The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 13, 1918 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1918
Page 12
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T>AGK yWfflJVVl. THE HtTTOfilKSON lf «W8. FRtDAlT, SEPTEMBER 13,1918, MILITARY BOOTS For Young Ladies Black and Brown Lace Boots, High Tops and Med. Heels. Brown lace Boots $6.50 Black lace Boots $6.00 Others in Black at $4.00 and $5.00 Yo« can save money on every pair. Come and see ihem. Teare & Etzler Shoe Store, 19 North Main Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Sept. 17 I'lyi!'-- I'almcr, G miles west, 'J Minili nf Nlckcrsou. Kept. l!t A. (!. Temple, '2 miles easl. l^t north of Saxuian. Oct. '' I lav.' 15. nrUU', miles j Wl-Kl of l.>..||». j CHI. 1.". • II.'D. Kaymrmd, 4 miles t, P.- souili of I'lolly I'rnlrle. Dei. If. I ri. Van Ordstranil, 2V-, Wtli* »• «i, south of,llaven. Oel. 17 .1. Y Devine, 4 miles north. 2 >j MM ni' .N 't. );irsoi). Good IIIK . horses and mules, for Bale. Dates can b- arranged at any lime by raJJini: my otliee phone, Nickcrson -i» at i.iy (x[e'nse. Jesse Langford ALFALFA SEED For Fall Plnntiiif; $6.50 to $12.00 per Bushel All central Kansas grown. Xon- irrigatcd— write for samples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson, Ivans. ^tety Soothe Your Itching Skin '^^WiA Cuticura AH dro«l«U: Boap 26, Ointment» A W, T»Jcam S t : ^ I.t-t Mc figure on Monarch Weather Strips for your home. Save fuel, keep waini. No utilisation to show you. G. T. Bronleevve 120 1-tth West Phone 52.3 Loves Her Cows and Chickens Again "1 have had stomach trouble for twenty years and lor lite paat year have eaten nothing but stale bread ami drank hot water. Was loo weak to do any kind of work. Sik weeks ago I took the first dose of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and ant now doing till my housework beside* look- inn after my chickens and milking two cows every day. Mine has been a wonderful recovery." II is a .simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucus from the Intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically all stomach, liver and intestinal ailments, Ineltid- inir appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. For sale by druggists everywhere. "IT'S CHEAP AT 100 TIES THE PRICE" jRelired Merchant Says No One Could Wish for More Than Or- galone Mas Done for dim. ALMOST T 0 T A L WRECK Kidneys Would Almost Kill Him at limes and Was Unable to Sleep. "I spent at least $1,000 on treat- mem and ni. diciues before I took Or- gaioni- treatment ,aml goodness only knov. s how much money 1 lost by uot lie inn able to attend to my business during tlie lat.t seven years,' 1 said W. .VI. W'ltir.'ii, residing at Leon, Man., win n be made a special I rip to Wiehi- la to tell what Orgntone bad done for him. Mr. Warren is well known all G.V"!' ibis section and is a retired mer- eiiai:t, iKivinn been in Uiislness several >-ars :n Ibis slate. "1 lell you 1 had u time of It," he comiiuid, "1 had kidney and gull siene trouble so bait that 1 did not hnoii' 'r.Kji one day to the other wheiher 1 would bit alive or noi, 1 v an li.'.iilly ever able to work, and sometimes just hud to give right up ar.'l lo bed. I also suffered from iiicl;• t inn mine-thing awful which 1 think brought on my other troubles. Wliai Utile 1 dhl eat made gas form and .MUS'd lue to beb-ii up sour loud until I was almost faint from dizziness. I couldn't sleep much at night, as tltut was when my kidneys seemed lo hurl me worst, but It was awful bad when I i;o( up In tin; mornings, and I wasn't utile to movu around without a great ileal of pain. "I col lo reading svbout Orgnlone and what it was doing for people right here III Wichita, and I saw so many different slatemenl .H froiii pco- yle of IIIMII standing who I knew Were telling the tnilh, Unit I 'bought Somo of li. and it's the honest truth this treatment just drove every 1>U of Hint misery ami pain right out of me. J never saw anything like it. I eat anything 1 want now without any Buffering, every pain and acho is gone and I urn as active ns a eat. 1 want all my friends to know Hint 1 am a well man mul