The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 6, 1967 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, September 6, 1967
Page 13
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India Fears Widespread Aid Urge NEW DELHI (AD -- India are paying the penalty for years of idleness. "The economic cost to the nation is hundreds of millions of rupees a year," he said, with reference to wasted resources, American Embassy sources refuse officially to discuss the question of "relief mentality." THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Wednesday, September 6. 1967 billions of dollars Oak Ridge To Welcome Arab Pupils f^ f^ m. Return To New School Page 13 Gen. OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (AP) But foreigners working on re-'The stocky, mustached general lief programs in Bihar seem s.ood on the barren hillside, sur- I agreed that such an attitude is rounded by more cows than peo- s worth of foreiEnaW lUsDonsi- Prevalent. Some Peace Corps pie, threw his swagger stick to ssvs£jsfi£ a snJJttSK'JK ,s ^ A ^~ s "relief mentality" created. has been They fear that perhaps in some ways things have been I made too easy for the Indian cials said in one arithmetic book they found 8-year-olds were given the following problem: 'If our defense forces killed three Zionist terrorists and captured another when seven attacked our town, hew many were left?" In such a case the entire book has to be reprinted under the Israeli rule. 'We have to reprint even if there is only one sentence day One relief director in an examination tour of some hard-hit Bihar districts reported the peo- p'.e demanded food, milk or people in their quest for indus- monev - SoTM 6 were notably trial development, agricultural se'f-sufficiency and 20th-century living. Numerous critics in Parlia( ment have complained that the zger ot angry when they found he had brought nothing in his "big Jeep." v ( f News of massive American food aid, wrote after a t r i p to Briiar that was under his direction that while helping to keep millions o f , hunger had PP ' e V '8 OT Oak : Ridge and the bomb were Indians alive, has slowed In- , and vanity ot its people. dia's initiative to enough food to meet needs. produce its Now they are a mu ititude of children whose Arab of a hew town. schools were closed by the Mid- w e find objectionable," said The year was 1942 and in that nle East war *° back . to scho » Ya'acov Sarid, director-general - JakRidee was Monday under Israeli supervi- cf tne Israeli Education Minis- the first atomic sion - and wlth books carefullv try. 'If we just crossed it out or weapon that ultimate- rewritten to eliminate anti- snipped it out the chi idren Iv broueht an abruot end to Zlon ' =t propaganda. wou id ask questions." World War n The educational experiment in The new ^xtbooks are printed ,' " , ,. o ~ Arab territories occupied by Is- in Ara bi c and generally the Is- Lt. Gen. Leslie R. Groves was rael is ^ mR watched by Israe- ^^ say tney n ^ ve not the officer, named by President , is Arabs and tne world beyond changed the Arab curricula Franklin D. Roosevelt some t( . e Midd i e East . Isr | e i does however, intend "M a n h a tton P^i^t »°?t Some of the children will have to introduce Hebrew gradually »"5 nl l.*: ta 2 ! ^?^r-»i." ro books Israeli authorities still into Old Jerusalem, the sector printing thousands of new -,f the holy city seized from Jor- history, geography and ( t an Israeli officials said He- literature, brew will be introduced in other And some will have no teach- occupied areas "if the parents developed. - anified thfe has vear with a Now 70 and retired the Army own dependents', "fheir response" to general returns Monday to take t - rs V"Most of the more than 7,000 request it." york is just not there," Nayar P art in tne city's 25th anniversa- Ara b teachers have indicated The 200,000 Arab children on said. "And no amount of appeal T celebration. Ironically, the they will work under the Israe'- t he west bank of the Jordan cr threat can make them lift nead of tn e wartime nuclear \ ls but many have refused. No aiver and the 100,000 in the project will be given a tour only Israeli