The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
Page 2
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THB DAILT KEWB. rXEDEKICK. MD, THUWDAY, MAT 28,1932. PINT SALE; n^n Br.i«e $70. W^son Poo* L£c~c3Ss^n«l b) Werth- -ur." Frecenci. $75. Edgar YanTos- was in rlu'S'- ?J Tro-' Waiiersi-11*. Be very diluent la year Btineniber. what you bare a:i Harry M Craswr ibis cl'j * as'learned no one can er« Uk« away Tba oramltte* that listed "at . rroai you · a»t and r-i^-n*^ '" e **- c "*** Her--M. D N.ooces-s. ,^ r - tb*y can't f«r a; I na.ent -- P»us2ader Average Purchase Prtc« Per ,, Animal Was S76.42. e cosjigned b) Cia.r-* Werti- | »s:er Frec»r.ct S20C, BeLvje Dary | ranc. HjattstOTin. i b W.L.. am ¥ i C S E:3 aric Pa Female. cQr-s.s=*£ by Jo^a S $150. TOTAL PROCEEDS Abc^-t 300 persoss '-ran ti_'.'*rer.i sec- Fet:a e. by J S $*J. C S Erb aaI Com J*n. Pa. cns^n^l by C F E* S"0, W E. Hagty. W« Cc st by O*org« I' U=x« Bride*. $55. Ray=a .:.: Ceytr-i-- Mi. - -^-sr»! Sy Geo'je P C". :. B 1 ".^*. S"0 Raymond t ?ris^ri«l iy J K?V!E r^. Md. »45, WUSOC Ferr.a.e. r-=j:«=e! bv Harrjr A. L4K- ii-i $«·" ·- ar.d eigbt = The h-che Pa"" H V. M.Qtf.etow-.. $«}. C S Brb arxl | nia.e ^orj'r-ed by cis H O N^r-a AnnapolJ. l~5. ' A \ anFiasen. WalkersvtUe c^:i5wpi«; b/ Wlaib!«Jo= H O N --'-s, ^-^apo-is S67 50 eLaa'.e^. B-r4i"JS'. lie ^i-ru H O Nirrj .'Ulr.apoas. $«0. C 3 Era i:xl Company MMS!eto*r. Genuine -General Electric" Electric Bulbs Gwraateed by "G. E." f«c Mt Boors: 30 or 60 »»·'.. Thu i« » I*rfu: opport jr.sty ror your ·ner hcace ne*is VIRGINIA Salted Peanuts Vxrguua to perfec'.on -.o p.eaae your T*«ry r* « Joy io ea:. SS W!mb:el3i ' O t j r- pe»'~'"-s -sn- _ it -.cws:-. ·-. 'nai :· -s ar. ^v "o ass^~~o - e x The ar.j-i- 5 i '.- P"* Male oor«!j:r."d b- Fsrm W;xxil3 Ti NJ- SHO p-rcniS'^ ty E D P^frs v n. n Br-uc- Fen^^e co-' gnea D-. Ar.cisrrjo . ^ E---ek Farrr Woscoi- S75 C S E'b One Bug Today May Be 120 Next Week r- c by Anti'-so'i S:oc=: Farm, Vocca*T. Me SSO C S Erb ard C^rrrsi:-.'»'o»i Pu Msie. con£.£^ed bv B" !vue Da.r Co Ir.c H\aiwuj^- S5250. \V M udMe^ri McJ cv DiiT^oeKir, * J NatTT.cs. ETUcou. C::\ S!0o F-ank C Remsbrc. ll-cc-ctoini Mae coGir c""d bv · Ehm!.j«K.n " J Xat^-Jci: En_cov C.:-. $8250. 3 E Benceti Sykemile Fezsale. cor^s^ned br D-unloggj; · J. N'alTnck EI.cxj;: C:^ $65. WJ'.jrvI Ho Ur M.dc-ex-vii Penia.e co--j:?-ei bv · D'jrlogqj' J Mai».cjc E'.tcoti c::j. SJO GJ-. A'~a.- MIdc etovr " ila'e, ccnsiTOed by McKendrw Walter a--G S-"^T5 Ga i-c~«ojrf J97 5" A-beir Aha-t, M.ddie - o»-n Female. 10P.M. STOHE OPEN EVESY NIGHT TILL 10P.M. I BIG MONTH END SALE A New Kind Of Bargain Days-- You've seen sensational bargains in our Dollar Days, sensational values in 88c days, sensational values in big sales events every day . . . bat Friday, Saturday and Monday a Big Bargain Festival. To those who are not familiar with such bargain festivals a* this, it will mean a most welcome opportunity -to choose the things they want at savings! To everybody it means: IF IT'S AT JACOBSON'S IT'S A EEAL BARGAIN! KiB8 Them All! Waa^^°a'S. CQ Ga 3 iihc^bw?^6r gUGSofrflfcmdmult.pJysoquicViy j S I S W.V^r v^n - n ·»- tnatocdinary Bwr^ures will never :r. , keep vour home free of tncm. BUT the I reina^. caasigaed by McKcncrec r , c dcr n houaewife knows if she Sprays ' Gaiinersburg. S52 5C j e th«l occasionally it seeks hem out »ncrever they are niding--roaches ants, ocdbugs. Mcas. moths, flies, mos- qut'ocs-- ar.d k-'U them. Iv. quickly destroys toctr Kevins and eggs 30 that your home s absolutely bug free and sanuaty. Guy Aha'.t, Female, D% McKe^drc* Wa'^er ar.d Soas. Gait,nersbarg $50 E O Davis, Sries . ti e Fesale. coni^nec b\ McKcndrc Walser and Sons. Gaithe-^b^j-g. s^O S G Dsr^s. S*Kes.