The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 11, 1965 · Page 23
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 23

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1965
Page 23
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Sunday, July 11, 1965 RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Which type of fishing is the most enjoyable? Which is the most popular? Which produces the most fish? Talk to any fisherman and he will have an answer. The answers, however, arc not unanimously agreed upon. Some will say that to tie on a dry fly and wade a trout stream is the best. They will point out that to see a rainbow rise to the inticement is fishing's top moment. They may be right. Then there are those who say nothing can beat a muskie. ''World's fighttngest fish" they term it. Much of northern Wisconsin's tourist attraction is centered on this fish. Some anglers time their vacations so they can arrive in the muskie area at the time of year they hope will be best to soak a chub or clip on a giant bucktail and go after that big one. "Nothing can compare," they say. They may be right. Most of us know the fisherman who seeks out the largemouth bass. "He's the angry fish of the lakes," they say. They put on a jitterbug or an artificial nightcrawler and drop it next to the lily pads or under that overhanging tree. You may wonder why they keep plugging the same spot until the bass fisherman patiently explains that there is a largemouth there and sooner or later he will get angry with the intrusion and bang the lure out of pure omeriness. He'll tell you that there is nothing quite like the jolt to the arm when a largemouth strikes. He may be right. Ice fishermen number into the millions and they have a sort of "esprit de corps" not generally found among fishermen otherwise. Together they put up with bitter cold, cutting holes in the ice and watching tip- ups. They will tell you that no fish is as tasty as one which comes from below the ice. They may be right. There are those who carefully map water depths and temperatures. They check the wind, then head for a spot where the breeze will push their boat across the drop-offs and deep spots. They put a jig on their line and let it bounce across the bottom in walleye area. "Best eating fish there is is a walleye fillet," they say. They may be right. Hundreds of fishermen right here in Racine go no further than Lake Michigan where they seek out the perch; others swear by the daredevil and contend that the battling northern is fishing's top attraction; many will tell you that the small- mouth bass is "pound-for- pound, the top fighter among fresh water fish;" others will say that spearing sturgeon or bow hunting for carp is great; one can't argue that Big Green's lake trout or German brown from one of the deeper lakes around both are thrills to catch. Then there are those who use pinkies and poppers for bluegills and crappies; those who fly to the Arctic Circle and those who drive to Wilmot Dam; those who pack-in to a winderness and those who trailer boats to Browns Lake; those who prefer deep sea fishing and those who stick a gob of cheese-bait on a treble hook for catfish. One must not forget, of course, that fisherman who probably is the most popular of all — the one who sticks a worm or a minnow on a snelled hook, ties the sinker six