The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 29, 1956 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1956
Page 18
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18 Thursday, March 29, 1956 Swain Lists Reasons He's In City Campaign "W. C. 'Pop) Swain is one of three- candidates fo r a place 1 on the B&ytown City council from District No. 4. and he outlined IVed- jiowTay why he is seeking the office. "I am. a real pioneer of the Baytown area," Swain said, "but 1 rcaJizc I am a new-grounder us far as living in Cedar Bayou is concerned. That is thp reason I decided to ask for a place or. the council after many of my new neighbors ashed me to be a candidate." Swain said that "as I «*:•£• it, a member of the council has two things to do. He should look after the needs of the district he represents, aiwU, he should 1 cooperate vith other councilman in doing the thing's that seem best for the entire city." Swain said that he believe-a that his long service and residence here he* acquainted him with virtually every problem that the city will iace in the next few years, and on that basis he ie willing to serve the community. Cedar Bayou is the newest pare of town to be annexed, he pointed out, and a representative of that section should keep his folks uppermost in mine. "'There are very few people in Cedar Bayou whom I have not v.-orked with in the past," he said 1 , "and I feel that I can do them a good job at the city hail.' 1 Swain said he will be independent and "I air, no individual's candidate and will be no individual's councilman. I will have an open mind on any problem. I <fo not want to clamor for any bijr changes, and I promise to keep quiet until I learn what it is ai! about." Swain is former Baylown division, manager for the Houston, Lighting and Power Cc. He retirei sbout two years ago. Ke came to the Tri-Csties in the early days after service in World War I. He was an employe of R. S. _ Sterling:, end when the Sterling: interests sold oat their power co»!- pany to the Houston Lighting and Power Co., Swain went with the new owners. He is also chairman of the Selective Service board for East Harris county and has been active in many civic affairs throughout this section. Swain also reminded his friends that every eligible Bay-town voter can vote on lie candidates in District No. -i. "We all are running at large." he said, in quoting the city charter. "That means if you want Pop Swain, and you have a poll tax and live inside the cisy, you car. vote for me." Dr. A. R. Shearer- (Continued From Pa&re One) SX>ne to distant cities and accounted admirably of themselves. Dr. Shearer's medical career was launched the first day after establishing his office in Mont Belviea. He remembers the case clearly. A young mar. with a racking eoug-h s.nd high fever, came to Dr. Shearer for assistance, was diagnosed, and prescribed a medicine compounded ~oy the doctor. The fee collected for that first dosage amounted to "four quarters," an<f the r.ew doctor was in business. The young doctor launched the baby career just three months after opening his office, aad set the record that h&s endured throughout the years shortly after, when he attended at four births within 36 hours, ail at widely separated points in Chambers county. Fashion, the aiare that was Dr. Shearer's transportation in those early days, got a workout during the siege, eating the miles with the long, easy gallop, that was to traneport the doctor for 16 years. "We have covered man- miles together, and have 'been subjected to all kinds of miserable weather," Dr. Shearer said. One horrible night stands out in his memory when he. Fashin and Blackpup, the ifcag hound that completed the trio o' constant companions, had to Bleep on the bank* of the San J*dnto River during g. frigid night The night was in January, and Dr. Shearer had ferried the OJd Biver Lake to call on a patieat at WaUisvillc. After attending to the I (arnation ^ comer CWT10N MOKE SERVICE DlUCIOR When i see the first fresh Spring fruits and berries in my market t always double my order for Carnation Half and Half. I know I'm going to need an extra supply. The first fruits of the season always taste so much more delicious drenched in this wonderful combination cf Carnation fresh milk «nd rich