The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 3
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TOE DAILY HEWS, RKDERICK, MD. TUESDAY, DBCKMBEtt 29. 1931. 57CASESMARKED FOR COURT TRIAL »AILY EADEO Long List Of Assignments Of j December Term. TEN ARE WITHOUT tCoopUtd by i *4 »«t«a» 8radtcat») TUESDAT..I»CEK»Cm ±» TttSDYS WWT rCATCBXS Sea BM*mkcc--WABC Ketworfc Ct«tbr--WABC Ketvozfc C*lu**--WJZ Jht*0ffc ^ 9 iut»-k t Morua D*n«7--WABC Mctvoifc · Etekfeias BCT»--WEAF Network (EASTERN STANDARD TUCK throafch- ouc. SUBTRACT OEM boor tot CeaUal 1M* k. (EASTEKN STATIONS! WKAL. BJU-TUtOKC-- 3*9-- 1 WJZ: « «-« IS. « 4S-T-38; I W-S:JO: t 9 ce-ir oo: 10.30-11-00: u-jo-i2:is i s-15-- CiJisole TJ»-- Koaadets: ' S 3»-- Ga-T-JOSS 11 .00-- Ma WBZA. BOSTOM. srE«vGFIWU «5-- 15 T JO-7 45: 18 »0-- Feat . 5«S-*9« k. !r»T.=r.g. Monday, January 4, a to- _ tal of 57 cases are marked for tnai for the resnamder of the December term. Tivece do not include 10 marked ":rials generally." for u-hica 20 specific dates have been s?:. An un:is'.ial fean^e of the December term, a petit jury te^tn. is the fat-: that cases are iiar£«d up to within tio weeks of the February j term, which is a grand as Tell as a j pett; jury term The last grand jury term, which began the second Monday j in September, conunued practically i n^tn *'*v- beginning of the December | term. While co'-ir: terms follow each j other it is very unusua* for one term : to practically overlap tne other as will be the case in the September, Decem- , ber and February terins j Beginning Monday, when two cases j are markei for trial, the- schedule of ' Tussday. January s. four cases; ! January 6. ihre*; January 7, t-aro; Jan- i aary 8, sii; January 11. five; January 12. three; January 13. three; January i 14. two; January 15. six; January 18, j oae; January 19. three; January 21. ! three; January 22. sis; January 25, · oae: January 29, one; Monday, Feb- j ' ruary 1, three j The following are :he cases: : j Januarv 4--Bratt vs Ixxaenthal efc. aL. Deiaster. McSherry-Weinberg: ', ScholMs \s. Con. Puo'^c Unlities, Levm- j Weinberg. Boylan-Xewman. I January 5--Norwood vs. Foible. . Wood-Storm Brown-Shipley-Buckey: Keller vs. Shellhorse, Stoner-Storm. j Weinberg: Hurt Executor vs. Keller e t ' ai., Weinberg. Storm; Hun Esecator' vs. Mercer. Lewis. Rohrback. ; January 6--Burner vs. Gardiner. | Kohrback, Heagy: Stull vs. Layman, Saner-S:ors3, Harp; Routzahn vs.« Eammer. Stoner-Storcc. Wemberg. ; January 7--Lindsay vs. Morgan. ; Weinberg-Smith. wmebrenner-Smn; Cramer vs. Boone, James. January 8--People's Bank vs. FSeet- ·srood " Lu^s, DeLauter: Lucas vs. Mayor and Council Brunswick. DeLau- j ter," Wood; Masser vs. DeLauter trustee , gar.. Wood, DeLauter; Faulkner Co. i vs. Passaro et al, Stoner-Storm, Bowers; «· k. 10:3»-U.«0 45-- Beirtew *-»-- Seiaoa 11 OO-- Sport. Ofcb.: Orcaa WtEI. BOSTON MB »· k. WZAT- 6-« 30. 6 4S-7 «0: T J»-1:4S: »-U «JO -- old PsiBtrr; Neirs 7:4S-- Feat. 11 OO-- News Orcri. WREN. BIFTAU-- 3SU-- *M k. WXAP 6 45-7 00. 