Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 21, 1972 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
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Wednesday, June 21, 1972
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Anything Viennese Is Lush Offshore Platforms Are PAMPA DAILY NEWS 7 PAMPA.TEXAS 66thYEAR Wednesday. June 21.1972 By DICk KLEINER VIENNA, Austria-(NEA) —Vienna is the whipped cream capital of the world. "This is a terrible place for singers," said Mary Costa, starring in her first movie, "The Great Waltz." "The food is so fantastically good, especially those desserts. I absolutely don't eat any desserts here—but I did have to try the famous Sacher torte once, didn't 1, and I may have to have another one to see if it tastes that good all the time." She calls this her first movie, although she's done a few bits and pieces in films before. And she's a bit worried about it. Director Andrew L. Stone, she feels, is concentrating on the sets and the long shots (he's doing it all in Vienna's palaces and castles), "and nobody seems to pay much attention to lighting me, but it's too late to worry about that now." The beautiful singer says she has never considered herself attractive—"but I've gotten used to myself, I've grown into my nose"—but hers is a minority opinion. Most impartial observers feel she's a great beauty, with a voice to match. She's enjoying Vienna and the picture. But she says shooting in a palace every day is "funny." "We make jokes," she says, "about working in a different, exquisite palace each day. We'll say, 'My, but the palace was chilly today, wasn't it?'" Her leading man is the young veteran German actor, Horst Buchholz. Playing Johann Strauss, he has to play the violin and conduct the orchestra. He's never done either before. He says he took 25 lessons on how to appear to be playing the violin from Carlos Villa, first violinist with the Paris Symphony. "Nobody knows how hard it is," he says. "Just holding the violin is an unnatural position—you ache in your back, shoulder and elbow. MARY COSTA making the Johann .Strauss movie, "The Great Waltz," yielded to Viennese temptation. And, to do a film, you play longer than a violinist does in a concert. I lost four pounds one day. "I told my agent to find me a nice, quiet western after this—I'll just sit on a horse, eat some beans and say, 'Yup.'" Nigel Patrick, a distinguished English actor, plays Johann Strauss Sr. He has to conduct the orchestra, too, and he says he's the most unmusical person alive. "I have absolutely no rhythm," he says. "And I was shocked to find the orchestra was really playing and really following me as they played. It's a shocking sense of power." His wife is played by Yvonne Mitchell, an English actress who is noted as a novelist and for her stage and screen work. She says that the English theater is still bpomingly healthy and she believes the difference between the brisk British theater and the sickly New York theater is in the approach. "The main reason Broadway is bad," she says, "is because the directors have taken over so completely there and they won't let the actors' talent come through. "Except for Anne Bancroft, the U.S. stage hasn't produced a star in 15 years." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) DANCERS SWIRL through a Strauss waltz in the ballroom of the Hofburg palace in Vienna. Gorgeous period costumes and exquisite interior help recapture more elegant days in "The Great Walt/," 1972 film version of the life of Johann Strauss Jr. Demo Committee To Appeal Order On Convention Delegate Selection WASHINGTON (API - A federal judge has handed Democratic party reformers a setback in their effort to ensure selection of women, minorities and young people as national- convention delegates. Coming just three weeks before the convention opens, the order left reformers and regulars alike confused about the legal status of more than one- third of the delegates. U.S. Dist. Court Judge George L. Hart Jr. struck down rules requiring: —That states apportion delegate slates to include blacks, women and young people "in reasonable relationship to the group's population presence in the state." —That delegates must not be chosen by party officials elected prior to this year, a rule designed to chip away at the traditional control party bosses hold over delegate selection in some states. The Democratic National Committee will appeal the order immediately, said committee attorney Joseph A. Cali- fanoJr. Hart delivered the opinion in a suit filed by Chicago Alderman Thomas E. Keane, an ally of Mayor Richard J. Daley, who sought to defeat a challenge to the 59 uncommitted delegates he controls. Daley said the order "speaks for itself" and "upholds everything that has been said in our petition.'' But the decision left the challengers, led by black civil- rights activist Jesse L. Jack- son, one leg to stand on. Another rule inspired by the four- year-long reform effort, a ban on choosing delegates in a slate- making process closed to the party grass roots, was left standing. Attorneys for the Daley foes said they will pursue the challenge on that basis. In striking down the reform provisions, Judge Hart said, "When you try to provide who you vote for, then you are getting into a communist or fascist Home for Oil Hunters By JERRY ESTILL Associated Press Writer SHELL RIG 12. Gulf of Mexico (AP) - An offshore oil platform is a nice place to visit, but a lot of people wouldn't want to live there. However, some of the 1,800 platforjns spri&kled off the coast of Louisiana are part- time 'homes for thousands of men who make their living tapping the rich oil and gas reserves of the Outer Continental Shelf. If they count the days they work, it comes to a vacation every other week. If they