The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 24, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1934
Page 4
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The Paris Evening News NORTH TEXAS PUBLISHING COMPANV C S*cond Class Mail Matter at »ttic» at Paria. Texas, under Act of March. 1ST9, tit« Post- New York Day by Day By O. O. MelNTYRE Daily Except Saturday and Sunday * SUBSCRIPTION RATES ; (Including Sundays) «V Mali. On* Tear . . . . ............ JS.O& By MmiL Six Months ............. ..... f 2.SO Delivered By Carrier ....... . . . . ifc Per By 31aiL One Month . . ............. .50 w (tf T t to tb* coicplxict facsror* * to tb«m from sjw oJtlc«. 1* yoo 4o sol c«>t yocr paper £>J«*»p (* II there IB no corR£»l*iDt u i» Drt»«m^d that the j M uti«s to u,. to it escur t~ *.rt*r it u N EW YORK, Jnly 24 — Max Baer is entirely too unpredictable for an estimate ou the perma«eney of his popularity afl«r six weeks of championship. But so far he has kept on the light rope \viihout a wobble. The faet he rescued prize fig^ht- iug^ OB ii& deathbed gives him face with fight faus, Broadway sees the fine Italian hand of Jack Dempsey in the post-battle restraint of the new champion. It is not believed he thought up going traighi from the arcia to his hotel. But had he celebrated the defeat of a tremendously brave pugilist in ni<rhi club monkey-shsnes it would have hurt him. or j Baer s soohonioric affectioiJ and admira- . ~T-i i t t- i_- i --- tion ior Dempsey also show his qualities are ^o,, ! ?** altoffether that of the killer. He is childish ? =»«.? | m ;-, 15 auoraiion. Already he is iniitatujs Demp- Home Streets for Homes sorrect 1= n«it l**c« ! . , . , ,, •.-,-* •, i-» " -.A;; adwu*i=« order*; sey s do-si-do vraiK. His shovr-on propensities are a part of hisnamral exuberance. Broadway Is one place that likes them. Like or dislike him. he is a natural for the ] headlines. In a distraught "world, he flames] the imagination. The chief complaint that he J is a clumsy dockwalloper and could not stand j up under a scientific boxer is beside the point- Just now the public is interested only in w-atehins: him "go to town-"'" N OTING the undesirable feature of indiscriminate building, the San Angelo Standard says: -The accumulation of .undesirable busi-j TTest eh ester's ffi<^t~beautifu! motoring! nesses in the residential districts, erection of boulevard. Bronx River Parkway—suggesting advertising bill boards and of certain types of : a transplanted turn of the Bois toward St, buildings had prova • __ feated along with several other issues, i'o-.j day we see the results in protests of some cit-1 ^ Percy Crosby, more or less incognito, izens in Nort-h Ansrelo against junk yards and ; often comes up from his Virginia estate to second-hand business institutions with an old : ^>af about the sand lots of his native Brook- ( assortment of merchandise, in cheap buildings : -J 33 - Tke young ball players there furnish him erected in hish-elass residential areas, and QC-I mue " n niaterial. During the summer, a hundred | r Snd OHe C'an?* 1 ' ^^o >^ .^nn^ruTTr *j/vr?\*iT>- «SI»T-T»CS: 1 \ the bridge. 3 there casioaaU of "bill boards ^ off ^ Island - s ~ games are m constant activity across inns zhis r>sregTst>K State Press la! ^ ."""f 6 - &*. 