The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 22, 1924 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1924
Page 14
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•t PAGE FOURTEEN. er_ —r—r- THE HUTCHINSON NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce WHEAT HIGHER IN THE CASH MARKET Two to Four Cent* Advance in Cash Wheat—Corn Al»o It Higher. RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnlihed By Or. In Marketing Co. •10 RorabiugteVvllay Bulldlna Clilrago, Nov. 22.— Heporls nf a wot linrvdH In Argentina led lo decidedly higher prices for wheat today, during the early denllngD. The ndvnni'B WUH helped (no, ny • RBcrilnns that tho I>IK movements of wheat from Ihn DukoUs and Minnesota ,iad virtually coma !0 •n end. Some of thj buying of future deliveries hero waa HHld to h- on foreign account ai.d thero^,t> wan gossip also of liberal new ex* port business. Subsequently tho market continued to point upward, owing mora or loss to reports of better demand for flour. Wheat closed, strong, 2 ',i to 4',4c net higher, Dec. *1.E3;i lo $1.51 snd May $1.Bl% to $l.fil%. Opening prices which ranged from % to «ic higher, Dec. J I.SOU to Jl.SOVi. and May $1.58 to fl.BS%, were followed by material further gains. A pronounced let-up In country olterings of com to nrrivo did a Rood deal to send corn and oats upward In price. After opening a' -&C. rieclliio to lc advance, Miy $1.19 to $1,111%, tho corn market scored good gains all nrrinnd. No iniporlant reaction took place. The close wan firm, Hi to 2c net higher, May $1 .20 ->i to $1 .2074. Oats started unchanged to •'HiC lilgher, May r.S to f >8 Vj»c@>4 and then von tinned up grade. Trovisions went higher with graiu. Mnv.. July.. Pitc... May.. July.. lVc... Mnv.. July.. Dor,... .Mny.. July.. AT CHICAGO. Wheat. —ClOBOd— Open IIlKh Low ToiTiiy Vust'y l.Stl'i 1.5414 1.60'.4 1.54 1.43% i.ssw, l.mfi \M\\ inn; l.r.Tik 1.40% 1.12 1.10 1.42 l-SC'.i Corn. l.ll'l l.tB'4 1.11% 1.12',fc 1.2H» 1.19 1.21 l.l'JH l.I^lj 1.20U 1.22 1.20',4 Oats, .63-54 .M-Ji -MV .->2-J4 ,r.8H .r.s Mil .5s .L7U .56% ,6714 .W4 Rye. ' »; l.Sli'.s 1 M% l.S6»« •4 l.S9?4 1.20'S l.3»H 1.13 1.19 1.20"/ .B :»4 .68 1.33», iMV. 1.33V, 1.35 1.2314 May.. July.. Pec... Mny.. July.. l>c... May.. 1.24Vi 1.27' 1.24'i 1.84' AT KANSAS CITV. Wheat. i - —Closed— 1.42H 1,10 1 .4214 1.41H 1.4*t» l.t*U 1.44Vk 1.62 *4 1.48% 1.33'.i 1.33',li 1.33 I.38V4 1.31»» Corn. l.CS 1.07 W 1.05 1.06T4 1.05% 1.11 1.12'i l.lOX 1.12%, 1,111,4 1.13 I.!4'4 1.13 1.14V4 1.13 Oata. ^3 .53 .63 .53 .63 M<\ .68 .58!* ... HEAVY TAKING OF STOCK PROFITS It Drove the Prices Lower in New York Stock Exchange Today. knowlodgo that the advance In corn had put grain prlee .3 and .hog prices rurthur out of line tor profitable feeding of com. Oats reflected chiefly the ascent of tho corn market. In tho provision market, too, tho dominating factor was the vigor with which corn values went steward. PRODUCE MARKETS K. C, Grain. Kansas IMty, Nov. 22.—WHEAT —Receipts l(W cars; 2«Mc higher; No. 2 dark hard S1.47ifrl.iil); No. 3 dark hard Jl.-Hlfi 1 .r,S; No. 2 hard $1.44%#l.r.(j; No. 3 hard fl.MU 1.55; No. 2 red $1.57>31.63; No. 3 red Sl.MCi 1.B8. CORN— HS > , .-~c higher; No. 2 -white $1.07; No. 3 while Jl.O.VMf 1.06; No. 2 yellow Jl-Oyfi'l.lO; No. 3 yellow jl.OSjjl.O 'J; ,^o. 2 mixed $1.06; No. 3 mixed $1.04 ©1.05. OATS—Unchanged to lc higher; No. 2 white 52VJC; NO. 3 white »l'/ic. UYR—$1.23. BAHIJCY—S30-S5c. KAKI'-lIt—$l.G6tfi,].70. MIL.0 MAIZE—?1.77«tl.S0. Detailed Grain Sales. "Detailed sules in Kansas City today vveer as follows; WI1KAT—2 Dark: 1 at l.Bli'A; 1 nt 1.55; 1 at 1 .54: 1 at 1.52'i. ,'i Dark: 1 at 1.55. 4 Dark: 2 at 1.57%. 1 Hard: 1 at 1.53; 1 at 1.52: 2 in 1.50; 1 nt 1.4S; 1 at 1.17; 2 at l.lCVi; 3 at 1.40%; 4 at 1.45H; 1 at 1.45. No. 4 Hard—1, 1.50; smutty 1.40 to 1.42. No. 5 Hard—1, 1.43; Smutty 1.37 Kanaaa City Produce. Kansas City, Nov. 22.—EGGS— Firsts, iSOo n dozen; seconds, 36c; selected case lots to local buyers, 59c- Btorago, No. 1, 3Sc; extras, 42c. BUTTER—Creamery, extra, lc higher 43<fP45c; packing stock, 22c. BUTTER FAT—34c a pound; premium, 3c. POULTRY—Alive, hens, No. 1, 20c; light hens,. 13c; broilers, 2 pounds and under, 23c; springs, VA to 3i,4 pounds, 22c; over 3% pounds, 20c; Leghorns and blacks, 5 cents less; roosters, 12c; turkeys, hens, S pounds and ovor, and young turns, li\ pounds and ovor, 23c; old toms, ISc; ducks, f, f. f., 14c; geese, f. f. t„ 12c; plgoons, $1.00® 1.20 ft dozen; squabs, 40@li0c a pound- guineas, young, $6 a dozen; old $4. RABBITS—No. 1, $2.75 a dozen; No. 2, $1.50. . 