Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 12, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 12, 1965
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rU.-.-Y, u. MICROFILM SERVICE & SALES CO. P.O. BOX eCP6 DALLAS, TEXAS COH5» "A man attonld nevef be ashamed to own lie has been In the Wfnfifr, which is but saying, In othef words, that he Is wiser today than yesterday." — Jonathan Swift "YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" VOL. 3? NO. 36 NEA, McNatight Features tt'l Leased Wires CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO, WEDNESDAY, MAV 12, 1965 ttPaftlTdday Soviet 'Soft Land' Moon Shot On 'Exploratory' Talks Held On Dominican Peace SANTO DOMINGO (t'pr,— .di- Clari/io arranged a meeting US. presidential envoy John 'between Martin and Caamano. 1 who is seeking recognition as '"constitutional president" of the Deominican Republic. Hector Aristy, the No. 2 rebel, also was present at the meet- IJartlow Martin has held "ex- 1 ploratory" talks with rebel Col. ' Francisco Caamano Deno in an effort to settle the Dominican crisis, it was reported today. A State Department spokesman said papal nuncio Emanu Bayard Hospital To Close WASHINGTON ifPIt- Rec- comendations submitted Tuesday by a special presidential committee apparently have not spared the For! Hnyard. \ M , Veteran? Hospital from closure The hlue rihbon committee named by President Johnson to ir'spcc! conditions at 1! Veterans Artmini>trn1i''>!i llnpital-; sl.'ited for shutdown, recom- K'-II' open They were the hos 1 ''i! 1 * :i' .%!•';••< City. Mont . Cas'.le Pom! nnd Bath. N Y , (irand Junction ('"'.'i . aivi Lincoln. Noh. Recommended for c 1 o s ! n c n'on^ with Fort Bayard ing. The spokesman would not say whether the talks produced any result. Martin, a former ambassador to Santo Domingo, is here now a* a special representative of President Johnson. Returning To Normal This revolt-torn capital ap- ncared to be gradually return ing to normal under the protection of 3,3..100 U.S. servicemen— 122.800 paratroopers and Marines ashore and 10.500 Navy men in the supporting task force offshore. Canman 1 -'^ rebels continued sporadic attacks on I'.S. position-;, but early today tiiere had been no report of new America n casualties for more than 2-1 Related Story, Page 11 and hotpiia'i a! McKinnoy S innvur-.t. .V Y , Rroacl HfUlhts, Ohio r>w>aV;',. HI., Rutland Height*, Mass. A< th<» recommendations ^° the White House were made public, a committee member, Sen Milton R Young. H-V I> , said Port Rayard wa^ among the hospitals listed for retention However, other committee sources sa:d this was in error. The recommendations were disclosed before they wore ex- fiected when "leaks" of information began developing in \V;i*h.!ng1on The White House wa< busy throughout the after- r.''.on notifying congn^Mripn whose districts were affected bv the decision. T"'- committee. cnrp.p''>sed of fongre^smen. phy^, and \' \ representatives. tr,.nie i!< final decision only a sh irt time before the n» ommendations were made public. .\!><Kit half of the govern nu-nt's civilian employes were M';>'.i:"N'.! re'iKiiin.; to \\o:k at (in. 1 retj.;!'-' iif (Me !i!il;!arv-civil- ,i ii'Miied by Maj. Ger, Imberl H^rrera. lift a. (Sen. F.h.ts Wessin y \Ve.ssin, "strong man' 1 supporter of the nation's four most re- were| ct , n f go\ernments, appeared to ••••jhe standing firm in his decision "tint to resign his military post until order is fully restored. Has Not Resigned The State Department • urn jurit Antonso Tex sa:d that ' he tVYe^h; an Interv lay hv, go Tribune viy i.-, y.--ir.: ito res 14 n in 4 so far as 1 > has not re- iew obtained J)ubois of the \Ve.s sin said to pressure 1 b< /cause his m a n XnoM ,In Ttie't Chicago 1.1 >:••!"-" t;i [ resi^iuru' 1 bec;i tlfmi.s-.ion "would invite the disintegration of the army." i Imht-rt saul Tuesday he has not asked Wfssin to resign because ' he'-- no problem." 