The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 4
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FOtr* THE DAILY BTZWS. TOEDZBICK, MD. TUESDAY. DECEMBEE 29, 1931 IXSEPEXDEXT »!l ertty «ltera Tie s»»*-Pcst EeUdisag Coort - K e - c - . THE GSKAT 50UTHEHH PBDOTHO AND XAS1TFACTCSMSO CO. v^^pgre o? ASSOCIATED PRESS. «t* Assocntec Press » «c.SK«i» «a- » rss r^j W-.-.K Tb« o«rs« wi'J not M PB»- r". J» tllrs. BC! t! B!U»! *vt!so:.:j Jot it* «*l' r=t a! IS* MB. ROGERS FINDS THE JAPANESE RUN THEIR WAR ON SCHEDULE To the Editor of Tl» Newt: Sh^ngliai. Dec. 23.--Papers say the Jr-pancsf* are marching on Chmrr'o-A- Dicr.'i I tell you las* *eck thry was gcir.c to tafce :t about Xaxas t-me 9 When these Japtresf ran a -aar they rurj it on sr.'- a cu!^- Thct's n t a bid Xrus pr*s-?r;t, th-s neis part t-itj are tailiig lt'^ £s t^fi as Ofili.homa This -.-. ashes yo'jr League of Na* "v^t '"» *T^*« ^'s'^owi * ^IP**! *^ 1 jr^*'*' In the face Yours. WILL ROGERS A. C. M'Cardell Greeted Upon His 86th Birthday Anniversary NOTSCSS ci *=» *!= E tie =»t--« c! *cv*" asust fc* »·, TJxjr as: be tiles bj t' AST EKHOSrODS r*r,«t:os op«i sac 3 cr »=? in cr cc"pcr*t:c= »MtS o»J ip- ·rtciMi »poE ::s oeizt broas-' l ' ;uo= or lb« K!:icf Sykesville S;.k«-.:l Dec. 29--Mrs N S Jon«s hac a« dirr.-r ?-u«ti on Sunday Miss S.-phii Wrba Mr ar.d Mrs W» -r Hu-.-.-.rnf. MLKfs Edith and Mar- Mr _-.! Mrs. O-b^rn E. W.^..s ar.d Mr s-ri Mr; V.-fccrs and Mr. s: Zn f- rred«r!ci. · TUESDAY. DECEMBER 29. :931. --Mis.' L'r.r.a B'ar.^k. Shl^l* v. I. --''tv r^^.d Miss Th»ln:a Peiscitatior* upon the occsuios of ha i 86th bir'.hii} artre S'.ng receded to- i rtay by Adrian C. M--Card*-U, one c! · the tsost ^r«sicent ir.i es:eejo---d r- ! idenis of Fredc-ricx Mr MrCarciell. al- ; though corjin^d to hli :n the ', · McCardeU Ap4rtsner.ti N^rth Ma'scet : street, far tnt past w.eral »·«»!«. re- ', 1 ce;ved with puure variwjs oat-jf- town re!atft*j( ar.^i otnT sseanbtrs oi 'his family ·*-·:: ca.lrd S-;1r.; trx diy ' to co33Tatu 3*.e r_:n ina «xtt'nd v hisc j ti-eir r.'-Art.«'-. grw^^s J For a far i^n^er jjrrtoa than a-.*r- | aje mar. Mr. M-CarC*ll has octr. a,- ' j tively afh.i-wd uitn Prtitr:~£ csrs.':- ' Iza'uas oi various ty*« tr.d .'lot a j ! cirt ·'. !-.*"iCi here onti elte- i where During a p^rir-d of y*ars \ h* has b«n sLj-^~ia'ed nl'h the jftrtd- ' en?k Cun:v National Bani. hai ^ ! = been elected fj. \ ice-president in !S»1 ' zr.d p.-'- :d»T.! in 1904 Hf served in · the la:r offio- unu! ib»'jt el^n: jears a;o. »r^en he bt-an-.? .-..a.rn'.a:: ! the baard of directors and was succeeded ) as president oy his s^n. f.:nvr Seru;.,.- A LeR-jv M-CarOC. Mr McC-trdell has been president of THE AXSCAL TOMC. . . , . _^ tvta * ~~~X7-»s-r»K- iv.»-iirx5, ^tu\!sC2« Jt* wT^s-" ·t is not snerely the ins^t*ace of the ^ M 5r .,u ;K : ^ol.^*. spent the week- ssdar that allows a reasonable liber- erd , A ,.:. -,,,, pa-,.-,^. ^r. sr.d Mrs nrles W.. -2:r.i ty to setitimfnt. It is rather the pro- i found hurnan need for r?li?f from step- j ~^ tic^m and raatua! suspicion which | chrl-'ta: leads us to taSte hold so gladly oo an ; Bro-^r. occasion for good will and kindliness | --Mrs .. . the s'cii list is OJ* a^aln ,_--,_ 'V,Qs» with ·orhoni we Uve and , , . , , ^ .owarc _ose *"·- «ji.