4KH .13314 .137"!» • 641,4 .104 New York, Nov. 22.— Extensive profit taking combined with concerted bear selling, drove stock prices lower in today's early trading, but subsequent execution of buying orders awaiting a reaction and renewed accumulation of minor shares brought nhont a partial recovery. Many leading issues yielded 1 to 2 points on the early wavo .of selling with U. S. Cast iron Ptpo breaking four points nnd Sears Roebuck six. Prices steadied later as operations for tho rlso were resumed in special stocks. Hock lslnnd ro- bounded to a new high level at 46% on buying credited to inter-, ests Identified with the Southern Pacific. Wilson and Company preferred Jumped 7 points on reported prograss In tho reorganization of the packing company while Union Bag and Paper, United Cigar Stores and Pittsburgh and West Virginia mounted to 4%. The closing was steady. Sales approximated 900,000 shares. • Now York, Nov. 22.—Stock prices turned reactionary at the opening of today's market with active selling for both accounts. Radio Corporation, American International Corporation and Wabash "A" each opened a point lower, while Marland, Crucible Steel, Union Pacific and Katy common yielded fractionally. Sears Roebuck broke 6 points to 133 on the initial sale and then sold at 135. Considering their Tolume, the early offerings, with few exceptions, were well absorbed. U. S. Iron Pipe dropped two points and Northern Pacific Chesapeake and Ohio, American Can, Davison Chemical nnd Woolworth dropped a point or more. Independent strength was shown by a few specialties. Union Bag and Paper advanced 3V4 points and United Cigar climbed two, the latter at a new year's high. Otis Steel preferred and American Agricultural Chemical preferred advanced 1 and 1% points respectively. Foreign exchanges opened steady with trading quiet. lntl Paper Co Pullman Co Soars Hoelniek Westlngliouae Elee & Mfg United Drug Co Woolworlh Knveor (Julius) Bilk Co . rillltUS: Rtnndaril Oil of Ind 60'4 Stmi'lnril Oil of Kan 3S<!j Standard Oil of Noli 234 Kljvr.dnni Oil of N Y 44T4 Prnlrlu (111 & Una Co 20S l'r.-ilrip Pipe Line Oo 104JI Impcrlnl oil Co of Canada ......HOH Vacuum Oil Co S<!(i Ottos Service Common ....1110 . cities Service Preferred MH Cities Service Hauliers 10% LIBIRTV BCJNDS. Final prices quoted by tho McNaghten Loan company today were; 314%" $100.18-32 First 4 J i% 101.28-32 Second ' 4 '4',t , 101. G-32 Third 4H% '. 1(11.13-32 Fourth 4'4% 102- 2-' J U. H. 41.4% 105- 8-32 Sales of hard iind dark wheat two lo four cents higher. Good demand and not a largo volume of irndlng UP to tho close. Just fair demand for corn, mllo and, kaffir nominally three to five cents lower and no sales. Receipts of wheat hore today 94 cars; corn 2; knfflr and rnilo 2 nnd oats I. One weok ago today 40 cars and one year ago 34 oars. Receipts of wheat at various other terminals: Sallna, 4S; Wichita, 77; Kansas City, 162; St, Louis, 38; Chicago. 172; Minneapolis, 2S0; Dulutji, 58S and Winnipeg, us; LIVESTOCK MARKET 1 car I car 1 car I car 1 car 3 dark 3 dark 4 dark 1 Imrd 2 hard Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 22. —BUTTER— Higher; creamery extras 46c; standards 43Vic; extra firsts 41',<i <&44c. . ECUS— Unchanged. Firsts, @56c, up 1 to 2 cents. 4S Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 22.—CATTUK —Receipts 1,500; cnlves 200; for week lietter grades of fed steers nnd yearlings- steady; short feds and grassers steady to 15c lower; top short load long yearlings $12.75; medium weights $10.2S; she stock 10@25c lower; bulls 10@16o lower; calves $1 lower; stockcr and feeder steers steady; stock cows belters eteady; stock calves weak to 25c lower; bulk prices follow: Fed steers _$7.00(fj>9.00; grassors and cake feds $5.00@6.75: butcher cows and heifers $34006.00; enn- ners and cutters $2.25@3.25; native olognas $3!25@3.75; vealers $6.50® S.00; Etocker and feeder stee-s $5.00@6.75; stock cows and heifers $2.75@4.50; calves $5.0006.75; grand champion American Royal steers at auction $2.75 per pound; weight 920 pounds. HOGS--Receipts 700; uneven steady to 10c lower; packer stop $9.30; bulk sales $8.85@9.25; bulk desirable ISO to 300 pound aver- $8.25@S.B0; stock pigs steady ages 4J.00@9^5; packing sows $6.5007.00. SHEEP—No receipts; for week lambs 2o@50c lower; top at week's high tlmo $14.25; bulk $13,650 14.15; top clippers $u.2b; others weevil 1 car 2 hnrd weevil 1 car 2 hnrd .... 1 cur 2 hard .... 1, car 2 hard ,.., 1 *jir 2 hard r.4 rye 1 car 2 hard .... 1 car 2 hard .... 2 cars 2 hard .... 1 car 2 hard .... 1 car 3 hard 7-10 h. d 1 car 3 hard .... 1 car 3 hard .... 