5 he 5 e€Sa ^ of ^ ob youthful The Dallas News adds: " * | spirits tnere is a tountain^ or unconscious ; „ . ,. i numor sotrse ot wiiieh. is orten imprisoned in \ ien a lamiiy invests its moneyed ai- : rhe -$ kiDpT ^ cartoons, in a home on a sorce street, it is en- > * ~" titled to the law's protection in the occupancy j and enjoyment of that ho-ne. Trespassers may { TDe£ ^. not eoire in and damage In- walls or the doors j stl ^ de of nouSPS and a o-n^ral *to™ a ham- ! or break the windows- Yet the home may De; |et ^-^ va - n|v to be £ ^^ fhev 'languor ! xrespas|ea upon by cissgrraoie Businesses,; in se —• decli ^ verv ]one <~ ^^ bvVi d ana reducea m vame as inucn as n me tres- ? attitudes _ old habits> j )ustv ^ ^touched W pass naa oeen commined on the doors, wans , promss ; tbev seein indlf f erent to al] effor { 5 or •prmciows, Tisis ?5 a fre«? cOBntrv, DUX not i rt .r JiT-;,.^i:« " A'^-U-^ i. ±~ • • * — , „ , , * . ?Oi emulation. Although tnev nave Deen rooted too iree, 'iiie place ior business houses 15 on. j-^or^ for -CRT-*; ' business streets. "Wlien a town has adequate • i ~'~ " v """ j protected I BACKWARD GLANCES •T 4. w. irzrau Oii& of the many T.amar countyj boys who -went or were taken else-1 where and "made Rood": a» the I biographer:* and. «UCC«BS aioryi writers Jove to reiate. was John !LrOvejoy who became a banker at McKinnjv after following another Iin« of endeavor, and wa* for years * prominent citizen of the Collin county metropolis. Rev. John 1*. Ix>vejoy came to Texas from Georgia in 1S3S and *ettled in what is now Lamar county, then a part of Red River county, before the Republic had come into being. \Viih him a son, George W. Lovejoy, en grown to manhood married Miss PoUy C. Highfield. October 23, 1S4S. the ceremony beingr solemnize<l fey Rev. .Tames Graham, better known ft<;reaJ>oms as Uncle Jimmy, e^rly day preacher and schoolmaster. John Ixnejoy the elder had the contract fo* 'huilding the first Lamar county courthouse, which -was at Lafayette, a few miles northwest of the present site of Paris. It war: «. box house, the •specifications giving: the size as 24 feet sq_uaie s.n«S to be built simi- ar to the storehouse of George T.V. XVrigrhl. that then stood where s now the west side of the Paris Plaza. Whether George assisted his father in the building—it was n 1S4I—I do not .know, but tho •Ider Lovejoy grot the job dons and was 5250 in "obligations the Republic of Texns," the recd states. Georare Lovejoy la 1S49. moved ; o Collira county, taking with "him } his son John !>.. born in 1S4S. | named for t\e grandfather. There j he bousrht a lar#e tract of landj a couple of xnil«* w «at of McKJn- ney. He was «a« of many — — — — -^-^• u »j w mi.*r %-ent from Xamar to Collin and Hunt couatie* aboat that ttaxe a^d helped build up that comparatively new country. He farmed «»d raised stock and youn* John. «o soon as he \wa« old enough. be»»a soing to the lor school house during the brief winter month* And presently, beintf about grown, team. given-a situation in a McKiAney drug: store. Soite year* later h* went on the road as a "drumracsr** lor Meyer Brothers, a St. Ix>ui« wholesale drug r^se an d traveled this section in that interest. In 1SSJ. when 34 years old. John married Miss Carrie, daughter or Francis Emerson, who had come^from Ireland in 1555 a* a youth and