^i f --^j.j j 0 ^ r \v.lson was removed to ·K-crk. The sentasent which colors st: .,. c c _,,, c v, H: .j,. and marmamy, Balor. Moncay. Mrs Wilson has the Mu:uol In.'.arance C3mpin of Frcd- --!.:-. J r.-'r-. Bal'!.-r.-re. spent the | e.-.-ck £i.i-«r !909, he havir.? been a «k--::.-; ». . .-s p-irc^-J. Mr. and i member of tht baard of dirr-Vor» : r -« Eus»r:e Berry. i some years pri'jr to the::. For a lon^ period he also has b*en pr- *ld«nt of the Mt. Olivet Cezcet?.-;. Company, is prv^ident of the board of trustees of i the FrederivK City !iypita!, WAS a c.- ho has', rr--Ur of the W?ma:j s Coliege, tnls city, isr.d treji\.rer -f itfi ·.·nciows-.'.-::'. fund, and dur.r.g the greater pirt of hii lite has been a devotee member of the^fll-ol Refonned church. in which Jw h»-'cl Jmporant offices and is now s-j;3erlnt'-na.-nt emeritus of t:.e Sunday S'-iiool. While actively affiliated with l-cal lo.-is. Mr McCirdeil uas moil , A C. MrCARDELL Marert i"r-«-t and re-located there .'^ present Ixation at St-cond and Eaii i'r'retf. -Ah^rt.' he his it e\tr HEALTH By DR MORRIS FlSKBEDt. Ed.tot Jourwu O! Aiirr-.cao ticeic*! *»· ·oelatioo asd a! Him. Tb* Hcaltb Hf* IT **-"·· Parrot Fcrcr Often Spread. N'jt l7^s ago people throughout the ·o-untry »ere aroused by an epidemic ci rjarrot fever. sc-jentificaUy called T-ittaccsii ' Tais disease Is tran»- n; rt-d by birds, particularly parrots, cut a-to cy p.«-rake-t5, love birds, and - j.i^r..=s. A bird that is apparently · -rll :r_% tnnsci.t the infection, but in ··..t". .r-itajices the parrot wiJ seem to .r nl, and it ii the attempted care ol ,1 %-r ;^r.d o«--er that usuaUy results i.-cm the bird. !: u:i*» from s-i to 15 days after (.-.i.tii-*. v,.th t.:e source of the mfec- ;. ;: or me dj^ease to develop ia. a t-B.E-i bejz% The d^ase begins with -a chi-lv !«r.iatian, {ever, headache, and t - r l v involvement of the lungs. The :^.f~ f : has a v. hlte coat, there 15 less A C^xite. and the pulse a usually -,-· i relausi^sh-p to Use height ol the f--.rr. Scm*'.imes the onset of tt* dls- r^sf is so rapid and the toxemia GO . r -t thit the person develops a delir- * * * Pt-cp'.e of i-ny a?e may develop th's !,, iise, but most of the ray's seem to :. .-.r occurred in older people, probably b--cuuse ch-Iaren pay littie attention to a parrot, v. hf-reas the.r parents h h;» nwther. Mrs Mary Brown who has be*n oc 3-ighiiv the hohday seasotj and which J veiled in the Ke* Year's greeting is . . _ ,,!___ if «---.,_. genutac and sincere. s-=ce It sp.Jigs ch-'eCy from the Instinct of the heart and cures UtCe to anv doctrine or ealcu- M-ss Mary Kaninian. Geraaanrown. Mr , l n , f.., ,,.x«__,i. .-i-^ -· Irl - Cc..-iS Er-j-x-n. Lar.don Selby , ;j« e - . cc-er. si"k for some months --Mr and Mrs. Arthur Brown had «uec' as Sunday s;.:-e.5tj Mr and Mrs. Aujru*i- j »;is career here in that Held dnrins the ;i5 Seloy and ML-S RKty Selby and ' Civil War. his horn" o.-.?.r-jlly b-ir.s Haserslo»a. In lEty h« purchased confectionery store oi D. K. P.irean- Life taK-p* heavy toll of oar illusions. oar optimism and our faith. For our ; C f: own protection, we hedge ourselves around with distrust and armor oiir- ' ar.d Allt'n r. Nor.h Market street, and v...