Orgutnni- treatment deserves the credit." Orgulono is not a so called patent or ftecrel remedy but Is a new scientific treatment eonuilulng no alcohol or oilier stimulating drugs and is sold in Hutchinson exclusively by the. A. ii A. Drug Co. Out 0C town Jieoplu are lifting supplied all charges prepnld upon receipt of price, 11.20 per bottiu or six bottles for $(1.25. (Advertisement.) ALLIES AVIATORS EXCEL IN MACHINE GUN FIRE HOUSING THE GUESTS Already the Hotels Have Many Reservations in Advance. FOR VISITORS TO THE FAIR lixtra Provisions Have Been Made by Hold Men and All Lodging Places. Ilulclilnsoii is making vast preparations for the proper handling ot her KUesls next week who are coming here to attend the Eighteenth annual Suite Kair. There will bo people here from far and near and Hutchinson proposes to give them the best accommodations which she can afford so that they will take back reports ol them Just as hundreds and thousands before have done of the hospitality shown here. One of tile .serious problems which the city Is just now facing is that of housing the influx of people. The hotels have made extra provisions for the visitors and already practically every one has received muny applications for reservations for tho entire week. However they can accommodate more and the residents of Hutchinson will look after the others. Pig Club Boys. Governor Capper is lo entertain more than two hundred boys at the Fair this year and lias engaged lodging in advance for them. The Brevoort Hotel will house a great many of Ibem. These boys are members of tho Hoys Tig Club and have been doing their share lo feed the soldiers by raising porkers. Tho Hisonte, Chalmers, Reno, Midland all report that they have practically all reservations which they can take eare of and still take care of their Regular customers. Henry S. Thompson, president of the Slate Fair Association has reserved nine, rooms at the Y. M. C. A. for the men who wJll have charge of the government exhibit next week. FARMERS FROM 3 STATES ARE TO ATTEND MEETING Stock Kaisers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri Invited to Sni-a*Bar Farm. Accuracy Along This Line is the Chief Uequirmenl of Successful Combat Aviator, .Sum«where hi I'Yitnre, Alifciiwl — (('or-. rt-'s-|K»mk'iice of tho AssoiMairtl I'rens) — Atvuniiu n).i'_'))i»e-j,*i>n fire Is Uie rhtot ri'i|iiin-mt*ru of \\w fiiri''ui eo,r.l>:it aviator, jillii-tl uvlatiuii expert* a^'et 1 . For- tuntitfly I'm- the Allies Unit is out- depart- nif-nl hi wliUrh their ii via lor?, exirel. It in Intert'.stiny to nulc the tirufflCHH m.ith- In llie wttiipuiLs u.seti by uvlutors. A I the oponifiK of ha« till ties ;th pluneii were used inuhily JVr uhservatlon work. Their pilots were arnn-d /jenei ally wit it e;irhhit;H, mid Annie times only with an iiuiotnattc revolver. Then came the fieht- IHK airplane mid the .single aim duuhle. ina<*hfne gun. Uul Uiese newer and tnorp deadly we;i- lioti!- are uniesw properly aimed, and this 1 H no smnll t:i*«k as ihu idiot j nni^t it 'H aim hlri nuit hut IUH whole machine. Hu muni tisft II-IH (ilffhuit' im ft t;un ini'Uiil. It la vupy lo conjure wrim of Iho plttd'H dlffteuUles when the BUM Mjnini Is mantrinei-iiiK ami travelling i.wlrft as fast a. 1 * any-jiXpveHH train, While It.s turK'-t Is In' aeiirtii" Nni- Is that all tho dtffereneo heiween ai-iiiil and t mil ml gunnery. oil the Hiiaiiid. ammunition Is pr.itMirally nidlin- iti'd. In an lUir'ane, «\'try ounce ol wi.'lKht counts, und amnujjdl.Oi) J,-j iheie- tutu Mthetly limited. The ^renter, t'on- I .'tMp-ieiitly, la tho need lor ae» riu-y In shn-.tint*. | it \J Inijiortant that no aminunltlon .%h;j)l Iff rarjj^d wJdih is ji"t ahtiohitely reliable ami all Is «ele.:ted and tested. l( c 1 tinti tin- IIKOI'OUKIV Itiijieeted, fur u Jnm : nl u. eritkul moment HIIKIU jjrove futul. In (inhilnfe-, on the other hand, aniinual- I i KHJ l.-> <-are(uUy acleeted fur '.in hadncHH; the object hetiiK, )»>' ineaiiH of frequent J:IIIIK . lo mako the elearliiK <>t U Mlopl'UKe auioifittl'-ajly simple, t<» tlte pilot. Tho Hiieee .