settled in Texas. la 1S69 Kmerson oras^inrzed the Pint National bank at McJKinney and was for years its president, dvin* in J90I. Deciding after his marriage that traveling was not the proper job. John Lx> ve joy organized a bank at Greenville and wa» its president. He was also a stockholder and director in the McKInney bank, and in 1907, some year* after the death of his father-in- law, he was elected president of that bank. So the t-amar county boy. albeit only a year old when, taken from here, had made sood in the fullest sense. He was interested in .Masonry, especially in his later years when he had leisure to attend the gatherings of the bodies composing that fraternity, in church affiliation he was a Presbyterian and his -whole Ufe was that of an "xcellent husband, father and citizen. Tri-County Picnic Open FAIR FOR FANNIN COUNTY PLANNED j Drouth Will Xot Interfere Wltfc | Arransementji Says Secretary BOX HAM, — COMMERCE.- -The i-wenty-sis 1 \ the dry weather and other nnual Tri-county-picnic grew un-' ttons. the Fannm County fair. s zoning- laws the home against nest-door r^iehbors in the form Tote for Long Island's- Spotless : '^ j goes to Jackson Heights. I discovered It but I Ithough it's a short sr>in across the I Trith yards full are essentially yards are ^ay. So they shoul 15 an ancient saying tiiat MS-^easile, also that the American home is the ! 'I had not known I -was hun-jdone because o£ i.he loss of Geof• " she admitted zc?xt. and after j frey. • ie raoTrte^itS- j ^j e brousrfet up their lugs^^e. s«t } ' J knew you \%-?re. I -sras afraid rher* on the waitiiij?- racks, and w- -hy I'm |> C 'U ^oald begin to che-s- the sleeve I strapped eacb. piece. | of my top coat. And I'm fond of! -aii five^^- >> er-^-ay ber= Monday nigrht. con tin- throusrhoiit tSe Te*efc. Th» rj^rc^ fire department Is ponsorin^r the picnic, and has ar- emertalnments along- with be shows an<l rides of the Con- the fAlr enrsia! Exposition Shoe's. j !ty crowds. Political speeches will be -mad-} The fair was lacncbed 'in 2925. be griven this-year as ceual. the layt week m September. J. T. Boot; th» secretary, says one o* the feature* will be the Gainesville community circus, which pUtye^ two ^hts here at year and <»re-w on hand or have a reprfesentative. County candidates who ha.v* ready s ij;nin«d their int«ation of I 1HESSERER ESTATE ery man's home is j middle'class. The children irhh big vards faces always I see**, cry dear, is one of United States supreme court i H^ ?porr I-/ that Texas nor any other state has rig-lit to deny suffrage to negroes is good asd is common sense- Bat apparently the supreme court, some other people, failed to distinguish l^cti One of the reigning beatLt of the beaches} ^as Clarence Gould. l f >ng a Wnter! juvenile under the biliics. Jav Gould, j * - iJ*- sported the gayest beach rf»bes and bathing i *""*"^j read, -After e:=:h:e^r. botti*^ 1», ? ; <r ii tl?p> fir^'"n-2s"l35'ial!y SUrrOV.ndei DV a b»vv! of ^" ur nerv-? cure, we had cv>ur- (" ^•f besntjes. Gpmd's career ^; a promising f^-Have^yl young lawyer IT: ^ruskegori. :Si?er_ "^as diverr- |3 0 b?