-i :.f r.jLt ;«·:; '_ '.} the }.-v!_e uy mar.y friends ar.d lo.~jl ?n -!:.· -sere re- ce;v-1 all day by Mr. McCarcell. but m"nib*ri of his immediate family arr.vt-ci ".T..S aftTT..xsi f:r a b.r'.l.cay c.r.n-r in hii J'_:ur. Out-of-to-*n m'-'rn'Ter;- of t'r.'" familv here f j r the event IV.-.-X-. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mc- Oird-11. Mr. a:-i Mrs. O. D. M»- Cirdcll. Mr.;. Mar.- Seidenstricker. Ml^s LM-.-rctia M Card-11. Mr. ar.d Mr? i£3vni°" ii *t. -^ r"^jii, Csmyri--'?'?, .*«jj?- g W. D. ar.d O. U M.-Ortkll J.n- br,:li- ers. Mr.:. Seid«.!i-lr.ckvr ar.d M_£i M.-- few -.seeks, ar.d olc-r people show the type of eo- .:·-.'. uce that lias been tnenuoned. F r same reason *omen nave the ·Jit'-^Sfr much more frequently than do r:.-: . except in laboratories where in-. -stj;at on of the disease is being car- ri^d on and where the laboratory As hoi been said, an apparently N.althy bird can trar^mSt the disease ·o a human being, but there is no evi- c-nce tliit one human b?ing transmits the dLn-aw f" another. The control of rarrt ir.-o!\w the prohbitioa ·' traffic in S; - Jth Amer.can parrots, the spiard-ris cf homes and pet shops kr.or. n to :^P harbored infected birds. -Mr ana Mr.-; Tr.otr.a5 Arrfnjrton i there "a" general" uhole s alc""an ! i' retail ', Cardvi:7Iite^. M'rV. l^..^'l :"_7I-. knd arl " t^--tove been thoroughly clean- tive emct'oos and our topolses to affection and ready faith. We may come. ccn. Wyaaitnj, Delaware. j --Rev. D.v.!d C. Watson was here selves with cautious doubt. We shut a * e;v : 5OU .. S {ro:n Alexandria, Va, on airay in a secret place our more sensi- Monday. --Rev and Mrs. C H. Richmond left Christmas day for Brid^eton. New Jersey. u visit the former's parents. Indeed, to fear them, lest they betray S --Mr. ar.d Mrs. George W. Jaynes. as la the dally struggle wlti» hartl real- ' Scotch Plains. N. J . ·alll arrive today " at the home of the latter's parcixs. Mr. ity and necessity. aEd ^^ Ju:i3 ., H ,,.,,..... ^ ^^^ Yet simple tmst and faith and aflec- i ovcr u -, tj i g un( ; a y. Christmas Day, Mr ttaa rersain forever the chief needs of i and Mrs. Jaynes and Mr. and Mrs. the spirit. Insfnctlvely we actaowl- j Julian N. Childs. Mt. Washington and , . ' M^s Mamie McDortnan, Baltimore, will edge this in the warm welcome we give . ^ Mr End Mrj chl:d . s ^^ ^^ to the season of good will. We arc j --Mr. and Mrs Holmes Lockard briefly aware ol love's essential and sav- | called on Mrs Maurice Berry and Miss Ing grace to the warm happiness of the i j*^!'.,^ Frcc!e -' ic!t C: '-y Hospital. Christmas festival. We pay annual _J M .: 3^".Mrs. Wad« H. D. War- tribute to Its ancient power for natural j field had as dinner guests Christmas good and sp'ritnal health when we ! ° a : Captain ar.d Mrs. H. D. Cassard. vii.t the iatter's brother-in-law . coniccu^nery business un!i! 18S^ wh«n ' Mrr M «- JoJin Dry- j he purchased the property at 52 North [ Card daughter o.' Mr. Mc- wish our friends and neighbors happiness of a New Tear. n. the Mr. and Mrs. Daily Cora Cassard. Mrs. Id-i Gorsuch, Dc- Vries Cassard, Joscphiiic, Helen and Caroline D. and Waraeld Ridgely. --^Miss Mamie MacDorman, Baltimore, is