Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on March 17, 1977 ツキ Page 38
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 38

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1977
Page 38
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Page 38 article text (OCR)

CRKWEII PREDICTS REVAMPING EDUCATION テつキテつキ I predict that our latest ^trends in education will be scrapped for the tried and true! After 12 years of continuous schooling, many graduates are not able to write their name, make out a simple check or compose a letter. Some cannot make the correct change or follow simple directions on a Medicine bottle. This horrifying situation shows us once and .for all the failure of our "advanced educational methods" nationally . . . I predict that minorities and women will organize to have seniority removed as they will claim it is grossly unfair to them in the labor field. When seniority is removed, the new employee can be advanced. This new dnve will also reshape the pension plans of the future, making them all conform. KISS AND TELL - I predict that Elizabeth Ray, the kiss-and-tell girl of Congress, will be the highest paid lecturer on the college and university route. She will talk on world events and sex! . . . I predict that Isabel Beron will return to power with a flourish Her late husband, Dictator Peron, is still held in high regard by the people, and this will help sweep her back into high office . . . I predict that a new dog and cat food made entirely from vegetables will become popular among pet owners. The nutritional value will be high and the animals will thrive on it! . . . I predict that alcoholism will be on the rise among women, especially among housewives and office workers. Cocktail bars for women only will become popular. Many will consider this as a step forward by women libbers. ESP EDUCATION - I predict that ESP (extrasensory perception) will be taught in the third and fourth years Of high school. This will alert students by making them feel more important in the community . . . I predict that scientists will be looking into a new and revolutionary treatment for diabetes found in an old German home remedy . . . I predict that the subject of death and its various responsibilities to the survivors, will be offered as a practical course in the last year of high school and final year of college. This will prepare students for future responsibilities . . . I predict that a famed Southern judge will face an irate Senate on civil rights in burial grounds The religious and the traditional rules will overshadow those of new rulings. Much bitterness will be exploded on this tender subject. ARAB MONEY - 1 predict that the flow of Arab money will Increase and will reach into savings and loan companies, huge memorial parks, factories and power companies . . . I predict that the final will of the late Paul Getty will shock many members of the family who expected much more. The Getty autobiography win be in print by mid-year. % CHINESE NEW YEAR -- To the Chinese, the year 1977 will be the year of the snake The double 7s will be the sign of caution, a year of cleansing and a year of watchful waiting on others. There will be little trust in high-office officials in 1977 . . . I predict that one of our largest credit card companies will close its doors because of many bad accounts, slow payments and the drain on ready cash. If your car bogs down when you try to paw a truck or a slow-moving vehicle, yonr air filter may be at fault. Change it and we the difference. It takes about four minutes. FOOOWOU) WHO JOURNEY TO ROCK FORMKnONSIDSMME STEMW* ttテつサn 5 テつォf other**TM/ mm I T, MARCH 16,1?77 KONOMIST