7 JO-11 90: 11.4S-!3:1* 6 8»-- \f«». Muse: Dinner xaaera 7 IS -- HoJjmoxS 11:1*-- ClB» U.I5 -- Muruzb. Orcatt WGK. BLFFALO-- i45 WABC- « 2O-6-3Q: 1:»-S.OO · · 30-- VUU«e. Snorts 9 oo-- Town Talk: Meiiow 9.3O-- E=5tsoble. Frm»T: SusilJo: Or- 10.30 -- Dsaee Or. 11.00-- steaone*: Or WLW. CINCINNATI-- «S»-- 7«» k. WJZ. 6-39-7-30; 8:00-«.!S: »-30-»-«0 « OO-- S3=siuse. Chatter; Feat. 7 3O-- Halstead Baad: Jones Orch. 8-11-- laptr BaAt)!e B"o»er«: Maaleale 10 OO-- Cbroalete*; Variety; (Sport 11 00-- Nishlcaps: Loe AmljOB WHK. CIJEVELAXD-S1S.7-- M*l *. W\BC- S 3O-7 00: 7 15-* 00: 8:li-10.00 s'oo-- VSJ3««e; Mite i Herman: Sports 7 00 -- Beau Brtl2RHie!s S 00 -- Feat. 11 00 -- Day Or.: Memories: Or. WTAM. CtBVEIJ»NI-- S»-- J»7« k. VTEAF- 6-« 33; 6 4S-7; T.3O-11: «:3Jr» 6 30 -- ·nirner 7.00 -- Gene-Gjenn 51 00-- Mxaic: Player* 12-OO-- Melodic* »TXTZ. DETROIT-- ±4L»-- 1I4» -. WABC S.3O-7 00: 7.SS-SO-30; -- JS- 11 00: 11 «-i2 oo g 00-- Ksws. VllaSfers: Morcac Or. 10 30-- Bind 11.05-- TaloJJ Oreb. iu iu-- o WJZ- 6 00-« 15: 7:00-7:15: 8:00-10:45: 11 00-11:15 6 15 -- Tom TaUt: Interne*; Master* 7-15-- Kisrtto. WeJ£omer*. Or. 8 Oft--Cbroai«:«s t JO--Babble Blown* U IS--Repcm*r. V~iri*tT W«J. DETBOIT--gft--M» k. WEAP « tS-1 06: 7.45-8 30: f«0-ll-«9: 11 SC-tl 38 t M--Tfcls Ac That: Scirs ~-99--S^cerz « JO--Plane. Soncs li.OO--Tapestry e{ Soajs WT1C. BAKTFOKD--I54J Ml k. WBAF. 4 li-1 OC WOB. KEWAKJS--·tSZ-- 71» k. 6-88-- Cscrf Don. Sport: Sketch 7.80--Soo£«. LoaJ o l^oKers. Skit 8 00--Iiocr o-ci Cbronlc;« S 00--Tfcor. Ueiociy; SympScnj; Or. 1C.«S--News. Or . Moo=be»ai« WEAF. NtW IOI 6:00--C3ip~re Roosi Or : 6.«5--Steitbins Bor» T 00--Hrtna s^ng JOT Van Lou T 4--Goidbrrzi. Saadtrsac-CrunuBtt 9.00--R»pc^ s Or 9 30--Sp;crr i; Jsckzon: Oxace Boar 11-00--Sos£s: J«s« Cr»«t!ord 11 JO--Decay VsJiee «: Pti=k Ola. WJT. SEW VORK--S36--1« k. 6 OO--Rals^ci J-JAlor. Pl»no Duo 6 3O--Pvjrkms LiE?»e'i TSioaiaj I 00--AEJOS 'n- Aj=a»: Odcf.* Myrta ? }·--pliU Cook Vb asiiinficii Nrw$ 8 3d--Sp*»ker and Socgv. Mslr Q-iirtet 8 44--E4Ji* * Ralpa iluc«J CSsorsa 9 JO--Prajirr Ecat aColaabo Or.. Eaad 1C 39--Cura-Lu-Esi. Pan* N^bt J!e 11 00--Shyaber Music: Soft^s aiwS Patter 11.45--Dreaa Psi:u«s: W!i:w«a3 Or. WABC. NEW IOKK--*»»--·« '. «·»»--Jsureit: Orch . Tfc* Srlraniaas T 00--Mirt i Mart?. B:c* CrosbT T3O--Kaltecbors. Downrj Woc» 8 OO--£tocr* N^ ^ B*.iid: Glee Cteb 8 30--Kat* Seitm: Wiatbell S OS--Bercle Or.. Srs Rocsance 18 OO--SjTsphoay Or Arabes-ue II -oo--Madr!*u«a. M'.U«. Ol»n Orm. 12 15--Rodaziei!:: Si£sie; !cc« Ball Ors. WCAU rBILADCLPBIA--!3«--117» WABC. 8 M-S SO. 8.15-11 00: 11 IS-1 80 e 00--Sews: »eat. * 00--Party 11 00--Bea GrreaSlatt KDKA. riTrSBl'BGH--30«--»» k, WJZ 6 4*-T IS 8 00-3 30. * 45-10 00; 10 JO-1! 00. 12 00-1 00 5 OO-- Ncsrs- LaartiCf Gensan Bxn« 7-15--Rercltrs: so=es 8 30--Arwlg 10-00--FUusders Quart. II OO--Sporw 11:15--Salt PeiEB'.s. Ore! WCAE. prrrsBi-K ·REAP « 00-« JO. 6 45-? 30: t 45-8 JO 9 00-11 OO 6 SO-- News " 30--Plaao 8 3O--Blowers WHAM. ROCHESTER--MB-7--I1M k. T»--Mdoftr Caaunaa^en 7S» k. . « 00-6 15 Feats. . 