2 enra sample 23% re, 2.8ft ryfl 14.1* I1.55U 66.7 14.28 1.64 65 15.00 1.621,4 00 11.72 1.61 58 11.00 1.8814 t,f..S X 1.61 6S 13.50 1.63 69.7 12.28 1.52 58 13.24 1.6114 60 11.72 1.51 I.S.6 12.04 1.61 r.s 12.04 1,61 68.1 12.12 1.50 69.3 11.80 1.49 5!U 10.S4 x 1.61 67.S 12.28 k50 57.5 12.36 1.50 X 1.E4H LOCAL MARKETS BARN DANCE ALL RIGHT, INSISTS NR. CANTWELL He Say* Complaints Afaitut Dances there Exaggerated ONLY A FEW DRINKING Found Only Three Small Empty Bottles' on Ground the Morning After. object Is to dlsgraco the placa and dance, so as to stop the people from coming. I don't believe they can put It over, because we have boon having too many respectable people coming hero who know the situation. We don't uphold drinking or disorderly conduct anil have been willing to cooperate with the county authorities and would ho glad to help them and giro them any Information as far as we know. "We nave had a deputy sheriff with us each night and we have asked blm to make himself at home and arrest any violator, "Wo have been making an effort to secure names of tho slurring parties in nice county nnd when we get them thoy may have a chance to he tried In dlstrlot court for slander." Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens, 16c; light hen's, 18c; springs 16c; stags 12c; Leghorns nnd blacks, all weights 1.1c; old roosters 7c; tureeys, No. 1 18c; No. 2 8c; old toms 13c; ducks 10c; geese 8c. EGGS—Fresh, per doi, 40c. Local Grain. WHEAT— (Uunted by WO, Kelly Mill) wheat $1 .32, SHORTS— $1 .66. DRAN —$1 .35. Swift A Co. IiUTTERFAT— No. 1 34c; No. 2 31c. HUTTER—Creamery 40041c. EGGS—Fresh, 40c. Broomcorn, Wichita, Kan., Nov. 22.—Broom- torn market quiet; only carlot receipts and sales. Good quality self working and hurl Lindsay (shed cured 1923 crop) 11015c; good quality, self-working, and hurl, Oklahoma dwarf (shed cured 1923 crop) 10013c; gold quality self-working and hurl western , . 1 dwarf and standard 4©5c;,common $11.630 12.1;.; sheep steady to smmd br , ht „ d sn { of „, weak; top ewes $8.00; others large-1 - - . ' it.*- . ly $7.50 0 7.85. 2 at 2 at 1 at to l.ilVi No. 1 Mixed—1, 1.55; 2, l.lO'.i 1, 1.45%. No. 3 Mixed—1, 1.51, S. No. 4 Mixed—1, 1.47. Sample Mixed—1, 1.38. Kctliig Comp. 2 Hard: 1 nt 1.55; 2 at 1.54; 1 at l.r.SVj; 1 at 1.51U; 2 at 1.51; 1 at 1.50; 1 at 1.49M.; 1 ut 1.49; 3.48; 3 at 1.47'.4; 1 ut. 1.46»4j: 1.46; 3 ut 1.45 s i; 1 nt 1.45; :.44%. Smutty; 1.40 to 1.50. 3 Hard: 1 at 1.55; 1 at 1.51; 1 <at 1 .53; 1 nt 1.51; 1 at 1.46; 1 nt 1.43. Smutty: 1.4U to 1.43. 2 Red: 1 at 1.57. 3 Red: 1 at 1.56; 1 at 1.54; 1 nt 1.52. CORN: 2 Yellow—1 at 1.09. 3 Yellow—2 at l.Osi; 1 at 1.0814; 7 at 1.08. 3 White—1 at 1.05; 1 at 1.05 1 !:. 2 Mixed—1 nt 1.06. 3 Mixed—1 at 1.06UHc; I at 1.05; 1 at 1.04i,2 ; 5 ut 1.04. 4 Mixed: 1 at 1.03. KAFFIR: 2 White—I at 1.66. 3 While—1 ut l.(i5. RYE: No. I—3 ut 1.23; No. 2, 2 at 1.23. Winnipeg Markets: Nov. wheat: 1.S5U. Hoc. wheat: l.til. May wheat: 1.05%. Minneapolis Markets: Dee. wheat 1.51 It. May wheat: 1.07'.i. Chicago Potatoes. Chicago, Nov. 22. —POTATOES— Trading slow on ordinary stock; moderate on good, market slightly weaker; Minnesota sacked round whites fair to ordinary quality 90c 0 $1.00. Chicago Poultry. Chicago, Nov. 22.—POULTRY— Alive; unsettled; fowls 1414020c; springs 22c: roosters 15c; turkeys 27c; geese 14c; ducks 17c. MARKET GOSSIP Farmers who have not sold all of their wheat are very slow about, offering It for sale, now that the market has dropped off a little, according to the Hutchinson grain men. The country elevators are disposing of some of the grain which they bought while the market was up but they too are Inclined to hold hack for a stronger price. There were 94 cars of wheat, two cars of corn, 1 car of oats, and 2 cars of kaflr on the local market this morning. The local markoi opened with very little change in prices. Foreign Exchange. New York, Nov. 22.—Foreign exchanges steady, quotations In cents: Great Britain, demand 4 .63%; cables 4.63T4. France, demand 5.3014; cables 5.31. Italy, demand 4 .33%; cables 4.33?4. Belgium, demand 4.8415; cables 4.85. Germany, demand 23.81. Holland, demand '40.17. Switzerland, demand 19.30. Greece, demand 1.76. Poland, demand 19Vi. Czecho-Slovakln, demand 3.0114. NEW YORK STOCKS. Reported by Jamca B. Bennett & Co., ,* IH ; Ronibauirh-Wilev bulldlni;. by wlro irotn New STork. Close ... W, ... ;is ... r.iii Cash wheat Interests wero bearish on the larger markets yesterday, according to wire reports. The speculators and commission bouses wero bullish lu their sentiments tor the future because of the •strong world situation. Visible Supply Larger. Chicago, Nov. 22.