The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 26, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1932
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Last Edition MD.. tHUBSDAY. MAY 26, 1932 (API Meaas Associated Pros. rpHE WEATHER FORECAST FOR 1 MARYLAND: GcnrrtUjr fair anil continued warm iol- lowrd by *hower« and thunderstorm* Friday and probab',? In extreme weit portion tonight. Cooler Friday aitemooa ad nlfirt- TWELVE PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS CONFERENCE HELD 10 AID BANK TOLD IN COBIENJZ CASE BOY STOPPED HERE Trip To West Didn't Take Peotesrilie ', Youth Far. a not* oc his schoolteacher's '· desk asking her to tell his parents that j ! he had "iefc home." Wiison Hersperger.' 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Mar- ' shall Hersperger. PoolesviUe. se? out for the West Tuesday morcirig. but ! found his tnp at an abrupt end at | Predenck. ! ' Believing that the youth had sought j "ho?" on a bread track, his par- ; 39 PLEDGE SUPPOR1 IOMPRESIDENT 10 PER CENT. TAX ON COSMETICS RESTORED. Toilet Articles Included In Drive : To Add New Funds. New York Mayor Faces Investigator GRADUAIESTODAY AI STATE a "ho?" on a breaa true*, a* par-; . . . . . . nt i-» JOC lie, Lane, Gordy, Page And. TM*^^£%£^TMfTM* Setting bp Network Wj^g,^TM Others Among Those At Meet- ^^^ S ^ St! Reconstruction Committees ing September 1. j ^J?^ .STSL^SU'SL^ ! In All Large Cities. ·.h* Pi- Annual Commencement Exer- DECISION TO CLOSE REACHED FOLLOWING DAY Hospelhorn Tells Of Efforts Raise Money To Stave Off Failure. - , Officer Edgar Crtua on the *itch at I the top of South Market »:re« hill, j Hardly" had the oSbcer arrived when boy and truck came over the hill. : Wilson was surprised at the q-Jttck; in the afternoon. _ HOUSE CONFERENCE : LASTS MORE THAN 3 HOURS headquarters for him i Visitors Give General Expres- sion Of Hope Congress Will Soon Adjourn. .nr-on. Sia? 3« (APV--The Senate restored the 10 per cent, tax on cosmetics and toilet articles to '.he rev- \ enue bill today in a drive to add n*« funds V the budget-balancing latioo. nu:«s after lation of a batch cf excise lene^ Carried c'lSCS Held And Announcement ' by :h* House bill but not in the oom- , promise Senate measure, the Senate i Qf Awards Made. ! began carrying out the program : | The ccsmetlcs ar.d toilet preparati-oos ; j levy was put back is the bill «T.hout even a record \o'je. Ths added S20,- 000.000 in revenue to '.be bill. The changes approved ay the ccaa- mit'.ee were estimated to produce $59.- ', 000,000 of revenue j i WORK OF PAST YEAR IS TOLD IN ANNUAL REPORT; EXERCISES HELD C-jroberland. Md.. May 25.-A conference *tt*nd*d by State Sen- a'o«" Emory L. CobJestz. president of the closed Centra! Trust Company, and | . ^, m ^~ n f "^cinsr Baltimore bankers. ! gj^gg,, NurSCS Presented With i *£ . May 26 (AP).