^sful air flyhter jnua.t bo a jjii>>d jiilnt; hut even (he bi'llllunt j trli'k flyer, the ••rtlunler" who fan throw hi., tu:u'hlne ;ih<ait In the al rand inuko it i: tiiipieim-ly difflndt turret for itla ud- \ > ii y, Is ntvi'i tlu-letw ineunipi&tely eijuijipM iia u fljihltr uidesg he can rom- hiiii' brlllluiu flyliiff with hrtlllant Kun- neiy. Kneh n vide that "offense la the lifM defense" fippfl (SS f'Vt 'll inoi'u In the ah thiiu on hind, uad it U by following that ink- that ihe allied ftghtoiri ha.vd won their a:nendint. L y over the tieriiVUiii*. Advertised Uut, Ilutehlntion, Kuti.uuv, Kenlemhor J3, ia is. Foreign LetterB: Mrs. \V. Uiwvu; Sr. Maiv»w I-onauo. Whuu eaJlinp for any of the aU>vc mentioned letters please nay "AtlvertUfd." s. s. ORAVPU.L, r. M. Many Bport coats of volour are •trimmed Willi bunds of kulttea Sliot- luud. A smart novelty suit la of PeWo blue, velvet With red. ft« (DC, Knitted wool dresses are trluuncd H-llli bands of silk jersey. ; CASTOR IA For Wants awl CWdreij In U»© For Over 30 Year* Uie Kansas Cily, .Mo., Sept. 13.—Results of five yearn' experimenting in the building up of beet herds through blooded sires will be shown before a meeting of fanners of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma, at Grain Valley, .Mo., near here, October 10. The meeting is to be under the auspices of tlio University of Missouri and Ihe agricultural colleges of Kansas and Oklahoma. Men of, national reputation, including representatives of the food administration and the department of agriculture, wall be among the speakers. The meeting isto be held at the Sni-a-Bar Farms, established by the late William 11. Nelson, founder of the Kansas City Star. In bis vyill Mr. Nelson made provision for maintaining ibe farm for thirty years as an experiment station. The past five years have been devoted to cattle raising, and the results, according to H. J. Waters, formerly president of the Kansas Agricultural College, and now editor of the Weekly Star, are eminently successful. Acting according to Mr. Nelson's wishes, those, in charge of ihe farm have taken a herd of grade cows, and with blooded sires, have built up remarkable herds, Many of the original cows and their offspring are to bo shown al the fanners' meeting in October. Tito demonstration Ibis year Is the first one under the terms of Mr. Nelson's will, and it marks also the first co-operative eulerprloo ot tho agricultural colleges ot the three states of Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The Sni-a-Uar Farm herds now number nearly -100 head, largely of the Shorthorn breed. The meming October 10 is to begin at 10 in the morning with speaking in a spacious lent, followed by luncheon, and then inspection ot the cuttle. Bankers' associations, county farm bureaus and cattlemen and luriners generally are already arranging to attend Uie meeting. A special train •will be run from Kansas City the morning of October 10, returning In the evviiins after tho demonstra­ tion'ia over. Many People See Ceremony. Jerusalem, Sept. J3.~Tb- ceremony of laying the foundation atone of the Hebrew University 0 u Mount ScopuB was witnessed by fi.OGO people. Tho site is on Ihe eastern slope of the mountain, overlooking the valley of tho Jordan as It enters tho Dead Sea. Dr. Welsmnun, head of tho British committee In charge of the work, said In bis address. "Out ot the ms- ory and desolation of war la being created the germ of a now life. Tho university, although iutended primarily for Jews, will give an affectionate welcome also to members ol every race and every creed, and will bo accessible to all classes of Uie people." Kentucky Blue Grass. Kentucky Bluo Grass for sale at I. Smith's Grocery aud Market. Phone liOO. liJ-St • Notice. I will lotarn ta:H/u.tchfnspu and resume my practice 'Monday, Sept. 16tU. A. B. Coffin, p. P.S. IWt Mushrooms should not be washed, but. clegned Villi a hotter iJfV&U. , RICH f f VERY WRONG RIGHTED fci horn* of Uut Sdhafihftk* IB MAT* clod* The war has taught one important thing to those who are willing to learn. It has made things cost more; and when we pay more for a thing We're apt lo be more particular to know' what we're getting. The war has taught that good quality pays in