visiting her sister. Mrs. J. N Chi!ds. this week. --Mn. Mary DevUbiss spent Christinas day with her sister, Mrs. William Bennett. --Miss Grace Rielly Class ac Sykes- WortSs often misused: Do not say. vu:e H, gh s , hool gave an e niertato- "Yoa cannot faE rfthoat you forget the | ment Tuesday afternoon. It much iastrucitoas." Say. "unless you forget" , enjoyed by ail present. Often mispronounced: Camisole Pro- ; --x£ r . j^tj M rs . j a; Lesson In English O. Rldgely. Mrs. Tiotmoe kani-i-sol, a as in la "it" (not as In "tee*), o as in "no. accent first syllable. James Noyes and am -" ' as family were Sunday guests of Sir. and Mrs. John Williams. ·Mrs. John Williams and Miss Es- iellc Williams spent Monday in Balti- morc. Often misspelled: Ghetto Observe th« h and the two t's. Synonyms: Discord, dissension, dif- , --Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Hobbs. Ca- Szreooe. oppositSon, strife, contention, j tons'. il!c. spcn; Sunday in Howard coun- Word, study: "Use a word three times ;y v\.th frionds and tt Is TOUTS." Let us increase our j " --51. Pauls M. E. church Junior ; vocabulary by mastering one word each ; choir gave the Christmas candle light i day. Today's word: Abnegate: tc c!c- service at Gaithcr M E. church. Tues- ny and reject. "He had a habit of ab- , day night. negating his rights on such occas- i Quotations ! _ -- ___^____ -i i If at the age of 50 you arc looking really girlish, the chances are you are , looking all wrong. I ed and disinfected ^r Tr -r The onlv spe~i3c treatment known to me^-cal science is the injection of blood Americas is hearing my voice yesterday. c - .K,, persO n v.ho has recovered from I G. C B^:t^. ·..:- so'.frr.or of Ph:l-'.v,, Post, etiquette authority * * * A man whistles not btc.iiise of vac- j HEAVY TAX REFUNDS uity. but because he wants to sing without words. --Rev. J. s Durkee. pastor. p:rrr.ou'.h Church. Brooklyn. N*. y. Prohibition at St^ '*-^r-t would be immeasurably better than license c'.er was at Its best. --Daniel A Poling, author and clergyman. * * * When competition becomes then bujin^is runs to t^c g-ivernmcnt --Merle Thorpe, migazine editor of Washing; on. D C. * * * You can't have war between a chopstick and a machine gun. -- Senator Hiram Johnson of California." ! 568.176,930 In Tax Refunds Allowed By ·S- # -* India are onlv await- The masses o ing my signal. ( --Maha!ma Gandhi -4 * * the Prairie Line C My radio audience !n Europe and tne c-nee. Kans . SI 7S4 494 j Treasury. Wi? v .:"T:on. D^c. 28 --Trc^ilirv re- rjn'-.ior-.lcn c:i :a~es and ihe drcis- :nncji bc.:Jt iito taxpayers* p^clic'l:X!ks j in tl:e 1931 flira: yt-ar er.ciin; Jans 30 j Secretary Mcll-n reported today to taxes ."etilly co."c~tcd ar.J refi-ned. 'o-;t ^e c:i r.j: l^t crcd.ts sna aaste- r.unts The lc.::_r are dcd^ctcc from f^r.di are ac'.ua. cash paj men's i The vear c«f3rj. refunds totaled S12S,833.::3 =M'.cmcnls $17G39S.37T o.r.d c.cdits $i-j 33C-.f:45. Orilv two s^oiratc refunds "sere for rr.?r? thin S!,OOCOCC. ir. vvl.ich class ".here ·ae-r? 12 a year The n- .:r.oi'! Contrai Railroad got SI 158 575. the c seas'-, but even this method of treatment is in iin experimental stage. Otherwise, the patient is given proper fcod and nurrii? care, and is care'ully x-a'.ched for the develcpment of com- pl.cations. | Regard'.