The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 27, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 5
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p A , {PAGE six THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., TUESDAY. JANUARY 27, 10-18 , V«tome of Black Pepper 1 Tb» average American uies tu 'ounces of black pepper a year. Thos. D. Gregg OPTOMETRIST New Address Second Floor Gregg Bldg. Phone for Appointment \ Office 72W Residence 265R Out Our Way By Williams ., \, GIRL'S GIT-ALL TH' BEST OF EVE'VTHIN 1 ^ ' 5HE WONJ'T TRADE PLACES WITH ME FER EVEM, JTIST ONE MEAL/ THIRTY YEARS TOO 5OON) T Seek Wallace in Ely Culbertson In Peace Debate At SIU Jan. 29 Less! 13 States YLE C. WILSON 1 CARBONDALE, 111.. Jan. 27-, Since Ely Culbertson. noted pro- Iponent of a "Total Peace" plan, ihas been called to Washington to i appear before thc Senate Foreign Relations Committee Friday morn' ing at 10 a. m.. his debate here at .\ i.n.r. «.. M I . ^ V - Southern Illinois University with niitecl ness Staff Coirespondent Ma rk \,'an Doren on Thursday eve\\ \M11NGTCN. Jan. 27--IM'-- j n i 11{ , Jan . 29, has been moved up A I ivied PK-SS survey today dis-i t o 7^0 p . m . , close.l 13 states in which sub- T{ Cl ,ibcrtson-Van Doren dc- *l,int»,l oiforts already are under-| b Qn ., Fcclcra i Wo rld Govern, v j , to plate Henry A. tt allace | , t , ,, to the bhc with out on the November ballot as a t h i r d , hrc will bc ncld j n shryock p a i t l ' uMdeiU ' a '/;^ iaI ^ it °iAuditoriu.n on the University canij I:,, he .s assured of ballot position, according to Dr. P. M. Lar) only m New \ o i k \ enn ,.j, n ;,.mnn nf tl»* University corn- Vacuum Cleaners Of AH Styles Repaired Repairing and rebuilding at exceptionally reasonable prices. Parts available for practically all makes. Ask for a free estimate -- we're glad to oblige! Phone 37 ELECTRIC CO. That Did It i N E W C A S T L E , Ind. O! ' Enough is enough for Arthur Mar; latt. Marlatt has been beset for years with thefts of corn and hogs from his farm. But when the theives started butchering stolen hogs on Marlatfs own property iand hauling away only the choicest 1 meat, the tarmer posted a standing S100 reward for their arrest. Experts Study Wage Stabilization Agreement To Encourage Housing Political Stuff BOSTON U--In the mayoralty 1 elections in Greater Boston communities this year, candidates went , all-out for the mothers' vote by furnishing baby-sitters. "Siamese Triplets" Born , ROCHESTER. Ind. U.E--Out of ,five kittens bora here, three were ."Siamese triplets," joined side by . side. FOR SALE Furniture, including practically new kitchen range, bedroom suite, living room furniture and numerous other articles. Call 142R1. ANCHOR VENETIAN BUNDS With the New UNIT1LT EQUALIZING TJLTOR Wood All Colors and Sizes These blinds are measured to fit windows of any size, for the home or business office. Call for Free Estimate Abney Gram F. G. Hcndrix, Prop. 29 W. Poplar · Phone 7S EDITOR'S NOTE: In its third session since war ended. Congress still faces the problem of finding a way to build more housing for the nation for less money. Is there an answer? Housing experts see hope in a wage stabilization agreement between labor and employers in America's most crowded city that promises to add tens of thousands of new dwelling units to the building scene below. NEA's "authority on business and labor tells story in this dispatch. By S. BURTON HEATH NEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK--(NEA)--Tens of thousands of new homes, in this , badly over-crowded community. ! are "prophesied as a result of a i wage stabilization agreement 'which the Building Trades Employers' Association and 31 of the 40 " AFL construction unions al- i ready have signed. '; This agreement .pledges the unions not to ask for any raise, i direct or indirect, before June 30. ; 1950. unless the Bureau of Labor Statistics' cost of living index irises more than 15 per cent be- ilween Jan. 1. 