Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 1973 · Page 51
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 51

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Page 51
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• REPUBLIC CITY A-34 The Arizona Republic SO Sit,, Jw* 39, 1*M Former Valley osteopath sues for new license ; A former Sunnyslope osteopath whose license was re- yoked in 1956 after he was convicted of a narcotics violation filed a suit in Superior Court Friday to force a state Hoard to issue him a new license. ^Bernard Bloch, now of Southfield, Mich., brought the action against the Arizona State Board of Osteopathic Exam- iftSrs. i Bloch said in the suit that he applied to the board Feb. 18 for a license to practice again in Arizona. On May 51, he received notice from the board that he had been denied a license because of his prior felony conviction and his failure to meet certain professional requirements, accord' ing to the suit. Bloch contends that the board exceeded its legal authority and jurisdiction in denying him a license. He claims the Paradise Valley sets up Crime Stop phone line PARADISE VALLEY - A Crime Stop phone number for emergency use has been inaugurated here- by the town marshal's office, with cooperation of the Maricopa County sheriff's office. The Crime Stop number is 252-3961. Town Marsha] Ron Dairy mple said Friday that the' number will ring in at the sheriff's department communications center. Immediate radio contact will be made with Ex-reporter accepts post at Samaritan Charlotte Buchen, assistant tq the president and director of communications for National Housing Industries, will become assistant to Samaritan Health Service President Stephen M. Morris. Miss Buchen, whose appointment is effective Aug. 1, replaces Charles R. McDowell, who resigned in March. Her duties will include liaison between the president's office and components of Samaritan, including the administration of seven hospitals and a clinic. Miss Buchen, previously a staff writer for The Arizona Republic, is a member of the rate review committee of the Maricopa County Comprehensive Health Planning Council. the nearest available deputy marshal, who will respond to the call. The Town of Paradise Valley marshal's office does not operate its own communications center, Dalrymple said.. All patrol 7 vehicles are equipped with radios but communications are handled by the sheriff's department, he said. The Crime r Stop number should be use(f only in case of emergencies or when it is necessary for a caller to converse with a deputy marshal, according to Dalrymple. board didn't take into consideration "extenuating circumstances" in connection with his felony conviction. He also maintains that he was deprived of his constitutional righto by the examiners. Dr. Richard McGill, board secretary-treasurer, said he didn't feel the board had exceeded its authority in deny* ing the license. McGill noted that Bloch's Arizona license was revoked after the felony conviction, and that osteopathic boards in Michigan and Indiana'also took revocation actions against Bloch. However, according to McGill, Bloch obtained a new license ^Michigan three years later after'taking another osteopathic exam there. Plant Flewtrs for Summtr Colors... NORMAN LANDSCAPE MUMMY A nOWIR »NO* CLOSED SUNDAY "Over 4 Acrts Of Nursery" 3l13N.TthSf. 2M-24ST 7T04N.2TthAve. 99 M 540 POTTED? We've Co* It... IF YOU DIG .IT... WE'VE DUG IT... Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort THE INDOOR GARDEN HOUSE TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER NORTHEAST COHNrt OF THE FOOD BAZAAR 957-0150 2121 EAST CAMELBACK OPEN DAILY TO A.M. to 6 P.M. Overdose of heroin called suicide method! A man found dead Friday apparently took his own life with a deliberate overdose of heroin, investigators said. /Terry Berkes, 22, of 2201 E. ffcoosevelt, was found dead in an E. Van Buren motel. 'Detective Eloy Ysasi said Berkes had been despondent because of a variety of trou- bjes, including marital differences. /The. investigator said Berkes apparently filled three syringes with heroin and injected two of them. The third syringe was found nearby, loaded but unused, Ysasi said. APS rates hearing recessed to Monday Thje State Corporation Commission's hearing of Arizona Public Service Co.'s request for higher rates was recessed Friday until 9 a.m. Monday. • The two - week -oldhearing: of APS's bid for 6 per cent gas and electric rate in- cjreases is expected, to end next week. Buy the BEST from YdRD-MaN and SAVE $20 119 $ 95 REG. 5139.95 WITH COUPON 3.5 HP, EZ recoil start, 20" cut, throttle on \ handle, hinged cowling, big catcher included, 'many models to choose from. REG. $99.95 WITH COUPON $7095 2 HP, easy spin recoil, safety shroud, throttle handle. THIS COUPON WORTH $20 ON PURCHASE OF ANY YARD-MAN EQUIPMENT EXCEPT MODELS 1000, 1010, 2440, 2500, 3700, 3710, 3600, 3630, 3040 AND ALL ACCESSORIES AT ARIZONA POWER EQUIPMENT 1 YaRD-MSN $2 0 ARIZONA POWER EQUIPMENT 1524 WEST HATCHER RD. 944-5591 Financing Available "The Arisona board has felt even though he served a prison sentenos that revocation was part of the penalty," Mc- Oill said,. "We consider the revocation permanent." According to McGill, Bloch also applied for an Arizona license in 1967 and the board turned him down then. Bloch hasn't practiced as an osteopath since 1965, McGill said. He also pointed out that the Arizona Osteopathic Practice Act was revised in 1970. 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