** ed uy" a sta^e struck siege broujrht him ! "My dear. tween a constitutional election and a psrty s: primary. The rsro are distinct X< ~ated •he attract ire star. L-orrsirM l ''1 and later sepa- { \~eSsS ,also sta^e I >'• '-ea'i" : ri2' man he i CKAPTSK 14 ! HONETMOON | § A silence followed: Marsha i * broks ix. "You'll thank me a fool, she said, "I don'T kno so oddly nervo-asL" r'-'• "^y top coai. AQQ im tone ot I - A JI fixed;" he said- He -Td think yos a foot if- you | rh at coat. It came from Bond ! toward the doorway; srnilec at her •R-erenT 'oddly nervo«s'." Bob as-j Street. I wa« deeply troubled—" 1 frora .the door^-uy: then he left, snred her. 1 It -svas remarkably cozy; their I closing the low door firmly after He added, with a smile. '"I'm a ; luncheon time spread over ars hour 1 himself. [ little nervous myself. What ^e I and then a half. The fire died | For sorce time *he stood without j of those pat- ; ao-am and the waitress carne in to mo-riuar. Suddenly she laughed: she I Oni^nt medicines; the sort that is ad- ; mind it and to send the "beautiful did not know -svhere she '-KTL& phy-! mac** j«;cally. nor mentally* Where had \ Ji his car turned as she slept? If on- j he -,vou!d act as she had expect- i hicrs toj If she ct>ul<i fee! solid srr< known ground through * normal She sighed, leaving- them. ] man's actions, even the naine of Again in the car. they found the ! ihe villase. Then perhaps this skies darkened by the threat of «. j ghastb" net? seriousness. which sno-w fall. Marsha's eyes grew [ rnade deep crippling press-are. I "wocld s5ip away. s't you sa^ against my I She descended the stairs at half j_ '^_ ; rhotiTder and sleep?" asked Bob. I after six; he -seas waiting for her | "It's at your service, and a very | at the foot of them. \ serviceable shoulder, you'll fsn«i } "Sleep?" he asked. ,Jt to be." | "Y^ i 3^,-,-t exi?ect to. ! She did. after a little hesita- j there's a r>eace herr, I've never felt ' uon; he mast have driven with 1 before. It's a darlinjr house!" speakJns: are Hersrx- Pharr. J. O. Ouncas. Joe >'oor^ 7 F. A Reuben Hall, Joe "W. McCuJi Jesse R.oach. Louis "VV. Rogers. Bert F. lac« KugrSiston a-nd DIVISION EFFECTED The division of the of loa^-time resident end of Hvney Grove. COU1STY GOP CALLS ibeinsr-th* our Ti e XT.. BO.VKAM— Dr C -\ r- v chairman of the Republican ^j cctive committee -o: Fanaia coun- tr- ho, b.^ed k can for precfec'J conventions to be h*Id July ^S |« £ each of the elsrht precincts, . Th-l pJace of meeting and the precinct i chairmen arc: " f Bonham. Jan»« L, | catfon started 9erera! '.years ajro. «>tnmoi»fam composed of Charter ° f ^". We Hoa * 3 ' Germany, States Sa\*oy. Howard Harrison; I-eonard. ? \^~+- f Joe 'Weav-r: Ladonia, R. T. Bart- "'""ley: Honey Grove, T. S. Sisco; Telephone. E. M. Simpson: Mack Wsndie; JOodd City. M«**erer. bom * rSrnJO *° th * *n. and confeetioaery *nd aofr Ho31 ^' Gro ~ e - He * in that rortunft- ity. a.nd It is said he d*- Howard. «P. In coart th* the case s-iuntczins mucb inter start on ou 'Have yoia a sense admitted thev But Th»n hadn't?" besr no res^niblsucj? to each other. r>e- .easse a EOrnlnet.Jon fr Texas by the Democratic party is generally equivalent to e^etioa "is'.so reason xrhy th^ nomination should be 3jegar<!e<5 <t?? an. el'SctiO.n. for it is u.'/* an ele-e- -,^oa la fact. Th-e stare has a rig-ht to say ho~v candidates t-o fill jfs offices shall be nominated—what p h e is TO be foHo-iV^i in c-rd^r T.O insure all ition—hut r-o ^H ?f !