-Je Feau.:e, coa^ignec. br McKeud-c WaLker aaa Sons.»bi!rz. S5C G Edgar Hocenct V,"a.i.ers , L!" Fen^le, cossigr-ea b\ E D Pevr^ tTnion Br.Jge S75. H T Pema'.e. ccnssgned oy E T Pew* Buy Dcthol today from your favorite dealer under our guarantee of complete satisfaction or money back Dcthol Mfg Co-, lac.. Baltimore Md. _^ spray Dethol SPECIAL SALE FOR DECORATION DAY Thursday, Friday. Saturday and Monday PCKE FOOD FOR AXD OLD Candies 2 POUND BOX Jnst the thins for the we-k-end tnp 107 West Patrick Street Guaranteed Fresh Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a Little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO 1 -NORTH MARKET STREET IMicre Banking is a Pleasure A JttU pMBd ·( lhr«* rlib. TM*»»T -- vh*!c BCU »r onlj THIS IS THB DAY OF THE CAEEFUL DOLLAR-- IT'S YOUR DOLLAR-- MARK THE MOST OF IT! JEWELRY DEPT. Guaranteed Electric Clocks Bakelite case -- Coty » Toilet Water Special Framed Pictures Jumbo Ice Cream Soda 411 flavors _ - . Costume Jewelry 65c Barbasol Shaving Cream $1 00 Neet Hair Remover 40c Fletcher's Castoria SI 00 Sal Fate for NeurKis $1 25 Konjola Tonic - . $125 Size Agarol 40c Extract Witch- hazel, pint 45c Bay Rum, pint 23c 5-grain Bland Pills, 100 's Williams Shaving Cream INFANTS' DEPT. Linen Sun Suits A real special: rery cute. Rubber Aprons Large size, each ------- TOILET GOODS DEPT. Mavis i Face Powder size. Special Silk Dresses I All new colors; icry Mennen 's Talcum Powder Hair Brushes Hard Rubber Combs Talcum Powder Large 23c can. Special. Eubber Pants targe or medium size Shoe Trees il colors: pair Juliette Face Creams or Lotions Moth Balls, ·« f\ Crystals, Flakes j[|| 50c Bathiag and Rubbing Alcohol MILLINERY DEPT. Castile Soap Large bar. ICc ralue NEW ARRrV-U. OF LATEST SUMMER HATS L 29c LINEN DEPT. Double Bed Size Sheets CVSES Sc \nv Color -- Any Shape Your Choice -- Xo Restrictions Linen Table Cloth Fancy or plain border _ A GROUP OF NEW SUMMER HATS Rayon Bed Spreads EV . THIN s.: C. \K CO VTED Jordan Almonds \ll new colors- Size Large Size Bath Towels 80c pound for \1I colors, heavy weight 5c Cigars HOSIESY DEPT. Heavy Terry "Wash Cloths \11 color* your Cha»re of C.nro. John Kuskin Tampa Ladies' Fine Lisle Hosiery fy/ltf/t/'M Nu « rt - Garcl:l Grande or /IWllHijW 'tnmptnn \rrn-, { MsW L ^ --. 28c j. 6 for 25c GLASS AND CHINA Ladies' All Silk Net Hose Imported Glass Vases Ml shapes Osaka Moth Crystals 31bs. New Summer Anklets Ice Tea Glasses Hand blown, hand painted Boys' Golf Hose \n«. Mixing Bowls Men's Silk Hose Worth 50r Imported China Tea Pot Sugar and Cream. Set PED1CREME COOKING UTENSILS Gray Enamel Pots and Pans Screen Enamel Elacfe. 25c can. each MEN'S WEAR DEPT. Cup and Saucer \\hiic China Both Sample Dress Shir s Water Buckets Lar;e Rubber Stick- On Soles Lar^e or Stnal' pair , 79c . Heavy Army Khaki Pants Fe,i C3t Mid- roi Waste Basket Green enamel, each Automobile Tire Patch Sets Each CLOTHING DEPT. Athletic Shcrts and Shirts Boys' Wool 4-pc. Suits $O.75 "· - "*"" L ;h' cr Di-X «iin S ~ ^ KITCHEN WASE DEPT. Potato Mashers Green handle, each Nainsook U-Suits bark F=H cr=t Men's Straw Hats Gold ATedal Quick Oats Glass in each box ^^ \er-r Special _ i/C c Sport Cricket Sweaters on- FREF Offer Hurry' Clothes Pins of 40. special Men's AU Wcoi Suits Prices Effective 5 Days! . Mor- Thonr order? rece- r attention CiII DELIVERY FREE! United Milk Tall carr*. Verr Towel Rack GUss or enamei Sandwich Spread Larre rir.t BOYS' DEPT Pure Preserves 2 - ponnd s;!a,« jar AI! frnits TJrion SuiLs ic 1 ! and -oij-iT RUN RIGHT JTO Boys' Blouses or Shirts Onr Famous Blend Coffee My-T Fine G n a r a n teed pood Sb can Brotbf- and siutr W» si Union Suits | r?C it* namseok 9 »orth Market St.. Frederick! ill

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