—With the United Stales visible supply of wheat enlarged lo nearly 100.00O,oi)0 bushels princes In the wheat marltet this week have averaged lower to a material extent. Compared with a week ago, wheat this morning ranged from 2Vic decline lo "' a c gain, whereas corn was unchuiigud to 2i/,c higher, oats at y„c off to : .'10%cup, and provisions all th.i way from 2c setback to 52c advance. Although Inspection of the visible supply figures wealed Unit much of tho wheat is ut points where the grain could readily lm taken for export, this circumstance was at least temporarily more than offset by declining quotations at Liverpool, where large stocks of wheat were reported lo hnvo piled and immense further nrrtvals wore looked for. On the other bund, It was conlended lu some quarters Dial tlicrp was likelihood tho tolal 1923 1 Surplus of wheal In tho United SI ales would lie reduced about four-flflba by January 1. Penk prices for corn this season wero overtopped two days In succession, hut the soaring of values led lo Increased offerings from tho country, and much of the advance •was wiped out. Tho upward trend of the corn market appeared to he closely related to government crop figures, Indicating that tho amount of merchantable corn this soason Is Iho smallest In twenty years. A decided handicap lo friends of high- av" nrlces for corn, however, was The export sales of wheat In ajl positions was finally estimated at 1,000,000 bushels. Most of It was sold to France and Italy, The rye sales amounted to 2.000,000 bushels and the oats to 100,000.' The corn market changed almost over night from one of great strength to one equally as weak v.,....,,. Cash pressure on the bulge ' u ' |j, up ?'" t0 . rM face of narrow demand was 1J " thought responsible. The weakness of corn Is not expected to last long as the country offerings are expected to drop off sharply duo to this break lu price. STEELS: «, Bethlehem Steel Corp Calo Fuel & Iron Co Crucible Steel Co Caat Iron I'ipe Co Cult Slates Steel Ureal Northern Ore r.epublie Iron & Steel I" S Steel Corp Common ,.. i: S Steel Corp Preferred .. COI'PKUS: Amn Smelling Reflnlnj . Anaconda Copper Co Callahan Zinc & Load Chlito Copper Co ., Chile Copper Co Hutte & Superior Inspiration Copper Kennoeott Copper Itciy C OILS Utah Copper-Co OILS: Slneliiir Consolidated Mai-land Oil Co Pacific Oil Co •• Pan-Amn Pel. & Trans "A Pun-Amn Pet & Trans "H" Pure Oil Co Phillips Petroleum .. 1 Coieli-n A Co itojal Dutch siieliy Oil Standard Oil ot K .1 Standard oil of Calif Shell Union Oil Texas Co While Kngle O & It UAILKOADS: . A T & s v —: HuhImore .t Ohio Canadian Pacific Kile Ity Ureat Northern Hy Illinois Central K C Southern Louisville & Nnshvlllo Mo Pacific Common Mo Pnetfic Preferred N Y Central Northern Pnciflc Pennsylvania lty .... Heading Ily Hock Inland lly Southern Ry St I. .t S V Hy Southern Pacific Hy Union Pacific Ry ... MOTORS: General Motors ..... Sllhlebaker Motors .. , Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. 22.— HOGS— Receipts 14,000; mostly 150 25c lower; light weight 25035c off; light lights and slaughter pigs 50c to $1 lower; top $9.50; bulk good and choice 225 to 300 pound butcherB $9.0009.45; bulk packing sows $8.5008.90; strong weight slaughter pigs mostly $6.000 6.25; estimated hold over 18,000; largely common and medium under weight; heavyweight $9.1509.50; medium $8.70© 9.45; light $7.50® 8.90. CATTLE—Receipts 2,000; fed steers ot value to sell at $8.50 up- working western 21£04c; common, no grade, stained to damaged lc to Cotton. New York, Nov. 22:—Cotton spot quiet; middling 24.10c; cotton futures closed steady; Dec. 23.6105 23.65c; Jan. 23.SS0 23.91c; March 24.30021.33c. Local Boy Scouts Doing Good Work Scout Executive Roy A. Coon- flelS visited tho scout meetings of four troop3 last evening and he ward 25c higher; heavies showing | reports that all are doing good' Those Sunday night barn dances at the Oantwell barn, south ot Sterling are all right and tho statement ot disorderly proceedings going on there made by Sheriff Langford and others Is at least "exaggerated," according to R. S, Cantwell, owner ot the property, Mr. Cantwell, who is secretary of the Kansas Jack & Mule Breeders' association, and prominent In livestock circles, complains that tin-, fair reportshave hoen been made about those dances, nnd Intimates that it he can find the responsible parties he will give them a chance to face damage suits for slander. In a letter to The News, Mr, Cantwell says: "After reading Sheriff .Tes Langford's report in Monday 's News about a visit to our barn dance it got somewhat on my nerves.