NCWtfAKRS, テつォ*テつォ WAMI AM UNIK SM テつキM. WOAY FOR WNDAr AND SM tM. CREATIVE CACTUSERY There are more than 2,000 varieties of cacti in the world. By selecting two varieties and grafting them together, chances are you'll create a cactus plant that's one of a kind. Cactus grafting is quite easy. Top grafting is probably the easiest method for the beginner. All you need to do it are two different cacti plants, a clean sharp knife and some rubber bands. The cactus to be grafted onto the top is called the "scion." The bottom plant is called the "stock." Cut the top part of the stock off with the knife. Allow this piece to dry for about three days and then root it in moist sand to make another plant. Inside the cut stock is an area called the growth column flnd *h*テつォ must be just about the same size as the growth column within the scion to be attached. Cut a top section from the plant you wish to become the scion and try to match up its growth column with that of the stock. Additional cutting may be necessary to equalize the diameters of the growth columns of both plants. When you have matched sizes of the inner growth columns, simply place the scion on top of the stock and hold it there by putting a rubber band over the top of the scion and down under the pot - not too tight, use string if the band will not stretch sufficiently. As soon as cut sections heal, the two plants will grow together and you'll have a unique and original cactus plant. Care for cactus as usual but never allow the grafted section to become wet or damp or it will rot. テつゥ1977McNaughtSynd. * CROSSWORD PUZZLE* ACROSS 1. Famous poisoner 4 Rv 8. Highlander 12. Unit of reluctance 13. Girt Friday 14. Eagle 15 Snook 17. Fresh-water fish 18. Is indisposed 19. Customs 21. Bridal path 23. Read hastily 24. Real 2s! Joyous 29. Rocky pmnacte 30 Comedian King and actor Ladd 31. ConsWatwn 34 Tie 35' Band 36 Garden flower 37. Cause to remember 40. Landed 41 Poems 42. TV guest 46. Father 47 Concept 48 New {Comb. form) 49. French summers 50.God(Ger) 51. Receive DOWN 1 finesse 2. Indian weight 3. Fun 4 Valuable fur 5. Greases S Fart drink 7 Onatbet 8 Cars 9. Projecting rock 10. --.twice, thnce 11. Golf mounds 16. Third ofateague 20. Impertinence (Co8oq.) 21 Pewter coins 22. Press 23. Jargon 25 Speak-easy fSl:2Wds.) 26. Swooning 27. Vases 28. Refined woman 30. Related 33 Gets up 34 --bond 35. Fold ol doth 37. Garden flower 38 Redad 39. Insignificant 40. OBI seed 43 Busfle 44. Observe 43 Small cMU テつキテつキ At the comer gas station the other night the local experts were discussing the world's problems. There was Chargewright, our local practicmphysi- rian; Fnzzytongue, the town's lawyer; Grunt Waller, our chief hog raiser; Ben Twist, the longest haired boy around; Chubby Octane, the fella who runs the gas station. And me, a son of the cloth. When I walked in they were ty^" n c about communicating. Dr. Charge- / wright said, "These teenagers of today don't even know how to talk plain American. What comes out of their months sounds like テつキ foreign language." Ben Twist jumped two feet in the air and shouted, "Say man, you've got a totta nerve, with all that medical jibberish you lay on people, yon know, and you charge ill that bread, you know, for all that jibberish, you know." Chubby Octane allowed that lawyers were worse than both of 'em. Lawyer Fnzzytongue said, "What does a gas pumper know about anything?" And Octane replied. "A lot more than you think." He pointed out how some states make insurance companies take the lawyer jibberish out of then- policies. Grunt Walter said, "If I can talk hog language to my hogs, a lawyer oughta be able to speak the language of common folks. "Giant