Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1968 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1968
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Section fi Pages 1 to 12 EVENING TELEGRAPH Spottt Classified Established SMS, 15, 1836 ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1968 Price lOc Member Associated Press Uiiloii Offer Jo Put Curb ' '" fear By WILLIAM L At> Spcdal Correspondent The Soviet Union has extended to the United States what looks on the surface like an olive branch, but it may have some prickly thorns. Moscow has held out to Washington a possibility of agreement to stop what has been called the mad escalation of nuclear weaponry. The United States is jumping at the chance to make some progress in this field. Progress may be possible, just as it was possible to limit nuclear testing and to achieve a nuclear nonproliferation treaty. There are huge prospective benefits for both sides in a new agreement. At the same time, the context in which the offer was extended by Moscow suggests a sort of defensive peace offensive with a number of facets and objectives. One objective could be to increase pressure on the Americans to make concessions in Vietnam. Another could be to place the United States, before world opinion, in the role of the main obstacle to a secure peace. Yet another could be to divert attention from Communist-ruled Eastern Europe, about which Moscow, from its many pronouncements on the subject, seems enormously worried. The United States probably will examine all possibilities while going ahead with the talks, on the theory that the Soviet Union has much to gain in- scaling down the astronomical costs of the nuclear weapons race. It may take time and much talk to achieve a new agreement, but if both sides want one, it likely will be considered well worth the effort. The shoals ahead are clearly visible. The offer of talks on any or all aspects of disarmament was put forward last week by Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko in a policy review. He blamed the world's troubles on the United States and the West and implied advance condemnation of the Americans should ef forts at agreement fail. "Experience shows," said Gromyko, "that without a resolute and constant exposure of the policy that implants militarism, it is impossible to count on the governments of capitalist powers agreeing, toj the solution of pressing prpblems^and'espe- cially disarmament.''.; This suggested 'Ja certain amount of Kremlinjlaith in'-.the propaganda value ot the proposals, which have ah attractive sourid to a world living in fear. Gromyko also propoied a "popular movement" in tte world to "cmpel the opponents of disarmament to repeat before the voice of the peoples." Gromyko told 'the Soviet par liament that better U.S.-Soviet illations depend on the United tales. He poifited to Vietrtam s the big obstacle, He in- eighed at length against West lerman "militarism" and Is- aeli "expansionism.'* He also ut forward the offer of talks in ie context of an eight-year-old Moscow blockbuster proposal Castro's View Of Guevara's Death Told HAVANA (AP) - Fidel Castro says Bolivia's president anc the commander of its armed forces ordered Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che 1 Guevara assassinated after he was captured and that two drunken soldiers did the job. In an introduction to the Cu ban version of Guevara's Bolivi an war diary, Castro also claimed that Bolivia's top Com munist, Mario Monje, sabotaged Guevara's guerrilla campaign by intercepting "well trained militant Communists who were going In to Join the guerrillas.' Guevara's diary was seized by Bolivian army authorities after his capture last October during an abortive campaign to create what he described as a "new Vietnam" In Latin Araerl ca, with Bolivia as the starting point. Cuban officials said they hold of photostatic copies of ._ diary without paying for them but did not explain how, There was speculation that photostats might have been obtained through Bolivian army sources Castro's government Ir— distributing i ts version of diary free Monday. In IA Paz, Bolivian presjden Rene Barrlentos charged tha . T to ( He. eald it wag con Cuba'i Communist n ^ff^ff ^i 'BSWrW^T* *W for "general and complete disarmament," shrugged off by the West as unworkable and designed for propaganda purposes. On Monday, at the signing of the treaty .to check the spread of nuclear weapons, Premier Alex- et N. Kosygin proposed disar- mament talks, 16 include limiting nuclear weapons and means of delivery. Like Gromyko, Ko- sygin attacked the United States on the Vietnam issue. He contended that Vietnam proved the need to eliminate all foreign military bases, and that U.S. accidents had proved the need to restrict flights of ntfclear-affned aircraft. • As Gromyko had done, Kosy- gin assailed Israel and suggested that restrictions on the arms race there could be considered "only subject to the elimination of the consequences of Israeli aggression" and withdrawal of SHOW FOSSIL JAW — Prof. Ehvyn I. Simons, left, of Yale Dept. of Palaen- tology and Prof. S.R.K. Chopra