--White i House officials said today that Presi- j dent Hoover had gained a pledge of a number of 1-eading B^.imore K whi C h were present Governor C. Blurhie ^" · Board Of Visitors Meets And ' Elects--Also Names Execu- ] i tive Committee. New York's Executive Becomes Angry Under Questioning By Seabury. LATTER CALLS STATEMENT "CHEAP POLITICAL SPEECH" ! Session Begins With Exchange ; Of Pleasantries But They | Don't Last Long. Today. a network of reconstruc- ^ a:: ,_^ e citMS al^g e of the b^er-b-asiness men Bank Commissioner John horn, isas related today by Mr. Hospel- hom at the opening o: the second days C.H.CONLEY PRESIDES!chi! j pap. · for more than three hoars a "eomp-ete i paper tnea «rho conferred with him formed -, ,, · cTijUfT-ii-fvr * ^_»^. i--,*--i^ift *--^-*"-"- w --·'--*··'-"-"- , f*ft--OD£""3«Y Centra! Trust Compaq | ^^ .^ ar:ernoor , ,,. :hfr Aasem . , ^^^ {or board of directors that the institution ! musi close Its doors. He -aras ed to co so at the coaferen^ g business, it *as ·ishers . Coblentz had tried :o hold back the inevitable crash of the bank. ! t-wenty-grsi annual evens of it's kind, was carried ous with impressive cere- : . Hospelhom's testimony showed, and asked for a few more days 10 try to secure fuuos to car-- it through its period of stringency. The next day, however, he agreed to inform the directors thac the baE must close. ;Jje parley, it was added, there a » a !i discussion also of the general monies before a iarse assemblage of | legislative situation, including the pos- friends. relatives and visitors. j s ijjiii:,ies of a revival of the sales tax. Dr. Charles E. Conley of Frederick. , Between -5 and 30 publishers out- member of the board of managers. Tras i i^. e( j ^heir individual \ iews and dis- master of ceremonies. cussed conditions in their communities. The annual report was read by Miss ^..^ o » t j., e president's secretaries. ference that then to August II. showed that i- owed Sl.159.577.10. · , hg c:ajs ^ .j. ade by Q. w jjj^ , ~*~ ^ ^^ o: - wngrg Of this sum. S901.GOO was owing In . Ga _ ;sor , o » g, cisirsviile, Ohio. Rev. . ' . direcE paper held by other banks, and ,- ~" S258.577.iO in rediscounts. j Joseph Curran. of ; invocation and iTORNADO TAKES 2 LIVES IN ^SOUTHWESTERN NEBRASKA Trenton.~N"eb.. May 25 (AP).--A tor- tne j-jjg^. ; "i ia.i--n/.e. pronounced the long before ;he bank closed that it was j "^^.^ ^-^ Tere g^g by Miss ES- 1 in an insoiTeat condition,-ana couid; ;£ .. e c _ ijse accompanied by G. E.' not weather the demand for eitra se- · Peregov at the p-mo. Precedinsr the · . curities which its creditors were making,, , · ' »»--,0-.' Tay'or ecte-- i oras£a the state called u the stand today five I f^^ua's'ev^ral selections on the ', and injuries to nearly a_score^f Marylead bankers and accountants. · ^. ^ " ~" These -sere John J. Ghinger, conip- ; '^,5^ who received diplomas troHer of the Bait-more Trust Company; ; ^.J^ paulll , e Amundsen. Albert Le -«rij|i..-- -a S»Yit^ fltlri*m~ of LH£ Same , - _ _ -^ T*: ; ·^. compan: O! ·Company auditor of Maijland. Annual coesnref "cesnent exercises . were h^ld at th* Mar'land Ktate ! School for :he Deaf at 2 o'clock :h^ af- · lemooii reatared Sy a program pre- SCOUt Drive For$3,250 Reaches i semed by the pupils and by the an- : nouncenicr.t of iwarcls The e\?nt »as j preceded by Uie annual meeting of t!u- I board of Msitcrs a'- 1030 o'clock t h j I morning at the sch-jol. during which j officers wen- re-eSec-ed. and the an- Se-knis and inric«itratfd. d»?p«s- Mayor Jamer. J Walkor (righ'. and wh.te-ha.r.a Sia:-jc! S-.