiDttmonials. Dr.: H .W. Hall, Olive rit., tit. Louis, MP., Sold by druggists.— Adv. In Blotches. Itched and Burned. Lost Sleep, ."For over » yf«r I w«i bothered with sm.ll pimple* on my (act and neck. The plmplci were hard and festered and enlarged to the sU» of* match head. Tbey were In blotehei under my chin and on my (ace they were scattered. They itched and burned sometime* cawing lo»S of iltcp, I got a dee »»rople o< Cutlctu* 8o *p and Ointment. 1 then puich»»ed mote, and I \)*ed time cake* of Cuticura S«ap and two boxe* of tintmpnt when I wa» hetltd." (Signed) L. 8. C #t4», 10c W, Qrlmw 3t., rVdr^W. lew. If you h*ve * poor complexion Improve It by u*lng Cuttcw* |k)*p d*Uy »ad C»lk:ujr» 01#tjpep(.o«aslptujlly, 'NEW PRICES~.30c. 60c 41.20 McKlney H. Rhlrk, Grand Forks, N. ti. Arehlo F. Slncl <r. Senllle, Wash. Joaeph IV Smith. Spnrtn, Tex. Frank John Rpllskl, Menaflha. Wis. Orn II. Taylor. Poplar Uluff. Mo. Total Number of casualties ta Date (Including those reported above): Killed In action (Including 'JHl nt sen). ti.IBS; died of wnunds, 1,701; died ot disease, 1,731; died of ncrldent and other causes, K2H; woa.idwl tn action, 'fi; indBStnir In neilon (tnelodlng prisoners), Total lo date, 30,619. MANY VOLUNTEERS. Porto Rico's Military Preparation 1» Very Good. When war wns declared on Germany and the United Statoa army was expanded, (he Porto Ittco regiment wns the first In the whole nation to be nt full war strength. Six hundred and forty volunteers were accepted, and immediately It was selected for duly In guarding (he Panama canttl. Soon after the selective draft law was passed, 110,1)00 young Porto III- enns were -registered, of whom 13,000 have been Inducted to Camp Has Cnsns, and 15,000 more called for service. Facilities were offered by the government nt Washington fo» young and ambitious Porto Hlcnus lo he commissioned In the reserve corps. The first training camp wns composed of 2T0 white men, of whom ISO were commissioned as captains and first and second lieutenants. The second camp contained 300 while men and 100 colored men; and 247 obtained commissions. At a third camp, 600 hiert ate being Instructed. The people of Porto Hlco Have had domestic burdens to bear. In spite of all, how6Ver, they have supported the government at Washington with faithfulness, giving all thtiy have— men and wealth, good will and effort —to win the war for democracy.— American tlevlow of Reviews. Literally Speaking. Dert Lytoll, thd young Metro Btnr, Is fond ot walking. While out one day on a hike through Hollywood he saw an old colored woman silling on the curb in the shnde of a palm tree Industriously plying her knitting needles. Coming up to her, ho asked her what she was knitting and was told that It was a sweater for her son who was In the cavalry, "lee been knllilng on it. fob Iwu weeks now," she said, "and I 'epects it will be three weeks mo' bufo' It's ready for occupancy!" A smart fnll hat Is of black velvet faced with while Georgette and lias many rows of white machine stitching for trimming. Because this is a land of liberty you have no right to talk like an anarchist.— Atchison, Globe. Aflernoon dresses frequently have elbow sleeves. PRODUCING PAPER AND INK AMMUNITION \ TO BACK UP THE BOYS FIGHTING FOR U£7 (Engraving* ' ^ One entire division of the bureau of engraving and printing in Washington is now engaged solely in the engraving of liberty loan bonds. Working day and night a force of experts turns out millions of dollars worth of this paper and ink ammunition. Uncle Sam has In his employ some of the greatest engraving experts-In the counlry. This Is a recent photograph of the bureau's largest press room working night and day on six billion dollars worth of bonds. OATARRl4 DLAofetW relieved br _ 24 HOURS McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 80. Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. CMV9ICIANS. IL S: BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment eC • Chronic Diseases Examination and Diacnosls Free. IU West Flrat St., liutehlnsnn. Kiaau. Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Olflro with Dr. Louise F. Rkhinvid. tiult* fS! Iloiabaliffh-Wlley PulMlng. Phone 2C62W. TESTING EYES AND FITTIN.0 \ SPECTACLES Is our specially. Prices reasonable; accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank, .Phono 3369. HAILHOAD TIME TABLE*. SANTA FE Cv*Cc-eund. No. 2 Th? Nav.Ji*... I 3 No. 4 Chicago Limited * No. 0 Chicago I'Jxpruss.. ..11 No. S Snnla Klgftt If No. in The Seoul..... U; No. 12 Kaasaa City FUor U No. M'<u J'asttcneer 7; No. 6!,S I'assenger J No. 508 11. A S. Passenger Ar.. 2 No. 14 WIAV U •Vesiooond, No t Tho Heoul No. J The Calltorula Limited.. No. 6 Trie Colorado Expriao... No. 7 I-'areo l-asi No. 9 The Navajo No. 11 Colorado Fa^it Mali.,.. No. 6(15 Passeal'er Mo. 667 yassennvr No. »6J ruessiigw <• No. 507 11. * !i. Passenger.... No. "3 Way 1-Tcigla iMaln Hue.) 1° No. '1 Wuy Freight laranch line? m. u. m. «. m. a. m. a. m. P. m. p. m. V- m. p. u, :Dr> p. la. MISSOURI PACIFIC, ,„ castDounu; No. 42l->I,oca( Vosaenser NO, (34—Local Pa-sserlKCr ... No. 4»6—-3-oca; VrelKiit \ „ .Weatoanno*. No. 423—l^ocal Vasaenyer No. 433— Local Passeager ..... No. 491—Looai Fluid.t a. in. a. tu. p. m. a. m. a. tu. a. m. u. tn. a. In. 10 am 115 prn 1(1 pm 10 pm ''•> am 111 am ROCK ISLAND, east Bouno;. .Ar. *:Ja «. m .. depart fl:45 a. tn 11:15 u .ID. 10:lu p. . 12:16 p. 80, 'L«caJ Frclgni'..'. .*." West Sound 3l - -.. 7 g^ 0 a- m. S3'.'.Ar."s:U p.'Vn.;'Depart chi p.' m. m, l^jcal Freight Cio p, nL ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN ' Eastbound. Ulectrlc tr. Ina ror ,\ewlon, Wichita and Inisrmeillate ualnts loave Muteoin^on ti 1 6 :31) A. M. C:30 A. .VI.. Llrnltel; 7 6."i A il' 9:15 A. M., I0 :as A. M. 11:50 A. M„ limited; 1:15 V. M.. ;:5li 1'. A!.. i'. .u , Limited: 5:15 P. M., 6:35 P. A!., 7:55 P .At P. M„ 11:20 P. M. West, j,ind, Elrctrle trains from Wichita, .Newton and Intermediate points airlve at Hutchinson at-THO A. M., K:«0 A. M., Lltnrted; l":la A. M., 11:36 A, M., 12:65 V. si., 1:6u P. M.. Limited: 3:35 P. M, 4:55 P. w„ 6:60 P. M„ Limited: 7:35 P. M.. 8:66 P. M.. 10:15 P. M.. 11:35 P.' M.-H30 A. M. AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Ml Accessory, Supply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies, Tools and Garagx Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetor*, and Leak Proof Rings. Phono, J000. ---"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"THE ™VanZandt >»•' c » DISTRIBUTORS 13*IS-10 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17FlritWe»t Phone 243 WICHITA HUTGHIN80N Arnold Auto Go. Marmon—Hnynei—-Dodde Brothers Phono ?707 { AUtOOIObileS » E«H rir*t St PAT/11? -"The Most Beautiful r AiUULi car in America" Jhe Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sbermsn Eist Also sindebsker Paris and Service Electric Battery&Repair Co. DHjT R »iUT9R? ;WI|.URP STQRAOe BATTgRltBS U M>1 by V P»r Cent ftf All Mtnvlfwtunrt l LARMiT QATTBflY ««PAIH ITATI9N IN KANSA|. MHI 6,he/rn»n C M*. ': PhWt »T" FRER IN»ptJ!?TIOrj »r AWV HVtXKKt AT. ANY T|M» - Directory • of the Korabaugh-Wi 1 ey Bldg. Elevfttor aervtcc day and alcbt. AKCIUTJCCTS MANN & GEROW Rooms 711-22. Phone 213S. , ATTipRNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorney-at. Law 608 IL-W. Bldg. DENTISTS I, J. JONE«, Dentist, . suit. .12. ti. 1 J HYI31GIANS A-ND SURGEONS H. M. BTEWART, M. D. •ulU Speelsl Attention to Eye, Car. Nue end Threat, Glesess Aeciirattly Fitted.' Or. KtU ItuiKlell. Dr.,W. N, MuuOeJl PAS. MUNDELL, tuiu ta B,-W . Bias. . Phone nsiw - 0. A. DLA»D£L PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON •ulte Ml. OHIee Phone »1U. Be*. Phone 174*. OH. LOUISE F. RICHMOND, •ulte «21. Office Phone ««*2W. Re*ld*nc* »un Q. A. CHICKERINQ, Phy »Hl *n.iur»eon, ite*. Tel. II1IR. pSte. Tee, II1IW. Butt* Wt. DR. A. a. BEALL Physician and Suro.on Bpeclal Attention to Plaguo*!* Uooro JOI Thone*! Oftloe »S»9W. Re*. IMI Pr. H. D. 8TERRETT Praetlcg limited to Bye, ear, pose and throat. Room 606 Rorabgugh-Wiley. .Pldg. yhonej6|». BEAT, ESTATE ^.9

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