Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 12, 1965 · Page 3
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 3

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1965
Page 3
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JACOBY ON BRIDGE Man Shoots Bosses Who Fired Wife COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPH Police said today an ex-convict apparently shot and killed his wife and then walked into a „ tt ^ nn *, „ c«xr ,-, , busy downtown drug store! ., Ky JAC 9 ! ( '°" U1 P° ssibl y do would be Mie're she worked and shot two ^ paper . ™ icr p f l** Ass . n - !t() hc }}\ the Apposition. How do of her bosses for firing One of the men died. Bidding Bad; Play Is Good her IIere is anotnpr father and son you think North should have ''discussion started by Oswald. bid?" j im . <-v 0 , th m]pM hnw W( , the'same^ay e^l thTaftS CLOVIS PTEWS^OtfltNAt, Wifl*» tftHp It, 19W, Smokey' Marks 15th Year The body of Mrs. Virginia Oswald: "What do you think .Jemison was found in her bed^ of North's bidding?" ^ __„ ,„„,, Clll , tl ioday, shot three times through! Jim 1 : "He used all (he delicacy south "showed onTacV'N'o'r th the heart. ;of a bulldozer. I can't, criticize n , ul(l navc bki five no4rump . Police issued a nationwide him for getting to a slam but This bid not only asks for kings alert for Richard H. .Jemison, ;for all he knew seven might ho | )U ( ; ,i sf) informs South that 5fi. Columbus, who has a police'there without a finesse and his x 0 ,. ( |j J 10 ] c]s tll( > res j. of the aces record in five states dating back.bidding stopped South from an( | j s interested in seven" to 1934. in the slayings. \ __ T'olice staked out the Jemison home after the drug store shooting Monday afternoon. Today, they went inside the house to see if they could find evidence of .Temison's whereabouts. They found Mrs. .Jemison's body in bed. The bullet holes could he seen through the bed sheets. She had been dead for some lime. Del. ('apt. Thomas Sawyer said Mrs. Jemison was not seen or questioned since the downtown shootings. He said the body was taken to the morgii" to determine the time of death. Officers said Jemison apparently was enraged because hi-; wile, a long-time employe of the drug firm, had be"r fired ;ihou! two months ago. The reason fur her dismissal was nut made NORTH 21 A AKS ¥ AQ832 4 A7 WEST FAST (D) 4QJ10932 A'l V 6 ¥ 7 ~> 4 .1 34 4 ton fi 532 + 843 * Q J 11) j sor-ru A r, r. 4 ¥ K J 10 3 4 4 K o * A V (3 Hoth vulnerable Sonlh West N'nrfh *;iss 1 ¥ '.'• 4 1 N.T. ';•*«; f. 4 V;,'s Of Opening lead—4 Q ftast Oswald: "That is a very important, feature of Blackwood that many people don't know. You should never follow a [ihickwood four no - trump with !r.c no - trump unless you know !!nt your side holds all four at " - " "Did South make the puhhc. Mr?, .lemisor's lux found in )ier bedroom. tives said she wa> siiot seve times. The bullet, lio!<«< r'v.i'd seen through tiie bed sheet-;. making anv mo\e at ,1^ do yvvi 1'iuik <^i \\e-''- <-padi! bi'l '" Detfe- (l-,u;i:i!: ' I! wa nvera! ovrca!! !•> rn-1 ; overdaii •• art! \ e;! wa< s'.' we. Oswald- "Yes he did. He played out four rounds of trumps and continued by cashing all his a'-e-, anil kind's. Then he led a : ',!•) and Kast was end played. ! [,• !iad to lead a club or a diamond which trave declarer a ;'ii! and discard. H was well for iiiin that. !;e threw East in. If iie had thrown West in with a vade \Vest would have been ab'e to give his partner a club CAPITAN (UPI)- A cross little demon who grew up to become the nation's top firefighter marks his 15th year on the job this month. It's a sedate occasion at Smokey the Bear's home in Washington's National Zoological Park. It wasn't so in 1950 when, from a 17,000-acre fire in Lincoln National Forest near jCapitan, N.M., he narrowly es- jcaped death. He was only a month-old cub when a crew of firefighters, headed by L. W. Simmons of the New Mexico Game and Fish Dept, found him clinging to a charred tree trunk. He was a fur - singed, foot - sore four- pound bundle trying to escape the intense heat. "Symbol of Disgrace" Today, says the man who helped him recover from his in juries, Smokey "is the real-life j symbol of an international dis- igrace." ! Ray Bell of Santa Fe, now ,'New Mexico State Forester, igavc Smokey the run of his home after a veterinarian treat- led the cub's paws. '•He didn't like us men. I 'think he thought I was the one that hurt him," Bell said. But gradually Bell's wife, Ruth, and seven-year-old daughter, Judy, won S m o k e y's affections by feeding him baby cereal mixed with honey. What's it like to be confronted by a snarling bear cub in the livingroom? "Whenever I came in, he'd make a grab for me and go about his business," Bell said. "But he wasn't fooling, and it wasn't long till he was drawing blood." Otherwise Smokey went b i s merry way with the Bell's cocker spaniel, playing "all the time because he thought he was a dog," until one day the bear turned up missing. "We found him several hours later hiding in the washing machine." Had Tdea Smokey was a house guest while Bell's former boss, retired State Game Warden Elliott S. Barker, figured out what to do with him. "Finally the thought occurred to us," said Barker, that since the Forest Service already had the symbol of a bear, it would be a good stunt for the cause to dedicate Smokey's life to wildlife preservation and forest :lre prevention. "Only the regional forest service office didn't think very much of it at first," he said. The people in Washington did. So, instead, Smokey went to Washington. "Despite the rain, there was a big crowd to meet him at the airport, including the Secretary of Agriculture, congressmen and senators." Scar Healing The scar of that fire In one of the country's largest nallott at forests is still healing, Md Smokey's tale is vividly rtetrofe ted each year to thousands tf tourists at a museum in hft honor at nearby Capitan. 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