The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 29, 1975 · Page 2
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August 29, 1975

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 2

Des Moines, Iowa
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Friday, August 29, 1975
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WORLD REPORT < I, \" Angola suffering falls heaviest on native blacks, experts say The Des Moines Register • Aug. 29,1975 WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) An estimated 10,000 black Ango lans, mostly civilians, havi been killed over the past yeai in fighting among three politi cal groups for control of the oil rich Portuguese colony. • While most international at fention has focused on the pligh of white refugees, Western diplomats say the brunt of the suffering has been borne by blacks caught in the cross-fire of the warring factions. Reports of Cannibalism Informants say that between 7,000 and 8,000 black noncomba tants have died in the fighting There have been reports of attrocities, including cannibal ism. - At slake is control of the West African country after it becomes 'independent three months from now. Angola is blessed with oil, coffee, diamonds and iron ore but plagued with 'centuries-old tribal hostilities. The situation has been aggravated by another rivalry far removed from Angola. Soviet-Chinese Conflict Angola, with a population of six million, has become the object of a Soviet quest for influence in Southern Africa and Chinese effort to frustrate-the Soviet designs. Competent sources say Moscow has sent enough arms to equip the 30,000-member Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), and the 10,000 to 15,000 MPLA sympathizers.. China is- providing arms to the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), whose strength is about half that of the MPLA. Zaire, which has a 1,500-mile border with Angolia, also is aiding the National Front. A National Front -leader is Holden Roberto, brother-in-law of Zaire President Joseph Mobutu. The largest of the three groups is the Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) based in Southern Angola. This group has sided with the National Front, but sources say it is limited by a lack of weapons. Fighting Escalated The fighting has escalated steadily over the past year and, by all accounts, there is no political solution in sight. One informant expressed little faith in United Nations interventions saying, "U.N. presence or no U.N. presence, there's going to be bloody civil war." He said the ultimate answer may be partition. There have been several c e a s e-fire agreements, all quickly violated. Last January, a transitional government was formed, made up of Portuguese representatives and officials of the three factions, Portugal Response In the face of continued fighting, Portugal assumed full ad ministrative control two weeks ago but, according to sources, Portugal has done nothing to carry out the new policy. Portugal has some 24,000 troops remaining in Angola, but one informant said, "Their main job is protecting themselves." Because of Angola's crops, diplomats say there has been little starvation thus far. But shortages are expected as the fighting progressively cuts off iransportation links to the South, the territory's chief farming region. About 150,000 white Portuguese settlers have returned lome and another 100,000 are seeking flights out. Portugal las formally requested American assistance in airlifting the refugees, and the State Department Thursday expressed a willingness in principle to help. Of the remaining Portuguese about 50,000 reportedly wish to stay in Angola. ndonesians on Timor Ih~oth~eFPortugal related stories: • It has been learned that . party of Indonesian naval of- icers landed at the Timorese apital of Dili Thursday morn- ng and established contact with the rival political movements that have been fighting or the past two weeks. There have been continuing rumors of n imminent Indonesian take- iver. The officers arrived in darkness aboard an Indonesian warship and had talks with repre- lentatives of both Fretilin, the eft-wing revolutionary front, and the right-wing Timorese Democratic Union (UDT). According to reports from Ja tarta, a temporary cease-fire was negotiated. However» after a Portuguese government rep who have been awaiting finitive move for more than a week by Indonesia. Sources here believe that the captian of the warship may have been passing on messages to both warring sides from Jakarta. For most of the past week it has been impossible to communicate with Timor by radio and a landing of this sort is probably the only way that the military government of President Suharto could be sure that its communique^ reached the proper sources. However, the action has exacerbated relations with Portugal, which still claims author- ty over Timor although the ast vestiges of the administration have now been evacuated from the capital to the^eharging-they-constantly over- tiny off-shore island of Ataulo. • In Lisbon military officers on the Portuguese island of Madeira applied pressure on the Danes eye public works projects for their jobless COPENHAGEN, DENMARK third European nation in two days Thursday to announce plans to spend millions of dollars on public works in an effort to fight recession and unemployment ----------- ........ Europe is feeling its tightest economic pinch since recovery from the effects of World War II. France and West Germany announced plans Wednesday to battle their economic problems. Danish Plan The Danish plan, aimed at reducing the worst unemployment in 30 years, will be ^presented to Parliament Sept. 8 at a special session called by Premier Anker Joergensen. Joergensen said lie expects enough support from at least part of the opposition to obtain a majority for the plan. He sidestepped a question whether he would call an election this fall if he did not win parliamentary support. Value-Added Taxes The plan of the minority Social Democratic government included a 5.75 per cent reduction of the value added taxes paid on goods at each stage of manufacture, and repayment of almost $175 million in compulsory savings collected by the state and deposited in frozen bank accounts. Dropping the value added taxes would corresporid to a 5- per-cent drop in retail prices for everything but imported automobiles and motorcycles. $120 Million Private and public investments would each get an injection of $120 million in state support over a six-month period beginning at the end of September. The money would be used for public building renovation, ing measures, new traffic projects and job training. Joergensen estimated the measure would save $450 mil lion yearly in unemployment benefits and give jobs to half of the 100,000 .unemployed Danes. W. German Plan West Germany, which has Europe's most powerful economy, announced Wednesday a $2.2 billion recovery program for the building industry, raising the expected federal deficit to about $5.5 billion. France also announced a program of heavy spending, especially in public works. There were no official figures, but it was estimated the plan would cost about $5.5 billion. The money would be used to improve roads, canals and railroad tracks and for investments in industry and housing. 715 Locust St. .„.. Des MoTnes, U. 50304 Vol. W, No. 66 AU9. 29, 1975 Newt Offices MAIN OFFICE ;istocu»t Slrwt lntl, low* (SUM) f.ur. »52 Nitlonil iPrtli ting. (WMi) CEDAR RAPIDS William Slmbrp, Correspondent Room 424 Gu*r«rSy Bldg. 316 Third Str««t S.E. (52401) DAVENPORT J*m» N. My, Correspondent 424 Union Arcidl Bids. (SHOD DUBUQUE _. Torn Rydtr, Correspondent 663 Fischer Bldg. (52001) IOWA CITY Larry Eckholt, Correjpondtnl 217 Oev Bldg. (52240) WATERLOO Jack Hovelson, Correspondent 717 First National Bldg. (50703) In Iowa whtre carrier foot delivery It not provided, 131.20 per year (9 vmks) by mall. By mail outside ol Iowa, 144.10 per year, (52 weeks) We a week. Second class potlage paid at Dti AAoines, Iowa. All unsolicited manuscripts, articles, letters and pictures sent to The Register are sent at the owner's risk and Dts Moines Register and Tribune Company expressly repudiates any liability or responsibility lor Iheir safe custody or return. Member of the Associated Press. Tht Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use or reproduction of all local news printed in this newspaper, a well ai (A. P.) news dispatches. Rights and reproduction ol all other matter published In resentative in the Indonesian capital complained about the action-, which was undertaken without Portuguese .approval, the officers left Dili. Warship Patrols Coast The warship steamed out of the port but began patrolling the coast. Fighting in Dili began again after the ship's departure. The action has perplexed observers Lisbon government Thursday for the ouster of pro-Communis Premier Vasco Goncalves. The officers in an infantry regiment based on the island in the Atlantic Ocean about 6(K miles southwest of Lisbon, cabled President Francisco de Cos la Gomes warning that Madeira might quickly declare independ ence of Portugal if Goncalves 'unpopular minority government continues in office." The Lisbon newspaper A Cap. ital published the program of the Madeira independence movement, which claims to have already formed an underground provisional government. Similar Movement A similar movement was tak- ng root in the Azores Islands, Portugal's other Atlantic island :erritory where strong anti- Communist sentiment and fear that Portugal may be heading toward a Soviet-style regime iave encouraged separatist sentiment. On the mainland, farmers and townsmen haw. sacked more than 50 Communist Party offices in the past eight weeks n a groundswell of revolt against the central government and the Communist Party. Portugal's military rulers continued a meeting Thursday hat began almost 24 hours ear- ier. A spokesman for Costa Gomes said: "I think we are near a solution" to the political Canada, Soviets agree on fishing OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA (AP) — Canada and the Soviet Union have agreed on measures that could reopen ast coast ports to Soviet fishing vessels, Canadian officials aid Thursday. The Canadian overnment closed the ports to lie Russians a month ago, ished quotas set by the International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries ICNAF). SOVIET JEWS FEAR ACTION MOSCOW, RUSSIA (AP) - t prominent Jewish activist wa; interrogated by authorities for six hours amid growing signs that another crackdown on dis sidents is in the offing, 10 Jew ish scientists said Thursday. The Jews, members of weekly scientific seminar, said Mark Azbel, a physicist in whose apartment the semina is held, was questioned at the Moscow prosecutor's office Wednesday. The scientists said they were afraid a criminal case was being drawn up against the seminar, designed to provide up-to-date knowledge to scientists who have been refusec permission to emigrate and who lost their jobs as a result. "Our worst fears are coming true," the scientists said in a written statement. "Will the only form of scientific discourse for those deprived of their work for wanting to leave for Israel be destroyed?" Azbel said his interrogator declared the seminar was designed to sow discord between nationalities — a charge that can be punished with a jail term of five to eight years. Azbel, who was turned down 'or a visa two years ago, was hreatened by the secret police n May with prosecution unless he stopped holding the seminar. The questioning of Azbel, together with three recent trials if Jewish activists in Moscow, Ciev and Odessa, show that of icials are mounting pressure agairtst the Jewish movement, the sources said. In the Odessa trial, Lev Roit- bud was sentenced to two years n a labor camp after being convicted of violently resisting arrest. This week, two former tudents were given three years n a camp for refusing to serve n the army. Will resume relations © Anne* Frinci-Prttu HAVANA, CUBA - Cuba and he Philippines will re-estab- ish diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors "as pon as possible," it was officially announced here Thursday. 