-ss of the love of the attach- · m t n t of the to the bird, any bird v hich is shown to be infected ' should be sacrificed, and not or£y the b rd. fcnt the care and any other ma- ·^.--.- 5 T.-H;-}! have come in contact x -: :h£ bird slicuiJ be burned CAN YOU BEAT IT Copjrltht. 15J1. World Feature Serrlte Luf s Stuff Rush Of Seasons. When v.:rt-r clow cc!d snd chill a:cr.^ thj dale and on the hCl. we sifi" and sniver trtth a will, ··nd dream cf summer days until -- A'ons comes sor-j.; with warmer days. and leaves and flov.ers on xrhich to ^aze, and summer sun v.- th scorching rsTs. and as we sw;at and melt, we praise. The vinter ··'tth its irv blsst -That's r.Dv. it's been thrcu-rhout the Today In History Today's Anniversaries. 1806--Charles Goodyear, inventor of the process of vulcanizing rubber, whose first patent was obtained m 1844, bom at New Haven, Conn. Died in New York City, July 1. 1850. 1S08--Andrew Johnson, 17th President of she United States, born at Raleigh, N. C. Died in Carter county, Tena, July 30, 1875. 1309--WUliam E. Gladstone, famous English statesman, born. Died May 19. 1898. 1327--Margaret M. Bottome. writer and organizer of the International Order of King's Daughters, bom in New York. Died November 14, 1906. 1831--Adam Bad«au, soldier andwr'ter, bom in New York City. Died in Ridgewood. N. J.. March 19, 1395. 1843--Queen El'zabeth of Roumania, who attained fame as a poetess un- ·der the name of "Carmen Sylva,'" bom. Di=d March 2, 1916. IMS--John Vance Cheney. San Francisco and Chicago librranan and author, bcm at Cleveland, N. T. Died llav 1, 1922. st! The flight of years is swi't and fast! It's wen the seasens do not last! -- N. A. LUPSCHROW. If You'd Have Your Home "Earliest American-- Today In History. 1170--Thomas Beckett, famous English prelate, murdered. 1845--Texas admitted to the trnian. 1851--First Y. M. C. A. in the United States established in Boston. 1876--Ha. Iroad bridge near Ashtabula, Ohio, gave way while a train '· was passing over it--nearly 100 lives lost. Pleasant Walk Pleasant Walk, Dec. 29.--Rev. B. A BUsbaugh dosed a successful evanscl- tetx service in the U. B. church here Three joined the church. --Mr. Ltun JrCed a Poland China hog that dresssd S45 pounds. Th-s was a p!g secured from Chas. O. Easterday. --Mr. Duesinp. of Dixon. HI. is spending some time with his aunt. Mrs. Eetha Duesir.g. --The stcne crusher was moved to the west, end o: to^r. and ?ill be ussd to crush stone to p^:e the read leading toward Myersv^le. --^Mr. john Green's place cf 69 acres ·west of here, vrss sold to Hoyt Sh»plcy for $: 500. --Bo- Earp has rnoved his itp^rn m'H into the woods of PofSnbcrErr =.rd Mause, and will saw lorr.bcr th-s winter. --Mr. Pir.k-iey VT'^rrrr.feli: is pi.nt- mc a ~r~ h-u-e r.ear Hr-cerstowr. fcr Georce A. S--h --A hc-rso b^l-c-ncirg to Emrr.crt Shs?3ey had to be kJled recently. Flapper Fanny s - - - --St Paul's choirs met at 5 o'clock j Christmas morning to sing enroll ' ".hroujn the town ana have breakfast | siih Kev. and Mrs C. H. Richmond , Service was held at Si Paul's ac 6 a m i ;o celebrate Christmas. · --Mr. and Mrj. Jame^ Noyer had af t jrae-sis f^r Chr^taias dinner Miss Sue Ware. Henry Ware. Mr ar.d Mrs Johr Williims. Mi's Esielle W.lliams. Slewar 1 and John W.'