4-Month Lead Held Over U.S. MOSCOW (LTI) - Russia's Luna-5 moon rocket reached the moon's surface tonight, Tass news agency announced. There was no immediate Indication whether It succeeded in making a "soft landing." MOSCOW (UP])-The Soviet Union announced its unmanned I'-j-ton space probe would reach the lunar surface at 10:15 p.m. (12:15 p.m. MST) today. A .successful "soft" landing would Hive the Russians a four month lead over the United States in the moon race The probe, known as the Luna i Lunik i 5. has been streaking toward the moon for two days. The Russians said they would try soft landing tech- probes when space vehicles crashed into the moon. Kscape Clause The Tass news agency announced the vehicle would try a soft landing systrn but it appeared to leave an escape clause in case the landing failed The announcement said only that "elements of the system of soft landing are being tried out for the first time The fir-t US. attempt to land a spacecraft, known as the surveyor, on the lunar service without a shattering impact is now scheduled lor early October The first U S lunar land- er will weigh about hall a ton less than Luna 5 and will carry- no scientific instruments. The Russian probe is to send back ! signals from the landing site "in the area of the Sea Of ! clouds." ! The Russian announcements were enough to confirm speculation that UK- mission of the Luna 5 was more ambitious than anything yet attempted by; the United States in the race to put a man on the moon. ; Has Braking Rocket A soft landing probe has a retro or braking rocket to slow- it down to a speed low equipment on impact. More Yanks Land In Viet Nam U.S. Force Increased To 45,1 REGISTRATION — Delegates registering for the League of Women Voters convention being held in Clovis today and Thursday are, left to right, Mrs. Fredrick Conn, Albuquerque; Mrs. Ivar Lindstrom, Los Alamos; Mrs. Robert Kir- Santa Fe Considers Merger Women Voters To Hear Solon A panel discussion on the rev-presentation of the budget, enue needs for the state of New, ST. LOUIS (UPI. Congress Asked To OK Military Pay Increase WASHINGTON' I UPI>--President Johnson today asked Congress to vote a pay increase for military personnel and civilian government employes It be next :5 mi; Jan. >n a vear, 1. Mexico at 2 p.m. this afternoon will highlight the llth state con— Frisco vention of the League of Wo- Louis W.jmtn Voters of New Mexico. said Tuesday he expects | Members of the panel include a decision on possible merger Sen. Gordon Melody, D-San Mi- Hi th the Santa Fe Railroad williguel; Ben Mason, chief of the be made tins month following budget division, department of completion of a feasibility sti|- finance, and Franklin Jones, an dy. : Albuquerque attorney. At Tuesday night's opening session of the three-day convention, Mrs. Janes Lewis, president of the league, presented highlights of activities Ill SAIGON (UPI)-Nearly 1,401,, U.S. Marines and 1,000 part' 1 ' troopers landed in South Vie 1 Nam today, raising U. S. mili. tary strength here to a record 45,000 men. There were indica tions, meanwhile, that the Viet Cong had suffered a costly de feat in the field. A Viet Cong force estimated in the thousands attacked and captured for seven hours the provincial town of Song Be, 75 miles northeast of Saigon Tuesday, in what was believed to be the prelude to a monsoon season Communist offensive. The attack cost a total of 5 Americans and 42 Vietnamese dead and 13 Americans and 76 Vietnamese wounded, with another 50 of the 15,000 residents dead or wounded. After the fighting 59 Viet Cong bodies were found. South Vietnamese officials estimated 250 wen killed and carried away. U.S. Army Lt. CoL John <JT Hill Jr., of Alexandria, Va., SB- nior U.S. Army adviser for a special zone that includes Phuoc Long province, said "My own estimate is that the VC lost between 600 and 1,000 casualties." Authorities said a young Viet Cong soldier defected and tipped off American and South Vietnamese officials to the major Communist attack. Although the Reds held the town for sev. Ullll 1CV4 VUUll O Y OL^lll , ClUWf UUVl** T , w * .. u*-»u *.»vr%.