count the hours, it's two weeks of hard work crammed into one. While an 84-hour week doesn't leave much time for life's pleasures, the men who live on these platforms don't often complain. The food is good and plentiful, the beds are soft, and the living quarters are air conditioned. On the day of a recent tour. J.P. Rouly, who is Shell rig 12's foreman, led the way down the stairs of the huge rig. "You'll probably be more comfortable if you don t look down much until you get used to it." he said, heading down the steel-grate steps, slung over the side of the platform so they hung suspended 387 feet above deep blue, shark-infested Gulf waters. On the drilling floor, where the main business of the rig is under way, a small crew of three or four men pulls pipe from a well recently completed. They stand the 90-loot- lencths on end in one corner. "Enormously entertaining! \« B "; —BERNARD DREW. 3DMIY pomMt COLUMBU, PICTURED Presents CAPRI CHILDREN 50* 7:30 i 9:30 66 i8 /«< Topo Texas OPENB:30 ADULTS 1.25 SHOW AT DUSK 5RIVE-IN PLUS 2ND BIG HIT "HELL'S ANGELS" '69' A derrickman high above uses rope to secure the tops of the sections to a metal grid until they are ready to be dropped back into the hole. The drilling pipe — like a wand of a vacuum cleaner - is used for a variety of things, not just drilling. Several attachments can be used at the business end. This time the pipe has pushed a device 12,000 feet into the Gulf floor and concrete was pumped down to shore up a loose well wall. The pipe is removed and the concrete allowed to dry before the next step is taken in putting the well into production. This is what the multi-million dollar platform with its crew ol 40 is all about — a six-inch hole snaking its way far beneath the floor of the Gulf in search of enough oil to pay for the expense of finding it and to show a profit for thousands of stockholders. Eighteen per cent of the free world's oil supply is produced from offshore wells around the world, a goodly portion of it from these platforms off the 'Louisiana coast. A couple of levels below the drilling floor are a long line of yellow pipes where oil and gas from already producing wells gush through a complicated series of pipes and valves until it reaches a common pipeline headed for shore. "This is a good one,' says Rouly, svrapping his hand around one of the yellows with a broad grin. "This'is our moneymaker. This is what it's all about.' An engineer explains that the pipe from a gas well is cool to the touch and an oil well warm. The deeper and better the well, the hotter the oil flowing from it. The one Rouly is touching is so hot he can hold it only a few seconds From here, the oil travels in a huge pipe to a control platform a few miles toward shore where a large computer controls the oil and gas output from several surrounding production platforms. There's an inherent potential for danger on an oil rig because it sits atop millions of gallons of highly explosive oil and gas. Rouly takes great pride in showing off the red and white escape capsules suspended at either end of the platform in case the crew has to leave quickly, or in rough weather. They resemble Apollo space capsules, with escape hatches on top and a row of portholes dotting the sides. Kach one is fireproof and can carry 28 men strapped onto moulded plastic benches inside. The capsules are designed to be watertight and unsinkable in any weather. They have a small motor and a short wave radio. Six o clock and Thursdays are significant here. The men begin their work shifts Thursday and end them Thursday, begin their days at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. and end them 12 hours later. form of government, not a republican form." He said the national committee may require state parties to "take affirmative action" to increase minority participation in party affairs, but that state delegations may not be upset solely on the basis of numbers. Dogs provided ceremonial food for the Potawatami Indians, who sometimes consumed canine flesh at feasts in honor of the sun. IfPHBATES... MARTINE BESWICK ;• COLOR ,.~V.™-^-r COMING "LITTLE BIG MAN" Great buy! AMAZINGLY PRICED BOYS' FLARE JEANS Astonishing! 2 pairs of the most wanted jeans for what you'd expect to pay for 1! Flare shaping in scoop pocket, roundleg Western style! Hit colors in 100% cotton; no ironing needed. Slim, regular sizes; 6 to 18. Hurry! SAVE '4! PRINT SPORT SHIRTS PUT ON A FIGURED-FASHION SHOW Get sharp savings, sharp style! Striking prints, long point collars, handsome tapered fit. Great with solid color flares'Polyester-cotton; RE( , 3 no ironing, needed. Sizes 8 to 18. OUT AT SEA — Life on an offshore oil platform differs considerably from that on land. But thousands of men spend many hours living on some of HIP 1.800 platforms sprinkled otf the coast of Louisiana. Here is a selection ol views of the platforms and some of the men who live .nui work on them. OUR 1OOTH ANNIVERSARY YEAR BACK-TO-SCHOOL LAY-AWAY! Buy their school needs on layaway. A small deposit will hold your purchase until September I. SERVICEMAN'S SPECIAL ONE YEAR FOR : 9.95 A SAVING OF $ 11.05 Our men from Gray and the area counties who are in the Service nave a special meaning for us folks back home; therefore we would like to keep them informed of the latest developments in the news while they are away serving their country. Let us keep your man informed for $ 9.95 a year. Newspapers are mailed everyday from Pampa, Texas Post Office to anywhere in the United States or through the military Post Offices overseas. Box 2198 Pampa Daily News 669-2525 ( Service Name Number State 1 I m Send *9.95 in check or money order to Pampa Daily News, Box I I • 2198, Attn: Circulation Dept. Pampa, Texas 79065. |

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