11-15 -- Piano: Ores.: CK.CW. WJZ. 7 OO-7 IS 6 SO-- Mini? 7:15-- Mu » 00-- Msne: Feat. 11 (WESTXKN SIATK»S) tEST-- SUBTRACT 1 Boor tor Cestral Standard Tune CHICAGO-- S»«-l--l«St a. WEAF: 7 45-* OC: »je-ie'OO - : Sporss; Peata. » OO-- Ortn . 10 SO-- Fljers 11 00-- Sports 11.19-- State St.: Feats : Or*. WMAQ. CJdCAaO-- M8-- «7« k. WJZ- 9 OO-9 30- 10 CO- 10 15: !1 33-1! 45 - 00-- Skippy; Ssaekoct. Beset 7. Piano 7 30 -- Dr BsixSecsen: D»n SrSria S 00 -- Ccn-rrt Or.; Boota 9 SO-- MrSod^es 1C 30-- Brsilrr. ABO "n" Andy. Tbotna* I! 4S -- DaMe Ors. «ENK aMd WL». CMCAGO-- «5-- 8t» k, WJS. 6 4S-T 00. 7 J4-7 -S5; 8 O9-S 00: U jo-:: is W5AF « SO-« 30: T 45-8 OC. » 00 » 33; 10 30-11 00. 13 15-1 OC - Andy WCFL. CHICAGO-- a«« .. . »I» k. . Variety. Talk, iioin 10 -- Kocis. Feat : Soor*- Orch . Or. WOC. DAVEJ.TOKT. and DCS MODtlES-- 9MJB-- MM k. .4. a *eiiat onal prize fignt in whic:; Beerv battles for a "come back' . agauist Frank Hagney, former famous hea\ ·.-KX'ight of the ring Another hi$r-light Is the nveting of-Jackie and 5i-t. mother in the paddock during the ' ..ices. :»; Cxljccto A Mtaphwie a^n snd new* exeut Opera Hoiur. A ---prv ch'te :J deft coaiedy ai«l j-, it-^::i.\:;.«K:. si'.v direc;«fi and acted -.111 -.: the Oyera House toda. v,hcrv KKO-Kaoi P:c:urc-' ' ConjolitX):; M_rr.i$e" -J screcntxi ] B.^fxi '^i'. ^ rii-ie-;iized and h th- ip-vVri", '...e t'it'.utx" c\po'.u;cs the vns- -js .a: - ...^-!. tiiat !c»e ^ a nutter of -·_»!.·.: ari «:\:ro:us:e:.! And that it cj« rvno '.- arv \.xsne tvuple ii-.itin;e j Brief!\ she filns tells '.!'.f aniusirj; i r ir. *\i.- -,\hi to::'.ract a lr\e:e» ::v.r- )T--i --*" -Cr *.^t" »Ol*? j*M!TJXJC c I *jr^^«^11^5 in · c.iiu,rron." plays the role of a j Uetl _*·! wbo. becoming despondent :iiKl iick {rum loneliness, marrteB a j «.omparati\e stwiger. himself Jilted. for the mere sake of consolation and 1 e mpaiiioniliip. Her wort Is flawless. 1 A comedy Is s u p p l e m e n t a l AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FlUf, THEF1 PROKEKTV DAMACB UABltlT* HELFENSTEIN URNER Maryland. ft^cav program of v»udevil at tie Maryiasd today as a · hc:iday attraction. B'shop's i il'e present a full execing's en- , Fi\e ir.i:iioa acres of lumber were ··-in-sv: .n- icrest fires to the United S;v.«-s dur ng 1930. the Forest Sen-Ice Greatest of all the Girl Strips scored so h*»\i'y ] . WKAF. 7 45-11 OB. 11-15-1200 7 to-- Air Ucers il-OC-- Mittfe wBAs. Locpvntr ···-«» ·- WKAF: e 00-« 3*. 7-80-7 15; 7 4S-S 09; 8 30-S 30: 10 00-10 34. l l . U - l i 3O 8J9-- Paul A Jerry; Brrertes 7 15 -- M^aie 8 OO-- Jor« Or. » O9-- Me'^xiles: Chroaleles 11 0*-- ABUs-Andy 11-3O-- S«Ta*. Ore*. WTJU. MttWACKJC 48 «J -_ WKAF- 7 30-7 45; J-flO-ll-OO C 45-- CatJ« So! 7 OO-- DSnser Tab!* 11 00-- A3UW "a' Antfy. Ors.: Club. Orjan KSTT. MFl«..ST.FArU-S«a.«-- 14«a a. WJZ: 7 45: U 00 WIAF: 8-10. UJ0 WOW OXAtIA -- ·» »8» k. WKAF- 1 45-11 00 7 OO -- Violin: Feat : Or. 11 OO -- Ambassadors KSD. ST. LAtIS-- 773.1-- !·*· k. WEAF 8 OO-8:30: 9:00-1= 38 83O-- Draza KMOX. ST. 1OCIS-- S7S-1-- ia»t k. WABC- 6 30-« 45: 7-00-7 15: 7 38-9 09. 9-3O-10-M: 11 00-11 15 7 15-- Sports 9 00 -- Violin. 