inches above it and sets the bobber up three or four more feet, then sits back and waits for whatever variety of panfish may decide to investigate. Each type of fisherman is certain he has found the most enjoyable way, the most productive or the most relaxing. Each may be right. * * * Speaking of the "where" of fishing, it is surprising to discover the places your neighbors or co-workers get to in order to "wet a line." In our pressroom at the Journal-Times, for instance, the boss, John Sheberieck went to Rhinelander. That, however, was like an evening drive to the others. Ken Dahl and Eddie Simon were up at Upper Red Lake, about 50 miles north of Bemidji, Minn. Two other members of the pressroom crew. Bill Mulder and Paul Betchkal, who had been at that lake in other years, decided to go further north. They were about 50 miles west of Flin Flon in north central Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, Dori Larsen, artist in our advertising department, and her family made a return trip to Ely, Minn., and then into canoe country where they made their way to Moose, Basswood and almost up to Kahshahpiwi lakes. These treks hardly compared in distance to that of Hank Maier of the composing room who flew in with a party to Wollaston Lake in the very northwestern comer of Saskatchewan. The area is virgin and just being opened to sportsmen. To get there one goes to The Pas, Flin Flon, Lynn Lake and finally on up to Wollaston. Publishers don't sit home, of course, while their em­ ployes have all of the fun. Harry LePoidevin will be flying out this month to New York and on to Newfoundland for a fishing vacation. So you see, your neighbors and co-workers and perhaps you too seek out varied places on this continent merely to "wet a line." Jones Backs U.S. Golfers ATLANTA — m — Bob Jones won't take anything away from foreign golf stars Peter Thompson and Gary Player but the former king of the links and one of the game's all-time greats says Americans will rise again, quickly. "I just don't think this foreign domination is a trend," Jones said as he talked about Thompson's victory Friday in the British Open and Player's recent triumph in the U.S. Open. Thomson is from Australia and Player from South Africa. "It's just one of those things that happens in the uncertain game of golf," Jones said. "Foreigners won't beat our top players with any great amount of consistency." INTERIM FIRST Ron Meissner, in his boat Interim, won the Thistle Class yacht race Saturday at Racine Yacht Club. Rev. Lawrence Dobson was second in Vega and Bob Barnes third in Scotch on the Rocks. Loth Tied for Tri-Course Leadi RCC Paces Team Battle Racine to Have 16 Entries in Women's Golf Tourney Racine will have 16 participants among the starting field of 156 as the 53d annual Wisconsin Women's Golf Assn. state tournament gets underway next weekend at Meadowbrook. The meet officially opens at 11 a.m. a week from today with host pro Tom Bums expecting about 30 teams to take part in a pro-ladies event (one pro, three club members). Contestants then will play an 18-hole qualifying round July 19 with the low 16 scores qualifying for match play in the championship flight and SCHEDULE IN RACINE TODAY OLD TIMERS SP — Russ's Tap vs. Roma Lodge, Roosevelt, 10; Sand Bar vs. Club 1100, Douglas, 10; Mid-Towne Lanes vs. Moose Lodge, Lakevlew, 