The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 22, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1924
Page 12
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« P\GF. TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATURDAY: WfrVEMBER 22. I ^M WOMAN CLEANS UP TEXAS PRISONS CALLED WORST IN THE COUNTRY Snn Antonio, Tux., Nov. 22.— fms Is tnr. suiry or tho woman who donned 11 n "in- of Die worst prison fcynlfinH in tin* country. It Is duo, In cri'iit measure, to the fuel Mini 'M yi'ni's IIRD a TPXHB ranch Klrl wnnUil to ho a doctor mill rnuliln'l. ; Jlor fnlher illi] not think uieilldno a moilchl. railing for I1I3 dimpli- tcr. So tboy compromised on phnr. mucy, nnd tlic tilrl, now Mrs. .1. 10 Kln/f, went to study it fit the Sum Ilinitston Normiil School In Huntsville. Now llunlsvllli' la Iho seal of the. Texas ^S 1 a 10 Penitentiary—"the •null."." they fall II, to distinguish 11 from tlie 24 prison farms scattered over eastern 11 nil southern Texas. And It was I here that Airs. Kill-? who today Is chairman of Iho Texns I'rlsnu SiiiicM Isory I'naril, pot her firat I 'llmpM.* of 11 prison and of lirlson life. First Glimpse ot Prison. "The first tiling 1 saw In Huntsville." slic says, "was the walls. And lliey are. the last thing 1 ever shall furi:et. '"I'lie Kills in school did all they could for I he men in the prison. "Then I went to flalvcslon to finish my course. In ISM, fiovorn- or Tom Campbell appointed state pharmacist. And my life was full and liu.-y. "After 11 ilme I married. My husband's chid dellclil. was in spoiling me with attention, 'Tor 1s years 1 led n life of ease But always in the bacl; of my mind was Unit, prison in llunlsville and j those poor men. "Governor Pat N'eff was ,1 warm friend of ours. In September, 1921, when he created the. prison advisory board, he put me on it. "1 wanted to refuse, but my husband'said: "The Lord hasn't given us any children, so we ought to do tome service." Needed a Housekeeper. The olber members named Mrs. KIIIK--Sim Is •'.Mother KltiK to the convicts—tin 1 board's chairman. From then on, her life of ease was. over. "1 cannot express my feelings on my first, inspection trip," she re- ta js. "The men were sleeping in wooden hunks — there was not an Iron "MOTHER" KINO. came In through *, small pipe In the floor. Fifteen ye.ars ago eight negroes were thrown In a dark cell at Retrieve Kami, and In that little Black Hole of Calcutta they smothered to death. This Is a matter of record rccalleil by Mrs. King. "Hut you can't find any dark cells In Texns prisons now," she declares. And next came the passing ot the chains—great log chains that used .to hang from, the beama In every prison house; those chains with which men were strung up by the •wrists until they fainted. Now, "Mother" King has tackled the whipping problem. She in- clared herself against the use of th s lash. "Hut as long as such a provision remains In the statutes, the board cannot prevent Its use," she says. "We can only recommend the law he changed." Texas opened Its first honor farm Inst September as the result of Mrs. King's report to Governor Ncff. And since then one tor negro prisoners also has been established. -»»" May Help. And "Mother" King hopes to have the honor system extended to every ono of the 24 prison farms. Other reforms she suggests include: A hospital on each ot the farms, A tuberculosis sanitarium for the prloon system. And Bhe probably will get to put them through, for nearly everybody thinks "Ma" Ferguson, governor-elect, will keep her on the Job. GET IN DEBT IF YOU WANT TO BECOME RICH IS ADVICE OF BANKER bed in tho whole prison system. And they had only old dirty and torn mattresses of straw, hay and cornshticks. I believe there were not 50 pillows In the system, "In each call house was an open barrel of water and a common drinking cup. Tho bunk houses were filled with ' edbugs. Flies nnd mosquitoes swarmed about, for there wasn't n scroeen or a mosquito bar In sight. "I saw right there what the prlnsons needed was a housekeeper. Men can't keep house." And "Mother" King Jumped right In. She bought iron beds from the army surplus for 95 cents apiece, and tore out every wooden bunk. She gOjt new mattresses and pillows. No More Chains. Then she abolished the dark cell. Lacked In one, a man had no light whatever, and no air- except what BY GEORGE BR ITT NEA Service Writer. New York. Nov. 22.