* My opinion is that he has made the very 'worst, that he possibly could ot It. So much was said about the word children. . Only • Few Drinking. Now, I am going to say that a very small per cent ot the people at the dance were under 18 years of age. 1'claim he has exaggerated the drinking proposition. Accord ing to the reports ot the people who happened to be on the auto parking ground at the time of the sheriff's arrival, he and deputies searched nearly every car on the ground and found nothing, and we only found three small empty bottles on the parking ground the next morning. So It stands to reason that tho Intoxicated condition has been exaggerated. "I watched tho dancers very closely and one would hardly notice any one being stewed. The order at the dance was.flne, nnd what little drinking was done seemed to be among the older class. Mr. Langford seemed to enjoy himself very much, what few minutes he was there, visiting and shaking hands with both men nqd women, and it looked like he took great Interest in them. "1 have learned that most of the complaint about this dance has been brought about from some meddlesome people In Rice county. It looks like thoy would attend to their own business over there and let Reno take care of itself. Have Slurred the Dance. "They have been slurring the dance and the people who patronize the dances through all the papers over the locality where the people come from. I think their STRAYED—Toy collie pup, about « months old. Answers to the name of 'Mickey." Return to 426 East a and receive reward. 8 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES H CHAS. I. WILSON, ohlropraotor, 1114 North Main. Phono S735. TOO LATE To CLASSIFY FOR BALE— 110 male brlnrtlo Pit bulldog about nine months old; a flnp playmate for children. Address Y-tl, care of News, WANTED—Errand boy. Apply foro man of the composing room, News office. WANTED—Refined woman owning car to drive lady calling on church people; -city calm. Address Z-ll, care NCWH. FOR RENT— 6 room house, modern except furnace: garage. Phone 2S88.I FOR SALE—One rug 9x13, one com mode, two aland tables. 826 E. 3rd. 1921 DODGE touring for sale or trade for roadster or coupo. See at lot East Sherman or call 89S0W. FUHN1SHED kitchenette apartment. Phone 2725J. rooms, and TO . RENT—3 furnished garage. 719 Eaat F. TOUR1N6 oar for Bale, verv cheap. H. C. Stephenson, phone 3451. FOR RENT—Nicoly furnished kltch- enotte apartment: private entrance; hath. Gall 2039W, 117 East 8th. —Ads— PHONE 4400 AND CALL FOR' CLASSIFIED AD DEPT. BLIND AD REPLIES A-10—1 O-ll—1 , C-7—2 P-9—1 I C-ll—1 Q-9—1 E-U—3 H-10—4 J-tO— 3 S-10—2 K-ll—3 T-tl—1 L-9—1 V-7—1 M-9— ; W-U— 3 8TRAVED WB Bpeclnllae In fitting Kinases. Ship man llroa.. Masonic Uldg., Room J. CARPENTERING CAHPENTERINO; furniture Ing. Phono 109SJ. 10 DRESSMAKING- MILLINERY 10 ALTERATIONS, Bulla nnd droaamak- Ing, romodolln, pleating, furrier. Mrs. Rlchnnla, phone Mtta.1. '1RST CLASS dress limiting, rensonable. Phono 2U44VV. WANTED—Drew making; aatlafatton guaranteed. Mrs. Hays. 614 N. Main 12 PAINTING PAPERHANQINQ 1i2 JAS. WlllTil wall paper atore, 19)» S. Main, nhonn 290. Residence «»!'•». WANTED- 677W -Paper hanging. fhone 14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 14 C..F. PRICE, upholatorlnit.~phon« j Kt. ELECTRIC motor, armature rewinding, repairing. Wo buy. aell, rent used motors. HUTCHINSON ARMATURE WORKS Phone 202. 7 South WalnuL FPU Fluee nnd furnaces call 34li7-VV, USED furniture, upholstering anil repairing, furniture and slovoa. Hlld- yard Purn. Co.. 100 East 7th. Ph. 109. UPHOLSTERING—First class work. Phono 2783,1. J. H, Ragland. 15 LAUNDRY WORK 16 CURTAINS laundered. Phone 1998J. WAN 1 ED—Washing and Ironing, We wash In soft water. Call at 301 West Phone 2896W. 16 SERVICES OFFERED If PAINTING, cement work; building estimate free, 216 E. D ,Ph .IDiaj. TRASH hauling, nil Kinds, Ph. 27S4J. 17 RADIO EQUIPMENT 1/ COMPLETE 4-tulie Call 707 West 7th, i hear It. radio set, $70. iftor 8 p.m., and DbTCHlLTDio TUBES—Nu in hers 19J, 12, 201-A, 2110; guaranteed equal '° any tubes 011 the market; 12.25 cacli Call Curtis, phone 2775; 301 N, Van 1-luren. .. 77 .. 37VJ .. *s ..HSrS ..122*. .. S4 .. 3S->i .. 4 .. 21«i .. 33Ti ::h .. 17 .. 401,4 .. 17 .. 4014 .. S-Mi .. 54«j .. ri3»i ... 27U ... 36-% ., 27 !4 ... 