10. MAJOR QUEEN 12" SP—S. C. Johnson vs. 20 Grand Club, Island N., 8:30. MINOR A 12" BP—Mr. David vs. Stvberg Eng. No. 2, Island N., 7:15. SENIOR BASEBALL—Eacine Savings & Loan vs. L. C. Chrlstensen, Bowl W., 1; Belle City vs. Bluebirds, Lincoln, 1. JR. AMERICAN BASEBALL — Girl Scouts vs. Turks, Lincoln, 3:15; Colts vs. Knights, Roosevelt S., 1. JR. NATIONAL BASEBALL — Mr. Junior vs. Tigers, Roosevelt S., 3:15; The Team vs. Wildcats, Bowl W., 3:15; Crusaders vs. Qlovemen, Douglas, 1; Redblrds vs. The Other Guys, Douglas, 3:15. MONDAY CLASSIC SP—Eagle Hotel vs. Eckert Ins., Mitchell, 7:15; Cactus vs. DeMark's Tap, Roosevelt, 7:15. NATIONAL SP—Lucky Cue vs. Bob's Club Erie, Humble, 8:30; Ray & Em's vs. Grcenleaves, Island N., 7:15; Panther vs. Wells Bros., Bowl, 8:30. FEDERAL BP — Panther Profs vs. Victory Bar, Roosevelt, 8:30; Wergeland vs. Bucky's Bistro, Bowl, 7:15; Case Eagles vs. Chalet Bar, Lsland N., 8:30. MAJOR ACE 12" SP—DeMark's vs. Pep's Bar, Lathrop, 7:30; Case CPD vs. Pfost Ins., Douglas, 6:20; Douglas Auto Wash vs. Untouchables, Lakeview, 8:40. MAJOR KING 12" SP-College Inn vs. American Legion, Lathrop, 6:20; Bank of Elm wood vs. Ruse's Tap, Douglas, 7:30. MAJOR JACK 12" SP—Belle City vs. Modlne Mfg., Lakeview, 7:30; R&S Veats vs. Brewers, Lathrop, 8:40; Gorton Machine vs. Panther Club, Douglas, 8:40. CHURCH PASTPITCH — Atonement vs. Racine Bible Church, Island S., 7:15; Church of God vs. St. John Luth., Humble, 7:15; Epiphany vs. St. Edward, Mitchell, 8:30. PAROCHIAL 6TH BASEBALL—Holy Trinity vs. St. Stanislaus, Roosevelt NE, 5:40; St. Lucy vs. St. Patrick, Bowl E., 5:40; 81. Joseph vs. Sacred Heart, Island N., 5:40; Holy Name vs. St. Edw Hawks, Island S., 5:40; St. John Giants vs. St. John Jets, Mitchell, 5:40; St. Edw. Braves vs. St. Rose, Humble SE, 5:40. TUESDAY AMERICAN SP - Clover Club vs. Charles Realty, Knapp, 8:30; Prima Vera No. 1 vs. Eagle Hotel, Humble. 7:15; Rick's Dec. vs. Perfetto's, Lakeview, 8:30. CENTRAL SP—Victory Bar vs. Lucky Cue No. 1, Island S„ 7:15; Fire Dept. vs. Johnson's Bar, Douglas, 7:15; J&J Club 17 vs. National Guard, Island N., 8:30. BADGER SP—Twin Disc vs. Dave's Place, Island N., 7:15; Rorek's Club 20 vs. Coffee Cup, Lathrop, 8:30; Chalet Bar vs. Jaycees, Mitchell, 7:15; Happy Med. Club vs. Oykstra Ex., Knapp, 7:15. CHURCH GOLD SP - Emmaus vs. Sacred Heart, Island S., 8:30; 2d Presbyterian vs. St. Mesrob, Humble, 8:30; St. John vs. Resurrection, Mitchell, 8:30. CHURCH SILVER SP—St, Patrick vs. Calvary Memorial, Bowl, 7:15; Holy Trinity vs. Church of God, Douglas, 8:30; Messiah Luth. vs. Our Saviors, Roosevelt, 8:30. CHURCH PURPLE 8P-St. Edward vs. Taylor Ave. Nazarene, Lathrop, 7:15: Christ the King Luth. vs. St. Sebastian, Roosevelt, 1:15; Bethany vs. EUB, Bowl, 8:30. LAKESHORE FP — Lake Park vs. Strong Net Field Set Here Top players from Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin will take part in the Racine Open Tennis Tournament next Saturday and Sunday at the North Shore Club and Wisconsin Racquet Club. The two Racine clubs are co-sponsoring the meet, which will become an annual affair with the finals alternating. This year's semi-finals and finals will be at the North Shore Club on Sunday. Both clubs, and possibly the city courts at Jerstad and Island Park, will be the scene of Saturday activity. This will be the first ma­ jor tennis event in