Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 12, 1965 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1965
Page 2
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CtOVfS HlWS40tfftNAt» Wed,, May 12, 1985 leinperM Still Short Over State By United Press International Surface and subsoil moisture remains in short supply in New l Mexico despite small amounts of precipitation in the state las' week, according to a report from the U.S. Weather Bureau Thfc bureau in Its weekly weather and crop report, said Scattered local showers fell in the southeast and somewha' heavier showers fell in eastern border sections. The bureau said New Mexico livestock ranges are in general- : ly poor condition, although most j ranges are showing some Spring weed growth. Livestock | are gaining weight in some ar-1 eas. | Irrigated fields are in good condition, but dryland wheat is in need of more moisture. The bureau said the planting of the 1965 cotton crop is nearing completion, with most early fields in southern New Mexico up to stand. The first cutting of alfalfa is continuing and lettuce cutting is ! ^] anta cy underway in the Mesilla Valley, j Charleston S.C., c Apples were reported in bloom jv- Mnlnes, c in most producing areas. El Paso, cy iwffl be ttwt* normal to belt* Mrnul in Temperature Table Consultant * 8r>1 * 11 * w> Cemmenfar y Urged For Common Congress Question tff I Atf f ^t/t W*/S*T / * T*^t v #% A ^^ WASHINGTON (UPI) - Rep. Market Faces Of Financing BRUSSELS (UPI) Deciding ug6. pays for the Common Mar- kep's agricultural policy is the Mggest single Question facing the six-nation tfomrmmitv be- Community financing of ex- nancing. mami- Other member countries have Campbell Lauds Youths SANTA FE (UPl)-«ov. Jack M. Campbell has sent letters of congratulations to nine New Mexico students who received Woodrow Wilson fellowships for graduate study toward a profession in college teaching. Recieving the award for 1965- Franco would like to get a* enormous sum to a nine - man mi( ,. vear r i ai ] Uiro subsidies sewn up and commission without some par- then, discuss other Hamcntary control. do the same on a full-time ba sis Rosenthal a New ^ ' s a $ 2 -^> billion a year then, only York lawyer now serving his>P°1' CV ' by far the most ex- aspects of community fi- Adv for Wednesday I'M^ third term In the House, ofr'P?* 1 ^ bill ever to be present-—! " * j "" ~ •% ^ fered this among other sugges- ed b x the community's execu- T AVflM MflV H£ tions In a prepared statement tiv « commission to the member • ^^%MI ITi%*T »*%» to a House - Senate committee governments of West Germany. considering how to reform the France, Italy, Belgium. Holland inner workings of the legisla- and Luxembourg. tive branch. , Deciding who pays what and He said that another reform ^L ge . l *_ Delations 8 b"uvecn MONTF.HHKY. Mexico iITI' boon that it is never used any notably between ~ v >™ n if ttu> Mexity " d ' atl ' the others in the P ena!! >' hanpmc over the head of Dykes Askew Simmons of other artificial Knrt Wo! " lh lsn ' 1 commuted, he in the member Illav escape the iinnu squad move is a!"ol to do away Mrs . M. Jo- Mexican Firing Squad seph, Mrs. Kathryn C. McNair, ! Terry C. Poe and Rodney M, ISipvers. all of Albuquerque; iTheodor W. Oaldl of Carlsbad; and George Crossland of Hobbs. The fellowships are financed by the Ford Foundation. There were 11.344 nominations this year with 1,395 students being named as winners. badly needed is a guaranteed summer vacation for Congress. F aencSe1 He proposed creation of a daily :r ™ press digest so members would-i n't have to spend so much time . readinff the newsnaoprs And ho alds to saw t ronreional Rpc-ord countries must be leveled out if said the tongressional Kecord rom noto u are lo " uce 10 f - on < ( rom noto u . are . lo " uce 10 f - on r< ( «'"' The four attorney generals! «aid that the death penalty doesi not discourage criminals, is re-' nulsive to society, and is "out-j -irle Mexico's social realities."; By United Press International Miami Beach, pc High Low Pep'New Orleans, pc 85 60 .01 New York c 82 69 .20 San Francisco, c fi 48 — Spokane, cy 79 58 - Washington' pa terms make sure you can afford the The dreams of a lifetime are captured in theae 14K gold beauties with side baguette We«kly Monthly T«rm* Fiery brilliance in a long and narrow style that's so flattering on your finger. Diamond! enlarged to thow btaury f nc«» plu« tax ought to be indexed daily, in stead of only every couple 01 . . ., . ... . .. •n,., ,,)(,,,.