*» *u* ****** * v**i 4 wiAUh) 'UAL. j financed with centralized ad- The overwhelming approval of If" h . ou " ">eywere driven into by, Los Alamos; Mrs. Jay Carr, Roswell, and Mrs. William Bray, Albuquerque. Behind the desk are the co-chairmen of registration, left to right, Mrs. B. J. Friederman and Mrs. Irving Mason, both of Clovis. (Staff Photo) Railroad Stockholders OK Mergers CHICAGO (UPI) — Stockhold- _...„ r ._, „. _„ ers of the Milwaukee Road and the league during the coming!Union Pacific railroads voted year include continued study of Tuesday to merge their lines re- the Constitution of the State ofispectively with the North West- adequatelyiern and Rock Island railroads. Items proposed for action by ministration and fiscal control!merger plans was the latest de- and with qualified personnel;! ., (the jungle under air attack. wii Downing U. Jenks, the Mi-.vjyri-Pacifu ha* several president Railroad mergers recommendations for an improved system for selection, retention, promotion and dismissal of personnel in the state government ; support of improved $262,020 School Aid Allotted Curry County Johnson ma a special ir.e-: ,il based dticto-i f >•• !;i pane! ur; !ed>.: on :n in he request llis projvis- a study con- tiv a special j Lines. WA.I Carter, superintendent fur the Santa Ft* railroad in Clovis, said, "They have been mak. Ing this study ... In view of consolidation of procedures, and the de- from vt ''°P mPn t °f human resources,! 196.1 thrown 1965 to 11 slate rt * ^'"f'" 1 " "' f*!"™ and^elopment b«nl nenfer. and 45 debates '™™£ £»* £* ^ roads . B. G. Kersey, agent for the Rock Island railway office in Tucumcari, said he did not have any idea what effect the merger would have on Tucumcari. uork i< not presently beine dune "There is really no way to know h.i'.v much money we will ,i.-1u:i!h I'ct." be commented Monroe Sweetland of the National F.d'ic.-ition Association's Curry County is eligible to receive up to $i?62(r.'0 in federal funds under President Johnson's new education bill. This was the word received this morninR from Santa Fe Education De- western headquarters at San ! Francisco, who attended a mwt- itui Tuesday in Santa Fe to fa- The funds alloted Curry Coun- m .] an/0 superintendents, teach- ty are among the $8 93 million set aside for New Mexico. from the State partment. The president proposed these average iru-rea--e-i - 3 per cent in federal ci\*!t- lan salaries. -1 8 per I .•!:! HI compcnsa- t.'fi i.'! all uniform ptvMjnni 1 • •\i'ep» (.'llistrd J)er>onrie: With :e~-i than two \eais of servr-e --.'7 \HT ct-nt in base pa> lor enlisted men and women with less than two voars 1 service. attending the convention. Mrs. Lewis pointed out that in .. . , Hie two years two new leagues, ''" l "" """ «--»wiii«.'.,i. day the m f rg ", of tlie ,Hoswell and Sandoval, had been Action will be taken to approve industry," William two lines for some time. ! added bring the total of leagues the proposed program during president of the He pointed out that when the m , h state to 1Q She added the Tnursday . s closing ses sion. jRoad, said, study is completed the possible , m , mbership in the sta te was merger plans would have to be now more than 700 . approved by the Interstate Com-; oth hignli g hts durlng the merce Commission and the , wo vpars ^ cluded: sioekholders of the two railway, _ The co . sponsorsh jp of a Citi•ns Conference on New Mexico 'iii!