-.bur. ch:el counx-'. of :he Hof.s.-ad;r U-KUUt:ve New York. May C5 iAP).--Angrily i:i\rstic:ttu:i; ctminii.tee art- j.cturrd I'.'re Jn the Iois3-a:mc.|vi:«l nio- c harglRR that his examination before; when they ?-«x! ««ch other -i:n!ig :'.'.· comtm-tee's inquiry iiito. , he HofsUldter Ierjs i3 t ;v* committee Nf»- York C:tv K»--'-rr;n'.er.taS afl^irs. It was Ma\or Wilkcr'* HrM appearanc before the romsn."ee. Half Way Mark. FUTURE HELD AT The commencement proper was as · With the halfway _ reached in its ! £=£' noiseless" campaign for $3.250 to bal- j (jj,^^,, cf Mlss cr-.adress and Mrs. ; anoe its budget for-the coming year, the j Qujnn: salutatory, · Books." Ka/herir.e j G. 0. P. KILLS GIRL, 8 BY DIFFERENCES finance committee of Francis Scott Key Virginia King: percuwion j r,,^-. TV.V Sco-ts o' 1me"ca -U' ', direction of Miss Kent. "D-xie. ' · . «« SeTprWnoonlt H^ Pr^ « «^f, SSu^SSi, unL ££ ! S c h 00 | Children OH- ' InSUrQCntS Start Fight On * complete its report Tne amount sought , : M!ss Her.r.ins. un Mrs. Sadler. | ically Injured. Goldsbopough-Tait Control. was the minimum at which the scout- ]Mrs. R. A, BergdoU. sone. "La Grace: BY POLICEMAN JAKES CONVENTION ^ * t"^* 1 - cises. intennedute, directed by Miss : of ! Ga and M^s Houchw: song. "Dance | Just what may be tne future "The '· was captured a few moment : open. head of the finance committee, ex-, pressed, with other members of the I board of visitors: valedictory. (^-,-.11 « rV*p-m'nA*ian to "save I Value of Outside- .**-..-.·---- -- . , S^aag" for r^S j School." John W^y Mitch.,! Pumph- i on school traffic duty^c^by. as hun- , pa: Scout Executive Henry R Coates ex- j rey: songs, l " t ^ i the Hofitadter legislative ', was a preliminary to seeking his re- 1 moval from offlce. Ma-or James J. Walker 'oday continued his recital at "countless kindn»ssc=" shown him as Mayor of the country's metropolis. Today's sessions, the second at which the Mayor has occupied the ; witness chair, began with pleasantries ' and an exchange of courtesies between I Walker and Samuel Seabury. chief counsel of the committee, which for fourteen months have been delving into the city's affairs. But acrimony soon burst forth and the Mayur gave way to the angries. chamber countless I verbal implications. "I'm here as a witness." the Mayor i exclaimed after saving he recognised . the antagonistic attitude ol Seabury. i "but it begins to look as though some- j body were after my life. 'It is apparent to me that this is ·xamlnation before trial--tilaJ to preferring chargs? diking for my re- just as angry as thf ; Mover and denounced the latter** dAUnn'n*"oa to "save ! Value c-f Outside A«nta« tn Our , later by PairuSfflifl Carles Misch-ly. j A -Aft-dry flght precipKated by op- ! ta ^ mcnt ,, .. a cheap poutlcal Ruinp u -·*-*"-iw*-.«-» ** --* ^ i _ -- . .. _ . : -- --i--i «,,»;» *i.,*,- «rtt.