Racine since 1962. In addition to men's singles and doubles, there will be competition in junior veterans singles and doubles. The latter category, for men over 35 years of age, includes several players who formerly held high state rankings and is hotly contested at other Wisconsin tournaments. Duesler Returns Early entries in the men's singles include Bob Duesler and Roland Leverenz of Indianapolis, Ind. Duesler, who has been a doubles champion and singles finalist here in the past, already has won three Indiana tournaments this summer. Both he and Leverenz hold rankings in the Western Tennis Assn. which covers several Midwestern states. Duesler formerly lived in Racine. Bob Curtis of Janesville, ranked No. 3 in state junior vet circles, heads early entries in that category. Entries close Wednesday and the draw will be made on Thursday. Racine players taking part will include Dr. Ralph Tomkiewicz, Ed Parker, Paul Sobel, Gene Gasiorkiewicz, and Horlick High netters Bob Becker, Steve Birkholtz, and Mark Isaacson. / Magaw Elec, Lakeview, 7:15; Duane's vs. Scotty & Joes, Kenosha Columbus, 7:15; Colonial Club vs. Gascoigne, Kenosha Columbus, 8:30. JUNIOR GIRLS FP—Jim's Jets vs. Elites, Humble NW, 5:30; Mazles Daisies vs. Breadrunners, Humble NW, 6:45; Gopher Kilties vs. Teamsters, Humble NE, 6:45; Rockettes vs. Piranas, Humble NE, 5:30. BRAVES NO, 6TH BASEBALL — Blazers vs. Jets, Douglas, 5:40; Cubs vs. A's, Island N., S:40; Rascals vs. Gooses, Lakeview, 5:40. BRAVES SO. «TH BASEBALL — Astros vs. Wonders, Lathrop, 5:40; Nappers vs. Sox, Mitchell, 5:40; Flyers vs. Vikings, Island 6., 5:40. WEDNESDAY MANUFACTURERS SP — Johnson Tower vs. Progressive Dairy, Lakeview, 8:30. FACTORY SP — Whitman Pub, vs. Fire Dept., Island N., 8:30. INDUSTRIAL SP — Racine Barbers vs. C.W.A., Island S., 8:30; Nielsen Iron vs. Twin Disc, Douglas, 8:30. MAJOR QUEEN 12" SP — CWA vs. Young Rad., Humble, 7:15; Farmers Market vs. 20 Grand Club, Humble, 8:30; Birds vs. Case, Island S., 7:15; John & Joans vs. Twins, Roosevelt, 7:15; Avenue Cleaners vs. S. C. Johnson, Lakeview, 7:15; Earth Ins. vs. Walker Mfg., Douglas, 7:15. CLASSIC FP—Lake Park vs. Jacobsen Mfg., Island N., 7:15; Duane's vs. Magaw Elec, Roosevelt, 8:30, CADET BASEBALL—WhiE Kids vs. Mets, Roosevelt S., 5:40; Jets vs. Trinity Meth., Humble NW, 5:40. PAROCHIAL 8TH BASEBALlr-St, Joseph vs. St. Patrick, Lincoln, 5:40. PAROCHIAL 5TH BASEBALL — St. Edw, Cubs vs. St. Edw. Blue, Roosevelt NE, 5:40; St. Joseph vs. Holy Trinity, Lakeview, 5:40; St. Lucy vs. St. Rose, Island S., 6:40; St. John Tiger vs. Holy Name, Island N., 5:40; Sacred Heart vs. St. John Pirates, Humble SE, 5:40. THURSDAY LAKESHORE FP — Lake Park vs. Lambrecht, Roosevelt, 7:15; Jacobsen vs. Colonial Club, Douglas, 8:30; Gascoigne vs. Scotty & Joe's, Kenosha Columbus, 8:30. MAJOR WHITE FP—Winkler Oil vs, Flatiron Bus., Roosevelt, 8:30; Charlie's Club vs. State Auto Sales, Bowl, 7:15; Junction Center Bar vs. Western Prtg., Bowl, 8:30. MAJOR BLUE FP—Sunshine Rest. vs. Marine Bar, Douglas, 7:15; Runge Gas vs. Racine Bible Ch., Knapp, 8:30. MAJOR GREEN PP—Reml's Rats vs. Lake Park, Knapp, 7:15; Sunshine vs. Racine Alum. & Brass Fdry., Lakeview, 8:30; Case Test Center vs. Les May Studio, Mitchell, 8:30; Racine Cycle vs. National Guard, Lakeview, 7:15. TRIPLE A 12" SP—Northtown Motors vs. Prima Vera, Island 8., 6:20; D's