40 Cl'fi 19»i 4,1 % 2d., sharp upturn from week's low time; highly finished steers and yearlings scarce; best of short fed kinds predominating; top yearlings $13.10; highest of year; best heavies $10.90; wanned up; plain quality native steers and western grassers 25c lower; spots more; stockers and feeders showing decline; thin light stockers 35040c down; country demand belter grade stockers and feeders broad; best cows and heifers 15025c lower; canners and cuUers 10015c off; bulls steady; vealers weak to 50c lower; week's bulk prices follow: Fed steers $7,760:10.75; grasi steers $5.2506.75; fat cows $3.5005.40; • heifers $4.2506.75; canners and cutters $2.500 3.10; veal calves $8.0009.00; stockers and feeders $4.5006.70. SHEEP—Receipts 2,000; steady; fat lambs mostly $13.50; culls $11.50; compared week ago fat lambs mostly 5fjc lower; fat sheep 50c higher; feeding lambs 5050c lower; week's hulk prices fat wool- ed natives and fed westerns $13.50 014.50; top $1-1.75; closing bulk $13.50013.75; clewing lop $13.So; yearlings $11.00012.00; wethers $8.0008,50; handywelght fed western ewes $7.500 8.00. work. Troop 9, with Clarence Wilson scoutmaster, met in the Hadley Memorial church and after a short business session the members went ou a hike, John Payne chairman ot the troop committee was present at the meeting. Troop 10, under Roy L. Marshall, was working on registration and holding tests. Games concluded the meeting, which was held at the First Christian church. C. P. Fau- hlon, charmau of troop committee,! was In attendance. J The Boy Scouts of Troop 11, un-j der Roy Frost, met at the Grand- 1 view school. The three assistant scoutmasters were present. Tom Houston, Clarence Houston and Tom Hogan. Gaines arid tests made up tho business of tho meeting, followed by refreshments given by the scoutmaster. Tom Williams made the meeting for troop 14 a lively one. It was held in the United Presbyterian church. Committeemen were not present at the meetings of troops 11 and 14. RATES ON CLASSIF1EO AOS For consecutive insertions same copy. same day. Minimum charge I -f* 1 Day —Per line 10 2 Days—Per line 1 Days—Per line 5J 4 Days—Per line J» c Days—Pet line «; 7 Daya—Per line " 8 Daya*-Per Hue • - -"l 10 Days—per line .10 •I Weeks— Per line LJ» 1 Month-Per Una •„•••••;" 1 '°° Special lodKO rate, per line tor hoih^apora »' TELKHMONE ADS The News and The Herald will give careful attention to all ada received over the telephone, but cannot guarantee accuracy. CARD OF THANKS WHEN IT mi FRKZE5 The corn sold recently tin the Hutchinson market Is going largely to Colorado and California, although some Is being shipped to the eastern markets. K. C. Hay. Kansas City, Nov. 22.—HAY—He- ct-ipts 75 cars; unchanged. ALFALFA—select dairy, $25.00 026.00; choice $23.000 21.50; No. 1, $2O,5O0'22.5ii; standard $17,500 20.00; No. 2, $14.50017.00; No. 3. $12.00014.00. 1'RAIRIIC—No. 1, $12.50013.00; No. 2, $10,500^12.00; No. 33, ?7.OO0 10.00; packing. $6.0000.50. Clearing House Pfeport. New, York, Nov. 22. -The actual condition of clearing house banks and trust companies for the week show an excess in reserve of $2S,- 894,080. This Is an increase of $24,353,470 compared with lost week. Pierce Arrow Hudson Motors Cha'iidler Motors ........... Overland Motors Mack Truck Inc. Kellv Springfield Tire Co .. 1! S Rubber Co tlnodyetir T It Preferred AJax Rubber Co A inn-Revolt Magneto Co ... A 111 M Chalmers Mflt Co Maxwell M O I OI'K "A" ...... Maxwell Motora "II" Nash Motors Moon Motors Stewart Warner Mfg Co ... Stromberg Carb Co Tlmlten Roller Rearing INDUSTRIALS: Amn' Heet Sug.'ir Industrial Alcohol Amn run Co Amn 1 'ur Foundry Amn Locomotive Wabash "A" Amn Steel Foundries Amu Tel & Tel Amu Tohnci.'o Amn Woolen A«.-oelated .Dry (iooils I Montgomery. Wtmt Co ... 'Baldwin Locomotive ; l.'ontinentul Can t'o'-oa Coin Co I Davidson l.'bemh'il to I Cum Products' c. ! l-v.imm.^ Players. 1,;,•>!{>' .... 1 I 'oitgoloum Co ; i.-nlwn Amn Suit;,r Amn Agrl Chi m ,. ' I uilionl De Nein j Ainn Aspbull Co Ceneral Eleelrle lint) Harvester Co 11!» can ir.4% 31H 70^ B 11314 31 M 104',4 71,% 117'S 7014 47>i 1,714 no 74'i r.G»i, iot-\ 148 r.s',4 41 ir,'t 101.:, 2*% 31 a, 109»i K, 36'i .... 711 V!) .... 27?/. .... 114'^ .... 77>; 31 Vi 170 OO1.4 .... 0914 3014 Wichita Livestock. Wichita, Kan., Nov. 22—HOGS — Receipts S00; 5c lower; top $9.25; bulk $9.0009.20. CATTLE—Receipts 200, tor week cattle 25040c Ipwer; veal $1 lower: bulls and stockers weak to 25c lower; slock "cows and heifers 15 025c lower, Bazaar Auction at 6 .o'clock for thirty minutes. St. Elizabeth Bazaar, Y. W. C. A. Bldg. Wl-l wish to thank our kind friends and nelgbbora for their many kindnesses anil sympathy durlnK the sickness and death of our beloved mother. Also' for the beautiful floral offerings. Mary K. CotlKhenour, Mrs. Edna Busey and family, Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Coughenour and family, Mrs. Daisy W. Wells. Sirs, Bessie P. Wells and family. SONORA RADIO LOTjTJ ' SPEAKiEK (With the concealed horn) "CLEAR AS A BELL" Tone quality unexcelled, because it's all wood. Same price as others. Phone 8412 for demonstration. 