The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1931
Page 2
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TU DAILY flJEWB. ntXDBBIOK. MD, T9BSDAY, Dl , IMt DMMGESUIIS TO PUNISH SHERWOOD ! . Man Who Defied Court «ill Hare Cwtly Japanoe OPEN MAJOR OFFENSIVE Chinese Back T»- New Ycrk. Dec 28 --Tie las' today to nuke the honeymoon cf Rus- ,-c:i T. Sheraood, described as Slaver t Walkers penpal accv.ii.taE'., a costi;. one ward Chiochow. Japanese troops :n a major offensive yesterday i to make puolc the luuU obX-ctlve of itbe but declared it might is- j dude Cb-nclww. j The northward eveep of the j Japanese arm? was accomplished de- ,-ypj'e bi'.Jer resistance The battle «as I -the office worker** dream." wai en- j street. hjr three Harmrd f nginrering i He ^y^ conduct every item of the student* following a survey ol traffic ' ,^f s transactions without leavjig the IB fifteen American muni-. "and. :f need be. coald de- :»37. th* study. i ' oij « ht ~ belox- ·r r- IAI _.u- i _ -_.._*.- Supreme Court Justice Thomas W.' Two From Washington County c^,^ ae;d .^ ,,....«.,.., shooed, Against Cement Company. in ooctesspt cf tie Hefstadter lr.-. t-izi£ commit * C"? is ij-ci* .., A-G, so'jjn. J.T rr.or.ths to rcaie h^n corse t , I Z.r-V * · cov»r c*c_ni iricaooect-appearfEg a 20-JSlle advaec* from Yieskow to ! sr ,o» banks, from which bu^ets saddea- Ta«a, Mr spurted, aad in some places built A: the- end of the ftrst days f^hj. I James Hjatt. of UamsviUe. I that iMOrange entered hit bam last | Thursday, collected sixteen bushel* of J wheat. pUed them la an autosnobUe aad ' toot them to bis home. Soon after I the affair a warrant was issued and . _ . jsheriff Crum arrested DeOraofe. Not 18 "** 1 ** affle * *«}sout erasing the i D. Grant SCckte. Michiam, 1930, troit, develand. BuflaJo mad Boetcw. 1 date lor a hearing has been aet. De- | Grange Till be charged with thrft. '· scecd to an elevator to the station aad The city would link its building to taie a tram for any destination in the {transportation facilities so man could ¥t*TT1rf V TTMTTTTnfWLfl and Leonard «. MeCUetoc*. 1NO. They raited Ne* York. Philadelphia. Balrimore, Washington. Pittsburgh. Cicdonatt St. Looto, Kama* City, lex San Prandeoo, Chfeaco, Der - lag in a movement expected to last era! days, they «ere sell on their S12.500 AMOUNT INVOLVED defease trenches, the parapets, of »h-ch they soaked v.-.-Ja waler that froze and became almost armor plate. s-- "-s for damages, In 'c!vir^ ha e beer, remoiec fr-jn: A-'.e;. ·- -.-': ;~ "~-- * .c-.:.'.' '.··? trial - . -- is j.-:s^:a-.ed :r. Wa/i: csu/n - __ c v «-r- f-;'. ^ir.^'.eo ti AUe- ..- \xj\i-.: 3tfcr? reach.:? t.-jxl in ;-^' c:»r.'.:- t.:s r.-co:-.a :?=:-. al rr.^^c :.' Fre:er.~t; c-U-'.y B^'h s'.e ix»-. dsci-t'.ed t i t n date as : :t I"is :'-·:. .e: i'r tr.e tr.sLs The or.- QUfet«on Il to cec fir is v xc s prcpertj It may be lu iugh S 100.003 b-j: Justice Cr--jrch:;: uicica:- cc it v~j..c: be jcn-.e-Ahat ^s He ii.d vay to*ard Kotrtacgtze. important railroad «ur:c-_x,c. ·acich ^ oely 40 Cliarcetf With Theft .·EIS from Chinese* the ^« stand Ac alleged -*-fceat thief *as arrested o.' China in prov-sce. ' an i lodged in jail by SaenSt Charles Japanese army authorities refused |W. Crum. Ke is Roscoe DeGrange. of is that of Frin«;. R. h-s z.