teachers will work in the Gaza Strip will receive free . . of unclassified sections of the Arab school?. schooling. But ; .n Old Jerusa- 'The government wants to plants which were built under "if teachers don't have books, jom parents wiU have to pay dose down some free kitchens his direction. t h e y - n 1ust have to te ach with- fees' based on ,ize of fmily and The aid effort was centered i n , o r at least cut the quantum ot "He is so very security con- out texts or on the subjects for amount of family income. Bihar State, a backward area in ^ole. But so loud is the protest scious I'm sure he understands v hich we have cleared books," eastern India along the southern against such a move that the the system, so to speak," said an Israeli Education Ministry More BaMes Live Nepalese border. j policy now is to al'ow things to Dr. Clarence Larson, president pokesman said aid effort to helo In- their little finger. aftereffects of its Finders Are Not IOME DESTROYED IN BRUSH HRE -- A home in nearby Granada K'.lls is engulfed in flames as a brush fire, whipped by winds up AF Wirephoto to 60 miles an hour, burned an estimated 1,200 acres. Five structures were destroyed. Officials said the fire was finally contained. continue as they are. Through the years, nature nelped the Biharis to sustain themselves without too much effort. The Ganges flooded every spring and deposited new layers i Keepers For Long cf rich silt over the flat plains. ' All the Biharis had to do was sprinkle some rice seed and wait for a new crop of food. . , s p o e s m a n s a i . ,, , r . . v of the Union Carbide Nuclear A r a b books were scrutinized Beyond IMFSl Year D. C. Tourist Parking Scanty WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Tour- themselves--long have com- mechanics.' CHAMBLEE, Ga. (AP) -Five children must give back ?iS,635.51 they found Friday in a ,. . . suitcase in the woods, there came to be too many people, too many cattle, | The suitcase, said 10-year-old and no improvement in agricul- Larry Ledbetter, "was just un- lural methods. A drought of two , oer some leaves." He said he vears brought the threat of mil- and four friends ran yelling ·we're rich, we're rich" to his Health Service The agency said the U.S. infant mortality rate--the number lions of starvation deaths. i Some people, even Indians, The lot to b e used have come to re f er to the Bihar- home """"=· The suitcase was dumped on they were doing. The .own y^t in the Eas, g.liiSEiSyS^S'Sfi ^Ss^BSSS jsrsrns.- i "SSE sss ; s% 5 ysd s « h -- " ° K "*« TM* 1942, when 58,000 square acres Gaza Strip were cleared as free were purchased for $2.6 million O f anti-Zionist material, as the location for "Clinton En- Israeli officials said The name the objectionab'e Groves has said, iound in history, geography and ' and Arab literature books. But offi- first six months of this year. Bulldozers tore into the peace- counts incidents in the city's nf^VSr^sa 8 ^?'?**? vpa? ful valley farmland and trans- history, including the time uhen the Dercentaee 3 iitfaS formed it into a city where Groves "borrowed" 15,000 tons deatos fan«£f to decline 70,000 persons were employed, O f silver from the Treasury De- deaths faded tO decline ' and only a handful knew what partment for use in conducting electricity because copper was ists finally are going to get plained that the Capitol^ was the f or tourists has not been in use j s as lazy or stupid. Knowledge_-! the floor amid a shower of bills, Guarded by six-foot-tall fenc- TMo,TM. TM,r,c a . ^^ recently was resurfaced. able authorities say malnutri- si'ver, travelers checks and one es and sentries, surrounded by ""Even as it looks a ri«t n«rk . a tOUrlSt park ' Sisk said the two new House places to park near the Capitol, nauo ." s but not in th e House's new $13.5 jng p i ace million underground garages or "it j s probably the on convenient Capitol Plaza. in all America that they want to f^uvTiU^te^re^vlir".^ pFe" Ins.ead, Capitol visitors-who see that they cannot find a park- '"^ a b ou t ^ 15 number in the millions each j n g place," Rep. Mark Andrews, v y v " year-- will have set aside for R.