economy, tho we have to pay more to get it. Be Patriotic About Buying Clothes You may not need new clothes this fall; if you can get along with what you have, save the money for Liberty Bonds or War Saving Stamps. If you have to buy, remember this: You don't buy anything in which quality is more important than clothes; you ought to be very particular about what you get for your money, especially because it's so easy to make poor quality clothes look very good, and there's plenty of poor quality to be had. *« Hart, Schaffner & Marx clothes are one of the ways in which we serve; all-wool fabrics, the best of tailoring, the most distinguished style, clothes that you can rely on, absolutely. Such clothes are these, made carefully for service, are the best means of saving money for yourself and resources for the country. The New Styles are Economical In regard to style, you'll find that they are as smart looking as ever; but there's greater simplicity in them, and everything has been designed to save materials and labor. You'll like the new models we're sure; we have many good things to show you. FRENCH COLONEL He Goes on Picnic as Relaxation from tbe Front Line. READS LOVE STORIES, TOO Other Interesting Things Which Are Seen and heard Back of American Front. (By George T. Bye.) The Yuiilc major and I had been so preoccupied in conversation lhal we did not at first notice our fellow passengers when we climbed In our railway compartment. Then he nudged me, and nodded merrily at Die grizzled old French eolonel who sat opposite. Grave he was, as severely military as you would expect of an old campaigner. His face was weather-beaten and gaunt, with deep furrows In the cheeks—the sort of faco that looks well In a reviewing lino before battle troops. "Every inch a soldier," is an expression that-would fit him. As my companion nudged wo saw him reaching into a big picnic basket, well stocked wflh •bottles, from which he drew a Tiox of chocolates, lie took I wo and ate tham solemnly, but with unquestionable enjoyment. On the rack over him was his luggage, including a flsbirig - outfit. Of coui'Be ho was on a little pleasure ex- Safe Milk ForlnjfaU A Nutritious Plot for AU Ages, QuicU Lunctu Heme or,Office, .^PTHWtf.w lMITAT4fiN3' curslon—probably a day or two's relaxation from the front. After repacking his capacious hamper, he again took up his book, the title of which we observed to bo, "The Isle of Kisses," in French. He had three other books beside him. He had evidently bought them at the station. They were, "Too Much Dove," "Pleasures of Dove," and tho exotic "Salatn- bo." "And they say a fighting man isn't human," whispered the Yank major, with a smile. At one part of the front, a key sector, where you would bo surprised to hear of Yanks being on Uie job in force, 1 strutted up lo headquarters quite sure of the distinction of being tho first civilian visitor. And the welcome I got safely confirmed my bollef. "Where is such arid such a division?" "What division Is in the fighting at '.'" Have you been to the th back ot us?'' "How do they look?" These were the Questions fired al uie with machine gun rapidity. My popularity increased, .and at lunch I sat at the head ot tho staff mess beside the Yank general. Nothing was too good for me. Now aud then I paid for tills magnificent hospitality with bits of information coolly recited, which they plucked at like a lot of hungry pigeons. Then said the general, "You don't know how delighted, we are to have you with us." I smiled generously. "Can't you stay with us tor a few days?" I might stay a day, hut I should be pushing on. Elsie Janls Everywhere "You know,—and these words of the General thoroughly deflated me—"you know 1 might say you were an angel in disquise, and all that sort of thing —a godsend, a great piece o' luelcfor us—but we'll have to confess—won't •wo, gentlemen?