Carnation cream. Of course, so many foocs tat;e better with Carnation Half end, hot and co!d cerea!, deep-dish fruit pies, baked puddings, mashed potatoes...! could go on indefinitely. Try Carnation Half and Half for you>-s<r!f. See why 1 say, "Only Carnation cojid make it so good!" The best way I know to rna'r.e r:-.y *'meat-anu-potaloei" hustand c-st vegetables is to serve fiern >n a light, delicate cream sauce made with Carnation Half and Half, it edds a rich, creamy goodness that's guaranteed to make a vegetable-lover out of anybody. (And, it costs less than cream, too ) You know, once you start using Carnation Half and Half you'Ji wonder how m the world you ever managed without it, it shows up on my table at every meal. Why not pick up a carton next time you shop? nation patient he returned to the 'ferry at aibout 10 p_m. and could not arouse the ferry boat captain on the other side of the lake. "I built a fire, unsaddled the horse, and bedded down under my slicker. I had to get up several times to rekindle the fire, and was awakened other times by the furious barking of Biackpup to rout the hogs that had wandered to the fire," Dr. Shearer chuckled 1 . During the early days money was a scarce item with the doctor's patients. "But they were honest, oh how honest!'-' Dr. Shearer said. "One man handed me S25 for delivering his child, when the boy had reached II years of age," he emphasized. Chickens, cows, hogs, vegetables aad other assorted items were handed Dr. Shearer in payment of hills, and one of these payments was to serve a. purpose that Dr. Shearer heard about years later. "I had 1 just been given a bushel of potatoes in payment for a call, and was returning home when I saw the new preacher outside his house. I stopped and gave him the potatoes. Years later I saw him at a and asked him if he remembered the incident Til say I do, 1 was the reply, 'that was the only thing we had to eat..' " Dr. Shearer was surnmoaed to a home one night by the frantic call of a father. Arriving at the home Dr. Shearer was informed by the new father that his wife had Just Jbome a child but "was not doing so weil" Entering the sick room he found the mother, the new born babe aad a disgruntled midwife. 'TCo she wasn't doing £o well, because there was yet another child to be born," Dr. Shearer said. Soon, the couple was parents of twins. The mortality rate of Dr. Shearer's "babies' 1 has been startling!;.low. He can remember o.ily four cases where the child died before living 10 cays, and only one child stillborn. In 1814 a drastic change transpired in the scheme of the Shearer home. A jealous Fashion was retired, and the doctor made hLs nocturnal tours in a. roaring, rattling, sputtering new gadget called 1 the automobile. "Hew the curtains on that thing did flop." Mrs. Shearer recalled. "I drove that first car over a q-js.rter-Cif-a-mir.ion milts, an<i never had a major accident, bu: plenty of Hats." the doctor said. However, the faithful Fashion had to be called to duty many times after the car was bought, During winter months and rainy seasons the mires that served for roads were impassible, for the car, fi-T-.r; Fashion was recailed. ''Why I remember one time when a cow bogged down right on the present Highway 146, and had to be- pulled out with a horse," Dr. Shearer laughed. In addition to his services to hu- rr>.r.;iy ;n a medical capacity, Dr. Sh-varer has ocoornpiished other which will perpetuate his Mme in medical history. K<r is one- of th'.- founders of the P'jii Graduate Medical Assembly of Souih Texas, a charter member of the Liberty-Chambers County M«w"cal Society, a member of the American luecieal Association, a ~!V..r:;r,i.-.- of th',: Southern iltdical AfK'Ciatici], and a member of the A« : xx.iation of American Pbysi- j ciani and Srugeons. T.\ is bright and steps firm al the niT" f-f 5.4. Dr. Shearer is active ''.''• -A :m.-n-ibf;r of trx- ?<Tont Belvieu LiQi'.i ciub, and still aiierids pa- Kssr.iorc has been dead since f.'!;riy Vj20 a-id K lack pup followed yfarg ago, Meny of Dr. Shearer's schooi'.'?." t ortjpanior.s arc d«.-ad, fir. a u.v-iouiiu-'Jly. many of D". Ki'-iirt-r's "r/abi'.s" have di'-d o-'J ff-. r-f!':ng battleft'.'Odx. Dr. and Mrs. Ki.( ar,-r live happily en in tJx:!r hon;..