-Hv a e him- ^-vticnts of the organisev.on Atng o* | «ncech" pressed the belief that the response thus ; Radciiff End Miss far received is very encouraging, in j Awards and prizes view of the fact that the campaign was made quietly and without any semblance of the widely-heralded drive- of last - year, when the budget was exceeded. To Set Cp Sea Scout Bast Mr. Coates returned Wednesday from j Harold Hopkins. 55. Hc-bron. were presented as \ follows by Mr. Shaw: Charles E. Moylaa, scholarship S2 50. Michael Ssceianowicz, Baltimore. Mrs. David Lowensteln. $15. effici- Aasembjroa* charged th« tcma- . . spent all but $87,000 oC he "had a call to kill millions" and I cerrter of the stage, with lesser squabbles j 5750 00 0 appropriated to the cornmit- , _ y in trades. Ernest Reeb, S5, Bal- The critically injured were Lena Detim'ore: Ariesta DeGrange. S5. Efcridee: Sand. 12. and Rose Marie P*rkpr. 8. ' caUed or. the patrolman to "kill me. over the- nominee for the senate and till me. I have not Silled enough." national committeeman. The prohibition question ·was brought to'the fore by a powerful ffroup of both city and county leaders who laid their The 'dead -gtff was Elaine Mackin 8. They were on their way to St. Cecelia's plan tc sefe a definite wet stand from thirties. Le- , school at East 15ist street and Kins- j the convention over the heads of the Tht sess , ;on tee "All of this money has been spent by counsel-to-MHUVC- this man from office and he can't do it." he shouted. "That statement 2s unqualifiedly false and the assemblyman knew it wxa when he made it.TM Seabury said. wlMi renewed ref- Washington, after making arrangements president and secretary oz the Southern . ^ atfc _^ Jalle Hal! Salisbury; Maryland Trtist Company. The latter j S:eUa - Hatnnwntree. Cnact; Chattanooga . . . . immed^te.y. institution is located at Seat Pleasant, j ^^ . iss E j i2abe . h Jenkins. Irv- ; Prince Georges cot New testiaed as to the burin ,,. inston. N. J.: . i Prescott, Mich.: Miss Petrina Pearl. :.Sr7Mca^.; REPORT INDICTMENT VOTED AGAINST CURTIS ,,_,- by his company from the, p^,^,^..^ "Baltimore: Miss Helen Cental Tmsi Company over tne period | v , o , a po - eU Pr;nc«3s Anne: Mrs Ha- froai January I to June.:, 1931- 1^ zei Corena Reed. Bethesda, Ohio: Miss; Fleminrion. N. J.. May 25 tAF).--The this time mortgages worth S480.628 _ ^^^ j^yjise Selders. Lancaster. Ohio: Huntercon county grand jury considered were purchased under an agreement, ^j^ g-^jj-yn "spear. Manias Perry. '. the case of John Hughes Curtis, con- that the Marylana-Sureka was to be j Oni;) . ^=.5 Rac-je; i/jella Wayne. ?roc- j fessed hoaxer of the Lindbergh case. · y a for two conrs ana five minutes today ·r the exercises a was ; ar.d when it- adjourned there were un- at the Nurses" Home. '. official reports that a- Indictment had » ---- been voted. paid 6 per cent, and was also to se- j cure a discount of one per cent, f o r ' appraisement, inspection, etc. More than half of the mortgages were to Frederick county. The Central Tras: Company retained a second lien . on SI40 000 worth of the mortgaged | property.' and made an individual guar- ; County Association To Xame Delegates RURAL CARRIERS MEETING Cnstody of chndren . s Aii ^-~^ vouths. ruembers of a Brunswict antee to assume any lass in the event of foreclosure. Ghinger testified in rsgard to the ; amount the General had borrowed from the Baltimore | rlers will ga _ ? comrnilted To Convention. Seven Frederick county delegate ', depredations on refrigerators and homes in th-s:r neighborhood, anc who were l L. t .