—'Get In debt! When you pay out, plunge In again! Stay In debt for all you can carry. That la the only way to succeed In business. Let other men's money work for you." A gray-hatred prosperoui real estate dealer gave this advice nearly 30 years ago to a young client, Francis H. Slsson, back In his home town of Galesburg, 111. Stuson followed It to his preeent position an -co president of the Guaranty Trust Co., ot New Vork nnd one of the best known men in tho banking field. And when this Interviewer visited him expecting the conventional, cautious counsel about thrift and "pay as you go," Slsson quoted his old friend's words and Illustrated with bis own story. "1 became a newspaper owner when 1 was 27 and without money," be says. "1 had a lot ot fun out ot It and made some money, by the magic assistance of debt. After 1 got out of college I had some exper'ence on Chicago papers and then ^ «.nt back to Galesburg. Somehow a bank trusted mo and by tts aid I bought a third Interest In the paper. Then it was necessary to buy presses and other new equipment. Then opportunity came to take over a building cheap, and we did It. "Next a turn of circumstances forced me to got entire control ot the paper If I was to survive. A bank promised to honor my checks tor that purpose- I got oa mr bicycle and In one day I bought up enough shares to assure It. "All this before I had paid a cent toward lifting the debtl But I paid out wllh a profit and learned a lesson of tho real value ot credit," S Is son's philosophy on debt can be summed up In some such aphoristic .ihrases as these: A young man's greatest assets niay be his liabilities. Deb li riot merely a burden; It la a apur. D:bt enlarges • young man's Working capital ts equa' his ability. Thrift and debt may bs ths bases of fortune. It pays to be a "bull" on ths Unite I states and buy In faith In the country's business progress. Of course there are all sorts ot debtB. Applicants for work In the Guaranty Trust Co., as In other banks, must answer an extensive questionnaire which Includes Inquiries as to their debts, It a FRANCIS H, SISSON. young bookkeeper has gone Into debt tor an automobile. It doesn't j appear as recommendation, If hs Is buying good securities or a home, It may increase ths bank's respect for him. "I bellave a well-organised, soundly baaed Indebtedness Is an adtanj. tage to any man," says Slsson. Hard Problem. An American In dear old London^ was bragging about his automobile. He ended, bis eulogy by declaring: "It runs so smoothly that you can't feel It, so qulotly you can't hear It, has such perfect Ignition yon can't smell It, and-as for speed- boy, you can't see It." /' "But, my word, old dear," Interrupted tke Briton, anxiously* "how do you know, the bally thing is thera?"