Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 3, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 3, 1961
Page 5
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. A ft * A Musical Message ; ACROSS • Ill's a musical ; "grand old name" . 5 Singing Doris • 8 Musical passage '12 Medley ;13-,— Maria . 14 Harem rooms -» ; 35 Kind of flower ' 16 Soak 17 Skating place , 38 More precipitous 20 British princess* namesakes 21 Boy 22 Falsehood 23 Gloss *26 Headgear makers 30 It's used playing musical instruments 31 Deprivation "") 32 Cistern f 33 Aged ' 34 Musical assignment 35 Musical "King" 36 Cowboy music 38 Repose 39 Owned 40 Sioux City girl 41 Pattern 44 Reparation 48 Plant 41) Writing tool 50 Popular song 51 Bass or tenor 52 Donkey •'J S3 Always 54 Mall beverages 55 Kind oC dance 56 Birds. ' DOWN 1 Cuts grass 2 Landed .'! Irritate 4 Made Swiss music 5 Ventured estate 7S011 8 Music nafcer 8 Norse god 10 Hamlet was one 11 Inquires 19 Tin Alley 20 Small islands 22 "—— Rose of Summer" 23 Musical stage performance 24 Healthy 25 Finishes 26 French —• 27 Cry of bacchanals aauuca aara L3OG3 £r«viousPu'Mt§ CARNIVAL By Dick Turner PUSH If Dm i«»f» 28 Chest rattle 29 Pace 31 Animal fat 34 Bell tone 35 Scoured 37 Musical topics 38 Solar disk 40 Feel 4tParent j 42 Spoken I 43 Valley 44 Mexican money 45 New star l 46 Hint (var.j ; 47 Hearing organs; 49 Singer Boone €^ I'M COUNTING ON THE ] .WHAT . , .. SKRAfiri's PFAR AND / TWO W0rr//»6l SUSPICIONS TO PUT THIS IPt:A I IT IS NOTHING AM6A55ADOR ALLEY OOP •f V. T. Homlin 1 kMI 50 W b(j 45 46 47 3 I?' 1061 by NC/k, Inc. T,M. B«p. U.B, Pal. Olf. "But, Dad, we have to have some place where we can relax!" LOOKS THAT WAY, \ AN' THOSE OOP, EXCEPT 7 TWO WE ALL OUR MOON- \ FOR TH' O PRISONERS ) YOU'VE GOT OF WAR ESCAPED? THERE?/' MUSTA GOT AWAY/ NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE.ASSN. CAPTMN EASY By Lcilia Turner TI22 SWEETIE PIE By Koto Ozortk By Nodlne Seltxci ft> "Jinny had a real dull slumber party. Everybody ^^. ^_ was asleep by 12:30!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blomr "For the last time, no! We don't need a musical saw!" | SIDE GLANCES By Golbrairk UT CVCLIMG BOV FRIEMb OF YOURS ID LEAVE HIS CVCLE AT HOMe IF COMES ^ VAL6RIE/ WHY f IT'S TocT^ LOUDyTHATSVVM/' r NOW WHATS 1 He SA YS IRE REST OF WPOMS ? / YOU is ALSO TOO LOUD/ 7-3 MORTY MEIKLI CO. /* ;•••«• *- v v.: • >r v j © 1301 by NEA, Inc. T.M. Re£. U.'S."P»'|. OH." 7-3 'Yes, indeed, I'm going in the van! What's good enough for my Queen Anne sofa is good enough for me!" j By Dick Croltt A RUMOR ABOUT YOU HA<5 eeeN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION WHICH FOf? YOUR. •SAKS I HOPE (^ FALSE, WINTHBOR FROM A U6UALLY RELIABL-E INFORMANT- ANJ SOURCe,VOO MIGHT 6iAV, JN FACT, YOU COULD •SAY I HAVE IT ON THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE SOLD OUT BY MY OWN MOTHER / ., IOWPVOU ASOKK AND COLLBEH} [ AN APOLOGY. UAKPSR IStAftO... \ FOR STOWIM6AWY AUD 6VU5IN& VOU SO MUCH TROUBLE/ AND FOR, 0BIN6 A V.!. P. -- By Wil.o« Scruffi ...A VERY ICKY PLAVGIRL/ WELL.ITS-ABOUT TIME THEY FOUMP HIM! WE ARE TAKIUS VOUl SAlP ALL ALOWfi YOU TO.TANAMOiSEWOR. A YANKEE PICKED UP THERE TODAY SAYS- HE'& HARRV ouiN THE JVRON5 MAW! BLONDIE UMTIU WE KNOW WHICH I? QUINNi THEY'VE STARTED By. NOW. IF WE Fi\\L JO FREE EASY, IT'LL TOO LATE FOR POLICE TO 5TOP auiNkfe.FL|fiHr. HERE'. WE TAKR NO CMWCE& WITH ElfHER! ONE FALSE MOl/E.ANO VOU'KE PEAD -| BOOy AT < GA ft 'TO 'HELP ME \ ESCAPE: ^ By Chic ALLT HAVE TO DO IS < GET IM THE I'M CALLED TO THE PHONE t IF VOUD LFARNJ •<! P'/), TO PICK UP YOUR \ 'Kj /><©' SKIFJTS COMING / j"'" ' DOWN STEPS, A -^" THAT WOULDN'T ) HAPPEN .,— ^ POP By A! 7 STUART, WWY DO YOU STAND SO CLOSE? »'*,0''v BECAUSE YOU'RE THE KIND OP HITTER ^ WMOS APT TO • BUh4T/ TWERES SOMETWINCS- VOU OUGHT TO KNOW... I'M ALSO TI-IE K\ND OF WITTER WWO V S APT TO HER. SHORT RIBS By Frank 5osr 9£N9£ OF DIRECTION IS OUT OUR WAY By J. I. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major ttooalt HOA/ COME VDU DOM'T EVEM NOTItE TH' MOOM KJO MORE ? WHY, BEFORE YOU WAS MARRIEP VOUUSEP TO SU5H Akl 1 eUR&LE. <3URGLE AM' 6USH.' WHAT'S AM ATTEK? SAME OL' /MOOM, BUT WO SU5H— lH NO &URSLE/ ^ HOW COMB? Jm~ WILL, YOU PLEASE SHUT UP? WHY MOTHERS (SET GRAY- ?•'?' >'?^ m 6 G M3, MY 'DEAR , HOW VJOU Lty You Lii^e A PET OF SOIAE SORT FROM CANARY, r C3OLLV TA f -TAIL jX ONE you WILL, s ADORE/WHAT J——.- THAMKS/NOT// THAT WAS AhlV MORE IM < SWELL CRUST -vi-US House. 'x)\ OKiTH'Pi& r , ni>,/OAK\-/r r-^ ) -nun I tree / irr L 1-UMPAN^fcES // TJUCHESS.IF A., D uveNAS II ^OU CAM RECALL . .^T" ',^7, v/r,M V -ra" HERE NO V AI YOU VATH MTAKE'DOWM Yi YOU'LL TO SOUR perst-top/// A MAMUF-ACTUR- WOULD F6EL ci 1M1 l r ht« f»t TV BUGS BUNNY COMPLAINT \ PEPARTMENT'S THIS TENNI5 RACQUET'S >OVER THERE ! NOfiOOPl THE FIRST TIME J USEP IT, ONEO'TH'STRINSS BROKE! COMPLAINTS 0 p^ 5 ~ k TJM. *•<• V->. r.t, 0«. O

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