^..C= -^ a?pre:aend ^ d afw , t - ne s; Company · the state convejition of rura. .e*,:«r car- . . . had taken a ,! number of cigarettes from the drag of Dr. W. M. Roddick, were placed more Smith's tf-stirjia-y as to hzs · --HI ais-3 be cis : s s ~ ; r you try their conSa:t Tine boy? xere WUiiam sv,e-t»n. which -i!l be he.d c .3 _ I , er 15 - Euger;e Har ^_ 13 - wU'-iam Caniford. 23. Georce Strothera. 14: commodore of the group, and W l n i D Bowe- skippe- Ra'r-e- The Court of" Honor committee, head- '. Special art pnze. Elsre Bealmcar. S2. ed br Robert P. Xicodemus, will meet ! Baltimore. Mache.y, «rho pulled his gun i gest. cha.rcr.aa of the Ba.timore Repub- praise Q , Blocfc tong fais c!ose State and addin|r had been re _ and caught the inaa. The attacker ; aran^ City cornmittec. forrner submitted to arrest. s Sena.w rfarrj O Levin a «« »-»« ·«- : cipient of countless other kindnesses. * M "-'- SJ1 - - hc pa " jS can " He said he had participated in no Garden Club awards, poster contest. FOR YEAR BY EXCHANGE Fourteen boys passed the merit badge Boy Scout. S2 50. tests at a court, of honor at the Mary- ' Salisbury. Troop Inducted. troop of ten scouts -= Lon?fc".OT, Rev. D. E. Moylan. S5. faithfulness, j Walton Stancliff. S2 50. Laniiam: Yetta in- Summerfleld. S2.50. Baltimore. ! tonal n^ in 1930. flic sermon :o th? graduat-ng cUua -phe also balked at tne ' a t the Lir.coln Hi?n Srhool. will be |S p.;ec'.ion of Senator Goldsborough to y William P. offered C. D . president of Storcr Ol.'cgc.! ^ing \oiuntarUy vacated by r. ?.: 230 p. m.. at Quinn. A M ! Jackson of Salisbury, and Sunday. E. church. The annual lai* N:ght ·s.-i'.l bo cele- · ducted at a special ceremony celd Wed- . George McCleery. gold *at-?b each , bra . ed wednc5day p'.ening a-, e.ght'" . . =_,,--..-, »_.,.. ,,,, ... ,~ o' C ]ocE. a! Pyt-iian H.V.I on Sa.nt ' street. At this tjmc the ccm--'Jy ! nesday night at Adamstown Rc'onned ' ta boy ar.d girl matin? highest jcholar- church and conducted by Rer. Harvey ; ship record for tiie ;ear. Howard Am- pastor. assisted by Rev. W. ' berg. Baltimore: Esther Lowe. Cnsfield. York, May 26 (AP).--The New York sto;k exchange took its most drastic action today against a member ·Hour Miller worthy manufacturer.r r ° r bear a -" vii ? thus far in the two and ·heir cand-date for the post. · one-haif year decline. Th»v a"=o w»re aliped behind form- I Daniel Manning McKeon, a private Representative Uawood L. Clark for i Si » r **?. was suspended for one 'Shir- Slce-.ei." ·aill be prccnted Tiie «?r.a'or:a; nomination, ^ho lost | provisions of the constitu- i-.:-'~*h c-f tl-y counties to give the nom- j tlon forbidding the offering of stock to 1 :ra-on to Staf Senator Walla-re Wli- ', a manner designed to demoralise the · ·jj^ ! niarkK. M- Tai- railed :'r.e (··-·r 1 -.ention to I The announremerit said that although crdcr ;r.d prwcr.t^ci MJlliiLn as te.