« *'v^ Ty- »^ * TT; o m ^ n *5 o^" r "T~ 7 • t "• t :!r-="-rur*» the J BSZlf. ^~Iy past that- clear fling- of L/^' ^^^^-"^.^T* 1 "-i ?. fast-d*cayin ? oH Hr-wn brick ] hailed^rr^nTharr^trSn^"* ie;i ma.ii.K20R on -be aveny*> late ;a5t night. > bur sh^ dfd not ?eom t^'^jnd. " 'oar s:'"-rred sloorrz ~^es relieved onlv by a I ?iob ^f Hs-ht from a third floor ^Iimow. \ r r>-j i "»"<.* < >T " tbree floppy shatters squeaked in the \ y of mg-ht breezes. A prorrljrt;r cat minced i ?jr a hiS'h iral] jc the rear. Had sor<sebo<3v 1 tsainstaklrsr care she kiieTr. when T» •woke her -with a iou'-h and xhe looked up to find him smiling oa her. and a flurry of snow ; of a »*toT.e house seen through it I mud near. grains 1 ? 's for d»!«s*rt?" "Home, my dear chssdr" be **J hop«d you -would like it"I can't se* bo-wr you ev^rythin^ in thi.* short -wrhile." "ft took a little speed." he admitted. "I *pent the rsiffht tole- phonJn^— draar^insr people from be<2—and persuading: therre that no one needed so much sJ«*p a» they ; | H* "Aren't y f =j sroiap "N'o. Mam"' to ie!' rr.e d her up to car from th^ car then pick- i t * lou »- rs "- Come In here and »ee the | the | riotis/' he B**t her haTe my *<J, a* she found | nice fire ar,<3 coc^tstails that are 1 you by him and reluctantly, j e of The * were ;: room ^as broad wtood at one end and or a R*-pur» or!:er gfnn^ t happen to If any gn«j «H •f cruder or f'nure or •wh '•Oc32 ''IST ! spoos^e>* of tne thrii! vrriers. sore. Anrj 53 the i thesr e'5 to js no nece&MTy f<-:- the- ^"*ner«} e;ect;^r for everyhirvdy has a'rfa*iv vot^d- Such .dilior.' ',s .fo-oissr. on ITS face. The purj g party orgsiv; z<t-'>r; i< to a HOT rcerar'ers of that partv tc- ^le^T its Candidates, and when others wh'.» |T'> fiere one ti.nj' 1 s.t5<5 tbere another ere a*lotv*-d to participate, the principles •&uci, purpoSf*!* of fi psr*v are "io<t. Lf? fvpr?-body \vho is a qualified voter vote m the «roi'jst?tut.;or;a3 e-e^tion. but the nora- wi J atj«j2' *»iet*(.ion. no* mertsoniec in tfce coasts-! tution, should be K party afff-Jr. govern. •fey tb-e party. T"rom g pgren**s oia?azine: "The average f kTiow. That ^KZS the vear rr:e s r.-^ernorable thirr.ble crack l 'Absotive!' J ?:n^. don't you? You te'! me t the turns. Tt'l! sav* 'rnv ~~ery funny r-er^on. "You're »h* questioned Iron- i ' black ap- the hall. She curtsied Jn a fa«hion ihat told of her having started as scullery m%;<S io aaother land. think you'll find everything: In for Mrs. OI In the ^4ews 1 3 Years Ago the file* */ TAc /^«ri» Mart* ing New9 thirteen year 9 «0» jyou he*.r ihe old on~g," he assur h<*r. She might. »h» realiz^-J -w-ord' irtgly. have been <m her ^ray •?.him to' norci««;r.e> dinner, o He isaSd. "Marsha Powers. pose yr>u sit hack and r»*t hat e-virrj-thlns- is we!!.They stopped for tfseir fen-cheon Powers. Sir, Jt's honor- i -w* are, here to serve you both." "EJJa, one of my mother** old«st. jort rrusied «en-ant»," Bob said I to Marsha, She murmured soir.