- ,'n Mont Eiivicu. both cnjoy- ir.;; in::a!;h and oacb other. The testimony of his many frii.naij ir. 7.5'oni Belvieu, should '.•o.-ivi.-jfr this grand man that his !.."'• ::. "i b(.':n one-' of contribution to ; h'.:rri.-:ir.:iy. Dedicated to bringing ' *•;'•• .i.'.'j trie worid. ratht-r than do- , «:rcy:j,g it; alleviating suffering'. . fe.':>j uaMing to daily picas-ures of i pi">p> jr. his home town. j As, ho whiles away some hours : in'Sjwt hf- could well glance j o\.cr the /-vents of the last five ; <if..'ad-'.j: and r< mc-rr.bfr the hsppi- j ri':*K ;,,. i;d$ hMprti ad<J to homes ' by br:r.>;infr '.heir babies, the smi!«s April Will Be Ccner Month Gov. Shivers Urges Special Observance i all n !h ' s ^ s TEXAS .CANCER CONTROL MONTH-GOVC..™ Aii an shivers is shown above 3S he £ woraed proclamat.on this week declaring April as Cancer Control Month in Texas, urg- to support the eduomoaal fundraising; crusade of the American Cancer Society. With the Pohchiiw (center) of Rosenberg, 1956 ACS crusade chairman for Texas, and Maxwell T , ttBMde dwector lor the Society's Texas Division. - Governor Shivers designated April 17 as i,n 0 T«J.^?~ a d fT ° n -^ S hou * an fc of A CS volunteers will make a concerted statewide tell all Texas citizens iifesaving facts about cancer. 'AUSTIN—Governor Allan Shivers in a strong proclamation urged al! citizens of Texas to observe April as Cancer Control Month and do everything possible to aid in the serious battle against one of man's most vicious diseases. At the same time Governor Shivers proclaimed Tuesday, April 17 as Texas Cancer Control Day-— a day on which thousands of ACS volunteers will make a concerted effort to contact all Texas citizens with the American Cancer Society's lifesaving message of hope. In designating jCancer Control Month Governor Shivers urged all Texans to support the American Cancer Society in its statewide educational and fund raising crusade. He urges all citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as possible about cancer as well as supporting A OS's three-fold program of education, research and service to cancer patients. "Cancer is one of the most critical public health problems of our times," stated Governor Shivers. "Over 9,000 Texans died of cancer in 1955 and the total, for 1956 will be even higher if present rates continue. Moreover, at present rates, one American in every four now living will some day be cancer; two of every three homes in Texas arc threatened by this dread disease." "Although :r. the last decade there has been .marked progress in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer," the Governor continued, "only one patient in four is being cured; two, out of four could be saved if they wure treated early enough." Governor Shivers athk'd, "Every Texan has the right to learn the lifesaving message of early discovery and prompt medical attention. The Texas Division of the American Cancer Society plays u leading: role in the fight against cancer in Texas and the Nation through its programs of public and professional education and This Guy's Wife Worse Than Usual LONDON —UP— A. F. Fleet slowed to a stop this week on the rocky road of matrimony. Ho testified in court that his wife: Smeared butter on the walls he had just papered and told him to do the- job over again. Silt up with a carving knife and threatened to stab him if he went to sleep. Telephoned him at work 10 or 35 times a day with threats and abuse. Made him lose jobs by creating scenes at his p'.aco of work. Forced him "-io adopt another name and keep his address secret from even his employers. The divorce was granted. service to patients. The American Cancer Society is (.he'only voluntary national health agency that fights cancer through a three- front program of research, education and service to patents. 1 ' This year the American Cancer Society has launched the most masjiivo attack ever against man's crui'k'st disease and will attempt, to raise $2(5,000,000 during its April Crusade to continue its three-pronged attack on the disease. The TOKOS Division of the Society has a quota of $1,017,640 which will be raised through the concerted efforts of thousands ot ACS volunteers throughout the state during the Cancer Control i Month of April. 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