Set vs. Slxty-Niners, Island S., 7:30; Something Else vs. Douglas Auto Wash, Island N.. 6:20. DOUBLE A 12" SP—Johnson Waxdale vs. Belle City, Lathrop, 6:20; Western Prtg, vs. MasEey-Ferguson, Island N., 7:30; Styberg Eng. No. 1 vs. Modern Woodman Ins., Lathrop, 8:40. MAJOR A 12" BP—Deca vs. Mygatts Pugh, Humble, 8:30; Case vs. Wis. Gas & Elec, Lathrop, 7:30; Jim's Enco vs. Racine Bible, Humble, 7:15. MINOR A 12" SP—Ted & Lil's vs. Henderson Plumbing, Mitchell, 7:15; Raymond's Drive-In vs. Case Heat Treat, Island N., 8:40; Case Playboys vs. Ml -i. David, IslaSiU 5., 5:40. ' BRAVES 5TH OLD TIMERS BASEBALL—Lakers vs. Ravens, Roosevelt NE, 5:40; Mets VS. Panthers, Humble SE, 5:40; Jaguars vs. Stars, Lakeview, 5:40. FRIDAY CLASSIC SP—Cactus Bar vs. Nelson Weld., Douglas, 8:30; DeMark's Tap vs. Eckert Ins., Douglas, 7:15. LAKESHORE FP—Magaw Elec vs. Jacobsen Mfg., Island N., 7:15. MAJOR WHITE PP—Winkler Oil VS. State Auto Sales, Island N„ 8:30. MAJOR QUEEN 12" SP — Farmers Market vs. Avenue Gleaners, Island 8., 7:15. SENIOR BASEBALL—Racine Savings & Loan vs. Agullas. Horlick Field, 8:15. JR. NATIONAL BASEBALL — Crusaders vs. Mustangs, Horlick Field, 6. BRAVES NO. 6TH BASEBALL — Blazers vs. Rascals, Douglas, 5:40. SATURDAY MINOR BASEBALL—Colts VS. Taylor Ave. Merchants, Douglas, 9:30; Aces vs. Thrifty Mac, Lincoln, 9:30. CADET BASEBALL—Mets vs. Animals, Roosevelt S., 9:30: Giants vs Wanderers, Bowl W., 9:30; Cubs vs. Red Devils, Lakeview, 9:30. PAROCHIAL 8TH BASEBALL—Holy Name vs. St. Rose, S. C. Johnson, 9:30; Bt. Lucy vs. Sacred Heart. Perishing 8., 9:30; St. Edw. Giants vs, St. John Nep . Humble NW, 9:30; Bt. Patrick vs. St. John Luth., Bowl E., 9:30; St, Rita vs. St. Edw. Jets, Mitchell, 9:30. PAROCHIAL 7TH BASEBALL — St. Patrick vs. St. John, Wadewltz, 9:30; Sacred Heart vs. St. Edw. Bobcats, Pershing N., 9:30; Bt. Mary vs. St. Joseph, Roosevelt Central, 9:30; Holy Name vs. St. Rose, Roosevelt NE, 9:30. SENIOR BASEBALL—L. C. Chrlsten­ sen vs. Belle City, Lincoln, 3:15; Latin Stars vs. Irv's Bulck, Lincoln, 1. JR. AMERICAN BASEBALL — Girl Scouts vs. Rebels, Douglas, 3:15. JR. NATIONAL BASEBALl^Tlgers VS. Bwamprats, Douglas, 1. Others being flights of- 16 their scores. Match play in the championship and junior flights will start July 20 and run through the 23d. Conducted simultaneously will be a 54-hole medal play event which replaces the senior division won last year by Mrs. H. F. C. Brown of Racine. Mrs. Herbert Keleske, publicity chairman, reports a total of 108 entries in the championship division, 28 in the juniors, and 20 in the medal play event. Carol Steps Up Carol Jean Sorensen, stepping up to championship competition after winning the junior championship in 1964, heads a list of 11 Racine competitors in the championship flight. Entered from Meadowbrook, along with the 17-year- old Miss Sorensen, are Mrs. Douglas Dill, Mrs. Mel Paetow, Mrs. Lee Hansen, Mrs. Ronald Mayer, and Elizabeth Hein. Racine Country Club will have Mrs. Victor Bunck, Mrs. R. F. Reich, Mrs. Frank Hilpert, Mrs. William Long, and Donna Wadewitz. Cathy Mayer of RCC is the only Racine representative in junior play. Mrs. Brown will be in the 54-hole medal play tourney along with a trio of Meadowbrook contestants — Mrs. Ted Frank, Mrs. Carl Kundman, and Mrs. Marvin Davis. Racine pros have not yet decided on their teams for the pro-ladies