19 MALE HELP WANTED 19 LARN $26 weekly, apare lime, writing for newspapers, magailnea. Bxp. unncc. Copyright book tree. Pre»» Syndicate. 603 St. Luula, Mo. MAN wanted for this territory by one of the largest shoe companies sell- Ins direct to wearer. Experience unnecessary. Samples supplied. Permanent weekly Income Write us today. Tanners Shoo Mfg Co.. 1694 C St., Boston. Muss. MLN—Leam harboring. Jllph paid profession. Easy lo loam. Quick to earn. Travel and see the world or havo your own shop. Write -Moler Barber Colle K e, 514 Main. Kansas Citv. MLN wanting forest rnnijer positions. JlSnO-U'lllO year. Write for free particulars ot exams. Mokane, u-,i. Denver, Colo. LODGE NOTICES i BBNI5K1T Dance at Voeman HaTT, OOOij N. Main, Wednesday and Saturday nights. SPECIAL NOTICE8 CALL 2106R route. for Oswalt's garbage MEN—Qualify for railway ticket station positions $140-1200 month. Aires 13-40. Expertem-o unnecessary. Railway Train Bureau 1317, Columhns. Ohio. • MEN, IS to SO. for U. S. Mall Service. $113 to $190. Experience or correspondence course unnecessary. Write K. S. Bishop, Drawer n79. .Ipplin, M'-. WANTED—Man to lake city order.* for nursery stock. We replace free any stock lhat riles the first season. Orders packed separately and sent direct to purchaser. Salesman not required to deliver or collect. Outfit ami eari->-lnff case free. Commission paid weekly. Chase llroa. Co., Department |i, Rochester, N. V. DOLL Hospital. Call 3378. DEAD slock removed free ot charge Phone 481. Guaranteed repairing. Nellie E. bams, 210 A. west. if ire* The badly frozen radiator li NOT ruined beyond a lasting economical repair until WE say so. Thoroughly expe-ienced and really skilled mechanics working in an adequately equipped 6 hop and the use of the best cores and materials' work wonders with the appearand iy helpless radiator. Close figures. Dale Radiator Works Examination v of any stove giving trouble. Will buy stoves and secona- hand furniture. Stove repairing a specialty. Phone r.a7W. MAGAZINE sulwcripttonB at retluteu prices. Mrs. w. II. Hower. Phono "ART ALMA GIFT AND APKON SHOP Eancywork exchange. r,27 East fitn Phono 13 20 West Sherman . .IT-l'i .. s;iM, ,. 54 .. 10 ..103'.'., .. 59 ..1S5 .. 4o-'lt ..124',. .. C«1i .. 7S% .. 41!i ..' Jf>"i .. W«4 .. -i:i'e .. H'-I ,.i:ii'i .. BIT4 ..2fi9i; ..1085i Kansas City Weekly Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 22.—Cattle' receipts this week wero 07.000, exclusive of 15,000 calves, hut the quality was extremely plain and hardly enough grain fed steers or yearlings grading above good were received to test values. Desirable yearlings and handy weight fed steers held around steady and grassers closed 10c to 15c lower. Odd lpts of yearlings sorted oft the American ltoyal Livostock show sold from $12.00 to $12.75, but the best offered in open market stopped at $10.75. She-stock was uneven with most classes closing 1.5c lo 25e lower. Bulls were 10#15c lower, and killing calves around 10c lower. Stockers and feeders have been moderately steady. - Hog prices were considerably lower, the first two days of the week, but most of the early loss was made up later in tho week. Tuesday's closing prices were 30c to 40c lower than last week's closing, while prices yesterday were steady to 10c lower. Receipts were 70,000. Best weighty butchers sold nt $9.40 yesterday. Packing sows were 10(fi>15c lower. There was no material change in prices of stock Pigs. , Fat lamb prices were higher early lu the week hut. declines brout'lit closing prices 25c to 50c! under last week. Best westerns; sold up to $14.25 and tho bulk of ! more desirable kinds went at $13.00 • !<< 14.00, Aged sheep opened higher, hut closed steady to weak. I PRACTICAL nurses regiaterlnit HliOS. ItUMMAUB sale. 111 South Main, Sat. TELEPATHY—Transfer your thoughts to others! Stake others love you; buy your goods; do anything vou want! William Mlckel, 4119 So. Wilton Place, Los Angeles, TI!IlKKV ahoot Nov. 24th, 10 a.m. Hugh L. Bruce'a farm, 1 mllea east of packing house and 2 Bouth. Everybody welcome \\ A.N TED at once—Ten men wit.," teams to husk corn. 4Vi miles north of Plevna. See C. it. Plcplow or phone t.uss Dohunakl, Lyons, Kan. WANTBD—Salesman and collector with car; rapid advancement ror the right party; apply Monday morning 9_ o clock at Singer Sewing Machine t-o.. 16H East Sherman. $300 a month to distribute everyday household necewity In rural and email town districts. No money needed. Million dollar firm behind It. Wrlto for particulars nnd state territory desired. ]>. K. Johnson, 809 W. Lake, Chicago. 