of Punjab University of India show comparative sizes of teeth from the jawbones of an Australopithecus, left, the new Gigantopithecus at center, and the modern gorilla, right. The new Gigan- topithecus fossil jaw will be shown today to the 20th International Conference on Primatology meeting in Atlanta. (AP Wirephoto) Scientists Discover New Fossil in India ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - The discovery of a significant new "ossil, perhaps related to the evolution of man, was announced .oday at the second International Congress of Primatology: The announcement—by Dr. llwyn L. Simons of Yale University and Dr. S. R. K: Chopra of Panjab University, Chandi- garhj.lndia—came in a paper p^ed for delivery by Simons o the congress, attended by some 300 scientists from 15 nations;, ••".. Simons said the discovery is that of "an excellently pre* served, jaw of a new kind of gi- gantppithecus of; the Middle Pliocene Age'.'*' Sources explained that the gi- jantoRithecus is a form of pri- n'ate-^thf' order' of mammals which includes man, apes and monkeys—and said the Middle Pliocene Age dates back some Ive million to 10 million years. Simons said the find appears ,o be "the oldest jaw recovered to date in the old world of an an- mal related to the great apes and man which shows pronounced reduction of front tooth size." Sources interpreted this to indicate some humanoid ; tendencies. , "Even if it is not related to any later primates other, .than the Chinese gigantopithecus, the new Indian discovery is important because fossils—whether of ape or human affinity—are al most unknown from the Middle and Late Pliocene deposits of the old world," Simons said in a statement. rie also said- that the find is "the most complete mandible, or lower jawbone, of an ape found in Europe or Asia in tertiary rocks since 1876." The new discovery was made about 30 miles north of Bilaspur in the northern India state of Hemachal Pradesh by a Simons-Chopra field .party under the direction of GramVE. Meyer, research associate of Simons at Vale. The jaw was found in rocks of the Dhok Pathan formation, generally considered to be of the Middle Pliocene Age or earlier, Simons said, and the size "suggests that this animal was larger or bulkier than most present day gorillas." The research, known as the Chandigarh-Yale project, was conducted in the foothills of the Himalayas and was supportec by grants from the National Sci ence Foundation and the Smith sonian foreign currency pro gram. Simons is professor of paleon tology and curator of the divi sion of fossil vertebrates of Pea body Museum at.Yale. SALE!! ALCOA ALUMINUM SIDING REG. SBQOO $85.00 9Q 100 SQ. FT. INSTALLED! .•24 thick with B«k-R-Bo«rd Insulation. No money down. »-y««r 1% financing. David M, Drahl ft Son GENERAL CONTRACTING Pbont 463-1070, 482-6471 SUMMER PAINT FISSTA INTERIOR fc EXTERIOR Palnti In a Wide Selection of colors, In tlther lattx or oil bait S§f Mi for tny painting problem you might have, wt havf thY aniweri, and th* supplies noctinry for most any Pftoting Job. ILICTRIC and HARDWARE PHONI4t»4Y3l ST. PETERS PARK FRSS IN OVfl LOTI Judge Has Appealof Dr. Spock BOSTON (AP), - U.S. District udge Francis J. W, Ford has aken under; advisement moons for reversal of the convic- ons of Dr. Benjamin Spock and hree codefendsnts on antidraft onspiracy; charges. Ford did.-not : indicate Monday 'hen he -sitoulli rule-on the moons. When ttije tr^ii ended June 4 he set sentencing for July 10. 'he maximum sentence is five ears in prison or a $10,000 fine. Spock's fellow defendants ar4 he Rev. William Sloane Coffin r., Yale University chajjlain'f Michael Ferber, a Harvard graduate student, and Mitchell ibodman of Temple' Maine. None of the four was in court. . Marcus Rasin, codirectbr of he Institute for Policy Studies n Washington, was acquitted'% he- all-male jury. Philadelphians Tap Their Cool PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The temperature hit. an official high of 96 degrees Monday am Drought a wave of illegal fire hydrant taps which lowered the water supply to a trickle in some homes in Philadelphia. srael from all Arab territories occupied last year. Kosygin came up with a de ailed omnibus disarmamenl iroposal amalgamating Soviet woposals of the last two decides and adding others, includ- ng'orie to ban underground nuclear testing. That would make )rohibition of testing complete, the 1963 agreement bans tests n spacej in the air or under the :eal France and China do not this. The offer of talks comes at a ime when conversations are going on, slowly, in Paris be- ween the Americans and North Vietnamese. If added pressure vere brought to bear on Wash- ngton to make concessions here, Moscow could figure to •nake points with its Southeast Asian ally. Moscow's unremitting attacks on West Germany suggest an ef- ort to isolate that country from he United States as much as possible, perhaps to raise suspi- jons that deals will be made at ts expense. One might say that Moscow is ;aking a similar risk of arotSsing suspicions among the Red Chinese. 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