-" Clara E^: : j_.r_ ·. ·.:·'· Ncr'.r. Amer.caj. ocrr:-xj-a:.n f r S3 CSS) ar.d S-.500 ar.c :^e ^«r .r.d ^ t.-at oJ M.l- Isrd J Prc, anc L^a-s; E. Prwe ru- 'w-e asu __ i*. '.."e wsie cx'cr.tiir.: North A^ Cemcr.t Corpora -.:^n. icr Sf ·"" ' Fr---:. .-. P. Alorif!..: ar.d ijs \\.ff fci t.-.e.r b-1. cf ccrrplair.t. allege that t-cy c"-. or»-^.c-» l"-i:j aTes cf land ir:prc"'f- lit . a tvo-tt-Ty Jrani* nouse s::u*:/--c --o~^ t.~e eld 5\r?e roaS. :n \Vaih_-;tci: cojr.'v. three rrd,es from Ks£er::...v:: and tivst the are tenants on ac';::...:s pare?, cf land of ".he acres o^iec =y J rrar.i R-Ger.o-^r. That trt Cerrer.; Corporation op- crates s ;tne quarry and J»ctorr f o r ) the -facrure of cement on an ad- ' 30:?.^:; tract of land, xshich for many New Y^-rt Dec 28 --Suprec.* Co~r: .'-i-.-rc TJicai*4 w ChjrchU: today c- :r.s?'. lo tne Legjlat.-.e C.:y Ir:'.e5- :.;at.or. C3.i!!r..'.'' i tr thm: Rui^ri: T Ma;.or Walter £* field u; cosa:p: bu: r«er\eS dec^isr: oc the asioun: -·' Sn hr 'AiL .rnpose - -por»Sr;er»ocxJ Cntier a s^-t.or. of the Ci^il Sezj_rj a.».cu U-.",_n. !-:.r tr ^itr^sec! so "trso;* «ho are iceeFlr.B him iun: to keep hln: a*aj " Seabury decjired Sherw -x! was n.". ttc-;).;.g ou; of the committee's jurj- ci:rLi'i:: betake he haa a:.;. ;:ilng to fear, b'Jt beca-jse or ti.e Ma jr'» dc- s^e that he stay an ay He ciirac- tenzed :he Mayor's attS'.uce i:-. the rr.att^r as a "flagrant cor.' by the Mayor, sr. fplr.t if no: ^i I', of :hc ;x;v,er of the S:;pr«r.e Court." OPPOSE CONSOLIDATION has cLscharged dirt and dxat up- i,-. OS the property of the plaintiffs. That' Indlanans Afalnst Motion Line Goinf the cart ar.c oast seeps into the house j To B \nd O snc has polluted the catem and | rendered the nater unfit for household i and also deztrojs crops and s in Tha; the blasting of stone; or r?ci has damaged farming !mp!e- [ jsents ard stock and also has damaged | the foundation of the house. The, plai2:i"s ask S3 000 damages. Claim Blajtinc Dangerous. In a nsrr filed along with this suit the plaintiffs allege that the blasting j ', lias made dangerous the life of the · plaintiffs, their agents and servants , Bnd at times has compelled them to ; Cee to places of shelter and protection : oard has interfered with tfiling the soil. ; In this case the damage Is placed at ' 8J500. D. Angle Wolflnger and John wagaman are attorneys for the plain- · Jiffs and the defendant corporation is represented by A. S. Mason. The plaintiffs in the second case | suit »re William J. Price and Lizzie E. i -,.Price, his wife, against the same de- i ifendants. The plaintiffs allege that they are the owners of 33 1-2 acres . pf land adjoining the plant of the de' fendant corporation. That the plan: Bay and nht discharges quantities ol . foot, smoke and dust upon trie j ',, property of the plaintiffs. That a large part of property of the plainutb b well adapted to trucking purposes' !. »nd by reason of the oSscbarge of soot, · : di?st and smoke the land Is rendered immarfeetEljlc and the owners are de.