10 30-- Rounders: Varieties 11:1-- Flyers -- Cowboy Sonar: Orcb ; Or. P re-Inventory S-A-L-E No time is more opportune for the acquiring of values than the present. At the same time our stock is still varied sufficiently to permit choice selec.ions. McCLEERVS JEWELRY STORE 48 NORTH MAEKET STREET Offers you their experience of seventeen years in the Jewelry business as a warrant of their ability to give you gcod service and good Jewelry and Silverware. sTo*rr4»- HAJLCOCMRAN--m;*ruti£ 6f HI , , Wmebrenner vs. Miller, Bowers, McSherry: Saplon vs. Cummings, De _ Lamer. Weinberg. ] January II--Houck. vs. Hannan, [ Buck"." Hcuck vs. Hannan, Buckey; ! Houck vs. Harmon. Buckey; Meadows vs. Wilson. DeLau:er. Weinberg: Dutrow vs Snani. DeLau:er-S:orm. ilc- January 12--Frisch is. Ausherman. Joseph. Weinberg: Perel vs. Baer, Rosenstock. Stoner-Storm: Krantz vs. Stem. Lewis. Sum. January 13--Grinder vs. Pheips, McSherry. Wood; Belding vs. Valley Supply Co. James, Storm; Hilcebrand vs. Hershey « zL. Harp. January 14--Knipple vs. Gulf Refin- "Sag Co.. Harp-Storm: Tyler vs. Schmidt, Stoner-Storm-Le-sris. James. January 15--Bowman vs. Snook et ^ Heasev, Sowers; Bowman vs. Snook et aL, Heagey, Bowers: Trail vs. Ranis- burg Fertilizer Co, Rosenssoek. Rohrback; KeJholtz vs. Central Trust Co., Storm. Newman; Sumtners vs. Thomas Co, Ma:hi2s, MlSherry; Hoffman vs Wolfe, Caolentz. DeLauter. January 18--Marshy vs M. J Grove j.-rruf Co., Bowers, Brown-Bennett, Mc- Sberrv-Stona. January 19--Musgrove vs. Saplon, Wood, DsLauter: Musgrove vs. Kapion, Wood. DeLauter: Dubuque Insurance Company vs. HaEer, Stoner-Storrc, He- Sherry. " January 21--Bank or Gaithersoarg vs. Storm et al., Talbott. Storm-Pearre; Bank of Gaithersburg vs Lightner et ai.. Talbott, Storm-DeLauter-Pearre; Bask o; Gaithersborg vs. Lightner et ai., Taibot:. Stortn-DsLauier-Pearre. January 22--Myers vs. Citizens' Na Theater News ·Wallace Beery, the famous Butch «·! "The B!g House." Jackie CvXp»r. o* -Skippy" facie, and King Vicor. uircc-- ' tor of -Street Scene." are tlv r.o:abl - · trio behind "The Champ." Metrc: Goldwyn-Mayer's sensational ciraasa v-i I the Mexican border, wh'ca -js piayin-j [at the Tivoli again today. ' Beery and Jackie play father ar.-J 'son in the vivid new sto--. in *hich ' the redoubtable Beery is seen as a i former fight ciampion. now. ccvra on ' his luck, living with his sin in a bor- jder resort and trying to make a "come i back." Much of the production was filmed in Mexican locales. A .notable cast appears including Ireae Rich as the mother. Rosco Ates and Edward 3rc- phy as the fight trainer and manager, respectively. Hale Hamilton. Jest-e Scott and Marcia Mae Jones. One of the big dramatic highlight* COATS 19 .75 26 75 37 50 Formerlv Formerly Formerly $24.75 to $29.75 $32.50 to $37.50 $44.50 to $49.50 All Children's Coats Reduced 20% BEAD THE STOBT. tHEN COLOR THE PICTURE When ail the Tines had crawled in, wee Clownv «mtfi, with sickly grin. I wonder if this rocket's really safe and very sound- TKow that we an have crawled inside, I hardly think I want this ride. Supposin', when we're-ha the air, *hat we fail