Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 53
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 53

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 53
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REPUBLIC BULLDOG V 7 A«S4 The Arizona Republic Ph«€ai*, 9*., JIM 3*, If73 Saved Hollywood promoter heads Jesus colony • I L«« Angeles times Service [MINT CANYON, caw. -. jundreds of Jesus people, led a former Hollywood prom* and his evangelist wife, ive begun a whirlwind co- lization of this sleepy can- just north of Los Angeles. [the tony and Susan Alamo ristian Foundation's mush* ling growth in recent onths has surprised many cat residents. Some now dub the area jfJesus Freak Canyon." \ Expanding about as fast as I e a r b y properties became Ivailable recently, the Foun- f ation has grown into one of Hie area's largest property Solders and its most obvious fesident. | But Tony Alamo, who bills pmself as a former "wheel- ir-dealer" promoter of entertainers and recordings who was "saved" in the late 1960s, and his wife Susan, who says She was an evangelist for 18 years, admit their apparent success has drawn criticism. | "Jealousy — that's about 111 it is —Jealousy," snapped Susan Alamo as she and her husband cruised the old high- in their 1968 cadillac on tour of their properties. "About every other car you |ee on this road belongs to 8s," said Mrs. Alamo, waving $) three Alamo vehicles. i * Local residents say the ighway rumbles day and night with Foundation vehi- fcles ferrying supplies and^ fcusloads of Alamo "witnesses" who recruit new followers from Los Angeles streets with Offers of a free meal and a Chance to,be "saved." '4 if Live-in Foundation mem- Jjers, now estimated by the JAlaimos at about 500, are mostly reformed drug abu- fcers, wayward youths and Jither "lost soul" types, repress en t in g a cross-section of jAmerica's religious, ethnic and income groups. $ T h e Foundation's rapidly Expanding equipment fleet, Estimated at between 75-100 ^chicles, includes several Buses, a moving van, water Bankers, a well-drilling rig, panel trucks, station wagons and dozens of passenger cars 5f all sizes and shapes. I As for property expansion, foldings ini the canyon area flow include the original 7.5-. acre church site, six lots and wo houses across the road, a 2.5-acre former movie studio etreat, a five-acre hilltop louse, stables and workers' (uarters where the Alamos Jhemselves live, and a 12-acre •motel, purchased a few weeks ago, the Alamos said. «? Outside the canyon, the Ala- |nos said their properties in- jclude a Hollywood mansion, a $an Fernando Valley house, a JBowntown Los Angeles thrift Shop, a 24-hour gas station, «rid a 160-acre ranchfarm. |; On the drawing boards are f ans for a 1,000-seat church th kitchen and dining area f) feed 1,000 persons, and fclans for a rehearsal hall and fecording studio for Alamo's «0-piece band and 150-mem- |»er choir, he said. f Aided by four telephone n \Danes offer visitors Ifree health services | COPENHAGEN (A P) — |The government has said that foreign visitors to Denmark mill receive free hospital care i f. they fall ill while in the I duntry. ! The service is partofDen- j nark's socialized public jigalth program. lines and a battery of assistants, the Alamos direct operations from their two-story, sprawling plantation style house on & breezy hilltop a few miles from the original church site. The house, with an estimated value of between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars, was built last year by Alamo and scores of followers over several months. Alamo said only a few thousand dollars cash originally was used for the house, and that most building materials were donated or scavenged from other buildings, junkyards, city dumps and abandoned structures. But the house's expansive exterior, richly decorated interior and plush furnishings have drawn added criticism. One disenchanted former Alamo follower who spent two years at the Foundation told the Los Angeles Times that while the Alamos "slept in soft beds at the big house on the hill with three fully equipped bathrooms to pick from," many devotees, including himself, slept on the floor at Foundation headquarters. He said that followers had to share one toilet which often didn't work. The Alamos term such criticism as "sour grapes." Like other tax-exempt churches, the Foundation is not required to make its finances public. this tax-exempt status and pool of free labor seem to have given the Alamos, who readily agree, a decisive advantage Over competition in their thrift shop and gas station. the 24-hour gas station, for example, offered a free hand car wash with a gas fill-up, and every customer had several Foundation m embers swarming over his car, polishing windows, mirrors and lights. 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