*- :<5*r- I *^i«» g:«ntly kind to find srurpri** w-Jth i* 1 herself. She ha<J not kno^n »he t*a- | '"ould play this rol« that had bcrn { rat -" !r sup- .' *Hru»t upon her, KO adroitly. ! A. moment more and ehc -w^m j ! Bob up the few stain and in- } In r * cftnt y**" 1 th * United Stat*. a rwwn with * »los>!nsr roof. Th- Srov«rnm*nt h*» b-;*n <Sofn* moch of it* t>o»>kk**pins on a calendar near win<So-?,-« of tiny p*t?e»: at tl?c other end of the room •wabs a bank of books; their color* Trere sr«mtle in The soft tsffht, A fire leaped and scolded. Deep chair* ^wcre Vefore it and an oM fa*hione<5, ered ajofa., "I a*dore this pla.ce*"* «ai<5 "I thought," h« «aid »JowJy "that if you liJc*d it— aji much as I nhml! after our time her*, -wre migrbt buy It. mo that we can come back: make a piltrrimajp<5 rso-w and again you kno'w— b^t-sr* moment- I "CoTne here to irj*,"" h« **}& next- want to nay *omethlnc that ;* eriotj* to you—** 'To Be STJWBAY, JULY 24, 1921 Mrs. Mary J. Crook, oldest native of La-1 mar county, in her eightieth year, died at e of her son. J. W. Cnx>k where she $ jhaxi lived some years fo>lowing- death of ber|^_* ^ hijsband, Jerrv S. Crook. * onlT|" art t y *? «? p 7 -"" - * >!rs^ roof. The at a >rna!! ro»<S*S<5*t ijjn where a i '"'aH* were cox*ere<J with »n old- broa*i. open flreplar^ i*-aj« •K-.^O.*,,.. ! famhione4, florveted paper, ruffled, after the bite of the «»«*/•*>«»• a jr, i 'Jotted-wwiios <rtirta5n." were *t the rhatr» an-J » f*.w other old "- the place bite of the oa eu >Ta.n>ha r«turj>«"J. fi-e^h^n^ hearth, and Bob rh srrto •waiting; for her. "Sweet," iny faces 3 t th* Japan finish on , ' ?rgn p»tcfain ? tn*» first game. ^ and Nfl* ^PS^Jfc* S«COn*1. 1-0. The rector being on vacation, services at th« Church of the Ho! v Cross were read S?v w«?t*>"- \f^Ti^A*. an/? W«T*«- \r«^»- r»J TT ,^ nr °e and Wal^r Moore. I)r. Uear or T\axaIiaclsJe was m the vacant Cen- "Thai, new jnateriel that stretches and thefi resumes its normal to b* fine for budgets.—Iridian8prKlJs; Jr8 j^p resbyter j an p1I } p j t of the 158 converts in the j r " you'd felt a w.rm. »*r*d: he did not mad* ir? Thr -rrom h«r, TH h ** r - p**a**d 1 ^>v« witho«t any , ^ | Thlnk '«•«»»'« w *" t ««y e'a*e wowtd ^m^,- rnaie thinsr to ***. how «oft!y m«rmur*<5. Icokinr it." he »n- up cur haxp. r . i , . 4 , - * •» „ T>t , , -, e> *rra,nged the matter, I'm r«?»J- Locket t Adair revival at Deport, who elected i y \Vb«j Aunt Lary cooks someioing- thatftfa« Baptist churcli for membership, were bap-j T«ivT*oili"U br^rp*^- none of h*r family will eat sh« carries the dish : ru:*<J ia Ui* D*»p«rt gm poo!. j "An<$ »!! or€erc«!'" »«h** **ys * <»vfr to » ««-i»riibor in th« bop« of getttc^ J«dg^ C. C ]>»»ag9n of Cx>p«r, critfc*!!y ' ""* of getting «m«^Jiiriir loiter in extibangw.—Claude Calli»ul!.j« a in SUf-Telegrara. .fteiBt up aad w«i Hilt eye« s3ow««»j. p •nST of h^art that ^ way fhar pleading; him. "I '« r i*h no*he cOBfitfed ae h« <5re-w out h«?r * wha.ll jpsze at yoo. Why <Jon*t 700 chair an4 *h« »«tti*<i. ] ftnteb that n*p before dinner? T<m * TJl ? y w<5nt '' h * aw»ure<j h^r-: have a Ions hour »n<J a half." couJd a "fixer/ when T f*t m perhapn, *lon*s, *he think thin** throtirh a Httl« to •wsjtrepe *pj>eare< -1th 9* ft laden Pam hoBpjtal w»-v*»r»J weeks, was able ' tr * y ' hen* oM, an<4 fe*ln<: that i "V*i« »n4 ff ft ^«-T»r*» *.ifij; w*'ij | »!n***> i-*ie h»4 J^i»rnM |*«iwf it back a»4 try «««*».*' *k>«. to her and »lnc« what *be ha« AFFAIRS OF A GENTLEMAN W. C AT THE LAMAR TILUE AND CU5 n«M* \Jfnon Jflcl ATTHE GRAND THE PIAZA fl«-I>c<roim«M» with tlw TODAY'S CROSSWORD Solution of Saturday's Puzzle

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