to the ground." Then Scouty cried, "Well, goodness me! You act as cumo as dumb can be. One aunute everything's all nght and then you change your mind. Because of all your siHy stunts, I'cn satisfied the name of Dunce is what we ought to call you. It's the best name I can find." "Only, kindly call of Dunce. It has a far better sound" The others answered, "Sure! We're game. So, after this, that is your name. But now let's ask the rocket man just where we aH are bound." The rocket man then stuck his head into the cabin. Then he said, "Well. goocSby, boys. You'll soon be on your up through the sky I'll start the rocket through the air and trust it won't give you a scare." "Oh. please be careful," Duacy said. And then he waved goodby. The cabjj door vras closed up tight The rocket man then cned, "AH right, just hold your breath and u? you go! You'll hear a -ahizzing sound. Don't let that worry you one bit, but in your seats jasu calmly sit." And then the Tmies saw that they were rising oB the ground. At, first they didn't say a word and then far down below they heard the rocket man shout. "Hey! Don't fret. as in the air you climb." "He's right," j said Scouty. "Let's all smile. We're , bound to coine down after while. We'll j make the best of everything and have a real good tide." (To be continued.) fConynght, 1931, XEA -Service, Inc.) Take. . . WE ARE OFFERING A RACK OP DRESSES Sizes 38 to 48. Formerly sold up to $16.50. Greenawalt's Dandelion Idver Disks Tor Your Liver's Sake 25c lar * e box Sl °° ALL COMFORTS Sateen and Rayon SUk Covered. OFF COMP. SYRUP OF MULLEIN For Conjhs and Colds 25c Md 50c At four Drngslst'i or Dealer'* DRESS REMNANTS Silk. Wool and Rayon. Slany contain dress patterns. Very Low Priced Men's and Women's Bath Robes Reduced_10% Thomas H. Haller, inc. "The Store of Courtesy Service" 17-19 North Market Street £= Invest YOUR CHRISTMAS MONEY In Our AT OUR EXCEPTIONALLY LOW PRICES THE RUG STORE MCLLIMX BENTZ 4 East Patrick Street GoingOutWith'31 Our Entire Stock of The Ttnies have a very strange experience in tne ner; story ) ! told the magistrate that the prohibi- j ' tion agents were headed by Harold B. i | Hall. He said they displayed no search I '. -warrant to enter his home and after | a hearing. He said no charge was pre- lerred. Cook. Rohrback; Baker vs. WeHer, Harp: Merger vs. Thomas Co., Rohrback; Ehrhar: Son vs Chevy Chase Dairy, Xewman. Coolentz; i^nrhan Son "vs. Chevy Chase Dairy. Newman. Ja-uary 25--Werking -s. Zimmerman e t " al. Weinberg, Coo'.entz-Mc- Sherry- January 29--Ramsburg Partner Co 13. STJO, RDhrbaci; Friedenwald Morrison vs. Kidwiler. Bowers; Beach- Is- vs. Rudy. SXner-S:crzn. DeLauier: Farmers' Co-operative Association vs jjosencrantz, Cob'en^. W-^o--; no£man rs. Simons, DeLau;er. Ne~=^nan and Newman. February I--Myers TS. Western ilary- . ,, .- -. the dry 'agents broke locks from several doors of his house, smashed three or four empty kegs and nearly destroyed 200 ,cnat the men made illegal entry. ! Hargraves further displayed to the ! magistrate a citation to appear in Ha- I gerstown this morning before TT- S. '.Commissioner D. Angle Wolfinger for Feared Drowned. j Woolwich, Eng.. Dec. 28.