event. Miss Sorensen definitely will be on Burns' team, while RCC Pro Ade Jensen's foursome will include Mrs. Brown. Three Top Stars Co-favorites for the championship are former champions Mrs. Jack Williams of Milwaukee North Hills and Mrs. John Clauder of Port Washington along with Marquette U. coed Mary Beth Nienhus who plays out of Butte des Morts Country Club in Appleton. Mrs. Williams, the defending champion, also won in 1961, 1958, and 1957 while Mrs. Clauder has won six crowns in the past. Miss Nien­ hus, whose 4-handicap is lowest among all the contestants, won the state publinx crown a year ago. Both Mrs. Clauder and Mrs. Williams carry five handicaps, as do Miss Sorensen and Mrs. Rita Huston of Green Bay. Others bringing handicaps of eight or less are Mrs. Earl Newman of Milwaukee Brynwood, Mrs. J. M. Greene of Lake Ripley in Cambridge, Mrs. J. A. Anhalt of Manitowoc Branch River, Katie Curran of Bass Lake in Antigo, and Joan Schlicht of Madison Blackhawk. Nearly 60 clubs will be represented in the tournament, which is limited to pi-ivate clubs belonging to the WWGA. The tournament is making its third stop in Racine but its first at Meadowbrook. Racine Country Club served as host in 1919 and 1936. Mrs. Roy Hall of Meadowbrook is the tournament chairman. (Continued from Page ID) front nine in the suggested number of strokes, trading one bogey for a birdie along^ the way. On the back nine; however, he had a stroke too many on the 11th, 14th and 15th. Gary Goodsell had played steady golf the first two rounds, getting a 71 the first day and a 75 Saturday to put him only a stroke behind the two leaders. He parred every hole Saturday through the 13th, but then got two straight bogeys and finished out with a bogey on the 18th. One in back of him is Sorensen who, like Luka, will be on his home course today where he will have the advan-, tage on Loth and Goodsell. One of Three Goodsell is one of three members of his family playing in this year's tournament. A brother, Scott, has 15a through the first two rounds and their father, Ray, has 162. Previous champions have been Bill Dorece, now in the, service; Bob Silver and Dan Hornak. Silver is trailing the leaders by 12 strokes this time and Hornak is 15 lie- hind. Tee times start at 10 a.m. today at Meadowbrook. Prizes and Journal - Times trophies will be presented im-" mediately after the final threesome has finished. divided into according to Kramer * * * Nowhere Yet —Journal-Times Photo Paul Loth, tied for the lead in the Tri-Course Metro Golf Tourney going into today's final round, was in the trees on the second hole Saturday, upper left. He got a double bogey 7 on the hole. Upper right, Ralph Falcone, could hardly have missed that cup from the camera-eye view. They don't look that large from the golfer's direction, however. Lower, Gary Lehmann got right next to the turf to line up this putt. MILWAUKEE — (JP) — Coach Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League says blocking end Ron Kramer is a free agent and wants to play in Detroit but no one; from Detroit has contacted Lombardi about it. Kramer played out his option last season to become a free agent. His family lives in Detroit and he has indicated a desire to play there, Lombardi said. "He is a free agent; he can play with anybody he likes," said Lombardi, "although in our league