-. by the state league and n American Judicature Socie- Units of the Third Battalion of the Okinawa - based Third Marines waded ashore at Chu Lai beach 350 miles north of Saigon to help protect a new U.S. air base under construction there. A Marine battalion normally numbers about 1,400 in the trend toward men. New!consolidation of the nation's rail- Almost simultaneously 976 U.S. Army paratroopers landed at a pier in the main downtown a necessity in'the"railroad section . of Saigon to guard two J. Quinn, companies. The nearest point from Clovis where the Santa Fe and Frisco railway lines now connect is at Floyda'da, Tex., Carter added. ! program during president of the Milwaukee down gangways transport vessels Okinawa. A task force of several thou« sand Marines and Seabees arrived at Chu Lai last week to begin work on the new airstrip. Dispatched From Okinawa j The Leatherneck landing to- A Chicago firm Tuesday sub- New York, and the Denver U.S. day involved troops dispatched Bank, for $142,216 or : f rom Okinawa aboard the air- Chicago Firm Buys Local School Bonds vital airbases near the capital. The paratroopers streamed from Navy arriving from Johnson told Congress tlui' these propped adjustments er- and school board members will nMore the relationships in \Y\v Mexico with the new law. between civilian and mihtarv "I .ve which is expected to benefit an saul t)l(1 new , federal funds were pay established in 1961" estimated 38,000 school . age to ^ ,, sw j s t r ictlv on a local . , . 4 4| _ children. hasi> llo said no' federal pro- * re J« -t the Proposition Clovis Superintendent of , I: , n!S n;i ,i been inserted into Schools Vernon Mills said this ^ IP prnerurn statins how t h e morning that a meeting has been , nn ne\ *hnuM >H> n^d called for Thursday at 4 p.m. at "There U no federal control the administration office of a whatsoever over the fnnd< " ho that nmt-nt employment is inu-Jiow inferior to employ- ent in business, in the profe-- i'ins in uniu'rs.'v hie ur in un (ii:,e" occupation " Johnson pt>nd;:i2 for itself, said the Mo- Par would probably oppose the Frisco-Santa Fe move. Both men spoke at annual shareholder meetings here. Menk said, "we expect, near the end of the month, to an- 'unirve the result of these dis- cussi'ins (with Santa Fei " - The ctudv of thp stato consti- mitted the winning bid for pur- National I he stud> of the state consti ^^ o{ $1>6(JOi000 ^ bonds for .,_ m ^ interest. The publishing of 75 000 COD- tlie Clovis Municipal School Dis- Goodboy and Co., Denver, $141, * 6 ' f , . . I iy»A „„ o f\AAC iM*n«».nf<4 • 1344 or 2 9446 interest; craft carrier Iwo Jima. The paratroopers in Saigon 1,900 other members of joined ies of the election issue of the trict. j "New Mexico Voter" and the Continental Illinois National First National Bank of Dallas, : tne 17 3 rc j Airborne Brigade as- publishing of 9.000 pamphlets Bank and Trust Co. of Chicago Boettcher and Co., of Denver, signed to security duty at the called "Register and Vote " .purchased the bond issue - part Parker, Eisen, Waecherle, Ad- B i en Hoa and Vung Tau air \i the session CO Greene of the $2,250,000 bond issue ap-ams and Purcell of Kansas City,! bases . The brigade's full city commissioner, delivered the proved by Clovis voters last Mo., El Paso National Bank, and, stre ngth is 3,500 men. welcomine address and reports March -- for $137,760, or an inter- the Clovis National Bank for, Units arr iving today were un. '""" $142.160 or an interest rate of der the command of Lt. Col ! Lee Surut of New York City. Pierce and Co. of Thev included the Third Bat- were heard from the Credentials est rate of 2.87. Committee. The first session closed committee of about 20 persons to determine ways to use the money, and to decide which are the most Important areas to emphasize in this program. Mills stated that the money will be distributed within the county by 'Average Daily Mem- noted said "If there is no lival initia live then there is no monev The amount o{ the monpv spent is left strictlv up to the local iconic lK>th bow they spend it w' whv " Other counties scheduled to receive