--Nine men were feared to have drowned tonight --hen the steamship. American Trader, .figured in z. collision with a London 'tugboat in the lower reaches of the i Thames nver. | The tugboat sank immediately after jthe collision. One member of her crew 'was fished out of the water, but nine [others were still missing. "a-^d Railxav co . parsoas-Arzstrocs-rmer: Burger vs. Wastem Sla-- land Railway Co. Light- ner-C^blentz, Parsons-Armstrong-Ur- =er; We^el vs. Western Mary la-d Rail-ray Co . Liz hir-er-CoblaJtz. Parsons- Trials GeneraHy. Rancc'.ph Supply Co vs. Coolentz fit al. Sml:h. Cobleniz: Beall vs. Haaul- toa. 3owers-S;orm, Brown-Beaae": Hufford vs. Derr, McSr.erry, S:on-erStorm: General Re frig Corp vs Cramer McBniie-Jamei. Wsmberg: Moun". St. ilary's C-y^ege vs. B^er, 3-jseos»ck. errv: Si«r vs. et al . Ha^^ " i?-as C-j TS. MOZO-CEC; n^ig Co. ilcSperry. We^i- berz; Thomas Co v= C.r Packins Co.. M -Sherry. i^Mnas C; vs. MDiiocacy Vajey Canning Co. iic- Sherrv. Weiiberg. Thomas Co Frederic's C.:y Packing O3 . HO Coonty Man Says Agents Made I · i lawful Visit. Claim-ng thai federal -.c: ageirts entered h:s ho3i« wi'hoti* watch --arrant, ass destroyed "open: Monday. Thomas Kargraves, of sea: . JeSTerso-. appeared before J-jst:=s Alton Y. Ser.netX \~ Police Court Monoay niEhi. decnaacJ^g a warrar.t for the-r arrest. The mar-strata aci-sed Hargraves to wa.t jr.t.l today ar.d consult with State's Attorney Walter E. Suir. i before sji:.i action is .r-stiiuted. k Kar?ra.vss. who recently served a ··31! fri* f i r S.l«ig l.Q'jcr. sftpr Demg a--ested bj Sheriff Charles W Cruar, ( ana a'-s at a carnival here, The Officers and Directors of the Commercial Bank extend to its patrons, friends and the public, greetings for a happy holiday season and the wish that the New Year may be a radiant and prosperous one for all. Foreseeing a period of severe readjustment we are taking the bull by its horns and offering our entire used car stock at prices heretofore unheard of. Yon don't have to wait for low prices .. they're here now . . waiting for yon! Frederick Motor Co. USEJl CAE DEPT.--East B. 0. Ave. 117 West Patrick St. Phone 1092 English de»gn, r:cW«d buft pcneb end r . _ _ in!oyi. SecufSfuI wood c3?VTTi^s on tn9 oo'lotii rcil* T» new spray-shield tabvt (on ^ «f»c fecrfanc) gfv* ·prsvsd fote end excei'enf teleo- Twif power de!«:J«n... Grand ... Pe'-tod* powvr tub* ·one control... S'otiC modi- ited die!. Trehr, a et on craoz : r9.'y low price. . . Fu ! rcrgt fier end L.J.- STORM Phone 266 SHIPLEY Busy Corner Start Saving New Year's Da) and nv tiif rime another Xe\v Year rolls aroi ad you "vviil have a C"infortable aum put ;«side aprainst the emenren'-ie.- c«f the future. This is the right ^ ~« bank to put your savii^as in. bound as the gov- ernmont. au«l i';iy y"« :1 - p^i' cent, interest every six months. Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland 'The Sank of Personal Service

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