20 FEMALE HELP WANTED 20 EARN $r»-$10 weekly, copying names and addresses. Send stamped enve- . ope for particulars, l'alaco Mfg. Co., Toledo, Ohio, SACKS ladles over IS years of age to work with crew. Apply Itooni 41 'tl, Stanley. Know What You Are Buying You owe it to yourself in.buying investments to take time to investigate. Reliable houses sell good bonds and mortgages and will always allow time for investigation. "Fly by nignt" salesmen always try to impress you that this is the last chance. We buy and sell Government and Municipal Bonds. 3Tirst National Itank Established 1876 HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. THK Elinor M. 13. A. will have a fowl sale at Sldlfntfcr Drug Store Sat. nftffrnoon at 2 o'clock. THK WuMKN'S Hellef Corps will hold a bazaar and Food sale at th« lloag-. laml Clothing Sloro, Dr-c. fith. TUANKKQIVIXO dinner with nvcry- thins homemade. For menu and advance reservation, phono 1144J. G-ti Kast SLh. WANTED—Paasungers to Oalirornla to ahum part of expense ot etir. Phono 33MJ, 70S Kust Rth. XMA.S curdH, engraved or printed. Wells Printing Co., 110 W. Sherman. BEAUTY CULTURE BKAUTY WO UK, all klndi, any time. your home or mine. 1-MiGfto KSiOfJ. MAK1NKLLO BEAUTY SHOPPK, 404 W. Hth. Phone 52ii for appointment. MAUCBLL1NG. Marjoiio ClKKtier, 721 Kust 4th Street. Phono 210SJ. MAHCKLLIMi. 723 K. Isl Ph 1*71 W MAItrtfUJNO. WV Phone 86BJ. MAKCHLLliNG, 60c; nUo fneml trout- met. HU Went li, phono llfi. WAN I Kl.)—Lady to take orders for our wonderful rose huahes. plants, sJnulw, and trees. Kasy selling. Commissions paid weekly. No delivering or collecting. Chase Bros. Co., Department It, Rochester. N. Y. WANTJCD—An experienced girl for general house work. Mrs. K. J^. Rentnfiy, fill K. Sherman. WuMhIN to aaids«t with house wont; for her hoard and room. Phone 7it. WANTKD- morniiiFts •Girl to do housework m Phone 2100. , 21 HELP WANTED, MALE OR 21 FEMALE CLKHKS for government postal and other good positions $l,40l)-$2,3(M) yearly. Kxporlence unnecessary. Full Particular* free by writing G. W. Itobhins. civil service expert, aii llnrchell Bldg M Washington, D.Q. 22 SALESMEN OR SALESWOMEN 22 SAMUEL Shelly made $70 first three days. Lowell Johnson made ?l,24t in three months. Others going strong selling our fibre broom. Salesmen and managers wauled. Territory going fast. Midland Manufacturing Co., Danville, 111. MAItCKLLINU. Mrs. J. li. Kuuiury, phone 32.'»(»W. !i21 North Lrigan MAltCULLINU- Talbott. 81Ji I Day or evening airs. !. 4th Phone tutw.i. MAUCELLING, 50e. 203 East 17th. phone 14S2J. Appointment anytime. NELLIMELLO I31QAUTV Paper curl a specialty. First. Phone 37M. SHori J iN 42tl uasi LOST I LOST. Friday night—Large brown fur iieeUpIeee. Finder leavo at News office and receive reward. LOST— String of district .Phono East 2nd. pearls, downtown a0«7. Howard. jjJU LOST—A bunch of, keys. Leave News office. Iteward. * LOST-^Koll of b.-dyer tn News office. leaves. Keinrn 6 FOUND FOUND—Ford tire carrier Willi tire and license tug, Kan. 132-735. Owner ran have same by paying for ud 213 Hut 12th. SALESMEN, here's your chaiico to eonneet with a nationally advertised concern, Helling one of life's necessities. No deposit required for sales outfit and all applications strictly confidential. Write Salesmanager, 320. W. O. w. Bldg., Omaha. Nob. SALESMEN—$20 dally selling new patented auto rutUalur shutter. Heal winter protection. Fastest seller ever Invented. Uutulla I1.6U. Jones Spe- olalty, 800 >,', Clark St.. Chicago. SALESMEN Willi car to sidl kog \ut vent gen. 2.1'/c commission, weekly draw Ill's* account. Crown IJev- "iago Co., in7 N. First St., St. Louis. Mo. SALESMEN—Do you want to make- •fir.O to $200 per week? Write us. St, Louis Novdty Co., 1004 S. Grand Ave., St. Lnuis. Missouri. THE Henderson Lithographing Co., of Cincinnati, O. with the finest line of art calendars, blotters, direct mail advertising, fans and holiday greetings, desires permanent salesmen for exclusive territory. Wo are now making contracts for next yeur; c-xpcrl* eiwe not necessary, as conscientious effort will bring results and build a permanent und profitable business; imprest ing. Hll-year-round work; commission checks malted weekly, Address Sales Manager, giving full de- tutl*

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