„,, ..-.m-.-.,' <>' i> r. weeks market. At present \\cst dor- ' hl «it!o:iu\ sU-ne-a. 01 i..c many's food producers are the sl ' iU ' " f N"i'\o Leon, where As for his proposed new of- : most heavily subsidized. French Simnmns is iiNprixmecl alter fice of management adviser, farmers get'the least state aid. be in a convicted of the murder the New York Democrat said Wants Subsidy Control of thieo youim membors of a industry and business seek such The community's nine - man Monterrey lamiiy. joined wi ( h Sadvice and congressmen need executive commission lias '•''''''' «':)<•;• attorney j.:eneraN It, too. He said the demands on moved that subsidies be taken over the weekend to call f >• Congress are growing faster out of the hands of individual fepedl o: capita! punishment than Us ability to meet them. Igovernments and run by it. To The ou.r;,.;, \\cre from t!.e Rosenthal said the man-do this the commission needs other three Mexica agement consultant he em-,money. wnich sti'.; n'Uiii: the t: Ti , ,.,.,. al!v-"Mo:Tlo> San Li It has suggested all levies on ,,"i ,,,.....,.., ... %(IV , oiaic A ucaua y i ^uiiKi caaiuiiai uniwc nvin iva * , , . f cilhi ^'ti\ l M t l was 81 degrees at Deming. Ra- payroll to the location of desks.: food f uch as «f ams - fr ° m non - It ha:- bom decade jton recorded the overnight low He did not say what he had ™ cm k% Countries such as the ( , Xl , (1| . ;i ,,, was ra ,.- ;( , with 35 degrees. No measurable learned about Improving his of- ^^^L^"^^. "™™- ™* «"" «\ its abf; 79 75 86 63 88 56 75 49 76 49 88 61 The highest temperature re-ipfoyed studied everything in his corded in the state Tuesday j congressional office from Its slates « J'oto-i since an out in amounts of precipitation were fice routine, however, recorded Tuesday. HI Low ^Alamogordo 74 Albuquerque 69 /Carlsbad 70 j Clayton 68 Clovis 64 Deming 81 Farmington 73 67 68 50 51 61 46 53 55! 54 i 40! 64 Raton 66 Roswell 74 Santa Fc 70 Silver City 75 Socorro 75 T or C 76 Tticumcari 73 Zuni 73 Capitol Hill Building Due Facelifting WASHINGTON (UPI) - The T.' 1 Cannon Building, Capitol .\ oldest, office structure. Mill's more than the 7-Passenger Jets Ordered By Airlines „', undergo a j£ The work .,, Only a little nmru uiun HH: pp'jj.).. ,* original construction cost back .J. T • 48 in ly ° 5 - ' ' "' - r ,i The remodeling job was ap-i c. proved late Monday by the 4g i House Office Building Cornmis- i sion. It was to be announced officially today by Speaker John W. McCormack at his news conference. fund. The commission headed hy '.,..„. '.,., professor Walter Hallstclh ti ^ u : lUM would administer this fund with —. • f**i democratic control being pro- bhrimp, wltrUS vided by the European parha- Overtime Pay Out So far so good. But this would ,, ]U( . !( ,^« a i. v ,. anT-'^'-i'''\! '• '(< ]'• guarantee farmers their in- .'7, a b;,;'!. X f. r 'r,-'' ' •• ^ ; ''- -r'-''v"l come, but not industrial w>rk- ( .,', lx " ; , j^-.'v ','..t...''^,\''<,",.' CrS - o\f' MM',' ',. ,". ' ' '''''•'"" '' "'''''' So the commission has ^one ' '"" '"'' one step further. Tariffs and lit;' M";-:-", .! M,:-;,I\ «.; levins on all industrial imji-iri- H,,•:,......•, -;i,.; ;, • ',- \x ,., } should also po into tlic centra'; !>::::; >•',.'.,• :..»•. ,• ' » ,'• u ' ; fund jjivmu it an im-o::i.' c: :e>i'-,i: .,.•, ;., :., ,,.• . • .; ; .$2.5 billion a vcar bv •:••••.- < ' -i A* .-.