—Blue '.BabovS. Eat and Get Thin If you are overfat and averae to physical exertion, If you ore fond »>f eating and atHl want to reduce your excess flesh, go to your druggist and get a box of Marmola Prescription Tablets. These tablets, compounded in Accordance with the famous Marmola Prescription, contain the exact ingredients necessary to produce a normal, healthy reduction of excess weight. Take one tablet after each meal and at bed time and you will begin to lose your fat steadily and easily. Continue the treatment until your weight Is what you desire—until your figure Is slender and attractive again. You don't need to try starvation diets or weakening exercises. Go on eating what you like. Leave exercising to the athletes. Just take your little tablet faithfully, and without a doubt your flabby flesh will quickly disappear. Your figure will become plender and shapely Just as you have always wanted it to be. Thousands or men and women each year regain healthy, slender figures this way. Why don't you? Marmola Prescription Tablets are so pleasant and easy to take that anyone who is suffering the embarrassment and discomfort of overweight owes It to himself to try them. All drug stores the world over sell Marmola Prescription Tablets for on« dollar a box. Or send the money direct to the Marmola Company. General Motors Building. Detroit, Mich., and a box will be sent to you postpaid. A few doses of PE-RU-NA by way of precaution. For more than half a century, to meet just such emergencies, PE-RUNA has been the standby in thousands of homes. Time has proved the reliability of this well known medicine for coughs, colds, catarrh, stomach and bowel troubles, and every catarrhal condition. Your parents and grandparents depended on PE-RU-NA and found It good. . •«•« 4 eento pastas* for booklet •*> eatorik ts tie PE-RC-HA COMPANY, Colambiu, Oklo. Sold Everywhere Tablets or Liquid Pretty Bobbed Hair Adds to girlish loveliness, if the hair is thick and lustrous. To get rid of dan druff, which often follows cutting the hair, and to keep the scalp clean and healthy, frequent shampoos are necessary. Before sham pooing anoint the scalp lightly with Cuticura Oint ment, then cleanse with suds of Cuticura Soap and hot water. Rinse thoroughly, So«p 25c. Ointment tS and We. Takaai 25c Sold everywhere. Sample tsch free by "kill Address 1 "Cattosm tmtel, Dept. >, eUl-is, Hue.' HUTCHINSON Hutchinson is the logical market place tor mer chant and for consumer in tVestern Kansas Northwt-storn Oklahoma and Eastern Colorado Hutchinson alone haa he trannportatlon facilities .0 economically servo the people of this section Favored as «t la by railroads by Industry, by agrl. culture and by finance. Hutchinson (• truly the <nrMr«orWiPi nf this territory INDUSTRIAL REVIEW A Center of Service Progrttaive induitriti In at moat al* lines of *-*»• nets are to b« found In Hutchinson. Many of them are re oriented on this paa«< Thess Industrie* ere largely responsible for the growth of this territory. The service which they afford eets a standard which outside organizations must equal. These industries make your Ufa more pleasant, and thev deserve vour suooort Certified Public Accountant 's Service Wilbur E. Swenlon, C. P. A. Audits. Examinations, System, Tlie Sunflower State Accounting Co. One-half block North of Post. Mflce. Phone 998. 400 Hoke Bldg. Hutchinson, Kansas MON-TRO Coffee Every Cup's Good to the Last Drop. You'll like it, and it's economical, too. 60 CUPS TO THE POUND Your Grocer Sells Mon-Tro THE GUYMON-PETRO MERC. CO. HUTCHINSON. KANSAS INDUSTRIAL NOTES ,J. S. HIGG, Architect Residence Work a Specialty Whiteside Bldg., Hutchinson, Kama,, Corner 2nd and Main Phone 1937 INTRODUCING MR. B. P. BOZEMAN New City Representative of Kansas Central Indemnity Co. THE MALONE POSTER SERVICE Outdoor Advertising Home Theatre Building Phone 140 SALT CITY PRINTING CO. Will save you 10 to 20% on Printing. Phone 1914 Cor. Opposite Convention Hall nisNO TvrKwniTKit EXCHANGE All makes of typewriter,. Ex. elusive agents for the ROYAL 4 CORONA TYPEWRITERS. 