.iair-s ! --Dr. T.rp-n sr:r.t Chrbtmas w. .- ' his mother ir. New Jersry. , --^tr a;-.d Mrs Charles Wi^on a:-i dautl-.tfr Fliir.e r r x i r f d from Nor ! folk to sperd th? hohdnvs with ti-.i la"cr « jurorts, ?.!r an-J Mrs Willian- ' M. J?:;''' M--J: i- --· 1 J.v.i -s Balttrr.ore ! For Ritrhrn. I\ic;a3 k.tchon trr."s rr-i'e a chanr- S- .-r.:--ts .-- lio'-c '^ t A th? O'. d ··" '-.'·'· ·' -»" hat thoy b- Twenty Years A o Today Says Niv.i..- .-. .1 Her: rigs . . .1 H~r'. - rn-a-'s error:-.^r."".I dress as table . . csl^r A r.x-rr, ^.'li pc.,e rrcvr. v ^..V fcr a br."^ .r.^l K-i-J;-trv !: Colrrf;:!. Today's Birthdays. Raymond S. Patton, Director of the Coast and Geodetic Surrey. Department of Commerce, bom at Degraff, Ohio. 49 years ago today. Chris I.. Christensen, Dean of the College of Asrricultare of the University of Wiscons n. bom at Minder!, Nsbr. 37 years ago today. WiHiarn Mitchell. one-tJne bsad rf the Army Air Ccrps, bom in Prance, (of American parents). 52 years ago today. SIDE GI^.XCP:S By Getrge Clark "I wish my old TO .n was jnst rich enough that I wouldn't have anything to do bnt go around cansinj? him trouble." IN NEW YORK j The haif-dozsn ritzy drinking places ! are. of course, prepared for tumaway j business. But that's no novelty. Drinks, New York. Dec. 29.--Manhattan is I anl -a'-i ^-- remain at SI per r^^e. James R. Rorer, noted American warlZy this year for ia New *** tw-bia e.-ira if Hie r,srtender has Year's Eve fun" and frivols. i ; ° ta ^ e tiine o"-- '^ ^^ something plan; pathologist of Ecuador, born at · Oguntz, Pa.. 55 years ago txiay. j Howard W. Fenton. noted Chicago banker, bom in Indianapolis, Ind., 54 years ago today. I Dr. Gecrgs Thomas, pres'deat of the ' University of tTwh. bom at Hyce Park, · Utah, 65 years ago today. ; Dr. P. Few. president of i Duke Uaiversitv. bom at Greenville, S. C., 64 years ago today. thrifty hotiiewives at market. ian_ thousands have been getting advance i T5le iowa is reuartea rather well iniDrmarlon on where the most can be 3oo5e5 with fair ana even eod charn- had for the ieast P 2 ^ 26 alj ° w^ies For :he Srsi time In rEoner. Several of : years, it is wiiisperei. dry Rnine wine :hs swankiest ho- ' 3 p'-entiful. ar.d cos« fram S4.50 to iels have already s5 a V^", acc;rdir.j to the arranged to tils ?IaM of purchase. Wh.c'n is cansider- Today's Horosrope. j The cominecrirKr spin:, of this ner- ' sen will prove a bad handicap, unless ' held very severely in checs. There is a ' good measure of abihry and the narure is capable o; stronc; attachments and., wise planning, but the arbitrary desire to dictate may cause disappointment ] if n-3t iiil-.ire of plans. j to get i ~ - the crowds. i "Magiram" s^ed cli^Tpirne bottles A few, of course.' ^-^ b ^ »"« c* -"* sssccns na-.eltjes. slici to tne o.d . Tiese are. unless your m?-- cry falls ii^hest pncs irj than ;xo quarts. In ihe chc^oer spots »wn wii; be : a«? w 11 " ce iK-s-l for S25 psr each --liarged by the \ -_^^_ Central Park Cas- ! ^ For Spanish Home, rarti A" Sp-"-r_=. v ! h^rrs ; ^-s ML Pleasant Granffe Meets. The r?r-jlar oi-n-.ontlily meeting of the Mt. Pleasant Grange was held De- cemoer 23. with 45 metr.bars present I Gt:y E. Bucsey. master, presided An j iriv.rat.on was read and accepted to part.c.