1948. and July 1. ' 1949. If that happens--and no- Ibody expects it--the unions are 'to absorb the first 15 per cent, ·and a formula is provided for dividing any excess between employers and employes. ' Estimates vary as to how much mew constructio'n this agreement · will unleash when and if the re- imaining nine unions, which represent perhaps a quarter of New (York's 250.000 construction work- 'ers. sign up. .Unions Are Sincere ! Cynics, remembering the nl- fated Master Agreement of last vear. \vhich promised much but produced little, question whether the unions will be able to hold their members to the agreement. But many who have watched the negotiations closely are convinced that the unions are sincere in their support of stabilization, and will make good. Mayor William O'Dwyer estimates* that there is two and a half billion dollars worth of con- ·t^AiffS from thc - rc ··'·' m No\v York 1 here Wai-1 10 Washington, Dr. Larson explain- lace had a rcadmade third party , e d to cdoot him although the endorse ' Culbertson. widely known as a ment split the ALP wide open. contract bridge authority, has dc- "rlenate to Truman voted much of his time in recent The \LP has been a balance-of- years to lecturing on his plan for pc,\\er in New York politics \\ith-lworld peace and a "Quota Force out which President Roosevelt ana!plan. Van Doren. Columbia Um- other Democratic candidates would I versity professor, is a well known h:,\e lost thc state on more than j poet, author and lecturer. o:.e occaMon It is expected to; poll fewer than its. usual 500.00C | \otej this year because of the spiu o.^i \.dh~cice. out it still might siphon off enough support for Wailace to make a present of New York to tne Republican presidential candidate. Wallace s candi d,ic similarly is a menace to iK.iiUi.-m iniman's chances ml ether states outside the Souu.' where the election may be expec-' ted to be close. States \\heie real efforts appar-i cntly are being made to get Wai lace beiore the electorate in ont v.a\ 01 nnother include Maine, N t w Hampsmre, .Massachusetts. Rhode Island. Vermont. Connecticut. .\iimie_oia. Nevada, Oklahoma, | "'T h "e"stYik;crwas' averted yester- ano Wisconsin. I his does not. dav when the dty cound f at a assure \\allace that he will b t { ^ minute ses sion voted to levy on the ballot, ot course, out ill . . . . . . FOR I M M E D I A T E D E L I V E R Y The Leader Tractor is a 'J bottom 12 or 14 in. job that weighs 2600 Ibs. Hydraulic lift, hydraulic scat, lights, battcrj. ««'ti- crator, starter, belt pulle\. Plows arc not included. Chicago School Teachers Get Pay increase i CHICAGO. Jan. 27--l'.E--Pub- · lie school teachers who had threat- i ened a city-wide strike got a sal- ase today, but their start- still was below that of on the ballot, ot cour.e, out ii| highcr taxes on rea l estate to fin- n.aicaies tne extent of tne move-' ance the school system th i s year. ment in his behali nine montns, The teac h er s had voted to form baore the election. i nicket lines at school gates toda iome ot u a i l ^ c e s Progressive if the counc ii had failed to act. Citizens 01 America supporters oe- They even had placards made in heve tney will have tneir man read i nes s for the strike. on the oallot m tO states. In; But the teachers were mildly an and Indiana, for instance, jubilant today as they entered allace organization is just i c i asses . ceing set up. A Detroit group plans a meetin Write -- Wire -- Phone Saline implement and Locker Co. Eldorado, Illinois Phones -187W - 387W Here's Hoiv by sellingmore goods to more people tnc to see what can oe done. Indiana inird party organizers also plan a Febiuary meeting. \'ill Entei South Their paychecks, the first .. -- 0 -- r thev had received since Dec. 19, for next^monui we f e in tne ma ils to them. ,1 T_ . ~ Despite the 14 per cent increase for elementary teachers and 25 per cent boost for high school in- in r,iii;i ou ui. 11 , structors, most of them still re- So far as the 1943 election u! C eive less than the school janitors concerned Wailace's third party | an( j engineers. candidacy would be signiticaiu; p ay Schedules onl in those states outside the Elementary teachers now receive S220 a month as a starting pay] and S400 a month after 10 years.! to assure a Hepuohcan vi_-; starting