\ D complained to Capitol Fo tion over a few generations has treasury bond. over its Final Gridders for boys piles of dust and streets of mud, shoulder, however, Oak Ridge is siring to participate in the Mid- C r * l C V f i r i C T C CAT «anstiir r\v»r*rt*tntm-i ;,. _ r _ . n ,, *. j i t · . ^_ r - - _ r garages, which originally were Caused permanent mental retar-j T h e FBI said the money was scientists set about producing moving 'full speed" toward"in- ffet"FootbalY'lLea«ue" profiram scheduled to open by April 1966, dation among thousands of peo- ( p a r t of $23,000 stolen July 2^ the enriched uranium which volvement in the age of the will be Friday at 6 p rn in Ba- from the Bank of Gray, Ga., went into th e 10-foot-long bomb, peaceful atom. ker Park near the Municipal when four men fled with the loot Today, Oak Ridge is a bus- The first indication of the new Swimming Pool officials pillow cases. tlmg, independent, incorporated role came in 1953, when scien- yesterday »s D. Ledbetter city of 30,000 persons, the larg- tists here first produced elec- " Boys 13 ' *\I7V* r*f «^»* AvfiA**!- f*ct r*lf\7 1M 1 onrl ^v*f*** i*-« r P,-v*-«»%»-.TM i_:_:i._- t i __. .. . . . . * h « iP wni * land in Bihar ' P 60 ^ are trying n v r - h the Senate side, will be 5,903. t d , n hardl fit for my kitchen ^ ?razing by g ° atS ' to ou " ° One highlv placed Indian offi- ound the money ne w S men and Capitol em- cial who made an extensive tour keep it," she added P loyes ' rf Bihar said the **°^ there *»*««»* now o sUff mem- Their 1,276 places will bring to ing needs a tiny Architect J.' George Sewart JiS?* 6 ^ in the shadow of the during appropriations hearings HoUse ,, Slde i *JI?ntinB i ww TM hon - Todav ' on vast tracts of , com j t " ent f 1 · f ,,,, * n , f^n massive Rayburn House Office earlier this year. over - a11 t(Kal countin g i' 888 on l.nH in Rihar n*onl P are trvine ence- all that money lying on Building. But Stewart said he didn't If they can find the lot, visi- know what could be done be- tors will be able to park there cause of the demand for places up to two hours while they ob- by congressional staff workers. Additional spaces could have Sisk, D-Calif., of the House's been provided by moving some new parking committee, says congressional staff members' the group definitely agrees cars off the Plaza into the new there should be tourist parking garages But no one wanted to and has pretty much agreed do that. which lot should be used. Another possibility tourist "The general feeling has been parking atop the two new ga- that for congressional visitor, rages was rejected several probably a surface plac° years ago in fabor of a would be more convenient ' $1.425.000 beautification project. Sisk said in an interview. "It's Congressmen -- and visitors jus, t a matter of working out the said .. . _ -j ', -· -- -- r~ -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -·---- j^^rj ^ *·*'» "'fio iwiii iiOv i Get en CI : VLin . land area . m Tennes- tricity from a homogenous nu- their 14th birthday by Sept. 15, 1967, and weighing up to 125 residents As research into atomic pow- pounds are eligible to register to explain are turning out to celebrate the er has grown more sophistica*- All boys who have " Almost IMhe Almost all the is an ***** re- medical and industrial use. ion area. Entertainment By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer H O L L Y W O O D ( A P ) -- "BAPI" "POW ZINGO" The sounds of fisticuffs are spelled out for viewers as Batman and Robin duel the dastardly thugs of Gotham City Youthful fans cheer, teen-agers y a w n , and grownups smile as the herjes inevitably triumph over the fo:ces of evil And another outpouring of \iolence has been added to the evening of television entertainment "We a l w a s have a fit,'ht at the finish of each chapter," says Bat-producer Howie Horwitz. "but nobody ever gets killed or even hurt We don't even show any blood Ours is a morality play, with good triumphing over evil. What could be better for children than that 9 " Innocent or not. "Batman" is part of the steady diet of violence on the home screen Near ly every Western and cops- and-robbers series as well as many of the dramatic shows must have