portions of the funds are Bernalillo 1 33 million: Chaves. Ana, (iSO.480: $324849: Lea $297880. bership' He also noted that since this is tied in with the an-,$395.780; Dona U-poverty act, the amount al lotted «uy one school will dfr-'McKinley. $491260: Rio Arriba pend in part on the number of $470.140; San Juan. $526020 children coming from families with less than 12,000 annual income. There can be no class system separating the men and wonit j n who are committed to the service of their fellowmen or to the defense of their coun-: i Johnson sent the House and, Senate two proposed bills cov-' r'ring the new pay scales fori I'uilian tmpk>\es and the mili- 1 TODAY Lyon and 2 p.m. Pan el discussion on| Bray. "Revenue Requirements!8:30 p m. Finance and Sources of Income j THURSDAY for the State of N e w ! 7:30 a.m. President's Mexico -• Present and Future." 5-6-30 p m. Social Hour. A total of eight bids were open- 2.9616. with e d during a meeting at the Ad- Rauscher the adoption"^ rules and the ministration Building Tuesday Dallas. F. I. duPont and Barrett, ta 'iion of the 319th Artillery, A ^ _ •-- - m ~- m afternoon, after which Vernon Fitch North and Co of Kansas suppor t battalion, elements of Mills, superintendent of schools, City, and Stern Brothers, Albu-| t he brigade's Headquarton announced bids on a 20 - class- querque, for $142,560 or 2.97 in-:f om p an y, and A Company.o| ^room addition to Bella Vista Ele- terest. Ujj e jgt n Armor. Mrs. W. M mentary School would be opened, Commerce Trust Co. and Zah- June 17. jner and Co., Kansas City, Cough- j The Bella Vista project, lin and Co., Denver, Bos worth, amounting to about $250,000, is Sullivan of Denver and Haniferr breakfast part of a $2,500,000 school expan- imhoff and Samford of Denver 9 a^n" Action on bylaws, state sion program which Mills says for $142,864 or 2.97633. program, budget and will realize the opening of a new Mercantile Trust Co., NA, of tary, plus a bill to establish a'7:30p.m Dinner. Report f r o m' election of officers Pre- elementary school by sentation of the Board of ber. 1966. Septem- St. Louis, Mo., City National , Bank of Kansas City, E. F. Hut-! "federal t>alarv review commis- San Miguel, $433840: Santa Fe i $402,600; Taos, $392,260, and Valencia. $330,440. "We have to make application for the funds," Mills said "and Others will receive ksser they may or may not approve amounts, except Los Alamos. fhoie applications " , which will receive none A cen- ApplicaUoos, he said, must sus showed only 36 children in with expanded programs, that county were from families sifications which in the poverty level. Washington National Directors. Council by Mrs. Lutherll2;30 p.m. Convention ' l ader this proposal, the | President would be authorized \ every four years to propose changes in salary schedules for top positions in the executive, legislative and judicial branches These three top das- were not covered in proposed today. [INSIMT Uw? SiUil* W W 3 11, i Society t The next best bid on the $l,-lton and Co., Kansas City, and adjourns 600.000 bonds was submitted by Quinn and Co., Albuquerque for — • Valley National Bank of Arizona $143.696 or 2.9836 interest. and Northern Trust Co. of Chica-1 The bonds bear to* date Of igo It was for $138.640 or an in-! June i, 1965 ia oVMiominatiom of : terest rate of 2.88833. $5,000 each and mature aerially j rain or drizd* $&$ 1 Joe Sisler, president of the Clo- in regular numerical order. ! creasing itomm m MS National Bank, submitted: They are general obiigatiofl Warmer taJI^, l(Wi. bids for five firms with one bid'bonds payable from gsowal tax-; Tumtey'i Ugl «| I §UB> H inn hiding the CNB ,es which may be levied without defr«*|. ! Bidders included: !limitation as to rate or amount. Today's tow it 4 §.«. U 4* 1 Bashe and Co., Chicago, aad Federated Baafc aod Trust Co.,ipt«f. 18.

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