-cpor- j M-Keor.'s offers "were no; accepted and arr cha.miar. an3 the former standard ] d; 5 not "^^ a. decline in prices" hs Nearer launched into a prepared address j xas -oand guilty of the charges by the and Raymond Merriman. i6. Their par- =r.;s appeared in court with them. Robert Cariin. Bernard Gibs-on. Ralph Hickman. Linwocxi Hya-tt. M. D. 3 Oland. Curtis Thomas and Horace H. TlMcias. The Adansstown traop coni- of chcola'.e.s at Christmas time for sra a, :E -ss -aill be d-^i-.crec by G pupils and tca;:ier; A'^o a v-ry hand- 5.,,-..^ v.'im-.Vy. pr.r.cipal of Riudal". s^rae set of 30 franv-d pictures J-j-ir-r H zh Sch-x-l. vVas!:jn?toii. D. C.' e'' -he adrr : -!i='rat on g3vert::r.g committee. o: mittee is composed of R«v. M. Shue. ,,,. f u r d Marjorie Moss ''rjdo'srn^r.t. S25 C'nrij-- Earv branches. It is expected that :h- j en members. Several ?.3te wiil try to shw that a larre part ' guests are espectea at Saturaays meet- o' 'hese laaris cz.~r.y- be repaid. ing. OtT.:ers of the county association are- Hoed College Chapter Meets. :-i chapter of the America:. Association of Uii:"ers.ty Professors reg-ular rr.eet^is: on Tuesday Dr. Joseph H. Mayer, executive secr^-.^ry of the nati-onal orpanlTa- ,i3n. was the guest and .speaker Dr. "Not Insolvent In 1930" t on of the Central Trust Corr.par.y ac- ccwnts Scptan-.Scr 29. 1930. Hospelhorr. ?aid the wvre cjsrr.-.r.ed care- f-ull-. It was cro-j-ht otK by him that examiners co r.ot atterr.p- to value se- rhich are unLstea. b-j: relied Mabel Bishop, professor pf zoology and physiology, a prrsiier.t of the Hood _y"^7 chapter. After a formal dinner ^i the room the guests went to ~M"vran KaU scoutmaster; Clifford Fry?, assistant scoutmaster; W. T. Myers an: Eaiance: Bowings. : The Jefferson trc-op. Kenry 5. Keller. scoutniaouer, wtll hold a demonstration Fridiv n^ht ;n tlie ;own hall. Mr. C-sates will t-isj: p£~ The secor.d cubbing ;or.frer.ce will be held at North Market street sc.tool Tuesday r.irht. Rev. Dr. Amw John local rubbing heads the G. Maatz Besar.t. ann-a! gu'i of S50 to help or.e of tr.e pupi^ at Gallaucet College. Sprinzs. for several har.dsjn-,^ p:e^?s of Van Bngsle psttcrr anil ca.V.-.a bulb.' T B. HajTrard, mounted o^cJs. £sri Dr Wn;. G. Greer.walt large as=M-*- The ar.iviil exhibit T'nich ;;lrf for Tu-vi»:'. May 31 ~:11 be -^^it- s.iar.ic. ar.d l-:- OHIO SUPPLIES TRUCK FOR "BONUS BRIGADE" Speaks At Chapel Servicr. R-eT. Join S. Adam, par.or of the Hefc-rzed ci-jrch at M-.=d:oTT. .=?:se in H-^-d Coll-ege cliaoel Wsdr.e'iay. He gave a series of four phrases that he C35isi5er-d r^cessary for spintus. Srowth. The Srst is "I ought." to the answer is "I can." The latter phrase college cir.ins the drawine where Dr. Mayer discussed the recent are ccr-'.c--ac to oe ·Vji ^J--S^C,*--^" 11"*" ar.d "I do" br- on information as to their value. S1 Se7^tS t ^ ;SL«t the refers to one, physical, moral, an, bank was _r.=olvr.t at 'liat tirr.e. Kos- pelhom repl-C- ' no The amo-r-l o-scd t-o the Cer.tral Trust Corr.par.y by tr.e 31"e Ridgejtn- vestrner.t Compar.y was placed by tios- pelhorr. at SI .792.752 22 ar.d the am-o"-t ow»d to it bv -he Oer.:r3l Securities Or-rnpanv a: S2 375 56? 