405 N. Main—Phone 3639 Try McArthur's White House Brand Hams, Bacon and Lard—-Cleveland Style Ham Bologna— Milwaukee Style Frankfurters. The McArthur Packing Company M. C. FOY General Contractor 416 E. 13th St. Phone 2999W CAPPER ENGRAVING CO ARTISTS-ENGRAVERS DESIGNS ZINC ETCHINGS HALF TONES COLOR PLATES QUALITY-SERVICE HUTCHINSON OFFICE 11. NELSON DDLG. PHONE 402 PLANT a AT WICHITA ANOTOPEKA. The Richards-Scheble Candy Co. Manufacturers of Fine Candlei Fountain Supplies and Accessories u CANDY You can tnisilj 1 prove that L A K A li fcl E • S BEST FLOUK Mitka'8 Thi» most hr«"(id from Tho Least Flour. L.\|{.\BI;K FI.OIU MILLS COKI'OIIATION Hutchinson. Kansas . The Hutchinson Produce Co?' UNDER SAME MANAGEMENT 2* YEAR* WHOLESALE Prune and Vegetables Feurtti anS Washington For two years now, ears the Railway Age, the railways have handled the fall "peak load" of a record-breaking freight business without any car shortage. This was an achievement In 1923, but the achievement ot 1924 Is even more creditable. Traffic In the spring and summer of 1924 was much lighter than In 1923, total car loadings In the last week ot May being only 918,213. The "pettk load 'V reached in the week ended October 25 was 1,112,345 cars, an Increase since May of 191,132 cars. The Increase In loadings between May and the week of the "peak load" In 1924 was almost 111,000 cars more than In 1923. Nevertheless, In the week when the "peak loading" was reached in 1924 the railways bad a surplus ot 99,952 serviceable cars. ARLINGTON At Grocer* Wiley Dunn of Abhyville was among the visitors here Wednesday. . Ed Oott and Elmer Barton' ot Hutchinson were visitors here the last of the week. Tom Urgles and wit* are •pending th* weak with relatives In San- t&nta Will m >!mbler ef Halstesa visited here ths last of ths week Will Portel is at Langdon tor • tew weeks, running th* section In the absence ot Mr. Sutton, section foreman, who was called to Illinois by th* sickness of his mother. Geo Martin of Abbyvtlle was among the visitor* here th* last of the week tearl Fowler Is at Pratt this week plastering ths Rock Island eating house. Mr. and Mrs. Tull Taylor are the happy parents over the arrival of a new baby girl, born the first of this week. MessrB, Myers of Sylvia were here Tuesday. John Martin and daughter, Jose phine, of Abbyvllle and Mr. Kcllog of Oklahoma, visited relatives here thu firat of the week. Jim Burling moved the Carter house across the river, on to their farm the last of the week. Mrs. Chester Warner Is on the sick list this week. ' The revival meeting Is being held at the Presbyterian church this week. The meetftigstare fine and the attendance good. The business houses close every night for these meetings. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Burling visited at Langdon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Lopan and Dick Cecil of Hutchinson visited re'utlvcs here this week. Dorothy Fuller who has been at Tennossee for the past_year, returned home this week for a visit with her parents. Tom Nprrls of Arkansas arrived Wednesday to attend his mother's funeral, Mr. and Mrs. Wright of Hutchinson spent Wednesday In our city. Mr- Yundt of Hutchinson visited here this week, FIIrani Clark of Oklahoma 1* visiting relatives here this week. Mrs. Lucy Norrls died at her home here Monday. She was 71 years of age. She leaves one daughter and two sons besides her many friends to mourn her loss The funeral service was held at the Presbyterian church Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, by Rev. Evans and the burial was In the Arlington cemetery. The family family bave the sympathy of their friends to this their hour of Sorrow. Mr. and Mrs, Leon Murphy of Hutchinson, spent a few days here the first of the week and attended the fuueral of her grandmother, Mrs. Norrls. Lon Dunn Is spending the week at Elkhart, looking after business matters. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Richardson and Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Drown, were county seat rlsltors this week. Frank Wells of Alden Is visiting friends here this week. John Swan, who works at Hutchinson, Is spending a few days at home this week. Dan Walborn and wife ot Hutchinson spent a fow days with their daughter, Mrs. Chester Warner and family, the last ot the week. Charles Swan Is working In tingles and Mitchell store In tho absence of Tom Unglea. Mr, Stroup of NIckerson, among th* business visitors this week. HUTCHINSON BOARD OF TRADE DIRECTORY Paul Gano, President Ralph Rucscll, Trea*. C. w. Colby, Sao'y. Gano Grain Co. Colllngwood-Moore Grain Co. Ths Grain Marketing Co, Ralph Ruasell Grain Co. Southwest Grain Co. The Security Elevator Co. A. G. McReynolds B. C. Christopher & Co. The Central Grain eV Lab. Co. Hutchinson Grain Co. Gofte & Carkner Ine. Th* Consolidated Elevators Midwest Grain Co. Geo. E. GanO & Co. CONSIGN YOU It OKA IN TO TUG NEAREST DEALEK was here "MADE IN flUTCHINSON" Before you buy sea th* "Kelsey Btretchleee Mattresa." Hutchinson Mattress Co. Manufacturers PRETTY PRAIRIE Mr. and Mrs. fi. D. Long ot Wichita, and Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dafforn and family of Pretty Prairie visited at the H. L. Dafforn home one day ot the past week. Miss Eva Blew spent ths week end with her parents near Dnr- low. M. J. Pets and family bad as guests for dinner Sunday Mrs. George, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Zimmerman and Jean ot McPherson, Mr. and Mrs. Clias. George of Hutchinson. John Knntzer is shredding in our neighborhood this week. Mrs. Roy Smith is vieltlng at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McCurry. Mrs. McCurry Is still at the home ot her slater, Mrs. Coffey ot Hutchinson, quite a bit improved since last week. Miss Marbello Winfrey of Hutchinson spent the week end with her aunt, Mrs. Herbert Daftoru. Harold Davis and family ar* moving to Lyons this week. The children will be greatly missed at school. \ Mrs. M. J. Petz and her mother, Mrs. George, spent Friday with Mrs. Peter P. Stucky. Mr*. J. G. McCurry was operated on at the Grace hospital Momluy. Last reports are that she Is doing as well as could possibly be expected. The Jett & Wood Central Merc. Co. Phone M10 Hutchlni.n, Kan*** M A GROWING CONCERN Serving in the neighborhood of 100 Kansas towns, the United Power and Light Corp. is one of the fastest growing organizations of It* kind In this section 'of the country. Just recently the Sal In a Power and Light Corp of Sallna, and the United Water, Gas A Electric Co. ot Hutchinson wore absorbed by this company. United Power and Light Corp. United Water, a** A Eltctrl* Co. I. "We put tht Snaps m Snapshots" Winttead Photo & Finishing Co. Curtle C. Adamson COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Quality Kodak Finishing for th* Trad*. Phone as* Hutchinson. Kansas Hotel Stamey PI REPROOF Injey a Qoo* Meal *«n **r*. Oreheetra Muale Neen an* •vtnlnt. THE HUTCHINSON HIDE & FUR CO. Cash buyers et HIDES—FURS— WOOL Conelanmant* a Specialty. Correspondence solicited. *21 So. Main, Hutchinson, Kaa. ZENITH Mr. cantwell of Sterling was in this vicini.y Mouilu/. Jim Clothier trucked a load 01 !io<rs to Hutchinson for John Turley last Tuesday. ...r. aad Mra. Odd Haskln of Sylvia moved on Mrs. Carrie Clothier's farm northeust of Sylvia. M'ss Ava Bowlnnd who has visited her Bister, Mrs. Earl Clothier, the past three weeks returned home at Cimmcroii, Kans,, Saturday. Mrs. Ben Beagley and Mrs. Roy Beagley and daughter went to Hutchinson Friday to se* Mrs. 6hlpl«r who Is very sick. •MANN-AND-COMPANY • Office 722-721 R-W Bida. AUCHITCCT./ Huteninaon, Kanttt Phona 2166 THE STAMEY-MACK.EY CONSTRUCTION CO Paving and Road Contractor* HUTCHINSON. KANSAS Kansas Gas and Electric Company "AT YOUR SERVICE" HUTCHINSON. KANSAS In answering,advertisements, please mention T he News-Herald. In Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News-Herald

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