is right," I said. Weu. sir. that was a mistake. They all jumped on zne. Hevercndf when you come down off afl those religious words and speak everyday English, you can cntice. With that I left (c)1977.McNテつォu*btl "Wbat must a man be that be shall be buried テつキwith jnJTHary honors?" "He rowt be a Captain." "Tfcen Host the bet." "What did yon bet?" テつキT bet be roost be dead." LU CO LU u. DOBB QSQDO1 DBDU nnnni n0sa oHg BEiSB SBBOB1H ANNOUNCEMENTS ATTENTION CONTRACTORS Proposals ore being sought lor rehoalllfatlvn and new construction of commuter station platform IMitina for the Chicago Rock Island andPaelflc railroad company PrjposaUarebelito, sought for 15 sMIons between Bralnard and New Lcnoi, Illinois 8M documents are available at the offices of DE LEUW- CATHER ft Company. This Is a rewefimoaWe purchase IMh, prepgsals due April 6, 1*77 This project B funded by a Mass Tran- JPoriatlcn Capitol grant from the State of IHInols Dipt, of Transportation This Is on eouol oppcrtunMy protect. NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to "An Act in relation to theuse of on assumed name in the conduct or 1テつォ7 under the assumed name of Metro Maintenance with place of business located at 5713 w Grange, Ook Forest, III 60452. The true name(s) and address(es) of awner(s) It Ronald Mngsbury, 5713 W. Grange, Ook Forest, III. 60452, ond Ronald costongue, 222テつォ Windsor Lone, Country Club Hills, Illinois. AUTOMOBILE ' FORECLOSURE SALE RH23GテつォA V 13aO$ h * *"*' h0rdflP ^on^sSSiTV."" 1 " 1 "' 0 "" 1972 Audi 4 door sedan W21M7W CALL DON HCE 77M900 s3T^テつサ!Ttt l .WI s^sw.f'.iirdnR DitcWmtrofMbh RESPONSIBLE far my debts c of March l, 1977 Tim Knlghttv only as * * * ' . * The Economist Classified Pages Are The Number 1 Choice of Thousands of Readers to: テつキ Solve Employment Problems テつキ find A New Career テつキ To luy Things テつキ To Sell Articles テつキ To Rent Apartments テつキ To Find Apartments テつキ To Buy Homes テつキ To Sell Homes テつキ To Buy Sell Cars テつキ and much more! * * READ Economist CLASSIFIED ADS to Find A New Career USE Economist CLASSIFIED , ADS to Solve Employment Problems ANNOUNCEMENTS WIT BEVERLY Cem. 4 graves Garden of Gd Shepherd. テつサ1,04C 411-7140 Ads under Lost Found Are Charged At Only Jl 00 Per bne Per Issue Ptts lost and Found Ads under Pets lost Found Are Run Free of Charge For One Issue LOST- Sm red/Won* mix breed male dog Looks like Germ Shep Wound on left rear lea. White Markings Answers to "Tiny" 9M- LOST. IrlshSetter, fern, jtnMH.10 mos., mahogany, no loos, Monoy vie 51st ft Aberdeen Reword, as- 7774 LOST 3/10/77 white toy waring green IBnd/Plrw, Oak Lucky M7-174C hite toy doodle, mole, beads on neck. Vic. ak Forest Ans to REWARD. Lost 3/15/77 Poodle, black mm , mate vie. igem/Talman, doo needs medication H9-1KK LOST M. Welsh Coral Looks like mm Germ Shep vie. 124th ft Honore, cm PH., Reward' 597-1364 FOUND-Dog, shaggy blk. ft wrrt FOUND Part Collie ft Shepherd, male, Wk. ft brown, hornejs Vic. 4tm ft Kostner SO-iTB FOUND Young M. cat, brownish oronae ft white, Vic. nth ft Malor, LOST Alaskan Malanwte, male. 1 vr olc. 422-4491 FOUND. Fern, collie type mined. COB. Blond color. 77M034 or 434-724テつサ FOUND dog Shep/Collle Blk w/coilar. VIc.4tttiTrlpB 147-HS7 THANK YOU ST JUDE FOR FAVORS GRANTED AGAIN JC Use the Economist Classified Pages.... With Die BIG Readership BUSINESS SERVICES ACCOUNTING TAX WORK FOR SMALL BUSINESSES WE CAN HELP! 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Free estimate. omテつサ ASK STEAM ft SHAMPOO DISCOUNT PRICE HI FREE DOMWOWSHHOWE PIUMBMG SEWAGE Electric Roddkvol AH Lines CATCH BASIN CLEARED tuiaiun t-.---- テつキ--iT-TTj,, tit,, , -- i ilia rTM cmmBm m IT. 9WNI PR 8-1400 PO 7-2320 CtMMWMk COテつォ7J7.51テつォ5TomBr43-l Sfokmt _.