3* . Required Weekly Check. T-* T -*v ' Q'V -"~» *tate oank con'*- n^^er'reared the "trjst company to ^ take p^ce and arrangement .« Fined So FoHowine Accident. As a hearing before Magistrate Jo-hn W. I^oyd. c-f Pe'e-rsville. W^div^ociay. Mrs Go:-r?o E Mvers. of Baltirrior?. -vas of the center of ir.e biie ;o the r» The case vras tne ·v.rgro-srtn c-f ar. accicKnt at KiioxvSie May 4. ihen the rr.a- cr.ia«5 of Mrs Myers ar.d Pr?c H Edof Bro~T.~J^. collided S^sto Street P. T. A. Meets. The final meeting of the Washington street school ^tran-teacheri 1 as- o--,-c- -- =*-·' ivxiation w_: b» helc Friday "- c '-- =·- K. W^a.-C. --os...,. at 8 o'clock. Th« election of off.ce-r the Enr.ual begin filing weekly reports to Seep a check or. weekly deposits and the banS's P-E-OT- rererve. Hospelhorn testified. fett Jur.e 3. co.n- Hpld For Mannfacturing Liqaor. R-oscoe A. Hutzell. BurkittsvUIe. f A fine musical progra" will held on charges of manufacturing be"rer.cered under the cirectioii of Mrs liquor when arraigned before ". S. Traver is head of comnv-ttee, and C. Cvril school Parent-Teacher group conmo-t- OScers and leaders will be ap- tee. potnts ar.d a summer program xii: be a Market Sinks Ixnrcr. Xe- York. May 25 'A?».--Tile p-j^:s- eary s:-oc"£ marset laa more ground today under a 5t«acy drizzle of selling orders whlrh sen'- a w.ce list af Icacir.z Or-j.n.=;ky sto-rSss down from factions to 3 points -j-_ f p-. -.r more. Mn. Alfred Dashiell. large 3-f foreign clillj. ranges and tors. Mr5. Arthur Johnssn. "..srr*- ais-ort- nfrit of boois f-ir the liorary Sdwara S D«l3pla:r.e. 25 b»Ss f:-r :;te i:brary Cla---:.or. Fc-r.~ ^i^-- ~ ~.j-~^ '^, ^.- ^ r .^ _ _ _ ,, , - » -- Err.^ry K*lr. 2 C:-.-.". ~.Var rurj fsr -- Dsuo ?.r.i "rj Le-ri? Shank TVill Filed. -·,:'. ·-·'. ~-'-f .at* J-r.n Jacob of Bc' has oecn probated Parole Refused Eosers. Rj':ben D R-j??r5 finr-r S.a'e's A:- torr.frv ffr Ko'-arri coiir/y. ser'.JB thrf years :n 'i.~.~ ?;c.\ije of Corr. c;i-r. May ar.j ES'a C. Sr-Ar.i and the for acc--pt:nc bno»* and for :r.a.:ea- rerra.rsi^r ·:-." the esta'c -£ to be ^ft sanc» .r. oiEc-. v-z.- -^!^ f -d z. r ^ - o m - . - o '.lie tr.-tatc-r? c.T.ldr-cr. ar.d equally Tr.cniaMon for carolc f-»r I'nr ^"Con'J · d -..d i am r.; tii*m or ".v repr^wnt- . : jr.e before tomorrow :^rr. rt Mor.iav c*' Ar*:bro?^ J. KTrxcY. ' ^'..--^s ' .^r.'. "f tri' 5 d^-^s^xi c.i.'.dr^n White has sa.2 be ?sro' rt Q-7r.rr.--.s. .n r r. Roger* "a.^ 7.1^55 E^:a S.i^r.-t ^* es-cc- ca - .'c.~ ~-~" firrei e.-~r. R-?-'r.- r.s% da;.-i O:to;^r ".-. '.525 ar.i wtt^*.ve-d s=r-"'5 ?. !;·-· ir.-r* ··"..·!" :*" y^sr.- '·: o;, Ad?;-. ?»f !,-!_'.uvr ar.c H K D^- Winrhrster Will Fi!fi3. ~.U '-r ·-.-.; -3'e ?,-._'. WTMclif.*t*r cceaied j Washington. Ind.. May 36 (AP).-Shane. ' The "bonus brigade" today resumed it* for l.fe At Iver dea::". the axne where . advatire on Washington, moving oat ;h. t-;s;a'.:-r re=ided arid about five ir.iles c-f ii»re at 8 10 a m in twenty-six Ino* :ar.d -s fi to t-wo ria-j;.-.'