-.a r : .,•; . "Home of Dale Lee Sherwood Memorial Chapel i^ SHERWOOD '•>*s. C/ov/V Experienced Funeral Director Troy L. Sherwood U'iO Mnin St. Charles V. Sherwood Ph. 762-U33 Corner of 4th & Main The project will bring the old building up to modern office- standards, but not to the level ! achieved by the House's new ALBUQUERQUE. N. M. $86.4 million Ray burn Office (UPI) — Solar Airlines, one of Building. the nation's newest airlines, has Plans to try to match the ordered several seven-passenger Hayburn Building in opulence pure jets, according to the com-: were thrown out after the new pany's Albuquerque station building drew caustic reviews manager. a t its opening earlier this year. Solar went Into operation 18 The three-man commission months ago, serving Artesia approved the project only after and Roswell in New Mexico, sharply cutting the original ron- 1 Dallas, Fort Worth, Midland, ovation plans submitted by the SPecos,' Sweetwater, Stockton Capitol architect, G. George I Maria, Presidio, all in Texas, Stewart. I and Chihuahua and Mazatlan, i Mexico. : _ , | Dale Edgerton said Solar re- | Ulin 'cently added Albuquerque to its • *»••• flight plan with three daily flights. Solar presently is operating with eight - passenger, twin • engine Beechcraft airplanes. „,,•.„„, „ . , TOT - c ,. Edgerton did not disclose the TLRIN Italy ( number of jets on order by the and Giuseppma Fogha. born $1: ,. , amise twins six years ago, to- Solar is headquartered at day were reported in "excel- Roswell lc ' nt P n >' slcal condition at the ' end of their first night apart The girls were separated Monday in a delcate operation which lasted 3 hours and 50 minutes. Fifteen surgeons helped. Prof, l.uigi Solerio, bead of the team, said this morning the condition of the two girls was "excellent, beyond every expectation." He saki the children spent a quiet night. The dark haired little girls had been joined at the lower spine. Separated By Surgery SELF SERVICE FURNITURE • • 1st & Pile IS AT HOME DECOR INC. 824 MAIN Ct/OVIS MEMHKK AUDIT OF tIKI U BY Lmi.K MKRCHANT CARR1KR 1.74 monthly In »dv*nrw. By mill In Curry and iurrounoini oxjntln tV2 n for one ye«r ; U 00 for iix rvini'>i. I4.'A tor thrve montht. II.W for on» month. Hv mail ojUlit Clo. vi, (it'll UiMUirv IlluO fr>r one •trrr: »HSO for «ix mn.thi. $100 for ilree m.ii,lr.s; II. n tta on» m.mth Al-L SnrtSi'RUTH IN> PAV- Alil.K IN AHVAMCE S«cim<l ft»" f»mt»i{e ptM »t fli«!» N'« Mexico. PuWUhtd rttilv except SatureUy nv the OXJVIS NBWS-JOURNAI. Sixth * Pile. Clovl*. New Mwdoo. Ph. 7U-M31. 5,000 BTl"S OF fOOUM, NKMA t KKTIF1K1) •rrl'e Plug* i' ..'.* * imi'.p fur !»• ll/kl Unix—•4f<iu»i« wr prl<«. HI DGKT PWCF4J POWCBFl 'L AIB CONDlTlOSFJi A ccmpucl, IUM-priced ui»t in uilauu-k. »U1»(MT quiet tuakr* It Uu- p«-rlt-< i <oul<-r tut bedroom. Eit»j (u uwu uti Ubi-r.U u-rui». Coraer of 4th Hedy Lomarr Asks HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -Actress Hedy Lamarr, 50, has filed suit to divorce husband No. 6, former Deputy Dist. Atty. Lewis Boies of Fresno, Calif, whom she accused of mental cruelty The former Viennese beauty queen also claimed Monday that she is broke and sought alimony as well as a division of community property. The couple married March 4, 1%3, and separated la it Oct. 15 Her preuous husbands were Austrian munitions maker Fritz Mandl. writer-producer Gene Markey. actor John Loder, restaurateur Ernest Ted Staulfer and oilman W. Howard Lee. LAMPS si o Fantastic Value Starting Price TRADITIONAL SOFA 99 1-ONLY All New 90 Inch LIVING ROOM TABLES DINETTE SETS All Hew-Viro 9 Only DINING ROOM Walnut-All New 2 Only 9 Pc. Set Values To $89.00 Starting Price 29 WMttm Wtor •TAY PBEM WiMTfcBN fAKTf 811 MAIN RECIIKIKG CHAIRS 5 Duly 411 New POLE LAMPS AH Ntw RUMMAGE CORNER Lamps • Pictures Tables, Accessories Ail New Reductions To LIVING ROOM SUITES Choice Of Colors All New i KING SIZE tfltf*** FOAM MATTRESS *1 UQ SET - 7 ONLY ' * * \

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