constitution and bylaws it says that if he plays with anybody in the National League they have to give me; a player who is his equal . . . But nobody from Detroit has approached me about him." : Muni Baseball Irv's 7 1 Agullas 4 Chrlstensen 6 1 Bluebirds 3 Pirates 6 4 Latin Stars 2 Belle City 5 5 Rac. Savings 0 Results Saturday Irv's Bulck 10, Pirates 2 Belle City 8, Racine Sav. & Loan 3 Agullas 7, Bluebirds 5 MINOR W L Senior Baseball Leaders Retain Their Margins The Senior League baseball eaders kept their distance ahead of the pack with a win Saturday, Irv's Buick running its league leading record to 7-1 with a 10-2 win over the Pirates while runnerup Belle City Local 553 moved within a game of the third-place Pirates with an 8-2 victory over Racine Savings & Loan. Brian Baillie pitched five- hit ball and fanned 11 men in the Buick win while Dwight Hunting, Frank Bado and Gene Nygro collected two hits each to pace their nine-hit attack. Ed Swiatek allowed just two infield hits and struck out seven for Belle City as Ron Hart and Jim Williams led the winners at bat. The Aguillas trimmed the Bluebirds 7-5 as Ramon Garcia scattered nine hits and was two for two at bat with Gasper Munoz, Vic Moreno, Rudy Garza and Fred Garcia all two for three. In Minor League play, Thrifty Mac's Brad Gename pitched a no-hit game for a 5-1 win over the Colts, running the league-leading Macs record to 6-0 in league play. Bill Carothers had a homer and triple in two tries, Gename, who fanned 11, hit two for three himself. The Aces bumped the Pistons 10-6 with Greg Kiriaki firing four hit ball and fanning eight. Dave Katz had two hits, Rick Skinner a double to pace the winners. SENIOR W LI fty Mac 5, Colts 10, Pistons 6 Thrifty Mac 6 0] Aces 5 1, Taylor Bus, 4 3 Colts 3 3 Results Thrift: Aces CADET W LI Mitchell Cubs 6 0' Animals 3 1 Red Devils 3 1 Giants 3 2' Mets 3 2; Results Batboys Twins Pistons Redblrds Saturday 1 Trln. Meth. Whiz Kids Wanderers Jets W 2 1 1 1 W 2 2 0 4 0 & Saturday Cubs 16, Animals 3 Whiz Kids 6, Wanderers 4 PAROCHIAL BOYS 8th Results Saturday St. John Nepomuc 6, Sacred Heart 3 St. Edward Giants 6, St. Lucy 0 St, Edward Jets 11, St. John Luth. 8 PAROCHIAL BOYS 7th W L| St. Rose 4 1 Sacred Heart 4 1 St. Joseph 4 1 Holy Name 2 3 Results W L St. Ed Bobcats 2 3 St. Mary 2 3 iSt. John Nep. 1 4 1st, Patrick 1 4 Saturday St. Rose 6, St. John 1 St. Patrick 8, St. Edward Bobcats 4 Sacred Heart 12, St. Mary 4 St. Joseph 6, Holy Name 4 JR, AMERICAN Results Saturday Messiah Lutheran 7, Rebels 0 (forfeit) JR, NATIONAL Results Saturday Rookies 6, Mr. Junior 4 MISS SMITH WINS EDGBASTON, England — i/P) —Margaret Smith of Australia, the Wimbledon women's tennis champion, pulled out a 6-3, 4-6, 7-5 victory over Virginia Wade, a plucky newcomer to the British Wightman Cup team, and won the English Midland Counties Championship Saturday. GOLF BAGS Compartus—Ovals—Many stylet and colors. Spalding—MacGregor Golf Craft 307c ;///- * =^ '""'i-r5' %, ll 'llllh illli 'Hi ///// /////. OFF VOIT Basketballs Extra durable rubber outdoor ball. 6",. II 95 Shaktipeara Archery Set Includes bow, quiver, arrows, arm guard and finger tab. 7«„ 14" $495 Regular 6.00 Gym Bags Also St. Catherine's and Horlick Gym Bags. . $4.95 Mike's Sport Shop 400 Sixth Street Open Friday 'til 9 p.m. T

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