'Nonaligned' nations near accord on economics LIMA, PERU (AP) World nations are near ment on preliminary economic measures they expect to help them on the road to development and guide them in a burgeoning confrontation with the rich world, nonaligned conference sources said Thursday. While the full conference heard speech after speech by delegation chiefs, an economic drafting committee, working against time, produced a basic formula for a "solidarity fund" to be devoted to development and an agreement on structuring a co-operative mechanism to deal with these nations' raw materials resources. Both will be adopted, the sources said. Cuba told the nonaligned con Third) rich Arabs have not contributed agrec-jsufficiftnUy to plans for eco notnic development of the poor world. One Latin American delegate, equally annoyed snapped that the Arabs "bough castles in England instead." This delegate speculated thai ISO billion at a minimum woulc be needed to set up a fund for development instead of the $80 million envisioned as basic con tributions by the nonaligried bloc members. He said the Arabs are the ference Thursday States is the only the United imperialist" power in the world, but said Havana is* willing to discuss Cuban-American d i 1 f erences with "frankness and responsibility." "Imperialism" has been singled out in virtually every address to this meeting as the major enemy of the poor world that is represented by most of the 82 delegations here. Moderate Approach Cuba's foreign minister, Raoul Roa, was among those, however, whose words were relatively moderate. He supported :he Arab cause in the Middle East, including the claim to the right of a Palestinian state, but he refrained from asking for punishment of Israel. Militant Arabs want Israel ousted from the United Nations. The intrusion of that and ither political issues is creating i subtle background contest lere as the clock runs out. This conference closes today and much of what has to be done is ikely to be left undone. only and ones who can if they don't fund this the Third World will be forced to rely once again on the advanced nations. Cuba's foreign minister, first of the day's long list of speakers, took note of the rich-poor conflict, and cautioned the nonaligned bloc not to overestimate its capacity to change matters overnight. Then, picking up the dominant anti U.S. theme, he said that while there are two super powers, "there is only one imperialism and the United States heads it.' The contest pits the markedly radical new revolutionary governments against the old, estab- ished Third World regimes who eek to sweep aside political ssues and zero in on bread and •utter economic matters divid- ng rich and poor nations. At the same time, some Afri- ans were privately expressing annoyance 'with the Arabs. Annoyed at Arabs Much of this annoyance prings from a feeling that oil We wouldn't make this offer if we weren't sure. "jv Until you try it and decide for yourself, you'll never know what you're missing if you're not using Sure antiperspirant. It goes on dry while most other anti-perspirant sprays go on wet and oily. And Sure keeps you drier. Prove it under your own two arms. Try Sure on one side and the spray you like best on the other side. If you're like most people, the Sure side will be drier. Hostage escapes after 4 months TOKYO, JAPAN (AP) - A college student escaped from an apartment Thursday after being held at knifepoint for four months by a roommate who wanted him to take college entrance exams in his place, police said. They said Yoshio Sakakibara, 23,jwaiJ!uLin Jhe hand by his 18-year-old roommate, but fled when the roommate fell asleep. Police said the roommate, who was not identified because of his age, forced Sakakibara to study 12 hours a day, and warned him if he escaped he would get gangsters to kill him. Sakakibara also said that if he dozed during the 12-hour study periods, the roommate would touch a lighted ciga- raette to his body and hit him in the head. MORE POLICE TO CORSICA BASTIA, CORSICA (AP) The French government flew heavy policy reinforcements into Corsica Thursday night and announced the transfer of two of its top administrative officials after the second gun battle within a week between police and separatists who want more home rule for the island. Describing the situation here as "insurrectional," police said guerrilla-type predawn battles in the center of Bastia killed one policeman and wounded 16 others. They said the autonomists had suffered at least one casualty who was being treated in a hospital. Transport aircraft arriving at Bastia's airport in the early vening brought a unit, of paratroopers in battle dress, two armored vehicle squadrons and about 20 plain clothesmen from top anti-terrorist unit. Basque guerrilla deaths demanded BURGOS, SPAIN (AP) The Spanish government, driv- ng to end ami-government Jer^ •orism, demanded death Thursday for two Basque guerrillas accused of killing a policeman. In a trial that lasted 5& lours, the military prosecutor old a court martial both Basques should be executed for slaying a paramilitary guard rom ambush. The fourvman military tribunal withdrew to consider its veriict. Really Special BAUDER'S famous honw-mad* ICECREAM Fot a limited Timet • Fresh Peach Indeicribably Deliciout BAUDER PHARMACY Me.r|e Hay Mall Stpre Open Sunday We're Sure. 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