.?rs Sarsh X3.ti--.ria: Guard motor trucSs. Lieut C-31 H H St.llw;ll, in charge f the truck convoy, doubted that thft brigade" wojlcT reach the Ohio state Governor George prtati5n acrcis Ohio for the 300 World War iho are m3v:n; on to Washington to ass casr: payment of tnc.r »5;u.=*«d service certificaiej. past Stocks rears were offered qu.te free- j^r.ptior; to tr.e The -.inaus ly, holers apparently taimg advar.:ag«? , rr^-..^ co^ Fa_- Ai*---.a-..or. :-- '-'-'^ -I,_ * »v-_.._ u. A *»nv ww·*--"-»- -a V-"***- *.-^ ~a "i*» * ^ , *** J ---*- ." C»s,« c- r.f Tival. asc Manlar.d -.-.osiers for adx^l;r.' and l.btra- rats.- :-- of their betwr market ability to raise cash at relatively less sacr-See Ts.-- , tobacco issues were con--?lcuo'4. in this ' j ree group. S'erltr.g cxcliaT;;ec eastd 3 - of a cent, at the c.penir.s to S3 59% ' 3i~*s H" GamJr." P. R:j.=r. L^^i.: Call icons- renewed at 2'^ per cent jj.^ El-j^-^-^ ^j.-^ H'r..-.- O Xiro: * Mrs. Aaror. Gold. L^or.arc Do^-ne. and Peoples Conrt Cases. ; char:es creamer f jr rn_=cei:ar.eou5 eift- Charges of assault and battery, pre- i ^^ g^^^^ _ ere Eighth Rraie. Mlddletown: S:00 rroin 'he H^- Cumberland Tax Ratr SI. Trc ·«· rate fir the ci:y of C-iTnbfr- lar.d Wedr?.day ·*·--? f.xec at SI. :h" .e : 0^3.1 amo'iri: ap^r-s- pn.i:ed 1 1 cp^rato t.-^- c::y ·_- S474.473 ithich shc*s a of SI 3 533" \~.t drC--',i^ ll ci to .".-?. *'-I-ve-i 3iopt^Q ;_.r. ir.a .-;.r-'3" Gr.?;-^-n L^- Brown. -; B M ::..-r.--r--. 7l-.o .- r'.rr.e: e*-cc-tor Mar .-. 3 19:2 and --tr.'s.-c.i bv Gil- ·-: A D.~- .ov ir.c 7C. ^: Carey. ·' Hard-Up Younc Man ireceivir.g ieau ;.-:ar pro?i«3l^. Honestly. Josn. mar- nage i? rui jf ti» questir-n. TThy. I coul-in't i=?p 2 m-~us£- Jc-an .cj.:s de-tenr.inei'i: Of cours* you co-ldn t. iarli^s: I love Tae Humorist. THE WEATHER TODAY as c.-.mpar~3 -x. t^t:'.-^ of -lie h^*r 'h?.t a r^^ r. I.VR-. ;ear Rcpr -sen- ferred agains; each other by I/raise j RfKCOe Wilson and Paaletta Speaks, both co.- J C:X( - a Grac tCOSTZXTED OS PAGE S) P x r k «««, ww damtawi. _ iJOJ»IIHUiS) Oii Graduates From School- Miss ^'ary Nelson, daughter of Mrs SHie NV;^r!. tit is r.ty. wa^ a member of the grad,:a"in? ciass of St Hilcah's Ha'.: diaries Town. W. Va . this year and , "-· ; gan May Asts Review Of Decision, PrecipitatSorj for 24 cours ending mt Wash r;.or. Viv 25 -A?' -- A! Ca- a re . tsday-- .43, r^n\ C'ncagi s.^r^'.or r. iw «rv.n; a Pr»c.t3i:atwr: May t-o date--6.90 '-er.tfnce ir. per..'?r,-, nry for '-·. v«i-r "f federal ir.c.i-r.e taxes -ociay. Normal Msy prec.t:!s.t.on--3.80 ^icli- a^ked th^ Supreme Court to recon- GS: actual May. 1931--3.52 inches, sicer .ts rorr.t action refusing to re- Excess in 1932 precipitation to May -.-.fs- his --i.e ' 1--2.46 'riches .. High temperature yesterday--91 Vagrancy Ch=rse. High temperatare a year ago--84. C-'-ar^'-d ·*.:.! -. isiin-y Jarr^e? Far- Low temperature last night--55. ..·".: -\3S coxm.ttod :o Mc-"t5".tie Hospi- Low tempera'ure a year ago--57. :al bv TC".I:O 1-te \ T "e-r.«3av r.-sb: for Sunsets tcday--727 p an. .'. neirin^ i . Pc'.ice C;.:r; Ssfsriay He Sun r-"^s t·ni" % .-rc-T--4 48 a m ?. v= tasAi in custoi" by Officer La?- Moor, r^es -o.T:rr5x--12 58 s. 3. 1 lloon sets torr.orroTr--:2f* 3 m.

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