high school teachers re- j But Wallace prooably will ce ive S264 a month and S480 after J solid SoutM where he mignt taKe ei.ourjh \otes away from Mr. Truman lory. . - - - , \vant to go into as many southerii, a decade. icaies as possiole seeding a snowing of left wing strength in tnos nivab. N O matter what your job today, it depends on "good business." And someone has said that in the American business system, nothing can be accomplished until "something is sold." You know the truth of this. Falling sales mean pay cuts, layoffs, fear. Increased sales mean better pay, promotions, more security in every job for every man. Advertising is tlic low-cost, efficient uay to sell goods. Advertising is the spark plug OL business. So advertising, by selling goods, makes your job, your home, your income more secure! HANDS OFF. Quite apparent in photo above '' every thin-. ou know s ^ oui thc Oucc ,, of I . .. the Materials Hanqm.g Exposition , in Cleveland. Ohio, except her 1 handle. It's Jeanmc Cambron. Janitors receive a flat salary of 0 ,,. .,, = ^.~ -- ...-. ,$231.50 a month with no increase eas. ' [for seniority while school engin-, Getting on some southern bai-i ee rs receive $388.50 to $567.50,de- lots is easy enough. In Soutn j pending on seniority and the size Carolina any candidate may entei, of the school plant, the general election simph by' The increased pay does not help providing ballot forms. Fifty, the lowest grades of teachers j qualified" voters on a petition plus-'much. The 1947 salary rates w e r e j payment ot a fee vail do the tricK i $220 to $320 for elementary teach-, m" Arkansas. But Wallace still'ers and S260 to $420 for h i g h j might have trouble in Arkansas., school instructors. · Secretary of Stale C. G. Hall toid: The squabble which almost re-! the United Press: suited in the strike arose despite, "It has been alleged that Wai- the fact that Chicago now has the j lacs suoscribes to the principles'.services of a "blue ribbon'" mayor, of the Communist party. If that superintendent of schools and is proved. I will decline to put'board of education. Actually, it his name on the ballot. I refused .could be said that it arose as re- 10 list the Communist party on!suit of the reforms they- introduc- ths Arkansas ballot in 1936 anoied. . mv action was upheld by t h e . The school board instituted courts" sweeping projects to increase Wallace however, firmly denies! teachers' salaries, provide new ; hat necubscribes to the principles I text books and construct new- school buildings. That increased, ithe annual budget for 1948 to a , 'record $103,400.000 and boosted, 'the city's school tax $23,000,000. | The city council, still dominated ·largely by the old Democratic or- ganiza'tioii of former Mayor Ed-1 i ward J. Kelly, balked at the huge! boosts and refused to approve the| measures. The teachers' first paychecks of the year, including the Advertising Helps You: /. Brings you belter goods for iess money. 2. Makes shopping more and caster. 3. Has given us the world's highest standard of living. jf the Communist party. Veleranf Service Oificer School on January 29 A forum new FOR LONG MILEAGE, GET NEW GOOD/fc/Ut TIRES f n d i v i d u a l s have « they have not signed. The brick- service officers of the Illinois Vci-. houses because 'Dyers' executive committee ci;air- cra ns commission in nine south- s us man voted for the plan, and said C rn Illinois counties. Hcadquar-j with onl cost p u s man voe or e , C rn nois . that if his union did not sin this lC r S oi thc forum is the courthouse cost and " .. Comes nj«, h IU %- jimcs Stone " lhan The Time To T R A D E T I R E S is NOW! New tires installed while roads ere cool give greater total mileage. Sell us the unused miles in your old tires. £'.X^'. S1 50 Down S1.25 Per Wk. LESS A LIBERAL TRADE-IN w* of the rccctmc will " am was returned lo its owners. The woiiid like "to finance. ^P 01 ^, _?' that a c rS a ! P art off partly because of the 194. proaram. un:cn pro- · « - - - ^ii*-«»H .11 RKft i i m i v ir- Xo\v \ n r k 41.860 tn.tor of thc f iC 33. -He is to n. at Spring- be assisted b% r. 2sislant ad- at All INDIANAPOLIS (U.P.) -- Sam Strange. "1. was only a minor I .. Y©yp Sssby^s -First Shoes Preserved Forever in Bronze, Silver, or Gold! money back, but even this uncertainty has been increased by thc skyrocketing cost situation. Representatives of the Building Trades Employers" Association say- that as soon as all key unions come in. contractors will give Guaranteed price contracts--subject only to materials prices--instead of cost-plus contracts. This would 'permit individuals and financial houses to order hou.sinj: with a good idea how much they were going to have to MAC! GOOD/YEAR 17 S. Hain STORE H. V. McDanicl HARRISBURG Phone 17 -·I Matcrials costs still arc mo\mc upward. The indices usually run behind, so even insiders arc not quite sure whether it was just a goodwill gesture-- or the bccin- nins; of a break-- when AVeyor- liaou.scr. the biggest lumber company. announced a 10 pcr cent re- duclion in prices for throo months, with possibility of an extension. The Stabilization Ajjreomont IN of doubtful value so Ions as the hrioklaors. the electrician--, ihe Manhattan and Bronx plumbers stay out. They could tic up any lob at any time, however faiHi- fullv other unions ob-scncd llu-ir pledges. The painters have not sicnod up, but theirs i.s not *o critical a craft as those mentioned, Tbc other slow signers include Jlio ompOMlion roofer?, two s o f helpers who presumably jnc the first 11 months, rested on FHA insurance under Secirn 608 of Title VI of the Hou'-ms Act. This m«'.('c it pos^.bio '«r .^-.x-n:- lators to build, ocr. ;;' hii.h cost. ·without more than a ;c-.\ dollar.-; of their oun money. ;.t Umlc Sam's risk. r.uildini; to Stop An additional S7riO GfVi.or-O of such ins;]r«-nco v.;:s anpiou-d by Congress at the spcci.--! session in Dcccmbrr. 1' )·; es'.i.n.i'oH thai thi.s \\ill no' laM mti'h bcond Marcli If il is iiscd JT" i:r.U-ss .-in- other authorization i 1 - \oitd M:C!I »prculati\c bmldinu IN expected ;o ,u,p Then, unless con-on .i?i\c in- ve.Mmonl cspital. mdixidinl and corponitc. :-' qi\en ( lo fill tho K.'ip. 1ho proxi.sjon *·[ homr^ for tho homolo.-s w i l l COIIP to a Mandslill. o\?or1-. ^i\ Some union-, which ^' r,ii-o- lasi joar. M«m-1 Jho .vl^lxlualion asrccmont w.lhoiit i.irlhtr hoo-l.s Othor« got incrca-cs of \.jriOHs amounts' Carpenter-,, for txamplo went up from S2.VI r n hour !o S275. S^ 3id ul.n/i-r-. I.MTO'.- cutters r.r.d .-otttis. , n.:.irontal iron workers, cement r.n-or-. Hoisting or.-meors. slo-.c set- tors. uon \y.rkeis writ up from S2.7.% an hour lo iho lop scale of S.?. w i n c h\ t h t 1'-ier.s had K-cn u", 1.114 sUlc countic.-:. Specialist*: :n She fields of cdu cation, claims, hosp-talization. em i,ion»cnt and insurance from t'nc Springfield offscc have been name'" to conduct the forums on thc_ i-. dhidual Mibiccts named. The' include Cecil P. Fletcher. Donalc 5 F.jlcy ar.d Donald Howcll. Service officers an:i thc county they v.ill rcTre5c:H at thc mcc* ir.s'arc: Paul Ti-ckcr, Cairo. Ale"' sr.f-cr: Charles I*. GJIstir.: Ar^ E. bcihtown. Hardm: Jame.s M. kcr. Vienna. Johnson; Charles R Hopson. Mclronoljs. Massac: James Van Weeks. Gokonda. Pope: Jame: \\cavor. Mound City, Pulaski: Jjmes Arthur Moore. Harrisbiirc. Saline: and Theodore n. Womick. Anna. Union. In addition to thc scnice of ficers. C. F. K.sth. Mt. Carmcl. rijvi.-ion Mr,er\i.or. and Leonard Moms. Cairo, district supervisor, ". il' atteTt'? th* f"p'm Th^ 1VC office hero vull be closed the day of thc meeting. Bubble Gum Mr-dc I'soful ATLXNTA. Ga i-i'' The Atlanta Junior Chamwr of Commerce hopes to enlarge its chanty fund by installing bubble cum dispensing ni?chine ihrouchoul the city. Officials hope for S800 in rov- loniic a month from machine sales. cut off half his leg. "Luckily, it was just my wooden leg." he said. EXPERT CABINET MAKERS BUILT-IN KITCHEN CABINETS STORE FIXTURES TRUCK BEDS "ANYTHING MADE OF WOOD" WILSON'S CABINET SHOP 512 West Sloan Street Tel. 564R1 You've been cherishing those tiny shoes in which your baby took his first brave, trembling step! A'oa* you can order them as a Mason Masterpiece, with gol (Main I'lcor) SPAPJLRl

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