a quota of beatings, fistfights or gun duels Director Robert Aldrich, whose "The Dirty Dozen" has been criticized by reviewers for excessive, cc.nmoir.s- "Television is a norse oifcu-ler than movies. Each action seres comes to a point where it stops telling the story and indulges in three minutes of violence." A network official argues, "When you're presenting drama in which characters clash, thore may very well be violence But television seems more violent than it is, because of a dramatic device. "Many writers will put a violent scene at the end of a sequence so as to have an impact before the commercial That impression remains with the viewer longer than if it had been placed earlier in the show." , The networks have been sensitive to criticism of violence since 1955, when crime investigating Sen. Estes Kefauvcr suggested that the entertainment industry presented too much brutality All three networks have censors--hidden under such euphemisms as "standards and practices" or "continuity acceptance"-- who apply stricter rules about violence than now otwerved by th«» film industry's self-censorship code "Conflict is an essential part oi drama, and it sometimes ex- esses itself in violence," said Robert Kasmire, an NBC vice president who supervises program standards. "Our policy about violence hasn't changed. We still apply three yardsticks to a violent scene. "1. Is it motivated' "2 Is it necessary 1 ' "3. Is it excessive? "If the answer to the first two f j u c s t u ^ s is no and the answer to the third is yes, then we rule out the scene or temper it '' Dorothy Brown, director of broadcast standards for ABC. j-aid the network had its own three principles about violence: 1. Is it shocking? 2. Will it provoke someone to copy it? What is the duration' "There is no change in our policy," she said "We have never been more lenient or less lenient, more strict or less strict. We are guided by the reaction of the public and the press to certain scenes." C'ertain specifics are handed down at ABC, anl they sometimes rankle directors and wr.t- ers. Among the rules' show a minimum of blood; avoid the impact of the death blow, c' the eyes of the dead, present fight scenes of equals only; depict no eye gouging, no throttling until eyes pop, no holding of heads under water for more than a beat A CBS spokesman would say only "Incidents which may be called violent are limited to situations absolutely necessary lor plot development or charac- 'en/.ation. We scrutinize ever/ incident of this nature to make sure excesses are avoided." The proliferation of feature movies on television has brought new problems. Many of i the movies reflect the growing freedom to portray violence in films. "In some cases we will turn down a movie because it is too violent for home viewers," said NBC's Kasmire. Fhus "Cape Fear," starring Gregory Peck ind Robert Mitchum, was rejected "We edit the films as best we can," said Dorothy Brown of ABC. "But certain things are allowed in features that we wouldn't pass in series. Adults can be familiar with the films and know whet'ier or not their children should sec them Also, the features come on later in the evening, when younger children would be less likely to be watching." GIANT U.S.D.A. GRADED TENDER COUNTRY STYLE Round Steak»95 49 FOOD STORES Pork Sausage Lean Briscuit Boiling Beef For Soup JOHNNY'S MARKET 630 N. Market St. Phone 663-4262 STUP 7 S FOOD MKT. 203 W. Patrick St. Phone MO 3-5589 F R K K D K U V K R Y JIM DANDY STORE 600 Wilson Place Phone MO 3-9362 MAIN'S SHOPPING CENTER 3 Miles East Of Frederick, Md. Phone MO 3-9102 McCLAIN'S GROCERY Lovettsville, Va. Phone VA 2-4331 Frr«h IVfoats and Grortrto* And Frown Foods CHASE SAN BORN COFFEE Drip Ib. can 69 Elbow Macaroni McUUERS 1-Jb. bOX 23 Tuna Fish Star Kist Jello All Flavors 2 4 8-oz. cans 3-oz. pkgs. 59 39 PineappleJuice 2 49 Fruit Cocktail 2 Whole Kernel Corn 2!/2 cans 79 Preston 4 49 FROZEN FOOD MORTON MEAT PIES T u r k e j . Chicken, Heef, Tuna 4 69' BOSTON BONNIE Haddock Steaks PRODUCE Bananas r . \ U K O R M \ Celery Ib. each lOc 23c DRY Onions 3 28c I OTAI. Tomatoes J9c ,., NEWSPAPER!

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