__ CROWNCEMENT Floors., stag, wots, etc. 3i yrs. eテつサ. Pnmpl sen. Reos. price 4D-UJ1 wervelr ALL TYPES ot tertroL ertck cMnv Off 1*W1C( pfltMnBr PIBHHrlm ft テつサテつォckテつサolnltテつサ.Cotl PARK CEMENT FKEE EST. Gorttテつァe Itoirx woUs. c^fvewvy. Polto SUNVEWOMENTCO. JftB L t J CEMENT WORK. X H- CREST CEMENT MO JOB TOO SMALL ~ jtMPPt S3テつォ.テつサS. CIOH テつサT_テつサUiテつサc yeutfywn tot, cprpfijmu ^JJ" cfitlnirtv v tt^np 'ypMr WWIIBW XBS our mowroom CnoW テつォteoテつォテつサテつサnc.anoeg. __ HOUJTirooO WATER INTERIORS テつキ Wflno.% JiBM \ _ . UrtOTM tCBVBBB A nr Sina!946 OKVWAU. 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CO. -^no, porches, dormers, room ooV oYtlnis. finished boMment, ceiiieiil FOSTERS REMODELING !S!2 lor . * u テつ」?? iol L? Roofing ft sMkig. For free e MACK ROOFING CO IF NO ANSWER CALL MMMt RATROOFS vic ROOFING ca RejaoflnB. AM troes. New ft old aman MB. D (D) PRICE AROUND "SJテつ」i-c^" DUGGANBROSL ROOFING i LIC ft INS FREE EST. EVERGREEN PK., ILL. 4ZM433 JACKSHEEHAN ROOFING Raot1ng-SJoVB-A)um. Gutters Fne Est. Insured C4-JJT7 FREE EST BUBt HERATY BROS. ROOFING AS. REPAIRS PR GREEN ft EVRARD RROFING FreeEst Gテつサar.Wort aテつサie? ALL TYPES of raonne. By Pom ^- 72MM WILLHAULXAI 34MK1 REPAIR any moke In row Home S3 Of テつォテつサ Pane 23HJ11 lATWOOMSFEOAUSTS JSSSMffitS!."" 1 ** テつキTM"* 1 sg^n*""*^ emus REMOVAL --UMMUGf HRiSWMt nwwrl Tpcwcmmw; HMSOHMTY tjco-VanoenJijUl mow I W WPHOLSTEUT, WEATJ*RX * TR4O113 テつサJ4W,7テつサtlltT CHUNGSWAIUCIEANEO;- SATISFACTION ISUAR. F " E flSn - COLLECTOR AND SKIP TRACER For general office work. Permanent-position Must be able to type FaG- southside Chicago office Vwv- ideol working conditions SMO_ resume TO BOXW99 ECONOMIST NEWSPAPER 5959 S HARLEM rmrAGO.IL 60638 CASHIER-SWITCHBOARD We otter excellent working coodltlow to the person who works wellhjro the public over the counter or phone and has typing and gewral rfta skills Working hours Monday ttテつサu FrM CALL FOR APPOINTMENT DICK ROY 3527800 DAN WOLF PONTIAC GMC, INC 6060 S LoGronoe Countryside BILLER/TYPIST immediate opening tor a speedy accurate typist who enioys 'preparation of Invoices as a full time duty Previous experience necessary Convenient location, fringe benefits Please call John Skoro for Infor motion ft/or appointment T47-6565 BETWEEN 10 AM-PW WEST CHEMICAL PRODUCTS 1 4742 S KEDZIE CHICAGO, ILL man Equal opportunity employer Wf SECRETARY Exciting responsible position oval MMe as an Execullveeretiry In our underwi'tting deportment two - etoPO BOXIW OAK BROOK, ILL テつォSS1 ATTN-KAYM. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE $750 PER MONTH varied duties. Must be good tvpw Excellent company BenemsThls is o permanent position on the staff of ~ Chicago's leadmg lemxnuy offta service. MB. JOYCE 427-3HO PERSONNEL CLERK - StntiMi tfctoilctf or In lot id In- ohfidMl nf|9 ottfm rnmiMbfllfir. MusTbe able to type, fneond ton ability to oroanize ft conttel MHPETaSON 3264800Erf237 RN or LPN BY EDUCATION FULL OR PART TIME. 7 AM4-テつサ- , OAKIAWN CONVALESCENT HOME 9525S Moyfatd Oalclawn GENERAL OFFICE EXECUTIVE'S ASSIJTAUT PfuutiiMri knestnNnt firm dovt- " " J oroanner Tyej, office. I Economist Newspaper.' ilarleiii,Chgo jHSf EXP'D WAITRESSES NITES RFJD'S RESTAURANT _' 1M01S.OCERO r ORDER DEFT. GftU to J Assist to typing, i ft mttc work. Must k SOVEREK3NOB.CO. = 3テつサM3テつォ ASK FOR MICKEY ! J PART TIME tor Drive-in Rettovront 11 to'テつサテつォ necessorr U4J1SHARLEM WAITRESSB WANTED AfflY WAITRESSB GEreMlClBBCAL MANICURIST FULLTIME JStSLSESH 1 *-'" TjncedOwraloreBtr. Forbwy PALOS AREA.SALARY PU t.soj.テつサiiテつサjn. PU5 OnHODOMTICASaSTANT EWD WAITRESS EVE. SHIFT 'SFAFLR

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