—that we, have to give the first rank to our visitor of Thursday. As I wrote my wife, I never heard finer music than tho rustle ot that girl's petticoats, l&he gave us a great entertainment and made everyone feel for the few short moments that he was'hack at home with Ms lov. ed ones." That Elsie Janls has been everywhere! You cannot find a Yank nook or camp In France where she has npt sung and told her stories and kidded the doughboys. If there was an election in the American Hhcpedltion- ary force to choose a Jfoan of Arc, jolly Elsie, of Columbus, Ohio, would get every vote, I am- afraid I shall have to cruise out to sea and got aboard a transport to beat her to ft gang ot Yanks, Tfee fall ooflgVessloniH yotlng at ahr various <*mpa in Franco and/Britain seems to have Interested no OQO , not even general headquarters that will have the pajlotlng J» hsmi I Jaw The Consolidated Flour Mills Co. 510-20 Rorabaugh-Wiley Bldg. Hutchinson, Kansas •Operating mills at Winfield, Caldwell, Newton and Hutchinson, Kansas, Daily capacity 3500 bbls. We invite the inquiries of Flour and Feed Dealers (Carlots only) ' Use UNITED Flour that Democrats and Republicans have been keeping their eyes and ears open to discover if any subterranean canipaigning (s going on. But there has been none.-j!lory be! At least, such is my observation. 1,3CO ACRES UNDER CULTIVATION Flax Harvest in Scotland Have. Begun In We«t Dunfermline.—Flax operations have begun In the western portion of Pifo in this consular district. Some 1,300 acres were placed under flax cultivation for the first time in many years and from all indications FifeBhlro has made a substantial contribution to the flax-producing properties of Scotland. On the 20 or more farms embraced in this new experiment of flax production, tho rosult appears to have exceeded expectations for the first year, tho general -view of thts flax-growing effort being that it might take three years before a fully acceptable quality of flax could be grown successfully, jaiperts describe this year's crop as excellent, considering all the circumstances Uttle difficulty has been experienced In obtaining labor for ihe flax pulling A large contingent of girls, the majority from universities and schools ot Glasgow and Wdinburgh, did the work, while for their accommodation while here Uie Carnegie Dunfermline trustees placed a section of the clinic building lu Dunfermline for their disposal AtUred In the war-time land service uniform, these flax-plckiug girls haye attracted much attention and given very satisfactory returns to the flax razors ot this neighborhood. Initials on cars In gold ?1.E0, one secret letter ihclu,ded. plain or Old English- 'Will c»U. Baker, phone S257. ' " ' 10-tf ,-Jfi using oil ol peppermint in flavoring take a tiny bit up on the end pt a toQtPPtcfc and it wtu not be too GOAT MILK Kiirnf to H^Ur'a aft Kail est to dlgctrt, ^^^^ Whin mm. l!*oi. C*0 inwcomplafnt 2&c J ^^^ lfprtr*J«t—when th* baby baa cotk— whan cow'i milk ctvnoot bo d«p«nded on -then if you try Coat .Milk you wtu n«rer go back toiht old baby food* WIDEMANFTS GOAT MILK LABOriATOIUKS told by DriiggUU Gives Strength to Combat Illness In affections of the throat and lunes, BCKMAN'S ALTERATIVE ban otton been found to be vury beneficial by reason of Us tunic and health-bunding properties. Ono of Us active lDRn »m>tit« la calcium (a lime salt), so combined us to be readily assimilated. Twenty years succiasiui ..use: 80c and S1.50 Bottles at all druB0l»t« er from manufacturer, postpaid. BCKMAN IJVBORATOJIY. Philadelphia. Society Women Use New Wrinkle Remover Since the discovery that a solution of ordinary g&xelito and witch hazel lias a peculiar effect on wrinkled skins, it has peon learned that many prominent »ool- ety women all over the country have u»e<l tl>ia simple home treatment wllti great success. Tho formula Is: powueiod uaxolite, one ounce, dissolved lu witplt hazel, one-iiajf plut, Ut» dally us a wash lotion. • • , „ The beneficial action of this waah la felt uf once. There's an asrecablo re- freehlne sensation and feeling of extd'ara-. tlon. nabbmss aad gll -OTWOPII »r» Immediately affected, and tbs •i''n,»? 0 "„ b °'' comes firmer and mora ysuyuul looklne. N9 one need healliU* to BelTh* liujrodl- vats at the drug store -*«d, make Ihe remedy herself. 'for Uwr« ftre 09 h»"a- lui <Kmt> WMsyjfc ^JS it&i i. >• *t-*- v *

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