- JKived of using the property for truck- tug purposes. Omar T. Kaylor and 3. JLlord Harshman represent the plaln- . £iffs and A. S Masort js counsel for the defendant corporation. Dec. 'iZ --Go-. ern-r Leslie and the Ir.d^tna PubLc Ser.lce Cormnliiion today urged the In:entate Commerce Commission to refuse to permit allocation of the Chicago. Indianapolis aad Louisville Railroad to :hc Baltimore and Ohio In the proposed four-s:^tcm consol.dation plan. The road, also known as the Morion, is jointly owned by the Louisvilie and Nashr-.lle and the Southern. Except for terminal operations at Louisville and Chicago it is located entirely arlthln Ind:iU!a. It has shops at Lafayette and Bloomir.gton. employing upward of 1.500 workers. The br'.cf asking permission lo intervene said the state was interested not only because the reaUocaiion would disrupt d.rcct communication to the South but Rlso because :t \\ould result in at ieas! a substantial decrease !n men employed at Lafayette and Bloomir.gton. CHICHESTERS PILLS ** _ THE DIAMOND BliiSU. » : DISCUSS SMITH CANDIDACY former Governor To Speak At National Committee Meeting. Washington. Dec 2S --Congressional Democrats are divided in their views Bn -srhethcr Alfred E. Smith, the 1928 standard bearer, !s preparing to seek renorainaUor.. New Yorfe nevrspaper stories speculating on this sub:ec: preliminary to the caiional Democratic gathering next month have served to bnr.g the question Into discussion here. Those propasir,?: Gc-v Franklin D feoosevelt from Xe^r York for the Democratic nomination are keeping quiet «n the poss:b:l:ty of "Smith entennc Vhs contest, but there is a distinct divi- fcon arrtonj them as to whether thss *i" cjine Hb-3Jt All are very confident cf Roosevelt's prospects. But certain it is that the -sray has been cpened for Struth to hoid the .-tpotSigh: at the r.ext month's gathering bf ihe Darty He will be one of three Speasers at the Jackson Dav banquet bn January 8. the n'.pht before the S3»rr,3crat:c national c?rarr.i"ee meets. LadtMl tat /vcaltlc tosn. MU«4 -id Blix ' T.k. mt ··* B,, .loi ·f yoor Ir«iKUk t i n - t nc*-Ttlts BRAHU P1LIH. tx'_ lou sfDBpccuTS irnrwvbai Good Evening Did the Mrs. S a y . . . 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Can Del Monte Sliced Del Monte Crashed Pineapple tee can 17c Pineapple 2 for 29c | Tips each 29c DEL MONTE SPINACH LARGEST SIZE CAN 15- DEL MONTE I DEL MONTE APRICOTS FRUIT SALAD LARGEST SIZE CAN 23- LARGEST SIZE CAN 32. FANCY ALASKA PINK SALMON 3 tall cans 25 GINGER ALE , A c . , Cliquot Club ' 2 pt. bots. 27c \ AlTOW OPC1U 5 bots CIoverdale v 2 bots 25c · Lite-A-Limes* 2 bots. 25c! F "" ^"^ pc » Mslt High Rock- 3 bots. 25c , lona Sauer Kraut 2cansl7c ·PIUS some Deposit · AP Pumpkin Ige. can lOc DRIED APRICOTS Woods Mince Meat Del Monte Raisins Grandmothers Bread Eight O'clock Coffee . Ib. 22c box lOc . loaf 5c . Ib. 17c Early June Peas . . Crushed Corn Red Ripe Tomatoes Cleaned Currants Campbells Tomato 2 cans 19c ! . 3 cans 25c · . 2 cans 15c. 2 pkgs. 25c , Soup 3 cans 25c - Old "Rffi i -n i rTi JJXUXLIUII Malf- xuxUG Can 29c 2 lh 19n Granulated Sugar 10 u cioth Bag 49 IVORY SOAP med cakes IVORY FLAKES LGE. 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