^ate with the Xew Market · ciery. Here the chair tag wl£ ba SCO | t;cr person. Arcund 3raad--v i: wir ' ^ '^ up :o ScO "is: 1.-.2 ;:cd old. f3sh.c-nsd W a l J Strs^j b-^niiffes w3 .1 Street firrns _,.,lJ_--_ ' in corr.rnun-ty s^ic^ crati"r..'"ArIv ' °t ^"f^ y - There were eight ap- _ ,, ^5 -^--^, tMcar.ts for new members and an. v_ ^ ,,». '.cement was made thai the instal- i *^j- cr'utniis cJ ET JXT.IA BLANSHAKD. X E \ Sen ice Writer. Yc-. Dt- 2." --T.-.crc L? a ; .-.-r c . r.v r:is -.- Atr:---..":. 1--: C-r.-.r'v .--. c r. ".-..'.- a --. c.i-.-. sc.-l $^0 o o -- - ; program --as s ...j_ .-_,. ~ ver., j:r.cer the of Mrs ~ izs -ecturar: Sin c«:.i S.i«':«r^r;t :m. Mas Mar- Hirr..l:or.. Mrs Hu'I-. Lochser ard Kcfauver: sinnns. -O, · L "-"-e Town of B?:hlehec-.." contest. Bur.dlc Hacc" ClarX; S~.:tl--.. Carlos :rs. Mrs Rur-., Miss Ar.- 1 So-rers. prize -son by M-5. Ruth · xcn by A-ir-it Mor.a-.i. :-rrocrc.- .re dr-o Green--^Plns Brown. Brown arcx\=.=-n--s are ^r-.^rt r;^ic; «^Tn Select .-.rc :.s..-.a csr-.- c - sorr.e ^f thorn .r. r-^ o.; ;o ary C velvet wrap, glove?, shoes a-:d perhaps n: r., .-..v-cd he tl-t lcs- c latur» against carry- a bag ta a soft, sSade of brown and you" be exception 1 1 rc-m a--c :..-r:\". ' j catc Queen Anne Ir.-,porta: -, -. forbidden cy ing concealed weapons. be passible to spend the evening- for ] $7 50. with food included. i The new Woldorf-A^na. with many j rocms for dancing and dimr::. is let- i ting its scale star.d a: S'-2, cm- j In FiTia Avenue, tie St. Regis' has drsppcc S2 from its Seaslades room price, and tju r;ar will charre S10 ! with dinner. Tie Plsza. Hiiz a^d other fashiozable spots have «rr.^ar wales. Tr -rr ^ .:-tpect people :a ea: th^ year. Hereto- -r^~;- s "- ar - -,~ a^criLr-r ."rE~ Ti' -ore. :i was ^jr.-.r.TlT advertise = that vear tJteVr^ lucir" 1.3 die' c-ed;ed a certain price woald be charred "with jalirr cu;. c.nriBr. ro one was senouslv i :o eat Particularly w^s :iL3 ;be case m tits later ic-urs. wic^ the su.o- pe. "3 wss ti-t^d cy ari c\tra cover c.isrre But a tcleohD-s elisci of four covtry t^al the a la ear:^ pne? T.ould be ".own considerably over las; year's ^,",-'V"-*'~'T '-iI» ,-cale ar.d wculd be awu: :.-.e sarr.e as """ """" "" ' .." The arerc-p? lad ard lass, .t is es- Bible Thought ^e ·5.3:c...r.t .-.^s ;uc. closer anc wiu try to cet .i_s SIO ^c. A:. c-srri altars" lc.m Waiter. ?rt.-. for tcr. suc.-ci, and aed*o ev.ras. T.e r.^.-.t clubs. -r_er. ha-.e been : roporfd o-tath.r.c; a or bercr of lato. i ha-.e a liVc.; of a-^lnr.; ar. · elajiic" pr.ce iTf-crn. bai-ed or. :he s.ra of the cro-sd and li= racr.d.-r "~pc.c::y * * -^ rmg^ire coat at the fiecr i.-.e». ;o? rates are asvc-e-" A i«ck taole is cheaper. At the Xe 1 * Lido, for initar.ce. tliere ^ A bajeor.y ab-yjt the dance faojr. , Or.e can set away w.ta. S10 by .-,iu3g j Stickler? .AAAAAEEEIOOO UUCCDHKNNNR T T T V Y Y . Caii OL arra.2f OK abow leSen to ui-kaowr. prov-ert)^ wui be loual oa last pagt.

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